Stripping Games
Chapter 1: Strip Poker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Strip Poker - Nina, Mike, and their college friends come of age through a series of stripping games. The competition and the young bodies are hot. This is a story for those who like lots of teasing and character development with less actual sex. You won't believe that taking off your clothes could be so much fun!


Nina was the most competitive women Mike had ever known. She simply had to win. Always. She also had that wonderful ability to turn every head when she entered a room. Mike vividly recalled his first encounter with her. He was backstage at the University's concert hall when Nina burst into the wings. It was Nina's turn to perform at a piano competition and Mike was doing his usually boring student work-study gig as a stagehand. One look at Nina and Mike was captivated. She had dark flashing eyes, tanned skin, and long supple fingers that danced about while she mentally rehearsed the piece she was about to play. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and she wore a long black clinging gown that revealed her lithe shape, her tiny waist, and her extra long legs. Mike simply could not take his eyes off of her. Nina, conversely, seemed not to notice Mike's existence. She appeared to be in deep concentration.

Just as she was about to walk on stage, Nina turned to Mike, smiled a giant Julia Roberts-type smile, and said, "Wish me luck!" Without waiting for a response, she took a deep breath and charged on to the stage. The bright stage lights hit her and shined through her dress. Mike's eyes were led by the silhouette of her long legs under her dress up to the narrow space illuminated between her thighs. Her gorgeous ass and confident walk immediately convinced Mike that Nina was someone very special.

The next time Mike saw Nina she was moving like a ballet dancer around a table at the campus pool hall. Her long hair flowed down her back and she tossed it about with every move. She wore a tight white tank top and even tighter, low-slung jeans. Leaning over to shoot revealed the top of her soft white bra. Mike intuitively knew that those small, trim breasts would never bounce even if she had been braless.

Mike was inching his way closer to Nina's table when she shrieked, "Jesus H. Christ!" and threw the cue-tip chalk across the room. It shattered in a puff of blue smoke against the far wall.

"I had you beat and scratched on the eight-ball! How stupid! Let's play again. I demand a rematch!" She flashed her big smile at the poor guy who clearly had had enough pool for one afternoon.

"I win one out of seven games and you demand a rematch?" he said as he put away his cue stick. "No, thanks. I'm done. Thanks for the games. I'll get over the humiliation after a few sessions with my therapist."

Nina just pouted, eyes twinkling, and leaned provocatively back against the edge of the table. Then she glanced at Mike who could do nothing but stand and gawk. She jarred him back to earth by abruptly rematerializing right in front of him saying, "Hi! Wanna play?"

About all Mike had ever played was the trumpet, so he knew that playing pool was not the way to make a good first impression with Nina. "I'm not much of a pool player," he mumbled. She frowned and turned away. "But, I would love to buy you a cup of coffee." He looked quickly back and forth between her fantastic eyes and her full mouth.

She saw his look. Her face softened and she said, "Sure." Mike's heart began to pound. He had never been courageous enough to ask any girl out that quickly. "If we played pool, you would probably take me for everything I have!" Mike blurted.

"First your money and then your clothes," Nina twinkled. "Or maybe your clothes first!" And, with a wink, off she went in her usual rush. At the doorway, she stopped and seeing that Mike hadn't moved, she smiled and said, "Coffee?" Mike blushed and chased after the most exquisite ass he had ever seen trapped in a pair of jeans.

In the next few days, their coffee rendezvous became more frequent, especially when Mike just "happened" to pass Nina's music practice room at her usual break time. It was in conversations over coffee that he found out just how competitive she was. Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky had nothing on her. She simply loved competing at anything. She loved playing games. She loved sports. And, she said she really got a major rush when she gambled! Using a fake ID and lots of guts, she had gone to a casino just across the state line and had had the time of her life. As she recounted that experience to Mike, he noted that her voice went up and she seemed completely exhilarated. Mike also was noticed when Nina's nipples turned rock hard and became visible behind the fabric of her shirt when she became excited.

"Maybe we should go gambling sometime... or have a poker party or something," Mike said trying to be nonchalant.

"Be careful," Nina beamed. "I might just win the shirt off your back."

"Oh, strip poker... I see," Mike teased.

Nina's brow furrowed and Mike could almost see the gears whirling in her mind. "Hmmm, now that's a thought. And, an exciting one at that," she said in a stage whisper and a wink.

Now in hindsight, Mike wondered if the seed of the night's activities had been sown at that very moment. Perhaps, so, but it took Lee to make the seeds grow to plants.


