Boston Cream Pie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gary has an obsession with eating cream pie. That is having oral sex with a woman who has just had intercourse. How dose Gary fufil his need to have his wife give him a cream pie?

Sometimes you have sexual desires or fantasies that you know you should never pursue, but sometimes you just can't help yourself. This story is about the pursuit of my fantasy.

It all started when I was in high school. At that time I was a bit of a geek and an honor student more interested in computers than girls, that is until my senior year. It was at that point that I noticed the girls around me and started having wet dreams about them. Lacking in social graces as I was, I had no idea how to go about getting a date with a girl let alone getting her to have sex with me.

It was toward the end of the school year when my best friend John suggested I ask Helen Whitaker out. Helen was the girl in our class voted most likely to...

At first I didn't like the idea of asking the class slut out on a date, but John convinced me that if I wanted to get laid she was my best bet. It took me nearly two hours to finally get up the nerve to call her and was very relieved when she said she would go out with me that Friday night. She told me she had something else she had to do earlier that night so I should pick her up at her house at ten o'clock.

I called John and told him the good news then asked him where I should take Helen on our date. John just laughed and said, "Just take her into the back seat of your car."

I said, "What?"

John said, "Helen is the easiest girl in school. You don't have to take her anywhere. Just drive out to the old parking lot behind the baseball field and get her in the backseat and you'll get laid."

I couldn't believe what John was telling me. "You mean all I have to do is take her parking and I'll get laid?"

"Yep. She knows what you want so there's no point wasting time going to the movies or anything like that. Just take her out and fuck her."

I wasn't sure about the idea of just taking her parking. I felt that as a gentleman I should take her out for dinner or something. Although, starting a date at ten o'clock is to late to go to a movie or to dinner. I wasn't sure what I should do so I decided that when I picked Helen up I would just ask her where she wanted to go.

I have to admit that the idea that I might actually have sex with her had me so excited that I couldn't stand it. On Friday I got to her house at ten but she wasn't home. I sat in my car wondering if she was going to stand me up but five minutes later a car pulled up and Helen got out. When the other car pulled away I got out of my car and started walking toward Her. When she saw me coming she said, "Oh you're hear? Well I'm ready so let's go."

When we got in my car I said, "Where would you like to go?"

Helen said, "Well, I don't want to go to the old parking lot behind the ball field."

I was hoping that my disappointment didn't show as I said, "That's okay."

Then Helen said, "Yeah, the cops have been hanging around over there. Let's go over to Stillman's pond. I know a place in the woods where no one will bother us."

I was stunned. All I could manage to say was, "I don't know where Stillman's Pond is."

Helen directed me there and we were out of the car and walking down a narrow path just ten minutes after I picked her up. We walked about two hundred feet into the woods and we came to a clearing. Helen pulled a beach blanket out of the large handbag she was carrying and laid it out on the ground. She sat down and patted the blanket next to her indicating that she wanted me to sit with here.

I sat down next to her but I didn't know what I should do next so I did nothing. Helen turned to me and said, "Aren't you going to kiss me?"

I leaned toward he and started to give her as gentle a kiss on the lips as I could but she grabbed my head in her hands and plastered her lips to mine. The next thing I knew her tongue was in my mouth. Within seconds after that I had a raging hard on that was causing me some discomfort in my pants.

After we broke from the kiss Helen said, "You're a virgin aren't you?"

The question embarrassed me and I wanted to lie and say that I wasn't but she already knew the truth so I said nothing.

She said, "Don't worry about it. Just do what I tell you and we will both enjoy this."

Then she stared giving me instructions. At first I was a little uncomfortable with her telling me what to do but I quickly got used to it and began enjoying the experience. I have to admit that I almost came in my pants when she pulled me down to suck on her nipple for the first time. When she opened my pants and pulled my cock out and began stroking it I was in heaven. At that point I knew that I would do whatever Helen wanted me to do.

I couldn't believe it when she took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me off. I had never felt anything that good before. Just when I didn't think I could hold off any longer Helen stopped. Then she removed her pants and panties and said, "Now it's your turn. You have to eat me now."

I wasn't quit sure but I guessed that she wanted me to suck on her pussy. I had heard of eating pussy before, but the thought of actually doing it had never occurred to me. I had never even seen a pussy other than in a picture so I was quite nervous as I moved my head between Helen's legs. When I got within a few inches I froze and just stared at her pussy. It looked like a puffy mound all covered with hair and it looked shinny as if it was wet. When I didn't move for a while Helen took my head in her hands and pulled me to her pussy and said, "Just lick it at first and then stick your tongue inside as far as you can and begin sucking on me."

I didn't see that I had any choice so I did as Helen told me and began licking her pussy. I can't describe the smell or the taste of her pussy that night. Never having been this close to a real pussy before I had no idea what it was supposed to smell or taste like. I had heard other boys make jokes about pussy smelling like fish but Helen's didn't. The first scent I noticed was of strawberries, like a scented shampoo but I also smelled something else that was almost like freshly moan grass. When I ran my tongue over her pussy it was a little sticky and very juicy inside when I slipped my tongue inside her vagina. The taste was strange, a little sweet, a little bitter and somewhat salty. I wasn't sure how I felt about the taste.

