Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An adulterous affair causes problems in our marriage.

It was a brisk October evening and it had just started to spit rain as I sat in my car about a half block from my house. I was feeling guilty about spying on her like this but I had to find out if my wife was cheating on me.

The events leading up to that night started six years earlier when I met Marci at a friends wedding. I was sitting at the same table as Marci at the reception and a mutual friend introduced us. Marci made an immediate impression on me. Marci is five feet ten inches tall and weighs about 125 pounds. At the time she had long dark brown hair that hung in curls around her shoulders. She has large, very expressive brown eyes. Her body was beautifully sculpted with high, firm breasts nicely rounded buttocks and shapely legs. Over all she was a very attractive woman. At the time we did nothing more than exchange hellos. It wasn't until several days later that we spoke again.

It was the following Wednesday night that I ran into Marci in a local watering hole. She just happened to be walking past me so I said hello. She looked at me for a minute then remembered meeting me at the wedding. She stopped to talk to me and I bought her a drink and the next thing I knew it was closing time and I was giving Marci a ride home.

I walked her to her door and asked her if she would go out with me that weekend. She said that she would so I kissed her goodnight and went happily on my way home.

From that point on I spent every moment I could with her. Although we had not had sex yet, Marci said that she wanted to wait till she was married, I knew I was in love with her after just a couple of months. When I told her that I loved her she didn't respond right away and finally said that she liked me very much but wasn't sure if she loved me. For a while after that it seemed that she wanted to stop seeing me. She didn't stop seeing me completely but she told me she would only go out with me once a week.

That wasn't enough for me. I had to have all or nothing so I started going to the places I knew she would be with her friends and on many of these nights Marci would end up leaving with me, but it also put a strain on the relationship. Marci often got mad at me for following her around.

Then one night we were going to a party at a friend's house after work. Marci got off before I did and was already at the party when I got there. I don't know what started it but Marci seemed to be ignoring me when I got to the party so still being young and immature I ignored her too. Things just got worse as the party went on and by the time it ended Marci and I weren't speaking and she left with her girlfriends to go to a bar.

I went to the bar later and found Marci talking to some guy I didn't know. I got extremely jealous and went over and insisted that she come talk to me. I asked her, "Whose the guy your talking to?"

Marci said, "His name is Stan. I went out with him a couple of times a few years ago."

"Did he ask you out?"

Marci said, "Yes, but he's married."

I said, "What does that mean? That if he wasn't married that you would go out with him?"

Marci said, "I don't know. Maybe."

I wasn't sure if Marci said that just to make me jealous or if she really would go out with him. I lost control and called Marci a slut. Then I calmed down and tried to apologize.

I don't remember how but I managed to get Marci to leave with me that night and I drove her home. When we got to her house, Marci said that she didn't think we should see each other anymore. I was heart broken but I kept my mouth shut.

After that night I didn't see Marci for two weeks. Then I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to talk to her. At the time Marci worked as a waitress so I went to the restaurant where she worked and when I saw her I asked her if we could go someplace and talk. She said that she was working a split shift that day and would be ready to leave in ten minutes.

We drove around for a while and then stopped near the bay. We got out and went for a walk. We talked about everything except what had happened the last time we were together. Finally as we sat on a large tree trunk that was lying on the beach I asked Marci if she would go out with me again. Marci said, "You make me feel weird."

That wasn't the answer I was hoping for. I tried to get her to tell what she meant, but she just kept saying that I just made her feel weird. Then finally as I was dropping her back off at work Marci put her arms around my neck and kissed me and said, "I think I feel weird because I am in love with you." Then she kissed me again and got out of the car and ran into the restaurant.

After that things got very much better between us even though we still hadn't had sex. Over the next couple of months our passion grew. For some time Marci and I had been doing just about everything except intercourse. Our passions had become a sort of routine. We would go into Marci's bed and start kissing. I would work my way to her breasts, Marci gets really hot when you suck on her breasts, and then I would go down and bring her to orgasm with my mouth and tongue. After that Marci would stroke my cock with her hand until I climaxed. Then one night I just sensed that Marci wanted more so I got on top of her and guided my cock to her pussy. When I stared rubbing the head of my cock against her lips Marci made no move to stop me so I started pushing the head of my cock inside her. I was able to get in just a couple of inches then my cock wouldn't go any farther. As I started to press harder Marci wrapped her arms around me and held me as tight as she could. Then I gave one hard push and slid the rest of the way in.

