Damn Cowboys
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She was a runaway, he was the owner of a huge cattle operation. She was so useful to him he married her.

From Montgomery Alabama to near the Florida State Line there is about half of the state of Alabama.

The area is mostly timber and pulp wood country but there are a lot of large cattle ranches. Many consist of thousands of acres of range land. Alabama is one of the larger cattle producing states.

In 1910 Captain Robert Davis had bought twenty four thousand acres of low flat land near Jackson Alabama for ten cents an acre. Over half of the land was swamp. The year he purchased the land he began at the edge of the river draining his property.

Captain Andrew Davis had fought in the Spanish American War in Cuba. He was born and raised in Mobile Alabama. After he returned home from the war he wanted nothing more than a tranquil life in the country. Captain Davis did not want to build a lot of fences to hold cattle. That was costly and then had to be maintained. He had observed that cattle liked to immerse most of their bodies in water during the hot part of the day but did not like to swim. He decided to run a canal around the perimeter of his land to drain it.

He was paying the cost of the two dredges by the sale of the Cypress timber that could be cut and floated out by way of the canals.

By the beginning of World War One nearly all of the land was dry enough to grow grass.

About 1912 Captain Davis began buying cattle, he wanted big cows, most of what went through the sale barns were small. The average weight of most full grown cows was around 650 pounds in those days. Davis wanted his cattle to weigh close to 1000 pounds. Cattle were mostly dairy breeds, small frame Jerseys and Gurnseys.

In 1920 Captain Davis went to Nashville to an all breed bull sale. The cattle markets were depressed, He bought a dozen bulls for thirty dollars or less each. His best way to get them to his ranch was by rail. When he talked to the freight agent he was going to have to pay for a locomotive for a special trip or take the chance that his cattle would be three or four possibly up to ten days in a box car. The agent said that the price would be the same if there were eight cars instead of one. Captain Davis had the stock yard hold his bulls for two more weeks until he had bought nearly two hundred big cows.

Davis Cattle Company was developing a larger herd each year. Only the best prospects of the heifers were kept. The ranch was large enough to pasture between four and five thousand head of cattle.

In 1927 Captain Davis died, he had four thousand head of cattle on the ranch. All were large and heavy breeds. A cow that missed having a calf each year was not kept. Captain Davis left the ranch to his son.

Paul Davis kept improving the business. He made it survive the depression of 1929.

World War 11 ended and an era of prosperity dawned. Paul Davis lived to see a good market for Davis Cattle Company. Feed lots out west were bidding for the high quality steers and heifers. Before Paul Davis passed away he was taking fixed price contracts a year in advance.

Payton Davis took over the management of Davis Cattle Company in 1952. He served as manager until 1973 when health reasons forced his retirement.

In 1973 Robert Davis sold his Automobile Dealership in Mobile and became Ranch Manager. His father helped him a lot for the three years before he died.

Robert had heard of the Charolais breed of cattle being imported from France. He bought ten bulls, put their calves in a test lot after birth, kept daily records until time to sell. They out performed any calves in the herd.

For the next twenty seven years the herd was gradually replaced by pure bred registered Charolais cattle.

Robert passed away in his sleep of a massive cerebral hemorrhage in January of 2000.

Each Owner had made large improvements to the ranch, in the year 2000 it was the most efficient cattle production unit in the world.

When Robert Evan Davis passed away his son Dr. Robert Davis Jr. resigned his position as a professor at Auburn University and took over as manager. He was twenty six years old. Dr. Davis was head of the A.I. lab and had written several papers on artificial insemination.

Dr. Bob as he was called made a few changes. He had a more modern building built than he had used at Auburn for the collecting of semen and storage. It was set up as housing for fine bulls and had a complete lab. Bob planned to buy the finest bulls in the country. He was going to use semen from them to artificially inseminate the whole four thousand head on the ranch.

Dr. Robert Davis was nearly seven feet tall and had an athletic body, he was considered handsome by the ladies. He was single and still looking for the perfect woman to wed.

