Katy - The Sex Slave Secretary
Chapter 1: A New Master for Katy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, MaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: A New Master for Katy - Katy, a sexy 21 year old blonde, becomes her boss's sex slave.

"He just won't be able to resist me," Katy thought to herself, as she admired her sexy tanned body, in the bedroom mirror.

It was the pretty blonde's first day back at work, following her two week holiday in Ibiza, and unusually, she could hardly wait to be back at her job as a secretary at a local estate agency.

One of the reasons Katy was glad to be back at work, was that her holiday abroad had been awful - a complete disaster. She'd gone away with her current boyfriend, Michael, and he'd treated her really badly. They'd been seeing each other for just over 3 months, and it was the first relationship that the sexy 21 year old had had, were she'd been really submissive, and allowed Michael to control her. Katy had found it really exciting to begin with - she loved doing slutty things for him, and being humiliated, because she still got a really good fucking afterwards. For the last couple of weeks however, her boyfriend seemed to be getting his kicks from treating her like a worthless whore, and while they'd been away, he had refused to screw her at all.

The other reason Katy couldn't wait to be back at work, was her boss John. She'd fancied him since they'd first begun working together, a couple of months beforehand. At 31, he was quite a bit older than her, but she'd always preferred older guys anyway. If it had not been for the fact that she was seeing Michael, she would have probably slept with John already.

Katy waited until her parents had both left for work, before she came out of her bedroom, and made herself some toast and a cup of coffee for breakfast. She hadn't wanted them to see her dressed the way she was. Her outfit really wasn't suitable for work, but she knew that John would love it. It consisted of a 12 inch long, skin tight, pink lycra miniskirt, and matching boob tube top. The skirt covered her bum with about an inch to spare when she was standing up, and the top was basically a band of material about 10 inches wide, which covered her small firm boobs. Although she owned a strapless bra, Katy didn't bother to wear it. She wanted her boss to see her hard nipples poking through her top.

After breakfast, Katy did her make up, and put on her favourite pair of silver high-heeled strappy sandals. They weren't very practical, as they were hard to walk in, but they did make her a few inches taller, and emphasised her long slim legs. The sexy blonde put her mobile phone into her handbag, and then jumped into her car to drive the few miles to work.

The public car park, where Katy left her car during the day was a couple of hundred yards away from where she worked. She could feel the stares she was getting from everyone who saw her that morning, as she walked to the office. She figured it was only to be expected, since she was dressed more like a prostitute than a secretary.

"Look at this," Katy heard someone say, as she passed the property next to the building where she worked. There were 4 or 5 guys in there, obviously builders, doing some work on the place. They were all staring out of the window at here. A couple of them gave her wolf-whistles. Katy just smiled at them all, and carried on walking.

"Hi John," said the pretty blonde enthusiastically, as she came through the office door, with a big smile on her face.

John was sitting at his desk, glancing through the local property guide, when Katy walked in. He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the way she was dressed. Her sensitive puffy nipples were protruding obscenely through the thin material of her top, and all of her long tanned legs were on display.

"Morning Katy," he replied eventually. "Wow! You look great. I presume you had a good holiday then?"

"Yeah it was okay, I guess," she said, the smile disappearing from her face at the mention of her holiday. "So, did you miss me then?"

"Of course," said John, smiling at her. "It was really boring here without you."

Katy grinned. She could tell by the look on John's face that he was impressed by her slutty little outfit. He could hardly keep his eyes off her.

"I'll go make us a coffee before I open the post," said the blonde girl, as she walked down the office, into the back, where the kitchen was.

Katy returned a few minutes later with a coffee for them both, and then sat down at her desk, which was opposite John's, with her legs crossed.

"You've got a really good tan Katy," her boss told her, as she began opening the mail. He couldn't help but stare at her lovely long sun-tanned legs under the desk.

"I know. I was out every day, all day, lying by the pool. That's why I bought this little outfit when I got back yesterday. I thought it would show off my tan really well. Do you like it? You don't think it's too revealing do you?"

"No, you look absolutely fantastic," said John, complimenting the young girl. "It sounded like the builders next door approved too!"

"I know," giggled Katy. "Anyone would think they'd never seen a woman in a short skirt before!"

