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Romantic Sex Story: Prologue - Continues the Ali Clifford saga. The story begins six years after the ending of Cynthia Martin. Many of the characters are continued from earlier books.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic  

It was six years after the day on the boat with Tom Conroy, and Marie Trang was alone in her apartment. It was early May and since it was only ten-thirty it was much too early for her to go to bed. Even if she did, she knew it would only lead to more tossing in bed for hours. For some reason it was becoming increasingly hard for her to go to sleep. Then she felt the stirring in her loins that told her that Celeste was getting her ass fucked off again. She smiled to herself thinking about her five-year-old niece and two-year-old nephew while their parents were working so hard to produce another sibling for them.

So much had happened in the intervening years. First, the Trangs had set a sort of record at USC Law School, becoming the first co-valedictorians in the school's history. Now Marie was the tax partner at Clifford & Jamison and she really liked the work. Her problem was that nothing could control the itching she felt in her cunt, but she smiled wryly and realized it might partially have been the reason she was doing so well professionally. She spent hours each night reading the dullest tax cases but they still weren't enough to put her to sleep.

Now she was ready for bed — sort of. Although she always slept nude, for some reason she felt comfortable wearing a man's large pajama top when she sat up reading. Acting on a sudden impulse, she got out of her chair, went to the bedroom and opened her jewelry box. Going to the bottom of it, she took out the woven-palm bracelet that Tom Conroy had made for her so many years before and put it on. It was her most cherished — and most secret — possession.

Then, to her surprise, the doorbell rang. As she went to the door, she realized that she should move out of the apartment. It was the one that she and Celeste had shared and now she felt she just rattled around in it. However, she was making so much money, inertia alone was enough to keep her from making a change.

Because of the building's elaborate security system which she had come to take for granted, Marie did not even bother to look through the peephole. Rather she just opened the door wide. When she saw who was there, her hand slowly came up to cover her mouth.

Tom Conroy was standing in the doorway. She realized she hadn't seen him to talk to in years — in fact, since that fateful trip to the island cove. Now he was over six feet two, but with his father's slim build. However, his shoulders weren't at all slim. Now he was standing there looking down at her. His eyes were the same vivid blue as his parents' and his hair was sandy verging on blonde. As usual, he was deeply tanned.

Looking at her he said softly, "Good evening, Marie. Won't you invite me in?"

She still couldn't speak, but just stepped back from the door. When he was inside, she closed and double-locked the door, then turned to him. When she did, she found herself in his arms. His lips came down on hers and they fused together. This time, the passion that she had been holding back for so long suddenly released. Their kiss was the most perfect thing she could possibly imagine.

There was enough electricity generated to light the Los Angeles Basin, and the bells almost deafened her. She found her arms were locked around his neck to keep from falling on her face. As she had heard so often from Kathy, Ali, Ginger and the others, now it had happened to her: her joints had turned to water and refused to support her weight.

As she clung to him, she realized that his hands were busy unbuttoning the three buttons of her pajama top. When they were undone, he slipped it over her shoulders and spread it wide. Opening up it revealed the perfection of her body and its all-over golden tan framed by the white material of the pajama.

To her utter astonishment, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the sofa where he easily sat down and rested her across his lap. He looked into her eyes and said softly, "It's time, my darling."

"What time is that?" she stammered, feeling like a ten-year-old school girl rather than a twenty-eight-year-old woman.

"Time for us to get married," he replied softly. "Haven't we waited long enough? And you aren't getting any younger, you know," he said with a grin to relieve the tension that had gripped them.

She just shook her head in utter amazement and said, "Tom, have you lost it completely? There's no way I could marry you ... I mean ... The whole idea is utterly ridiculous!"


"Well ... Our ages, for one thing. I'm twenty-eight and you're..."

"Nineteen. And?"

"But that's stupid..."

"Women outlive men by about seven years, my darling, so maybe we'll come out about even. What else?"

"I ... I'm used! That's it! I'm used goods. There's no way..."

"Your savior, Uncle Ken, has manipulated you and drunk your juices. He doesn't count because Aunt Kathy was always there when he did. You just helped them increase their enjoyment of each other. Besides him, there's me. And that's it, isn't it?"

