Phantom's Day
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Rape, Magic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, FemaleDom, Pregnancy, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After we destroyed the earth we left. We headed out into space looking for a new home. We settled in and started to kill this planet as well. After 80 years of wars we came to our senses and tried to make amends for our actions. A nearly indistructable force is slowly taking over what little is left of New Earth. No one knows where they come from or what they want, other than to eat us. Eve is a young Assassign fighting her way through life and she is presented with an opertunity of a lifetime. Finding love and fighting evil... what every girl dreams of.

The room is dark and the only light is coming from the open door at the end of the corridor at the left. She pulls down the goggles on her head and scans the room. As she does she sees six assassins sitting in various locations in the room. She also notices what the assassins did not. There were a dozen or so phantoms hovering near the roof. "I know you are all here to try and kill me..." she reached back into her pack and pulled a flare, lit it and held it above her head. "However you may want to look up, there are much bigger fish to fry than me." With her goggles back on top of her head and light from the flare she could see all six looking up. They were all men, she always hoped there would be another female assassin around, but she has never found one. Her eyes went back to the roof and saw the phantoms starting to spread. They were beginning their attack.

She pulled her sword and backed until she felt the wall behind her. The phantoms had moved down to the center of the room, they were analyzing their prey. She saw all the other assassins moving to clear areas and most were moving closer to her. The only one that was not moving toward her was the smallest of the group. He still had his mask on and seemed to be looking directly at her. His watching her made her nervous plus it made the hair on her neck stand.

The flare died and she pulled the goggles back down. When she looked across from her she didn't see the small one anymore, she scanned the room and still could not find him. A hand was on her shoulder, when she looked it was the small one she had been looking for. This one moved very fast if he was able to go from one side of the room to the other in the time it took her to lower her goggles. He pointed toward the other side and she saw one of the phantoms already had a victim. The victim was still struggling, his hand was grabbing for a gun and it was just out of his reach.

"Alric shoot that fucking thing now!" The smallest assassin was a woman that was why it was smaller than all the others. The phantoms grip was tight around his neck and it was clearly moving in for the kill, it looked hungry, and he did look like the biggest of the group. "Alric that was an order..." Everyone was now fighting their own phantoms except for her; she was watching the one called Alric and waiting for him to signal that he needed help.

Her sign came when he passed out. She ran toward the phantom and sliced the hand that was holding Alric. The phantom shrieked and swung at her head. She pulled Alric to the side of the room and went back to the phantom. All the other fighters had guns and were soon done killing the phantoms that had chosen them for a meal. She on the other hand only had her sword and used her skills to kill all her phantoms. The phantom swung at her and she leapt, she needed a clear shot to its heart. She moved back and forth dodging and blocking attacks. Her shot finally came and she lunged at the phantom. The blade found it's target and the phantom hit the ground with a dull thud.

She wiped the sweat from her brow and looked at the group of assigns now standing together watching her. "Ok, shall we begin then?" she looked to the small one with her blade lifted in an attack stance. "We are not here to fight or kill you." The small one advanced with her hand out "my name is Reanna, and we are here to recruit you." She looked at Reanna and shook her hand, when she did her psychic ability kicked in and she read the woman's mind, she was being honest, they were here as friends.

"I'm Elana." She smiled and let go of the woman's hand. "We should get out of here sir" one of the men looked to Reanna and spoke again "the sensors are working again and there is a large group of them coming in and coming in hot." Reanna nodded to him and looked to Alric. "I'll get him." Elana looked at the still unconscious Alric and grinned. "He'll be no trouble." Reanna and the rest of the men shook their heads and tried to protest. "No, I will get him, it's no big thing." She walked over put his two arms around her shoulders, tied his hands together and ran for the open corridor.

Once outside Elana uncloaked her hover-cycle and hoped on. "Wait, you still have Alric" Reanna ran after them. "So take off for your base and I'll follow you" Elana could see the non-trust and took Reanna's hand. She wove her fingers into Reanna's and held her there "I swear to you he will be alive and we will land shortly after you." Reanna nodded then sprinted for her ship. Elana took off before the transport ship Reanna and her men were in, she knew if she didn't raise her shield before the cloud of smoke overwhelmed them she would have dust floating around all the way there. The transport rose and headed toward the west into the now rising moons.

The base Elana saw ahead was not attached to the planet. It was a hovering military outpost in space. She had heard about places like these. This was one of the secret bases that the military denies knowing about. They were about 600 kilometers out when Alric awoke. "Where are we and who the..." he saw the base and recognized her. "How did I end up here?" he untied his hands and wrapped his arms around her middle to keep from falling off. "I killed the phantom before it could eat you and loaded you up. And be careful where you put those hands." she gave him a warning look over her shoulder and he moved his hands to her sides.

They landed on the platform a few moments after the carrier and were greeted with guns being pointed at them. "At ease men, she is with us" Reanna shoved some of the men aside and put her hand out for Elana to take. "Welcome to the U.F.S.B. Socrates" Reanna removed her helmet and facemask Elana was a little surprised by the beauty that the young woman possessed. Elana wasn't expecting something so beautiful to crawl out of such a uniform. "If you'll follow me I can show you a place to freshen up before you meet with our top brass."

"Umm... I only see one stall." Elana looked slightly worried as Reanna was undressing. "Well you make two," Reanna smiled and started to unbutton Elana's jacket "I'm the only other female on board, hope you don't mind showering with me." Elana took Reanna's hand away from her jacket and her expression went from worry to pain. "I don't have any problems with it," she re-buttoned what had been undone and looked at the floor "You might, I'm gay and have many scars, so I'm not very attractive." Reanna pulled Elana's face to look into her own and smiled "I'm gay too, how do you think I've survived so long?" She began to unbutton the jacket again "and any scars you have merely give you stories to tell, they don't detract from who you are." Reanna kissed Elana on the forehead and grinned. Elana hugged her and pulled off the rest of her clothes.

After the long stories about the scars and the tattoos the ladies were dressed and standing in front of the 'Top Brass'. "I understand you rescued one of our men today..." one of the older ones was looking down on Elana "twice if I heard correctly." He looked to where Alric was standing. "Yes sir twice," he stepped forward and shook Elana's hand "I owe this young lady quiet a lot sir." Elana shook her head "No you owe me nothing Alric," Elana looked up to the old man "I simply helped someone who needed help." Alric stepped back and one of the younger men sitting next to the older one spoke. "Elana, we know your history with the military," he looked down at her with an expression of compassion, "however we want to change that and we need your help."

"These are a new breed of phantom..." the stout man was named Klieg and he was the advisor to the empress. He was explaining why she was needed to everyone. The team she had found out was named A.R.E.S., Air, Recovery, Extraction, Seals. "They are mutated by the left over radiation in the ancient war zones." He looked to the floor; he was partially to blame for the mutation. "We were hoping it would kill them, when in reality it has made them stronger than we can handle." He looked to older man of the brass members his name was Horace. "Correct, now we need your skills to defeat them." His hand was resting on her shoulder. She moved away from him and placed her hand on her sword, "don't touch me please," she looked at him then to the other brass members "But why me? You have this amazing force behind me." Reanna stepped forward and spoke before anyone else could. "Because we can't kill them," she looked into Elana's eyes "but you can, we found a vid of you killing one and we started looking for you."

"These are our quarters," Reanna looked nervous now "hope you can deal with only one bed." Elana looked around the room then gave Reanna a questioning look. "This looks like more than a mere soldier's bunk." Reanna blushed a little then smiled "I'm not a mere soldier," she moved toward Elana "I'm the empress." Elana was on one keen with her face to the floor before she realized it. "Damn it get up now." Reanna stood above her, grabbed her by the shoulder and made her stand eye level with her. "Don't pull any of that crap with me," she pulled Elana's face to look into her own "you and I are the same and we both know it." With that she threw Elana on the bed and went to the panel on the far wall. "Odin, I need Fadin down here to draw up a new uniform and send down Tolin while you're at it." She grinned to Elana who was still in shock. "These two are going to clean you up and clear up some of those scars you hate so much."

"My lady why are you doing this?" Elana was on her stomach and Tolin was using a laser to remove the scar tissue of some rather ugly scars. "Because you hate them plus you are going to train all of us and I can't have you hating your body." She put a grape in Elana's mouth with a grin. "Did you know your name means stunning in my native tongue?" Elana winced as the laser wondered over her flesh; here eyes were transfixed on the empress. She was stunning, beautiful and intelligent. 'Bet it drives the guys nuts that she won't have one of them' her thoughts were best kept to herself she decided. "Yes, I know." Her face went from a grin to a heartbroken and painful one "my mother was from your tribe, she died shortly after I was born." Elana wanted to hold the visibly hurt empress, but she was held back by the laser, she also knew it would be wrong for her to do so.

They were up late swapping stories about this war and that mission. "So what is the name of your bike?" Reanna pushed a bowl of grapes toward her. "What makes you think it has a name?" Elana gave a glance out of the corner of her eye. "Because you seem to love it and if you love something so dearly you name it." Reanna grinned as she popped a grape into her mouth. "Rosie" Elana continued to eat her grapes and moved her foot to the beat of the techno that was playing. "Rosie, that's pretty." Elana threw a grape at the pillow Reanna now held up as a shield. "Pretty?" Elana looked at the pillow, "Pretty?! She's beautiful, but like all beautiful things she has her thorns" she ended her comment by throwing another grape at Reanna after she came out from her weak defenses.

"Are you going to be able to sleep here?" Reanna sunk down into her blankets "being next to me that is." Elana was a little uncomfortable, but it wasn't too bad. "I think so," she slid down in the bed about a foot away from Reanna "if I feel too weird I'll sleep on the couch." Reanna made a little pouty face then smiled, "It's up to you, and you are more than welcome here." They turned in opposite directions and drifted off to sleep. Elana woke up because she was too hot; when she tried to roll over she found she could not because Reanna's arm was draped over her. 'Ok, this is too much, I can't do this.' She got up and curled up on the couch.

"Felt too weird last night huh?" Reanna was getting dressed while Elana was eating the breakfast that had been brought in facing the other direction. "Would you hand me some of that fruit?" she was pulling her pants up still sitting on the bed. Elana picked some of it up, walked backwards as to avoid looking at the still topless empress. "What's wrong?" Reanna took the fruit along with Elana's hand and forced Elana to look at her. "It isn't right for me to look at you while you're... umm... nude." She blushed then looked back to the table of food. "You've seen me naked before," Reanna ate as she buttoned her uniform jacket "why is it different now?" Her eyes still on the food Elana walked back to the couch and sat "Because now I know you're the empress," she laced up her boots then took an apple and began to eat "it would be disrespectful." Reanna stopped her buttoning and stared at the back of Elana's head. "Why do you say that?" she walked to the couch and plopped onto it directly next to Elana. "Because you are a wonderful young lady and to watch an empress undress and walk around naked shows no respect for your stature or you in general."

