Ann and the Handyman
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ann discovers new sexual horizons after hormone implant.

This is the story of how I, Ann Maloney a respectable older woman, became a sex mad slut. A year ago I was an ordinary 43-year-old single woman. Fairly nice looking, a bit over weight, fat thighs, a big arse, and bit of a belly, but the compensation is that I have huge breasts. The last bra I bought, now a bit small, was a 42DD. I'm 5'5 tall with shoulder length dyed red hair. Between my legs I have a thick dark bush of pubic hair, I've never been one to bother with shaving. I think I'm quite pretty and with a bit of make up I can still turn heads.

I've never married having not found the right man, so my sex life had always been non existent, besides I'd never been in need of much sex, it had not really bothered me. The few times I had become aroused I'd masturbated and been done with it. That all changed about 10 months ago.

I went to my doctor complaining of hot flushes, convinced I'd started the menopause rather early. The doctor agreed and sent me to the local hospital to have a slow release hormone capsule implanted under the skin in my arm. These were the two mistakes that radically changed my life. Firstly I wasn't going through the change, it was an allergic reaction to a new migraine tablet I was taking, and secondly, due to a clerical error at the hospital the highest dose capsule was used instead of the lowest. This high dose coupled with my own natural hormones had a huge effect on my sex drive, suddenly was finding myself sexually aroused at all times of the day or night, I had no control over my libido. This condition led to several embarrassing situations.

Once on a bus in the middle of the afternoon, coming back from shopping, I became aware of an intense desire for sexual gratification, I couldn't stop the feeling hard as I tried, it wouldn't go away but just got stronger. I felt a kind of ache between my legs, a nice sort of tingle in my vagina. I had to do something about it there and then, it just couldn't wait. Putting my shopping bag on my lap, I slid my hand under my skirt and into my knickers. Luckily the bus was nearly empty with nobody nearby. As the bus trundled along I worked my fingers into my vagina; I was shocked at just how wet I was. I rubbed at my clitoris for several minutes unable to control myself or to stop the orgasm that was about to sweep through me. I had to pretend I had a coughing fit to cover my groans of pleasure, it was the most intense orgasm of my life.

I was suddenly aware of a great feeling of release and well being, I felt wonderfully alive, but also the joy was tinged with a touch of guilt and self disgust at what I had just done. I hurriedly got off the bus, praying no one noticed what I had done or that I had left a wet patch on the seat. Neither had happened.The next occasion that almost got me caught was when I was out shopping with my friend and neighbour Carol. We'd gone to see some furniture she was looking to buy, and as we walked round the chairs and sofas, the same urge as before hit me out of the blue. The same tingle, the same burning ache and the same wetness in my knickers. I let Carol go off while I plonked myself on the arm of a large sofa hoping the desire would go away. It didn't, in fact it got stronger, and I was now aware of the pressure of the chair on my vagina, so like the wanton slut I was becoming. I pressed myself down on chair arm, silently cursing that my knickers were preventing me from making contact with the fabric of the chair. I looked around me and sure I wasn't being watched, I pulled my skirt back so I could feel the course material pressing against my crotch.

Gently I rubbed myself backward and forward, enjoying the pressure on my clitoris, which by now was tingling like mad. I had sat there slowly and gently masturbating myself for several minutes, when suddenly a smartly dressed salesman appeared by my side and said "Can I assist you madam, show you anything?" In my sexually aroused state I felt like saying "Yes you can assist me by showing me your penis and sticking it up my vagina until I scream!" Of course I said no such thing, but " Thank you no, I'm waiting for a friend" He turned and walked quickly away. The need for an orgasm was still there but I couldn't continue, as I'm sure he knew what I'd been doing, although this time I felt no guilt or shame, instead it heightened my arousal. Luckily Carol came along at that moment and I followed her out of the shop, but as I got up from the chair I looked and this time there was a small wet patch on the material of the chair. I smiled to myself and left the shop. Now I needed to finish what I started, so I made an excuse to Carol that I needed a pee so we found a shop with toilets and I dashed into a cubicle, locked the door and pulled my damp knickers down. I didn't even wait to sit down I just thrust my fingers deep into my vagina and rubbed away at my hard clitoris. I had to put my hand over my mouth to stifle my moans of pleasure as another intense orgasm shook through me. I got myself together and rejoined Carol in the shop finished our shopping.

Carol has been a friend of mine for about six years now. She is similar to me in build but her breasts are slightly smaller and she's an inch or two shorter, Her hair is naturally dark and longer than mine, she's also about five years younger, and I have to say it she's prettier than me too. She's been divorced for about eleven years now, I never knew her husband. Until my change in sex drive I'd never even thought about Carol having a sex life but now I found it curious. The gossip in the village was that her husband had left her after coming home and catching her in bed with another woman. I didn't believe it at the time but it is strange that I've never seen her with a man friend but she does have plenty of young women friends that are in and out of her house all the time, some staying overnight. Perhaps there was something in the rumours after all!

It was a day in April that the biggest events in my "new life" started. I was out in the high street about to visit a friend, when across the road I saw fine young man climbing a ladder to tend the guttering to a house opposite. The van parked in the road said on its side "Alan Swanton Builder, Decorator and Handyman" with a contact phone number. It wasn't a particularly warm day but he had no shirt on and I could see his muscular arms and torso. On his upper right arm he had a small delicate tattoo of a swan, I stood and watched this handsome young man as he climbed down the ladder to get something from his van. He looked across to me as I stared at him and he smiled a lovely smile and then winked at me. Before, if a man had done that I would have blushed and hurried on, but now I smiled back and felt the welcome throb between my legs begin. The only thought in my mind was of having long passionate sex with this lovely young man.

I turned and hurried to my friend Joan's house and excused myself as soon as I got there and made straight for the toilet. I was like a bitch on heat, my hand was instantly down my knickers and I masturbated to a wonderful orgasm. I explained my scream of pleasure by saying I had stubbed my toe against the bath. Again I felt no shame at what I had done only a sense of peace and satisfaction.

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