Helen directed me as I performed. She told me what felt good and what didn't then suddenly she stopped talking and her whole body stiffened. She began to make little whimpering sounds as she pulled my face into her pussy. When she did this her pussy became even wetter. After a couple of minutes she relaxed. When I asked her what happened she said that she had an orgasm.

After that Helen guided my cock into her wet hole and helped me get into the right rhythm as I pumped into her. I only lasted a couple of minutes then I blasted my first intercourse-induced climax into Helen's pussy.

Afterward we lay on the blanket and Helen played with my soft cock. She asked, "Did you like it?"

"It was great."

"What was your favorite part?"

I said, "I don't know. I liked everything."

She said, "Did you like eating me?"

"Yes, very much."

"Even the taste?"

"I don't know. I guess it was okay."

"You know you are the first guy to do that to me."


"Yep. And you want to know a secret?"


"You're the second guy I have had sex with tonight. I was just getting home from my other date when you picked me up. Do you know what that means?"

I couldn't figure what she was getting at and I told her so.

Helen said, "It means that my pussy was full of his cum when you ate me."

When she said that I felt a little ill but then she asked, "Does that bother you?"

I don't know why but I lied and said, "No."

Helen said, "Good." Then she move down and took my cock back into her mouth.

I lay on my back enjoying the sensations as she brought my cock back to life. When I was fully erect Helen lifted herself over me so that her pussy was over my head and she lowered herself down and pressed her pussy against my mouth. I knew that her pussy was full of my cum and I didn't want to eat her but when I heard her say, "Please eat my pussy again I couldn't help myself.

I pushed my tongue up inside her and I could feel the mixture of my cum and her juices flowing into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow. Helen stayed on top of me like that until she had an orgasm, then she worked on my cock with her mouth until I had my orgasm. She took my whole load in her mouth.

When she was done cleaning my cock off she said, "Now we are even. We have both eaten your cum tonight."

After that we folded up the blanket and headed back to the car. On the way Helen asked me if I would like her to teach me how to be a great lover so that I would always please my women. I was still so fired up by the evening's events that I said I would like that very much.

She said, "I'll be your teacher on one condition."

"What's that?"

"On nights when I have had sex with another guy you have to eat my pussy like you did tonight."

I thought about her proposition for a while and agreed.

For the rest of that school year, Helen would tell me when I should pick her up and we would go to the pond or some other secluded place and make love. We even did it in her bedroom a few times when her parents weren't home. Every time we got together I had to eat her pussy and it was always messy with another guys cum. While at first I wasn't crazy about the idea of eating her out after she'd had sex with another guy it wasn't difficult for me to do it and I never had any negative effects from doing it. After a while I began to look forward to eating her pussy. I especially enjoyed the sex and Helen did teach me how to please a woman and gave me a great deal of confidence in my abilities.

I spent a lot of time with Helen that summer but in the fall I started college and I never saw her again.

All that was twelve years ago.

After college I got a job in a data center for large computer company in North Carolina. That's where I met Patty. Patty is a tall and attractive red headed Irish girl from Boston with hazel eyes nice breasts and a beautiful sexy ass. I first noticed her because of her Boston accent; it was so much different from that of the locals. We dated for a couple of years then married. We've had a very loving relationship and a good sex life over the last eight years.

Three years ago I was surfing the web and found an erotic stories site and started reading some of the stories. In one of the stories the writer told of his desire to eat another mans cum from his wife's pussy. In the story the author detailed how he persuaded his wife to go on a date with another man, have sex with him then come home and let her husband eat her cum filled pussy. The story was well written and had me extremely hard by the time I finished reading it.

As sexually stimulating as the story was to me, when I finished reading it I thought to myself, 'I could never do that.' Then suddenly I thought of Helen. I hadn't thought of her in over twelve years. I remembered my times with Helen and how I had sucked other guys cum from her pussy so many times and how I had actually come to enjoy doing it. The memories of that had me so aroused that I had to slip into the bathroom and masturbate.

After that I stared looking for more stories dealing with the subject of husbands eating their wife's pussy after they had sex with other men. While I reading these stories I discovered the reference to cream pies. It seemed to be a fitting name for a pussy full of cream.

After reading cream pie stories for a couple of months I began to fantasize about eating Patty when her pussy was full of cum. I could never tell Patty about my fantasy. Even I knew that it was perverted. How could I ask my wife to fuck another man so that I could eat her pussy afterward? She would think I had lost my mind. It occurred to me that the next best thing would be to go down on her pussy after I had made love to her.

I found that this wouldn't be as easy as I thought. Most times after I climaxed I didn't feel the desire to go down on Patty and I would just roll over and go to sleep. Finally one Saturday afternoon Patty and I were fooling around and ended up making love. After our initial orgasms we cuddled for a while. As we lay on the bed I began to think about eating Patty and when I began to get aroused by the idea I started kissing my way down to her pussy. When I got close, Patty closed her legs tightly and asked, "What are you doing?"

I said, "I'm going to kiss your lovely pussy."

"But I am all messy down there."

I said, "I don't care."