"Alright, here we go." Reanna was looking over the room full of her soldiers "This is your instructor Elana Angel. Treat her with the same respect you show me or you'll hurt, trust me." She stepped down and moved aside so Elana could stand on the step in front of them all. "I'm going to give you all an assignment before I teach you anything..." she looked over the crowd then held up her sword "All of you must find a sword you can fight with. You don't want it too heavy or too light." As all the men filed out they each held her sword to decide if one of that weight was too light for them.

"I can't believe such a little girl carries such a heavy sword." Odin, who was the empress's youngest brother, was bathing before the transport left. "She is much stronger than she looks." She had saved Alric he knew her strength. "You all need to show her more respect than you do. She is quiet the young lady. She saved my life; one day she might do the same for you. You don't want to make an enemy of her." He wrapped a towel around himself and wondered out to get dressed. "She can't be all bad guys," Argus, Alric's older twin brother chimed in "she is helping us and she saved him without even knowing who he was. She thought he was an assassin sent to kill her and she saved him." He hit Alric on the back the way males do when talking about them. "The transport to Crystal View will be leaving in 5 minutes, I repeat 5 minutes." The computer's lifeless voice informed the crew. "Come on guys, they are going to leave without us." Alric pulled on his boots and sprinted for the door. The rest of the men pulled on their pants then grabbed the rest of their clothes, it was a very long walk to the transport bay, and they would have to run to make it in time.

"Didn't think you boys were going to make it." Reanna grinned at the panting men. "And you even cleaned up; too bad you aren't going to be getting any huh?" Elana looked at Reanna with a questioning look. "They cleaned up thinking they would be allowed free time to get laid," she grinned again "They were mistaken." Elana looked over to the men; they all had a forlorned look on their face. "You boys should not have worn your uniforms," she looked out the window, they were almost there "where we are going uniforms will get you killed." Reanna pointed to the back of the transport where there were piles of clothes for each of the men. "Change," she looked to the pilot, he nodded to her "And make it fast, were nearly there." Elana blushed when the men stripped down and started to change into the clothes. "What's wrong?" Reanna watched Elana's face go from a light pink to a deep red. "Never... never mind." She looked to the pilot then walked up behind him "soon they are going to ask you for your landing code. Just let me talk to them."

"Landing authorization code?" the woman on the other end of the line sounded irritated. "Hey is this Serine?" Elana knew this lady, 'this will be easier than I thought.' "Yes this is she. Is that Elana?" the voice was slightly happier. "Yes it is. How are you girl?" they went way back, old friends and old lovers. "I'm ok. What are you in? It's a hell of a lot bigger than your bike." The voice was stern again. "I got a group of buddies and we stole a military transport. We were hoping to do some partying." She pointed at Reanna and she started yelling and made a motion for the men to start making lots of noise. "Sounds like a blast. Your code still 402698?" the voice was much nicer now. "Yep, it sure is. I don't think we'll be here more than a few hours." Elana grinned and handed the microphone back to the pilot then sat down next to Reanna. All the men stopped yelling and continued to dress themselves.

"So why did you blush earlier?" the two women were walking off the transport next to each other. As she asked the question Reanna slipped her arm under Elana's to keep her where she could pester her. "I've never seen so many males nude before, kind of odd." She blushed slightly then grabbed Reanna's hand. "Pretend to be my lover or she'll ask questions." Reanna gave a questioning look gripping Elana's hand. "She is my ex and if she thinks we are together she won't hassle us." Right as 'us' came out of her mouth a short skinny woman appeared in the airlock in front of them. "Hey!" her expression went from joy to jealousy "oh, sorry. Hope you all have a great time." She turned and walked away.

"Here's the deal," all of them were sitting around a table in a bar, none were allowed to drink any alcohol, all were looking at Elana. "This place is very bad. Don't tell anyone who you are. Who you work for, why you are here or that you came from a military base. They will kill you." She drank the rest of her Alice then rose from the table and nodded to the man behind the bar. He looked slightly worried until she nodded. "I advise you travel in twos or threes" she looked around the table then sat back down. "Or would you all rather travel with me?" All shook their heads in agreement. "Alright, but don't crowd around me. The people here are very paranoid." Reanna took her hand, "am I allowed to crowd you?" she grinned evilly as Elana nodded.

"Where are we going sir?" Alric was close on Elana's heals. 'You get any closer I'm going to hit you.' Elana walked a little faster but he kept the same pace he was starting to bother her. "I don't know you'll have to ask her." Reanna was looking around at all the people and the city itself. 'These people are in poverty and are suffering.' She looked around as tears started to well up in her eyes. 'These people need help, why are they refusing our help?' "Your highness..." Elana was looking directly at her "what's wrong?" Reanna looked to the group; they were all looking at her "nothing, I just can not believe the condition of this place. Why won't they let us help them?" Elana pulled the black hair out of Reanna's face and tucked it behind her ear. "Because your father exiled them here and they do not trust you."

Inside the sword shop the men fanned out and started to look at all the different swords. "May I..." the shop owner stopped when he saw Elana. "Elana Marie Angel!" the man jumped over the counter, wrapped his arms around her rear and lifted her into the air. All the men pointed their guns at the man holding her. He let go of her then hid behind her. "Who is he?" Reanna was the only one who still had a gun on him; her gun was pointed at the back of his head. "He is my father. Please don't kill him I love him dearly. And I haven't seen him for nearly 7 years." Elana grabbed Reanna's gun and moved it away from her father's head. "We are sorry sir," Reanna held her hand out for him to shake which he did. "It's alright; glad to see someone is looking out for her." He looked at Elana with pride "The name's Olaf, so what can I do for all of you?" Elana took over and told her father of the mutation and the military recruiting her and now they all needed swords because the bullets didn't work. "Ok Hun. How many did you need?" he pulled out a writing pad and started to make an order. "What do you think Rea?" Elana looked over and discovered Reanna had found her own sword. It was modeled after an ancient katana, it was curved and a slight design was engraved on the blade. "Oh I'm sorry. Well, with us there are 24. The rest of the field is about 50." Olaf's jaw dropped. "You want 74 swords?" he looked nervous "All individualized?" Elana laughed a little, "No way dad, I wouldn't have brought them in here if that was the case." She hugged her father and her green eyes sparkled like emeralds.

"Hair: Red. Eyes: Green. Height: 5'11". Weight: 160 lbs. Sex: Female. Donor: Yes. Voter: Yes. Age: 20. Birth Date: October 31, 2516. Identification Number: 102-869-4321." She laughed when Elana snatched her newly made I.D. out of her hand. "Don't read that. It's not yours." She stuck her tongue out at Reanna as they continued to walk down the hall to their quarters. "You read mine," she gave an evil grin, Reanna held up her I.D. and Elana started reading it. "Hair: Black. Eyes: Blue. Height: 5'5". Weight: 135 lbs. Sex: Female. Donor: Yes. Voter: No. Age: 22. Birth Date: April 21, 2514. Identification Number: 100-000-0001." She was slightly confused "You have an odd I.D. number. And they don't let you vote because you are the empress." Reanna nodded in agreement. "My I.D. is the first one to be assigned, and I have the same number as my father had. It's the curse of being the empress."

"What is that?" Elana was staring at the bed, there was a dress lying out on the bed. "It's a dress," Reanna shoved her into the room and closed the door behind herself. "For you to wear to the ball tonight." She ducked thinking something would be thrown at her. "Why do I have to go?" Elana picked up the dress and looked it over. It was a nice dress. 'It would look better on Rea. Whoa, where did that come from?' she shook her head attempting to remove the thought from her head. "Because I don't want to go by myself." Reanna touched Elana's hand "all the men are going there will only be a handful of women. Plus you are a very good friend; I want you around to joke with." Elana saw the pleading in Reanna's eyes and consented to go.

"You look very nice Elana." Reanna knew she was uncomfortable "I promise we won't stay long." Elana wasn't really listening. 'She looks really good in that dress. Wait. Stop that. She is your commanding officer, you can't fall for her.' "We can stay as long as you want," she saw disbelief on Reanna's face "I mean it, I'll be fine." The doors opened to expose the entire hall. Elana's expression went form one of unwilling consent to terror. The hall was huge and was filled with people. "Oh my god, you have to be kidding." Elana was white as a ghost. "What's wrong Elana?" Reanna took her hand and jerked her up to the throne. "I'm not comfortable around large groups of people." She put her hand on her forehead slowly trying to regain her breathing. "I'll be fine, let's have fun."

Over the next 6 months Elana taught all the men how to take care of their swords. She taught them how to fight correctly. She taught them how to cause the most damage with using the least amount of energy. She taught everyday for 8 hours straight. Reanna was taught along with the men, she was treated no different. At night the two of them would stay up and tell stories or just watch a movie. Soon Reanna realized she had fallen for the young woman. Elana had gotten comfortable sleeping in the same bed so they slept. Most nights Reanna would stay up and watch Elana as she slept. She would move the short curls of hair out of Elana's face and hold her when she was having a nightmare. One night she was unable to sleep when she opened her eyes she saw Elana looking at her.

"What's wrong?" Reanna sat up rubbing her eyes, which were burning "what's happening?" Elana smiled and touched the side of her face. "Nothing is wrong. I just couldn't sleep. Are you doing ok?" Reanna knew better, 'you could sleep through a gun battle. Something's up.' "I'm fine. What ar..." she didn't have time to finish her question. Elana's lips were on hers. Out of nowhere Elana had kissed her. Elana drew away "I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking." Reanna put her finger on the other side of Elana's face and drew Elana's eyes to hers. "Did I say I did not enjoy that?" she smiled warmly then turned and snuggled into Elana. She wrapped her arms around the woman and settled down to sleep.

"Elana?" Reanna rolled over and Elana was gone. "Yes?" she appeared from the hallway carrying some food. "What's this?" Reanna looked over the tray Elana had brought. "I figured we should discuss what happened last night and get it out of our system... So it doesn't happen again." Reanna looked hurt and confused. "Why shouldn't it happen again?" she held Elana's hand in her own. "Because you are an empress and after I teach your men I'm going to leave." Elana took her hand from Reanna's and sat on the end of the bed facing away from her. Reanna put her arm around Elana's shoulders and rested her head on her other shoulder. "I don't want you to leave," she whispered into Elana's ear. "I want you to stay as my personal bodyguard." She hugged Elana then went on "I was going to surprise you on your birthday." Elana looked at her from the corner of her eye. "Are you serious?" she turned to look at her. "Yes." Reanna leaned in and kissed her "I want you around I love your company. Plus you know me better than anyone."

"I commend you and your actions." Reanna was speaking to a group of new recruits who had just finished their training and their first mission. "I happily induct you to the A.R.E.S. program." Elana stood by her comrades who were the elite members of A.R.E.S. "Now I am going to announce who my new personal bodyguard will be." She looked to the rather old man standing by her side. He moved forward and lowered his head. "You have served my family well, I will not forget you." She hugged him then turned to the elites. "One of you has proven yourself to be a fine warrior and true ally." All the men looked to Alric. They all thought she was talking about him. He had rescued her many times. He had fallen in love with her many years ago. 'One day soon I will ask for her hand.' He puffed out his chest trying to look impressive. "Elana," Reanna smiled then took her sword from its sheath. "Please come here." Elana did as she was ordered and knelt before the empress. "I dub thee," Reanna's smile was from ear to ear "Lady Elana, personal guard of the royal family."

