Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Crystal was dumped in the bay by a drunk husband who thought he had killed her. She found shelter and real love and she and he built a financal empire and renovated a town dying of poverty.

She was over an hour late for work at the diner. She had on large sunglasses and the makeup looked an inch thick on her cheeks. Crystal moved as if she were hurting in her back. Nan had reported for work as usual at five AM and after clocking in and found that Crystal was not at work she had expected to have the morning breakfast rush to take care of all by herself. She was glad when Crystal came in.

Between nine and eleven there were hardly any customers in the Lunch Box Diner, the help could eat then. Crystal had just scrambled eggs and toast. Nan sat with her with a big breakfast. Nan reached across and took Crystal's sunglasses off, under them were two black eyes. Nan asked "That bastard been beating you again?" Crystal nodded. Nan asked when she was going to get away from that son of a bitch and make a new life for herself. Crystal said that Carl had promised to kill her if she ever tried to leave him, she thought that he would if she did. Nan told Crystal to get away from Carl before he killed her anyway. Crystal said she wished there was a way she could.

A customer came in for coffee and pastry and Crystal served him. She stayed away from Nan the rest of the morning, she did not want to talk of her troubles any more.

Carl and Crystal lived in a shabby old trailer on land his father owned. There were no neighbors near. A tidal swamp was behind it and a city transit line was in the street in front. That was how Crystal got to and from work. She worked the hours of from five in the morning until one in the afternoon. She worked six days a week. Crystal had been saving money from her tips for months, she had eleven hundred dollars hidden in that house trailer. She had made up her mind she was going to run when she had around two thousand saved.

Two weeks later on a Friday evening Carl came in drunk and began beating on Crystal again. He knocked her out and was drunk enough to think he had killed her. He thought he would get rid of her body. He carried her out to his pickup and dumped her in back. Carl was going to drop her body in the river, she would never be found if he tied a weight to her.

Carl drove out on the old bridge, when the new one had been finished ten years before the center of the old bridge had been removed. What he was on was now a fisherman's pier.

Carl botched an already fucked up evening when he wired a smooth section of steel pipe to Crystal's ankle. The pipe slipped out of the stiff wire loop and hit the water before Crystal did. The tide was moving the water fast enough so that when Crystal came back up she was under the bridge. Carl did not see her. He had left the noisy engine running on the truck and did not hear her coughing the water out of her lungs.

Crystal had never learned to swim, she could keep her head above water with a clumsy 'Dog Paddle'. She saw a rope tied around a concrete pier and paddled to it with sincere appreciation of some fisherman.

Crystal knew she could not hold on to that rope for long. A block of Styrofoam floated within her reach, there was a rope tied around it. She pulled it to her and while still holding on to her rope tried to see if it would support her in the water. It would keep the upper part of her body floating, she let go of the rope and drifted toward the bay. It looked as if the shore to her right was the closest, she began kicking toward it. An hour later she was near the shore, the moon was up and the shore was a tidal swamp. Ahead she saw a light on a pier. There was some kind of large boat tied to it. She drifted down to it and crawled out on a float. Crystal could smell coal smoke and hear music. There was a pickup truck and a car on a paved parking area on shore. Crystal mounted an inclined walkway to a concrete pier, on the other side of it was a large barge type houseboat.

Patrick Colson lived aboard the houseboat. He was a single guy, twenty-five years old and the owner of his own business. Pat worked on pumps. He had a complete shop less than a hundred yards away fronting on Bay Shore Drive. He had enough business to keep himself and three others busy. He lived alone with a large black Lab dog named Rob.

Pat had been born and raised near by and had learned his trade from his dad and uncle. Both had retired and moved to south Florida. They gave Pat their business. Pat had bought with the help of the bank the six bay automobile repair shop he now had his business in. He had lived in a small travel trailer behind his shop for three years. The first of that year the man who was building his houseboat home had died. Pat had bought the nearly completed houseboat from his widow.

Pat had moved aboard and finished it.

Pat did not smoke but some evenings he enjoyed a pipe with a beer before his coal fire. That was what he was doing when Crystal came aboard his ship.

