Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Humor, Cheating, Group Sex, First, Slow, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What is worse than anything even torture - betrayal. It can leave one blind to the beauty and perfection that should be obvious. This is a story about one young man who is brought back from despair by the love he had always sought.

'God damn it!' Shamshaire thought sitting in front of his computer. 'My buds on the poetry board might know what to do. I hope they do, I don't know what to think or feel. I gotta get back to studying. Let me post this... Ah, well, I guess all I can do is wait for their replies... '

Dear People, (friends I would like to think),

Many of you are going to be very angry at this post because this is not a poetry post; I desperately need your advice.

Here is the scenario:

I last week I went to surprise my girlfriend of several months with some flowers because due to classes, projects and upcoming finals, I had only been able to talk to her on the phone, and had not seen her for a week. I went into her apartment (she gave me key since she lives alone in a studio) and walked in on her and what I thought was just a friend doing more than just studying; his hands were in all wrong places. I dropped the flowers and left slamming the door behind me. That must have got their attention because when I was about a block away from her building I heard her calling after me. I just kept going to my car. I called a friend of mine and told her that I needed to talk. She and I have been friends for a year and a half; we had a class together second semester freshman year. While I was on the phone with her my girlfriend called me; she apologized and asked me to take her back. I told her that I needed some time to think and would get back to her.

By the time I got to my friend's place I had a headache like a stampede of elephants through my head and a knot in my stomach that was threatening to ruin the leather in my car. I barely made it to her bathroom before I started retching my guts out into her toilet. The dear stayed there with me rubbing my back the whole time and then helped clean me up when I was done.

Then it hit me. I had obviously gotten more involved with my girlfriend than I realized because I was actually think about whether or not to ask her to continue our relationship. Here we get to my personal crisis: I have a rule with relationships, if I get cheated on it's over, end of story. This was a rule I made clear to every one of my girlfriends once we became exclusive and was something my friends all knew about too. The problem here is that I want to forgive her. And when I was sitting there on the floor of my friend's bathroom I realized that I was not sure whether what she had done was the reason I was literally sick to my stomach, or the fact that I had to break up with her to keep my word.

Now I would like to say that this is all there is to my dilemma but unfortunately there is more. When I was done puking, my friend got me a cup of coffee and told me to tell her all about it; so I did. The problem is that I broke down when I got to the part about wanting her back but not being able to do it. I had my head in my hands and she sat down on the couch next to me, put her arms around me, and pulled me to her. I must have sat there like that half crying for at least half an hour. I felt content there, safe, warm, and cared for, but then she did something completely unexpected; she kissed me. I wasn't thinking straight so I kissed back initially. I suddenly realized what I had done and like the shit I am, I ran. I ran out the door to my car, and found a friend to get me high and drunk (luckily this was a Friday afternoon).

Here is the situation in a nutshell. I think I want to take my girlfriend back, but am confused by my feelings for my female friend. I also "can't" take my girlfriend back because that would be breaking my word. Furthermore, I know that if I ask my female friend out she will say yes; the kiss didn't leave much in doubt; however I know I am vulnerable right now and going out with her might just be my way of rebounding; I don't want to realize a month or later from now that I feel that dating her is a sham. I would HATE to fuck up our friendship or to hurt this girl; I really care for her and am interested in her romantically, but I don't know if I can trust myself right now.

So there you have it. It's8:45 AM PST on Thursday of the week before dead week; my friends, Ariel and David, are having their bi-annual before finals bash is in 35 hours and I HAVE to go; they have always been good to me and I can't ditch their party. The problem is both my female friend and my girlfriend are going to be there. My head is so fucked up with all this stuff that I don't know what to do. Please Help! I am asking fellow poets because most of my friends don't understand the bit about breaking my word, they think I am being a fool, and my parents are traditional Indian Muslims so they don't like me dating in the first place and taking this to them would only get an "I told you so, now when are you going to look at the pictures of eligible girls your aunt mailed us from back home?" Please help; I have no clue as to what to do.


