The Candidate

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Exhibitionism, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - A senator conspires with an infamous scientist to transform his opponent into an over-sexed bimbo in order to win re-election.

Senator Wilson knocked twice on the door of the motel room. It was answered by a tall man with a bushy moustache. It wasn't whom he was expecting.

"Come in, Senator, come in!" said the stranger. "I know you wouldn't want to be seen with me, even though anyone would be hard pressed to prove that it was me."

"Dr. Cosgrave?" asked the senator, incredulous. Cosgrave had been a short, fat, balding man in all of the photos during the scandal four years ago.

"Yes, Senator, it's me. And as you can see, my scientific genius continues to produce wonders, despite my current unemployment. But please, come in. We have much to discuss."

The senator followed the notorious scientist into the motel room. There on the bed, in a green negligee that barely contained her, was a red-headed woman with the largest breasts he had ever seen. She was squeezing a protruding nipple with one hand and stroking her crotch with another, a vacuous, contented smile on her face. Senator Wilson stared at her, astounded, aroused, and suspicious.

"Don't mind Dean Dawson" said the self-avowed genius, "I just brought her along as a visual aid."

"Dean Dawson?" asked the senator. Patricia Dawson had retired suddenly from her position as Dean of Research at MIT about a year after she had been in the news so much when she exposed Dr. Cosgrave's human experimentation and the web of corruption at the Institute that had allowed it to go unchecked. Now that Senator Wilson thought about it, the woman on the bed did resemble Dawson somewhat, except for the monstrous tits, the wild red hair, the whorish make-up, and the look of vapid arousal.

"Yes, DeeDee here was once quite a thorn in my side," explained the scientist. "But now she's just another slut in my harem, aren't you DeeDee."

The red head giggled. "I'm a slut!" she declared happily.

The senator was dumbfounded. If his story was true, what had the madman done to this poor woman? And of much greater concern, what did he want with him? He had come here secretly because he had received a note promising that Cosgrave had something to tell him that could guarantee his reelection. He had expected the notorious scientist to reveal some role which his opponent had played in the MIT scandal when her late husband was mayor of Boston, but could Donna Travers really be mixed up in something like this? It seemed unlikely.

"I believe," continued Cosgrave, "That a certain woman is making your life rather difficult, Senator. Latest pole that I saw had you trailing by 18 percentage points. And the election is only three weeks away."

"We've had some snags in the campaign," defended the Senator "but I still think we can rally the support of the people of Massachusetts."

"Oh come now, Senator," chided Cosgrave. "Face reality. I saw the last debate. She made you look like a buffoon. And your little incident with the young campaign workers six years ago still hasn't faded from the public memory. Even if you were able to tamper with the paternity tests--yes, I know about that--there are still a lot of doubt left in people's minds. Some of the bolder newspapers have gone so far as to compare your moral fiber to mine! I don't think there are two women in this entire state that would admit to supporting you. The only reason you're doing as well as you are is that some people out there still can't imagine having a female Senator. This final debate next week will be the final nail in your coffin. Unless..."

The Senator was angry and embarrassed, but he knew what Cosgrave had said to be true. What did he have to loose?

"Unless what?" he asked.

"Well, Senator," smiled the oily scientist, "Don't you think you'd have better luck running against someone more like DeeDee here?"

The red-head giggled at her name being mentioned.

The senator finally realized just what he was being offered. He had a sudden vision of his no-nonsense opponent with a massive set of hooters giggling and fondling herself. He suddenly found that his pants didn't fit him very well.

"I... I don't think anyone but a teenage boy or a pervert would vote for... someone like DeeDee."

"And as many perverts as there are in Massachusetts, most of us don't vote." chuckled Cosgrave.

"What's the catch?" asked Wilson.

"It's quite a simple exchange, Senator. You are the head of the committee which oversees the Department of Defense. The DOD has quite a substantial research budget which, unlike the NIH or NSF, can fund research deemed 'top secret', and thus not subject to inquiry from the general public or even most congressmen. I have acquired a small private research institute in Tahiti, but it has exhausted all of my funds. Since my fall from academic grace, I have had to obtain money by dealing with people even slimier than US senators, if you can believe such people exist, and it is quite frankly more dangerous than it's worth. I miss my old days at MIT and my old federal grants. So, the deal is as follows: One week from now, you will debate an over-sexed bimbo who has been abandoned both by the feminists and the religious right. Two weeks later, the good people of Massachusetts will give you six more years to abuse your office. After the Christmas holiday, the DOD will receive a grant application for $10,000,000, renewable annually, from the Tahitian Institute for Transformation Science. You will ensure that it is fully funded without peer review and given the highest possible security rating. You will then ensure its renewal for as long as you hold office."

The senator bit his lip. Ten million was nothing compared to the DOD's budget. He had diverted more than that in the past successfully. And if the madman could really pull it off...

"How... how would you do it?" asked the Senator.

Cosgrave smiled, knowing that his quarry was hooked.

"I have developed a device which can have remarkable transformative effects on the human mind and body." explained Dr. Cosgrave. "DeeDee, having stripped me of my research subjects, has acted as a my primary guinea pig."

"The machine is yummy," affirmed the former Dean. "It gave me big boobies!"

"I've always been a bit of a breast man, despite the rumor that we geniuses are supposed to prefer legs." explained the scientist. "I've recently developed a hand-held version of my machine. All I have to do is give Ms. Travers three treatments and the transformation will be complete."

"How will you get close to her?" inquired the senator. "She's had a constant body guard ever since her husband was assassinated."

The scientist grinned, cat-like.

"I see you've already considered messier options," he teased, "but I won't have a problem getting close to her."

He pulled out a large microphone and an authentic-looking press pass.

"You just tend to your campaign, and I will tend to your opponent."

DeeDee giggled. The senator grinned.

"You have yourself a deal," he said.

"Splendid," replied Cosgrave. "And to sweeten it, I'll let you borrow DeeDee for half an hour."

The red-head squealed with pleasure.

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