I was so excited to finally be inside Marci that I wasn't able to last very long. As I felt my climax approaching I pulled out and shot my load of semen on Marci's pubic hair.

Marci didn't say a word as I dressed to go home. I was afraid that maybe I had forced her to do this against her will or that I had hurt her more than she let on. As I got ready to leave I sat on the edge of the bed and kissed her and was surprised to get a very passionate kiss back. I said, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Marci asked, "What Time?" I don't go to work until three. Can you come over before I have to go in?"

I told Marci I would come over for lunch, and then I went home.

The next day on the way over to Marci's I was worried about how she was going to react to what had happened the night before. She was no longer a virgin and I wasn't sure if that would upset her or not. When I got to the apartment Marci had lunch ready and we ate and talked about nothing in particular. As soon as we had cleared away the dishes Marci kissed me and asked, "Do you want to do it now?"

I was a little surprised by the question and responded with, "Do what?"

Marci kissed me again and said, "You know, what we did last night." Then she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. Marci must have been very horny because she couldn't wait to get me inside her. When I entered her she was already well lubricated and we went at it for what seemed like an hour. We had no protection so I had to pull out when I felt my climax starting. Afterward as Marci was playing with my cock she asked me, "Would you like it if I kissed it?"

I said, "Do you want to?"


I said, "Then go ahead. I would love it." Then Marci took my cock into her mouth and in spite of her inexperience she gave me a great blowjob stopping just short of making me cum. Then she jerked me off letting me cum on her breasts.

After that our relationship only got stronger and we were very active sexually. Marci got on the pill so I no longer had to pull out when I climaxed. We even started talking about the future and the possibility of marriage. Everything was going great until one night I picked Marci up to go out and she was in a bad mood. I tried to find out what was upsetting her but I couldn't. As we were sitting in our favorite watering hole having a drink one of Marci's friends stopped by the table and told us about a party at some guys house. Neither of us knew the host but Marci wanted to go. When we got to the party there were a few people I knew so I chatted with them as Marci went off with one of her friends. Marci came back to where I was about a half hour later and said she wanted to go home.

When we got back to her apartment Marci told me she wasn't feeling well and she just wanted to go to bed so I dropped her off and left. As I headed for home I thought about Marci's behavior that evening. She had been acting like I had done something wrong but I couldn't imagine what I had done. So I decided to go back to her apartment and make her tell me why she was acting that way. As I pulled up across the street from her apartment I saw Marci getting into a car with another guy. They were headed in the other direction so I couldn't get turned around in time to follow them and I didn't recognize the guy so I couldn't imagine where she would be going. It was already late enough that the bars were closed so I had no place I could even begin to look for her. So I went home and spent the night wondering whom Marci was with and what she was doing with him.

I was hurt and angry so I didn't call Marci for three days. When I finally called her she seemed a little distant and I sensed that she was nervous. She agreed to see me that night.

When I got to her apartment I had already decided that if she didn't give me satisfactory answers to my questions it was over. I sat down with her at the kitchen table and asked, "What's going on?"

She said, "What do you mean?"

I had decided that I wasn't going to make this easier on her by telling her right away that I seen her getting in a car with another guy. "I want to know why you were acting the way you were the other night."

Marci, "I told you. I wasn't feeling well."

"You were feeling well enough when your friend told you about that party."

Marci said, "I thought I might feel better if I was around other people having fun, we weren't having any fun."

"But we were barely at the party a half hour when you had to go home." Marci didn't look at me as she said, "I wasn't feeling any better so I wanted to go home."

She was lying to me and it was time to play my trump card. I said, "So you were really sick. I though that you were mad at me for some reason and just wanted to get rid of me."

Marci said, "I wasn't mad at you. I just felt lousy."

Then I hit her with it. "I guess if you were that sick that guy I saw you getting into the car with must be someone you called to take you to the emergency room."

Marci looked as though I had punched her in the stomach. She just said, "What are you talking about."

I told her how I had decided to come back to her apartment to find out what the problem was and I saw her leaving with another guy.

Marci said, "Oh my God. You saw me?" Then she started to cry.

I said, "Why are you crying. I am the one who should be crying. I didn't cheat on you, you cheated on me."

Marci said, "I didn't cheat on you. I didn't do anything."