"Oh god Derrick, that feels so good," whimpered Kaylin as her friend Derrick massaged her shoulders. The two had been studying anthropology together for the last four hours and both were sore from sitting in place so long, so when Derrick had offered Kaylin a shoulder rub she had readily accepted. Now she was seated on the couch facing one side while Derrick worked knots out of her shoulders and back. He had been at it for ten minutes and every so often she felt him go over her shoulders of under her armpits around her side just a little bit. 'I ought to tell him to not do that, ' she thought to herself, 'But it's just a little massage to help me loosen up so that I can concentrate better.'

"Oooh, hehe," she giggled, "What was that?"

"Oh nothing K, just a little tough spot so I thought that my mouth might work better than my hands." When Kaylin heard that she tensed up, remembering what was going on and that she had a boyfriend and a rule.

"I think that's enough Der. I don't think I want to go any further; we need to get back to work," Kaylin said as she tried to turn forward. But Derrick's left hand went around her waist and pulled her against his chest, and in the same motion he sucked her right earlobe into his mouth.

"Ooohh," sighed Kaylin, and with that Derrick turned her just a little bit and planted kiss after soft kiss on her collar bone quickly coming to her neck and then back to her ear.

"Aaahh, Derrick, let me gooaahhh, mmm." Kaylin tried to resist again but when she turned around and spoke Derrick simply covered her mouth with hers, instantly penetrating her mouth with his tongue and massaging her tongue with his.

She was lost in his embrace. His strong hands around her pulling him to her, his glorious tongue darting in her mouth making her whimper, overcame her resistance. She knew in the back of her mind that she should push him away, but his tongue, it kept tantalizing her. And it had been a week since she had seen Shairu, and two weeks since they had done more than give each other a peck on the cheek. 'Damn his lousy math and physics double major, ' she thought, 'I wish I had him here. Oh my god!'

"Derrick stop." Kaylin said firmly, "I,... oohh, god that feels god," she moaned a second later. She was gone, her body was on fire and all she could think about was where Derrick's mouth was going to go next.

"Thanks Mr. Chen, and say hi to Gracie for me," hollered Shamshaire over his shoulder to his favorite flower stand owner. Right there on the corner of Shattuck Boulevard and University Avenue was the shop whence Shamshaire always got flowers when he wanted to surprise Kaylin and because he was a regular Mr. Chen always gave him a discount. He also visited because he liked to tease Mr. Chen's daughter Gracie, a high-schooler who sometimes managed the shop for her parents and had a bit of a crush on Shamshaire.

He had parked a block away, and now with bouquet in hand he began to walk uphill on University towards the building where Kaylin's studio apartment was, whistling as he went. They had not seen each other in a week because of his research commitments and he knew that she was unhappy about it. They were supposed to go out on Sunday night but Shamshaire knew that she liked surprises and he liked to give them so a surprise bouquet and dinner sounded great.

"Mmmm," Kaylin moaned into another kiss of Derricks and she started to squirm just a little bit. His left hand started to massage her stomach and began a slow kneading trek up to her stomach.

At the same time Shamshaire reached Kaylin's building and used the key she had given him to let himself in. The key was in case Kaylin got too drunk at a party they went to or if she was hurt some how, and then Shamshaire could get into her apartment.

As her boyfriend entered the elevator and pressed the button marked "4," Kaylin's nipples were hardening under the incessant attention of Derricks kneading hands. Even through her bra and T-Shirt he could feel the nubs turn into small eraser heads and burn into his palm. Her softball size breasts were not too large but her flaring hips and tight waist gave her wonderful curves. He decided right then that he wanted her right there and he knew it would take little more before she was on her back.

Shamshaire reached the fourth floor and headed down the hallway to the end door. Kaylin had been fortunate and acquired a studio with a view near campus for $800 a year. Shamshaire was jealous. He was still living at home because he couldn't afford housing in Berkeley but with the money earned from the Lab over the summer, he planned to move in the fall. 'That's actually one of the problems... ' he thought as proceeded down the hall.

