Jack and Denise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Romantic, Rape, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Slow, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college junior meets some wild coeds. Including his future wife. With a redhead, a blonde and a brunette, what more could any guy want?

"Man am I glad that's over with," thought Jack Rainer, as he walked out of the classroom. "No more finals for at least a few months." As he stepped into the bright sunlight outside the computer science building, Jack tried to decide what to do with the remaining hours of the day. With the spring semester of classes now over, the handsome 21 year old needed to find something to do that was not related to school. He had about a week and a half off before summer school started and today was his day off from the library where he worked for part of his financial aid package. The weather was hot with the kind of humidity that causes your clothes to become immediately drenched with sweat upon stepping outside of an air-conditioned room.

Deciding that relaxation and food were a good start, Jack crossed Central Avenue and walked into the nearest pub - a wide wooden one story known as Galileo's Tavern. Galileo's looked like an old western bar from the outside, and inside it looked like it had been transported out of the old west intact. It took Jack's eyes a few moments to adjust to the dim interior, and then he headed for his favorite stool about midway down the bar that ran the length of the back wall. He took is seat and the bartender magically appeared before him.

"What can I get for you Jack?" she asked.

"Just a Foster's to start and a menu, thanks Mo." The cold draft beer appeared momentarily with the menu. Jack looked it over and decided that a sandwich would go best with the beer and waited for Mo to make her way back down the mahogany bar to him. It took her a few moments, the bar wasn't full, but she appeared to be the only one working. Eventually she returned to Jack.

"What'll it be today," she smiled.

"Tell me, how's the pastrami today?"

"Mmmm... It's great", she replied with a dreamy look in her clear blue eyes, "nice and tender. I had one myself earlier today."

"Great, how about one of those wonderful pastrami sandwiches and another Foster's."

"You want fries with that?"

"Of course."

Jack drained what was left of his first pint and gazed around the bar. Galileo's was one of the four bars along Central, across from the University. Each bar tended to cater to a different style of crowd. Science and engineering majors came to Galileo's, art and theater majors went a block south to Hamlet's, other liberal arts types went three blocks further south to Sneakers Pub, and teachers and education majors gathered at the far north end of the street at a place called La Grange. The analytical types liked Galileo's because the food was cheap, hot and filling, and the beer was cold. The only rules were: 1) Don't ask the bartender to make anything more challenging than a simple mixed drink or a beer, 2) never, ever ask for anything frozen- you'll just be told the blender is broken -, and 3) If you are too drunk to drive, don't leave without an escort. The logic behind the third rule was that if a patron were too drunk to drive, maybe their escort would convince them to walk. Due to its proximity to the university, more often than not the inebriated walked. The other advantage to taking an escort, you were much more likely to head back home to the university than stagger down the blind alley behind the bar to get mugged.

The inside of Galileo's was fairly plain. The forty foot mahogany bar ran the length of the back wall. Behind the bar was a large mirror that allowed for a pretty good view of the tables between the door and the bar. The tables were your standard round wooden kitchen style poker tables that seated four scattered around the wooden two by fours that made up the floor. As one walked in the door, to the left was a small stage and dance floor, and to the right was a set of glass doors leading out to a small patio. The kitchen was at the back to the right of the bar.

As Jack glanced around he noticed that there were quite a few students in the small crowd that had gathered. Not surprising for 12:30 on a Friday. As he turned back to start his second beer, his sandwich appeared, piping hot. Jack savored the first bite of the tender pastrami on light rye bread, before bolting the rest of it down with large swallows of the amber beer. Mo came back just as he finished the sandwich.

"Well, you must have been hungry or something," she said as she gazed at the empty plate, "Can I get you anything else?"

"Another beer and my tab," Jack replied with a grin, "and give Charlie my compliments, that was outstanding." Mo smiled and removed the plate. She came back a moment later and set down the bill and the third beer. Jack slowly nursed the beer and turned an eye towards the Cubs game on TV. He watched the last half of the second inning and having left a few bills to cover his tab, turned to get up. That's when he saw her.

The young blonde looked about 19. She was about five six, maybe 120 pounds soaking wet, sandy blonde hair that came to her shoulders dressed in a white blouse with tight blue jeans that hugged the cutest ass Jack had seen in quite some time. He was sitting there admiring her fine posterior, a rather easy task as the young woman was bent over at the waist talking to a tall brunette at the table, when she slowly turned her head and made eye contact with him. Jack immediately flushed and started to turn away when she winked at him. Completely flustered, Jack turned back around and began scanning the bar for Mo. He spotted her at the far end of the bar by the kitchen and was just about to call her when he felt the tap on his left shoulder.

He looked in the mirror then slowly turned around. The young lady smiled at him, causing two dimples to appear in her cheeks, offered her hand and said, "Hi I'm Staci, and you are?"