Mike was looking for Nina the day that he found Lee Kim, a gorgeous, thoroughly American girl of Korean descent. She was short, had long black hair, medium sized breasts, and wore the shortest skirts in the whole university. Mike had not formally met Lee, but he certainly had noticed her. Everyone noticed her. Once Mike had almost dropped an entire tray of food in the student union when Lee slid into a booth and he was treated to a glimpse of sheer white lace panties against dark skinned legs. Mike had masturbated often since then to thoughts of that magical moment.

Mike's actual introduction to Lee came on the tennis courts. Nina had told Mike that she would be playing tennis that day, so he ambled by the tennis courts hoping to "accidentally" bump into her.

"Your advantage, but not for long!" a voice shouted.

"Forget that, honey!" shouted back a voice unmistakably Nina's. Whap! Whap! Such fury on a tennis court Mike had never seen. Grunts, groans, and ground strokes, he thought, and short little tennis skirts flouncing about tanned legs.

"Ha!" shouted Nina as she finally drove the ball past Lee. "That's my set!" The two women walked over to the side of the court where Mike was waiting. Nina glistened with sweat. Her white tee shirt was wringing wet and stuck to her like glue. Mike tried to be nonchalant about viewing her clearly visible sports bra through her shirt. His attention, however, quickly turned to Lee whose shirt was just as wet. Her very dark nipples showed through both her white shirt and her bra underneath. Lee caught Mike staring, but made no attempt to hide anything. She just smiled. Mike quickly averted his eyes.

"Damn, I hate to lose," muttered Lee. Still smiling, she unclipped her long black hair and ran her fingers through it. Then her face changed to a pouty frown, "especially to you, roomie!"

"Desire, my dear, that's the key," Nina retorted. "The one with the most desire to win, wins!" Nina paused and noted Mike's eyes darting to Lee's chest. "Hey, Mike... I want you to meet my roommate, Lee."

"Oh, so this is Mike, the trumpet player. Nina has told me a lot about you."

Mike's heart leaped. Nina must really be interested in me, he thought. At least interested enough to discuss me with her roommate. Mike began to have a very positive premonition of coming events. His revelry, however, was shattered by Lee's next sentence.

"You're the one who wants to play strip poker, I hear!" Lee smirked.

Mike died inside. He was trying very hard to impress this fantastic looking girl. But Nina obviously had told her roommate that Mike had suggested strip poker of all things! Mike turned beet red and stammered, "Well, not exactly..."

"Look at him blush!" teased Lee. "I think he must not have been serious. Men! You can never count on them!"

"Hey, wait a minute, you two." Mike spoke without really knowing what he was going to say. "I'm game if you are!" He couldn't believe the words came out of his mouth. Now Mike was convinced that Nina and Lee would think that he had the substance of a prepubescent teenager giggling in a tent after lights out at the Boy Scout camping trip. He wanted desperately to appear sophisticated, but this conversation was going the wrong direction. Mike was thoroughly intimidated by both of the gorgeous women standing before him. Trying to recover, he gathered up his most macho nonchalance and said, "Anyway, I would most likely win. I wouldn't want to waste my time playing with girls who probably would quit before the game got... ah... shall we say, interesting!"

Nina and Lee simply looked at one another through narrowing eyes. Some sort of psychic inaudible communication zoomed back and forth between the two of them. Mike became even more apprehensive.

Finally Nina sneered, "I seriously doubt that such would be the case, Mr. Card Shark! Let's go get something cold to drink, I'm dying of thirst out here." Again before Mike could say or do anything, Nina and Lee were on their way. Mike joined in hot pursuit. He tried at first to catch up with them, but at once realized that two short tennis skirts were dancing in front of him along with an occasional glimpse of what was underneath each. Mike decided to simply follow along behind, or in actually, two lovely behinds.

Now Mike sat at a card table in Nina's apartment and reflected on the looks on their faces as the start of THE game drew nearer. They had that look-the one that said that they did not just cast aside his comments as idle conversation. They had received the dare, albeit inadvertent, and their competitive spirits had been challenged. They could not let this challenge pass by. Now Mike's mind raced back and forth between the delightful fantasy of forcing the girls to strip naked and the horrifying realization that they might be the ones forcing him.

Mike's focus moved around the table and fell on Phyllis-straight-laced, Baptist Phyllis. She had almost ruined the evening before it started.


