Saving Sister Susan
Chapter 1: Carnal Confession

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Carnal Confession - Father Murphy saves the young Novice, Sister Susan from the an older Nun's Sapphic temptation.

God had a purpose in mind. Father Murphy was sure of that. He was punishing him for his transgressions, his weakness, and his surrender to the sins of the flesh. The young priest sat at his desk in the dimly lighted room and reflected guiltily on the terrible things he had done since coming here to this school. He wanted to fall to his knees and pray for forgiveness. He hadn't even confessed his sins. He couldn't bring himself to admit them to another, not even the kindly Father O'Brien.

He had taken advantage of the trusting innocence of girls entrusted to his spiritual care. For two weeks now, he'd been successful in resisting the temptation but he didn't feel confident that he could continue. The young schoolgirl Ann, whom he'd so wantonly deflowered, had tempted him in the confessional when she confessed to wanting to sin with him again. Silently, the tortured priest sought the strength to resist, to defeat his evil inclinations.

Sister Susan sat nervously in the small anteroom outside Father Murphy's office, dreading that she had to make her confession today to Father Murphy. Confessing to Father O'Brien was bad enough but at least he went away after so she didn't have to see him in the convent. And she'd never done anything as bad as what she had to confess to him today.

How had she got in this situation? At Saint Vincent's she'd heard the other girls whisper and giggle about this Sister or that 'sleeping' with so and so, but she hadn't really understood what they meant.

All of her schooling had been in schools run by the church, first at St. Mary's, then for the last five years, in St. Vincent's. Her Uncle Pat, Father Patrick O'Malley, had been the resident priest at both institutions and, unbeknownst to her, this family relationship had shielded her from other potential non-family relationships in the residential schools. Even during her last four years of high school, when her voluptuous body was tempting the few unprincipled Nuns who preyed on girls such as she, they resisted because of her uncle's position in the school. Now, however, Uncle Pat was not around and Sister Capello had done what others had not.

It would be easier for all if he could hear confessions behind a screen but for reasons he didn't understand, the Mother Superior had decreed that Confession should take place on a face-to-face basis. For him it was both embarrassing and often temptingly erotic to hear nubile girls confess to sinful thoughts and sometimes to salacious, sinful actions. Who was he going to have to face today?

Could she just leave and not confess? Sister Capello was older and a full-fledged Nun. If she could do what she did, then it must not be that bad. The Novice felt warmth suffuse her loins as she remembered what it had been like. She had to fight it. The Bible was firm. It was a sin. A terrible sin. God had destroyed people for committing it.

"You can come in now, Sister."

Susan jumped, feeling guilty of unclean thoughts when Father Murphy opened the door to his office and beckoned to her. She rose from the chair and followed him inside, looking quickly around the room.

The priest's small, crowded office did triple-duty. There was a desk where he did the boring administrative work that came with his position. There was a low prayer bench where supplicant's for absolution knelt when they confessed to their transgressions with a facing chair where the priest sat during that time. And, right beside the prayer bench there was a bed since, along with being an office and a confessional, the room was also Father Murphy's bedroom. The placement of the bed had been particularly advantageous on occasion but, with his desire to reform, Father Murphy knew he should relocate it away from the confessional.

"It's sort of like going to the dentist, isn't it, Sister? You don't want to do it but you know that if you don't, you'll have worse trouble later on."

"Oh, Father Murphy, I suppose it is," and she smiled weakly. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as she'd thought? He was young so perhaps he would understand. Wad he ever tempted to sin the way she had? At least the room was quite dark. The priest gestured and Susan went over to the free form confessional and knelt. The priest sat on a chair in front of her, his hands on his knees, a large, gold cross dangling from one hand as he waited for her to begin.

"Oh, Father. I have sinned. I have sinned, terribly." the demure Novice said hesitantly and shyly.

"Tell me about it, then, my child," he said, wondering what this girl imagined was so serious. "I'm sure that God will forgive you."

"But, Father? It was? Like? It was with Sister Capello." The words rushed from her mouth as she tried to get it over with as fast as possible. "Like, she sinned too, Father. Satan made her sin and? Like? She sinned with me?"