Robert flew out to Kansas City to a large Charolais bull sale in April 2001. He intended to buy two of the top rated bulls in the sale. Phill Burgin one of the head foremen on the ranch left driving a diesel four door one ton truck with a small cattle trailer behind. Robert was going early to inspect the cattle. He would be riding back with Phill helping to drive.

Robert bought the two top rated bulls in the sale. They loaded them early the next morning and started back to the ranch.

Bob was driving when they got to Grove Hill just north and fifteen miles away from Jackson Alabama. Bob said "I am going to pull off at the beer joint up ahead, we could use a beer and a bite to eat, I just want to hit the sack when we get home." Phill Burgin said "Sounds good to me." It was near ten thirty and the place was busy.

Bob and Phill entered and saw that the place was crowded. It was a Saturday night. There were several empty stools at the bar so Bob headed through the crowded tables toward it. Phill spoke to someone he knew and was a good distance behind Bob. There was a real beauty waiting a table, Bob was past her when a drunk reached across the narrow aisle and pinched her on her ass. She yelped and slammed the beer in her hand down on the table. She whirled and seeing Bob heading for the bar she shouted "You bastard that hurt." Bob turned just in time to duck under a slap. She missed him but sent his two hundred dollar Stetson flying to the floor. The girl tried again, Bob's hand moved like a blur and caught her wrist. Phill was there by then and said "Miss he ain't the one that pinched you." The girl asked "He's not?" Phill said "No he is not, it was the guy sitting here" and pointed at the drunk at the table.

The girl said "I guess it doesn't really matter any way, this is my first and last night at this joint." Bob let her go and picked up his hat. Phill and Bob found stools at the bar.

They were sipping their beers and had ordered cheese burgers when the girl mounted a stool beside Bob. She said "Cow boys huh?" Bob said "I guess you might say that mam."

The girl looked at Bob and saw a pair of shined black boots, a flair bottomed pair of western trousers and a western cut coat in a discrete buff tan color. He was wearing a silk western shirt in darker brown with a string tie in black. As tall as he was she realized it was probably a tailor made suit. The other guy was wearing a western suit as well. The girl asked where they were from. Bob said "About twenty miles from here mam." The girl said she was from Mobile and her car had given out a mile back toward Mobile. She said "I was heading toward Montgomery in hopes of finding a job in computers." She said she had graduated from The University Of South Alabama in that.

The girl was dressed in white shorts and a white blouse. She was wearing white sox and Nikes.

Bob asked what she was doing in a joint like this then. The girl said she was flat broke and when her car engine had thrown a rod she had walked to this place and seen a 'Help wanted' sign. She said she had applied for a job as a waitress. She said she had just quit.

Phill asked what she was going to do now.

The girl said "I don't know, I guess sleep in my car and figure what to do tomorrow."

Bob asked if she was hungry. The girl said she had not eaten since breakfast. Bob ordered her a cheese burger and a beer.

Phill introduced him self and Dr. Robert Davis. The girl said "I am Cameroon McDaniel, Cammy for short." Bob said "I hate to see a pretty little lady like you in trouble." The girl stood up, grinned, and said "I am six feet one inch tall, how big do the women grow where you are from mister?" Bob smiled and said "Not that tall mostly mam." Their sandwiches were served and gobbled down. Bob paid the bill and swallowed the last of his beer.

As he got up he offered to drop Cammy off at her car. Cammy thanked him and said it would be nice to get out of the noise of this place. In the parking lot they headed toward a white four door diesel truck with a matching livestock trailer. As they got near a crashing noise was heard. Cammy asked what was in the trailer. Phill said "Two bulls that are tired of riding and want out, they have been in that thing for sixteen hours."

Less than a mile away the girl said "That's my car just ahead on the left, I thank you for the lift." The car was a fifteen year old wreck.

Bob said "I hate to leave you alone out here, I can offer you a 'bunk' at the ranch for the night if you like. You can have privacy and a locked door to your bed room and bath." The girl took him up immediately.

