Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the next book in the Ali Clifford saga.<br>A young woman is sold into slavery to cover her father's business debt. This story recounts her adventures.

When she was summoned to join her parents in the living room, Susan Anthony was very surprised. First of all, ever since her return from the convent boarding school in England, Susan had been serving as cook, scullery maid, and cleaning woman for her parents. She never joined them when there were guests. In fact, even when they were alone she usually ate by herself in the kitchen after serving them at the dining table. Moreover, tonight there was a special guest who had joined her parents for dinner. Her mother had insisted that the menu be very special for their visitor. Although she was not invited to join them at the table — Susan would have been amazed to receive such an invitation — she was surprised that she wasn’t asked to serve, either. Rather, she prepared the dinner and her mother served it, telling her as she began the service to go to her room and stay there.

As she came down the hallway in response to her summons, Susan felt a premonition. At age eighteen, she was a very tall girl — five feet ten — with brilliant blue eyes and hair the color of newly-minted yellow gold. In just the few short months since she had returned from England she had gained a great deal of weight — again at her parents’ insistence — and now weighed 175 pounds.

Entering the living room she found her parents with their dinner guest, a young man she’d never seen before. He was a person who, as far as she knew, had never visited her parents, at least not since she’d returned home. Moreover, from her father’s apparent nervousness and her mother’s now-distraught appearance, the guest was not a dear friend of the family.

“Susan,” her father stated bluntly. “I would like you to meet Mr. Jeffrey Collins. He’s now your master, having bought you from us.”

This man has bought me? But that’s impossible, she thought. It’s as if I’m going to be... his slave! But that’s impossible because slavery is illegal.

Nevertheless, Susan had been very well trained at the convent school in England, and obedience had been thoroughly instilled. Often at the end of a whip or a leather strap, she thought wryly. Swallowing hard she just said softly, “I’m sorry, Father, but would you please repeat what you just said. It almost sounded as if you said that Mr. Collins now owns me.”

“He does,” Simon Anthony replied in a completely flat tone of voice. Her father’s head was downcast. It was impossible for him to look Susan in the eye as he spoke. But in the same flat but subdued voice he continued, “I’m sorry, Susan, but I’ve suffered serious business reverses. As a result I need a great deal of money and the only source open to me now is Mr. Collins. A condition of his lending us the money is that he now owns you. You’re to go with him and do everything he tells you to do. There’s no need for you to bring anything with you since he has graciously offered to provide everything you’ll need.”

Anthony tried to look at Susan but still could not. While still looking down at the carpet he continued, “He’ll only provide the money that I need — and your mother needs — if we accede to this arrangement. Susan, you must do it ... for us!”

Jeff Collins had said nothing since Susan had first appeared. Listening to her speak to her father, he found that she had a warm and very melodic voice with overtones of a British accent that he found to be thoroughly charming. While she was obviously very much overweight, that was an easy problem to correct. She also tended to slump — her shoulders were somewhat hunched over and rounded — which was a quite-common posture among girls with big tits who were embarrassed by their own chest size. Being hunched over caused her tits to sag against her chest and appear to shrink in apparent size. Her posture, too, would be easy for him to correct.

Collins’ heart turned over as he watched the poor girl scarcely able to control her tears — the corners of her eyes were visibly watering — but still she maintained control.

“What am I to do with Mr. Collins, Father?” she asked softly.

“You will obey Mr. Collins as you obeyed your teachers,” Anthony replied. When he spoke the relief in his voice was obvious to everyone. Clearly he hadn’t been at all sure what Susan’s reaction would be. Simon Anthony could scarcely control his elation. Susan is going to cooperate! Now that the worst was over he finished, “That won’t be very hard, will it, my dear?”

“No, Father,” she responded with the resignation as audible in her voice as the relief had been in his. Barbara Anthony had still said nothing.

“There’s one more thing we must establish before going further,” Collins said. “It’s part of our agreement, Anthony. Now do you want to tell your daughter or should I?”

Simon Anthony’s face fell for a moment but he quickly recovered. “Susan,” he said peremptorily, “take off your pants and go to Mr. Collins. He needs to inspect your ... your private parts. We told him that your virginity is intact and he wishes to make sure. Go to him. It’s a material — and rather important — part of our agreement.”