She said, "You don't want to do that."

We went back and forth like that for a couple of minutes and in the end she wouldn't let me eat her.

Then one night, about a month later, after making love I rolled over and went to sleep. I woke up about an hour later and Patty wasn't in bed. When I sat up I heard the television on downstairs. I went downstairs and found Patty watching a movie on HBO. I asked her if she was okay and she said she was fine but that she couldn't sleep.

I joined her on the sofa and after a few minutes we began kissing. I don't know who started it but it really doesn't matter. I soon had Patty's nightgown opened and was sucking on her nipples. When I slipped off the sofa onto the floor and positioned myself between Patty's knees she didn't say a word. I unbuttoned her gown all the way down and spread it open exposing her creamy thighs and red bush to my view. I began kissing the insides of her thighs and Patty spread her legs for me. As I continued kissing her thighs I reached out and put my hands on her hips and pulled her forward on the sofa. Rather that resisting me, Patty scooted forward and sat so that her pussy was right in front of me.

The thought that we had made love only and hour ago and I was about to eat her pussy had my cock so hard I thought it would break if I didn't get it out of my pants soon. As I began to eat her I could taste my semen mixed with her juices and it brought back the memories of my times with Helen. After Patty climaxed I felt just a little disappointed because I knew that while it was exciting to be eating her this way it wasn't as exciting as the fantasy of eating her after she had sex with another man. It worried me to think that I might actually want Patty to have sex with another man. I licked and sucked on Patty until she had another orgasm then I turned off the television and took Patty upstairs and made love to her.

That night did nothing for my obsession. Rather than satisfy me it made me want the fantasy even more.

While I thought about that night a lot, it wasn't repeated.

About a year ago the house next door to us was sold and we got new neighbors.

Dot and Jack Kelly moved into the house and into our lives. We all hit if off immediately.

Jack and I shared interests in the same sports teams and working on cars and the girls had common interests too. We socialized with Dot and Jack all the time. We had dinner or played cards at each other's houses and went out together frequently.

Dot has dark brown hair, and brown eyes; she is about five feet five inches tall and very nicely built. Jack was about my size, six feet tall and light brown hair. He has an athletic body and a sharp mind.

Jack often travels for work and one night while he was out of town and Patty was working late Dot called me and said that she was having a problem with something stuck in her garbage disposal.

I went next door and had the disposal fix in just a few minutes. Afterward I sat down to have a drink with Dot. We talked for a while and had a couple more drinks when Dot told me a joke she had heard at work. I don't remember the punch line of the joke but the joke had something to do with a wife that didn't enjoy sex anymore.

I laughed at the joke and then kidded Dot by saying, "I hope you weren't talking about you and Jack. I would hate to think that Jack wasn't getting enough."

Dot laughed and said, "Oh, you don't need to worry about Jack. He gets plenty. I love sex as much or more than he does."

I don't know how we ended up talking about fantasies but we did. Dot told me that she had two fantasies. One fantasy was about having two men make love to her at the same time. I asked her what her other fantasy was and she started to say something then stopped then said, "I can't tell you that one. At least not now, maybe some other time."

Dot looked as if she was suddenly embarrassed. Then to change the subject she said, "Okay, I told you my fantasy you tell me yours."

I kept saying no but she kept after me. Finally I broke down and said, "I have a fantasy that involves Patty having sex with another man." I couldn't believe that I actually said it.

Dot smiled and said, "That's interesting. Who's the guy?"

"What guy."

"The guy you want Patty to have sex with."

" No one specific."

"Oh, You want to watch her have sex with another guy, is that it?"

"No. I don't want... Well actually I never thought about watching."

Dot stared at me for a minute and finally said, "You want Patty to have sex with another guy, but you don't have anyone in mind and you are not interested in watching her having sex with this other guy, or at least that is not the fantasy. Let me see, is it that you want Patty to come tell you about the affair and then make love to you?"

I could feel my face turning read as I said, "Not exactly."

"Not exactly? I must be close because I can see you're embarrassed but I can't think of what else it might be. Come on, just tell me."

I said, "I can't."

"Sure you can. I promise that no matter what it is I will never tell anyone and I wont tease you about it."

"I can't."

"Oh come on, please?"

She finally broke my resistance down. I couldn't look at her as I said, "Have you ever heard of the term cream pie?

"I don't know what you mean. Are you talking about something to eat?"

"In a manor of speaking I am. My fantasy is for Patty to have sex with another man then I have oral sex with her after."

Dot said, "Wow that's pretty wild."

"You promised not to tease me about this."

"I'm not teasing. It is pretty wild. That's what you call a cream pie?"

"I have read some erotic stories on the subject and that's what they call it."

Dot said, "I can see that, a cream filled pussy called a cream pie. Let me ask you this, is your fantasy only about having oral sex with Patty after she has had sex with another man or is it about having oral sex with any woman after she has had sex with another man?"

"It's mostly about Patty, but it could be any woman." I was thinking about my times with Helen as I said that.

Dot said, "Have you ever mentioned this to Patty?"

"I could never talk about this with her. And don't you ever tell her either."