"I am supposed to believe that after you lied to me about not feeling well and wanting me to take you home that you snuck out with this other guy and you didn't do anything. The only reason I can think of that you would sneak out with another guy at that hour of the night would be to fuck him. Is that what you did?"

Marci said, "No. I didn't do anything we just talked."

I said, "Marci, this episode has killed our relationship. There is no point in lying to me because it won't change the fact that you lied to me and snuck around behind my back."

"I am not lying."

"Okay Marci, who was he?"

"John Martin."

"Who's he and how do you know him."

"I used to go out with him."

I asked, "Why did you go out with him the other night?"

"I don't know. I hadn't seen him in a long time and he was at that party. I was talking to him and he asked me if I would take a ride with him after the party."

"But why did you go?"

"I told you I don't know. I was just feeling kind of strange that night."

"Where did he take you?"

"We just drove around for a while and then we sat in the car and talked."

I said, "In your conversation with him did you mention my name? Did you tell him that you had a boyfriend?" Did you even think of me?


"Is that because I stopped being your boyfriend that night?"


"Do you love him?"

"No. I love you."

"Bull shit! Now tell me the truth, did you fuck him? Or did you suck his cock or did he put his finger in your pussy? What did you two do in his car that night."

Marci started crying again saying, "I swear I didn't do anything except talk to him."

At that point I didn't know what to do. I didn't know whether I believed Marci or not and I didn't know what I was going to do in either case so I just got up and left.

A couple of days went by then Marci called me and practically begged me to come talk to her. So I went over to her apartment that evening. Marci began by telling me that she was very sorry that she had snuck out with John Martin but quickly added that nothing happened between them. She said that she didn't know why she went out with him that night but knew immediately after she got into his car that she should not have been with him. She said that she knew John wanted to have sex with her but she told him that she couldn't. Then Marci begged me to believe her. She said that nothing like that would ever happen again.

I had to make a decision based on faith and nothing else. Not religious faith but my faith in Marci. Did I believe that she was telling me the truth? I chose to believe her, not because I was sure she was telling the truth but because I wanted the truth to be what she told me.

It took a while but we were able to put all that behind us. Marci was more loving and gave me no reason to doubt her again. We got married a year and a half after that and for the past three years had what I thought was a very happy marriage.

Then my world began to collapse around me. I had taken a Monday off and was working in my yard. I went into the garage to get a tool when the phone rang. I picked up the extension in the garage at the same time Marci picked up the phone in out bedroom. Marci said hello before I did so I didn't say anything as I waited to see who the call was for. Then a man's voice said, "Marci, is that you?"

Marci said, "Yes, who's this?"

Then the man said, "This is John Martin."

Marci hesitated a moment then said, "John. How are you?"

John said, "I'm doing well, how about you?"

Marci said that she was also doing well. Then there was silence for a few moments. Then John said, "I'm in town on business and I thought that I would give you a call and see if maybe we could get together. Would you be free anytime this week?"

Marci was quiet for a minute and finally said, "I can't do that, I'm married now."

"I know you're married but why should that stop us from seeing each other?"

I wanted to answer his question by saying, "Because I'll break your neck if you come any where near Marci." But instead I listened with my mouth shut.

John said, "Don't you want to see me?"

Then Marci stabbed me in the heart by saying, "I would like to see you but I just don't think it would be a good idea."

Then John floored me with his next statement. "You didn't think it was a good idea the last time we got together, what was that about five years ago, but we had fun that night didn't we? Don't you want to do that again?"

So Marci did lie to me after all. I could feel the anger building in me. I wanted to scream into the phone but instead I waited to see what Marci would do this time.

Finally Marci said, "I don't think so John. I can't do that again."

John said, "Well, okay. Can I call you again later in the week."

Marci said that he could and John said, "Good. Then you think about it and I'll call you Wednesday and see if you changed your mind." Then he quickly hung up the phone. I waited till Marci put down the phone before I did.

I sat down on a bench in the garage and tried to decide what to do. Should I just confront Marci about what I had just heard and accuse her of lying to me about her night out with John Martin or accept that she had turned him down this time and let what happened in the past stay buried. But if he called her again on Wednesday would she turn him down again? And how would I know? I can't hide at home on Wednesday and wait to listen in on their call could I?

I sat for another half hour and thought about what I was going to do. This time Marci wouldn't be able to lie her way out of it if she went out with John. I was going to catch her in the act. I called my office and arranged to have Wednesday off. Then I went in the house and when Marci came down stairs I looked her in the eye and said, "I heard the phone ring earlier, who called?"