And as Shamshaire's feet stepped along so did Derrick's fingers proceed to Kaylin's crotch. He knew that she must be wet underneath her jeans and he intended to find out. With his right hand he unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans. Then spreading the fly of the jeans he lifted his hand to the top of her panties. And as Shamshaire turned the key and opened the door Derrick's fingers slid underneath Kaylin's panties and made contact with her lush and drenched sex.

"Uunngghh, yes!" Kaylin screamed as Derrick's fingers made contact and Shamshaire opened the door. 'Oh god, what about Shairu, ' she thought in a sudden bought of conscious, 'But I need this, and he'll never know.'

Shamshaire saw the unthinkable, his beautiful girlfriend moaning into another man's mouth. Her long brown hair splayed around his shoulders as his fingers did the worst possible thing and disappeared into her panties; and then she moaned again, and said yes! Dropping the bouquet where he stood Shamshaire made an about face, threw the apartment key behind him and slammed the door as he ran out.

Wham! The door slammed stunning the lustful pair on the couch. They looked around to see who was inside the apartment and it was Kaylin who first saw the bouquet and key on the floor.

"Oh my God! Shairu!" Shouted a startled Kaylin as she fastened her pants and jumped off the couch. "Oh no! He must have walked in on us!"

"Ah who cares K, he's gone. Let's finish what we started."

"Oh no, oh no. Shit! Derrick, listen this was a huge mistake, and I need you to leave now."

"Come on K, you can't get me all riled up like this and ask me to leave," replied Derrick stepping towards Kaylin.

"No. Leave, or I will have to call someone."

"Okay, okay," said Derrick, throwing his hands in the air. "Let me get my stuff and I'll go. You know what though, it's your loss. Hell, he'll never talk to you again, even I have heard about his rule." So Kaylin let him, and he did.

As Derrick left Kaylin went to the door and picked up the bouquet. Attached to it was one of the obligatory little cards that had room for a line of words:

Thought you would like a surprise dinner out Koala Bear! - Love, Your Lion

'I have to talk to him. Shit, what the fuck was I thinking? The one gentleman I meet. The one guy who isn't obsessed with getting off and I cheat on him. Shit! No other boy ever brought me flowers every time he came to see me. What the fuck was I thinking? I have to talk to him. But will he listen? God damn his rule! God damn! I've got to go after him'

Shamshaire ran down the hallway and once he got into the elevator he collapsed in a corner. Huddled there on the floor he sat a pile of emotional mush. Unable to move much less walk, he was there until the elevator door opened on the ground floor and someone walked to his shocking sight. When he realized that he was being stared at and that the elevator was no longer moving, his years of manners and preventability training by his mother kicked in. He calmly stood up, dusted off and re-adjusted his clothes, and walked out of the building head held high. He went down hill (West) towards his car and as he passed the flower shop he heard a "Hey Liano!" That was Gracie's nickname for him. She had looked up once that his name meant lion; since everyone called him Shairu for short she thought that "Liano" was appropriate. Usually he would reply with some witty remark but today he just kept on walking only yelling a "Not now kid!" over his shoulder. Then behind him Shamshaire heard something he really had not wanted to.

"Shairu, please wait!" It was Kaylin. His zombie act in the elevator had given her time to catch up to him and now she was running down the hill. "Stop, please, let's talk."

He turned suddenly, she was still a hundred feet away, and yelled, "You knew the rule, now leave me be!" Then he started to run. He had only a block to his car and with his head start and size he was able to get there well ahead of Kaylin who could only stand and watch as he pulled out of the parking space with dangerous haste and peeled off in no particular direction.

The sound system in his car blasted at top volume and with his windows down and sunroof drawn back Shamshaire raced along the cramped streets of Berkeley towards his friend's house

"And I've been down to the bottom of every bottle..." the radio blared.

"Ahh shut-up you dumb mother-fucker!" Shamshaire screamed as he switched the radio station.

"If I listened, long enough to you... I'd find a reason, to believe that it's all true..." crooned Rod Stewart on the new radio station.

