My Neighbors
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I young man finds living on his own is an adventure. He is lucky to have some good neighbors to lend him a hand.

I was finally able to live on my own, all the time it took living with my parents saving money to get a place of my own was well worth it. It wasn't a great house but very nice for a 24-year-old guy living by himself; with hardly any belongings of his own. It was in a quiet suburban neighborhood full of mostly small families or older couples. I know that I didn't really fit in this place but it didn't bother me, I wasn't your typical 24-year-old male with plenty of beer drinking friends looking for someplace to drink and party till all hours of the night. I liked to have fun but I was too busy with work and my favorite thing of all drawing pictures. I am not an artist but I love to create pictures, I have received some nice complements from real artists who have seen a few of the pictures that I consider finished and I am not too afraid to show at a small art show.

Now I don't really talk to many of the neighbors because I am not in there age bracket or family situation, I will wave and say hi when I see anyone but there have only been a few short conversations. Just people trying to figure out if I'm going to turn their little neighborhood into a big college frat party. I guess they feel safe now because I don't get that 'being watched' feeling anymore.

I was out trying to clean out my so-called car when I noticed somebody moving into the house next to mine, a moving truck pulled up to the garage followed by a big SUV. A man and a woman got out of the SUV and started unloading boxes, the guy looked to be in his early thirties, tall and a little on the heavy side. Not an overweight guy but it looked like he could use a little more exercise then he had been getting lately.

The woman looked younger maybe in her late twenties, average height with a very pretty face. She was dressed in sweet pants and a big shirt so I didn't get much more to focus my young lust on but her pretty face. Of course my young fantasies were already hoping that the guy was an older brother just helping his younger sister into her house where she was going to live alone.

I finished cleaning out the car and went inside to all the cleaning jobs that came with living in a house, while I was trying to peek out the windows hoping that I could confirm my fantasies. Soon my hard-on hopes were dashed when I saw them kissing before they climbed into the SUV and headed off. It wasn't a friendly kiss either so I was left with my hard on in my hand and nothing but a fading fantasy. Well that is what happens when you have a sex drive that exceeds the amount of sex that you have available.

A few weeks later I was coming home late one night when someone shouted hi. It caught me by surprise and I looked around unable to figure out where it was coming from.

"Hi neighbor, over here."

I turned and saw the guy who just moved in standing next to his house. "Hi, how ya doing." I replied.

"Keeping pretty busy trying to get settled in. Nice quiet neighborhood have you lived here long?"

" I bought my house about seven months ago." I said "I like it, everybody seems pretty friendly."

He was giving me that look I had gotten used to; the look that said a young kid like you just said that this was his house.

"Oh, by the way my name is Mike." He said.

"I'm Kevin, nice to meet you."

We exchanged small talk for a little while, I learned he and some old friends had a remodeling company they all ran and it took up a lot of his time. He and his wife had been married for a few years and the business was doing well enough that they could buy their first house. At that time his wife came around the side of the house looking for Mike.

"I thought you were hiding from work." She said.

This time she wasn't wearing the big shirt and sweatpants she had on before. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a half shirt; her dark hair was pulled up on top of her head so she could work without it getting in her way. Seeing her up close showed just how pretty she was, she wore no makeup but her face was very pretty. She was also in very good shape there was no worry about wearing a half shirt and not looking great. I was going to have to concentrate on not looking too much, she didn't seem to have a big chest but they seemed like they would fit very nicely in your hand.

"Oh you have company." She said looking at me.

"Honey this is Kevin, he lives next-door. Kevin this is my wife Shirley" Mike said.

" Hi" I said meekly knowing that I was showing my age.

"Hi Kevin" Shirley said with a very nice smile that could make your knees weak. "Take your time, but when you can, help me move the big boxes upstairs. I have to take a break I could use a cold beer." She then turned and headed back around the house. I couldn't help it but I found my eyes drawn to her wonderfully shaped ass. Her jeans outlined her sweet curves and make it impossible not to notice how great it looked. I tried not to look to long and get caught staring at Mike's wife's ass.

"I do a lot of physical work but this moving is killing me." Mike said not seeming to notice my peek at his wife's ass.

"If you need a hand I don't mind." I said.

"Be careful making offers like that people will take you up on things more than you would like."