"This is bullshit!" Alric threw his uniform jacket across the room. "I have been on this force for 5 years. I have been here for her Everyday of those 5 years. And I've worked my ass off to try and make something of myself here." He sat on a bench in front of his locker running his fingers through his hair. "I'll challenge her." He looked up to his brother, "if I beat Elana the council will make Reanna change her guard." He jumped up and hugged his brother. "Wait," his brother took him by the arm and forced him to sit. "If she beats you, you might be kicked out of the unit." Alric's expression was of disbelief "why would they do that?" He started to undress for his shower while his brother explained. "If she beats you Reanna could ask for you to be removed, or they might take that as a sign that you are not going to protect the empress as you should." Argus looked down to his brother with a worried look. "If she beats you Reanna could ask for you to be removed, or they might take that as a sign that you would not protect the empress as you should." Argus looked down to his brother with a worried look. "You really need to think if this is really worth it or not." Alric looked up at his brother with a look of disdain. "I don't care," he looked to his untied boots he was still wearing, "I love Reanna and I don't want 'her' in my spot." Argus put his hand on his brother's shoulder, "if it's any consolation I've fallen for Elana." Alric smiled a little "So what are we going to do?" Argus simply smiled then put his arm around his brother's shoulder "we are going to kill them with kindness."

"Rea?" Elana looked up and down the hallway. "Rea?!" Reanna came around the corner from the locker room they shared. "What is it Hun?" she saw the odd expression on Elana's face. "Did you leave these?" she held up a vase full of blood red roses, there was a tag hanging off the vase with 'to the stunning and powerful Elana' written on it. "No." Reanna looked at the vase with a little bit of jealousy "looks like you have an admirer." Elana laughed uncomfortably "go me."

"What's wrong babe?" Reanna put the vase on the table on front of the couch; she could see Elana was a little shaken up. "I've never had a good run-in with males." She ran her hands up her forearms hugging herself "I was raped a few years ago and men have never treated me very well." Reanna hugged her and gently rocked her until she had stopped shaking. "None of these men would do that. They all have far too much respect for you." Elana looked up with a 'yeah right' look on her face.

"Good morning lady Elana." Alric saluted her as she walked by on her way to the mess hall. "Don't do that," she looked angry "I know you're mad at..." He put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head "no, I'm not. I was then Argus brought me to my senses. You've worked just as hard as I have and have clearly proven yourself to be a fine solider."

"Ok, who are you and what did you do with Alric?" she drew her sword, 'he could be a phantom', she stepped back and brought the edge of her sword to his nose. "Nothing happened to me. I'm fine. I was actually coming to ask you to come eat with my brother and myself. Is Reanna up yet do you know?" She nodded as she put her sword in its sheath "she is, however she has a meeting with her brass until 09:30." His face dropped a little "Oh well, you are still invited." He perked up then offered his arm. 'He couldn't have been the one. Could he? Why isn't he more upset?' she took his arm and they continued to the mess hall.

"Good morning ma' Lady." Argus took Elana's hand and kissed the top of it. 'There is defiantly something wrong with these two.' She withdrew her hand from Argus' then wondered into the line for food. "It's good to see you this morning." He was standing behind her now. "What is wrong with you and your brother?" she took some ja'tac and fruit then headed to a table. "There's nothing wrong with us." They were both looking straight at her. 'It's a little weird to be staring at them both head-on. They really are identical aren't they?' "Then why are you both acting weird?" she ate some of her ja'tac still watching the men sitting across form her. "We both realized we were being assholes." Argus ate the ja'tac he had taken; he's never tried it before, but figured 'if she eats it, it couldn't be THAT bad.' "We decided we should show you both that we aren't as bad as you think we are." He shoveled more ja'tac into his mouth. 'This stuff is really good!' "I don't think you're bad." She smiled a little, she knew he had never tried the ja'tac before, she was happy he liked it. No one else on board ate it. "You can both be a bit of a pain sometimes. But you're not bad. I figured Alric would be madder than he is. " Alric was watching his brother eat something he couldn't identify. It looked close to something a bovine would leave on the ground. "I was really mad, but like I said Argus brought me to my senses." 'It doesn't smell as bad as it looks. She really is nice. She'll make a fine wife for him.' "So what is she meeting with the brass about?" his brother shoved a forkful of the grotesque looking meat in his face obviously wanting him to try it. Alric grimaced and put the fork in his mouth. Shortly his face went from disgust to pleasure. "I believe it was to try and negotiate Crystal View back into U.F. membership." She giggled a little when Alric started eating Argus' ja'tac.

"How did it go?" she smiled warmly at Reanna who looked drained. "Not as well as I would have liked, but they are going to have a vote and let the people decide." She hugged Elana sighing deeply. "Was my father there?" she held Reanna stroking her hair. "No, I forgot you were from there." Her face went to one of shame "I should have had you in there." Elana saw her expression and lifted her chin "it's fine, you have lots of stuff to worry about." Reanna jumped up and ran to her intercom. "Odin..." her finger was white she was pushing on the button so hard "have the delegates from Crystal left yet?" She waited for a response with joy written on her face. "No ma'am," he sounded startled "they are standing right here with me in the mess hall."

"Wait there for us. Clear the mess hall we are going back into negotiations." She grabbed Elana's hand flying toward the door.

"Elana?" one of the delegate's looked to be in shock "What are you doing on this ship?" She ran her hand through her hair making it look like it normally did, "I work here, and I am the personal body guard to the empress. I am also the head of an elite group of fighters." All the delegates were men; they looked at one another then sat at the assigned table. "Why did you call us back here?" he was suspicious and it was obvious. "Because I was hoping you would take the word of one of your own." She pointed to Elana who was standing behind her "if nothing else her being here should prove we are not going to kill all of you if you join us again."

"Your father made it very clear we were not welcome." He looked perturbed "why would you be any different?"

"Because my father is dead. He has been for many years. I have never made any advances on you or your people. I want to help you, all of you. I know you are living in horrid conditions I want to help change that." By the time she was done she was panting. She was standing now, her fist was on the table and she was hunched over near tears. "All I want from you is your consent to let me help you. Damn it why won't you let me help?" All the delegates were leaning back in their chairs almost as if they were afraid all of them looked to the eldest. "You have my consent. If she is standing by you and trusting you, I will. We still need to ask our people, if they vote yes you are more than welcome to help." He rose from the table "however if you restrict our rights and become a dictator you will start a war."

They filed out toward the docks, after the last one left Reanna turned and jumped on Elana. "Thank you!" Reanna's arms were wrapped around her and soon her lips were on Elana's. "Why does he trust you so much?" she unwrapped herself form Elana then stood in front of her. "Because I am his only granddaughter. And because he knows I don't trust easily." She put her hand behind Reanna's head and drew her in for a kiss. Alric and Argus were standing in the doorway with their jaws down. "That explains a whole lot." Alric whispered once he regained his ability to speak. Argus nodded "yeah, wonder if they are Bi-sexual or strictly same sex orientated?" Alric punched his brother in the shoulder. "You'll jinx us, shut up." Elana put her mouth by Reanna's ear "we have company." Reanna looked in the direction Elana was and saw the two men. "Crap." was her only response. The men saw they had been located "oh shit!" they said at the same time then bolted down the hall


"Do you think they are going to discharge us?" Alric took off his uniform then got out his practice garb. "Alric... shut up. Why would they discharge us for seeing them make-out?" he hit his brother upside his head as he spoke. "Well, I don't..." he broke off when he saw Elana standing in the middle of the room. "You guys doing alright?" she had no expression at all, she was merely standing there. "Umm... yeah... we're good." Alric stood and moved next to his brother. "Ok, we would like it if you boys kept what you saw under your hat for the time being." Now she looked nervous. "Ok, but can I ask you something?" Argus stepped forward a little "is there anyway the two of you would consider him and I? He pointed to his brother. "Rea might." She put her hand on her sword before continuing "I don't trust males. So I think you're out of luck with me. If you really try and one day gain my trust you might have a chance." Argus' face showed his heartbreak. "Ok, I was just hoping." He turned to face his locker before any other emotion could bubble to the surface. "Are you alright Argus?" she put her hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him while being uncomfortable herself. He took her hand off his shoulder then looked into her eyes. 'I will prove to you I am trust worthy.' She felt his sincerity and heard his thought before he said it, it eased her slightly. "All A.R.E.S. members report to the briefing room immediately." It was Odin, not the computer this was big time. "Let's go boys." She was at the door before they realized it then she was gone.

"Here's the scoop." Reanna stood in front of her elite A.R.E.S members. There were the 24 plus the newest inductees, which were 12 in number. "Crystal View has given us, ok me, a chance to prove the sincerity of our want to help them." A map of the area came into focus on the screen next to her. "There has been a..." Alric and Argus walked in then Elana appeared behind them, she nodded to Reanna and the three of them stood against the wall because all the seats were taken. "Outburst of RM phantom activity in the Crystal area. They have requested us to remove this threat." She scanned the room looking for questions. "Here is the display of all the activity of the phantoms." The screen next to her went from black to red in a few short moments. "Everything red is a phantom." She saw the faces of the 'newbies', as they were called; turn to terror when they saw how much red was on the map. "We will be splitting into 6 teams," a list was held showing the groups had been chosen. "Two newbies to each team, also one Cap to each as well." All the captains looked up and nodded. "The plan is relatively simple; each team will be dropped at the outer edges of the city and work their way into the center, where we will meet. Each team will have a map of their sector; you will need to check your entire sector for phantoms before you rendezvous with the rest of the unit." A hand was raised "are you going to read off team names and the names in each team?" Reanna smiled "yes, but after Elana gives you a few warnings," she motioned for Elana to take the stage "she's lived there I'm sure she has some pointers." Elana looked nervous but put on a face of leadership before she went up to speak. "This is simple. The city is in a circle shape. There are almost no dead ends. Most of the city was built to be above a set water line. All the buildings are on arches, worst case; use the archways to escape to the center. The center of town is easy to find because there is a huge statue of a bear. If there are people on the street do not talk to them and do not tell anyone you are military." She looked to Reanna "these people were raised to hate the military. They will kill you." A voice from the back rang out "oh yeah a little girl will be able to kill me." It was one of the newbies. "Yes, she could. These people are not human they are Metan. Just like me. I'm twice as strong as all of you. Do Not underestimate them."

"Alright..." Reanna was looking at the list of names. "Alpha team... Alric - cap, Elvin, Edrick, Norvelle, Jacar - newbie, Zeus - newbie. Bravo team... Argus - cap, Racal, Horatio, Hades, Thaddeus - newbie, Romeo - newbie. Charley team... Odin - cap, Hamlet, Damien, Ajax, Poseidon - newbie, Hercules - newbie. Tango team... Reanna - cap, Elana," she grinned 'duh, as if I wouldn't assign my bodyguard to my team.' She went on "Lail, Hermes, Protius - newbie, Merlin - newbie. Epsilon team... Hephaestus - cap, Cassias, Orion, Aries, Odysseus - newbie, Lim - newbie. Omega team... Burton - cap, Mercretio, Apollo, Shoji, Spencer - newbie, Othello - newbie." She looked up, everyone was looking around identifying their team members, and some were shaking hands or patting backs. "We ship out tomorrow at 22 hundred hours." One of the newbies raised his hand "why at night?" Odin took the question "because it is easier to fight phantoms at night. They don't move as well." Reanna nodded in agreement "all the equipment you need will be by your lockers." She looked over the room they were all so young. 'I hope they all come back.' "I want you all to be in this room in 72 hours. Yes. That is an order." She stepped off the podium, saluted all the soldiers and walked out before her tears overwhelmed her.