"Fuck! Can't you people play anything fucking happy! The hell with it. I gotta call Leila anyway and find out if she is home." Shamshaire often thought out loud as he just had. Still cursing, he shut off his stereo and dialed his best friend on his cell phone.

"Hi, Leila?"

"Yeah, what's up Shairu?"

"Listen, I need to talk. Can I come over?"

"Sure Leo, how long? Hey listen, you don't sound too good; everything fine?"

"Not really Leila, that why I need to talk; you're my best friend, I don't know who else to go to. Anyway I am under five minutes away, I am already on Hillegass."

"Kay, drive slowly, I'll be waiting for you. Don't worry."

Shamshaire groaned at that last sentence. Leila had no doubt meant Okay, but the mere association was painful for him. Then just seconds after he hung up on Leila, he received another call and took it without checking the caller ID.

"Shamshaire here."

"Shairu, listen, I am sorry. I don't know what came over me. I sent Derrick home right away. Shairu please give me another chance. Nothing actually happened between Derrick and me! Please Shairu, you have got to believe me I am sorry. It will never happen again, never. Please come to my place, I want to see you, I'll make you forget what you saw, I promise."

"Make me forgot what I saw on the very couch that I saw you on? Ha! I wonder who else you've had there; I know that's where I first had you, seems to be some sort of pattern. About coming over - no. I can't see you today. I need some time to think. Maybe prove what you say by not sleeping with anybody else before I call!"

"Don't say that Shairu," she sounded like she was crying, "I had a moment of weakness, I-"

"A moment of weakness? Weakness!? If I had a moment of weakness every time some cute freshman that I was tutoring threw herself at me you would have beat me over the head with a baseball bat!"

"Shairu I really don't think that-"

"Oh, so you think that you can keep me because I can't find anyone else. The hell with that! You'll here about this Monday! Keep good count babes!"

"Shairu, don't do this, I love you!"

"I'll be in touch," and Shamshaire hung up the phone. She called him right back but he checked the number this time and did not pick up the phone.

"I can't believe I just said I would try and bed a bunch of girls! I can't believe I just promised to call her back," he said out loud. "I can't break my own rule! I swore it; I put my word on it. But that would mean I have to... no I can't leave her, she's... but damn it, it's my word, my promise, my honor!

"But how will I live without her hands on my... no! But her lips, they're so soft, and when she holds me its like, as if the whole world is just gone..." and he slipped off into remembrance.

"Just wait here Leo. I want to go get into something warmer."

"Sure KB." As Kaylin went behind the veneer to get some warmer pants on, Shamshaire looked at his reflection in the mirror. 5'10" and well built from years of baseball and football he knew he was no wimp but he was not a jock either. He did not have the skill to play for Cal and he was a math and physics major anyway so he didn't have time for sports. He was confident and though himself decent in looks. But he just had trouble getting girlfriends. Now he had plenty of friends who were female, but to them he was just a sweet guy to whom they could tell anything because he was good listener and never repeated what he heard. Unfortunately they were all oblivious to the fact that their tales, ranging sexual deviance to complaints about "evil professors," ate Shamshaire up inside because he would have loved to go out with any one of them. But most of them obviously didn't want that, so he didn't push it, besides, at the time, he was still maintaining his second rule.

Kaylin was different though. She had been the aggressor. His eyes had attracted her she had said, and she always told him they were his best feature. Looking into the mirror he realized she was probably right. He had what he had heard called probing bright eyes. They were dark but sharp, and his eyebrows, which went up instead of down at the ends, only added to the effect.

Feeling warm rather than cold, Shamshaire wandered over to Kaylin's window and was staring at the clear Saturday January sky when he felt a hand behind him at the base of his neck. Kaylin stood there massaging his neck and shoulders and then suddenly, she planted a kiss on Shamshaire's shoulder. The touch of her lips was so soft yet powerful that Shamshaire felt his knees buckle. He had kissed other girls, and was no virgin, but this slight touch from Kaylin sent him to his knees.