"I promised that I wouldn't say anything to anyone didn't I? Don't worry; your secret is safe with me. But it is a pretty wild idea."

We talked for a few more minutes after that then I headed back home. For the next couple of weeks I was very uncomfortable talking to Dot. I was mad at myself for telling her my fantasy and thought that now every time Dot looked at me she saw me as some kind of pervert.

Then one Sunday afternoon we had a cook out with Dot and Jack. During dinner Jack mentioned that he was flying to Chicago Monday evening and wouldn't be home till Wednesday evening. Patty said, "I'd have you over for dinner tomorrow Dot, but I have to work late but we would love to have you come over Tuesday night."

Dot said, "That would be great, thanks."

I wasn't too happy about the idea of spending the evening with Patty and Dot, wondering if Dot might say something about our private conversation in front of Patty.

Monday evening at about seven o'clock Dot called. When I heard her voice on the phone I said, "Hi Dot. Patty isn't home."

Dot said, "I know, she working late isn't she?"

"Yea. She won't be home till around eleven tonight. Did you need me to help you with something."

"Yea, can you come right over?"

I told her I was on my way. I went through our back yards entered the house through the deck door.

Dot was sitting on the sofa wearing a short nightgown. I was surprised to see her dressed that way but I tried to act normal. I walked over to Dot and asked, "What do you need help with?

Dot said, "Well, actually I think we maybe able to help each other. Jack just left for the airport a few minutes ago. Before he left he made love to me."

I said, "I don't understand, why are you telling me this?"

"Two reasons really. The first is that after listening to you tell me about your fantasy I became obsessed with the idea myself. I am sitting here with a fresh cream pie, and I was wondering if you would like to taste it?"

I didn't know what to say. I was stunned. As I looked at Dot and the image of her sitting there with her pussy full of cum while she talked to me had my head spinning.

Dot got up and took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. The bedspread and blankets had already been pulled down and from the wrinkled sheets it wasn't hard to tell that there had been some activity on that bed already.

Dot let her nightgown slid off her shoulders and drop to the floor. She was wearing only a pair of panties that matched the nightgown she had just removed. I looked at her beautiful breasts. When I looked back into her face Dot said, "Just oral sex, nothing else. Okay?"

I said, "Okay."

Dot slipped her panties down and stepped out of them then she climbed onto the bed.

She lay back on her pillow, spread her legs and said, "I'm ready."

I kicked off my shoes and climbed on the bed between her legs. As I looked at her pussy for the first time I felt my cock stiffen. She had a thick patch of dark brown pubic hair just above her pussy. There was some evidence of cum in the hair, but not much. The lips of her pussy were shinny and seemed to be almost stuck together by the juices that coated her whole vulva area. I looked up at Dot's face one more time. Her expression was one of pure lust. I started.

I went straight to her pussy and began slathering my tongue all over her vulva. I could taste the combination of her sexual juices and the semen that Jack had deposited there not more that twenty minutes earlier. When I pushed my tongue inside her the memories of all the times I had eaten Helen's pussy in similar circumstances came rushing back to me. Along with the memories came the realization that I loved that taste of a freshly fucked pussy.

I sucked on Dot's creamy pussy with abandon savoring the heady tastes and smells. Dot had multiple orgasms as I licked, kissed and sucked on her wonderful pussy.

When Dot had had enough she stopped me and told me to lie down next to her on the bed so that she could return the favor. She opened my pants and released my stiff cock and took it into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down and running her tongue all over my cock. Occasionally she would remove my cock from her mouth and lick my balls and the underside of my cock then she would take it back into her mouth again.

When I finally climax in a joyful explosion, Dot took my entire load in her mouth swallowing as my cock continued to pulse. When it was over all I could say was, "Wow."

Afterward, as we lay on the bed together I asked Dot if she was okay with what we had done. She said, "I wouldn't have missed that for the world. Ever since you told me about you fantasy the only thing I could think about was having you do that to me after I had sex with Jack. The reality was even better than the fantasy."

I said, "Now what do we do? We have kind of stepped over the line here."

Dot said, "If we get another chance like tonight I would like to do this again. What about you?"

"I agree." We lay on the bed for a while just talking about unimportant things just to make conversation, then I said, "The other day when we talked you said you had another fantasy that you wouldn't tell me about. You dragged my fantasy out of me now I want to hear yours."

Dot said, "I don't think you want to hear this one."

"Try me."

"Not yet. I am not ready to talk about it yet"

"You own me. I'll let it go for now, but eventually you have to tell me."

"I will. I promise."

Shortly after that I went home. Over the next two months Dot and I got together three more times. While I enjoyed performing oral sex on Dot after she had sex with Jack I still wanted it to be Patty I was eating.

I racked my brain to try and figure out a way I could get Patty to have sex with another man without destroying our marriage. After a while I realized there was no direct approach I could use to get what I wanted. The idea of Patty sneaking behind my back to have an affair, even if I knew she was doing it, wasn't what wanted. So I had to find a whole different way to approach this.

The seed of an idea started to form about a month later after I read a story about two couples who had gotten together to play cards and end up swapping partners for sex. The story wasn't very original. I have seen dozens of stories about friendly card games ending up with the couples swapping. On top of that the story wasn't very well written but it gave me an idea.