"You wanted to see us ma'am?" Alric stuck his head into the doorway of the room the empress shared with Elana. "Yes," she was wearing a black skin suit, it was clear she was preparing to leave for the mission. "Elana?" she looked to the hallway "where did you go now?" Elana appeared behind her "no where." She grinned when Reanna jumped "the cloaking devise works." Argus grinned when he saw her "what did you ladies need of two idiots like us?" he put his arm around his brother's shoulder at the word idiot. "Elana tells me one of you has a crush on me..." she looked up to Elana "I know you both saw us in the mess..." Alric stepped forward "yes ma'am, we will not tell anyone until you decide to come out." He looked to Argus who nodded in agreement. "Thank you." She eased slightly "you two need to get some rest before we ship out." Reanna took Elana's hand 'which one was hoping for me?' Elana leaned down and whispered the answer to her. Reanna looked Alric over, 'he really isn't much smaller than Argus' "well, we should be going then..."

Argus took his brothers arm then walked out "I don't know what they are planning but I think it's going to hurt." Alric had a look of disbelief on his face "they like us as friends, they won't hurt us." Elana was standing behind Alric 'this thing sure does work well.' "How would you know we like you as friends?" they both jumped when she spoke. "Well," Argus looked around trying to find her "you haven't killed us, and you've been really nice. Why would you be mad at us we'd never betray you, either of you." She uncloaked herself and sheathed her sword. "Here," she tossed two packs at them. Each had a strap that ran across the middle "you two are the only ones getting these. Welcome to the service." She explained that a spy was among them; the empress wanted someone on the inside to gain some info. "You two have proven yourselves to be trustworthy." She walked toward her chambers then stopped walking, she didn't turn she just spoke "either of you betray this trust I will kill you." She walked into the room, the click form the bolt locking as the door was closed seemed to echo in their ears.

"Well at least they trust us this much." Argus was pulling on his skin suit "I hate these things they ride like nobody's business." Alric zipped up his armor-plated jacket "yeah, I'm glad they gave us this assignment." He tossed his brother his armor then sat to pull on his boots. "Who do you think it is?" he looked at Alric "and whom are they working for?" Alric shot him a look "shut up," he looked around the room, they were alone. "Don't talk about this unless we are alone." Argus hit his forehead and nodded.

"Alright boys here we go." Reanna was on the intercom to all the transports "when you drop secure that location and advance. I want all of you back, no one dies, and if you do you are in deep shit. We can bring you back, and you will regret it." Her mask was covering her face; no one could see she was crying. Elana touched her shoulder 'I should be stronger than this. They are just soldiers. But they are like family to me.' She wanted to hold Reanna and reassure her that everything would be fine but she knew she couldn't, at least not yet.

"All teams report in." Reanna was scooping out the turf and checking off her team. "Alpha... in" Alric's voice was emotionless. "Bravo... in"

"Charley... in", "Epsilon... in", Omega... in" they were all the same, emotionless. "Tango... in," she gave a signal for them to move forward "move in, be careful." They were in a line; Reanna was on the left with Elana on her right, moving forward scanning for phantoms. "Sweep carefully." Everyone nodded then went back to their search. "INCOMING!" Elana lifted her sword in time to slice the head off of a phantom flying toward her. Everyone had at least two phantoms on them before long. Reanna had six when Elana looked over. She killed the last of the ones that had come after her then ran to help Reanna. She sliced one in half on her way in and punched the one starting to attack Reanna from behind. Her sword was knocked out of her hand, before she could kill it, when Reanna brought her hand back to stab the one in front of her. She leapt onto the one she was facing knocking it onto it's back. Her hands were wrapped around its airway squeezing all life out of it. "Elana..." Reanna pulled at her shoulder "Elana, its dead." She looked up and the entire team was looking at her. "Sorry I just got focused." As she moved it jumped then went after her. She took her sword and threw it into the middle of its chest. "Now it's dead." She lifted her head, grinning to herself.

"Avenue 1 clear." Protius looked to Reanna then gave a thumb up. "GET DOWN!" Elana leapt at him and knocked him to the ground. Reanna killed the phantom behind him before it could eat either of her soldiers. "You two ok?" she helped them both up off the ground. "Yes ma'am," he looked to the ground "I'm sorry I spoke too soon."

"It's fine." Elana looked up; something was coming "we need to get moving, something big is headed our way." She jumped onto a bridge above her head to look ahead. "Oh my god." She hopped down and threw Reanna behind what was left of a wall. "Everybody down, hide, get out of the way." Just as she slid behind the same wall as Reanna, a huge phantom came into view. It was the size of one of the houses. They all saw through its flesh and saw what it had eaten for dinner. There was a little boy fighting to get out of the creature. "Sir." Hermes whispered into his mic "I don't think we can kill that." Reanna nodded but Elana jumped out behind it. It slowly turned to look at her. They had no idea what she was doing. "You ate my brother." She gripped her sword tighter. She ran toward the creature with her blade in front of her. She brought her blade down into the top of the phantom's head. It didn't move at first. It regained its abilities then hit her, almost threw her, into a wall. "ATTACK!" Reanna leapt from behind the wall and went at full speed for the phantom. After they saw her flying at it, all the men did the same. Elana got to her feet and cut them off. "This is personal..." she held her sword as if she was going to attack Reanna "back off!" she faced the phantom again. Her brother saw her and waved. She changed her stance to be one she could leap from. She looked over the phantom as it slowly moved toward her. She threw her sword in an over hand manner and hoped her aim wasn't off. The sword hit and the phantom hit the ground. Before any of the others realized it she was on the top of the creature pulling at the transparent flesh trying to get to her brother. She found his hand and pulled with everything she had. "Elana!" he wrapped his arms around her crying. "Ezekiel what happened?" she held him just as tight as he was her. "It took off the roof of our house..." he paused and started crying louder "I think it killed mommy and another one got daddy." She just held him for a while. "Go to grandpa's I will find everyone. Did anyone else get taken? Who was in the house?" she ran her fingers through his hair as she spoke. "Ok I will. There was no one else, everyone moved out. Didn't you know?" She shook her head "No, get out of here."

"Go" Reanna looked at her; she could tell Elana wanted to find the rest of her family. "We will be fine." Elana stood but said nothing, she took her sword then headed up the street they were assigned. "They live this way," Everyone could hear the anger in her voice "anyone coming?" She turned her head a little to see if anyone was following her. Reanna moved up alongside her. She held on tight to her sword on the off chance a phantom got past Elana. "There it is," Elana, pointed towards a house that had been torn apart. "Down" Elana whipped around to face the creature coming up behind the team. "Holy crap!" Argus stood with his hands in the air and Elana's blade at his throat. "We got to the rendezvous and checked with all the other teams there, everyone is clear." As clear came out of his mouth one of the larger phantoms rose from the building that was once Elana's house. "These are..." Reanna put her finger to her mouth, "we know." Elana started toward the beast as it was to her. Both of her parents had been swallowed whole, just as her brother had. "No more," she ran as she had before, only this time she leapt at the beast's heart with her blade out. In one hit it was dead, yet she continued to gut the creature. She sliced it open and pulled out her father and what was left of her mother. "We are taking one back with us." She was totally level headed about it. "The best way to defeat an enemy is to learn everything about it." The whole team nodded.

Back on the ship the meeting started. "Welcome back." She looked over the room 'they are all here. I didn't lose any' "we cleared the city and captured one." One of the resident scientists wheeled in a glass cage holding one of the smaller phantoms. It hit the glass as soon as it saw all the men. "It's trying to attack and feed." The scientist explained when all the men drew their swords. "Ma'am?" Orion stood "Where is Lady Elana?" All the men nodded wanting to know. "She is in the med bay." Reanna's face looked like a stonewall, no emotion "her family was attacked. We do not yet know if they will all survive." The men started to look at one another. "So ma'am..." Edrick looked directly at her "why aren't we all there to support her?" Reanna just smiled, she stepped off the podium and walked out. Soon all the men were following her.

"What are you doing here?" Elana looked like she had been beaten; her eyes were puffy and red from crying all night and she still had phantom blood smeared on her face. Elana sat up when she heard footsteps behind Reanna. She saw the entire A.R.E.S. team standing behind her. "What is going on?" Elana looked into Reanna's eyes trying to find an answer. "You are here," Argus peaked around Reanna "we are here to support you in anyway you will let us." He held out his hand in it was a chunk of cloth; it was once upon a time a handkerchief. "Did you?" Elana looked at Reanna and all she did was shake her head. "They wanted to know where you were so I told them. After that they came here." Elana stood then needed to sit again; she was too lightheaded to stand. "Thank you," she took the handkerchief from Argus "all of you."

"Elana," Alric put his hand on her shoulder "Elana, wake up." She jumped when she did wake up. Immediately she turned to the glass between herself and her parents. "Any news?" he was looking at the bodies being worked on. "Not yet." She rested her head back on the table in front of her. "Eat." He stood over her "you haven't had anything since we got back." She pushed the food away without looking at what he had brought "not hungry." He made a face then pushed it back "don't care, you will eat." She sat and looked at him 'why do you care?' "No." He was getting frustrated now "Yes you will. Don't make me get mean here." She took the bowl and started to eat "Happy?" He sat back; a little satisfied with the fact he got her to eat.

He did his shift it was 3 hours. "Bro?" Argus walked up behind him "Everything ok?" He looked to Elana who appeared to be sleeping "did she eat?" Alric stood stretching as he did so "Everything is fine, she ate and I think she fell asleep again." As he was talking she turned her head and was now facing them. "Yeah, she's asleep. I brought some more food for when she wakes up. Told Edrick I'll stay for six instead of three and let him sleep a little more." 'I'm going to watch over her for the rest of the night. And I'm going to make sure she eats.'

"How are you doing?" she jumped a little not remembering where she was. It was only Argus; he looked exhausted "did you sleep alright? I have some food if you're..." she did not give him time to finish his sentence. She was looking into the glass; both of her parents were gone. "Where?" she looked to Argus with tears starting to well in her eyes. "They were moved down to observation about 2 hours ago." He gave her the warmest smile he could muster. "Why didn't you wake me?" her face showed her anger. "Because you needed your rest, and don't argue with me. After you eat I will show you where they are." She gave him a hateful look then moved the look to the bowl of ja'tac. Her stomach was screaming for nourishment, she had learned a long time ago how to ignore that noise. She took the bowl, 'it smells so good. Why shouldn't I eat?" she looked back up to Argus, not with anger this time but with shame. "I'm sorry I was so rude. You and Everyone else are being great and trying to support me." She stood, debating if she was going to do what she was thinking. She decided she should, she walked to Argus leaned in and softly kissed the side of his face. "Don't take that as anything except thank you." He took her hand and shook it "you promise me one thing?" She gave him a look of 'what are you planning?' "All right." He grinned when she said all right. "Don't go off and get yourself killed protecting your family? We can help you and would be more than happy to do so." She lowered her eyes, 'he's right, I hate to admit it, but he is right.' "Ok. I won't."

