Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Science Fiction, Slow, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - Mark made a fatal Mistake. He was born with the ability to control other peoples minds and bodies. Set in the distant future. Follow Mark as he discovers his powers and helps to save the human race from an alien threat.

Psychics on earth were a very well hidden society. They were seen as a threat to the security of the Federation because of the great PSI wars. Most wanted nothing but to live there lives with family and friends in peace. But there was a group of very powerful psychics that called them selves The Masters. They believed that they should rule the human race. The Masters had convinced them selves that they should be gods. They started off by toppling small governments. One by one world governments fell until The Masters controlled 75% of the world. With now an army of millions of enslaved people, The Masters marched on the super powers. Along the way they enslaved captured troops to be turned around and used as soldiers. The groups of psychics that were hidden away all there lives came together and stopped The Masters. For many years after the PSI wars, psychics were revered as humanity's saviors. From the ashes of the old world governments came the Federation. Humanity had seemed to finely come together as one. There were no more borders. No one competing for land that another country owned. It seemed as if on earth, wars were a thing of the past.

Life on earth settled down and People went on with there lives. Psychics no longer had to hide to feel comfortable since it was the psychics that saved the earth. Then the new laws came. The Federation created laws that said no psychics could ever have a seat in government. They justified that by reminding people of who started the PSI wars. All of the non-psychic went along with it choosing fear to make up their minds for them. Then it was one thing after another. Psychics were required to register and swear oaths of allegiance and that they would never use their powers to try to gain control of anybody. The Federation created automated offices that would process psychics. The reason that the offices were controlled by computer was that a psychic could not read the mind of a computer and thus be able to evade the Federations oath. What would happen is a psychic would go in and prove that he or she was a psychic. And under the guise of having a medical check run on them would sit in a chair that would restrain their arms and legs. Then they were given the oath along with a lie detector test. If they did swear to the oath and lied then they were put to death. Thousands of psychics died. The Federation tried to deny that they were killing the psychics, but soon announced that yes indeed they were to protect the "normal humans". They announced that psychics were not really humans that they were a mutation. The people of earth ate this line, hook and sinker.

Then came the Law that banned Mutants. Technology advanced to the point that science could detect from DNA if a person is psychic or has the potential. Mutants were allowed to be killed with out due process thus avoiding the courts all together. All out genocide was declared under the guise of public safety. The Federation had the people of earth in a death grip of fear of the Mutants. Children that exhibited odd behavior were turned in by there parents to be destroyed. Many people that were of very high intelligence but had no traits for being psychic were placed under strict scrutiny and were in many cases executed without an investigation.

The Federation could not see that it was stopping human evolution dead in its tracks. The human gene pool was becoming retarded; the best minds were being wiped out one by one. Still some managed to survive. A new under ground network was created. Not for taking over the world but for mere survival of the human race. Man, as it turns out, is mans own worst enemy.

They created vast networks of scientists and protected them against the Federation. They helped humanity create interstellar travel, new forms of science, and medicine. The most important thing that they did was to start a very low level propaganda campaign to help the normal people of earth to stop killing the highly intelligent people that the human race needed to survive. This was done by mentally programming key normal humans very slowly. So that over the years they may even stop hunting down the psychics.

This proceeded for many years with little effect. So it was decided that all Psychics would leave earth and find a new home. They formed a company called Planetary and Space Industries or PSI for short that publicly was a research center for mining and space exploration. But secretly was an under ground rail road for psychics escaping the death squads of the Federation.

Those that survived hid them selves and gathered in remote and hostile regions of the world making detection harder. Soon enough capital was gathered that great interstellar ships were purchased. These ships were converted in to deep space colony ships. The true nature of the ships had to be hidden from the federation so it was decided that they would have the federation government believe that they were no more than exploration ships looking for planets with natural resources to mine and ship back to earth. The Federation believed in the plan so much that federal support went in to the retrofit of the space crafts. Mining equipment was built and given to PSI.

After successfully building the ships they started to move men and equipment to the ships. This was the hard part. The Federation was almost too supportive in the endeavor. They wanted to be involved in every aspect of seeing the star ships off on their voyage. So a plan was quickly developed that each ship would leave on a different heading. And then once out of the solar system they would head for an assembly point in deep space.

All the ships made it out of the space port that orbited Earth. Once out of the solar system all the ships gathered and then set out in search of their new home.

Many years later they found a planet that would support them all. It was a small planet with an earth like environment. Most of the planet was covered in a dense jungle. The air was just like that on earth except there was no pollution yet.

They formed a congress and elected leaders and then adopted a constitution. For the building of this document they went to earth history and for all intents and purposes copied the Old Constitution of the United States of America. It was the belief of the congressional body that this planet represented the ideals that all men were created equal and had the right to live there lives to the fullest extent.

They called this planet America.

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