Not With My Daughter!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Fiction, Rough, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man and his son rape a Older Woman. She is forced to comply to save her Daughter.

Marnie woke bright and early to get her husband, Roger, off to the airport. It was his every other month commute to visit large printer clients face-to-face in his southeast territory, representing his paper mill's line. He generally left Wednesday morning early, and returned Friday evening late, so he could be with Marnie and their daughter Brenda for the weekend. This was a routine that Marnie had grown accustomed to, and now that Brenda was fifteen, almost sixteen, she would leave her at home to sleep while she dropped Roger off early in the morning.

She wore her overcoat, while she served him breakfast, to hide the surprise she had for his goodbye at the airport. Marnie had always kept her 39-year-old body in tiptop shape. She and Roger had been college sweethearts, and he was the only man to ever know her carnally.

At the airport, Marnie was embarrassingly amorous with Roger, when he was trying to make his leave and enter the terminal. As he blew her a kiss, picked up his bag and briefcase, and was about to turn into the rotating doors, Marnie opened up the coat and struck a sexy pose in her cheerleader outfit from college. She could still fit into it, and she still looked great in it too.

Roger knew what that meant. He dropped his cases, and approached her for a big hug and a kiss. Roger would have nothing else on his mind for the rest of the trip except their "cheerleader/sports trainer fantasy", "cheerleader/basketball star fantasy", or..."What would it be this time." He thought on the plane.

"The sexy cheerleader visits him in his office with a sprained ankle, she places her bare foot on his knee, and wiggles her toes. He looks at her ankle, lifting it up to expose her pantiless, neatly trimmed bush, puts it up to the side of his face, while he reaches out with his other hand and touches the back of her upper thigh. She puts her foot down onto his groin and pulls his head to her pubic mound under her striped short skirt and..."

"Or, would it be the one where, he is coming off the court, and he spontaneously catches her body while she is upside down on her hands doing a cartwheel, legs apart, then brazenly plants a kiss between her legs before a cheering crowd and then lets her continue her wheel, while continuing his way back to the bench. She gets revenge in the second half by sneaking up behind him when he is doing a throw-in pass, and pants him in mid-pass. They are both thrown out of the court and settle their differences in the men's locker room before the end of the game and the players return..."

"Or, would it be something new, altogether?"

Marnie got back in her car, and pulled into traffic. As Marnie drove, she saw an old Cadillac, gold with a black vinyl top, which seemed to follow her. She didn't think much of it at first, it could be coincidence, no need to get paranoid, but it had been behind her since the airport. She was getting distracted by the car's presence and didn't notice that the idiot light for the oil on the dash had lit up.

All of a sudden, she heard a loud "bang" from the engine and she steered the car to the side of the road as it rolled to a stop. Smoke was coming out from under the hood, as the car that was behind her slowed and passed. An eighteen or nineteen year old young man craned his neck to look at her as the car slowed down, then crawled into the back seat to continue to lookout the back window as it continued on its away. The car turned right at an intersection and rolled out of sight.

"Oh, great! Now what am I going to do?" Marnie said to herself. She looked around at the neighborhood she had only ever driven through. She never would have stopped there otherwise. She got out and figured out how to lift up the hood, and tried to look in at the engine by waving the steamy smoke out of her way. A man appearing on her right and the young man she had seen appearing on her left then startled her.

"What seems to be the problem?" The man said.

"Well, I was driving along and there was this loud bang, then nothing. The car won't work any longer." She responded.

"I see the problem, look here. Maybe it would be easier to see from underneath here." He said, pointing out the rod that had shot through the oil pan. Marnie crouched down, then got to her hands and knees and saw what he was directing her attention to.

"What does that mean?" She asked.

"That means, Missy, a new engine. There is no way I, or anybody else, can fix it here to send you on your way. How 'bout me and my boy here, give you a lift wherever it is you're going. No one's going to steal this piece of junk now. I promise." He said politely in his rough way.