That night I made love to Patty. While we were kissing and teasing each other's bodies I jokingly asked her if she ever thought about swinging.

Patty said, "Swinging? What do you mean? Having sex on a swing?"

"No. I mean swapping partners with another couple."

"Your not serious are you?"

I said, "No. I'm not asking if you want to do it, I'm just asking if you ever thought about it."

"No. I have never thought about doing anything like that in my life. Why would you bring that up?"

"I've read several stories about it. It seems that the couples find that it expands their sex life, and they all seem to enjoy it."

Patty laughed and said, "It sounds like you want to try it."

"I didn't say that. I'm just a little curious about it."

"I don't think I could do it."

I said, "I bet that in the right situation you could it."

Patty laughed and said, "Oh you think so do you?"

"Sure. I'm not trying to talk you into doing anything, I just think that under the right circumstances you would do it."

"Do you think you could do it, think you could let another man have sex with me?"

"I guess that would depend on who the other couple was?"

"It sounds to me like you have thought about this a lot. Do you already have couples in mind that might interest you?"

I said, "I hadn't really thought about that but I guess I could feel comfortable doing something like that with Jack and Dot."

"Jack and Dot? Have you got the hots for Dot?"

"No. It's just that they are the only couple I can think of that I would feel comfortable trying something like this with."

Patty said, "I think you better just forget about swinging."

I let the subject drop. I didn't want to push to hard yet. I introduced the idea; it was time to let in sink in for a while.

A few days later we had dinner at Jack and Dot's house. I noticed, or maybe it was just my imagination, that Patty acted a little different around Jack. I wondered if she was thinking about our conversation about swapping. Patty wasn't exactly flirting with Jack, but she seemed to be more interested in talking to him than she usually was.

I let a couple of weeks pass before I mentioned swinging again. It was while we were making love again. I was stroking my cock into Patty when I asked her if she had thought about swinging since our last conversation. I felt a subtle change in her body and her face reddened a little as she said, "Stop it. I know you're just teasing me. I think this is something that you want to do and you're just trying to get me to go along. I'll bet you and Jack cooked this whole thing up and just want to see if Dot and I would go along with it."

"No. I haven't discussed this with anyone but you. I would never discuss something like this with anyone unless you and I were in complete agreement about doing it."

"Well I just thought that..."

"You just thought that because I mentioned Jack and Dot that I must be planning something with Jack. Why would you assume that Jack would be interested in swapping?"

"I didn't assume anything. You mentioned Jack and Dot so I thought that maybe you and Jack had discussed it. I guess you're right, Jack probably wouldn't be interested."

"Oh, he would be interested. You can bet on that. I saw the way he was looking at you when we were over at their house a couple of weeks ago. I think Jack secretly has the hots for you."

Patty gave me a dirty look and said, "He does not."

"Listen, I saw the way he looked at you. I think he would jump at the chance to get in your pants." As I said that Patty suddenly began to orgasm.

When her orgasm ended I said, "Was it something I said that cause that?"

Patty said, "I don't think so," which wasn't the answer I expected.

Over the next couple of weeks Patty's whole demeanor changed whenever Jack was around. I got the impression that she was even flirting with him at times. I wasn't sure I liked it. I felt a little jealous when I saw her talking to him but I had set this plot in motion and I was going to see it through.

It was obvious that I had Patty considering the possibility of a swap now I had to plant the idea in Jack and Dot's heads. The first chance I got to be alone with Dot I asked her what she thought about the idea of swapping. She seemed surprised by the idea but quickly admitted that it might be fun, but she wasn't sure that Jack would go along with the idea.

I told Dot that I would get Jack to agree.

My next mission was to talk to Jack and plant the idea in his head. Then one Saturday afternoon when the girls were out shopping I asked Jack top come over and have a couple of beers and watch a baseball game on television. After about three beers I asked Jack if he and Dot had ever discussed swinging. Jack said, "No. Why?"

I said, "The other night I was telling Patty about a story I read where these couples swapped partners for sex. Her reaction surprised me. She said that she didn't know if she could do that. I expected her to say she could never do anything like that."

Jack said, "Do you really think she would do it?"

"I asked her that and she said it would depend on who the other couple was. So I started naming other couples and Patty kept saying no or never immediately after I said the name. But then I said a name and she didn't say anything for a minute, then, finally said, 'I don't think so.'

I watched Jack for a reaction but didn't see one. I said, "Guess who the couple was that made her hesitate?"

Jack said. "I don't know."

"You and Dot."

"You're kidding. You just made that whole thing up as a joke, didn't you?"

"I am not kidding."

"I don't believe that Patty would be interested in swing and certainly not with Dot and me."

"Don't be so sure. I think Patty has a little crush on you. I have noticed her flirting with you lately. Don't tell me you haven't noticed."

Jack didn't respond right away, Finally he said, "So why are you telling me this?"

I said, "Just so you know how to react when Patty starts flirting with you again?"

Jack didn't ask me to explain what I meant by 'know how to react' and I didn't tell him.

That night during our lovemaking I brought up swinging again. Patty said, "You really want to do this don't you?"