As he stood (sat?) there one his knees, Kaylin kept one hand behind his head and moved around to stand in front of him. It was only then that he realized she was not wearing anything except her jewelry and a smile. He looked up at her, awestruck by her beauty. Her breasts were perfect for her 5'7' height. Not large but good in size and more importantly firm and pointing outwards. The nipples were already hard, most likely from the anticipation; brown nubs on top of her slightly tanned breasts. His gaze then moved down over her soft, yet firm belly which was flat from all the swimming she did, to the small tuft of brown hair between her legs. She was not shaved but the hair was sparse and he could easily see the already puffy lips pouting. His mouth watered just looking at it and he knew what he wanted, but Kaylin used the hand behind his head to make him look up into her eyes. There he thought he saw what he had waited to see for so long - complete and unconditional acceptance and love. She wanted him and wanted to care for him just as he did for her. She wanted him, and with that thought he gave himself to her completely.

She pulled his head to her stomach and instantly, on pure instinct, Shamshaire stuck his tongue into Kaylin's navel eliciting a low moan from her. She, for one, wondered where else that tongue might act so skillfully and determined to find out, pushed his head lower until his tongue flicked her clit. She immediately grabbed his head and held it to her, and Shamshaire, loving every inch of her, sucked her clit into his mouth and cherished it with his tongue.

He was good, very good, and Kaylin had been planning this for a week and so had a great deal of pent up lust to loose. All this combined with the erotic sight of a completely willing male lapping between her legs like as if it was his sole purpose in life sent her over the edge. She let go of Shamshaire's head and used his shoulders to steady herself as he tongued her clit to orgasm. It didn't seem like a big one at first, it just kind of pulsed through her, but suddenly it snowballed because Shamshaire never stopped his ministrations with his tongue. His tongue kept a steady pace and when her clit's sensitivity was magnified a hundred fold only two more tongue lashes put her over a second time.

This time the pleasure was madly intense. If Shamshaire had looked up he would have seen Kaylin's luxurious fair flying around because she was whipping her head from side to side rapidly. Her knees gave out and only her hands on Shamshaire's shoulders and his strong arms around her legs kept her up. But all the while Shamshaire continued and finally unable to bear the intense feelings anymore, Kaylin, who had been quiet until then, threw her head back and screamed, "YYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!" loud enough to be heard three doors down. Her voice was not all that broke loose; the damns between her thighs failed and fluid poured out of her and coated her legs and part of Shamshaire's face. She came for what seemed like forever before she stopped having spasms, and when she finally came down she had only one thought; 'I have to keep him!'

Shamshaire, thoroughly pleased with himself, picked Kaylin up easily and carried her to the couch where he gently laid her and took a second to admire her lovely form.

"Beautiful, simply wonderful," Shamshaire whispered as he bent down to kiss her and massage her breasts. First the right, then the left breast was caressed and as his hands moved lower his mouth moved to her mounds. He suckled softly, so softly that she pushed his head hard against her breast. Shamshaire picked up on the hint and started to really work her breasts with his tongue. He played a pattern, licking around the aureole and think lightly biting the nipple, he moved from one breast to another as his hand reached her outer lips. He ran a finger through her slit, teasing her while causing more lubrication and moan from Kaylin.

But she pushed him off and said in a soft husky voice, "Off with the clothes lover, it's your turn."

Shamshaire was not one to make a lady wait and was quickly wearing nothing but his tented boxers. Seeing him already up and the wetness of pre-cum at his tip, Kaylin got up and pushed him down onto the couch in a seated position.

"Here Leo, lift your hips a bit," commanded the girl, and when Shamshaire complied she stripped his boxers to his ankles and then completely off.

"Kay, you don't have to just becauawww... ooh yahhh," he moaned as Kaylin took him in her mouth before he could finish his sentence. She only took the head in her mouth though and swirled her tongue around it as she used her right hand to jack him off, her left massaging his balls.