Susan was shocked and scared. Never had she undressed in front of anyone! She had never been undressed in front of either her schoolmates or the nuns. Of course she’d often been stripped to the waist when the Mother Superior ordered a beating, but with her arms wrapped around the whipping post there was little for anyone to see. The nun administering punishment always covered her with a coarse-textured cloak as soon as the beating was finished, too. Susan had concluded that the rough cloak was a part of the punishment. It was always agonizing when the very coarse material was draped over her bleeding shoulders, back, and buttocks.

Although she didn’t know it, the school which she had attended in England was highly specialized. Founded centuries earlier, it was still run by the same order of religious that had founded it. It dated back to the time of the Tudors when the King of England still had possessions in the Calais region of France. At that time the religious order operated on both sides of the English Channel and it still did. While the classroom education was quite primitive, the school really specialized in training girls to be wives and mothers. Its specialty was training in domestic arts including sewing and cooking. The cooking was taught by the French members of the order all of whom had been classically trained. It was this cuisine that she had been preparing for the Anthonys ever since her return.

But now this! One of the strongest virtues taught at the school was chastity. Accordingly, not only was Susan still a virgin, she had never been kissed on the mouth nor had anyone — including herself — ever touched her private parts.

Nevertheless, her training was strong, and obedience was the principal virtue. Crouching down, she reached up under her skirt which fortunately was very full and lowered her plain cotton panties. Carefully she stepped out of them to avoid tripping herself. Then holding the pants in her hand she went to Collins and stood in front of him.

Jeff Collins took the opportunity to look at Susan Anthony carefully for the first time. Looking into her eyes he was dazzled. They were the most brilliant blue he had ever seen. Now, reflecting her fear, they were opened wide, but at the same time he could see they were filled with her grace and innocence. For some reason, he wanted to shake up this poor girl even more than she already was. Reaching out, he asked for her pants. Her eyes widened but again she did as he asked. Taking her pants he crushed them into a ball and then raised them to his nose. Remarkably, not only did they not stink, they carried a remarkably sweet and fresh odor which could only have come from Susan’s genitals. Clearly, he thought, Susan Anthony is going to be very special!

Dropping her pants he reached up under her skirt. When he did, Susan could feel his smooth hand on her very chubby thighs. It felt strangely exiting. In fact it was a sensation she’d never experienced in her life. But at the same time, remarkably, she felt a sense of embarrassment, not because a man was feeling her soft inner thigh, but because her thigh was so fat. Good Heavens! Susan thought. What could possibly be coming over me?

With his hand now on her thigh Collins could feel the smooth texture of her skin. Slowly moving his hand up her leg he found her crotch and then her sex. Involuntarily, Susan gasped when his fingers touched her, but then she forced herself to relax again.

Collins looked at the girl and was amazed. Clearly she was even more innocent than her parents had told him and yet ... Then he remembered something they had said: the preeminent virtue at her school was obedience, and he was experiencing the result of her training. On the spur of the moment he decided to continue his exploration. Probing her slit he found her tiny clitoris. When she gasped again, he ordered her to remain silent and to stand still.

Remarkably, she did as she was told although the sensations Collins was creating in her crotch caused her knees to almost collapse beneath her. His finger kept moving on her tiny love bud and suddenly there was a flow of cuntal fluid down her legs.

Ignoring her parents, Susan screamed as she experienced the first orgasm of her life. Moreover, being so innocent, the poor girl had no idea what had happened. Collins had his hand cupped under her crotch and caught much of her stream in it. Holding his hand up to her face he ordered, “Lick it.”

Again her eyes widened for an instant but then her pink tongue emerged from her mouth and daintily she began to lick the fluids off his hand. Looking at her, Jeff Collins was again amazed. In spite of doing something he was certain she’d never done before, she did it with an unconscious grace.

“Did you like the taste, Susan?” he asked quietly. “You just licked up your love juices. I hope you liked the flavor.”

Poor Susan didn’t know what to say, but it was clear that Mr. Collins was waiting for an answer. “It was ... was sort of sweet.” Then surprisingly she stood up straight and put her shoulders back, throwing her tits up and out. “I liked the taste of my love juices, sir,” she concluded.

Only then did Collins remember what he had started to do. “Susan, do you know how to do a deep knee-bend?” he asked.

“No, sir, I do not.” Even though she’d only spoken a handful of words, Collins had already decided he adored the sound of her voice.

“Spread your knees wide, Susan, while keeping your feet about where they are now. Then just lower your body toward the floor with your knees spread wide. Keep your back up straight. Do you understand now?”