She got her things, locked the car, and he led her to Caddy parked behind hers, holding the front door for her like a gentleman. "Here, why don't you hop on in? No, Jeff, you get in back." He had to say to his flaky son, while slapping up the backside of his head to stop him from getting in the front seat first. "Let the lady sit up here."

Trusting that this earthy guy was basically decent, she directed him to her house, and thanked him for the lift. When she got out, her daughter, Brenda, came out the front door with questions on her mind, about the car, these men and the circumstances.

The man opened his door, stepped out, and talked to Marnie over the roof of his car. "Hey, I'm headed downtown. Is there some place I can drop either or both of you off at along the way, like a dealership or something?"

Marnie thought for a moment. Her daughter would be okay at home, since school was out, but she could use a ride to a car rental lot. "Well, if it is along the way, I could use a lift to a budget type car rental lot." She said appreciatively.

"Sure, I know just the place." The man said. "Come on, get in. "Marnie reluctantly got in and they drove off.

The man tried to make conversation, but Marnie just wanted to be done with the two of them for good. The kid was giving her the creeps, like he wasn't playing with a full deck, and the man kept looking at her face, hands and knees, the only skin that was exposed by the coat.

They pulled into a parking lot of a small fancy office building. Before she could ask why, the man said, "I've got to stop here a second. I left something here last night when I was cleaning. You should come in a see this joint. Don't worry. The office is closed today. They are all at a retreat for a couple of days. Come in with me and check this place out. You won't believe how nice it is." The man said solicitously.

Marnie decided to follow along, since it appeared she could keep him moving if she were to keep tabs on what he was up to. The man knew how to disarm the alarm and had a key to the building. Marnie was actually impressed with the money that was sunk into the place. Every detail, right down to the choice of plants, was exquisite and spared no expense. What was annoying, though, was his kid who followed her, keeping in exact step with her, behind her, out of her sight.

"Here, its in this one." The man said, leading the small procession into a luxurious office. It was large, with rich dark wood shelves, overstuffed leather chairs in front of an altar of a desk, and a leather couch along one wall. Marnie took a quick look around at all of the expensive objects and devices around the room. Figuring that the man had had plenty of time to retrieve whatever it was that he had come there for, Marnie made her way to the door.

Instead of opening the door for her, the man surprised her by turning, wrapping an arm around her waist, pulling her toward him, and kissing her on the lips. Marnie started hitting him with short rapid hits on his chest with her clenched fists, and finally broke free. She wiped the man's kiss off her lips with the back of her hand, and then her jacket sleeve.

"What is the matter with you! I'm a happily married woman with a child." She said berating him.

"Looked more like a young woman to me, Missy." The man retorted.

"She's only fifteen. What are you talking about? Now please, let me out of here right now. I've seen enough." She said demandingly.

"When I'm good and ready, Missy. But, first, you are going to do something for me." He said in a confident way. Marnie didn't like the sound of it. "You see, you are going to get out of those clothes and make me cum exactly how and when I tell you to do so."

The kid wiped his nose with his jacket sleeve. Accentuating his gum chewing and scrunching up his face in a pained smile, while roughly grabbing his crotch, he said, "Mind if I go have the younger one?"

"Go on over; wait for my call; I'll let you know." The man said, as he tossed his son the car keys. "Well, Missy. Let me put it to you this way. You have twenty-five minutes to make me cum, not before twenty-five and not after thirty. Is that clear?"

"No, I can't. Please let me go." She said sobbing.

"You will, I promise you that. If you don't, I will allow my son, and any friends of his choosing to have their way with your tantalizing daughter. Now you'd better dance those clothes off before five minutes are up. Then I'd better be turned on by ten. I suggest you'd better be touching me by fifteen, and sucking me pretty good by twenty, so I can be up you in time for twenty-five. Are we understanding one another yet, here Missy?" She nodded, sniffling back tears, biting her quivering lower lip. "I can't hear you!"

"Yes Sir. I understand." She said trembling.

"Now, if you let my erection go soft at any time, or let me cum before twenty-five minutes, the deal's off as well, understand?"

"But how... ?"