At her car she asked if the five cardboard boxes of her things could go with her. She said that she did not have much but every thing she owned was in them. When the boxes were in the back seat Bob drove off.

Later Bob stopped at ornate gates and spoke to the armed guard as he opened them. Bob watched the girls eyes as she read Davis Cattle Company on them. The guard asked "Have a good trip boss?" Bob replied "A very good one Larry, we now own the national grand champion Charolaise bull and the second runner up." Bob asked Larry to call Perry and Jess and ask them if they could give a hand unloading at the lab. Bob drove through the gates and backed up to a large building. After Phill activated a overhead door Bob backed to the dock. Perry and Jess were there. Bob said "Watch them, they want off that trailer bad." Jess said "They going to be alright once they get something solid under their feet Mr. Davis."

Bob said "Get them in a stall with water and feed, Jess, take good care of these babies I paid nearly a quarter of a million for them." Jess and Perry unlatched the rear gates to the trailer and got behind them. Two huge bulls jumped out like rabbits and sniffed around. Jess told Bob he was going to put the new babies to bed. Bob said "Good idea for all of us Jess."

Phill told Bob and Cammy good night and walked away toward some houses. Bob drove the truck and trailer to a long one story building, a sign in front read Ranch Office. He drove around to the side and said "We are where you can get a night's sleep mam, we will unload your things from the truck to your room." Bob took her inside and down a short hall, unlocked a door and into a plush bed room. He told her the bath was through a door. Bob told Cammy that his rooms were across the hall if she needed anything.

After bringing in Cammy's boxes and Bob's suit case Bob said "Good night mam." Cammy took a shower and fell into bed.

At six am Cammy was wakened by knocks on her door. Cammy put on her robe and found a tiny lady in the hall. The lady said "Mr. Davis asked me to invite you to have breakfast with him mam." Cammy said "I just woke up and I will need a few minutes to get dressed, could you tell me where I should go then. The lady said "Across the hall you will be in Mr. Davis's apartment, turn to the right then follow the hallway to the kitchen."

Cammy was dressed in jeans and a western shirt with her hair fixed in five minutes. She opened the door to Bob's apartment and gazed around. A big room was dominated by a dark red brick fire place. Glancing around she got the feeling that everything fit, it was a comfortable place to be. As she passed down the hall she could look inside a large bedroom and see a larger than king size bed and a sitting area. Cammy wondered what was behind the other closed doors in the hall. In the kitchen dining room Bob lowered the news paper and said "Good morning Miss McDaniel I hope you slept well." Cammy said "I did, and I thank you for taking me in last night." A girl just barely taller than Bob when sitting down poured him some more coffee. She asked "What can I serve you mam, we have several different kind of juices and of course coffee."

Cammy chose coffee.

Bob asked if she was hungry.

Cammy admitted that she was.

Bob said "I usually have my eggs over light and bacon, grits and toast but Daybreak can fix anything you like." Cammy asked if Daybreak was her name. Bob said "Sure is, she is a full bloodied Choctaw Indian from the branch of the nation located around here."

Cammy asked for a breakfast like Bob's.

Daybreak had it before them in minutes.

Cammy said "I did not know I was ordering three eggs and ten pieces of bacon and this much grits. I may not eat it all." Bob said "No problem, Hunting Buddy over there in the corner will clean our plates." Cammy noticed a beautiful Brittany Spaniel where Bob pointed. Hunting Buddy wagged his tail when she looked at him. After breakfast and while Hunting Buddy was licking the plates clean they had more coffee and talked.

Bob said "Miss McDaniel you are kind of in a bind and I will help if I can, you said you were on your way to Montgomery to seek a job." Bob said "I could probably get you a job there using my influence at the State Capitol, I am willing to have one of our men take you there this afternoon." Bob asked if Cammy had any plans as to a place to stay in Montgomery.

Cammy said "I was just trying to get away from Mobile, yesterday, when I left I had sixty five dollars, I spent nearly that paying for a used tire and road service at Pritchard. I got seventeen dollars in tips last night and had ten when my car broke down."