John had fantasised regularly about Katy since she'd first begun working with him. Since his divorce three years earlier, he hadn't had a serious relationship with anyone. He was currently shagging this young girl called Elaine, who he'd met in one of the local night clubs. She was a couple of years older than Katy, and didn't really look that much like her, but several times when he'd been fucking her, John had closed his eyes, and imagined that it was his sexy young secretary that he'd been screwing.

Before Katy had gone away on holiday John had been thinking of nothing else but her. She'd started coming to work in quite short skirts, and would often sit at her desk with her legs apart enough for him to see her knickers. Katy would also sometimes leave a button too many undone on her shirt, and John loved looking down it, ogling her lovely firm boobs in one of her "push-up" bras.

"So what else did you get up to?" asked John, suddenly snapping out of his daydream about Katy.

"Oh nothing much really," she said quietly. "Maybe we could go to the pub at dinner, and I'll tell you all about it."

John sensed that something was wrong. He knew Katy had a boyfriend, and that they'd gone away together. He hoped they had not got on, maybe even split up. That would leave the way clear for him.

"Sure that sounds like a great idea," John told her. They usually went to the pub for dinner on a Friday, but the thought of having lunch with Katy dressed as she was really turned him on. He knew all the other guys in there would be jealous.

The smile returned to Katy's face, and the young blonde uncrossed her long legs. Even though her knees were only a couple of inches apart, her skirt was so short that John had a perfect view of her skimpy pink thong.

Katy crossed and uncrossed her legs several times for the next hour or so. Each time, her skirt was riding up a little higher. She looked down and could see her knickers. Katy decided to put on a little show for her boss.

"God this skirt!" she sighed, as she stood up at her desk. It had ridden halfway up her bum, and John could see how skimpy her pink thong really was.

Katy pulled her skirt down over her bum, but pulled it a little too far - the top of her knickers could now be seen. She pulled it back up, so her underwear was covered.

"I think it really is too short this skirt," she said to her boss, before sitting down once again, and crossing her legs.

"Well I really like it," John said cheekily. Katy grinned at him.

"I bet you do," she thought.

Soon twelve o clock came, and after locking up the office, the two of them headed off towards the pub. It was only round the corner - less than a five minute walk, but on the way Katy got more than a dozen stares from men they walked past.

The Red Lion was pretty quiet that Monday lunch time. Katy sat herself down at a table in the corner, as her boss ordered them both a drink and a sandwich at the bar. Her skirt rode up again, as she crossed her long slim legs. Katy didn't bother to try and pull it down.

"There you go," said John, as he put her drink down on the table in front of her - a large vodka and coke.

"Thanks," said Katy, smiling, and she patted the seat next to her, encouraging her boss to sit there, rather than in the chair opposite.

John sat down next to his sexy young secretary, hardly able to keep his eyes off her lovely tanned legs.

"So what happened on this holiday then?" he asked her. "You've hardly said two words about it all morning."

"I know," said Katy, after taking a sip of her drink. "It was really awful John."

"How come?"

"Well, on the first night, we were out in this bar, and Michael, that's my boyfriend, caught me chatting to these two English lads, who were staying at the same hotel as us. I was only talking to them, but he accused me of chatting them up. He dragged me back to our hotel room, and well... he..."

John sensed that Katy was a little uncomfortable talking about what had happened.

"You don't have to tell me, if you don't want," he said sympathetically. He hoped that she would though.

"No, it's okay. He... well, he handcuffed me to the bed, and left me there while he went back out. It was hours before he came back, and when he did he was drunk and had make up all over his shirt. He told me he'd shagged this young Swedish girl he'd met at a night club. He told me all about it, telling me how much better she was in bed than me."

"That's awful," said John, really shocked at what Katy had told him.

"I wouldn't have minded that too much, if he'd have shagged me. I was feeling really horny, but he refused, and just went to sleep."

John looked at Katy. He could tell she was really upset by this. He put his hand on her leg, just above her knee, and told her that her boyfriend was a fool.

"It was the same for the whole two weeks," admitted Katy. "He would go out every night, and get off with some girl or other, and leave me handcuffed to the bed. The only time he let me out was during the day, when I could sunbathe by the pool."