"Have you ever prolonged your husband's pleasure? Well, figure out how to keep me on edge till the twenty-five minute mark, and then you can take what cums. Got it?"

She was a nervous wreck. She thought of her daughter with that despicable boy, looked down at her fingers fidgeting on the bottom button of her coat, and sniveling back tears, let out a quiet, "Yes Sir."

The man moved to one of the overstuffed chairs in front of the desk, turned it around to face the balance of the room, slouching his way into it. Then he picked up the desk clock, looked at it, and set it down so they both could read it. Marnie stood there, still looking down, and sobbed some more.

"Look here Missy, don't expect any leniency from me. The clock is ticking and you'd had better be dancing, or one call from me on this here phone and you can say 'bye-bye' to your daughter's innocence big time."

Marnie bent her parted legs a bit, and started to move her hips in time to imaginary music, while looking down at her fingers, which were still fiddling with material. She had only done this sort of thing for her husband before. Even in their fantasy play though, he never forced her to do these kinds of things.

The man shook her from her thoughts of misery and said, "Hey, you're gonna have to do a lot better than that to get this here critter in my pants a noticing. Look at ME for starters."

Marnie put her hands a little ways over her head and exaggerated the grinding hip movement, adding an undulating belly motion, now watching the man's crotch for any signs of life. Next she unbuttoned her jacket and slowly slid it off of her shoulders, trying to do it as sensuously as she could.

The man brightened at the discovery that Marnie was in a costume, and shifted in his chair a bit more attentively, saying, "Now that's more like it. You look a lot better than I imagined under that frumpy old coat."

Marnie tussled her hair, tilted her head back and cupped her breasts through her sweater, then brought her head forward with kitten eyes that challenged her captor with her stare into his.

Then, as if this were a veil of bravado that was suddenly sliced away with a sharp scabbard, she stomped her foot, and declared, "I can't do this. I won't do this." She went into a crouch with her knees between her arms that were bent to cover her sobs with her hands.

When she heard the beep of numbers being punched into his cell phone, she held her hand out, imploring, "No! Wait! I'll do it. At least I'll try. I'll do my best. No please. Not my daughter." She said as she stood up and started to dance again, going straight for her sweater, then her skirt, and now more slowly her bra. This would be the only other man to see her naked tits besides Roger and her doctor, when she would let the unfastened full cups fall away from her chest.

"Forty seconds to go before it all has to be off." He reminded her demandingly.

Marnie felt ill for a second, "I've got to get my panties off too. He'll see my surprise for Roger." Marnie had shaved all of her hair in her crotch, save a small perfectly shaped heart in front. The point made by the heart pointed the way to her love center. Roger surely would have slobber kissed her there as a reward for her being this bold. Now this horrible man would be the recipient of her fantasy planning.

"I'll turn and do the panties at the same time as the bra." She thought. No matter what she thought, she was going to act undignified before this man, and could do nothing about it. She turned away from him, let the bra drop, and pulled her panties down with her thumbs in the waistband. She tried to step out of them without showing much between her legs. She put her right arm across her tits and her left hand over her mound and turned to face her gawker. FLASH! He had produced a small camera from his pocket and was ready to document this moment for all time.

"Hey, the hands, the hands. What is this? You'd better have me twitching in less than five or I'll have your daughter too." She removed her hand from her mound and put both of her hands up to her face to wipe the tearing from her eyes, using her forearms covering the nipples on her chest to keep him from seeing her topless condition too. He was staring at the furry heart. She started dancing again with her hands still covering her breasts, but between her long athletic legs, though, he could see her pussy lips bald as the day she was born, as she resumed her grind.

