Wanting to Be Fucked - And Getting It
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Larry and Lana have been married for about 6 years but their marriage needs something more to keep it exciting and vibrant sexually. Larry and Lana have a plan. They're looking for someone to fuck Lana like she's always fantasized about getting fucked.

Lana and her husband of 6 years, Larry, had enjoyed an energetic sex life even before they were married. Larry could never forget the date when he and Lana went back to her dorm room (her roommate being gone) and slid naked into her bed after quickly dropping their clothes on the floor nearby. Lana was a trim attractive petite girl of 20 from Asian descent and while her facial features were distinctively Oriental and beautiful, her figure was more curvy and her breasts larger than most Oriental women had.

Larry had found Lana to be very hot in bed but after their nearly six years of married life, they'd sensed that the heat and passion of their early fucking had begun to lose its excitement.

One evening Lana confided to Larry that she often fantasized about having an affair with another man. Lana told Larry in exotic details how sometimes when he was fucking her, she fantasized that a big well-built and well-hung college or professional athlete had his big thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she strained to fuck him back. Lana admitted that the idea of having another hot sexy man fuck her helped her reach orgasm and that she'd like to explore her fantasy for real.

Within only a few days, Lana and Larry thought they'd found the right candiate for a threesome sex session with Lana. He was a former college football player who was going to be in their area on a business trip. That night when Larry made the arrangements for Bill to join them, he and Lana enjoyed one of their hottest fuck sessions in several months.

Larry could sense that his lovely wife Lana was very nervous on the scheduled day for Bill's arrival and he could also tell that she was somewhat unsure about going through with their plans when the Saturday night arrived. He and Lana had gone shopping and eaten lunch out that day to keep their minds off the evening's plans.

At 4:00 P.M. before Bill was scheduled to show up at 6:00, Lana took a long hot shower and then fixed her hair and dressed for their scheduled date of the evening. Larry loved how sexy Lana looked in the cotton top and nicely fitting pants she'd picked out. He knew her sexy breasts were a decent sized B-cup but they looked so hot, rounded and full in the demi-bra she'd put on that he almost wanted to fuck her himself before Bill arrived.

The doorbell rang and when Larry opened the door, he liked what he saw instantly. Bill was about 6'6" tall, well built and obviously in good physical shape. Larry also loved the nice thick lump he could see in Bill's crotch and he knew that was just the promise of the sexy big cock that he knew Bill claimed he was gifted with. When Lary shook Bill's hand and invited him into their home, he could instantly tell that Bill was very excited by seeing his attractive wife, Lana. She stood next to Larry and also shook Bill's hand rather formally as they tried to break the ice and get this sexual relationship off to a good start.

Lana had fixed some light snacks and sandwiches for them to eat since she didn't want to fill her stomach too much before their planned evening of sex. The three of them sat in their family room sharing casual conversation, sipping soft drinks, and eating before Bill finally took the "bull by the horns".

"You guys told me that you had a fantasy that you wanted to live out to have Lana get fucked by a former athlete. Right?"

Larry and Lana both silently shook their heads in acknowledgement and then Bill continued: "I'm ready for us to give that a try if the two of you are ready," Bill said as he leaned forward towards where Lana was sitting across from him.

Lana sat there for a moment almost wanting to tell Bill that she really didn't want to go through with their planned tryst. Her stomach felt like it was tied up in knots and yet she also felt her pussy growing wetter as she'd sat there looking at Bill's large muscular build and his firm muscles.

Larry looked over into Lana's eyes, seeing her nervousness but also remembering how much she'd said she wanted to do this. Turning to Bill, he said, "I think Lana and I are ready to try this too."

"I'll take it from here then, Larry," Bill said as he moved over to the couch where Lana was sitting, waiting for her fantasy man to sweep her off her feet and take her to the bedroom to fuck her into oblivion.

Before he made another move, Bill spelled out some basic ground rules he felt they needed to abide by for their seduction of Lana. He said he'd take care of getting Lana ready for her fuck and when he went into the bedroom where he would take Lana, he wanted Larry to give them at least 20 minutes before he joined them. He was OK with having Larry watch at that point or to join in fucking Lana or whatever he wanted to do. He just needed at least 20 minutes alone with Lana before Larry made it a threesome event.

Larry and Lana both nodded their heads in understanding and then Bill moved next to Lana and took her in his arms. He could sense that she was very nervous and he pretty well knew she'd never done anything like this before, even if she had imagined it in her sexual fantasies over and over again. Bill thought Lana was very sexy, her pretty Oriental face framed by her light brown hair, her shapely sexy breasts filling out her top nicely and he was more than eager to get Lana naked and see how sexy her body is when she was wearing nothing at all. Bill pulled Lana's face to his, his lips touching hers in a soft gentle kiss. He held her there securely in his arms as he felt her tenseness and nervousness begin to dissolve gradually and when he thought he could go further without scaring Lana or having her jump up and run away, he closed his firm muscular hand over the roundedness of her right breast, whispering in her ear that he thought she was very pretty and he loved the feel of her firm rounded breast in his hand.