"Katy! That's terrible," said John, as he gently stroked the young girl's leg. "Why didn't you just leave him, and come home, or go to another hotel?"

"I couldn't," she said. "He had all our money. I didn't take my credit car, or anything."

Just then the waitress brought their sandwiches over, giving Katy a black look, as she saw how she was dressed. John took his hand off her leg, and they began to eat their lunch.

"Do you know what the worst bit was?" the pretty blonde asked her boss.

"What's that Katy?"

"Not having sex for two whole weeks!" Katy admitted. "You can't imagine how horny I am."

Katy took hold of her boss's hand, and placed back on her leg, a little higher up this time.

"Anyway I dumped him when we got back in England, but now I really need another boyfriend." the sexy blonde told John. "Someone who will control me, make me do naughty things, but still give me a good hard shagging too."

"Oh right," said John, not really knowing quite what to say. "So is being controlled your thing then?"

"Yes," said Katy, nodding her head. "I'm really submissive. Michael used to make me do all kinds of things."

"Such as?"

"He used to make me go out with him without any underwear on. Then he'd take me somewhere in his car, and make me give him a blow job as we drove along. Once he even made me do it with one of his friends, while he watched and took pictures. And well..."

"What else?" asked John. He was getting really turned on, by what his young slutty secretary was telling him.

"Well, it was him that told me to start wearing short skirts for work, and to sit with my legs apart, so you could see my knickers. He liked the idea of me teasing guys. He wanted me to come in without any knickers on at all once, and let you see my pussy. I told him I did it, but I bottled out really. Sorry. You're not mad at me are you, for teasing you?"

"No, of course not Katy. I didn't realise what a good little slave you could be."

Katy smiled at her boss. She knew by the end of the day she would be his sex slave.

"On the first day abroad," the pretty blonde continued, "he made me have my clit pierced. He wanted me to get my nipples done too, and I was gonna, later in the week, but after he was so horrible to me I refused."

"Really? You've got your clit pierced? Didn't it hurt?"

"Mmmm it did, a bit." Katy leaned over to her boss and whispered in his ear, "Would you like to have a look?"

She smiled at her boss, but didn't wait for an answer. The sexy young blonde moved her skirt up another inch so that her pink knickers were on display, and then pulled them to one side, so that her boss could see her completely shaven pussy. John gasped as he looked at her cunt. Her clit was pierced with a small silver ring. Katy let her boss admire her for a few seconds, before moving her thong back into place, and smoothing her skirt down over it.

"Do you like it John? What do you think?"

"Yeah... It... It looks really great," he told her, more than a little shocked. He knew that Katy was no prude, but he had never expected her to act this sluttily.

"Good. I'm glad you like it," beamed the sexy young secretary.

By this time, the two of them had finished their lunch, and it was time to head back to the office for 1 o clock. Katy finished her drink, and the two of them headed out of the pub. John walked behind Katy towards the door. He noticed that her skirt had ridden up again, and wasn't covering all of her bum. Katy couldn't be bothered to pull it down, so she went all the way back to work, with a little of her ass cheeks on display. Needless to say, she got even more stares than on the way there.

"I'm just gonna go to the loo, then I'll make us another coffee," Katy told her boss, when they arrived back at the office.

John's cock had been semi-hard all the way through lunch. He wanted Katy so badly now, and he decided that he could wait no longer to get his hands on this young slut. He locked the front door again, and followed Katy into the ladies' toilet.

"God John! What are you doing!" she screamed, pretending to be horrified as her boss opened the door on her. She was sitting down on the toilet peeing, with her skirt hitched up around her waist, and her knickers around her ankles.

John just ignored her protests, and unbuckled his belt. He undid his trousers, and pulled his hard cock out of his boxer shorts, offering it to his pretty young secretary.

"Suck it you little tart," he told her, before pushing her top down a little, so he could play with her tits.

Katy didn't put up any fight at all. In fact the sexy young blonde was desperate for a cock, any cock. She would have preferred it in her wet little pussy, but her mouth would have to do for now. John's dick looked so nice to her, she just leaned forward a little and began to lick it up and down. Normally she would have spent longer just using her tongue, but she had this overwhelming desire to have her boss fuck her pretty mouth.