After the tennis encounter, Nina invited Mike over for dinner at her apartment. The prospect of an evening-and a free meal-with both Lee and Nina sounded great to him, so he quickly accepted. When he arrived he was greeted by the fantastic aroma of garlic bread and by the third roommate, the lovely Phyllis.

Every student in the music department knew Phyllis... a promising singer, longish blond hair that she wore al la Veronica Lake with a thick lock hanging over one eye (although she likely never heard of Miss Lake). She had big super blue eyes, and the most magnificent breasts anywhere. Even when she covered them up, which most often she did, one simply could not look at Phyllis without looking at her boobs. Phyllis also had a reputation of being very conservative, a Baptist preacher's daughter, and somewhat shy, except when she sang.

The dinner was wonderful-lots of wine and great conversation. Even Phyllis was shrieking and laughing at Mike's rather lame jokes and stories by the end of the meal. Nina looked ravishing in her shirt made of knit material that molded itself to every curve and short little shorts. Mike was in heaven. Three gorgeous women and me, he thought, yes, there is a God!

Over dessert, Lee said, "Phyllis, you should have seen Mike blush today when I embarrassed him at the tennis court." Nina giggled aloud as Mike began to blush yet again.

"What did you say or, perhaps, do... this time, Lee?" replied Phyllis showing obviously fake sympathy for Mike.

"Oh, Mike is trying to talk us into playing strip poker," she whined.

"What? " both Phyllis and Mike exclaimed at the same time.

"No, I'm not!" said Mike. "I have never tried to talk anyone into a strip poker game! I just mentioned it in passing... once. Nina was the one who made a big deal out of it, and now, Lee won't let it alone!"

"Oh, so you are afraid to play us, huh?" Lee persisted.

Mike's masculine face-saving instincts along with the wine suddenly took over. "Afraid? Afraid! Ok, Lee. Since you seem to have a fixation on this and are the one who appears to want to play. Let's do it. Right now. Right here. I'll show you who is afraid and who's not. Get out the cards."

Nina laughed, Phyllis frowned, and Lee said, "No fair. Three woman against one man! No way. We want at least equal numbers of dicks to look at when we beat the pants off you guys! I'm no math major, but even I know when the odds are not right. You'll need to find some friends to join us... major hunks only, please!" Phyllis turned beet red when Lee said the word, dicks.

"You sound serious... no... you aren't serious... Lee! Lee say you are not serious about this," moaned Phyllis. "You think that we are going to sit around here and take our clothes off for each other? No way... count me out. The last time I played strip poker was in Girl Scouts in about the fifth grade. I was eleven, had nothing to show, and I still was mortified. Anyway, if the idea is for everyone to get naked, then you guys can just take off your clothes and be done with it. You don't have to play some silly game. Just go get naked, if you want!"

"No, you've got it all wrong, Phyllis, the first person naked loses and the rest win... the rest being us, of course," Lee explained. "Wouldn't you just love to see a bunch of guys get humiliated by us?" Her eyes flashed. Mike could see that what had started as just an innocent jab to make him uncomfortable was developing into a full-fledged fantasy for Lee. Being in a position of power over a bunch of guys clearly was appealing to Lee.

It's now or never, thought Mike. "Ok, I'll make you a deal," he said. "I don't think you ladies are brave enough to accept it though. I think you are all talk and no do. Nevertheless, I'll get two other guys to make this a fair game, if and only if all three of you agree to play to the bitter end. No backing out. We play until someone is naked, and I mean completely naked. So, now Miss I-Can-Do-Anything-Better, put up or shut up... that goes for all three of you!"

Mike paused allowing his diatribe to set in among the group. Lee's eyes told the story. She couldn't turn down a challenge like that from a guy.

"Ok, I'm game," she sneered. "It won't take long to get your pants off... and then we'll see what you are really made of."

Phyllis gasped, "I can't believe I'm hearing this. No way. I've had a little wine, but I'm not stupid." Phyllis attempted to fold her arms over her breasts. Instead, her folded arms just accentuated the size of her majestic tits. When she caught Mike glancing at her lovely chest, she just rolled her eyes in disgust.

There was quiet in the room as everyone turned and looked at Nina who was rinsing off dishes at the sink. "Don't make a promise that you won't keep, Nina!" Mike warned. He could see Nina's neck turning red. She simply couldn't resist.

"When do we play?" Nina whispered.

"Oh, shit!" exclaimed Phyllis.

The Game

Mike had been skeptical that the game would actually take place, even after he, Jack, and Doug a week later carried a glass-topped table in through the front door of the girls' apartment and set it in the center of the living room. Phyllis made one last ditch effort to avoid playing.