Bill knew his cock was growing hard and thick inside his pants but he was determined to take Lana in his foreplay to the point where she would be able to get up with him and walk into the bedroom to the fuck she knew was waiting for her there on firm steady legs, powered by her overwhelming desire to have this sexy man make love to her. Bill grew more insistent in his kisses and his caresses of Lana and then he was able to pull her top off over her head and he was also able to get her pants unfastened and down off her legs. That left Lana in only her sexy demi-bra she'd put on to display her tits to their sexy best and the skimpy pair of bikini panties that she'd bought just that afternoon in the lingerie store she'd been shopping at.

Gradually Bill felt Lana's nipples grow hard in the cups of her bra, and when he slipped his hand down inside her panties and found that her dark furred pussy was growing very wet and slippery, he stood up in front of Lana, undid his own pants and pulled them off before he took her firmly by the hand and the two of them disappeared down the hall into Larry and Lana's bedroom. Showing Lana in first, Billl closed the door securely behind them, and then he placed Lana on her back on the bed, knowing that Larry now had to give them at least 20 minutes of total privacy before he could open the bedroom door and join them in their playtime.

During those 20 minutes, Bill kissed Lana's sexy full lips some more and then he removed both her bra and her panties, allowing him to spread her legs and get down between them where he was able to see the dark-furred hair of her pussy and her wet engorged pussy lips just waiting for him to spread them as he fucked her. So far in their sexual encounter, Lana had been fairly quiet and fairly constrained in her taking any initiative with Bill. She was normally that way and her husband Larry knew that when he got Lana turned on and then began to fuck her, Lana turned into a completely different and very sexually active woman.

When Bill began to lick and suck on Lana's sensitive clit and her amply wet cunt lips, he began to hear moans of lust and passion coming from Lana's lips that he hadn't heard before. He realized he was halfway home with this sexy young woman now and he could feel his hard cock throbbing hard and hotly between his legs. When Bill decided that Larry would probably be coming into the room in just a few minutes, Larry stood by the bed, removed his boxers and then moved up onto the bed, positioning himself on his hands and knees on top of Lana's prone body. Lana looked vulnerable and frail there in front of him, naked, her breasts heaving hard from lusty desire, and her cunt lips swollen with arousal so that they were very obvious and gave him an excellent target to aim his cock into.

Bill's large muscular body with his big hard 8 inch cock and large balls dangling underneath it looked like a sexual god looming over Lana's smaller female frame. He slipped close to her nakedly waiting body and then positioned his hard throbbing cockhead at the mouth of Lana's horny young cunt. Waiting only a split second before moving further, Bill then bucked his hips forward, wanting Lana to know that he was firmly in control of their coupling and his cock firmly slid inside Lana's cunt inch by hard inch.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhh," Lana moaned as she felt her pussy filled and invaded by Bill's huge cock. She'd been fucked with big dicks before but Lana was pretty sure that Bill was the biggest man's cock she'd ever taken inside her. She loved the feel of being filled with every inch of the large tool he was sliding inside her.

Bill leaned over and tweaked Lana's hard erect nipples with his tongue and then he began to powerfully drive his full hardness in and out of Lana's hotly spread cunt lips. Just as he began to really drive his cock in and out of Lana's young body, he heard the door open quietly behind them as Larry slipped into the room. Bill didn't even acknowledge that Lana's husband was now there with them. He'd been asked to come and fuck Lana and he would do the task with or without her husband looking on as he gave Lana a hot fuck like she'd never forget.

Lana became a hot lusty sex kitten underneath Bill's fucking motions as she threw herself into this hot fuck with a total stranger. This was what she'd always fantasized about and it was every bit as erotic and sensual as she'd ever thought and imagined it would be. Within five minutes of having Bill's large dick fucking her, Lana felt her first orgasm explode in her loins and then as Bill continued to piston his body back and forth, fucking and fucking Lana, she felt herself taken to a second and a third and then even a fourth orgasm from having her pussy so well fucked.

Larry couldn't believe what a powerful fuck machine Bill seemed to be as he pounded his big thick manmeat deep in and out of Lana's tight clasping pussy. He stood there naked himself, his cock jutting up hard from his groin and Larry couldn't resist the need to stroke his own meat as he watched Lana being pounded sexually by her strong muscular lover.

As Lana felt her fifth orgasm crashing over her body, Bill moaned like a maddened bull and he suddenly threw his hips fast and hard back and forth into Lana's cunt, his own orgasm erupting from his balls as he poured spurt after spurt of thick semen deep inside the horny young wife's waiting pussy.

When Bill had finally stopped cumming, Bill kissed Lana on the lips, then pulled his momentarily satiated cock from her wet hot pussy and went into the nearby bathroom to shower while Larry joined Lana on the bed, and slipped his cunt-hungry cock inside his wife pussy to get her sloppy seconds. Larry could feel the hot thick semen from Bill's ejaculation waiting there inside Lana's pussy as he began to pump his cock quickly in and out of Lana's cunt, wanting to blow his own cum load fully inside his wife's waiting pussy.

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