Bob said "So if you got to Montgomery and I got you a job you could not get a room or feed your self until your first paycheck."

Cammy said "I would make it somehow."

Bob asked "Just how good are you with computers mam?"

Cammy said "Very good, I can seek a job at any level with my knowledge."

Bob asked if she would like to try out for a job with Davis Cattle Company, he said there was an opening for an advanced computer person here. Bob explained that Mrs. Perkins was killed in a auto-truck accident while he was gone. She had been in charge of the computers in the office.

Cammy said she would appreciate the opportunity to try for the job.

Bob said most of the employees lived off the ranch but there was a bunk house for just 'Dam Cowboys' and twelve houses for married foremen. He said she could count on staying in the room she had used the night before until she proved she could do the job there. Then if she could prove that she could do the job she could find a place to live off the ranch. Bob said that she would have her meals with him for now.

Cammy was excited, this might be her first full time job, she had worked many part time jobs while paying her way through college.

It was Sunday and the ranch was quiet, Bob asked Cammy if she would like to see the place. Cammy said she would.

Bob led her to a golf cart parked near the front door and drove her to a metal building. Through a small door he led her into a hanger. She saw a helicopter with a Davis Cattle Company decal on the side of it. It was fitted with large floats as well as landing wheels.

Bob pushed a button and the hanger door rolled up. Another button and the chopper was pulled to the center of the landing pad. Bob spent a few minutes doing a pre-flight and then asked Cammy "Ready to go?" Cammy said "I guess so if you think this thing can really fly." Bob said "Well it did last week, it got me all the way to Mobile and back." Bob and Cammy put their head sets on, Bob explained that they muffled the rotor sound and they could talk to each other with them on.

Bob lifted them off. From five thousand feet Bob pointed out the large canals that defined the edge of the ranch. Those had been dredge by the first owner in the years between 1912 and the start of World War 1. Bob explained that land was used as open range back then. He said all the finger canals had come about to both drain the land and fill low places later. Bob explained that the finger canals divided the ranch into two hundred pastures and provided water for the cattle. They also drained the land.

Bob said "Cammy you are looking at the most modern and efficient cattle production unit in the country, perhaps the world."

Bob said "Our production program is in order, we must now work on marketing our product for more profits.

Bob said that he wanted to have a sale each year in nearly every state. He would sell only the best breeding stock, bulls and heifers. Bob said that the next day the people in the lab would begin extracting semen from the two new bulls and four from the ranch herd. He hopped to sell frozen semen all over the world.

Bob said "Cammy our computers are going to be the most important tool we have, if you are good enough, you can be an important part of this ranch."

They spent some time at near ground level looking at herds of cattle. Bob was making notes. At two places he landed and examined the grass. He got back in the chopper, took off and spent some time looking at the cattle grazing in those two pastures.

Before noon they were back at the main ranch house, Bob asked Cammy if she wanted to swim in the pool that afternoon.

He said that Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday afternoon and evening were Daybreak's off time. Bob said "I usually snack, go out, or cook something light over the weekend." Bob told Cammy that she would have the pool to herself and she was free to make herself something to eat.

Bob told her to go to the office at eight the next morning to examine the computer equipment.

Cammy thanked him and said that if it was alright she would use the pool for a bit then spend time that afternoon with the computer.

Bob made a few calls and was about to leave when through a window he saw Cammy at the pool. She was wearing a bikini and it let her body show. Bob was struck by her beauty. In shorts and a blouse the night before her long shapely legs and large tits were not well displayed in the dim light in the bar. She had said she was six foot one inch tall but at breakfast that morning in jeans and a shirt that was loose cut she had given no clue that she was built that good. Bob had thought "Tall and skinny." Now Bob thought "Tall but not skinny, perfect large tits, a trim ass and legs to die for. Her face was in repose and serene now, the look of dread, fear and disappointment was gone and was replaced with a smile. Bob left thinking "God I hope she is good with computers."

Hours later he returned from a date with a nice but not exciting in the least lady in Jackson. She had cooked Bob a greasy and overdone meal, and then with no emotion and seemingly no response had allowed him to jet off in a condom in her twice.