"I can't believe you guys," said Phyllis. "I have been suckered into this; I didn't want to do this; I might not even do this... my Mother would kill me if... never mind... one thing's for sure, I had better have a bunch of wine right now."

Phyllis was even more frantic than her rambling speech revealed. She had vacillated all week, but Nina and Lee had assured her that she would not lose. "Desire to win!" That's what Nina kept saying. Phyllis knew that there were no guarantees. And, she had never been naked in front of any man. The thought of undressing for three was more than she could imagine.

Mike had misgivings too. Big ones. He had talked Jack and Doug into playing. Actually, it hadn't taken much persuasion. The possibility of seeing any of these three girls without clothes made their decision easy. The more difficult part was getting Nina's approval regarding which guys to ask. She had high standards, she had said, mostly related to two things: how they looked and, more important, whether or not they were very discreet. Everyone had to promise to keep this event a secret outside our little circle of six... forever.

Jack (short for Giacomo) was a flute player from New Jersey, one of the few straight male flute players in the music department, and a good looking, muscular, very Italian guy. He had wanted to get in Lee's pants for a long time, so this seemed a golden opportunity to him.

Doug had been less sure. He was an education major who happened to be in Marching Band, so he knew a lot of music students. He also was Jack's roommate, so he seemed a logical choice. Doug was very short with a slight build-a fairly ordinary looking, small guy. Nina objected at first, but when she realized that Doug probably could keep a secret and was a jovial, fun guy, she relented.

Now the moment for which Mike had waited all week had arrived... and he was nearing a heart attack brought on by sheer excitement.

"Tequila shots," said Nina. "That's the magic potion that will make this work."

"Here, here," Mike said as he looked Phyllis over. She obviously had taken the clothing agreement to the limit.

All parties had agreed, after an afternoon of intense negotiation over coffee in the student union, that skirts and blouses were required for the women with shoes, slips, bras, and panties rounding out their ensembles. Phyllis had on a white blouse with a full slip visible under it. She was prepared to take off a lot of clothes before she had to expose anything at all.

Men were penalized one garment from the start, because in Nina's words, the men only had one "thing" of particular interest, while the women had two... or three depending on how one counted. Men, therefore, were required to wear shoes, shirts, pants, boxers, and "speedos," those skimpy little combination swim suits and g-strings. The speedos were Lee's idea because she said that she had this thing for seeing men's tight asses barely covered. "That's better than the grand finale," she had said with an evil laugh.

The rules had not been very well thought out in Mike's opinion although they also were a product of much negotiation. With a bunch of music students playing, no one thought much about probabilities and such. Unlike the Boy Scout version of the game, the girls had insisted that when the first person became naked, the game ended. Everyone was to receive 5 poker chips with which to bet. In order to get more chips a person would have to trade in, that is remove, an article of clothing. Each article would be worth five additional chips. One could lose an article of clothing two ways, by having the lowest hand or by losing your chips. Everyone was required to ante one chip on each hand and once an article of clothing was off, it was gone for the duration of the game. The glass-top table, also Lee's idea, was to facilitate the viewing.

Mike's pre-game mental revelry came to a halt when, much to his shock, he saw Phyllis throw back a shot of Tequila. The women had prepared all the other trapping of a nice party, hors d'oeuvres, drinks, etc. And, the group had had a round of drinks in an attempt to raise comfort levels and lower inhibitions. Lee was the first to take her place at the table. She began to shuffle the cards.

Mike was sipping his drink when he noticed Nina wink at Lee and then leave the room. Mike started to say something, when Phyllis interrupted, "Look. We aren't going through with this, right?" Phyllis was pleading at this point.

"Oh, hell, Phyllis," hissed Lee. "You promised to play. If you are not going to do it, then leave or stop your bitching." Phyllis, barely holding back tears, quietly went into the kitchen and downed another tequila shot.

Lee sat at the table shuffling the cards. She wore one of her typical super short skirts and had opted for pantyhose instead of a slip, claiming she had no slips in her wardrobe. Mike stood gazing through the glass table at her lovely legs. She glanced up and noticed his stare as she crossed her legs. "Look now, big boy. Cause, what you see right now is about all you are going to see tonight!"

The guys had just taken their places at the table when Nina reappeared from the bedroom. She had changed into a heavy, giant sweatshirt with "Yale" emblazoned on the front.

"Hey, what's up with the sweatshirt?" Mike asked.