"But I'm so badly used. I'm scarred..."

"Having absorbed a brutal beating when you were only a freshman in high school." Then he grinned and added, "Of course, there is that wonderful brand on your ass. May I see it?" She moved and showed him the still-deep scar on her left ass cheek that Celeste had burned into her flank. There was an identical brand on Celeste's right.

He smiled and said, "That was actually useful. Aunt Kathy is the only one who can unerringly tell you two apart, so it was very thoughtful of you two to brand yourselves on opposite sides."

Then looking at the bracelet on her wrist he took her hand and said, "Not only do you still have it, but you're even wearing it. In fact, deep down you knew I would come tonight. You're wearing it for me, aren't you?" His eyes were guileless as he then asked, "What else?"

She just shook her head and said, "Our backgrounds. I'm Asian and you're American..."

"We're both Americans!" he interrupted. "As far as being Asian, you don't know much about genetics, I guess. If you did you would know that genetic strength comes from out-breeding, not inbreeding. We're just breeding out."

Still on his lap she sat up straight and said, "You're probably too big for me. I couldn't take you inside. You would split me in half..."

"And if I did, you would rejoice, wouldn't you? Besides, how do you know how big I am?"

With a shy little smile she said, "Because that day I could tell that your cock would be like your Dad's: very long and thick and perfectly shaped..." Suddenly she got bright red with embarrassment and stopped.

"Don't you even want to make sure?" Tom asked softly. Then he said, "Marie, never have I seen a woman with a body like yours. You are utterly exquisite. I can't wait to probe the depths of your being with my cock."

Then he smiled and said, "If it were about an inch or so longer or if your torso was that much shorter, I think I could ream you out end-to-end. I dream of you just being a warm, very tight wet sheath for my cock to ream out. Your asshole will be stretched to four times its normal size, and I will bore out your throat down to your stomach..."

Marie listened to his words and felt her cunt began to gush. How could he possibly know that they were these very thoughts which had tormented her for so long? Tom was wearing a golf shirt and a pair of khaki slacks. She lifted the shirt over his head and frantically worked to unbuckle his belt and take down his pants. Tom interrupted her by easily rising from the chair with her still in his arms. Gently he put her on the floor where she knelt with her weight back on her heels. Although her pajama top was still on, it was unbuttoned and still spread wide as she waited.

He dropped his pants to the floor after stepping out of the moccasins he was wearing. Then he dropped his shorts and stood there in front of her naked. His cock was exactly the way she pictured it: perfectly shaped with a pink head and a long barrel. His balls were huge and full. With a wordless cry she took his cock into her mouth, kissed it, and then began to lick it. Almost at once there was an involuntary spasm and a jet of cum hit her in the face. Completely ignoring it as it dripped down her cheek, she concentrated on taking the raging cock all the way into her throat.

She realized he had been right: It was so long it seemed to reach almost to her stomach. Tom's balls were so huge it took both of her hands to manipulate the delicate eggs that seemed to float in their sea of accumulated cum. When she felt he was about to release massively, remembering what she had learned from Kathy years earlier, she took his cock out of her mouth until only its head remained. Then breathing through her nose she began to swallow what seemed to be quarts of his spunk.

In spite of swallowing as fast as she could, cum escaped from her mouth and dripped down to her chin. Finally, the flow stopped. She took his cock from her mouth, carefully licked it dry, and then dried it with her long hair.

Looking up at him with a grin, she wiped some cum off her cheek on her finger and held it up to him to lick off. With her eyes sparkling she said softly, "Tom, it is utterly delicious." Then with a broad smile she shook her head and said gravely, "Now it is like a fine, ripe chateau-bottled Bordeaux compared to the Beaujolais Nouveau of seven years ago."

Still standing over her with his feet apart he asked, "How about you? Are you still as warm and flavorful as ever?" Remembering that unforgettable afternoon, when he laid on his back, she knelt over his head and gently lowered her cunt to his mouth. As she did, she, too, remembered and went back to sucking on his still-erect cock. This time his tongue was both larger and stronger. Using it to its best advantage, he alternately hardened it and used it to probe her vagina and then softened it to lick behind her labia and to lick her clit.