Marci said "Wrong number." I decided it was time for me to make a bad joke and said, "Wrong number? Oh yea, that's what I told her to say if a woman answered the phone." I pretended to laugh at my joke while I watched Marci's reaction. She seemed to be very uncomfortable. The next thing I did was to make a big show of calling my office to check my voice mail. As I listened to my messages I said, "Oh shit." Then I hung up the phone and immediately made another call, to my own phone, and pretended that I was talking to my boss. "What time do I have to be there?... For how long?... I guess it'll by all right. Have Sarah make my reservations and I'll pick up my tickets in the morning... Okay... You're welcome... Bye." Then I hung up the phone and turn to Marci who was standing near by watching me the whole time I was on the phone.

Marci asked, "What was that about?"

I said, "The boss wants me top go to up to Boston for a meeting Wednesday. So I'll have to fly out Wednesday morning and be back Thursday evening."

It struck me as interesting that Marci, rather than looking like this was a good thing looked very unhappy about my going away. I often had to go away on over night trips and while Marci didn't like it she never looked as upset about it as she did this time but she didn't say a word.

I have a little garden shed behind my house where I keep my lawn mower and my garden tools. I used a spool of telephone wire I had in the garage and ran a line out to my shed and hid the wire in the shrubs and bushes around the house. Then I took the telephone out of the garage and put it into my shed and turned the ringer down as low as I could and still me able to here it at close range.

On Wednesday morning I packed my overnight bag and put a couple of sandwiches in a bag with a cold drink. Then I kissed Marci and told her I would see her the next day. I drove the car around the block and parked it then walked back through an empty lot behind our house and slipped into the shed with my sandwiches and a book. The phone I had been using in my garage and had now put into use in the shed was an old office phone and had a line light on it. That is, it had a light that would come on if the phone line was in use. That way I would know if Marci made any calls as well as hearing the ring for in coming calls.

While I was waiting I removed the mouthpiece from the phone so that it wouldn't pick up any noise from me then I sat back with my book and began to read. In the morning there was one call from the dentist reminding Marci of an upcoming appointment. I ate my sandwich and drank my soda around noon and by one o'clock I had to pee so badly I couldn't stand it. I slipped out of the shed and into the trees behind it to relieve myself. When I came back into the shed the line light on the phone was lit. My heart was pounding when I picked up the phone to hear, "There's no obligation. We'll send this out to you for your 30 day free trial and if you are not satisfied just cancel the account and keep the book as our gift..."

At this point Marci said, "What part of I am not interested, didn't you understand?" Then she hung up the phone.

I was beginning to think that John wasn't going to call Marci then I suddenly panicked. What if John had called Marci on Tuesday or maybe she called him Tuesday while I was at work. I calmed myself down. John had told Marci he would call Wednesday and he didn't tell Marci where he was staying so she couldn't have called him. So I waited.

It was just after two o'clock when I heard the fait ring of the phone. I waited till the line light came on before I picked up so that I would be sure that Marci picked up before me.

Marci said hello and John said, "Hi, it's me.

"Hi John."

"Can we talk now?"

"Yes, Ben isn't home."

"Did you think about what I said?"

"Yes, I thought about it and I still don't think it's a good idea."

Hearing Marci say that gave me a bit of a lift. Then John said, "I'm not asking if you think it's a good idea, I am asking if you want to get together."

Marci was silent for a moment then said, "Yes."

John said, "I'm at the downtown Hilton. Just call me from the lobby when you get here."

Marci said, "I would rather you come for me."

"You want me to come to your house. What about your husband?"

Marci said, "He's out of town tonight," then she gave John directions to our house.

Now that brings us back to where I started this story. That is, with me sitting in my car a half block from my house waiting for John Martin to show up. My plan was to follow them when they left the house and eventually back to John's hotel I would give them time to get up to John's room then I was going to leave a package at the desk for John Martin then I would call his room and tell John that he has a package at the front desk. The package contained a bunch of promotional materials for local businesses and restaurants with some discount coupons. It is a package we send over to hotels for visitors to our offices.

I would wait for John to come down to collect the package and then I would ride on the elevator with him back up to his floor and watch what room he goes into. Then I would wait until he and Marci had time to get started then I would knock on the door. When John came to the door I would tell him I had another package for him and I needed him to sign for it. Then when He opened the door I would burst in and catch Marci in whatever compromising situation she was in.