"There's no rule about what your shirt has to look like," she said. Suddenly, Mike realized that Nina was going to do anything to win-just as he should have expected.

"Come on, Phyllis," said Nina.

"Ok," Phyllis whispered downing yet another shot. She walked rather unsteadily and dropped into her chair.

Now the little group sat boy-girl-boy-girl around the table with lots of nervous body language clearly apparent. "Everyone ante one chip," said Lee, as she dealt the first hand. It was at that moment, that Mike's hands began to tremble. It is really going to happen, he thought. Mike started getting an erection in anticipation of what was to come.

Each person tossed a chip into the center of the table and the game began.

Mike looked around the table. As everyone eyed their cards, game faces appeared on Nina and Lee. They were taking this very seriously now.

"Your bet, Doug," said Lee.

Doug looked at an ace, king, queen, and jack in a variety of suits, and-he sighed-a five of spades. "I pass," he said with a groan. Nina also passed, as did Jack.

Phyllis stared at a pair of jacks and very adventurously proclaimed, "Ok, I'll bet one." Her hands were shaking as she tossed a chip in the pot.

Mike peeked at his two queens. "I'll see that and raise one," he said. Everyone tossed chips into the pot and began to discard. Lee drew three eights. Not too bad, she thought. Doug drew one seeking the straight, but got another king.

At least I have a high pair, he thought. Maybe I won't have the low hand.

"I'll raise you one," smiled Phyllis. Obviously she had a good hand. Certainly Phyllis would never have been given the nickname "poker face." Doug, Nina, Jack, and Mike quickly folded.

"I'll see that," said Lee. "What do you have?"

"Three jacks," screamed Phyllis as she jumped up and down in her seat. Phyllis' wonderful boobs bounced up and down as well. "I think I have decided that this game might not be so bad after all." She raked in the pile of chips and began to stack them in front of her.

Lee was crestfallen until she realized that all she had lost were a few chips. Jack had the low hand.

"Just as planned," whispered Nina, "Let's see those cute feet, Jack!"

"Ok." Off came Jack's shoes. Phyllis was still bouncing up and down in her chair.

Lee looked at her one chip, threw it in the center of the table, and took off her shoes. "I might as well go ahead and get some chips now," she sighed.

Doug dealt the next hand and Lee, Doug, Jack, and Mike groaned simultaneously. Damn, Nina thought as she stared at two aces and two sixes... and one chip. "Wouldn't you know it-a good hand and no betting muscle."

Phyllis peered at two queens and two fives. This is going great, she thought. I'm gonna win again!

Nina said, "I'll bet one."

Phyllis said, "I'll see that and raise you five." Her newly found courage was derived from the giant pile of chips sitting in front of her. Everyone but Nina immediately folded. Nina took off her shoes. Then to everyone's surprise, she slowly stood up and unzipped her skirt. It fell in a heap around her ankles.

"I'll see your five and raise you five more!" said Nina quietly as she sat back down demurely smoothing her shiny satin slip down around her legs.

Phyllis' eyebrows shot up, "Humph. Ok. I'll see that and take one card."

"I'll take one also," said Nina.

This is it, Mike thought. In order to bet again, Nina was going to have to remove her sweatshirt! Mike's breathing began to quicken in anticipation of seeing that lovely body for the first time. His palms got sweaty, his heart began to pound, and his dick came to full attention. Would she bet, that was the question.

Slowly Nina stood up. Mike could hardly breathe. Without warning she pulled her arms inside the sleeves of her sweatshirt. A few swift maneuvers and out popped her hands again along with a white lace bra.

"Hey, you can't do that... no fair," shouted all the guys at once.

"No one said anything about the order of clothing to be removed," smiled Nina. Now we knew what the sweatshirt was all about.

"This is bull shit!" screamed Jack.

Nina merely smiled and took five new chips. "Raise you five," said Nina tossing them in the pile.

"I'll see that and raise four," said Phyllis with an air of defiance pushing the last of her once large pile of chips to the center. Phyllis had a wild look in her eye. With the alcohol's help, she was into this big time. "Now what are you gonna do, roomie?"

Nina stood, reached under her sweatshirt and grabbed the top of her half-slip. As she wiggled down the slip, Mike caught a glimpse of white lace just before she pulled the sweatshirt back down below her panties. She took five chips from the bank and tossed four on the table.

This was not working as planned at all, Mike thought. Nina had lost four out of six pieces of clothing and still was not showing anything!

