Dear Diary
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The diary entries of a 23 year old Major League Baseball player, going through what he believes is a midlife crisis.

January 4th 2002 10:00 am

Dear Diary;

I woke up this morning, my 23rd birthday (hooray) and decided to start using this as a way of keeping my thoughts in order, and to allow me to feel semi- normal.

As I mentioned today is my 23rd birthday and well ever since last night I've been having feelings that I would imagine resemble a mid-life crisis.

Would you like to know why I think I'm having a mid-life crisis at the age of 23? Well I went to sleep with three questions on my mind,

should I retire? Why should I not is actually how I phrased it.

Where's ms right and why haven't I met her, and is it because of my job that I'm alone?( probably)

How do all of these people get my phone number and what do they want from me, ( well want is really easy to answer, money)

So what is it that I do that causes all these problems?

I am a major league baseball player, for the moment any ways.

So let me start reviewing the "High Light Reel" that is my life.

We'll before I was even a week old my parents were separated, don't feel sorry for me, its not something that bothers me. It wasn't like I was fifteen where I would've seen them as my parents together in marriage. They were just always divorced as far back as I can remember.

My father got remarried some years later to a woman whom I love very much. They then had a child, Zach, my half-brother who is seven years younger than I.

I led an athletic, but vaguely normal childhood, I say vaguely because I was generally in the smarter classes and had an gained an appreciation for reading that I've really yet to find a match in my generation, especially my profession. All this was matched by my also playing many sports at a time, basketball, football, but especially baseball.

I was always small(until high school when I had a 10 inch 50 lb growth spurt to make it up to 5'11 196lbs within the course of 2 summers), misunderstood by the geeks, freaked out most of the jocks, in my junior high school. Still I played sports, especially baseball.

In high school I found myself truly lost. On the one hand here I was playing varsity baseball for a school, but I also was in a school which offered way too much freedom to allow me to learn, because while I never truly broke rules, I would always push the limits, and unfortunately there were very few limits in my school.

I even managed to be suspended(as in not allowed to play baseball) by the school twice for academic failure. Which I can say is a rarity because normally my school was very accommodating to those with athletic gifts, I.E. they would pass you if you showed up to class, but I rarely went so failed I was.

The worst part of being suspended was they would announce it on the loudspeaker every time I was suspended so the entire school would be on my back, and this led to many people really disliking me because they had "school spirit".

My date life in high school was sporadic at best, because I hate airheads, (part of my frustration with my job) and well most girls who want to go out with the star catcher, are nothing but, and any intelligent girl who might have a figure that interested me, would tend to be put off by the fact that I was what they believed to be a "jock".

However throughout all four years in high school I managed to make a few friends they are people who have some interest in sports, and are also decently intelligent.

After graduation several things happened that changed my life completely.

I was drafted by a MLB team

The team that drafted me, their catcher broke his tibia in 5 places after a nasty slide/collision and was forced to retire.

And I made my first Major league start on September 2, 1997.

The decision by the club angered many, many players in the majors because they felt that since they were brought up slowly that its not right, and when baseball players don't like some one they try and make you look bad, and boy did they try. Pitchers threw curveballs on slider signs, fastballs on change signs, and then came the worst, other catchers would let umpires know I was bad mouthing them, so that not only was I getting disrespected from players but I wasn't getting my courtesies from the home plate umpire which made my job about 50 times harder.

But for all the torture I went through in my first 2 seasons ( I wasn't even close to rookie of the year by the way, something about players/and managers voting) the old expression that which doesn't kill me makes me stronger, was very close to the truth.

My next off season not only did I not play any baseball, but I spent the entire winter playing hockey, that's right good old fashioned puck. I would love to give credit to those who play in the NHL because frankly I would never take stitches during a game and never miss playing, neither would anyone I know in baseball.

That winter not only made the next year so much easier on me physically but I didn't care anymore about the other players, and so I developed this reputation as a player who was selfish and egotistical, and was only trying to improve my stats and make more money.

Though the last part was true, I had hired a very vicious agent, who I told screw any team loyalties I want the most money I could get out of a team.

The thing was though that very quietly I had donated 45% of my salary to certain charities (make-a-wish, diabetes, my favorite though was the policeman's widows foundation) all of these donations were followed by assurances that they would get the same amount next year as long as not a word was mentioned where they got it.

The other 65% my stock broker was making killings for me in the Internet and I.P.O.'s, I ended up not only recovering the other percentage but doubling it within a few months.

The first thing I did when I made a little money, was have a house built for my mother. Which was the least I could do to repay her for all the trouble I've put her through over the years.

To which I got the normal Jewish mothers concern.

"when are you going to get married? I want you to settle down with a nice Jewish girl, I also have some nice girls I want you to meet." My mother told me. And as much as I love my mother, I don't want her meddling in my love life.

My love life was something else once I got into the majors. It seems no matter how bad, small a part of a team, basically anybody on a pro baseball team can get women(and not dogs either I'm talking like 9's and 10's easy) unfortunately most of them tend to be either gold diggers, which are easy enough to spot out, or just groupies along for the ride, which does exactly allow for much of a relationship.