She came closer to him and knelt down between his legs. She got low, so the edge of the chair hid her nipples from his view, and reached up to unfasten his belt, pants, and zipper. He lifted his butt off of the chair enough for her to slide the pants down below his knees. She looked at his genitals and noticed the balls were churning in their sack and his uncircumcised penis was at half salute, forming a rainbow arc down to his left nut. She backed away and adroitly arose to a standing position without the aid of her hands, which were again inadequately cupping her tits. She started her dance again, trying to will his penis to full attention. She went from cupping her breasts to covering just her nipples with her fingers with flat palms. His penis stiffened some more. She kept dancing and covered her nipples with just two fingers now, and he stiffened some more. She pinched her nipples and pulled on her relatively firm breasts, and he was almost completely hard, the tip of his penis poking through the foreskin. Then she put her hands boldly under each breast and pointed them right at his face, getting too close for him to use his camera, and he backed up in the chair a bit, with his penis twitching at its fullest and hardest. Now she had him there, and just in time.

She didn't want to touch him. He was disgusting her, so she tried to stall with some more dancing. When the man brought the camera back to his face, FLASH! She quickly knelt down in front of him and grabbed his cock with her right hand and his small plums with her left, to avoid the humiliation of another photo.

"That's the way Missy. Oh yes. That feels gooood." The man said and started to moan. Marnie vacillated in thought between the fantasy of squeezing and mashing the man's vulnerable eggs she held in her hands, and the curiosity of the man's cock with a foreskin, the likes of which she had never seen before except as a sheath on a domesticated animal. She pinched and tugged on the man's squishy nuts and experimented with pulling the foreskin away from the head and touching, stroking and squeezing his cockhead. She paid close attention to his reaction, with the threat of his cumming too soon looming to haunt her.

He was really starting to get aroused from her touch. "Fuck the timing," he said, "get your mouth on it now." She looked back at him in horror. He looked back at her with insistence and picked up the phone for emphasis. She knelt up higher, swallowed deeply with disgust, opened her mouth a bit, and approached the cock's head slowly to put her lips around it, when he said, "No, wait. I want you to stand here at my side when you do it, and bend over here." He said, as he directed her into position at the right side of his chair.

Marnie stood, bent, and grabbed his cock at the base with her left-hand and cupped his balls with her right. She repeated the same ritual of disgust in getting her lips to the tip, noticing an acrid male smell wafting from his loins. When she finally rallied the nerve to put this strange man's cock in her mouth, he closed his eyes and started to moan.

She noticed the texture more than the taste at first. She swirled her tongue all around to explore the raised and lowered parts, the wrinkled and the smooth, the head texture versus the shaft, and his reaction to the area just below the helmet on the underside. It surprised her when she felt his right hand begin to explore the newly shaved area between her legs. No man besides Roger had ever touched her sensuously there.

Her upper body froze after she took her mouth off of his cock. The man's touch was rough and crude. He was not in tuned to her rhythms, as Roger would be. He was playing with a new toy without consulting the manual. Then his left hand started to work on her hanging tits. She just stared across the top of the desk into nothingness frozen in a trance, as unexpected sensations raced from her tits to her groin and to her brain, creating new circuitry to deal with in this stressful situation.

She could feel her wetness being spread all around her pussy lips. She pushed her chest down onto the man's hand and stuck her rear out to his other hand in an effort to increase the sensation he was creating. She felt guilty and ashamed to be actually enjoying his touch. Then he stopped. She was shaken from her erotic dream and had to deep breathe to regain her composure.

"Hey Missy, how come I am doing all the work right now?" The man said.

Marnie greedily started to work her mouth on his cock again in the hopes that he would resume his ministrations. Nothing. She started to suck it. The man moaned and pinched a nipple.

"That was a start." She thought. She started adding kneading his balls and moving her hand up and down on his cock at the base. The man put his hand back on her cunt. "Now we're rolling again." She thought to herself in relief. The man started taking her juices and working them up to her anus, and working his finger in and out. She froze again. No one, not even Roger had ever invaded her there. They talked about it, but it wasn't anything Marnie would ever think to do. As he got her hole more and more slippery from her juices, the sensation grew more pleasurable. This really confused Marnie, since the thought of it disgusted her, but her body was telling her otherwise. The man worked two fingers in. After some initial discomfort, she grew to like that too. When he tried three, she winced in pain and said, "Please no more. You'll rip me there."

"Well, Missy, its time you put it there." He said.