"Ummm... Jack, look I'm sorry for staring...", Jack began.

"Oh don't even worry about it ummm Jack. I think my ass is my best feature, I don't mind if you were admiring it," Staci interrupted as she turned her hips and slapped the object in discussion, "in fact, I was telling my friend over there that I thought you were kind of cute. Buy a girl a drink?"

"Ok, are you old enough?"

Staci laughed, "yes as a matter of fact, my birthday was just last month."

Jack grinned, "Have a seat," and tried to flag Mo down. Mo wandered by and moments later deposited a Coors Light bottle in front of Staci. Jack and Staci talked for a bit, and he discovered that Staci was a junior majoring in biology, lived off campus in a two-bedroom apartment she shared with her good friend Jill, liked beer, and liked to talk. Jack sat, smiled and listened for quite a while. It seemed that the more Staci drank, the looser her tongue, and Jack thought it nice not to have to say anything for once.

After 20 minutes of one-sided conversation and two Coors Lights, Staci excused herself to go to the ladies room. Mo appeared just as Staci left.

"I think she likes you Jack."

"She seems nice enough," he replied, "likes to talk."

"That's not all she likes," retorted Mo, who then walked away.

As Jack turned that remark over in his mind, Staci came back. "Jack, it's a beautiful day outside, lets go somewhere shall we?"

"Ok, but you'll have to drive since my car is parked back at school."

"No problem, let me just tell Jill." Jack watched as Staci sidled over to the tall, statuesque brunette she had been speaking to when Jack noticed her, and having made sure that he was watching, deliberately bent at the waist to whisper in her ear. After a quick conversation, Staci came back and grabbed Jack's left hand. "Let's go."

They stepped back out into the bright April sun and Staci led him to a small white two-door convertible, with dark blue interior. The top was up, but as soon as they got into the car, Staci began to lower it.

"I have to keep it up in the spring and summer or the interior gets too damn hot to sit in. But once we're driving it's fun to have the top down." Staci explained, "you don't have a problem with that do you."

"No... I've got some sunglasses, that should keep my lenses from flying out."

Staci laughed and pulled out into traffic. After a ten-minute ride, she pulled into a large apartment complex. Jack looked at her in surprise.

"I want to change to shorts real quick," Staci said as she put the top back up, "why don't you come in with me."

Anything to get out of this oppressive heat, Jack thought as he followed Staci up the stairwell to her second floor apartment.

"I'll just be a minute," Staci said as she wandered into the bedroom on the right, "make yourself at home."

Jack looked around the apartment. The front door opened into a small living room containing a light brown and white love seat, a small glass topped coffee table, huge entertainment center and a maroon recliner. A large sliding glass door dominated the back wall of the living room, however, Jack could not see a deck beyond the door; it appeared to just open to the air. The beige carpet had seen better days, but looked clean. To the left, under an arch shaped doorway was a small L shaped kitchen area, with the standard linoleum tile floor. The white refrigerator stood at the top of the L near Jack, and ending with a white-stacked washer and dryer set, next to the sink, on the far end of the L. To the right appeared to be a bathroom across from Staci's room and another bedroom, down the short hallway. The apartment was very uncluttered - unlike Jack's own - and seemed very comfortable. As Jack stepped further into the apartment he noticed that Staci had not closed her door all the way. Looking through the opening, he watched as Staci slowly peeled her jeans down her long legs revealing her lack of panties. Stepping free of the jeans, she tossed them on the bed and stepped over to the small oak dresser. Moving a little closer, Jack observed Staci rooting through the top drawer looking for something. She pulled out a pair of white shorts and tossed them on the bed and continued to look through the drawer. Giving up, she proceeded to unbutton her blouse and toss it in the laundry basket at the foot of the bed, and quickly turned around. Jack froze like a deer caught in headlights as he gazed at her naked breasts.

"Enjoying the show," asked Staci teasingly as she slowly waltzed to the door, deliberately keeping her arms at her sides. As Jack fumbled for something to say, Staci threw the door wide open and said, "come on in and have a seat." When Jack hesitated, Staci grabbed his right arm and pulled.

Jack stumbled into the room and Staci immediately guided him to the bed, pushing him to a sitting position. She pushed his legs apart and stood between them facing him with her hands on her hips. "What ever am I going to do with you Jack? You seem like such a nice guy, but peeping on a girl who's changing her clothes makes you a bad, bad boy."

Jack tired to avert his eyes, but Staci grabbed his chin keeping him from looking to the side and said, "Look at me, don't you think I'm attractive?"

"Well, um, er yes, but I don't really know you and you're naked and... " Jack trailed off as he tore his chin out of her grasp and looked down hoping she didn't notice the tent in his shorts.