He hadn't noticed before how beautiful this young Novice was. Even her habit couldn't disguise the full shapeliness of her body and her mouth was so full-lipped, soft and kissable that it seemed a shame it would be wasted in a convent. The young priest struggled with his conscience, feeling a sinful stirring in his groin and looked at the voluptuous Novice kneeling before him. He guessed, easily, what the sin was. He knew it happened and usually it was the same story. A young Novice like Sister Susan would be seduced into lesbian actions by one of the older ones like Sister Capello. It was wrong, he knew, but it had been part of his rationalization for his own actions.

"Well, Sister Susan, He can't forgive you unless you confess so tell me about what happened. And tell me how it affected you."

"Oh, Father? I'm so ashamed. And embarrassed. She came to my cell last night. She's done that before, sir. She comes and talks to me and tries to help me... like? I tell her about the sinful feelings I get sometimes. Like, Father? I'm not sure if I'm meant to be in God's service? I get these feeling about? Like? You know? About men, sir?"

"That's perfectly normal, my child." he said in a gentle voice as his sinful organ swelled and throbbed. "The Blessed Virgin will help you to control those urges. What did Sister Capello do?" It was a sin, too, for this beautiful, young woman never to know a man.

"Well, Father? Like. I've told Father O'Brien before about the feelings I get, but last night.before Sister Capello came... I was.Oh Father Murphy, I'm so ashamed." The distraught Novice paused. Should she tell him everything? "I was.I was sinning before she came, Sir, and I started to cry. She put her arms around me and? Like? Well, I was undressed and in bed, Father, and when she held me, her Oh, Father, it was my fault, I guess. I didn't have anything robe or anything. she began to touch me. And she could tell what I'd been doing."

"There's nothing wrong with that, Sister. I'm sure she was just trying to make you relax and feel better." Yeah, I bet. He felt a hot surge of jealousy as he imagined the big Nun making Sapphic love to this delicious morsel.

"But Father? Like? She touched me here? And here?" the sensuous, young Novice said as she indicated her breasts and groin.

"So? That wasn't a problem, was it? I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it. She was just trying to console you. And you are rather large up top, aren't you, my child. I suspect she couldn't avoid it." Double D, at least. More than a handful. The young priest pruriently awaited more detail.

"I don't think that was why, Father? I don't think it was an accident. Like, she squeezed them? And played with them? And she got her fingers down below and? Like? Oh, Father, I'm so embarrassed. Do I have to tell you all of what we did?"

"Yes, my child. I won't be able to grant you absolution unless you are completely open and honest with me," he said in a gentle voice. "And, perhaps she did go a bit too far, Sister. But that's still not very serious. Unless? Tell me everything she did."

Sister Susan suddenly burst into tears and she sobbed, "Oh, Father. It made me.gave me sinful when I touch myself.only.only even wickeder.and it didn't stop there. She got into bed with me and she kissed me? She kissed me all over, sir? She even kissed me down there and she made me do it to her.kiss her, too. Ohh, Father? We were like those women in Sodom and Gomorrah, sir. We sinned terribly, Father."

"But you didn't want to, Sister. God will forgive you. And you didn't enjoy it, did you?" the young priest said as he envisioned the tall, slender, mature blonde Sister Capello with this buxom, young girl. Was it Satan or God that was tempting him?

"Ohh Father? That's why it's such a terrible sin. I wanted to! I wanted her to kiss me there and then, when she did, I wanted to do the same to her."

"Oh my. Does that mean that you? That you surrendered to Satan's wiles?"

Eyes downcast, a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, the sensual Novice said in a weak voice, "Yesss Father. Like? Like? She made it happen, Father. Like, you know? I've committed the sin know. I've touched myself.only it It made me kind of crazy Father. I got so excited that I forgot about God for a few minutes. And I'm scared that I'll do it again. I.I? I want her to do it to me again, Father. So God can't forgive me, can he?"

Father Murphy knew then that he would break his renewed vow of celibacy. Maybe the circumstances were forgivable this time he rationalized, since he was trying to save the young Novice from the more serious sins of Sodom. Perhaps that was why God was had sent her here? "Come back here tonight, my child," he ordered in a firm voice. "Perhaps we can find a way to make you repent of that sin and gain forgiveness. Be here right after Vespers."

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