I said, "I'm not sure but I am very interested by the idea. Would you ever consider it?"

Patty was quiet for a minute then said, "I might be, but only if we did it with Jack. But before we go any farther with this I have to know that Jack would really want me. I don't want to be put into the position of trying to seduce him into going along with this scheme of yours."

"Jack will gladly go along."

"How do you know? Have you already discussed this with him?"

"I just know Jack would jump at the chance to get you in bed."

"How can you be so sure? I'm not."

I said, "How about we try a little experiment?"

"What kind of experiment?"

"Dot will be at her mother's all weekend so Jack will be home alone. So why don't you call Jack tomorrow and tell him I am away for the day and you need some help with the garbage disposal. I'll rig the disposal so it won't work. After he fixes it offer him a drink.

Just see what happens. If he starts flirting with you just see how far it goes."

"Where are you going to be while all this is going on?

"I'll get out of the house so you'll have privacy. You can call me on my cell phone after Jack leaves."

"You say that if her flirts with me I should see how far it goes. How far should I let it go?"

I hadn't really thought about that until Patty asked. I thought for a minute then said, "Go as far as you feel comfortable going."

Patty said, "I don't think I can do it."

I tried to get her to reconsider but she said she didn't want to talk about it any longer. Then she rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning when I came down to breakfast Patty was already cleaning the kitchen.

She poured me a cup of coffee and asked, "When are you leaving?"

I said, "Leaving? Where am I supposed to be going?"

"You have to leave so that I can call Jack."

"I thought you said you couldn't do it."

"I changed my mind. Okay?"

"Well, give me a couple of minutes to eat and then I'll jam the garbage disposal. I'll be out of here in a half hour."

I ate my breakfast then showered and dressed. Then I jammed the disposal so that it popped the circuit breaker on the disposal. As I prepared to leave I kissed Patty and said, "Call me as soon as he leaves." I wanted to say more. I want to ask her what changed her mind but for some reason I couldn't talk. My head was spinning thinking about what could happen in my house while I was out.

These thoughts were still in my head as I backed the car out of the driveway and headed away from the house. As I turned the corner at the end of the block it suddenly occurred to me that I wanted to be home to see what happened with my own eyes. I pulled the car to the curb and parked. I quickly walked back to the house and let my self in through the side door on the garage. I listened for a moment at the kitchen door but didn't hear Patty so I opened the door and went in. As I quietly walked through the house I listened for any sign of Patty and when I reached the stairs I heard the shower running. That allowed me to slip upstairs without being heard. I hid the closet in the guest bedroom until Patty had finished her shower, dressed and went back down stairs.

In our house the stairs ended on a landing or loft like area that overlooked the living room. My hope was that I could hide on this landing and watch and listen to Jack and Patty without being seen. I slipped out of the guest bedroom and onto the landing and sat on the floor with my back against the wall so that Patty wouldn't see me if she look up.

I heard her putting things away in the kitchen for a few minutes, and then she was quiet. After a few seconds I heard Patty dial the phone. I listened as Patty told Jack about the problem with our disposal and ended the call by saying, Thanks Jack, I really appreciated it."

A few minutes later I heard the deck door into the kitchen open and Patty greeted Jack.

She said, "I don't know what happened, it just stopped working. I didn't want to wait for Gary to get home to night to get it fix. I hope it's not to big a problem."

Jack said, "Let's see... It's not getting any power, probably just a circuit breaker."

A few seconds later I heard the disposal running.

Patty said, "That was fast."

Jack said, "It was just the circuit breaker. No big deal."

Patty said, "Well I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it so I really appreciate your coming over so fast. Can you stay for a cup of coffee, or a cold drink?"

Jack said, I could go for a cold drink."

Patty said, "Why don't you go sit in the living room and I'll bring the drinks in there?"

I watched as Jack came into the living room below me and sat on the sofa. The sofa faced in my direction so I was going to have to be careful so that I wouldn't be seen. Jack had just made himself comfortable when Patty came in with their drinks. I was a little surprised by what Patty was wearing. She was wearing a loose fitting blouse that showed off her breasts when ever she leaned forward and with that she had on a skirt that showed off her beautiful ass and also showed a lot of her sexy legs.

As I looked at her I remembered her saying the night before that she didn't want to have to seduce Jack. I was beginning to wonder if she had changed her mind.

Patty set the drinks down on the coffee table and sat next to Jack on the sofa. Not close to him. It looked completely innocent. They talked about the neighborhood, the weather, and plans for vacations. All very innocent, except that I noticed that Jack kept looking at Patty's legs when she wasn't looking at him, and any time she leaned over to pick up her drink, Jack took the opportunity to look down her blouse. I was suddenly getting uncomfortable. I found myself thinking that I should stop this before it went any farther, but I didn't move.

After about ten minutes of their innocent chatter Jack said, "I guess I had better get going."

I was relieved when Patty didn't say or do anything to try and change his mind. Then, as Jack stood up he turned to Patty and said, "You know you are a very sexy woman."

I could she Patty blush as she tried to think of a response to Jack's complement. Before she could say anything Jack said, I know I should leave but I just have to tell you that looking at that hot body of yours has me so excited I can hardly walk."