Looking down wasn't working as he could still see her smoothly shaven pussy as Staci moved in closer between his legs, so Jack decided to try looking at Staci's hazel eyes. He never made it past her grapefruit sized breasts with light brown nipples sticking out about half an inch. Staci giggled softly to herself. She knew her tits had that effect on most men - and some women - and was enjoying how uncomfortable Jack felt.

"Go ahead," she whispered, "you know you want to touch them." When Jack failed to respond immediately, she leaned in and grabbed his right hand, brushing his face with her erect nipples. She placed his hand on her left breast.

Jack was a mix of emotions. His strong Catholic upbringing told him that he shouldn't be doing this with a woman he wasn't married to, but his body seemed to like it. He gently squeezed the fleshy globe, feeling her hardening nipple press into his palm. Without thinking, he brought his other hand up to Staci's left tit and squeezed it as well.

After kneading both boobs for a minute, Jack began to wonder what they would taste like. Again without thinking about it, he brought Staci's left nipple to his mouth.

Staci sighed. Things were going much as she had hoped. Letting him suck her nipples was getting her very wet and she badly wanted to step things up. As Jack moved his hand off her right nipple prior to sliding it in his mouth, Staci grabbed his arm. Jack looked up, thinking he'd done something wrong. Staci smiled as she slid her hand down to grab his wrist, then pulling his hand to her face, she stuck his middle finger in her mouth. She sucked on it like a small cock for a few seconds while Jack watched awestruck, then dragging his hand down her chest to her soaking wet cunt. She covered his hand with hers and gently pressed down, rubbing the wet digit on her clitoris. Jack let out a long moan, and shivered twice as a large wet spot suddenly and rapidly spread across his crotch. He immediately yanked his hand away and tried to cover himself, blushing madly.

Staci immediately sat down next to him on the bed and put an arm around him. "Oh my god, are you a virgin," she asked as he shivered uncontrollably.

"Yes... , " Jack mumbled incoherently.

Staci hugged his head to her bare chest, "I'm sorry sweetie it never crossed my mind that you would be... inexperienced with a woman at your age. I would have taken things a little slower." She gently rocked him for a few minutes while he calmed down and caught his breath. After he recovered, Staci pulled his face up to hers and kissed him very gently on the lips. A moment later Jack responded and they began to kiss more passionately. Staci gently tugged on his tee shirt and then pulled it off. Pushing him back on the bed, she lay on top of him, pressing her hard nipples into his chest.

"Those pants need to go into the wash, so get them off," Staci smirked as she broke the kiss. Jack blushed again and fumbled with the button and zipper. As he got them undone, Staci grabbed at his hips and yanked the shorts off, taking his boxers with them. With the constriction gone, Jack's rapidly recovering cock slapped against his stomach. Staci paused for a moment as she stared at Jack's equipment. He wasn't particularly long - about six inches - but he was about three and a half to four inches thick. She licked her lips, blew Jack a kiss, and slipped out of the room. She came back momentarily with her hands behind her back.

"Tell me Jack, have you ever gotten a blow job from a girl before?"

"Ummm yes sort of, once when I was 18."

Staci's eyes flashed with desire, "Good close your eyes and enjoy what I'm going to do." Jack shut his eyes and immediately tensed up. "Relax baby, I won't bite unless you ask me nicely." A little tension flowed out of his legs as Staci knelt on the bed next to him. Quickly stuffing the ice cubes in her mouth, Staci leaned over and slid her tongue along the underside of Jack's cock. He let forth a slight groan and twitched as she did it a second time. Reaching around, Staci took his large balls in her hand and gently squeezed them as she took the head of his cock between her lips. Jack moaned louder and his hips bucked up forcefully. Staci pulled back as he did so to keep from choking, and slid her other hand around his shaft. Slowly she started sucking.

Jack chanced a peek down at Staci as he felt her lips slide over the head. It felt wonderful, but he was sure he wouldn't last. Laying back, he started reciting times tables to take his mind off what Staci was doing to him. He'd often heard his friends talk about how good oral pleasure was, but Jack had never realized how intense a good blowjob could feel. The girl when he was 18 had just stuck it in her mouth briefly to lubricate it, then jacked him off. Jack groaned again and tried to tell Staci he was going to cum.

Staci, realizing that Jack was ready to go off again, slowed her sucking and squeezed really hard at the base of his penis. Jack felt the need to explode fade quickly. A few moments later, Staci resumed sucking.

Needing something to do with his hands, Jack reached down and ran his fingers through Staci's blonde locks. Staci let him do that for a few minutes then sliding up on the bed to his right, reached over and moved his hand back to her tits. As Jack groped her chest, Staci decided to finish him off. Removing her hand from his shaft and commenced deep throating him. As predicted, Jack soon came hard down her throat. Staci continued sucking until he went soft. Pulling her lips off with a smack, Staci lightly kissed his belly then asked, "Enjoy that did you?"