Soon her pelvis began to buck with the first of her orgasms. For Marie, it was like heaven as she achieved her first release in years. Incredibly, Tom continued to eat and bite her and hold her in orgasmic release. To her amazement, her juices continued to run in a flood while her pelvis continued to jerk uncontrollably, almost taking her mouth from his raging cock.

Finally, he bit her clit hard and the jolt to her nervous system caused her to pass out on top of him. When she recovered consciousness, she found that she was still on the floor but now in his arms as he rested with his back against the sofa. Again as on that remarkable day, his arms were around her and her tits were being cupped by his now-large hands.

She stretched sinuously, then turned her face up to his. Again he kissed her and again there was a surge of electricity. This time she probed with her tongue into his mouth and found his, increasing the flow of electricity between them. Fortunately, she thought, I'm already on the floor so I can't collapse.

When their lips parted she whispered, "The answer is still no!"

Completely ignoring her, he handed her a champagne flute causing her to wonder how long she had been unconscious. With a shock she realized he had gone to the refrigerator and taken out the bottle of Dom Pérignon that she had purchased years earlier in anticipation of this very night.

He clinked his glass to hers and said, "My darling, to us and to the rest of our lives together."

Involuntarily she drank the toast with him. Then she began to cry and he just held her tight. Marie was utterly defeated. Her body had betrayed her. She looked up at him with the tears streaming from her eyes and said, "Darling, what are you doing to me? We can't do this and we both know it."

Then she dissolved in tears wailing, "My body is betraying me! Oh God, Tom, please don't do this to me ... Please don't let me do this to myself!"

Gently he took the glass from her hand and lifted her up in his arms. To her utter amazement, he slipped the pajama top off her body, sat on a side chair and turned her over his knee. As hard as he could he spanked her on the same spot on one ass cheek. Then, with her screams of pain still echoing around the apartment and tears flowing from her eyes he said quietly, "Marie, position your body across my leg the other way so I can get a full swing."

To her utter astonishment, that is exactly what she did, although when she rose from his leg she found that she was limping from the severe pain as she went around his knee to lie over his leg facing the other direction. Again, swinging as hard as he could he spanked her ten times on the other cheek. Before spanking her this time he ensured that her clit was against his leg. This time the stimulation caused her to cum with her love juices flowing down his leg.

When he was finished, he stood her on her feet but had to hold her by the elbows to keep her from falling. Then he held out his hand to her without saying a word.

Marie kissed it and licked it saying, "I am sorry, darling Tom, for hurting your hand against my hard ass." Then he motioned to his leg and she knelt and carefully licked off her love juices that were running down it.

With tears still flowing unheeded down her cheeks, it was only then that she asked softly, "Why did you do that, Tom? Why did you hit me?"

She saw the intense love in his eyes as he replied, "Two reasons, darling: First, I had to get a new idea into your brain, and since — based on your idiotic excuses, you must be sitting on it — it's the only way I could think to do it. Second, I know you like to carry the mark of the people you love on your body. Now you will carry mine."

She just slowly shook her head and then held it up straight. "Tom, I'll make a deal with you," she said softly. "I will be your mistress for as long as you will have me. In the meantime I'll look for the sort of beautiful girl you should marry—"

He just shook his head and interrupted, saying, "Get dressed. We're going out."

She slipped into her "working uniform" of skin-tight Levi's and a worn-out work shirt with the sleeves torn off. When they left the apartment, he casually held out his hand for her car keys saying his own car was so old driving it even two miles was a major expedition. Marie didn't understand it because she never even let Celeste drive her car, a turbo-charged Mazda RX-7 convertible. Yet giving the keys to Tom seemed the most natural thing in the world to do.

They raced across town towards the Carlson's house. As they came close, Marie recognized the sense of anticipation she felt. It had been such a long time since she had been there. When they arrived, it was nearly midnight and the house was dark. Nevertheless, Tom parked in the driveway and rang the doorbell. A few minutes later the lights came on and the door was opened although no one was in sight.