I was also ready for the possibility that Marci would invite John into our home. In that case I would slip into the garage and up the back stairs to the bonus room above the garage. From there I would have access to the second floor hall. In the hall there is a loft that over looks the living room where I can spy on Marci and John. If they come up stairs I will go back into the bonus room and wait until they go into the bedroom then I can sneak back down the hall. If Marci leaves the door open I can watch them from the hall if not I will listen to them so that I can burst in on them at the right moment.

It was about 8:30 PM when I saw the car pull into my driveway. The man who got out of the car I had never met but I was sure it was John Martin. I watched him ring the doorbell and when the door opened, throw his arms around my wife and give her a big kiss. Marci quickly pulled him inside the house and closed the door. I knew then that Marci was going to betray me in my own home. I knew this because Marci was not dressed to go out. She was wearing the long nightgown that I had bought her for Christmas the previous year.

I got out of my car and quietly ran down the street to my house. As I walked up the driveway I looked inside the car John had driven. On the front seat was a brief case. As quietly as I could I opened the car door and looked inside the brief case. Inside I found his address book. Inside the address book were several of John' business cards with what appeared to be his home address on them. Then I found several business cards with the name Janice Martin on them and the same address. His wife? I took one her cards and closed the brief case and the car door.

Next I went around to the back of the house and crept into the garage and up the stairs to the bonus room. I listened carefully at the hall door before I opened it. Hearing no sounds in the hall I opened the door. The hall lights were off but there was plenty of light coming into the loft area from the living room down stairs. I got on my hands and knees and crept to the railing at the edge of the loft and looked down. John was sitting on the sofa and Marci was just setting a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table. She poured the wine then went around and sat on the sofa and curled her legs underneath herself and faced John. John handed her a glass of the wine and took one for himself and said, "Here's to us and to tonight."

Marci smiled at him and took a sip of her wine.

For the next forty-five minutes they sat and talked, drank the wine and listened to the music that Marci had put on the CD player. Then John stood up and walked around the coffee table to where Marci was sitting at the other end of the sofa and asked her to dance. He held out his hand to her and she took it. She slipped her feet out from under her bottom and put then on the floor and stood up. John led her to the middle of the room and put his arms around her and began to sway to the music. Then John tipped his head down and kissed Marci. She didn't resist at all. As they continued kissing John slipped the straps of Marci's nightgown off her shoulders and as he stepped back from her, Marci let the gown fall all the way to the floor. Marci was wearing a white lace bra and panty set and had obviously dressed knowing that John was going to see her in her underwear. John pulled Marci to him and kissed her then I heard him say, "Why don't we go find a bed."

Marci took John's hand and started leading him toward the stairs as I retreated down the hallway and into the bonus room.

I waited until I was sure that they were in the bedroom before I came back into the hallway. As I tip toed down the hall I could see that the bedroom door wasn't completely closed. When I looked in through the crack in the door I could see Marci helping John take his shirt off. As she pushed off his shoulders she kissed him on the nipples. John dropped the shirt on the floor and Marci began to open his pants. When his pants were open Marci pushed both his pants and his under shorts down together leaving John nude in front of my wife. Marci looked up into John's face as she took his cock gently into her hand and began to stroke it. Then I heard John say, "Put it in your mouth." Marci slid down John's body and took his cock into her mouth. Then John said, "I keep remembering that night in my car I have been thinking about how great that sweat mouth of yours felt on my cock and I have been dreaming about having you suck my cock again ever since. But this time I am not going to cum in your mouth I am going to cum in that juicy cunt of yours. I'll bet you'd like me to suck on that cunt of yours wouldn't you?"

Marci mumbled something I couldn't understand and John said, "I want to hear you say it."

Marci let John's cock slip from her mouth and said, "Yes, I want you to suck on my cunt. I want you to make me cum." Then she went back to sucking on John's cock again.

From a voyeuristic stand point this was some pretty hot stuff I was watching and I have to admit I had and erection. But the fact that this was my wife, my love, my Marci that was sucking on another man's cock was making me physically sick. I didn't know how long I could keep myself under control. I knew that I could burst into the room anytime now and have all the evidence I needed. There could be no denying anything now. But I wanted maximum effect so I waited.