So that's basically the best( quickest) summary I could give you for my life up till now. A single 23 year old baseball player, whose not liked by many teammates, is thought of as selfish by the media i.e. the fans, and am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with.

So now what to do?

January 4th 2002 11:00 pm

Dear Diary ;

Tonight I had a very nice night, the few friends that I have took me out to dinner at a nice restaurant and we just relaxed. I told them what I was thinking about and most of them really didn't understand because I "live the perfect life" according to them. So then I had to try and explain why this wasn't the perfect life for me, and how I feel isolated with the exception of them and that they are the few people that I truly trust, and care about, and how now I don't know what to do.

But after all that talking I just wanted to relax, and I let my friends tell me what their complaints are, like their girlfriends want more commitment, or they have to work too many hours to have a social life, or they need more money (which really surprised me since while I hate giving money to people I make a huge exception to my true friends, and would gladly give them the shirt off my back.)

When I heard from my best friend Keith at the end of the night that just between me and him he was thinking of proposing to his girlfriend of 2 years, and if so would I be the best man, I was thrilled but I told him that I HAD to meet her before he proposed or else I would be upset I didn't get to give my approval that she was good enough for him.

He laughed and said that he knew I would say that and I was invited to dinner with them at her apartment the next night, and since I didn't have work I had to be there, and he added as he left bring a nice bottle of red and if you want you can bring a date but I know you so its ok.

Jan 6th 2002 10:00 am

Dear Diary ;

Sorry I didn't write yesterday but I was busy with some business that I needed to get straightened out

After last night (and how intensely I was defending my consideration to retire) I've started to really lean heavily towards retiring and am starting to put all my business affairs in order so that I don't really need to work and can just rely on the interest of my bank account to financially support me.

So anyway just as Keith expected I didn't get a date because frankly I wasn't going to lower my standards just to bring a date.

Especially not to go over to see Keith and his "soon to be fiancé."

So I arrived at 6 o'clock, at the address Keith called up and gave me last night seeing as how he forgot to give it to me at the dinner, and was immediately introduced to his girlfriend Jane who was by no means plain. She was a very beautiful woman, which was to be expected from Keith given his predilection for voluptuous women (very curvy), the real shocker was that she was very bright and not only that but she was a doctor, which I never would've guessed from one of Keith's girlfriends because normally he's dated airheads gorgeous airheads but airheads none the less.

When I later asked about this sudden change in type of girlfriends he just told me that he also liked intelligence but that he always went for looks first, and when he met her at the hospital to meet his client he knew she was the one.

I could see that she felt the exact same way towards him, all during dinner they couldn't keep their eyes off of each other, and though they would never ask me to leave, I felt my mere presence was the only reason they didn't throw everything off the table and go at it right there. I asked if I should go and did I interrupt anything by coming early. They both immediately gave intense protests over the fact, which shocked me at how secure Jane was in herself since I've never met another significant other of any of my friends stand up for themselves in front of me like that.

When Keith went out to get the desert I started talking to Jane about stuff, like how long I've known Keith and when she asked how did she compare to the other girls he had been out with I gave her a very serious look and then I told her about Keith and my joke that I would be the final judge if a girl was good enough for him, before he took a relationship truly seriously, but that I could see he broke that promise already, and that if he didn't ask her to marry her soon I would have to do it, and then jokingly asked if she had a twin? I just hope that my little talk with Jane gave her a good impression of me.

I then told Keith basically the same thing that I wasn't sure if he was good enough for her and not the other way around, and that if he didn't marry her soon, I might have to. Which got a good laugh out of him.

It was after those remarks that I said that I was going to go home and was off. I don't even think I was in the elevator before they started going at it.

January 6th 11:00 pm

Dear Diary;

So today I thought I would finally make my decision about retiring when I got a call from another asshole who claimed to be a relative in need of money. This bothers me so much when it happens, sometimes I've considered taking a vow of poverty, but I also know that I couldn't do that, while I'm not selfish I also know that I like material possessions and being wealthy.

That call thankfully did not set the tone of the day. I called Keith and Jane at around 11 because I thought that they might want to sleep a little late. When I called Jane was at the hospital so it was just me and Keith, but he wanted to know if I was serious last night because if so he was going to propose tonight. I told him that, thought I never would have thought that he would be marrying a doctor, you both are obviously in love so why are you asking me. And you'd better make it romantic so that when she tells my godchildren she will get this gleam in her eyes that will probably always get you lucky. He just laughed but I knew he understood what I meant.

I'm still trying to decide if I should quit or not, but I think that I'm going to sleep on it. Nite.

January 7th 7:00 am

Dear Diary;

No epiphany came last night, I'm going to start doing other things to take my mind off of it maybe that will help.

I'm going to start catching up on my reading.

January 7th 10:00 pm

Dear Diary;

Still nothing, though I thought reading catcher in the rye might help( no I've never read it because I thought it was a sport book, but I find that it's a great read, and one of my favorite books when I'm trying to think) but alas it didn't.

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