Slutty Babysitter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Cheating, Incest, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Cream Pie,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Marina is stuck in a Friday night babysitting. Little does she know this night will change her forever.

Marina walked into her house after a long day at school. The 18 year old threw her new Abercrombie and Fitch jacket on the couch and walked up stairs to her room. It was Friday night, and she had to baby-sit down the street. She didn't know why she had agreed to do it though. There was a huge party tonight and her boyfriend wanted her to go.

Marina and Tom had been going steady since sophomore year. They were inseparable. Tom was Marina's first, and she was in love with sex ever since. Tom called her a nymph; she always had sex on the brain.

She walked over to her closet and pulled her Abercrombie sweater over her head. She reached around and unclipped her bra. "Wow, my tits are happy not to be in a bra anymore" she exalted. Her boobs were quite large. She was very proud of them; she always caught guys staring at her 36c's. She was quite skinny which made them stand out even more. They were very sensitive and she loved to have them played with and sucked. She had large areola's and she loved her tits very much.

She stood in front of the mirror admiring her strawberry blond hair, and large supple teenage breasts. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down and off to reveal yellow cotton panties. She smiled to herself, knowing how good she looked. She had just shaved her pussy yesterday and she could see the outline of her labia through her tight cotton panties. She threw a tank top on, and pulled some sweat pants up and hopped into bed. She was going to take a nap until it was time to go to the Smith's.

She was awoken about 2 hours later when her older brother Steve came home. He was 20 and home on winter break from State College. She woke up annoyed, but realized she would have had to have gotten up soon anyway. She got out of bed and pulled on some new Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, she put a bra on and put on a tight Abercrombie sweater. She didn't bother doing her hair, and just put it in a ponytail. She walked out of her house and down the street to the Smith's.

She knocked on the door and Mr. Smith answered the door. "Hi Mike how are you?" Marina said as she walked inside. "Good thanks Marina. The kids are up stairs sleeping already, they shouldn't be a problem tonight. I have a dinner meeting with some clients in town; I should be back relatively early. Cindy has been away for the past few days and she might call tonight to check up on the children. Just tell her I'm at a meeting and I will call her when I get home. Thanks again for coming on such short notice." Mike smiled and stepped out the door.

Marina had been sitting watching TV for about 2 hours now. She was getting very bored. "I should be getting fucked right now," she thought to herself. She continued to flick the channels on the TV for another hour. Finally Mike came home. Marina was hoping to get to the party and get a good fucking. He opened the door and walked inside. Marina was lying on her side watching TV. She sat up and smiled when she saw him.

"Cindy didn't call and the kids slept the whole night." She said. "That's good to hear, my meeting went well, too bad the food was shitty." He responded. Marina stood up "I'll go make you something hold on one second". "You really don't have to" Mike said "but thank you".

Marina came back in with a tuna sandwich and a beer for Mike. She sat down on the couch next to him and gave him the sandwich and the beer. "How long has Cindy been gone?" she asked. "This time only a week but she's been gone an awful lot recently. With the kids and stuff, even when she is home we don't have much time to ourselves." Mike said. "I'm sorry to hear that, I hope it gets better," responded Marina. Mike said, "Ya know, the worst part is we barely get intimate anymore." He wondered in his head what the hell he was doing. "I shouldn't be telling Marina these things," he thought to himself. "Well, I just had my period last week, and I'm babysitting tonight, so I haven't had any in awhile either." She responded. Mike was a bit taken back by Marina's comment, he had always thought of her as the babysitter but now he was thinking of her as a sexual object. Marina said, "So have you been jerking off a lot? Or have you gotten someone to fulfill your needs?" Mike didn't know what to say, "I um just jerk off I guess."

"Don't get shy with me now Mike" Marina said, "I see the way you look at me, I know you want me." Mike started to get angry thinking to himself, "Who does this slut think she is? Talking to me that way?"

He stood up in front of Marina "Get to your knees slut." He barked. Marina, not saying a word, dropped to her knees in front of the much older man. She unzipped the fly of his dress pants and pulled his hard cock from his boxers without even being told to do so. She jerked the hard cock a few times and sucked it deep into her mouth. She started to bob her head up and down on the ever, hardening cock. "mmmmmm, that good slut," Mike said.

Marina took pride in her cocksucking. She loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth. Whenever she had a chance she always had Tom's hard cock in her mouth. She was very kinky when it came to sex and liked licking and sucking Tom's balls and once ate out his asshole while she jerked him off.

She was now trying to take his whole 9 inches into her mouth. Slowly, she relaxed her gagging reflex. Mike was enjoying this. Her eyes looking up into his as she slowly took him all the way down. She pulled back and started to jerk and blow his hard cock at the same time. Her saliva was coating Mikes' hard cock.

She continued to bob up and down on his shaft. Her saliva was now dripping off her chin and down onto her brand new Abercrombie sweater and jeans. The saliva was making a large wet spot on her sweater. She was liking how she slutty she was acting. She was on her knees, all dressed in Abercrombie like a good little girl. She had a hard cock in her sexy mouth and saliva and pre-cum dripping out of her mouth down onto her clothes.

Suddenly the phone rang. Mike reached over onto the couch, being careful not take his cock out of Marinas mouth. Mike said "Don't you dare even think about stopping whore." He picked up the cordless phone and said "Hello?"

It was Cindy. Marina took his cock out of her mouth and started to rub it allover her face. The saliva and pre-cum getting smeared allover her sexy teenage face. She popped the hard cock back into her mouth and continued to bob on it. Mikes answers got shorter "Yes, honey, yes dear, sure honey" as he got closer to cumming in the teenagers mouth.

Marina could sense he was closer as his cock got even harder. She reached down and started to massage his balls, occasionally dipping back and rubbing his asshole. Mike was trying not to make any sexual noises as he spoke to his wife on the phone, but it was getting harder to hide the fact he was about to fill the babysitters mouth with cum.

Mike began to erupt into Marinas' hot mouth. She continued to bob on his cock. Feeling the cum filling up her mouth. She didn't swallow, but held it inside her mouth. She squeezed his sac, coaxing out as much cum as possible. Mike continued to mumble into the phone "Yes, dear, yes everything is ok here, I'm just watching TV that's all..." He finally finished erupting into her mouth.

She pulled off his cock, pushed it back into his pants and zipped him up. She looked up at him and opened her mouth. Her mouth was full of cum. She looked deep into his eyes and closed her mouth and swallowed. She looked back up at him and opened her mouth, it was now empty. She stood up gathered her things and let herself out of the house. She gave a sexy smile back at Mike and he waved goodbye as he was still talking to his wife on the phone.

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