John had helped Marci back to her feet and was asking her to sit on the edge of the bed. Then he got on his knees by the bed and slowly removed Marci's panties. When the panties were off John looked up at Marci and asked. "Now what was it you wanted me to do to you down here?"

Marci said, "I want you to press your mouth against my pussy and shove your tongue inside my cunt and suck the juice from my honey pot"

I had never heard Marci talk this way before. We talked dirty when we made love but Marci never got that dirty. But I guess it had the effect she wanted because John was now eating her pussy with wild abandon. Marci soon had an orgasm and right afterward John got on the bed with Marci and pushed his cock inside her pussy. As John was pumping my wife's pussy with his cock I pulled out the business card I had in my pocket and punched the telephone number into my cell phone but didn't hit send. Then I waited. It was five more minutes before the right moment came.

John was beginning to pump harder and faster and then shouted, "I coming." At that moment I burst into the bedroom and yelled at the top of my lungs, "Get your cock out of my wife you piece of shit."

The effect was perfect. They both screamed and John jumped back and his cock came out of Marci's pussy just as it started to ejaculate causing him to spray his seed all over Marci, including two spurts that hit Marci in the face, while they both looked at me in horror. As they watched me to see what I would do I pressed the send button on my phone. When I heard the woman's voice on the other end, I said, "Is this Janice Martin and are you the wife of John Martin?" The look on John's face was priceless.

"Yes." Who's this?"

I said, "My name is Ben Rogers and I have the unfortunate duty to tell you I just caught your husband fucking my wife in my own home."

"Is this some kind of joke? This is not funny."

I said, "I wish this was just a joke. Would you like to speak to you husband? He's right her on the bed with my wife spurting semen all over the bed spread." Mrs. Martin said no and hung up but I tossed the phone to John anyway.

John grabbed the phone and said, "Janice!... Janice!" Then he realized that she had already hung up. Then he looked at me and said, "You bastard."

"You're calling me a bastard? Did you really think that you could just waltz into my house, fuck my wife, ruin my marriage, and then go home to your own happy marriage. I just hope your wife cleans you out in the divorce settlement. Now get your clothes on and get the fuck out of my house."

As John struggled to get his clothes on while trying to maintain his dignity and stay out of my reach, Marci sat on the bed with the sheet pulled up to cover herself. I almost had to laugh at the two streaks of semen running down her face. She appeared to be in shock. Other than her initial scream when she first saw me in the bedroom she hadn't made a sound.

When John had his clothes on I followed him down the stairs. I blocked him from the front door and said, "Well, Marci is yours now, what are you going to do with her?"

John didn't look at me and he didn't answer me. He just stood there until I open the door and let him leave. I watched till John pulled his car out of the driveway and sped around the corner, and then I headed back upstairs to confront Marci.

She was still sitting on the bed with the sheet pulled up around her neck when I entered the room. I gave her a disgusted look and said, "You managed to ruin two marriages tonight, how does that make you feel?"

Marci dropped her chin down against her chest and as she started to cry she said, "I'm sorry. I am so sorry. This wasn't supposed to happen"

"Wasn't supposed to happen? What does that mean? You met him at the front door wearing a nightgown for Christ's sake. You knew you were going to fuck him before he got to the house."

"But you don't understand."

"What the hell is there to understand? Is there something you can tell me that would make sense of all this? Do you have an explanation that will make me not care that you just fucked that asshole in my bed?"

Marci made no attempt to answer me, so I continued. "I want you to be honest with me one time. Four and a half years ago you snuck out with that asshole after I brought you home from a party. You swore to me that you didn't do anything with him. Now tell me the truth. What did happen that night?"

Marci's mouth started moving but no words were coming out. She finally managed to stutter, "I told you nothing happened that night."

"And we both know that was a lie. Now tell me what happened in dickhead's car that night."

"Just some kissing and fondling. Nothing more."

"Then what did John mean when he said 'I keep remembering that night in my car I have been thinking about how great that sweat mouth of yours felt on my cock and I have been dreaming about having you suck my cock again ever since?'"

"Oh God, you heard that? Then you already know what happened."

"Do you love him?"

"No. I love you."

"That's a little harder to swallow than that load of cum he shot in your mouth, don't you think? You told me the same thing four and a half years ago and I made the mistake of believing you that time. Even though I would have a hard time believing anything you might say right now I would be interested to hear you explain why, if you love me and you don't love him how it happens that you snuck out with him and sucked his cock four and a half years ago and now you brought him into our house, into our bed and fucked him."