Rob came un-glued and was barking at the door. Pat saw a face at the window, it was a woman's face and she knocked. Pat was wearing only a clean pair of underwear shorts he had put on after his shower. He got his gun and opened the door. Crystal begged to be let in, she said she was very cold. Pat stepped aside and let her in. She went to the tiny ships heater and basked in the warmth of the coal fire.

Pat asked her what she was doing here wet as if she had been in the bay. Crystal told him her story. Pat wanted to call the police and let her swear out a warrant for Carl. Crystal said he would swear in return that she was lying and there would be nothing done. She would have Carl to deal with then. Crystal said that she had a chance to be rid of Carl now and she wanted him to think she was dead.

Pat asked her if she would like to get out of her wet clothes, he offered her dry ones. Crystal said "That would be nice." Pat got her out a new sweat suit that had shrunk after he washed it. It was still large for her but she thanked him. Pat asked if she would like a hot bath to warm up from the bay. Crystal said "That would be wonderful." Pat started the water in the whirlpool bathtub and tossed in some bubble bath beads. Crystal said that she could not take a bath with him looking at her. Pat promised to turn his chair so he could not see her. Pat kept his word and turned his chair. Rob sat beside this stranger in his master's tub. When she was through Rob gave her room to dry off and put on Pat's sweats. When Crystal was covered she went to the couch and put her feet up.

Pat turned his chair around and asked Crystal if she would like a beer or a drink. Crystal replied that a drink would finish warming her up. Pat zapped some lemonaid in the microwave and poured in a liberal dose of vodka. He served that in a tall coffee mug.

Pat asked if he could take her someplace for the night. Crystal asked if she could spend the night on the couch she was sitting on, she said she had no money for a motel room. Pat told her she could. He explained that the couch made a bed and helped her to fold it out. Pat found her pillows and a double sleeping bag for her bed.

Two hours later Pat got up to put more coal on the fire. Crystal had Rob snuggled in that sleeping bag with her, he was in her arms and backed up against her. Crystal's eyes came open when Pat put the lump of coal in the fireplace. She said "Rob is my bed warmer." Pat grinned and put on one more piece of coal. He went to the open bath area, pissed then went back to bed. Crystal waited until she thought Pat was back to sleep and went there to have a pee.

At six AM Pat was out of bed making a pot of coffee. Rob got off the bed with Crystal and went to the door, he wanted out. Crystal woke and sat on the side of the bed. She was still wearing the sweats and her feet were in the socks Pat had loaned her.

Pat let Rob out and put more coal on the fire. The coffee was ready and Pat asked Crystal how she wanted her's. She liked it black like he did. Pat brought it to her and sat in the recliner in front of the fire.

Pat asked her if she had decided what she wanted to do now that her husband thought he had killed her. Crystal said she had planned to leave town soon to get away from Carl but had not saved enough money to leave him yet. She said "I would like to get the over a thousand dollars from that trailer, at least I would have some money." Pat suggested that he could take her there when Carl was gone and she could get it. Crystal said she would like to get her clothing and a few other things but Carl would know she was not dead if she did.

Pat suggested that she could get her things and he would set the trailer on fire. Carl would never know her things were not in the ashes. Crystal said "Yeah he would lose every thing he owns but what he was wearing or was in his truck."

Pat said "Today is Saturday, I do not open my shop on weekends, what does Carl do on Saturdays?" Crystal said he usually slept late and shot pool most of the day. Pat said that he would take her there after Carl was gone.

They spent the morning house cleaning and talking. They learned a lot about each other. They began to feel comfortable together. Crystal washed and dried the clothes she had been wearing when Carl threw her in the river. She had been wearing women's bib overhauls and her billfold was in the bib. She had her driver's licensee, SS card and ten dollars in it. Both were still with her maiden name on them. Her picture was taken when her hair was dark brown. Her date of birth would make her twenty years old.

At noon they left in Pat's pickup truck, Crystal had her blond hair stuffed up in a cap and was wearing mirror sunglasses. Pat drove them through town and up river a few miles. Carl's truck was gone when they got to the trailer. Pat drove behind the trailer so his truck could not be seen from the road.

