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Fucking Other Men's Wives


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, BDSM, DomSub, Rough, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Fucking your Wife and any other married woman I can get my Cock up.


I would love to write a fantasy just for you. I am 6' 1", 195, 7'cock and am hard all over. I work out four times a week.

Picture me sitting on a hard backchair, naked, my cock standing straight up. You are standing in front of me. A lady about to play Slut. Laura lift your dress, now pull your panties aside. Spread your legs wider, that's just right. Keep your eyes on my cock, watch me slowly jack it up and down.

Now get your fingers down on your pussy and play with it till you turn it into a Hot Juicy CUNT. Keep that dress high, so I can watch. God you look hot and nasty, my cock is hard as a rock in my hand. Laura when your Cunt is all juicy and just before you Cummmm, step astride of my legs, get a hold of my cock and mount it. Drive yourself to the my balls just as fast as you can take it.

Now use my cock to make yourself Cummm. Get both your hands behind my neck and grind and pump yourself on my Man Meat. As you start Cummming, I'll rip your blouse open and use both my hands and mouth on your big tit's. That's it you sweet Slut, I love feeling your Cunt Cummmm running down onto my nut sack.

Now that you've Cummm the first time, I grab you by the neck and pull you toward me, till your big tits a smashed against my hard chest. Now slowly grind around on the base of my cock. I'm going to hold you tight like this, I won't let you pump or pull you tit's off my chest

Now whisper all the NASTY things you have done, and the ones you want to do, in my ear. I don't want you whispering Lady like words, use the Nasty ones.


Ps. Laura I do love Ladies in public and Nasty Sluts in private. The one below happened.

I like the ones that are being sneaky best, they let it all hang out. A lot of times when the husband is involved they hold back. Not always and when a married woman can let it all go in front of her husband it is fucking hot.

One lady I remember well " You two BASTARDS make me CUMMMM and FUCKING CUMMMM" that was her order, The last action of the night had her kneeling on her husbands cock, both of us in her, me from behind "FUCK ME, YOU BASTARDS" over and over. Both cocks rubbing in her hot juicy cunt. We ended up with her on her back with her legs pulled back and my cock pumping in her ass, while her husband jacked off in her mouth. Very Hot and NASTY.

Dear Karl,

Now I know why you call yourself 'nasty'. *S* Your writing has me playing with my pussy, and coming more than once since I read it the first time.

I have cheated on my husband r/t, and he doesn't know about it. One of my fantasies is to be a secret whore, and the scenario you set up has fueled that fantasy. I imagine you're my first customer ever, and I thought it would just be on and off, job done. I didn't think you'd make me play with myself until I was almost cumming, and then make me cum on your cock like that. I guess I'm more of a whore than I realized!

I would whisper in your ear that my husband thinks I'm a faithful wife, a lady through and through, when you and I know that what I really am is a faithless slut, a cheap whore with a hot CUNT that needs almost constant attention. I might as well get paid for it, right? *G*

Do you want to hear about my indiscretions?

Your bitch in heat, Laura

Ps I Sucked a guys cock for a job, so I am a whore

My Bitch in Heat;

Sorry it took me so long to answer, but as a matter of fact. I haven't received your reply yet. Our server is down and won't be up until they can get a new one out from the states. When you receive this, we are back up. I work offshore on a construction vessel as a Diving Supervisor. Normally I have internet access in my room. It helps me pass the time when I'm off shift. My favorite way is, writing fantasies for Ladies and reading theirs. I do like doing it better, but out here there are nothing but guys.

I'll tell you a few things about my approach to sex. First I would never make it as a real rapist. If a woman doesn't want it, I can't get it up. On the other hand if a woman shares her desires with me, my cock will be hard as a rock and I can give her danm near anything sexually she wants. I do like it that way. I do not fuck married women if I know their husbands, unless he knows and approves. Now if I don't know the husband and she just wants some sneaky nasty fucking, I'm her man.