Now I could see that Patty was very embarrassed. She managed to say; "I don't think you should be talking to me like this. It's is making me very uncomfortable."

Jack said, "I'm sorry if you are uncomfortable but I just have to tell you how I feel. I have a hard on that is about to pop my zipper."

Patty looked like she was starting to get angry. She said, "You have no such thing and I think you better leave now."

I was beginning to worry that I might have to go downstairs and through Jack out of the house, but I wasn't supposed to be home. How would I explain that to either of them? I was going to have to wait this out and hope that Patty wouldn't need my help.

As I waited to see who would speak next Jack suddenly opened his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He wasn't kidding about having an erection. His cock was at full attention. Patty didn't say a word. She just stared at Jack's engorged cock. There were two good reasons that she was staring at his cock the way she was. First was because of its sudden appearance and second was because of its size. Jack's cock was at least two inches longer than mine.

Jack was the next to speak. "Do you like what you see?"

Patty didn't respond. Jack continued, "Touch it if you want to, it doesn't bite." When Patty made no move Jack said, "Come on Patty you know you want to. Its big and beautiful and you want to put your fingers around it don't you?"

Patty seemed to be in a trance as she sat staring at Jack's member, but ever so slowly she began to raise her hand and move it toward his cock. When Patty's fingers were less than an inch away from his cock Jack yell, "Watch out."

Patty nearly jumped off the sofa. When she saw that Jack was laughing at her she began to laugh too. When she settled back down Jack took her hand and placed it on his cock and held it there as he stroked its long shaft. After a minute of this Jack placed his hand behind Patty's head and pulled her face to his cock. Jack then pressed the head of his cock against Patty's lips. Slowly she opened her mouth and took his cock inside. Once Jack's cock was in her mouth, Patty lost any sign of reluctance she had displayed earlier.

She began pumping up and down on his cock taking as much down her throat as she could. A could of time she took so much in that it triggered her gag reflex.

After a while Jack told Patty that he wand to she her breasts. Without and hesitation, Patty pulled off her blouse and held Jack's head as he sucked on her nipples. Watching all of this happen had given me a major erection as well as some worries. I knew in the back of my head that I hadn't really considered all of the risks involved with this scheme of mine.

Jack pulled his head away from Patty's breasts and said, "I want to taste you pussy then I want to fuck that pussy with my big cock."

Patty didn't say a word. She just stood up and removed her skirt and her panties. Then she lay back on the sofa and spread her legs. Jack quickly got on the floor and put his head between Patty's legs and began sucking on her pussy. Jack worked on her until he gave her an orgasm then he climbed on top of her and pushed his cock into Patty's very wet pussy.

From my vantage point I look between Jack's legs and see his cock slipping and out of my wife's dripping pussy. I found myself staring at Jack's balls waiting for any evidence that he was climaxing inside my wife's cunt. When I noticed that Jack picked up the speed of his stroke and then suddenly his whole body stiffened as he shot his load.

While the two of them lay there trying to recover I slipped down the back stairway into the kitchen and out into the garage. I quickly made my way back to my car then called the house on my cell phone. When Patty answered I said, "I am on my way home, is Jack still there?"

Patty sounded nervous as she said, "He is just leaving."

I pulled the car up closer to the corner so that I could see our houses down the street. As soon as I saw Jack leave through our deck door I head to the house. I wanted to make sure I caught up with Patty before she had a chance to get into the shower.

I walked into the kitchen just as Patty was putting the glasses she and Jack had used in the sink. She was shocked to seem me. She said, "How did you get home so quickly?"

I said, "I wasn't really all that far away."

I could tell she wasn't really listening to me. She was preoccupied. I started to go into the living room and Patty quickly said, "Honey, would you take that trash out?"

I grabbed the bag of trash and head out the deck to the garbage can. As I opened the door I looked back to see Patty quickly straightening up in the living room. I drop the bag in the garbage can and got back into the house as quickly as I could. Patty was headed up stairs and I was right behind her. I noticed that she had something in her hand that she was trying to keep in front of her so I would see what it was. When we got to the bedroom I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back against my chest. As I held her this way I kissed Patty on the neck and asked, "How did your visit with Jack go?"

I could feel Patty stiffen up as she said, "All right I guess."

I said, "Do you think he would like to fuck you?"

"I guess so."

As she was answering me I slid my had down her arm and grabbed her wrist and pulled it up so I could see what she was holding. It was her panties. I said, "What's this, you took your panties off?"

Patty stammered a little then said, "I was coming up to get in the shower."

I said, "Didn't you already shower today?"

It didn't occur to Patty that I left before she took her shower that morning so I shouldn't have know that she already showered. She said, "I just feel a little dirty so I thought I'd take another shower."

I said, "How did you get dirty while Jack was here?" Without waiting for an answer I slipped my hand under Patty's skirt and up to her pussy. When I felt how messy she was I almost came in my pants. I said, "What is this?" I let go of Patty. She turned to face me but before she could say anything I brought my hand up to my face and smelled it then I licked my fingers.