Shamshaire had never had a girl go down on him before. Although he always enjoyed tasting them, none of his few high school girlfriends had reciprocated, so he was now in uncharted territories of pleasure. Every nerve in the head of his cock was sparking, and when Kaylin probed his hole with the tip of her tongue he bucked into her mouth. She however didn't miss a beat and kept swirling, pumping and massaging. After barely two minutes he felt the itch at the base of his cock and the pressure in his balls.

"K-aahh, haa, Kay, I... I'm ccaaaahhh..." He tried to let her know he was about to come but she didn't listen and letting him out for just long enough said, "Just let go, don't worry." And did he ever! Never before had he come like that, it was as if every internal part of his body was trying to force itself out of his cock and all the while Kaylin kept swirling her tongue, massaging, pumping and now swallowing.

"Rrraaauuughhhh," he screamed as he came and came. Even after he was emptied he felt pulse after pulse through him as Kaylin pulled everything he had to give, and then he knew nothing.

He regained consciousness seconds later to feel Kaylin's lush lips against his. She pulled her head back just a little and whispered, "Now you can last a long time, Leo; you were so revved I had to take care of you."

"By God, Kay, that was, that was the best I have ever-" Shamshaire was silenced by a finger to his lips.

"Ssh... I know, I don't think I have had better either, but now let me take you farther." She moved back down and taking him in her mouth again quickly brought him back to readiness. Then she straddled him and grabbed his cock.

"Kay, wait, I don't have a rubber with; I came here actually expecting to study."

"You silly boy, I've been on the pill since I got to college. Now just sit back and relax."

She ran one hand through his hair as her other ran his head along her nether lips, and then positioning it correctly slowly sank down.

"Aaahh..." they both sighed together as the head slipped in. It had been almost a year for Shamshaire and at least two months for Kaylin, so they were both very ready. Shamshaire was lost to the world. He had thought her mouth was wonderful but this, as she sank lower and finally bottomed out, was definitely better than anything he had ever felt. Only one could compare, he had loved her but... he was determined to forget her. Yet even as Kaylin started to move up and down, Shamshaire started to sob silently.

"Shairu, darling what's wrong," asked Kaylin, still fully impaled on Shamshaire's member, "Tell me, tell me now."

"Its, its just that, it hasn't felt like this since..."

"Tell me," she commanded as she started moving again.

"I, aahhh, I loved her... aahh, yes, but she, oh god!"

"Yes, yes, yes, my Leo, my Lion, aahhh..." Kaylin cried out as she came on Shamshaire's member. Her sex spasmed from the inside and massaged every inch of his cock. Yet she still moved, drawing more pleasure, from Shamshaire, his member stretched her width although it was not the longest she had had, and she felt every vein, and wrinkle as they scraped the walls of her sex. Then came the flood again, and the wealth of lubrication allowed Shamshaire to start moving himself and he set an excruciatingly slow pace; he needed to finish his story.

"That was beautiful, my Lion, oh... , what were you saying?" Asked Kaylin as she slowed, to Shamshaire's pace, recovering from her climax

"She cheated on meaahhh," he cut himself short with a moan as a small after spasm of her orgasm flowed through her and around his cock.

"I took her back and... she, did it again,..."

"Oh baby, I'm sorry, I'll make you forget, I promise, I'll make you forget everything," and she did. Refusing to accept Shamshaire's pace any longer Kaylin started to move up and down on him faster and faster. As he parted his lips to moan he clamped her mouth down on his and with her arms put his arms around her.

She put her arms at his side, somehow she knew him that well, and stroked his flanks causing him to buck hard into her. She pressed her chest against his and felt the forest of hair tickle her nipples, but her attention was focused between her legs.

Shamshaire actually thought he was in heaven. No pleasure could be greater than Kaylin. She made good on her promise, squeezing her vaginal muscles around him every so often and cumming twice again, she brought him to the edge with her soft velvet sheath repeatedly, but each time she felt his member twitch she backed off just enough. She held him, toyed with him like that for more than half and hour, keeping Shamshaire in pleasurable agony while letting herself go several times. Then finally she picked a pace even faster than before. Her hands on his sides coaxing, softly inviting him, her pulsing pussy, up and down, up and down, on him, and her mouth rarely leaving his and then only for air. Up down in out faster harder pulsing wet the heat unbearable and then finally, release.