Phyllis slapped her cards onto the table. "I have a full house-queens and fives! Ha!" She reached for the pile of chips.

"Not so fast," said Nina quietly. She placed three sixes and two aces one by one on the table. Everyone gasped! Nina just grinned her magnificent grin. Little beads of sweat on her forehead betrayed her calm. Now she had the big pile of chips and everyone else was about to undress.

Doug had the low hand. Without saying a word, Phyllis took off Doug's Doc Martins and, in turn, Doug removed Phyllis' shoes. Jack mused, "I think that sets a nice precedent for later in the game."

"Don't get your hopes up, buster," laughed Lee. "Nina's deal."

Mike couldn't keep his eyes off Lee's legs as they crossed and uncrossed under the transparent table. Her pubis was so near, yet so far. He wondered what it looked like. The thought of finding out made his hands tremble again.

Nina dealt, picked up her cards, and looked down at one of the worst hands she had ever seen. Now we'll have some action, she thought knowing that the guys likely had good hands. She mused to herself, "Maybe now is the time for someone naughty-namely me-to build up the pot in a big way." Mike noticed her secret little smile, but mistook it for a sign of a good hand.

Jack and Doug stood up to take off their shirts in preparation for betting on the next hand. Mike slipped off his shoes and took new chips from the bank in return.

The girls started to hoot and cheer when Jack removed his shirt so he rewarded them with a bunch of muscle flexing. Jack is one hairy guy, thought Mike. Instead the girls had turned their attention to his big arms, broad shoulders, and washboard stomach. The girls began to high-five each other when Jack ran through his mock Mr. America routine.

Doug, on the other hand, was hairless and small. He could have been the old "98 lb. weakling" poster child. Nevertheless, he flexed mocking each of Jack's moves as if he were a body builder to the cheers of the female contingent.

Jack looked at his new cards and his heart sank. He had the two of hearts and the king, queen, five, and three of clubs-a real long shot at drawing a flush. Here go the pants, he thought grimacing.

The rest of the players tried to keep "poker faces" while looking at pretty good hands all around. Mike had three threes; Lee had two pair, fours and eights; Doug had three tens; and Phyllis had two pair, aces and nines. Each member of the group, hardly high caliber poker players, got their hopes up instantly.

Jack wisely passed. Phyllis, less confident now, said, "I bet... ah... two."

Having hardly been in the game up to now, Mike boldly declared, "I'll see your two and raise three." I shoved my five chips forward, stood and took off my shirt and tossed it into the growing pile of clothes. He grabbed five chips and sat quickly down. Nina looked Mike over head to toe and smiled. In return, Mike tried to peek under the very short "Yale" shirt that now served as her skirt also, but her gorgeous legs were tightly closed.

Lee reluctantly stood, reached under her short skirt and quickly pulled down her pantyhose. Mike was sitting next to her, so he caught only a quick glimpse of black panties as she pulled her hose off-a fantastic foretaste of things to come. Lee shoved all nine of her chips to the center of the table and with a raspy voice said, "See you and raise you four! That's nine to you, Doug."

Doug looked at his "three of a kind" hand carefully. Then he stood and slowly unzipped his pants. The girls began to clap in unison. Then they broke into gales of laughter when Doug's pants dropped to the floor. Doug was wearing very large boxers with big yellow smiley faces on them. He smiled, collected his chips and matched the pot.

"Take something off so I can deal, Phyllis," said Jack. "Let's keep this moving."

"Not so fast," said Nina. "I still get to bet." Brows furrowed all around with this unexpected move. "I'll see your nine... and raise you five."

Phyllis gasped. She would have to remove both skirt and blouse to meet the bet. Or she could simply fold. The tequila began to think for her and she said to herself, "What the heck, I think I have the winning hand. I might have to take off my slip to win the hand though. But, who cares. Boys have seen more of me in a swim suit." She had carefully chosen her bra and panties for the occasion. She knew that there was nothing transparent about either of them!

Jack was even more uncomfortable. I should just fold, he thought. Obviously, that was the best strategy. "On the other hand, if I can draw the flush, I'll still have on my speedo and I'll win big. If not, I'll be naked and pissed for not having seen one single breast in this entire game."

Jack did see, however, the way that Lee looked at him when he took off his shirt. He sensed that, with a little luck, he might just get her horny with all this undressing-horny enough to get him laid later. Lee's tight body eclipsed Jack's good sense and he said, "I'll see that bet."