Patty looked like she was ready to start crying. I pulled her to me and kissed her then told her I loved her. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. As I pushed her skirt up Patty didn't try to resist. She just lay still. Then I got between her legs and sampled her freshly fucked pussy. At first it seemed that most of Jack's semen had already leaked out of Patty's pussy. I ran my tongue up between her cheeks and cleaned the cum off of her tight little whole then work my way back to her pussy. Just about the time I thought I had eaten all of the cream from her pie, Patty had an orgasm and as her pussy contracted which started another flow of cream. I licked and sucked on Patty's until the only thing making it wet was my saliva.

After that Patty curled up in my arms and we both took a nap. When we got up a couple of hours later neither of mentioned what happened that morning.

It wasn't till Sunday the following week that I brought up the subject of swapping with Jack and Dot again. I asked Patty if she would be willing to try it and she said, "Yes. Let's do. I think it would be fun."

That afternoon Dot and Jack stopped over to have a cold beer on the deck. Jack had gone in the house to use the bathroom and Patty was in the kitchen fixing a snack and I was talking to Dot on the deck.

I told Dot that I thought that Jack and Patty were ready for swapping and she asked how I knew. I told her about the previous Saturday and how Jack had come over and he and Patty had sex on the living room sofa.

After I told her about what happened Dot asked, "Did you eat your cream pie?"

I said, "Yes I did."

"How was it?"

I said, "No offense to you, but it was the best cream pie I have ever eaten."

I looked up to see Patty coming out of the house. She had come out just in time to hear me say, "It was the best cream pie I have ever eaten."

Patty looked at me and said, "You never told me you liked cream pie." If I had known how much you like them I could have been making them for you. Would you like me to make one for you tonight?"

I looked at Dot and she almost started laughing. Then Patty said, "Tonight I'll make you a Boston Cream Pie the way only a native of Boston can make one."

I was having a hard time keeping my composure as I said, "That would be nice. I'd love to try your Boston Cream Pie.

As Jack and Dot were leaving I whispered to Dot that we should arrange for the four of us to get together the following weekend and see what happens. Dot agreed and them as she left she laughed and said, "I hope you enjoy your Boston Cream Pie tonight."

I just said, "Go home you wise ass."

As Patty and I went back into the house I said, "I think we should invite Jack and Dot over next Saturday for dinner and games. Then after dinner we'll just see what happens."

Patty agreed. She said, "It could be a lot of fun."

That evening after dinner Patty told me she had to run out to the store to get my Boston Cream Pie. I wanted to tell her not to bother, that I really didn't like Boston Cream Pie but I didn't want to try and explain the conversation she overheard me having with Dot so I just said, "I thought you said that you were going to make the pie yourself."

Patty said, "I don't have the ingredients I need. I won't be gone long."

As Patty left the house I figured that I would have to eat the pie when she got home and pretend to like it.

Patty was gone about an hour and when she came into the house she was carrying one of those rectangular boxes that store bought pies come in. She set the pie on the table and asked if I was ready for some pie.

I said that I was and Patty told me to go sit in the living room and she would bring it to me.

I was sitting on the sofa when suddenly Patty was standing behind me. She said, Close you eyes. I want you to taste something and tell me what you think of it before you see what it is. Okay?"

I agreed and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt some soft material on my face and something wet on my lips. I opened my mouth a little and Patty pushed something into my mouth. It was a piece of soft material with something wet and gooey on it. The taste was familiar but before I could identify Patty said you can open you eyes now.

When I opened my eyes, Patty was standing in front of me smiling. I reached up and pulled out the item Patty had placed in my mouth. They were her panties. She had pushed the crotch of them into my mouth. I knew what I had tasted. It was a combination of semen and pussy juice. I looked at Patty and said, "What's this?"

Patty said, "Lie down and I'll tell you."

I did as Patty said and slid down on the sofa so I was laying the length of it. Patty stood next to my head then hiked up her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties. Patty lifted her leg over me and straddled my face and as she lowered her pussy to my mouth I could see fleck of semen in her pubic hair and a large glob about to drip out of her vagina. Just before her pussy made contact with my mouth Patty said, "Here's your Boston Cream Pie as only I can make."

The she pressed her pussy against my mouth and I began sucking on her sticky labia and pushing my tongue inside Patty as far as I could.

I ate Patty through two orgasms then she climbed off me. Patty kissed me and as she opened my pants and released my rock hard cock she asked me, "So, did you like my cream pie?"

Patty was stroking my cock when I ask, "When did you know?"

"Know what a cream pie was? About two months ago you left your computer on and I saw the stories you had been reading on the internet. You had pulled down three stories in a row that all talked about cream pies. The I saw that you had book marked a site called so I went to the site to see what it was about. So when I heard you talking to Dot about the best cream pie you ever had I knew what you were talking about."

I said, "But how... Who... Where did you go for the ingredients for this pie?"

"I called Jack and told him to meet me at the store. Jack gave me the ingredients in the back seat of the car. I just figured that if I was going to be making cream pies with him next weekend it wouldn't hurt to try the recipe to make sure it works."

I said, "I am glad you did." I decided not to point out that she had already tried the recipe out the previous Saturday.

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