They walked in and found Ken behind the door, using it to hide his nudity. They followed him into the library and a few minutes later Kathy appeared with their youngest, Ken, Junior, who was only six-months old. He had just been diapered and powdered, so Kathy sat down in an easy chair and gave the baby her left tit.

When she offered him her nipple, the infant cooed with delight and grabbed her tit with both of his tiny hands while his mouth closed on the object of his desire. When he was suckling, Kathy thought yet again of the beautiful way Hank had described nursing and the wonderful feeling it gave her.

Only then did Kathy look up and ask quietly so as not to disturb the baby, "Is the wedding going to be this weekend? We're free, and Ali is chartering a plane to fly us all out to Maui..."

"Has everyone lost his fucking mind?" Marie exclaimed in a whisper to respect the nursing baby. "What wedding? What is this nonsense?"

"Darling Marie," Kathy replied, "I was about 90 percent sure seven years ago when we were on the boat together. In the subsequent year or so I became 100-percent sure. I don't even know if Tom has gotten around to telling you yet. You see, he's completed his freshman year at USC — another Katherine Conroy Kapalua Scholarship winner, by the way — and he thought this would be a good time."

Looking at Tom she asked, "Have you told Marie about your honeymoon plans... ? No! Of course you haven't." Turning to Marie she said, "Instead, darling Marie, why don't you tell me what his honeymoon plans are?"

In spite of the fact that there had not been a word spoken on the subject, Marie knew what the plans were. She said, "Celeste will get a boat and take us around to our cove. She will drop us off on our wedding night at the cut in the reef and we'll swim ashore. On about September 1st she — or someone — will come by and pick us up. All we will have is what we can swim in with us from the boat."

"What happens if you two don't make it?" Kathy asked softly.

Marie was utterly astonished as her lips seemed to move by themselves and respond, "Then I will have fulfilled the dream of my lifetime. I will have spent the rest of my life in Tom's arms."

Then she just shook her head and began to cry. "Kathy, what's wrong with me? I have no control over anything anymore. Do you know what Tom did to me just before we came over?"

"I don't know, but I can guess," Kathy replied. "He took you over his knee, spanked you ten times, told you to rearrange your bottom and then he spanked you ten more. Finally, you kissed his hand and apologized to him for hurting it."

"But how could you possibly know that?" Marie demanded.

"The same way I know you're thinking about asking Celeste to brand your other buttock with the initials 'T' 'C'. But I really wish you wouldn't! Marie, you already carry around enough scars on your body for any ten people. You certainly don't need any more. Besides, you know damned well it will restrict your movement for weeks, so how will you be able to help Tom with your shelter, hunting, and so forth?"

While they had been talking, she had shifted the baby to her right tit. After nursing for a while, he had gone back to sleep and was now sleeping beautifully in his mother's arms. Carefully, Kathy rose, returned the baby to the nursery, checked on their five-year-old, Susan, and returned to the library.

This time she sat down on the sofa and said, "As something to get started on, you two could do me a big favor. Marie, lay on the sofa with your head on my lap, please." The girl did as she was asked, and Kathy said, "This is something I learned from Hank. To be sure the baby always gets fresh milk, I like to be sure my tits are emptied. Marie, would you please start and then let your fiancé finish?"

Marie took Kathy's enlarged nipple into her mouth and began to suck. As she did, she remembered Sam's description of mother's milk. Kathy's was everything she had ever thought it would be: sweet and warm, rich and nourishing.

When she felt that she had drained about half the remaining milk, with a warm smile she gave way to Tom who drained Kathy dry and then licked off her nipple. When he finished he said, "Aunt Kathy, it tastes exactly like I remember Mom's. No wonder your children are so happy!"

Meanwhile, Ken had opened a bottle of champagne and brought it on a tray with four glasses back to the library. After serving it he said, "To Tom and Marie: May you be as happy in your marriage as Kathy and I and the Conroys are in ours. May you find the happiness and fulfilment in your marriage that you both so richly deserve!"

Marie didn't know what to say so she just raised her head towards Tom who lowered his lips to hers and initiated the most passionate lingering kiss either had ever had.

