Awakening of Debbie
Chapter 1: The Stalk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Stalk - Rape, group sex, forced prostitution, corrupt police face a new bride in the Nevada desert. A minor traffic stop by a corrupt sheriff changes forever the life a young married lady.

The Nevada sun at noon was as high as it ever be but the temperature had a long way to go before it peaked... At least ten more degrees would be added in the next two hours before, it started back down. Debbie wiped her face with the back of her hand again but the sweat reappeared immediately. She wished they could live closer to Las Vegas where her husband Ted worked, but living costs were too high. They had agreed to live in the next county in the small farm town of Cripple Mountain until things improved. Lifting another bag out of the cart she placed it on the back seat of her car. Loading groceries was not her favorite thing to do on a summer's day but the cupboards were empty and Ted would be home soon expecting his normal Friday special dinner with the usual special dessert. Debbie smiled when she thought how she always wound up as the dessert. With only two months of married life behind her she still felt like a bride, a very naive one however. Ted was the first and only man she had every loved or had been intimate with. Virgins were very rare in these days, especially at the age of twenty-two but, Debbie was proud of her long and sometimes difficult wait to give herself to the right man. Even more unusual was a virgin having the perfect physique that the good Lord had bestowed on her. At five foot ten and 130 pounds with her long blond hair in a ponytail, Debbie drew stares wherever she walked.

Dressed today in a white sports halter bra and tight LEVI fringed shorts she drew even more stares than usual. With the temperature over one hundred degrees and climbing she really did not care who stared or who made lewd comments behind her back. She just wanted to be comfortable. However she knew she had to change before Ted got home. He did not like her to go out in public dressed this way without him being along. Debbie did not really know if he was being protective or overly jealous. Nearby, unnoticed by Debbie, were two sets of eyes watching from a distance. Eyes that would have given her cold chills had she of known.

One set of eyes belonged to County Sheriff Albert S. Smith. Big Al, as he was known, sat in his patrol unit across the street from the grocery store where Debbie was loading her car. His nickname came from his huge frame, six foot seven and almost three hundred pounds but not an ounce of fat. Big Al liked to keep in shape and looked ten years younger than his forty-one years. Having worked his way up from a greenhorn deputy twenty years ago his knowledge of and his power over the people of the small county was tremendous. Some said his re-election every two years was a fixed vote but they who said so were very careful just when and to whom they said it. Everyone in the county knew there was an unseen element that controlled everything that occurred here. The rumor was that anyone who asked too many questions seemed to disappear and never be heard from again.

Big Al felt a stirring in his crouch as he watched Debbie bend over to pick up the bags of groceries. With his high-powered binoculars he could see the smooth, well-tanned curve of the cheek of her ass as it peaked out of the mini shorts she wore. Damn, he though, that's the best little cunt this county has offered up for years. Dropping his view down to the rear of her car he careful copied down the license plate number. By checking computer records later he could come up the address and name. He suddenly jerked up as he noticed the license plate had last years red tag instead of this years blue tag.

"Hot Damn," he shouted out loud, "expired plates!"

An evil smile came to his rugged face as he started his unit and put it in gear. Best I get aquatinted with the lovely young thing right now he thought as his huge member grew even harder.

The second set of eyes belonged to Superior court justice Harry Mauser who was stopped at the traffic light in front of the grocery store. Judge Mauser noticed both Debbie loading packages and Big Al across the street with his binoculars. The judge knew just what was going through Big Al's mind. It was the same thing that was going through his mind. A great body with minimal clothing to hide the attributes, just asking to be watched. He wondered just who she was but knew he would find this out at the next "meeting" with the Sheriff at the regular place. That meeting was scheduled for the upcoming weekend. It had been a month since their last meeting and he was beginning to have lapses in his concentration while on the bench. One day, while thinking about the new rituals, he had adjourned a trial in progress and retired to his chambers where he quickly relieved himself into a condom. Watching Debbie he thought how different she was from the normal females used by the "members" and wished he had time to relieve himself again. A loud honking brought him out of his sensual thoughts and he quickly accelerated through the intersection.

Debbie, having loaded all the groceries, got into her car and swore softly as the hot seat scorched the back of her legs. Being raised by very kind parents in a loving family relationship, Debbie's strongest swear word was "Damn" and even this brought a blush to her face. She was still shocked when Ted used some of the four letter words he knew, especially when they were making love. Debbie didn't want to admit to him that she didn't even know what some of them meant. She couldn't understand how this wonderful man she loved so dearly could talk that way but be so sweet to her. Maybe someday she'll find out more about life than what she had learned while being raised in a sterile cocoon.

She started up her car and pulled out of the parking lot and headed for her house that was about ten minutes away across the bleak desert landscape. The old air conditioning took forever to get cold but it was better than letting the hot desert air blow on her. She set the radio on her favorite station and turned it up high set back smiling, thinking how good life was and how things would go with Ted tonight. Her thoughts were shattered when she heard the wail of a siren and saw the red and blue lights in her rear view mirror. Her first thought was to look down at the speedometer to see if she was over the limit. It read way below the local limit. Hoping the police unit wanted just to pass she pulled over and slowed down. The unit behind also slowed and she could see the officer motioning her to pull over and stop. Having no choice Debbie pulled over and carefully stopped on the edge of the highway out of the traffic lane. Still wondering what she had done she opened her purse and started to get out her driver's license.

Big Al slowly got out of his unit and while adjusting his large cowboy style hat walked up to the driver's window of the car. He also had to reach into his pants pocket and adjust the hard-on that was producing a large bulge in his crouch. Looking down into the driver's window he could see Debbie fumbling with her purse. Tapping on the glass brought her quickly around to look at him directly. A slightly shocked look appeared on her face as she lowered the window. Big Al quickly took in the sight of the mini jeans stretched to their limit with her long tanned legs and a little something else exposed.