I was the greatest he had ever felt, ever. He had thought that earlier her mouth was the ultimate but now, all he could do was drop his head back and gasp. He felt her around him, pulsing again, but little else clearly. His whole body was orgasmic, not just his cock. Her nipples on his chest felt like the tips of heated iron, her tongue fucked his mouth and gave him sensations he did not know were possible. He pumped his seed into her, not as much as he had given her earlier but still more than usual, and she milked him with her muscle, pulling more and more. Nor did she let up, keeping the frantic pace and prolonging his pleasure.

His eyes had almost rolled back into his head and his arms lay limply by his sides as he gasped one last time, "KAAAAAAAYYYYYYYLLLLLL!"

"Ahhhh," he sighed as the last tremors ran through him. His cock was overly sensitive from the orgasm but Kaylin still kept going. She kept him hard and the sensations now were so intense that the head of his cock hurt as much as it had pleased him just minutes ago.

"Ahhh, Kay, wait... ahh, just a sec... ahhhaaaa," protested Shamshaire.

"Ssh, lover boy, I am going to keep you up for at least one more time..." and again she kept her word taking him as she had done before, right to the edge and then letting him down repeatedly before she finally allowed him to erupt again like a volcano inside her.

Shamshaire, barely lucid, the pleasure having completely conquered him, was slipping into sleep still inside of Kaylin when he remembered.

"Kay... you need to know one thing,..."

"What it is it lover?"

"I have, aahhh, a... one strike rule. If either one of us cheats it's over, period."

"Hahaha," her laugh tinkled, and to Shamshaire sounded like payal, "Don't worry my Leo, as long as I get my fill of you nothing could tear me away, I swear." With her oath echoing in his ears Shamshaire let slumber take him. Slumber in her arms was a thousand times better than any other kind and he looked forward to waking up later, still inside her...

Shamshaire returned to the real world from his memory as he pulled into the drive way of the house that Leila shared with three of her friends. It was a decent sized three bedroom. Two of the girls had taken the master bedroom letting Leila and another each have her own room. As he parked the car and walked to the door his mind was still running at break-neck speed and his stomach was giving him fits.

'She had sworn damn it, and yet she had let that, that son of a bitch take her to the edge! Just like Krist-NO! I will not start that again. That is over, done, finished, and so is Kaylin... but, how will I ever find that place again without her?'

He knocked on the door and heard footsteps approaching.

'I have to finish it, its best for me and I gave my word. Everyone knows my rule, how could I face them if... oh my stomach, damn! I don't want to let her go, it, it hurts too much... '

The door opened and Leila opened the door to see Shamshaire supporting himself on the threshold, holding his stomach with one hand.

"Shaire, what's wrong," she asked pulling him inside hurriedly and shutting the door.

"Uaagghh," he grunted, "The bathroom, get me to the bathroom." So Leila led him to the bathroom where he promptly began vomiting. He made it to the toilet, barely, but some had gotten on his shirt so Leila unbuttoned it and pulled it off of him dumping it into the tub. He was going full force now, hunched over the toilet. Leila simply there at one edge of the tub and rubbed his back, holding him up a little so that he did not actually touch the toilet.

When he had finally finished, he sat back against the tub, his head resting against Leila's thigh. She reached out and grabbed a towel and wiped off his face and chest, but Shamshaire did not move, he just sat there catatonic again.

'What has happened? Do I love her? Would I have just puked my guts out if I didn't? If I love her then I have to take her back; but I can't do that. Why would she have let him? Why? But is that what affected me the most what so hurt me that I ended up on the floor of a bathroom having a friends wipe the filth off of me, or is it that I can't imagine not taking her back, is it that I can't imagine not holding her again, is it... '

"Shairu. Shairu!" Leila said loudly, snapping Shamshaire out of his reverie. "C'mon, get up. You have to at least wash your face."