The fast power cruiser slowed suddenly when Celeste eased the throttles back enough to bring it down off its step. Then she just eased forward to the well-remembered break in the reef. There she used a practiced touch on the twin throttles to hold the boat in position.

Marie was naked, only wearing a belt around her waist with a scabbard for the very sharp sheath knife that it held. Turning to Tom, she grinned, kissed him and passed him a small cylindrical watertight container for matches.

"Do I have to?" he asked plaintively. All she did was grin and nod her head vigorously. She watched him ease the container into his anus while she did the same thing with a second. Tom was naked but wearing a similar belt. His contained two knives, one a modified machete and the other a variant on the Bowie knife with a twelve-inch blade.

Kissing him passionately she whispered, "Well, it's a start. It's going to be stretched a lot more than this pretty soon." Then she took her twin sister into her arms and kissed her lovingly.

Celeste looked worried and asked, "Marie, what if you don't make it? You're not really bringing anything with you."

"Darling Celeste, if we don't make it I will still have achieved my life's ambition: I will have spent the rest of my life with Tom." She grinned, although she was scared and her sister knew it.

Marie Conroy stepped up on the cockpit gunwale and dove in with Tom right behind her. While they swam toward the shore, they could hear the boat engines rise to a roar when Celeste spun the wheel and opened the throttles wide as she headed back towards Kapalua.

When they reached the shore it was only about an hour until sundown. They were glad that they had loaded up on food at the reception because they would not be able to find anything to eat until the next morning. When they waded ashore, Tom took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

Then he whispered, "Are you ready to become a woman, my darling?"

She unstrapped a tiny watertight pouch from around her thigh. It was something he had never seen before. Then she carefully removed the matches from Tom's rectum while he removed them from hers. They giggled as they did. Quickly, they hunted dried driftwood and Tom very carefully started a small fire on the beach. It was all they had to keep them warm except for each other. After kissing again, she opened the tiny pouch, spread a piece of white linen on the sand and carefully positioned her bottom on it. Spreading her legs wide she waited for him.

Tom knelt down in the sand between her widespread legs and said, "Darling, now I'm scared. I am very big and you're very small. There's not even anything to use to ease your pain."

"Yes, there is," she replied softly. "Dip it in my cunt, my darling. It's already dripping wet in anticipation." He did and found that she was right. Gently he began to ease in and out in very short strokes. He could feel the tip of his cock touching her hymen now.

On the next downstroke, Marie whipped her legs around his waist and squeezed with all her might. There was a sharp pain coupled with a ripping sensation which caused her to scream. Then he was in.

To his continued surprise, she just continued pulling with her legs, forcing him in to his full length. By now sweat was pouring from her body, but her face lighted up into the most brilliant smile he had ever seen. "I did it!" she exclaimed. "Tom, my darling, you're all the way in!" Then with a grin she said, "Don't just kneel there, turkey! Fuck your wife's ass off!"

The sensation was utterly beyond belief. On his next backstroke, with a quick move, Marie swung her legs out and up, then linked her ankles behind Tom's neck raising her pelvis up off the ground. Now he could drive into her to his full incredible length.

Remembering what Kathy had told her, she found her cunt was somehow changing tempo each time Tom was about to release. She didn't know how she was doing it, but she did. Finally, she was at the point at which she had seen Kathy so often: She was in a continual orgasm as her loins were in continuous convulsions and all sensation was in her cunt.

There was just a vague realization that her mouth was emitting a continual piercing wordless scream. Finally she could control it no longer and she felt her husband release inside her. She felt the most incredible sensation for a few moments before her nervous system tripped out and she was out cold.

They had built their fire close to the tree line. When she came to, she found herself wrapped in Tom's arms with his large hands cupping her very firm tits. Turning her face up towards his she murmured, "You're my love and my life, my darling."

After resting for a while, she got up and went to the spot where they had been making love. Carefully feeling around in the sand she found the small scrap of linen. Even though it was now full dark, since the moon was full and the stars were dazzling in their brilliance, she could see very well. Carefully shaking the sand out of the fabric, she carried it back to where Tom was waiting, now very puzzled by her actions.

Kneeling in front of him she showed him that the entire center was stained with blood. "It's my virginity, my darling. It is an old custom. I must bring this back to show your mother, so she can ensure that her son's bride had not previously been used."