"Oh my god Katy!" John groaned, as she took half the length of his 7 inch dick into her hot little mouth. "That feels wonderful."

Katy had stopped peeing now, and was able to fully concentrate on the job in hand - feasting on this lovely cock in front of her. She bobbed her head backwards and forwards, each time taking a little more of her boss's dick in her mouth. She could feel the head bumping against the entrance to her throat, and knew that it would soon be going in there.

John was in absolute heaven. He could hardly believe what a wonderful cock sucking little whore his secretary was, and she looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! He began to gently thrust his dick forward, pushing it deeper and deeper into Katy's hot wet mouth.

"Oh Jesus Katy!" he groaned, as his cock head entered the young girl's throat for the first time.

Katy carefully controlled her breathing as she deep-throated her boss, taking in the whole of his dick. She held it there for a second before moving back and swirling her tongue around the head. Then she took it all in again, her nose rubbing against his pubes, as the head of his dick was in her throat.

John just stood there, letting this gorgeous young girl do all the work. He brushed her hair back away from her face, so he had a better view of his cock sliding in and out between her pink lips. He wanted this to last for ever, but he knew it wouldn't. He was really close to cumming.

Katy sensed this, and began to play with his balls, stroking them with her long fingernails, wanting to taste her boss's hot cum in her mouth.

"Oh god Katy! I'm gonna cum!" he yelled out, just before pulling his cock out of her mouth. He aimed it at the pretty blonde's face, and the first huge spurt of goo hit her on the forehead. Katy stuck out her tongue expectantly, and John lowered his aim a little. The next load hit her on the nose, and began to drip down onto her lips. The third and fourth loads John used to coat her tongue.

It took both of them a few moments to recover. John knelt down for a second and removed Katy's knickers from around her ankles. He used her pink thong to wipe the remaining cum from his dick, and then passed the underwear to his slutty secretary.

"Here. Clean yourself up with these." he told her.

John pulled his trousers and boxers up, and left Katy there, sitting on the toilet, wiping his cum from her face with her knickers.

When Katy came into the front office a few minutes later, she found her boss going through her handbag. He'd found the silver dildo, which she took everywhere with her.

"John! What are you doing?"

"Come here, and give me your knickers!" he told her, ignoring what she'd said.

Katy did as she was told. She handed John her sodden panties, and he gave her the dildo. He put the pink thong in one of his desk drawers. Katy had wiped all of the cum off her face with her underwear, but she still had a couple of drops in her blonde hair.

"Now Katy, you've just found your new master," he told her. "As long as you do everything I tell you to without question, I will treat you really well and make sure you get a regular good fucking. You want to be my fuck toy, don't you?"

"Okay. I'll be your personal little slutty fuck toy," Katy said quietly, looking down at the floor. She just couldn't understand why being treated like this turned her on so much. Her pussy was literally dripping wet.

"Good girl. Now give me a little show with your toy."

Katy sat down on her chair, and spread her legs, forcing her skirt up so that her pussy was on display. She held her dildo with both hands, and began rubbing it up and down her wet slit.

"Does that feel nice Katy?" John asked her.

"Ohhhh yes!" panted the young slut, as she felt the solid dildo pressing against her pierced clit. "Feels great."

Katy slowly eased the silver dildo into her tight wet cunt. She began to push it in and out, fucking herself with it, getting gradually faster. She moved her spare hand up to her chest, and began to rub her rock hard nipples through the thin material of her top. Then all of a sudden the young girl pulled her toy right out of her hungry cunt, and slid it into her mouth. She looked John straight in the eye, as she made a real show of sucking and licking her juices off the dildo. After a couple of minutes it went back in her cunt.

John could feel his cock swelling again inside his trousers as his slutty young secretary pleasured herself with her toy. He knew he was going to have a lot of fun with her.

Suddenly someone tried the front door. It was a customer, but fortunately the door was still locked.

"Straighten yourself up, while I go unlock the door," John told his secretary.

Katy reluctantly took her dildo out of her fanny, and put it back in her handbag. She pulled down her skirt, very conscious of the fact that she was no longer wearing any panties, as she heard the key turn in the lock, and John let the customer in. She was feeling so horny now, she could hardly bear it. She'd been so close to her orgasm.