"No! Please don't put it in me. You're too big. You'll rip me trying to get it in. Please." She implored him.

"Oh, I'm not going to put it in. You are!." He said in a way that left no room for discussion.

"Oh, I couldn't! I have never... Oh, please don't make me do it!" She said horrified.

"Get my whole cock really juiced up. Just take it all the way in your mouth. Leave as much juice from your mouth as you can, stand in front of me, and back yourself down onto it. Better get to it, you are running out of time. I'm not going to tell you again." He said holding the phone up in his left hand.

Marnie put her mouth all the way down on his now purple cock and gagged when it hit the back of her throat. Her gag reflex sent exquisite sensations to the man's brain, as his eyes and head rocked back. Marnie stood in front of the man between his legs and backed up toward his cock with her legs apart and her hands on her upper thighs. She took her right hand and guided his cock into her vagina while his eyes were still closed. She pumped him up and down until he opened his eyes and gave her a stinging slap to her right cheek.

"I should make you pay for that maneuver." He said now suspicious of her.

Marnie quickly pulled it out and placed the crown at the opening of the anus and tried to push. It was too tight. She spit in her hand and drooled it on the crown and tried again. Still too tight.

"Times a wasting, look at the clock." He said. She looked at the clock. It had been twenty-seven minutes and she would have to have him cum before thirty. She rammed it hard getting just the tip in, sending pain, which felt like a knife impaling her body, all the way up to the top of her head. She screamed and held her body against it even though her body was trying to expel the intruder. She put more spit on her fingers and laved the next couple of inches, which she pushed in with similar, but slightly less pain. Two minutes to go, so she pushed it all the way in to the hilt. She breathed through the pain like Roger had coached her at Brenda's birth. She pulled off of it until just the tip stayed in, and then impaled herself again.

As she repeated this over and over, faster and faster, the pain lessened and became actually pleasurable. A minute left. She started to rub his balls, anything to get him to cum now. She wanted to cum now too. He started lurching up to meet her thrusts. The clock passed thirty minutes. He arched his body up stiff as a board and let fly his first wave, then after shock lurches until he finally came to rest.

Marnie was still at it, trying to cum from being fucked in the ass, when he put his hands on her cheeks and pushed her off. "Go sit over there." He said meaning for her to sit in the other chair next to him in front of the desk." He picked up the phone and dialed his son's number. Marnie was awash in mixed emotions, wanting to cum, hoping her daughter was okay, wanting this horror to end...

"Hey Jeff, my boy. Come right over. You are? Great. No, something better." He said over the phone. Marnie wished she could hear the other half of the conversation but she was about to learn from the man, as he had her clean off his dick with her mouth that the kid had been on his way and was just about to pull into the parking lot with Brenda, when he took the man's call. They were on their way up to the office. The man finished buckling his belt when the door opened and there was the kid.

Marnie covered her breasts with a crisscross of her arms and tightly crossed her legs, almost ready to pass out from the shame.

"Where's the chick?" He asked his son.

"I left her in the car. She thinks I came to fetch her mom." He explained.

"What about your phone?" The man asked.

"Got it here." The kid replied, pulling it out of his jacket, looking hungrily at Marnie's nude body seated in the luxurious side chair.

"I'll go check on her to make sure she doesn't do anything foolish." The man said at the door. "So Missy does my boy do you or your daughter?"

"But, but, I did what you asked me to do. You said..."

"I said 'no later than thirty minutes'. It was later than thirty minutes. I'm cutting you some slack here, because I kinda like you. So is it with my kid or with yours?" He said impatiently.

Marnie answered by removing her hands, uncrossing her legs, standing up and approaching the kid with her head down.

"That's more like it. I'll be back here with your kid in fifteen to twenty minutes so if you don't want her watching any of this, you'd better be done. Have fun son." He said as he exited the room, leaving his bug-eyed kid just staring at the beautiful older woman in front of him.

He certainly had never seen a vital 39 year old woman with 38 inch tits, that had only the slightest sag, standing before him with a bald pussy, ready to get him off as quickly as possible, before this.