Nina hopped up and switched on the stereo. Strains of the "Stripper" blared forth. Nina had set up the music for just this part of the evening. Jack stood and unzipped his pants to the music. He turned away from the table and pealed off his jeans revealing goofy looking "Tweety-Bird" boxers. Obviously, he and Doug had shopped for appropriate "strip poker party" boxers together. He kicked off his pants and shoved ten chips out on the table.

"I believe you are four short," sighed Lee, "so to speak."

Still moving to the music, Jack hooked a thumb in each side of his boxers and slowly pulled them over his hips. All three girls involuntarily gasped as they saw his dick clearly outlined by the tight nylon fabric. He turned slowly, bumping and grinding, to reveal that his speedo was a thong in the back! Nina began to cheer. Lee simply stared at Jack's trim ass. Suddenly, Jack sat down and tossed four more chips on the table.

He smiled at Lee. Lee had a serious look of pure lust.

All eyes then turned to Phyllis.

"Ok," she said out loud to herself. "I can do this. I'm a big girl now."

"You certainly are, " mocked Jack. "Let's see just how big!"

Ignoring Jack, Phyllis slowly began to unbutton each tiny button on her blouse. She blushed as she took off the blouse and carefully folded it. She had on a white slip and bra, but both could hardly contain the massive breasts beneath, especially when she bent over to put her blouse down.

Next came the skirt. It fell quickly away after she unzipped it. Standing there in her slip, Phyllis looked for the world as if she had just stepped off the stage of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." She demurely sat back down, but her hard nipples were visible against the soft fabric.

Jack, without thinking, reached down and "adjusted" his quickly hardening prick to which Lee responded, "Need some help with that?"

"Yes," laughed Jack. "My doctor told me not to lift anything heavy."

Realizing that it would take both his pants and his boxers to continue and not being completely stupid, Mike folded.

"Spoil sport," nagged Nina.

"Just good poker playing," Mike responded. "Lee, I believe that you are a bit short."

"We'll see who is SHORT!" she retorted. "Very soon in fact."

Mike guessed that she would take off her blouse and he was ready to see those breasts with the dark, dark nipples, even if a bra covered them. Instead, she stood and slipped off her skirt. Mike's mouth fell open as he gazed at her silky black panties with tiny wisps of pubic hair curling out around the edges. Her panties came to a low "V" in the front as if they were pointing to the magic spot beneath. She boldly pulled the sides of her panties up and let the elastic snap back against her waist with a pop.

With all the attention turned to Lee, no one noticed as Doug began to fidget in his seat. It was show time for Doug... or time to fold. What the hell, he thought. "I guess I need five more chips," he said. Down came Doug's boxers and every eye in the place bulged.

Jesus, Mike thought. Why do the smallest guys always seem to have the largest dicks?

Doug's speedo hardly contained his big prick. Instead of whistling and cheering, the girls sat in silence. Doug blushed mightily. He slid back into his chair feeling absolutely uncomfortable. Finally, air whistled through Nina's lips and she said, "Perhaps we should just deal now."

Phyllis began to breathe deeply with eyes directly at Doug's crotch.

"Size matters, " whispered Nina. Phyllis began to giggle nervously.

Forcing her attention back to the game, Phyllis took one card hoping for another ace or nine. She peeped under the edge of the card and saw... a five.

Lee took only one card looking for an eight or a four. She got a jack instead.

Doug took two. He thought, will I get a fourth ten? No.

Nina took four cards.

"What in the hell were you betting on?" Mike shouted. Nina just smiled.

Jack dealt himself one card. There's really no hope, he thought. I should have folded. He turned up the edge of his card. It was the four... of clubs! He had a flush! And he had only one chip-one chip away from showing his dick, now obviously one of the smaller members in the room, to three women. "Phyllis, it's your bet."

"I pass," said Phyllis.


"I'm just watching here." Lee had her "game face" back on.

"Pass," blurted Doug.

"Me too," said Nina. She knew if she pushed too hard, the game might fall apart. And, she was anxious to see what was under Doug's speedo.

Jack shoved his last remaining chip forward. "I'll bet one."

"Damn you, Jack." cried Phyllis.

"Take it off now... or take it off next hand, Phyllis." Jack responded looking directly at Phyllis' tits.

"Same as at the beach, same as at the beach," Phyllis kept saying to herself as she slipped the straps of her slip off each shoulder and let the top fall first away from her breasts and then down to her ankles. She had on a white satin bra. Her large boobs seemed to spill out all around the edges of the large cups. They simply begged to be free. She tossed a chip in the pile and sat down with her arms across her breasts.