Monday morning at six Cammy was dressed and waiting Daybreak's knock. She followed her to the kitchen in Bobs apartment.

Daybreak waited while they exchanged 'Good mornings'. Bob said "I will have my usual breakfast Daybreak, Cammy said "May I have just two over light and three pieces of bacon with grits and toast please."

Bob said "I saw you at the computer in the office as I came home last night, did you learn how we keep our records?" Cammy said "I did and I have a list of suggestions to run by you later." Bob said "Cammy I have called a meeting of all department heads to be at eight this morning and after that is over I would be glad to spend some time with you and go over your list."

Bob said that he would like for her to be present for that meeting. Cammy said she would be there. After breakfast Cammy went to her room, she was not sure what she could contribute to a meeting of the ranch foremen or heads of departments but was gratified by being included as one.

At eight on the dot Bob ducked under the doorway and sat at the head of the conference table. Every one was there and got quiet.

Bob said "We seem to have a problem in pasture 97 and 96, the forage there is an odd color and the cattle are looking bad. I want the grass tested for tetney and fungus and the cattle moved to other pastures. Philip Adams that is your sector and you have not reported any problem there." Philip said "Mr. Davis, I have not noticed any thing wrong there." Bob said "Philip those two herds are down by two hundred pounds each cow and something is wrong."

Bob said "Paul between pasture twenty seven and twenty eight the wind mill that keeps the water level below ground elevation is not running, why is that so?" Paul said "Sir the drive rod on that mill has been repaired three times this year, a new larger diameter rod will be installed this morning."

Daybreak had brought coffee when the meeting first started, she brought a fresh pot and poured for those that wished more. She was waiting for a time to speak. When Bob asked if there was anything else that needed to be covered in the talk session she spoke. Daybreak said "Sir the Tribal Chief has asked me to seek permission to use the south boundary canal for access by water to the large lake on the property adjoining this ranch." Then she said "We would like to move seventeen house boats to there and get away from the main river." Bob asked if the property owner had given them permission to use the place. Daybreak said the Department of Indian Affairs would buy the land and designate it as an Indian Reservation if they could make a deal.

Bob said "We have no problem with that Daybreak and I will write a letter to the tribe giving permission for the use of the canal."

Bob rose and said "I would at this time like to introduce Miss. Cameroon McDaniel, Cammy for short. Miss McDaniel is replacing our long time friend Mrs. Perkins of whom I am sure you have heard of her death."

Bob said "She will need all the help we can give her."

Bob closed the meeting and went to his office. Bob was on the phone when Cammy came in with her notes. Bob finished and said "Sit down Cammy." Cammy said "Sir I spent several hours on the ranch computer and I have listed my findings."

Cammy informed Bob that the computer was about five years old and at the time it was bought was top of the line. The capacity was nearly full, and because of that it was very slow. Cammy suggested that Windows 95 that was in it now be upgraded to Windows ME.

Bob said "Give me your opinion Cammy what do you want to do about a larger, faster computer?" Cammy said "Sir I would like to build a new computer from scratch." I would like to assemble one with the latest and largest components available. I would like to get new high speed accessories to go with it."

Bob asked if what she wanted could not be found in one of the larger places in Mobile on their shelves." Cammy told him that what they needed was a custom built unit designed for the ranch business and such a thing was not found on store shelves.

Bob asked her estimate of the cost. Cammy said she would guess that the cost would be between four and five thousand dollars. She said that this early in the morning she probably could have every thing delivered from Mobile that afternoon and have it working the next morning.

Bob told her to 'Have at it'.

Early that afternoon Cammy had her components, she brought the invoice and a printed check for Bob to sign. She had spent a little less than four thousand dollars.

Bob found her on the carpet in front of her desk when Daybreak had the evening meal ready. She was building her new computer on the floor.