"Oh, yeah, Leila, listen. Thanks for being here for me; I don't know what I would do without you," said Shamshaire washing his face. When he was done Leila led him to her room and giving him a cup of coffee told him to sit wait there while she put his shirt in the washer.

Shamshaire looked around the room. It was not unfamiliar to him; he and Leila had been the best of friends since meeting in their second semester in a physics class. She was also a science major, unsure whether to do physics or chemistry, and as such her course load was high because she had to take classes for both. They studied together often because they had so many of the same classes, but lately more of his time had gone to Kaylin and his research. Leila understood though, she never bugged him about his lab work like Kaylin did, and she understood that he wanted to spend time with Kaylin.

He knew she had feelings for him. Leila had been obvious about that from the first time they met, but her upbringing precluded her from any action. She, like him, came from a traditional Muslim family, hers being Jordanian though, not Indian. Whatever feelings she had she always held them in check; never had he known her to have a "moment of weakness." And as far as he knew she was an honest to goodness virgin! He remembered once while taking a break from studying with friends they had teased her a bit about never having boyfriends. When someone had said something about the rarity of a twenty-year old virgin, Leila had turned away from everybody and buried her face in Shamshaire's shoulder. Although no one else could, he could see that she had done this to hide the blush that had colored her face and had concluded that the comment had hit the mark. Shamshaire of course never asked her about it, but he had heard nothing in regards to her having boyfriends so he assumed her purity.

Her being single was not due to a lack of interest by the opposite sex. She had beautiful Middle Easter features, shapely eyes dark with long eyelashes that matched her long black hair. Her skin was a perfect light brown that gave her color but let her blush be seen. What's more, her figure was perfect, not that she ever wore anything but conservative clothes, having a small waist flaring hips and an appropriately sized chest. Nothing in itself was spectacular but the exact proportions, as if taken from an artist's drawing, served to make the whole package spectacular. He had thought about breaking his second rule to ask her out, but was unsure whether she would even date, considering her family. It was a moot point though, because Kaylin had pulled him in first.

When she returned from her laundry room, Leila had Shamshaire sit on her bed while she sat across from him in her desk chair. He sipped his coffee silently when she began.

"So Shaire, what's wrong? I have never seen you like this," Leila asked, her fear and empathy for him evident in her voice. Shamshaire had always been terribly strong and stalwart. She admired his focus on his education almost as much as she loved his nature. Nothing seemed to shake him or move him. He had almost single handedly led a petition against a professor, something unheard of at Cal, and when they had threatened him with expulsion he hadn't flinched. Now he was suddenly a wreck. She could see the pain in his eyes and nearly despaired; she hated to see him this way.

"Well Leila, I broke my word once already and am being punished for it," Shamshaire started slowly; "I never should have agreed to date her. I had said to myself, no girls till grad school. But I just couldn't resist her. Now, now, I am paying for my weakness."

"Shairu, whatever it is, it can't be entirely your fault. Now tell me what happened between you and Kaylin."

Shamshaire took a deep breath and began again, "Well you know, how I haven't seen her in a week right."

"Yeah, so, you guys talk every night."

"Well, today I wanted to surprise her and..." he went on to tell Leila the whole story, everything except his idle intention of bedding several freshmen that very night. Each sentence was excruciating for him and by the time he got to knocking on her door he was shaking and tears were beginning to form at the edges of his eyes.

"... and then you opened the door. What you don't know," he said putting the coffee mug aside and dropping his head into his hands, "Is that as I was sitting there on the floor in your bathroom I couldn't decide whether what she did had made me sick or the idea of being,... of being without her..." He finally broke down. Tears streamed down his face and Leila jumped off her chair and went to him. She put his head to her chest and cradled him as he sobbed. Rocking back and forth slightly she just held him, only letting go long enough to put his arms around her. She could think of nothing to say, but had many thoughts beside.

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