"How long have they been up here?" she was looking at the floor in the lift. "About two hours," He was looking directly at her, 'she doesn't even realize how beautiful she is.' "They are dong much better now." She kept her eyes to the floor "You shouldn't think such things about a higher ranking officer." He went pale "What?" She didn't move "You heard me; you should not think such things about a higher ranking officer, regardless of the situation. One day it could get you in trouble." she crossed her arms in front of her chest. Argus' mouth was hanging wide open "You can read minds too?" She looked into his eyes "Yes." He was already as white as a sheet "how long have..." the lift stopped and the door opened to show the entire hall. The whole team was there. "Since I was born." She smiled then turned into the hallway.

"They are doing fine," the doctor was smiling "we didn't know if they would pull through or not, but they are very strong and will be just fine." 'How stupid do I look?' she looked to her father who was sitting up looking around the room "Daddy are you alright?" He gave her as much of a hug as he could with his half destroyed arm. "I'm fine, as is your mother;" he gave her a look of displeasure "you should not have stayed up and not eaten." She responded with a half grin "I was worried, your fine and now that I know that I can sleep." As she walked out Reanna was waiting "You are going to eat then you are going to sleep." She had no choice in the matter.

"Are you going to bathe with me?" Elana grinned as best she could with the limited strength she had left. "You need your sleep." Reanna looked to the floor 'I would be more than happy to bathe with you, but you look ill and I want you to rest.' Elana put her hand under Reanna's chin then brought her eyes level to her own. "I will rest, alright?" she kissed the empress then wondered into the head. 'I wish I could tell you what I was thinking. But I know you aren't ready for it.' Elana looked up at Reanna as she started to doze off "will you stay here with me?" Reanna smiled warmly as she ran her fingers through Elana's hair "as long as you want me I am yours."

"As you all know Elana's family is recovering nicely from the attack last week," she looked to Elana who was standing in her usual place by the door. "She has asked to speak to all of us and so..." she stepped to the side motioning Elana to step forward. As she took the podium her face went from one of anger to one with no emotion. "I want to thank all of you for standing by me as you have," she looked around the room locking eye with Argus 'I hope you realize I still care for you and will always look after you.' she looked to his brother who was staring at another of the team. She tracked Alric's stare to Hercules. He had a grin on his face that made her uncomfortable. 'That bastard nearly got Odin killed.' Alric's gaze moved to her as he thought. "It means a lot to me, it really does." She stepped down and gave a look to Reanna 'something isn't right. We need to talk to Alric and Argus.'

"What's going on?" Reanna had her ear to the head door while she was undressing. "Hercules was away from his post on the planet and I think he's our spy." Argus nodded with his brother's words. "He is really distant from everyone. He has no friends." Argus continued the explanation "he just walked off when we were on crystal. Really don't think his alliance is here." Reanna pulled her robe around her hips then barged out the door "Do you have any proof of his non-allegiance?" She slid onto the couch next to Elana as she tied her robe. "Not as of yet," Argus looked to his brother "but those devices you gave us will soon be used to find some." Elana nodded to them as they walked out the door "You two be careful," she grinned slightly "that is an order."

"Do you think they are going to find anything useful?" Reanna picked through the bowl of fruit. Elana shook her head to say no "great guys but between the two of them they have about half a brain." Reanna gave her a shocked look "I thought you liked them?" She sat on the bed watching Reanna "I do, but you have to admit they are not very bright." Reanna smiled "true." Elana walked to her, put her hand around the back of her head and drew her in for a passionate kiss. Soon she picked Reanna up and was walking back to the bed. 'I'm going to make my move, hopefully she won't be upset.' she kissed Reanna, but this was different than every other time. Their lips were locked in passion Elana walked Reanna to the bed and gently laid her down. "What's gotten into you?" Reanna was smiling with slight confusion. "Being brave," she finished her sentence by softly biting Reanna's neck. A little moan escaped Reanna's mouth as Elana's teeth bit into her flesh "Are you ok with this?" Elana looked up when Reanna spoke. "Ok with what?" She looked away "ok with having sexual relations with me." She looked hurt and was actually crying. Elana brought Reanna's eyes back to her own "only if you are. I don't want to hurt you. If you aren't comfortable with this it won't..." she stopped when a feeling of being watched came over her. She went to the couch and drew her sword "Show yourself or you will suffer more."

'You can't see me why should I expose myself? You don't even know where I am.' She could hear his thoughts she knew this one. It hit her; this was the one that's stare bothered her in the meeting. "Hercules," she did a sweep of the room trying to locate where his thoughts were coming from "when I find you... you're dead." He moved back from the vent opening he was looking through when he saw her sweeping the room 'How the hell does she know it's me?' She zeroed in on where his thoughts were and lunged at the vent. Her blade went through his left thigh keeping him where he was. He screamed in pain and attempted to pull the blade from his leg. Elana pulled the vent cover off then put her dagger to his throat making sure to get her point across. "How dare you spy on the empress," by his collar she pulled him out of the vent shaft and threw him onto the floor. Her sword was still sticking out of his leg and he was still yelling loudly grabbing the wounded part of his body. "Apologize to her before I take you down for interrogation." Reanna's face was blank, 'I can't believe how fast her mood changed.' "I'm sor... god this hurts... sorry." tears were coming from his eyes as he spoke. She picked him off the floor and forced him to walk. She did not remove the blade from his leg, 'makes for less blood to clean up and it will make for a great torture tool.' She shoved him out the door then looked back to Reanna "let me take care of one little thing before I turn him over to the men."

"If you tell anyone what you saw the two of us doing you will wish I'd kill you." She took the handle of her sword and twisted it in his leg. He nodded his head because he was in too much pain to speak. 'Yes, dear god yes just let go of the sword!' she released the blade then shoved him into the barracks. "He is a traitor; get all the info you can. Don't kill him." She turned then walked back to her room where Reanna was waiting. "Where were we?" Elana wrapped her arms around Reanna kissing and biting her neck. "Wait," Reanna pushed away form her "how can you go from a mood of wanting me to trying to kill him and back again?" Elana stroked the side of Reanna's face "Because I am very protective of you and because I never left this mood, my anger and protectiveness was heightened by my desire for you." Reanna put herself back into Elana's arms and kissed her neck trying to even out the playing field.

"How are you this morning?" she looked down over a bruised and bloody man. "Hum is hookah." He tried to speak but his jaw was wired shut so the words were jumbled and incomprehensible. "Good to hear," she pulled a chair around in front of him then straddled it "Now let's talk about who you are working for." He flinched as she sat 'Even if I could talk I wouldn't tell you anything. So you're screwing the empress. I could give you something she never could.' She pulled out her dagger then held it to his crotch, "I've had a male, and no I didn't enjoy it. The empress and I are none of your business and you will tell me everything I want to know or you'll be a woman soon." She pushed the blade into his pants 'you can read thoughts?!' he flinched again when he felt the blade contact his flesh. "Yes I can, and if you cooperate with me you'll live." She looked over to his thigh. The men had taken her blade out and set it on a counter. She lifted the bandage the men had put over the wound 'Don't do that!' She ignored his plea tearing the feeble wrapping off his leg. "They used this to torture you didn't they?" she looked into his eyes as she spoke. 'Yes, just like you wanted I'm sure. And what ever you told Alric and Argus to do they did with a passion. Argus broke my jaw and it took all the men to pull him off me. Then Alric broke what little was left of that leg.' His entire face was in shades of purple and black.

"We need to move on this," Elana had told Reanna all the information she got out of Hercules as Reanna was rubbing her back "so let's round up the men and tell them the news." Reanna rolled her over and pinned her to the bed "ok, but first I'm going to have some fun and this time you aren't going to be in control." Elana grinned mischievously as Reanna kissed what little of her chest could be seen "and what if I don't want to be the slave right now?" Elana pushed up trying to flip Reanna over and failed as Reanna grinned pushing her into the bed. "Right now you don't have a choice because I want to do to you what you did to me last night." She grinned when Elana stopped putting up a struggle. "As you wish mistress." Elana put her wrists together to show she was going to follow all orders Reanna gave her.

"You boys did well" Reanna was looking directly at Alric "we found the traitor and have found who he is working for. Not only that but we have also discovered who is responsible for the phantoms. This is wonderful news because we have been trying to find this information for years." The room exploded with clapping and yelling. She looked to the doorway where Elana was always standing and did not see her. "You boys are being given liberty for 2 days." They all perked up when they heard liberty "you all did well and Crystal View is throwing us all a party for helping them as we did." As she looked over the room she realized Elana wasn't there, anywhere. 'This isn't like her. She never misses a meeting.'

As the men were filing out of the room she grabbed Alric and Argus by their arms. "Have either of you seen Elana?" her fear was clear on her face. Alric looked to his brother "I haven't, but he has and he won't tell me what went on." Reanna's face became red and she threw him into the wall behind him "you better tell me what the hell happened or I will kill you where you stand." Argus put his hands up against the wall next to his head "I didn't hurt her. I swear on my life I didn't." Her blade was pushing into his flesh and he was bleeding he could feel it. "Can we please discuss this in a more private location ma'am?" she blinked realizing where she was, holstered her knife then pushed him down the hall in front of her. He opened the door to her chambers for her and motioned for her to enter; she gave him a questioning look. "Please ma'am, I will not do anything to you." She walked into the room glaring at him as she did so.

"SURPRISE!" Reanna jumped back when the lights came on. The entire A.R.E.S team and nearly the whole crew were standing either in her room or in the hallway singing happy birthday. She looked to Elana who was singing and trying to lead the crew in the song. Reanna grinned and walked toward her. Before she realized it she had Elana in her arms and was kissing her. 'Well now they all know.' She grinned as she released Elana then looked around the room to find it had not fazed any of the crew. "That went over better than I thought it would." She laughed when Argus lifted her onto his shoulders so the whole crew could see her. "Ma'am we've known for a long time," Cassias shook her hand "we were just hoping Lady Elana was the one you had finally decided on." She blushed a little when he admitted they all knew she was gay "You can put me down now."

"Why did you do that?" she was looking out the window as Elana was piloting the ship into the Crystal View docking bay. "Because it's your birthday and I wanted to throw you a party," she looked to Reanna then touched her shoulder "are you mad at me for it?" Reanna shook her head then looked back to Elana. "I'm fighting with something I want that I don't think you will either let me have or try for." She got up and walked to the end of the transport bridge then stood in front of the door and did nothing. Elana docked the ship then turned to Reanna "when did I Ever say I didn't want you to have a child?" Reanna turned and began to cry "don't read my mind damn it," she put her face into her hands weeping; "It isn't fair." Elana wrapped her arms around her trying to sooth her "I didn't. I've seen how you look at the children on the base. I know you want a family." Tearful eyes were looking up into Elana's "but letting me do this would mean you would have to let a male touch me and do things to me only you have done."