Crystal found a hidden key to the door and let them in. The first thing she did was pull out a drawer and take an envelope taped to the back of it. The drawer had her under garments in it. Pat dumped it into a canvass bag he had brought. Other drawers were dumped in it. When the bag was full he zipped it closed and they filled the second one. Crystal put on a pair of shoes and put the rest in the bag. There were clothes on hangers, those went on the jump seat in Pat's truck. After every thing was loaded Crystal looked around and said "I guess that we have all of my things and we can go now." She went to a drawer and took a small pistol out and put it in her purse with a box of shells for it. Pat emptied a can of lighter fluid on the bed and struck a match. Instantly the flames were filling the room. Pat drove away and took them to his houseboat.

Crystal said "Now what do I do, I have no place to go and I won't be able to work where I was now, Carl eats there sometimes."

Pat invited her to stay with him for a while. She could take her time deciding. Crystal thanked him and said she felt safe there.

It was early in the afternoon when all of Crystal's things were in the houseboat. Pat said he needed to go to the super market. They spent a couple of hours buying food. Pat drove to the furnature store where he had bought his bedroom suit. He bought another chest and a vanity with a mirror matching what he had. He had bought only one nightstand before, he bought another. It all came in cardboard boxes. They unloaded the groceries and put them up. Then the furnature was brought in. As Pat removed the boxes the new things were placed. Pat told Crystal she had a place now she could put her things that were still in those canvass tote bags. Pat watched the evening news on the tube then turned it off. He started the CD player, quiet restful music was playing. A pretty fire was burning in the fireplace. Crystal was soon finished putting away her clothes. She joined Pat on the couch. Pat asked if he could fix her a drink, he was going to have one. She said she would like that. Pat returned with drinks and fired up his pipe.

Crystal was relaxed and had a smile, she was content to sip her drink and watch the fire. Pat was like Crystal content and had no need to talk. Rob was dozing near the fire. At ten thirty Pat put Rob out and when he let him back in Pat said "Let's go to bed Crystal you get to sleep in a real bed tonight." Crystal undressed as Pat did, they were naked when they slipped under the covers. The bed was warm, Pat had turned on the electric blanket hours before.

Pat said "Crystal I have a desire for you." She told him she had a desire for hin as well. They made love for a long time.

The next day was Sunday, they slept late and spent the day nude. They talked a lot that day, she told of being left in a basket on the hospital steps and those years in foster homes. She told of changing schools often. She said she never had felt wanted or loved. She spoke of having married Carl because she wanted to belong to someone, to be loved. She talked of having graduated from high school at sixteen and going to junior college for two years. At eighteen she was released from state supervision and looked for a job. She had worked as a bookkeeper for a construction company until they went broke. She had taken a job as a waitress at the Lunch Box Dinner because she made more in tips than her last job had paid.

Pat discovered that she was very bright and well educated.

Pat told of a happy childhood and growing up as an only child. He told of spending his summers and holidays working in his dad's and uncle's pump shop. Pat spoke of playing football in high school and refusing several scholarships to play college football. He said his business was very rewarding financially. He told Crystal that he owed nothing at the bank and was about to enlarge his building because of his volume of business.

Pat asked Crystal if she would like to work for him, he needed to get a computer and start using it in his office. Pat told her that it was not likely that Carl would ever see her in this part of town but if he did she would be safe with Rob and he around.

Pat asked Crystal when she had become a blond. She said she had her hair done blond before she went to work at the Lunch Box. Pat asked if Carl had ever seen her before she dyed her hair. Crystal said he had not. Pat told her they would dye her hair back to its natural color that evening. She said she would let her hair grow longer and quit using cosmetics.

Carl would not know her if he saw her then. They got dressed near dark and went to a Super Center. They got hair dye and several pairs of sweats for Crystal to wear around home. They had dinner at a nice restarunt before going back to the houseboat. The bed was warm and so was the loving.

They were up at five Monday morning. They had a shower together. Crystal did breakfast while Pat shaved. They were in the shop office when the help began to arrive. Pat introduced Crystal as the new bookeeper, Crystal Martin, the name that was on her ID.