“I think so, sir,” she replied softly and then did as he had instructed. As she lowered her body, Collins still had his large hand on her inner thigh while his middle finger continued to manipulate her clit.

“Now, Susan, I’m going to inspect your vagina. Do you know what that is?”

“No, sir, I do not. But if it’s where your hand is, I guess it’s one of my most private parts, isn’t it?”

“It was, Susan,” Collins replied in a strangely kind tone of voice, “but it is no longer. As my slave, your entire body is my property. It’s to be open to me at all times. You no longer have any private parts. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she responded with a catch in her voice.

Collins probed up her vagina with his finger and, as he expected, encountered the resistance of her hymen blocking his way. Removing his finger, he told her she could stand up again. When she did, he again held his hand up to her mouth and told her to lick it off completely. Again she did as she had been instructed.

At that point Collins reached into his jacket pocket, took out his checkbook and scribbled out a check. Ripping it out, he got up and walked across to where Simon Anthony was sitting. “She is, as advertised, an unpenetrated virgin. Here is your check. Since there’s nothing further, Susan and I will be leaving now.”

Then his voice took on a harsh edge as he added to Simon Anthony, “I’ll expect the first interest payment from you six months from today. Don’t be late.”

At that point he merely nodded toward the Anthonys. Susan noted that he didn’t shake hands. “Come, Susan,” he ordered. “We’re leaving. Perhaps you might like to say goodbye to your parents. You may never see them again,” he concluded ominously.

When Susan went to her mother, Collins noted with some surprise that she gave her mother only a perfunctory peck on the cheek. Even that was more than she could bear to give her father. To Collins’ astonishment, all she did was shake his hand. Then turning to Collins she asked, “Do I need to bring anything with me, sir?”

“Nothing at all, Susan. What you’re now wearing is all that you’ll need.”

Leaving the apartment building, Susan was surprised to realize that she was feeling no sense of loss. Although she was certainly apprehensive, for some reason she felt a sense almost of relief to be out of the Anthony household. While Jeffrey Collins would probably beat her, for some reason she found that she was looking forward to it.

Jeff lavishly tipped the doorman who had been looking after his car, a very expensive low-slung European sport coupe. To her surprise he held the door for her and assisted her in. Going around to his side, he got in, started the car, and smoothly pulled away from the curb.

As soon as they were out of the doorman’s sight Jeff ordered, “Slave, pull your skirt up to your hips and spread your thighs as far apart as you can. I want your bare ass on the leather.” To her surprise he tossed over her pants, now just a small wad of cotton material. “Slave Susan, while we’re driving to my place, I want you to be productive. Specifically, I want you to use the index finger of my right hand to masturbate yourself. Put your pants under your cunt. It will take us about thirty minutes to reach my apartment. Within that time I expect you to have your pants dripping wet with your cunt juices. Now hold my finger like a pencil and begin.”

To his utter amazement, Susan proceeded to do exactly what he had told her. First she took her pants and folded them into the shape of a small sponge that she put at the mouth of her cunt. Then she took his finger and began to touch it to her clitoris. Incredibly, had it not been for Jeff’s handling her earlier, she would have had no idea what to do. He could feel his fingertip against her love bud and could feel her varying the pressure and the motion.

Clearly, he realized, she was experimenting on her own body. When he saw her face contorted he said, “Slave, as a special treat tonight, you may even make sounds if you wish. It’s no longer necessary for you to remain silent.”

“Thank you, dearest Master.” Then she began to groan and then scream as she reached the second orgasm of her life. Following a suggestion Jeff made, she slid her seat back as far as it would go, tilted the seat back and slid her body forward so her butt was on the seat’s forward edge. With her knees spread as far apart as possible within the restricted width of the car, she finally had access to her vagina.

Gently she took his finger and poked it up her tight passage. Almost instantly she came again. By the time the car had pulled into the garage beneath his apartment, Susan was in a daze. She had no idea where she was or what had happened. All she knew was that her cotton pants were now dripping wet with her cuntal juices.

“That was wonderful, Slave,” Jeff exclaimed. “Now put your head back, open your mouth wide, and squeeze the juices from your pants into your mouth.”

With her body still shaking from the series of emotional shocks she had just experienced, she did as he had ordered. Remarkably she found her juices to be very sweet. She’d even come to like the taste of her own body fluids.

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