"I'll make this really easy," Elana had her drink clenched in her hand "you hurt her in anyway, I'll kill you. You do something she doesn't like I'll kill you. You can't take no for an answer, I'll kill you." She looked up to Alric who was white as a bed sheet, "don't scare him like that El. I'm sure he knows what he can and cannot do." Reanna hugged Elana then looked to Argus. "Are you going to be a good friend and keep her company while I am disposed?" he looked to his brother who was regaining some of his color then to Elana. "If she wants the company. If she doesn't I understand." She made no motion; Reanna and Alric nodded to each other then rose form the table. Argus made a motion to also stand when Elana took his hand. He looked down to her and saw she was trembling with tears in her eyes. Reanna and Alric left Argus staring blankly at Elana.

"Do you want to do something?" Argus sat down still watching Elana "or would you rather just stay here?" She looked up to the waiter walking by "You," he stopped and looked at her. When he did Alric saw fear in his face and nothing more. "Bring me a bottle of Alice, my glass, and tell Feneric I'm back in town." He nodded and went in to the back very fast 'almost running.' Alric looked back to Elana who had brought her dragon tooth dagger along and had now set it out on the table. "Why was he petrified when he saw you?" his eyes were transfixed on hers "and who is Feneric?" She wrapped her hand around the handle of her dagger and stood almost knocking the table over on top of Argus. He looked in the direction she was and saw a man about the same age as himself walking very slowly toward them with a gun pointed at Elana. He leapt in front of Elana "what the hell is going on here?"

"Argus sit down, this is personal." She pushed him out of the way then looked back to the man.

"It's been a few years Lana." The man stood about six paces away from Elana; he was clearly trying to stay out of her reach. "10 to be exact." Her grip tightened around her handle "see the bar is doing just fine. How's the drug running business doing there Feneric?" Argus looked at the little man more closely and saw a charm hanging from his left boot. He remembered seeing that design before. "Not bad." He looked to Argus who slowly stood then moved in next to Elana, "and who is this?" She looked to Argus then back to Feneric, "why should it matter?" Argus' hand slid to the back of his coat where he had his gun 'I dare you to do anything to her or any of the guys that are in here with us.' Elana heard his thought and put her hand on his shoulder. 'Be careful, just because we have 20 men in here means nothing. He stole this bar from a man and nearly killed me. Follow my lead and we'll have a great time.' He looked to her, focusing on her, as he heard what she was thinking. "What is he your man then?" Feneric pointed the gun at Argus yet his eyes remained fixed on Elana. She laughed a little "he sure is, and he's more of a man than you could ever dream of being." With that she leaned in and kissed him. 'You shouldn't do that; you might make me think you liked me.' She laughed with Argus' thought and looked back to Feneric who was visibly pissed off. "I doubt he could give you what I did." He made a motion to the group behind him to make an 'oooo' at his comment. "Oh you mean raping me and burning your insignia on me?" she put her head down as she spoke "your right he would never do something like that, he has far to much respect for me and women in general." With that she threw her dagger at him and it hit him in the left shoulder.

"You bitch," the waiter Elana had spoken to earlier picked up Feneric's gun and was heading toward her. "Well come on little man and show me what you've got." She moved back slightly and motioned Argus and the rest of the men to stand and fan out around the room. Anyone that did not want a part in the fight that was soon to break out, had gotten up and fled as soon as Feneric hit the floor. Argus watched Feneric as Elana started her fight with the waiter. Feneric stood and ripped the blade from his body and charged at Elana. "RIC NO!" Argus looked to the second level banister where the scream came from. "Shut up Serine!" Feneric didn't miss a step he just kept running. Elana saw him coming with her blade out and side stepped forcing the waiter to move into the spot she was in before. "Shit!" before he realized it Feneric had killed the little waiter. "Kill all her men, but leave her for me." His eyes were cold and screamed with hatred.

Shots were being fired before he could reach for his own gun; Argus was on the floor with another man's hands around his throat. He couldn't reach his gun because he was laying on it. All he could reach was the switch for his cloaking pack Elana had given him. He flipped the switch and the man's hands unclamped. "Where the he..." he didn't allow the man to finish his question his gun was at the man's chest and he pulled the trigger getting a spray of blood all over the front of his body. As he uncloaked he saw Elana had gotten into hand-to-hand combat with Feneric, 'looks like she's winning too. You go girl.' He jumped up and went after one of the other men in the bar, "This is great I've never been in a bar fight!" Elana's eyes did not leave Feneric's even when she heard Argus yelling "I have waited for this moment for 10 years and now I am going to kill you slow and painful you sick asshole." He only grinned to what she said then lunged at her. She ducked and he flew into the mirror hanging on the wall. "Damn it!" he stood pulling a sliver of glass out of his forearm. "You couldn't fight me off last time what makes..." he stopped speaking when she took off her long jacket and was standing in only her skin suit. 'Your muscle mass has to be at least 5 times what it was the last time I saw you!' she smiled wide when she felt his fear. She jumped and swung her arm at him and contacted him with her elbow. Argus looked up when he heard a loud snap and a scream. Feneric was on his knees in front of Elana holding his nose. 'She broke him, oh crap!' he ducked as his opponent charged. He took Elana's dagger, which was still sticking out of the waiter and decapitated the hideous man coming at him. He looked around the room and found the only one of Feneric's men still alive or moving was Feneric himself. "You are going to regret everything you did to me starting with ever touching me." She did not smile as Argus thought she would she was scowling and hate filled her whole face and body. She kneeled down in front of Feneric 'don't do that he will hurt you his hands are still free!' She blocked a punch from Feneric and held his arm out in front of her. "Let's see here..." she forced his hand out in front of her and touched the tip of each finger "You have six fingers on this hand and five on the other." As the word 'other' came out of her mouth her hand clamped around his thumb and snapped it backwards. A muffled yelp escaped from his head and he tried to break free from her grasp but failed. "That was for the first time you hit me." She jerked his pointer finger to the left making a perfect 90-degree angle. "That was for when you threw me down the stairs." The next finger was between the pointer and middle. She picked up the gun sitting next to her and brought the butt of it down on his finger onto the floor. "For shooting me twice in one day, hell shooting me at all." Argus watched as she broke every finger he had and giving an explanation for every break. When she let go of his right hand he feel to the floor softly crying in pain. "Argus," she barked, he saw blood smeared on her face "find me some rope." He nodded 'I'm not going to ask what you are going to do with it because I know you are going to do something to him and damn it he deserves it.' He handed the rope he found to her then stepped back fearing she might turn to him with anger or her dagger, which he also handed to her. "I would never hurt you without just cause." She grinned a little as she tied Feneric's hands together.

Reanna walked out of the bar with her arm around Alric's. "You shouldn't worry too much about Elana, she's just..." He cut her off "Protective, I know." They arrived at the hotel Elana had set them up in and Alric retrieved the key for the room he and Argus were sharing. "M'Lady?" he looked to her still pale "I know you don't want this, at least not with me. I mean yes I would love to be able to take you. I really would." 'What guy in his right mind wouldn't?' "But I don't think you would enjoy it much." He handed her the key then sat in the chair in front of the huge fireplace. "Well to be perfectly honest," she sat on the midnight blue stones on the hearth looking into the flames "no, I don't want you. Thought you were a little too cocky. I like Argus, but I don't think he's interested and I knew I could get you into bed." He looked slightly hurt 'she's right though, I'd go easier than Argus would.' "So I have like no hope here right?" She looked to him grimaced then looked back into the flames dancing around "well, like I said I'd rather have your brother but I don't think he'd take me." He shook his head "he wouldn't he knows that I have the hot's for you and doesn't want to step on any toes." She perked up slightly; she rose took his hand and put the key to the room in his palm "thank you for understanding." She kissed his forehead and headed for the door. He nodded and followed her out "what are you doing Alric?"

"I am escorting you back to the bar, this place is not the kind of place you allow a lady to walk around unaccompanied." She was slightly shocked by his comment. 'He always has protected me though. He may be stupid and self-centered, but he does look after what he cares about.'

As they arrived at the bar a man was thrown from the main window that faced the street. "And that was for burning your damned insignia on me." It was Elana and she looked pissed. "What the hell happened here?" Reanna was looking over the scene in the bar. "This piece of shit is the one that made me hate males so much." She pushed him over with her foot "I have been waiting 10 damn years to come back here and kick his ass." Reanna saw his hands then looked to Elana "why did you break all his fingers though hun?" Feneric's face went from Reanna to Elana with wide eyes 'he's not your lover she is! You lying bitch!' Elana looked down to him "yep she is my lover," she motioned to Alric and he was soon standing next to her "but he is still more of a man than you could ever dream of being." She kissed him again, this time not to infuriate anyone but merely to express her comfort with him, which sparked major jealousy with Reanna. "Because love, those are the fingers that hurt me. Plus I gave him a reason for everything I did to him." Reanna's face was showing her contempt for the man. She walked over to him, stood him up, punched him in the stomach, uppercuted him and to finish off her beating she rammed her knee into his crotch "you ever touch one hair on her again and I will make you beg me to kill you."

"God what a day!" Elana lay down on the bed and closed her eyes recounting the entire day. "So... umm... what was that kiss for?" Reanna pretended she wasn't upset but her voice cracked at kiss. "The one I gave Gus?" Elana propped herself up with her elbows and looked at Reanna who was now crying. "Yes, that one." She turned away and clenched her fist envisioning beating Argus. Elana wrapped her arms around her doing a slow dance to the bed where she laid the upset empress down. "Just to say thank you for helping me." She moved off of Reanna and took her shirt off showing her ugly scars. "Where did he burn you? You've never shown me that one." Reanna ran her fingers through Elana's short hair remembering why she kept her own short while she could. "Here..." Elana shifted to the side and lowered her pants exposing one butt cheek "this is it. Normally I have it covered in make-up so no one notices it." Reanna saw and recognized the symbol "He is a member of the Ti-Ko?" She looked up to Elana who pulled her pants off but said nothing "Elana, answer me." She kept her eyes away from Reanna's staring at the fireplace. "Yes he is. His father is currently the head of the family. He has been running drugs from this bar for about two years now." She ran her fingers across a large scar on her belly that could not be removed entirely "his father disapproved of it but did nothing to stop it. He also didn't approve of the way he treated his 'live-ins'. He beat every one of them until they were dead." Reanna rolled over looking at her "what about you? You aren't dead, I can vouch for that." Elana looked into her eyes with pain in them, "I have never spoken of this to anyone. Never thought I would. This was so painful I actually tried to forget who I was and where I had been. The military doctors used that as an excuse." Tears were coming from Elana; it was rare that she would cry about something like this, 'she is stronger than this.' Elana put her hand on Reanna's forehead "I can't talk about it that much." As she finished her sentence images started to flood Reanna's mind "Oh my god Elana."