She approached him. "Let's get this filthy thing off." She said, as she removed his jacket. He reached up as if in a daze and touched her left breast. "That's right, does it excite you to feel the breast of a full grown woman?" She said anxiously, trying to get him going. "Let's get these down." She said, as she unbuckled his pants and pulled them, with his briefs, down to his knees. His uncut pecker was starting to bounce to life.

"No, I want them off. Pull off my boots." He said, like a brat. Marnie looked at the clock and helped him to the chair his dad was sitting in, and tried to pull his boots off. The kid just stared at her breasts swaying to and fro, side to side in her effort.

"Turn around and pull." He said. She stepped over his leg, grabbed the heel of his boot with her hands and pulled. He helped her by putting his other foot on her ass and pushed. This sent her running forward with his boot stuck between her legs and her breasts visibly swaying to the sides as she fought her momentum. The same happened with the other one, but now she could get the pants all the way off.

She went immediately to the side of the chair, where his dad had placed her, bent down, putting her hands on his cock and balls, and started to suck for all she was worth. The kid was a little uneasy with her aggressiveness and put his hands in her hair as if to control her motion. He began to relax a bit and started to get into the sensations.

His hands went to her breasts. Marnie started to moan with his cock still in her mouth. He was encouraged by this and put his right hand on her smooth snatch, and had his first feel of a hairless pussy. This was almost as exciting to him as what she was stirring in his loins. His clumsy hand was steadily bringing her back to the point that his dad had left her off. She would stop sucking to moan in enjoyment then fight it and resume sucking remembering the clock. This tug-of-war continued for her until she realized she'd better take drastic action to beat the clock. She got up between the son's legs, and crouched back down onto his cock. She didn't have as much difficulty, because he wasn't as large as his dad, she already knew she could do it, and she needed to finish with him there, after being denied earlier.

She started to pump up and down, then reached back with her hands and grabbed his wrists, pulling him up to a standing position and said, "Okay Jeff, lets see what you are made of. I want you to fuck me hard. Let me see if you are more of a man than your father." She said to push his buttons.

The son grabbed her hips and let her have it as fast and as hard as he could do it. She wasn't able to stand in one place with just her hands on her upper knees so she led the train to the desk where she braced herself against his thrusts with her hands. Marnie was getting so close, she was mad with the desire to cum.

The son lunged into her and held it. She could feel his cum shooting in side her rectum. She panicked. "Don't stop. Whatever you do, don't stop." She implored him, but every time he lunged forward, the sensation of her tight hole was so intense that he had to reflexively pull back and reset his circuits, leaving her to buck wildly.

Then the phone rang. The son scrambled for it. "Yeah. It was great. Okay we will. Yeah. Okay." Was the kid's side of the conversation. Marnie was turned around with her butt against the desktop frigging herself madly to finish the job.

"No time for that, they're almost at the door." The son said, as he scrambled to climb into his pants. Marnie panicked and pulled on her skirt and top to quickly cover herself. The door opened by the man holding it open for Brenda.

As she was walking in, Marnie passed her bra and panties back to the kid behind her. He smiled and stuffed them into his jacket top. Marnie was sweating and Brenda noticed.

She asked her mother, "What have you been up to?"

The son snickered, and Marnie said, as she slowly and carefully crouched to pick up her coat, "Jeff talked me into showing him some cheers we used to do in the old days, and I guess it got me a little worked up."

"Oh, could you show me some?" Brenda said. The kid coughed out a laugh and stroked Marnie's bare bottom under the short cheerleader skirt. Marnie was surprised by it, but tried to seamlessly move from her lurch to swinging the coat around her while putting it on so Brenda wouldn't notice.

"How about when we get home. We have to figure out what to do about that car." She said, walking toward her at the door. The man and his son were content at this point to let her save her dignity, and didn't push any further.

Marnie and Brenda were dropped off at the rental place, and she was forced to give the man, and his son, a convincing "thank you" for all of their help. Marnie surprised Roger, when they were alone again, with a new cheerleader fantasy. "The cheerleader plays tight-end".

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