He almost forgot what to say but quickly said, "May I see your drivers license Miss?"

"What did I do wrong officer?", Debbie asked as she handed her license to Big Al.

"Well Miss, your vehicle license is expired. You have last years tag on."

"I'm sorry sir, we've just move in last month and we bought the car from a local man. I was going to get them renewed but just haven't had time."

Big Al put on one of his most pleasant smiles and softly said,

"I know how that can happen Miss, but the law is the law and I'll have to cite you for the violation."

Glancing down at the license she had given him he smiled even more.

"Miss you also have an out of state license and I 'm sorry to say it's also expired." "

Debbie dropped her head and just wanted to cry. How could she have forgotten the plates and the changing over of her California driver's license? This is going to cost me plenty. Big Al still smiling but inwardly thinking to himself just how much it might cost this pretty little cunt before he is through.

"Yes Miss it will cost you. We may be a little county but we have big bills to pay."

"Well please just write them out," said Debbie. "I do have to get going and start dinner."

"Well," replied Big Al, "there is a real problem here. You see you can't drive away on my highway without a license and your license is invalid. That means someone will have to come and drive you home."

"You can't mean that," pleaded Debbie. "I must get home with these groceries and soon. I don't know anyone to call. We just moved here and haven't made friends yet. Please give me the tickets and let me go. I promise to get every thing cleared up on Monday."

"Sorry, the law is the law Miss. Big Al reached down and opened her door. "Please step out now Miss."

Debbie picked up her purse, slid her legs out to the ground, and stood up. Big Al was only inches away from her he and softly swore under his breath because the sports bra was so tight that he could not get a good look down the slot between those large breasts. Maybe things would work out later he mussed.

"What am I going to do?" she asked.

"Well Miss, you can ride back to town with me and we will try to work things out at the station. I'll put your groceries in the back seat of my unit."

"Does this mean I am under arrest? Are you going to put me in handcuffs?"

The thought of having her in handcuffs sent a quiver through Big Al's body and he had to catch his breath for a moment.

"Of course not young lady. I just don't want to leave you here at the side of the road in all this heat. Please get in my unit while I get your groceries."

Having no other choice Debbie walked over to the sheriff's unit and got in the front passenger's seat.

The Air conditioner in the unit had been left on and it did feel nice to get out of the blazing sun. Never having been in a police unit Debbie was fascinated by all the radio and radar equipment however, the large vertical mounted shotgun that touched her left knee made her cringe. She watched as the sheriff picked up her groceries and began to place them in the back seat of the unit. Maybe this will be over with in a few hours she thought. It will be some story to tell Ted when he gets home.

Big Al still had a large bulge in his crouch and hoped she wouldn't notice it, at least for now. He gathered the groceries and walked back to the unit. While placing them on the back seat he noticed a tiny plastic bag stuck in the crack between the seats. Pulling it out he was astounded to find ten small pellets that he knew to be crack cocaine. He immediately realized where it came from. Last night he had arrested Washington Williams on a charge of dealing. He bet that Williams wasn't searched carefully enough and had placed this envelope between the seats while handcuffed. Big Al cursed himself but knew that the five pellets he had found in Williams's shirt pocket were enough to send him up for ten years. Nevada didn't fool around with "crack-heads" and long jail sentences were mandatory.

Suddenly Big Al stopped loading the bags of groceries and took a deep breath. What if the beautiful young cunt in the front seat was like Washington Williams, under arrest for the felony of trying to sell drugs? Instead of riding in the front seat she instead would have those lovely long arms behind her in tight handcuffs. Regulations would require him to do a cursory search of her clothing before putting her in the back. Couldn't take a chance on her having a weapon some where in that skimpy outfit. There were no female officers outside of Las Vegas and Cindy, the night dispatcher, wouldn't be in the office until 4:00 p.m. The though of running his hands over her body brought his breathing again almost to a standstill.

Big Al quickly placed the envelope on the top of the last grocery bag and as he was placing it back on the seat he purposely let the bag fall over and spill its contents onto the roadway.

"Damn, I'm sure sorry Miss," he said, "clumsy of me to do that. Hope nothing broke."

Debbie looked around and saw what had happened and got out of the front seat to help.

"I'm sure it will be O.K.," said Debbie as she squatted down to pick up the various items.

Suddenly Big Al grabbed her hand and pulled it away from the pile of groceries on the ground.

"What is that Miss?" he shouted.

Debbie froze at the sound of his voice and looked down at a strange object the sheriff was pointing at with his finger. She could see a tiny glassine envelope with some type of substance formed into pellets.

"I don't know what that is," she said, "It is not mine."

"It came out of your groceries Miss and that looks like crack cocaine," said Big Al as he picked up the envelope and opened it. Shaking out the pellets into his cupped hand he held them up to Debbie's face and said, "Now you're really in trouble young lady, this is a felony in the State of Nevada."

Debbie started to back away from his hand holding the pellets and stammered, "I don't know what you are talking about, I never saw those things, I don't do drugs, I never have, stop accusing me of that."

Big Al placed the pellets back into the envelope and placed it in his pocket. "No more being Mr. Nice Guy Miss, turn around and place both hands on the top of my unit and do it now!"

Instead Debbie raised both her hands as if to fend off this horrible situation and started to mumble something. Big Al grabbed her shoulder and spun her around and pushed her roughly against the side of his unit knocking the wind out of Debbie for a few seconds...

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