John wouldn't let her touch herself for the rest of the afternoon. He just made her sit at her desk, with her legs apart, so that he could look up her tiny skirt, and admire her hot wet cunt.

At 5 o clock, they usually both left the office together. John though, had different ideas that day. He went and locked the office door, and then took hold of Katy's hand, and led her into the back office, where the photocopier and fax machine were located. It was out of view of anyone passing the office. John pushed the submissive young blonde down onto her knees.

"Get it out, and suck it, you filthy little bitch."

Katy did exactly as she was told. She pulled down her boss's trousers and boxer shorts, and began to suck his cock for the second time that day. It was already semi-hard, and it only took Katy a few minutes of her expert cock sucking to get him fully hard. Whilst the young girl really loved to give head, she was desperately hoping that her boss was going to fuck her. She needed a cock in her fanny, and to cum all over it so badly. Katy was not to be disappointed.

"Now stand up, and bend over the photocopier," John told her.

Again Katy obeyed her boss, and new master. She bent over, sticking her bum right out. John pulled her tiny pink skirt up to her waist, and began to probe her cunt with his fingers, finding out just how wet his little slut really was.

"Mmm yes!" the sexy blonde secretary panted. "Please fuck me John."

"Is this what you want?" he asked her, as he rubbed the head of his big dick against her pussy lips, teasing her. "Beg for it you little tart."

Katy was so horny, she begged her boss to shag her really convincingly. She ended up actually crying, as she pleaded with him to put his cock up her.

"Please John! Please! I'll do anything!" she wailed, tears running down her face. "Please fuck me! I just need your big hard cock in me sooooooo much!"

John slowly pushed his rock hard cock deep into Katy's tight little cunt, and his sexy little secretary groaned with relief. It had been such a long time since he had fucked a girl that was as tight as Katy. It was a good job she was so wet he thought, as he began to slowly fuck her.

Katy was in heaven. She'd needed this for over two weeks, and now, finally, she was being fucked. For her there was no comparison between having a hard cock ramming in and out of her pussy, and using her fingers or a dildo. A cock was a hundred times better. Katy squealed loudly, as she came after just half a dozen thrusts from her boss. He just carried on fucking her wet little fanny.

"Oh John! Yes! Fuck me harder!" she pleaded, as she recovered from her orgasm, and began to push back against his dick.

John started to fuck the young girl harder and faster. He moved his hands underneath her, and onto her tits. He pulled down her skimpy top and began to play with her nipples, roughly twisting them, and pulling on them, as his big hard dick pounded in an out of her wet cunt.

"Oh! You dirty little bitch," said John, as his secretary begged him to do it to her harder. They were fucking so hard that the table with the photocopier began to wobble, and bang against the wall.

John grabbed hold of Katy's shoulder length blonde hair, and pulled her down onto all fours on the floor, without taking his cock out of her. The slutty young secretary arched her back, and pushed back, as her boss thrust into her tight little cunt. She was screaming for him to shag her harder, and knew she was close to her second orgasm.

All of a sudden John could hold back no longer and rammed his huge dick into her one last time. He started to pump his cum deep into the young girl's belly.

"Ohhhhhhhh," yelled Katy, as she came too, feeling her boss's hot spunk squirting around deep inside her. She began to buck back and forth like crazy, as her orgasm peaked.

"Oh god Katy! That was fantastic," John told her, as he began to recover from his climax. He slowly pulled his softening dick out of the young girl's sloppy cunt.

Katy had collapsed on the floor, and was moaning how great it had been too. John offered his dick to her mouth, and made her lick it clean, before pulling up his trousers and boxer shorts.

"I'll just nip to the loo to clean myself up," Katy said to him, as she pulled her top back up over her tits. The pretty blonde felt a little dazed.

"It'll have to wait 'till you get home Katy," John told her, as he helped her up off the floor. "Come on. Time to go."

Katy couldn't believe it. She pulled her skirt down over her bum, but as she walked, she could feel her boss's cum dripping out of her pussy and down her legs. She felt like a complete whore, as she walked back to her car like that.

"At least I've been fucked," thought the slutty young girl, as she reached her car, "and I've found a new master."

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