After carefully folding it up, she put it back in its tiny pouch. Then she said, "Come on, stud. There's more of my virginity for you to take." With a wide grin which was very unusual for Marie but which Tommy found he loved, she said, "That's one advantage of robbing the cradle. You young studs are supposed to have staying power."

With that she kissed his cock and instantly brought it to a full erection. Fondling his balls she said, "My darling, I haven't even made a dent in your supply of cum. You don't want me to be a complete failure, do you?"

Now Tommy was really scared as Marie knelt on the sand with her ass high in the air. She told him to lubricate his cock in her cunt and then shove it up her ass. When he wet it with her juices, she positioned it with her hand. While he was trying to screw up his courage to move, the decision was taken out of his hands as she shoved backward as hard as she could, driving the head of his cock past her protesting anal ring.

The ravaging of her virginal asshole was accompanied by far greater pain than she had felt when her hymen ruptured. As he rested inside her, not knowing what to do, she moved again driving him in still deeper. Now he started to move. As he did he realized what an incredible sensation he was feeling. Finally he could feel his balls bounce off her cunt. While he was setting up his movements, Marie was figuring out how to move her bottom to best effect.

In moments the pain was forgotten as she found she adored the feeling of him penetrating nearly to her stomach. Again she controlled muscles she didn't know she had to keep him from releasing. Then, while her cunt was pouring out what seemed to be quarts of vaginal juices, she could feel his cock start to vibrate. The sensation of his warm cum flooding her insides was utterly indescribable as he held himself in full penetration and just pumped his spend into her.

Finally she could feel his pulsations slow and then stop. As his erection subsided, she eased her way forward and felt him come out of her with a soft pop.

After going for a swim and taking turns washing each other, with Tom washing the blood off Marie's thighs while she washed the residue of her anus from his cock, they went back to their bed-place on the beach. This time she took him in her mouth while he ate her cunt. In spite of her best efforts, he still wasn't drained when they collapsed from sheer exhaustion into a sound sleep.

On September 1, it was with trepidation that Celeste again brought the powerful cruiser to the cut in the reef at the tiny cove. The day was bright and beautiful and it was only ten o'clock. As she eased the throttles back to idle and then into reverse, she picked up a pair of powerful binoculars to sweep the beach. They weren't necessary. There on the beach were two figures waving. While she watched, they cut the lashings on a shelter they had built and watched as it collapsed. She was amazed watching her sister and her husband each take an end of the large logs and carry them to the treeline.

Finally, after a passionate kiss, they waded into the water and began to swim for the boat. Marie had always been a powerful swimmer, but never like she was then. She moved through the water with the speed, power and grace of a porpoise with Tom staying right beside her. Although Celeste had the boarding ladder over the side, the two people ignored it. They just jumped out of the water, grabbed the gunwale and vaulted out of the water and into the boat.

Celeste advanced the throttles and moved the boat far enough to be clear of the reef. Then putting the engines into idle, she left the wheel and leaped into her sister's arms. After kissing her with all the love she could communicate, she stepped back and just looked.

For her part, Marie was standing up straight with her tits proudly upthrust. Where formerly her dark hair was worn at shoulder length or longer, now it had been hacked short, almost like a boy's. "What happened to your beautiful hair, Sister?" Celeste wailed.

"It got to be a pain in the ass," Marie replied with complete unconcern. "Too often, when we were trying to spear a fish, my damned hair would swish around in the water and frighten it. Anyway, Tom hacked it off with my knife. How's the rest of me look?"

Celeste just shook her head. Both of them were deeply tanned to a golden brown. Tom's hair also showed signs of Marie having cut it with a knife. When she asked about his golden beard, Marie made a face and said none of the knives turned out to be sharp enough to shave with, and without any soap...

Tom looked like he had gained weight with all of it in his chest, upper arms and shoulders, although his legs looked like tree trunks. Celeste decided also that she had never ever seen two people more completely in love than her sister and Tom. She rejoiced in their happiness.