Marci looked at me with tears streaming down her face and said, "I can't explain it. I don't know why I did it."

"And the way you were talking to him. Telling him you wanted him to suck your cunt. I've never heard you talk that way before."

Marci put her hands over her face and cried.

"Then I guess there is nothing more to talk about. The night is still young, so why don't you pack a bag and go join dip shit at his hotel room."

"You want me to go stay with John?"

I answered, "Frankly I don't care where you stay tonight, I just want you out of my sight. You make me sick."

Marci said, "I don't want to be with him. I don't want to leave."

I said, "You may as well stay in here. I won't be able to sleep in this room again until it has been cleaned and you and this cum stained bedding are gone." Then I left the room and closed the doors behind me and went to spend the night in the guest room.

The next morning I was dressed and on my way to work before Marci came out of the bedroom. I was confused all day. I didn't know if I wanted to try and save my marriage or not. It's hard to go from loving someone to wanting them out of your life in such a short period of time. If I had known that Marci sucked John Martin's cock that night in his car I might never have married her, but I believed her and loved her, and now I have to decided what to do.

When I got home from work Marci was sitting in the living room with three suitcases. I wanted to ask her where she was going but I didn't. Marci was the first to speak and all she said was, "Will you help me put these bags in my car?"

I didn't say a word, I just picked up two of the suitcases and carried them out to the garage and put them in Marci's car. She loaded the third bag in herself. I opened the garage door for her but before she got into the car she came over to me. Standing in front of me she opened her purse and took out an envelope and handed it to me. Then she kissed me on the cheek and got into her car and drove away.

I went back into the house and got a beer and sat in the living room. After finishing my third beer I opened the envelope that Marci gave me. Inside was a hand written note addressed to me.

The note said:

"My Dearest Ben,

I don't know how to even begin to tell you how sorry I am for what I have done to you. I know you'll have a hard time believing this but I love you. I hope you will believe that I am telling you the truth here because I have nothing to gain by telling any more lies. You are the only man I have ever truly loved which makes it even harder to explain why those things happened with John.

Other than you John is the only man I have ever had sex with and it was only the two times you already know about.

That first time happened because I was scared. I loved you but I was afraid that things were moving too fast. My friends told me that they thought you were getting ready to ask me to marry you and I got spooked. I wasn't getting any time to think. You were always with me. That night I was mad at you. You didn't do anything wrong it was just that I didn't want to go out with you that night but I knew that if I told you I didn't want to go out that you would want to know why and I couldn't explain it. That upset me more. All that night I just didn't want to be with you. That's why I wanted to go to that party. So I could be with other people. Then I ran into John at the party. I hadn't seen him in a few years. I don't know What it was but somehow he made me feel wicked. So when he asked me to go for a ride I told him to pick me up after you dropped me off at my apartment.

When John parked the car and started kissing me I wanted him to stop because I felt guilty about what I was doing. I got mad at you because it was you that made me feel guilty so I decided to punish you by not stopping John. In the end I wouldn't let him have intercourse with me, so I brought him off in my mouth so that he would take me home. Afterward I never wanted to see him again. I didn't know how I felt about what had happened until you didn't call me for three days. Then I was afraid that I had lost you. When you finally called I thought everything was going to be all right. But then you said that you saw me leave my apartment with John so I had to lie to you about what happened to try to save our relationship.

Then a few days ago John called me out of the blue. I had never expected to hear from him again. I knew that I shouldn't see him and I tried to tell him no, but knowing why he wanted to see me somehow excited me. I had decided that no matter what he said I would not see him but then you told me you were going out of town on business and suddenly I had to see him. I thought that somehow it would be all right for me to have a fling with him and that you would never know about it. I should have known better. The rest you know. I don't know if this helps but I wanted you to know the truth.

I can't explain the language you heard me using. I guess I just felt dirty cheating on you so I talked like a slut because I felt like one.

I am going to stay with my sister for a while until I can find a place of my own. When I do I will let you know where I am. I hope that someday you will find it in your heart to forgive me, but I'll understand if you don't.

I will love you always,

P.S. Someday I hope you will tell me how you happened to be home last night.

I read the note two more times then I threw it away. Later that night as I got ready to go to bed I fished the letter out of the trash and put it in my desk drawer.

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