Mike's eyes, instead, were on her white panties. They were designed to cover the subject, as well they did, but the hint of wetness on the front of her panties identified the exact location of her vagina. She is turned on, realized Mike. He stared through the glass top table until Phyllis said, "Are you taking a picture there, Mike?" Mike turned crimson red.

Lee already was taking off her blouse. Her dark Asian complexion was perfect. And, so were her breasts encased in her black bra. Those magic nipples were responding again in a magnificent way.

"I fold," said Doug. "If I don't and I lose, then I won't be able to ante next game and the game is over." There was disappointment on every girl's face.

Nina looked carefully at the chips in front of Lee and Phyllis. "I'll see that and raise you... ah... three, " said Nina triumphantly.

"Oh, my god, she's buying the pot, " said Jack. "These rules suck!"

Nina had us. In order for Jack to bet, he had to remove his speedo. When he did, the game would be over. Checkmate!

The three girls smiled at each other.

"Shit," said Jack throwing his cards on the table.

"Oooo. And he had a flush too!" Nina smirked. "When Jack ante's on the next hand, he has to show us everything and the game is over."

"Wait," I said. "We haven't finished this hand yet."

"A formality," said Lee. "Phyllis has aces and nines. Take the pot, Phyllis. And turn up the music so Jack can show us what he's got."

"Wait," I said. "The hand is not over until the low hand removes a piece of clothing."

The realization of what I said hit Nina like a ton of bricks. She had been so crafty, yet she had forgotten about the low hand rule. She had the low hand. And she was wearing only that big baggy sweatshirt and panties.

My moment had arrived.

Nina stood. She looked around the table and then, while trying to keep her shirt down as best she could, she tugged at her white panties. She had to quickly bend over to pull then down over her hips. For the briefest of moments, there appeared her lovely brown, trim bush. Quickly, she recovered adjusting the sweatshirt to cover herself... barely.

"Turn around," said Jack, "I did, so you have to too."

Nina moved slowly around. The sweatshirt couldn't cover the bottom half of the cheeks of her ass-and a magnificent ass it was peeking out from under the rough gray cotton. Tan lines very clearly indicated the demarcation between legs and ass. She started to sit down when suddenly Jack shouted, "Think fast!" He threw a shot glass toward Nina.

Reacting by reflex, Nina reached out and caught the unexpected missile. In doing so, the bottom of her sweatshirt popped up revealing her beautiful pussy at everyone's eye level. It was a moment that Mike would remember every time he masturbated for months after that.

Quickly, Nina recovered, but instead of screaming, which obviously was her first impulse, she just smiled and began to laugh. Before long we were all laughing with tears rushing down our cheeks.

"Ante up," Phyllis shouted. "I believe it is my deal. Who has a single chip with which to ante?" she drawled sounding like our English professor.

I held up a chip, as did Lee, Doug, Nina, and Phyllis. All eyes turned to Jack.

"I guess this is it," said Jack. He began to dance around the table as he slowly tugged his speedo lower and lower. The girls clapped and cheered. Finally, out popped Jack's semi-erect dick.

"A masterpiece," shouted Nina.

"Michelangelo should have sculpted Giacomo instead of David," laughed Lee.

Phyllis simply stared. We all knew that this likely was the first dick Phyllis had ever seem "in person."

"I've decided I like this game," sighed Phyllis.

"Ok, gather around for the incriminating evidence," said Nina as she took out a camera.

"Wait, I didn't agree to this," said Jack.

"It's just for memories and to enforce discretion," she said as she mounted the camera on a tripod and set the timer.

Everyone gathered around Jack-Lee and Phyllis in bra and panties, Doug with massive dick safely contained in his speedo, Nina in her sweatshirt, and Mike, Mr. Know-When-To-Hold-And-Fold with his pants firmly in place. Flash! The camera captured the wonderful moment.

"I demand a rematch!" said Jack as he searched for his clothes under the girls' watchful eyes.

"Yeah," said Lee. "We didn't get to see much of Mike!"

"Hey, what about the lady in the trick sweatshirt," Mike said pointing at Nina.

"Nope. That's it. We've got winners and losers. So, the game is over," said Nina.

"Hey, what's the matter? Are you afraid to play us again with better rules? Are you chicken?" Mike sneered.

Nina's eyes narrowed. She had received the challenge and, after all, she is the most competitive woman in the world!

"Maybe, maybe not," said Nina with that twinkle in her eye.

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