When they boarded the boat, Tom had thrown a large bundle into the cockpit. It turned out to be the tanned belly of a Great White shark they had killed. Celeste went pale under her tan when she heard the story. As soon as the boat got underway, Marie went below and came back up with three cans of beer. After opening one for her sister and one for herself, she set the third on the dashboard. When Tom asked for one, she raised an eyebrow and pointed out that he was much too young for a beer. After all, he was still a teenybopper.

Tom was sitting with his back to the gunwale with his knees raised. He just pointed and Marie bent her body over one knee and he gave her one hard spank. With tears in her eyes — Celeste could see that her sister's ass was bruised the way it had been years before when they were with the Carlsons — she kissed his hand and apologized for hurting it with her hard ass. Then with a grin she gave him the beer.

She began to fill Celeste in on what they had done together on the island. Before she really got started, Tom said, "Wife, I need you to warm my cock."

She grinned but asked him to lie on his back with his head toward Celeste. "This way," she said, "I can do two things at once."

Shaking his head, he reoriented his body and she impaled herself in just one thrust on his giant cock. What followed, though, amazed him. Instead of rising and falling on it the way she usually did, she remained impaled to its root and proceeded to manipulate her internal muscles to massage the impaling weapon.

Meanwhile she continued to tell her sister about their experiences. Just when she got to the hunt for the shark she said, "Excuse me a moment, sister." Then she let out a wordless scream of ecstasy as Tom seemed to unleash quarts of semen into her body. Finally, she could feel his pulsations diminish and his cock began to recede in size. Still she didn't move, but kept him inside her as he proceeded to fall asleep on the deck while she finished her story.

As they neared Kapalua, it was with the greatest reluctance that the two went below to get dressed. They howled with laughter when Tom put the first golf shirt on and had it tear apart from the strain. He decided to remain shirtless. His jeans fit, even if they were stretching at the thighs. Marie didn't fit into her shirts, either, but found she could wear one of Tom's old golf shirts. Her jeans did fit but were very tight because of the new muscle development in her thighs. When they tied up the boat, the two left Celeste to handle the paperwork while, barefoot, they ran hand-in-hand to the Conroy house.

The fact that it was almost three miles away was irrelevant. They were not even breathing hard when they arrived and rang the doorbell. It was a reception similar to the one at the Carlson's. The door opened but there was no one in sight. They entered, the door closed, and there was Hank standing naked with a small baby nursing at her tit. Seeing her nude, Marie thought that Hank had not aged a day in the previous seven years.

Leading the way into the living room, she sat down on the sofa while the infant continued to suckle. The baby appeared to be about two months old. Marie cocked her head and asked, "If you don't mind my asking, where did this come from?"

"Oh, the hospital," Hank replied casually. "Isn't that where you usually find them?"

"But it looks like its two months old," she insisted.

Hank shrugged and said, "I think it's ten weeks, but you're pretty close."

"But that means you were — My God! — about eight months pregnant at our wedding!" she wailed.

Hank pretended to be puzzled and used her fingers to count. Then she brightened and said, "You're right. I guess I was. By the way, Tom, this is your new sister, Kristin." His mother grinned and added, "I can't seem to get away from girl's names with male-sounding nicknames." Having earlier been shifted from her left tit to her right, now the baby was sound asleep. Hank rose from the chair to return her to her bassinet.

After returning to the living room, Hank looked at Marie closely and said, "Daughter, will you please do me a favor? As my almost-youngest daughter, will you please drain my tit? But first undress, because while you do, I want to caress your body."

Once again Marie had the extraordinary experience of savoring the wonderful mother's milk but this time from Hank's tit. As she drained it she reveled in the feeling of Hank's soft hands moving gently over her body.

When the tit was completely drained and she had licked the nipple dry, Marie looked up into Hank's face and said, "Mom, may ... can ... could ... I call you Mom? Sometimes?"

"Not sometimes. All the time." She could see that something was on this beautiful girl's mind so she said, "Please tell me, darling daughter. What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, Mom," Marie replied with the warmest smile Hank had ever seen. "It's just that ... Well, unless you stop having babies, you're going to have grandchildren older than your own kids."

Hank's eyes widened and she exclaimed, "Do you mean... ? That you and Tom... ?"