A short fat man was standing next to four taller men looking down onto a projection tube. A woman was holding a child she looked dead. One of the younger men looked familiar. The old fat man looked at her and grinned an evil slimy grin.

The scene changed and she saw all four of the younger men yelling at the old one. Looking to the side she saw 11 boys standing watching her and the fight. Then the four hit the older man and the boys ran to pull them off.

She saw Ezekiel, only he was much younger. Then a hover-cycle was coming at her. The world went black. A younger Feneric was standing in front or her. He smiled then hit her and spoke. "Now you are mine bitch!" Pain, fire, burning flesh he burned the design on his ring into her!

NO! STOP! Feneric was on top of her and she couldn't defend herself. She told him to stop but none of her words could be heard. Her mouth was taped shut and her hands tied to the bed.

Feneric was asleep. Now was her chance. RUN GIRL! She ran and leapt through the window in the front of the bar. She hit the ground and ran.

Father! Help! Her family wasn't there. In the house only military people were there. "Grab her!"

Tests, pin pricks, and drugs in her system. 'I don't care I'm not here. I just want to die.' Locked in a cell no one else around. Softly crying herself to sleep. 'Don't cry about it. Get stronger and kill him.'

Released from military base and free once again. Went to Crystal View to find family. They are all safe. "Mommy, daddy!" in their arms again. Helping dad with swords. Learns to fight and leaves to find an adventure and strengthen up.

Life is better now, fighting here and there. She is an assassin now. Registered and Everything. Meeting more fighters and soldiers. Waiting for her job to have his name on it.

Met Reanna. Now we are back to the present.

"And now you know what I do and you have seen what I have," Elana's face was red as were her eyes which were still shedding tears from all the memories. "Yes now I know," she wiped a tear from Elana's cheek and softly touched the side of her face, "And now I understand why you are so distant to the boys."

Footsteps in the hall awoke Elana and she took her sword in hand as she lightly stepped to the door. The footsteps stopped just outside the door. She put her free hand on the knob to the door and swung the door open. She had her sword pointed at Argus' throat before he noticed the door had been opened. "I'm sorry Gus." she withdrew her blade and motioned for him to enter the room. "Believe it or not I'm actually getting used to it." He smiled a little as Reanna scolded Elana for nearly killing him again.

"So what did you ladies want to see me about?" he was looking out the window as the ladies were changing. "Didn't Alric tell you?" Reanna paused looking up to him, 'he isn't watching?' "Nope he just said you ladies wanted to see me this morning." he blew his hot breath onto the window and drew a smiley face. Elana grinned when she saw Reanna's reaction to what Argus was doing. "We want you to be the father of our children." Both waited for a reaction, "Tolin is prepping in the med-bay." Reanna walked over to him because he hadn't moved since Elana spoke and she was getting worried about him. "Gus Hun," she put her hand on his shoulder then pulled trying to turn him, "are you alright?" She looked into his face and saw it was totally red, "you made him blush really bad sweetie."

"You doing better now darling?" Elana put her arm around Argus', as Reanna had done earlier to keep him from falling down the stairs. He nodded a little; he was still visibly shaken up by what had been said. As they stepped into the med-bay he saw all the curtins had been drawn and it was nearly impossible to see. Tolin gave his normal warm smile then handed him a cup. "Take your time. There is no rush with any of this. The ladies and I need to do some tests anyway." His comments did not quell the fear rampaging through his system. He walked toward the head in the back of the bay. When he looked back he saw two women who were counting on him.

He sat in the empty room for nearly and hour before he picked it up. The thought made him sick. 'who would want to do that into a damned cup then hand it to someone? Got to, for the ladies!' Elana heard what he thought and giggled to herself. Reanna was on the cold examination table. Tolin had his scanner hovering abover her. Elana looked to the wall display, "What's the verdict" He looked from the wall to Reanna and gave a thumb up. "You will be able to have a million kids!" Reanna hugged her lover then traded spots. He made a face but made the same gesture to Elana, "It may take some work but you can have 50 thousand kids!" even if it wasn't perfect it was good news. They were happy and that was the point.

Argus walked out of the room holding the cup. He was acting like it was toxic waste. He was holding it away from his body and making a face. "Here I did my part. It was so weird!" tolin poured it into a funnel which started to spin. "You may want to go do something, this will take a while."

"So Argus," Ajax put his arm around the visibly exhausted Argus, "see you didn't come back to the room last night. You finally find your balls and decide to get some action?" Alric stood and started to speak when Argus knocked Ajax to the floor. "Since when does my fucking life have anything to do with any of you?" he looked around the small room in the belly of the transport and stopped looking directly at his brother. "And I bet you were the one that made sure they all knew what was going on didn't you?" he balled up his fist and lunged at Alric. "Reanna!!" her brother Burton was calling from the below deck, "Reanna get Elana down here now!!" She looked to Elana who turned the controls over then leapt from her seat.

"What in the name of..." she stopped when she saw Argus' bloody fist and Alric holding his nose I the air trying to get it to stop gushing blood. "Ma'am," Apollo was still standing between the two even though there were three men holding Argus where he was and three more standing in front of Alric, "Ajax was just fooling around with him and then he blew up and went after Alric." She looked to Ajax and he already had a growing bruise under his left eye, "ok, Argus you come over here and if you even think about going near your brother you'll hurt." She nodded to the men and they released him. He walked over to Elana and looked to the floor 'I'm sick of these guys treating me like I'm five. I can have a damned life and none of them need to know.' "I want you to stay over here," she walked over to Alric and looked at his bleeding nose, "it's broken." all the men looked to each other than to Argus who still had his back to all of them. 'Did you deserve it?' she asked Alric with her hand on his shoulder. 'No, he thinks I told all the guys he and you were having sex last night. He's just freaking out is all.' She nodded then looked to Ajax, "You, here, now." He pushed his way through the crowd of men to stand in front of her, he grinned a little because she had to look up to him because he was so much taller than she was. "Don't smile at me. Why do you have a bruise on your face?" he rubbed the spot on his face trying to come up with a good excuse, "ran into a door ma'am." She snorted at his obvious lie, "what did you say to piss him off?" He looked down at her clearly trying to intimidate her, "nothing, he just freaked out." She pulled her leg around under his and did a sweep forcing him to fall onto his back, "I wanted the truth both times. Clearly you didn't understand that, you want to try this again?" All the men jumped a little when he hit the floor and Argus turned to see who hit whom. "I asked him if he finally lost his virginity since he didn't come back to room last night is all ma'am I swear." She looked up to one of the men in the room and read him, his thoughts agreed with Ajax's, "and the truth shall set you free. Only one problem I see..." she straddled his chest but remained about 3 inches from actually touching him, "why should his sex life or lack there of matter to you? Or do you need someone else's because you don't have one?" All the men gave an 'awe' sound meaning she cut him really good. She stood and motioned for Alric and Argus to follow her to the cockpit.

"What the hell was going on down there?" Reanna chastised them as they entered "he comes in yelling for Elana and then I hear someone hit the ground and then everyone made a noise I couldn't understand, who got hit?" She put the transport onto autopilot and turned to look at the trio. She had turned just in time to watch Elana set Alric's nose making it bleed again. "Damn it Argus," it was muffled coming out of the cloth that was holding back all the blood gushing from his nose, "I didn't say anything to anyone." Argus wasn't Even looking at him, he was looking at the monitor showing where they were and how far out they were from the base. "I don't care," his tone said his mood loud and clear "I am sick and tired of you and everyone else treating me like I am five fucking years old. Damn it I'm 25. Just fucking treat me like it for one damn day alright?" Elana was staring at him 'I've never seen him so pissed off and manly. Wonder what we did to him?' She looked over to Reanna who was thinking along the same lines. "Well I don't care who's pissed at who or for what, you're going to fix it and fix it now or you'll both regret it." Elana settled back into her chair and took the controls back from the computer.

"I will try I swear," Alric was shaking hands with Argus just outside the docking bay doors, "what did those ladies do to you that got you to break my nose?" Argus grinned a half grin and motioned for them to walk down the hall toward the barracks, "I don't know. After last night I just feel like I'm 10 feet tall. But I have this little voice worrying that I hurt one of them and I'm freaking out about it." He put his head down, Alric understood why, "Dude, after watching dad I totally understand what you mean. I say ask them." Argus blushed slightly "Oh yeah right! 'Umm, yeah, lady Elana did I hurt you when I had sex with you the other night?'", he grimaced to his brother, "I don't think so, I'm not that stupid." They walked into the mess hall and it went dead, it was almost as if one of them had been pronounced dead and just walked into the room.

"Edrick," Alric eased into the line for food next to his friend trying to sap some information out of him, "Why did everyone go silent when we walked in?" Edrick looked over his shoulder clearly making sure certain people weren't around, "Ajax is saying he's going to kick your bro's ass for what happened on the way in." Argus put a bowl of the look-alike dog food onto his try then looked to Edrick, "ok, now tell me why I should be scared." Edrick laughed and all was well once again.

"Argus," Ajax was standing directly behind him and was sure he would back down, 'he's such a damn baby, and his bro fights all his battles for him.' Argus smiled, stood and faced Ajax, "Yes Ajax? What can I do for you bud?" By now he realized Argus was trying to make more of a fool of him, "I'm going to break your nose so you match your brother." He balled his fist then brought his arm back to hit Argus. "You don't want to go into this, I may be smaller than you but all that means is I can move faster than you." He grinned then side stepped as Ajax lunged. "Stow that shit Ajax!" Hephaestus chimed in from the doorway "we all watched him get you yesterday, don't make him do it again." The anger Ajax was feeling was visibly boiling up to the surface and he nodded to Argus 'we will finish this and I will win... shrimp.' Argus got the message and nodded back.

"Alright you two," Reanna was standing over a very bruised Ajax and equally bruised Argus, "why won't you let this go?" Both were looking to the floor, they displayed what little they knew of the chain of command and cast their eyes to the floor. "He made a fool of me ma'am and I have to pay him..." Reanna cut in before he could complete his stupid answer, "No, you don't," she had her hands on her hips and was acting like a hardass, "why don't you be the better man and get over it?" 'Even when she doesn't mean to be sexy she is.' Elana looked around the room attempting to figure out if she had said her thought out loud, when no one was looking at her she decided she was safe. "Because he's too stupid M'Lady." Alric chirped from the back, he was slightly bruised as well as one of Ajax's brothers. "Alric stay out of it your next." Elana glared at Alric from the shadows behind Reanna, she still saw the want in his eyes for her beloved Reanna, and she did not trust him with her. 'Chill out, I'm stating fact.' She wanted to dig deeper and find what he was planning, she could see it in his eyes he was planning something. She could also feel his brother had the same abilities she did, he just didn't know it, but she was unsure if Alric shared the gift.

Elana was massaging Reanna's shoulders working on a knot and watching the news form Crystal View. "Have you looked into his gifts?" she leaned into Reanna a little as she spoke moving her hands to where it hurt most. "Not as of yet, I've had no time." Her father's store showed on the screen and Reanna started to yell, "oh my god baby look!"