" Oh gawd yes, that was incredible."

"Good, now it's my turn."

Jack looked a little confused as she knee walked up to his head. Staci said, "This is easy just stick your tongue out and lick. Be sure to use lots of spit and keep your tongue really wet." And proceeded to lower herself onto his mouth. She reached up to pull and pinch her nipples as she rocked on his inexpert tongue. Later she'd teach him to eat pussy properly, but now she just wanted to get off and rubbing her clit against his nose and mouth would do the trick. A few minutes later, Staci screamed her release as she flooded Jack's mouth with her juices. Rolling off, Staci leaned over and kissed him passionately.

"Thank you sweetie, that was wonderful."

Jack lay stunned on the bed. Then he looked down and realized that he was hard again, and Staci was gently rubbing him. "Are you ready for round two," she asked.

"I think so. What's round two?"

"First I cover your beautiful cock with a rubber, then I fuck your brains out," Staci said with a large grin on her face. She reached into her bedside table and extracted a plastic-covered package. With an impish grin, Staci crawled down to Jack hard rod, and ripped opened the package. Placing the condom in her mouth, Staci proceeded to roll it over Jack's prick. Once she got it on snug with a nice tip at the top, Staci swung her leg over Jack's hips. Pausing with his cock at the entrance to her sopping pussy, Staci smiled, "Here it goes virgin boy, any last requests?" Without waiting for his response, she slammed him down on him, burying his cock inside her. Jack groaned and froze trying to keep from cumming. Staci grinned as she watched Jack screw up his face as he tried to avoid climaxing. She didn't move, knowing that if he got past this, she could probably get herself off twice before bringing him back to this peak.

Jack managed to control himself, and reopened his eyes to see Staci smiling down at him. Seeing that he had regained control, Staci started to rhythmically rise and fall on his cock. Jack moaned then reached for her nipples. Staci covered his hands with hers and they both started squeezing, while Staci continued her corkscrewing motion atop Jack's cock. In all too short a time, Staci felt herself getting ready to pop. Yanking Jack's right hand off her left breast, she shoved it between her legs to rub her clit. It only took a few rubs and she came hard.

"Ooooh Jack," she screamed as she rode out her orgasm. Jack for his part stared incredulous as Staci began riding him harder while she quivered and covered his groin with fluid. As she came down, Staci slid Jack's hand out from her clit and proceded to lick it clean. "Ummmm I love how I taste, don't you Jack," she kissed him quickly, shoving her cum covered tongue between his lips without letting him respond. Jack sucked at her tongue like it was his last meal. She did taste good, slightly sour with a hint of salt. It was an intriguing taste. Staci continued to ride him for a good fifteen minutes.

"I want you... to... come... with... me... This time," she wheezed. With that she reached back and started squeezing Jack's overfull testicles. Jack let forth a howl, grabbed her ass trying to bury himself completely in her wet pussy and started to cum hard. Not knowing how close Staci was, he reached around to tweak her clit. That turned out to be all she needed, and Staci screamed her release with him, collapsing onto his chest.

They lay that way on the bed for about half an hour before Staci propped herself up on Jack's chest.

"So did you enjoy losing your virginity Jack," Staci queried with that impish grin of hers.

"Oh yeah, you were incredible. I don't know what to say, that was better than I thought."

"Good, lets take a shower and clean each other up," said Staci as she pulled him to the bathroom. The shower lasted a long time. Staci's tits and pussy were obviously very dirty as Jack spent a long time soaping them. Meanwhile, Staci soaped and stroked his cock until he was rock hard once more. Once they got out of the shower, they slowly dried each other with big fluffy towels. Try as he might, Jack just couldn't seem to get Staci dry between her legs, so he finally resorted to using his tongue to lick up the moisture. Staci groaned with pleasure as Jack's tongue wormed its way into her overheating pussy. "Yeah that's it suck my pussy. Yeah more right... there yes there. Oh goddd... Jaaaack."

Jack pulled back to ask Staci if she wanted his fingers inside with his tongue as she suddenly came, squirting fluid all over his face. Staci's breathing slowly returned to normal and she looked down to see Jack's stunned expression on his dripping wet face, staring at her crotch. She giggled which broke his concentration and caused him to look up at her.

"Sorry I should have warned you. I have a tendency to squirt when I get off really hard. You're the first man who's had that effect on me. Don't worry, it's not pee and it shouldn't taste any worse than anything else you've had today." Kneeling down, Staci began to gently wipe his face clean, as Jack continued to stare at her in wonder.

Once she had him cleaned up, Staci stood and offered Jack her hand. He stood up next to her and she pulled him back towards the bedroom by his recovered cock. "I have more to teach you, and next is my favorite position, doggy style."

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