" ... are going to have a baby? Of course." With another beautiful smile Marie said, "Mom, with nothing else to do for recreation for four months except fuck, these things do happen."

Hank made a move to rise, but Marie held her back. The older woman was startled at the strength in the small girl's body. "Where do you think you're going?" Marie asked.

"To get you to the doctor's. I mean ... Well, you need a prenatal checkup and..."

Marie's burst of laughter stopped her cold. "You mean the way you always do, Mom?"

The girl grinned and added, "You know, Tom and I figured something out this summer. We finally figured out why Conroy children are always so agile. The answer is simple. There's this poor little thing just trying to grow inside you while he or she is constantly being attacked by Dad's magnificent cock. We figured out that your kids got to be pretty creative in repositioning their bodies so as not to be mashed by it."

With a great yawn she said, "I guess I'll do what you do. When I start to feel something strange, I'll try to swing by the hospital..."

Hank just shook her head, looked down at Marie and then up at Tom. She asked, "Could you stand in front of your husband, please?" Marie rose and stood in front of him. Almost automatically, his hands came around to cup her tits and she just leaned back against him.

Then she shook her head and said, "I'm not right for Tom, mother. I'm too short, I'm the wrong race, I'm too old..."

"The hell you're too short," Tom interjected. "You're about two inches too tall! With about two fewer inches I would have my dream come true of being able to open you up end-to-end."

She twisted her head and looked up at him. When she did, his lips came down and met hers in a wonderful kiss. Then she said with a little grin, "Well, how about two inches shorter in the torso with legs nine inches longer? And I'm still the wrong race..."

"Mom," he interrupted, "we wouldn't have survived if it weren't for her. It seems she's forgotten more about living off the jungle than I'll ever know." Then he said, "I'm going to say something that's going to cause you to think I completely lost it out there — too much sun or something. But I honestly believe our lovemaking is even better than yours and Dad's. Age? She has wisdom far beyond her years. And race? If more guys knew how these oriental girls make love, no American girl could ever get a guy."

Then he looked down at Marie and said, "Honey, don't you have a gift for Mom?"

She grinned, picked up the pants she had dropped on the floor and took the small waterproof pouch from her pocket. Opening it, she carefully extracted the still-sand-laden cloth and asked Hank to sit down. Going to her knees in front of her she said, "Mistress Conroy, as your son's bride, I present you with this as evidence of my virginity. He spilled my blood on this cloth on our wedding night."

Looking into Hank's eyes she said softly, "It is an Asian tradition, ma'am."

Just then Jim returned home accompanied by Celeste. When they entered the room, Hank raised her voice and yelled, "Conroys! Come on down here, right now!" Beginning with Samantha, they all came in except for the baby who was sleeping. There was Sam, Kenny, Kathy, and Billy.

Hank said, "Gather round folks. We have a job to do. She placed her hand down on the table and told Marie to put hers on it. Then Tom, followed by Sam, then the other children in order. Jim's hand was on top of the pile. Except for the smallest, everyone was kneeling around the table. Tom's free hand was hugging Marie tight.

Hank said, "Oh God, we welcome into our midst today our newest daughter, Marie. Already she has brought incredible joy to our eldest son, Tom, and to his parents. We humbly ask your blessings on her and the fruit of her womb, forever. Finally, O God, we pray that our son, Tom, will be welcomed into the Trang family in the same way Marie is welcomed into ours."

Looking skyward, Hank said, "Father and Mother Trang, we humbly ask you to bless this union of two people who love each other so much. Please watch them and guide them, bless them and keep them forever. Amen."

Before anyone could move, Marie's head was on top of the pile of hands as she began to cry her eyes out. Her sister came over and held her as she wept. Finally, when she raised her head, Hank felt she had never seen a woman look so beautiful.

She said softly, "Thank you, Mother. When you said your prayer, it was immediately answered." Looking up at Tom with joy in her eyes she said, "Darling, my parents approve of our union and do welcome you to the family as the son they never had."

Then she looked up and said, "It began with Ken and Kathy Carlson in Vietnam so long ago. Now it ends ... Or more accurately, it begins again...

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