Later Pat and she went shopping for a computer. She knew what she wanted and it was delivered and set up that afternoon. Pat had not spent as much as he had expected and Crystal had chosen top-notch equipment. Crystal went right to work entering all the business transactions since the first of the year. She was still working when every employee had left. Pat stayed on with her until dark, he insisted they go home then.

Crystal was worn out, she ploped on the couch and got her shoes off. Pat fixed her a drink and let her rest while she sipped it. Pat told Crystal she had the rest of her life to enter information in the computer. He told her she was to not get that involved ever again. Pat said "You can not spend more than five hours a day at the computer from now on."

Crystal said she guessed she had over done it that day, She said she had less than an hours work to get the last of the general ledger in the computer. She said she would do parts inventory next, then... Pat cut her off with a kiss. He told her to finish her drink and he was putting her to bed. While she sipped her drink Pat zapped a rich can of soup and made Crystal drink that.

Pat put her to bed and masaged her tense back until she was sleeping. Pat stayed up for a while reading then joined Crystal.

The next morning they woke to the sound of heavy rain pounding the steel roof. Crystal snuggled and said "It is like music, it could put me back to sleep." Pat told her to let it then. Instead her warm soft hands found his limp cock and did their magic. Soon she was on him with him inserted fully in her. She said "Now I am happy, I have my man in me and I feel complete." Pat asked her if she wanted to fuck and she replied that she would be content to stay like this all morning. Pat told her that they would have to get up and go to work and they could not spend the morning in bed. She said "Well we must not waste this wonderful hard then." She got her knees under her and began to rise and fall on him. Her first climax was a shuddering moaning thing that lasted nearly a minute, when it was over she asked Pat to jet in her, she would have another when she felt his seed going in her. Pat did not wait, he let go in her. Crystal cried out as she fell over the edge, "O God I love you Pat." Pat said "And I love you honey."

That was the first time either had used that word to the other.

They had a hot shower and fixed a breakfast. After they were ready Pat got them out rainwear. The TV forecast was for rain all morning, turning to sleet in the afternoon then three days of snow. Pat told Crystal they were going to open the shop, hang around for a bit then go shopping for supplies. At the shop after opening up Pat put two large cartons behind the seat of the truck. They were labeled Gas Space Heaters. He told Crystal to not start the computer, that they were going to lay in several weeks supply of food and some more coal for the stove. As soon as all of the employees had clocked in Crystal and Pat left. Pat knew there would be a rush at the supermarkets so they went there first. They filled two carts with things they might eat. The coal yard was next, Pat bought ten fifty-pound bags of lump coal. A big hardware store was next, Pat bought flash light batterys and a propane camp stove. He bought three propane camp lanterns and two cases of propane cylinders for them. Crystal suggested candles, Pat bought a large box of them.

They were back at the shop before noon, Pat advised his employees to knock off and prepair for the storm. Pat suggested they think in terms of two weeks with out power and the food stores being closed.

Pat and Crystal backed the truck out on the concrete dock and began to unload their purchases. Crystal organized their food in the kitchen, Pat stacked the coal on the deck near the entry door. The camping supplys were brought to the kitchen table. The gas space heaters were carried one to each end of the cabin. It took no more than ten minutes each for Pat to install the gas heaters. The piping was already in place. Weeks before Pat had bought a one thousand gallon butane tank and had it filled. He had run the piping and ordered the heaters. At that time he had installed a gas hot water heater.

Pat went to the camper trailer behind the shop, the place he had stayed for over two years before buying the house boat, he got a twelve volt TV and the two marine batterys from there. The batterys were fully charged and the TV - VCR worked.

When the power went off late that evening Pat lighted the gas heaters and put more coal in the ships stove. They had heat, hot and cold water, lights, fully working plumbing and a way to cook. They had TV and a way to watch movies. And they had each other.

At ten thirty Pat and Chrystal snuggled in a warm bed and hopped others in the area were as well off as they. They knew better though.

About one AM Rob woke them, he was barking and jumping on the front door. They knew someone was outside. Pat and Crystal were sleeping nude. They put on their sweats and both took their guns from their nightstands.

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