"And a local sword maker has been nominated as the newest addition to the View's Council." They showed his picture then did an interview. "Yeah he sent me a wire about it yesterday. Just wait it'll get better," she didn't look to the monitor she just kept working on Reanna "they did another story you'll like." Just as she finished her sentence her picture was on the monitor, "Not only was he nominated to the council but his only daughter is in the Aligned Nations Military." Reanna jumped into the air then turned and hugged Elana, "Oh Hun that is so great." Then her picture was there, "Her job is to be the personal body guard of the Empress Reanna. She is also the one who started the fight at Fade's and removed that threat from the area." The story turned to Feneric and what his bar's closer meant to the area, "Oh Elana, that was so great. See, See, other people see you as a great person too." She grinned wide and hugged Elana, when she tried to pull away she found she could not because Elana was holding her close. "When are we going to see about babies?"

Elana was sitting outside the med-bay doors waiting for news on Reanna. Argus walked up wearing his practice garb, "What's going on El?" his face showed his worry as it was odd for Elana to just be standing around without Reanna near by. "Reanna is in getting some tests done, I'm next," she grinned then hugged him, "We are going to be finding out if you're a daddy yet." He blushed with her comment, "we've only... umm... yeah, once." She laughed a little to herself and hugged him, "That's all it takes babe, if we aren't you going to be up for a few more rounds?" His slight blush became a very deep red with only a few heartbeats. As Reanna walked out he became even redder. "What's the word love?" Elana hugged her 'our little buddy doesn't think he can get us knocked up in only one round.' Reanna didn't say anything she only motioned for Elana to go in. "Hey doc," she wasn't at as much ease as she tried to display, "what's the word on Rea?" He grinned a little before he said anything; "I was sworn to secrecy until you're scanned." She nodded and lay down on the bed, her breathing was heavy and it was clear she was nervous.

Argus sat on the floor watching Reanna; she was pacing up and down the hallway 'I think she's more nervous than Elana was.' Just as he finished his thought she looked to him. "Read my thoughts," she crouched in front of him getting as close as she could without touching him, "just focus on me and tell me what I'm thinking." He looked at her slightly confused, but did as he was told, 'I'm not pregnant.' He made a face drawing back from her. "You aren't pregnant." his voice was cold, almost hurt. "She's right, you are just like her." She grinned wide then hugged him 'I'm sorry if this hurts you, but this takes time.' He wrapped his arms around her and simply held her there. "It doesn't really hurt, just sucks I can't get you knocked up." Both were laughing when Elana came out the door.

"So I'm never going to have kids then?" he was staring blankly at the doctor. "I'm sorry lad," he was cleaning up the equipment he had used for the ladies, "you're just infertile. But that can happen with serious injury to your body, especially your reproductive areas can leave permanent damage." 'Damn it I wanted a family.' He looked to Tolin with a slight pout, "can't you just take some of my stuff and transplant it?" Tolin nodded then looked to the ladies who were standing against the far wall, "Yes that might work, ladies?" Before either could answer Argus spoke, "But you should also be able to take my stuff and put Elana's DNA into it and let Reanna have her baby." Tolin was visibly shocked by the amount of knowledge the young Argus was displaying, "Yes we can do that as well if you ladies would prefer that?" Reanna pushed herself from the wall toward Tolin, "You really need to ask?" Grins and laughter filled the room, as did the happiness of being able to have the child of her lover for both women.

'The ceiling is a very nice cream color, ' Argus was on his back on Tolin's operating table. "Are you sure you don't want something to get rid of pain, this is REALLY going to hurt." 'I hurt them it's my turn to feel some pain for something I want.' He looked to Tolin who was holding an injection tube, "No, just do it, I'll be alright." Elana stepped over to Tolin and took the tube, looked to Argus then injected him, "you didn't hurt us, much, and we already owe you so much, don't add pain to the list." He attempted to protest but all fell on deaf ears. "I don't care, it's done... start your thing." Argus was giving Elana a hateful look as the laser dug into his flesh; 'I have every right to torture myself as a way to apologize!' As Tolin continued the procedure it was clear that even with the medication the pain was intense. "Pain is one thing dear. Stupidity is another." She took his hand as Reanna took the other, "we really do appreciate what you are doing." What little strength he could muster he put into a smile, 'you two went from ladies I wanted to have a relationship with to my sisters and I'm going to help as much as I can.' Both ladies kissed a cheek and he passed out.

"How long was I out?" he rubbed the side of his head trying to clear up his blurry vision. Reanna smiled warmly and touched his hand "only a few hours, Tolin is almost done with Elana. We really cannot express our gratitude for you doing this." He tried to sit up and hug her but when he moved his entire mid section screamed in pain. "You're very welcome you really are like sisters to me now and any way I can help I will." Elana walked in looking exhausted, "your up, that's good." he reached out trying to keep her from falling and she ended up directly across him, "I'm sorry Elana, I only wanted to keep you from falling. I didn't mean to make you fall on me." his grin was tired and it was clear he was extremely drugged. "I know. Hello beautiful. How are you doing this morning?" she looked to Reanna who was sitting in the chair next to the be. "I'm alright, a little sore but alright."

The night came sooner then any of them realized. They had been up most of the day talking and thinking of names for the children Reanna and Elana might be carrying. "Goodnight love." Elana wrapped her arms around Reanna as she always did and sunk into the abyss that was her mind. She was jerked to life by Reanna's screams. "Elana, my god this hurts!" she was hunched over in bed grabbing her mid-section. Elana picked-up her lover and headed out the door toward the med bay. 'Argus wake up Reanna is having an attack of some kind. PLEASE GOD WAKE UP.' he woke up with a jerk and punched Alric in the arm from across the gap between their beds. "Wake up Reanna's in trouble." They both leapt from bed and ran for the med bay. "She had a miscarriage. This happiness sometimes with these kinds of implanting-pregnancies." Tolin was looking into the window of the med-bay from the hallway. Reanna was in one f the beds connected to 6 different machines. "Will she be alright?" Elana had her head against the glass crying as she was looking at Reanna. "in a few days. Her body didn't want what we gave it. It needs time to recuperate she should be fine. It's lucky she had someone near by. If it had gone on without being looked at for too long she might have died." Elana turned her head and looked to the doctor, "for once my ungodly strength did some good." her depression was clear on her face. "Yes it did. And don't you dare get down or blame yourself for this. I will kick your ass." Argus put his hand on her shoulder, 'I mean it. This is NOT your fault, and Reanna would tell you the exact same thing.'

"Are you doing better today love?" Elana was looking at Reanna who was looking pale and rather unhappy. "I'm alright, I'm here. What happened? How's the baby? Are you ok, you look horrid." Reanna moved her hand onto Elana's who quickly drew it away. "you lost the baby. I'm sorry. I've packed all my things and I will leave tonight. I'm sorry I caused you so much pain." she kept her face away from Reanna as she spoke. She reeked of Alice and it was clear she had been up all-night drinking and wallowing in shelf hatred. "It isn't your fault darling. I don't want you to go anywhere. I love you and we can try again." Reanna took Elana's hand and would not let it go, 'you are so important to me I would lose my mind if you left. After this I'm going to need you even more than before. Please don't leave I love you and I want you here with me.'

The next month they tried again with Reanna. Elana had lost hers as well, they were less worried about her then Reanna. Elana was strong enough to go on. Reanna was too weak after the first and it was starting to wear her down. Four weeks went by without and problems. "Hello ma'am how are you feeling today?" Alaric still saluted her, 'he never did let go of his feelings for me did he?' She smiled weakly, "not bad and yourself?" he said nothing and took her arm, "I'm fine. I have found information about the Phantoms. I have found out where the scientists..." he stopped dead when he saw Reanna hunch over and fall to the floor, "MEDIC!" Elana stood in the same place she had the last time this situation had happened. "Same thing?" she looked to Tolin who looked back to her with a worried tone, "Yes, however the time was longer which means her body is getting more and more used to this happening. And as such the next time may work out for the best."

"Well I'm glad you found someone you can love and loves you in return." Kale ran his finger around the rim of the cup of Alice in front of him. It had been a year or so since they had seen each other. "Yeah, but she can't keep a child." she didn't look up, she stared at the glass, 'You always stare at your damned glass when you get like this. Would you please just look at me?' she looked up and tears were rolling down her face. He soon realized why she always looked down. "That isn't your fault Elana. How could it be?" he reached for her hand and she drew away from him. "you have never done that before what's wrong?" she looked down again and drew her dagger, "I'm just bad luck." she held the dagger to her wrist and began to push it down, Kale grabbed the blade making her angry and starting a fight. "Just leave me the hell alone! Let me fucking die!" she tried to take the blade from him and he pinned her, he threw the blade and it stuck into on e of the floorboards. "Elana, you are not bad luck and you did not cause Reanna to lose two babies. Will you please clam down and listen to me?"

"Get the hell off her you bastard!" Reanna charged at Kale and tackled him full on. "Reanna, no! It's ok I'm fine. He is my friend." Elana walked over to where they had landed against the wall of the bar. "Is this Kale?" she took Elana's hand and stood next to her. "Yes, he is. he is also the most honorable man I've ever met other than my father and brothers." she helped him off the ground as well and soon they were all sitting at a table talking about the babies and all the troubles that had gone on. "I saw the 'mils.' come in and protect us form the phantoms but by the time I got to your fathers house your mother and father had already been taken to their secret base. I have your brother though." he slowly drank his Alice, Elana was the only one he knew who could slam it. "I know that's because we took them and fixed them." Reanna sat proudly in her chair looking at the man across from her, 'has he ever gone into your pants?' Elana heard her thoughts and knew Kale would as well. "no ma'am, we tried that once. I was too nervous and she was too drunk. I've never had her and I don't think I ever will. She is like my sister. If she really wanted it I would consider it but of my own free will I will happily decline." Reanna looked to Elana then to Kale, "is he..." Elana nodded and kale laughed a little "Yes ma'am I am also Metan. But don't worry I'd never do anything you hurt you or my sister here."

As she walked onto the familiar ship she smelled the same stench of the processed air but there was a new odor. "Kale, do you smell something odd... almost like rotting meat?" she looked to her friend as he gave her a confused look, "no. why?" As she turned to look at him she realized what she smelled. Her mind had given everyone she knew a smell to identify them with if there was ever a problem with her abilities to see. Feneric ran around the corner they were standing near, he knocked Reanna to the floor and ran directly into Elana. He hit her sideways and he pinned her, "Well hello again slave." he reached up to hit her when Kale picked him off her and threw him into a nearby wall. Reanna jumped off the floor and ran to where he was, she took him by his arm and flipped him over her body flat onto his back. she kept a hold of his arm and straddled his chest. With her other hand she pulled out her dagger and held it to his throat. "We met once before and I had my way with you then, now you are on MY ship and you will not treat my wife or my friends in such a manner." to finish her sentence and her point he jammed her dagger into his shoulder and into the floor making sure he could not move once she left him. Her guards came around the corner as they were chasing him from the science bay. "So that's him huh?" Kale stood and looked at him, "my pinky finger is more of a man than that!" Elana and Kale were sharing a laugh when Reanna doubled over and passed out.

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