At ten thirty Bob checked on Cammy before going to bed. She had it all together and was installing programs. Bob asked her how it was going. Cammy said "Like a dream Boss, it absorbs a program in seconds rather than hours." Cammy said "I have my dream machine now, I designed this in my mind months ago." She said that she had not forgotten a thing and everything she had ordered except a new mouse pad had been shipped. Bob found a new one with a 'Dam Cowboy' scene on it. Cammy said "Perfect."

Bob asked if she was ready to quit now. Cammy said she was, she would transfer the ranch data to the new machine the next morning.

Bob asked if she would like a drink or a beer before retiring. She said that was a nice thought. In the kitchen Cammy asked for a beer, no glass.

Bob said "Cammy you have spent your first day working here and we have not discussed salary. What salary range were you expecting if you had gotten to Montgomery?" Cammy said "I was hopping to find something that paid between two hundred seventy five and three hundred twenty five a week. A girl can get by on that if she is careful."

Bob said "I can pay you four hundred Cammy and let you live here and have your meals with me. There is a new pickup you can use until you can buy yourself a car, and the front gate guard also cuts the switch on and off at the gas pump."

Cammy said "I got you fooled, I am not worth that much."

Bob said "Cammy I was a college professor before I got this job, I know a lot about computers, I had to work with them for years. I have realized today that you are an expert with them." Bob said "I don't even know anyone that could build one but you." Bob said "You are going to earn every dollar."

They went to their beds.

The next morning Cammy had the entire ranch operations for years back in the new computer by ten. Cammy took a break and wandered around the office. Mary Clark was the company accountant, she was using the old ledger double entry system to do her books. Cammy thought "She needs a computer with Quicken in it." Sue Morgan was the payroll clerk. She was using a payroll machine that was an antique. Pay roll checks were typed by hand. Cammy thought "She needs a computer instead of that twenty year old relic."

Bob was gone all of that day and the next. When he returned Cammy was up to date with her computer. She talked to Bob at dinner that night about sizing up components in the old company computer and making it a bookkeeping machine for records and payroll. Ken asked if she thought Mary Clark could operate a computer. Cammy said "I think I can teach her all she needs to know and let her do payroll to." Cammy said "Sue Morgan is leaving us to move with her husband to Texas next month, I think Mary can do both jobs." Bob asked what she thought the costs would be to modify the old computer. Cammy said "Less than a thousand dollars sir and of course the cost of printing supplies.

Bob said "In the morning I will announce that you are now office manager and in charge of the clerical staff."

Cammy said "You make me feel so proud, I have gotten a job and two promotions the first week I am here."

She kissed Bob on his cheek.

Bob held her to himself and said "I want to make that a real kiss mam" and commenced to do so.

Daybreak was at the other end of the room watching, she saw the fervent kiss and heard Cammy say "O shit" when it was over.

Bob said "It is time we got better aquatinted darling." Cammy said "Yes it is." Daybreak watched as Bob picked Cammy up and carried her to his bed room.

Normally Bob was awake and in the kitchen when Daybreak came in at five am but not the next morning.

At six am Daybreak gave the door to Bob's bed room a timid knock. She heard Bob say "Come in." Cammy was clutched to Bobs chest and he was holding her there. Daybreak asked if they wanted breakfast. Bob said yes, Cammy said no. Bob said "Cammy we WILL have breakfast now!" Cammy said "Daybreak we will have our breakfast now please."

Cammy and Bob came to the kitchen holding hands, Bob was dressed in a white tee shirt and shorts, Cammy was wearing one of Bob's tee shirts. Cammy had a dreamy smile and a content, pleased look on her face.

After breakfast Cammy said "I have to go to work now." Bob said "Cammy it is Saturday morning, you have the day off." Cammy said she knew it was Saturday but she wanted to open up that old computer and see what was needed to up grade it. Bob asked how long that would take. He was informed that she needed an hour at most.

Bob suggested that she order what she needed and they would fly to Mobile and pick her order up that morning. Cammy had her order list at seven thirty and had to wait until the supply house opened at eight to call it in. She had decided to buy power back ups for both computers. That was on her list. After she had placed her order, Bob got on the phone and gave delivery instructions at the Mobile Air Terminal.

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