I'll tell you something that I did get into, with a bi-lady friend of mine. Susan (not her real name) and I have done some serious Hot and Nasty things over the years. I have shared a couple Ladies with her. Ladies that had let me know while we where fucking, they had never done a woman, but would like to. One that Susan brought to the table, was a married lady who liked it rough. Susan had been tying her up and forcing her to eat her cunt and fucking her with a strap-on, once a week for a couple of months. This young mother had a husband who she thought was very up tight about sex and she had a lot of fantasies. Well after one of these play rape sessions, she ask Susan if she would get a guy to Rape her.

Lucky for me I had just gotten back from a job, two months offshore Africa, when Susan called and asked me to come by. You have to know I try to take care of things as soon as I get home, bill etc, that build up while I'm gone. Her words were something like " I want you to lay on the floor, so I can squat over you with your dick in my ass. While I tell you about a little married lady that wants to be Raped by a man"

Laura let me tell you, my cock was harder then hard. I ask when, she said how about right now. I said give me forty-five minutes to get across the river. She said " If I know you, you're going to take a shower, do it here and we can play a little Water Sports". FUCK everything I had to do, I was out the door.

I'll tell you a little about my friend. It seems odd to me but I always forget how small Susan is. She is a powerful Lady, head of her department at work, not one to whine or worry what others are thinking. Plus she is a true Hard Body, a lot of light weight repetitions and running. She is in her early forties but looks late twenties. To top it all off, she can be trusted.

The only time Susan enjoys cock, or as she likes to call it "Dick", in her pussy is when you are lubing it up for her ass or she has it buried in her pussy and is pissing up a storm. I know it sounds odd, but having your cock buried to the hilt in a Juicy Pussy and Hot Piss running down your Nut Sack, causes me to dump a load every time. She can also cummm just sucking a cock. Susan told me she likes to get a guy off with her mouth first because she can cummm sucking a dick and he will last longer when he is pumping her ass. She doesn't trust many people, so when she wanted to try the whole bondage, submission, pain thing, I was the one who helped her find her limits. The truth is she enjoys being the whipper more then the whipped and the rapist better then the raped. She has her submissive side, but mostly she likes to lead.

Laura what I would love to do, is lay with you somewhere playing with your pussy and tits and whisper all the Nasty things I've done in your ear. Would it make hot if I pumped my cock slowly in and out of your juicy woman hole, while I finger fucked your ass and you told me the Nasty things you've done and want to do. Laura Sucking a Guys COCk for a job, makes you a Cock Suck Whore. I'll bet you Came doing it.

Tell me Naughty Wife, would you like him to watch you cummm on another man or men's cock or cocks? Could it be you like going home with the taste of a strange man's cock in your mouth? Your sexy pussy full of his cummmm, leaking into your panties and your husband knows nothing.

I'd love to eat my own Cummmm out of your Juicy Pussy. When you pump your Cummm on my tongue and face, I'll flip you over and tongue fuck your asshole and rub your clit with the palm of my hand. I promise, if anyone does it for you, you will have one long body wracking orgasm. Just pretend it's me.


Naughty Wife, since you're interested and I do love telling a lady the nasty things I've done. Here's how we raped Susan's married fuck toy. We had hatched our plan while having our nasty fuck session.

Yes, she had pissed with my cock buried in her tight juicy Cunt. I was sitting on her toilet, Susan had my seven inches buried in cunt, I had two fingers in her ass. She was telling me all the ways she had made this guys wife cummmm, when she let go with her Hot Piss. As soon as I felt it on my nut sack I blew my load. When Susan cummes like that her pussy is like a milk machine, Loose Tight Loose Tight, over and over.

We showered and cleaned each other up, while Susan explained how she had come about acquiring her rape lover (We'll call her Amber, again not her name). She had worked for Susan for three years. There had been no chance that Susan would make a move on her while they worked together. She knew enough from the things they had talked about, that Amber was not happy with her sex life and was damn sure she would eat pussy. Amber's husband had been promoted and she had quit to be a full time housewife. About three months later she had called Susan on a Saturday morning and asked if she could stop by and talk for awhile.

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