The Bitch and the Jerk
Chapter 1: The Plan has Changed

Copyright© 2002 by Horace Baldwin

Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Plan has Changed - They work at the same company. She's a bitch to him. He's a jerk to her. Unfortunately they had to go on a business trip together, to retain a major client for the company. Things aren't always what they look like. This is a humorous sex story with more plots than sex.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Humor   Oral Sex   Slow  

It was late Friday afternoon. I was in the office packing the stuff I needed for a meeting with a client the following week when the intercom buzzed. I was working for a medium size advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois. I had been working there for five years, right after I graduated from ISU. My best friend, my roommate at ISU, and now my boss Nick recruited me to work for the agency.

It was Nick on the intercom. "James, can you come over for a while? The plan has changed."

"Damn it!" I mumbled. This wasn't a good sign. Nick was the man who knew me best, better than my parents and better than all my previous girlfriends. I knew him very well too. What he indicated by the change of plan would mean I wouldn't be going to Atlanta as planned. I was supposed to go there for a review meeting with a client. It was going to be a piece of cake for me. The client's budget wasn't huge; they had been very happy with our performance; I knew them well; and we had been maintaining good relationship for a number of years. The secretary of the client's president, Alice, was a hot tease. I almost got into her pants last time. I had been drawing up a plan, which I justly believed that it would work this time. Now this "change of plan" was going to kill all my hopes.

I went into Nick's office with a mean look. Nick laughed. He knew what I was thinking. There weren't many secrets between him and me. When I first met him at ISU he was a senior and I was a freshman. Since then we had been sharing each other's secrets. I knew almost everything about his life, his wife, and even company information that I wasn't supposed to have. I was his best man when he married his wife two years ago. I never dared to tell her I knew what size of lingerie she wore, how frequent she had sex with Nick, and all the juicy details about their life together.

"Well, your guess is correct, you're not going to Atlanta." Nick maintained a wily smile. "Dave's going instead."

I was more than disappointed. Dave was another Account executive in the agency. He was known to be an expert in dealing with hot teases. I could picture Dave riding on the woman I had bought a dozen of condoms for.

"We may have a crisis with Roger & Wilson. We just know that another advertising agency made a presentation to them this morning. Together with the screw-ups we had earlier this year, this could mean losing a big client. We need someone better to lead the presentation and negotiation in Monday's meeting with them."

"Fuck!" I muttered. Dave was going to get the beauty and I was going to have the beast. I knew why it was me who was chosen to handle this crisis. I had known Roger Dreyfus, co-founder of this nationwide cosmetic distributor, for most of my life. Roger's dad and my dad had been in the same platoon in the Vietnam War. We had been having strong ties all my life. In fact it was me who got Roger & Wilson for this agency and had been dealing with them until Dave joined the agency 2 years ago.

"Jennifer will be going with you." Nick added with another wily smile.

"You've got to be kidding!" I leaned forward in the chair. Jennifer was an assistant art director who joined the agency about six months ago. She was a bitch. Whoever complimented her soft blonde hair, her ocean blue eyes, her firm breast, or her slender legs, would be considered an impetuous jerk to her. I knew that well, I made all those remarks when I first saw her, and since then had been a total jerk as far as she was concerned. She was creatively talented, which could explain her being recruited into her position only 2 years after her graduation. However, whether it was prejudice or difference in views, she had never concurred with me on anything, not once. In meetings we always had the most scorching disputes which were usually ended with her calling me "Jerk". She must have been born to hate me. We just had a hot clash that morning. She almost hurled her folder at my face.

"I'm not kidding. I'm sorry," Nick winked, "but she did all the artwork of the new proposal and there is nobody who is better than her for the presentation."

"Damn it, Nick," I howled, "you know she's a bitch. Either she go or I go, but I'm not going with her."

"James, I know how you feel. I hate to send you there with her. But we're in a crisis. Do you think you can be certain to sure keep Roger & Wilson without presenting this new proposal we've been working on?"

"Well, I can't guarantee anything. As a matter of fact, I don't care. You can send the bitch there with anyone else. Damn, it's Dave account, not mine. Send Dave; I want to see Alice."

"Listen, James, Bruce has assigned Roger & Wilson back to you, and has agreed to raise your bonus in the consumer sector by a point. It's your business and your future now. You need to retain Roger & Wilson for the agency and for yourself."

I dropped back into the chair. What Nick meant was I would be getting at least $10,000 additional bonus if everything went well. Roger & Wilson was a major account for us while Alice's company was a small one. This would also prove to Bruce, CEO of the agency, that I was a valuable asset to him, which would enhance my prospect for promotion. Of course, that was only if things went smoothly.

Nick saw that I was being swayed. He pushed a thick folder on his desk towards me, on top of the folder were two air ticket envelopes. "Jennifer had some personal stuff to handle and left early, so you are taking both air tickets with you. You'll meet her at O'Hare on Sunday. You guys will be staying at the Hilton Millennium. Study the file and if you have questions, call me at home."

I sighed. I felt like I was a whore on my way to sell my body and soul. Yet I knew I had no option. I had been working very happily in this agency and it was a great pleasure to work for a boss who knew me, respected me, cared for me, and would fool around with me. I wouldn't quit this job because of that bitch.

Nick came around the desk and patted me on the shoulder when I was about to leave his office. "Put up with her. It's only a couple days. Maybe it won't be as bad as you think. By the way, they have a cocktail reception in Monday evening, take a good suit with you."

I sighed again. "Okay. I hope so." I left his office.

On my way back to my cubicle I almost ran into Mary. Mary was Bruce's secretary. She was a bigmouth, a gossipmonger. She was also the cousin of Roger's secretary Mariah. Obviously she and Mariah were the sources of Nick and Bruce knowing about our rival's activity at Roger & Wilson. Mary gave me a sly smile when she saw me. I sighed. She laughed.

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