"Really I am not doing a whole lot and if you need help just ask." I consider myself a genuinely nice guy which probably is why my sex life is so limited, not the kind of guy many 20 some year old girls are looking for.

"Well I really could use the help." Mike said as he started around the corner of his house. "I have never turned down help when it was offered."

I followed Mike around the house and in the back door. The house was a little bigger and in much nicer shape than mine, they had everything looking very livable with the exception of a few boxes here and there waiting to be unpacked. Shirley was sitting at the counter with a beer in her hand; she turned and looked at us both walking in.

"Kevin offered to give me a hand with the computer and the desk, I couldn't say no. Maybe I can get to bed without a huge pain in my back tonight."

Shirley looked at me and said "You really don't have to help, I know Mike can talk just about anyone into helping him when he wants to."

I was just looking into her eyes thinking that she was the one who could get anybody to do anything she wanted. Those beautiful eyes and pretty face were still amazing me and I could feel myself staring at her.

"Really I don't mind, I offered first anyway."

" I think we could use a beer when we finish moving everything upstairs." Mike said then opened the door and went into the basement. I started to follow him down but first took one more quick peek at Shirley, as I turned I saw her looking at me so I quickly turned my head and went down stairs.

We moved about 6 boxes up into what looked like a den upstairs followed by a 3 piece desk and chair. Mike explained that it was going to be Shirley's room where she did some of her work and relaxed when Mike was working late. He was going to set up his office downstairs where he could work in peace. He was going to have to call someone to set everything up for him computers just was something that he just didn't get yet. I offered to help him.

I told him that I was a date entry person for a catalog sales company and with little social life I spent a lot of time at work learning as much as I could. The computer administrator didn't mind teaching me something here and there and I helped him on some of the smaller setups and routine jobs. So once again I offered to help Mike setup his computers.

"I warned you about offering to help and getting stuck doing it because this is something that I just can't do myself. Before I take you up on it lets go grab that beer I know that I could use it." Mike said with a big smile.

We all sat and talked for a while and drink the beer. Mike was the one doing most of the talking, he seemed to be one of those guys who always wanted to be the center of attention. While we listened to the stories I found myself following Shirley's movements when I thought no one was watching. I could see her exposed stomach and I looked at her smooth and firm skin, when she leaned forward I could see down her back where her jeans pulled away from her. She had on a pair of purple lacy looking underwear, this was enough to cause a stirring in my pants. I tried not to look too much but I kept finding my eyes on her and I knew that Mike or Shirley would notice if they hadn't already so I finished my beer quick and said I had to go.

"Remember Kevin, whenever you have time to set up the computers just let me know." Mike said. Shirley gave Mike a look then reached over and put her hand on my shoulder. "You're not making him do more work for you are you?" Her hand being on my shoulder was too much with all the thoughts that were going through my head before, I could feel myself getting a little harder than I could help. I was going to have to make a quick getaway before this got out of hand.

"Don't worry I offered again, I really don't mind helping, I really have to go. Just let me know Mike. See you later." They both said their good-byes and I was out the door and I ran home. I just make it in the door, in the bathroom and got my pants down and it only took a few strokes with the thoughts of Shirley in my head to shot a big load into a towel.

I had Shirley on my brain, she was the subject of all my fantasies. I was trying to do my best and not seem like an immature kid just looking to check out the woman next door. I was but I didn't want anybody else to notice it. I waited two days before I decided that it was time to go over and check out Shirley, I mean the computers. I went over after work and Mike answered the door. " Hi Kev, Good to see you. You here about the computers?"

"Hi Mike, You still want me to set them up?" I asked.

"Of course, I was hoping you were going to come over sooner. I was hoping to work from home I was going to come over and ask but Shirley said that you were probably busy and I shouldn't bother you since you were offered to help. She really gets me sometimes. You know?"

I just shook my head in agreement knowing that she gets me much differently than Mike was thinking. Much to my disappointment Shirley wasn't home tonight and I cursed myself for not picking a different time. I quickly set everything up made sure it worked and made my way home for another session of picture Shirley naked.

I was back to my daily routine work, eat, and sleep. I saw Mike a couple of times but there was only a wave as we passed, I didn't see Shirley at all, what did I think was going to happen with a married woman. I called a friend and made plans to go out Friday and try our luck at the local bars.

By 11:30 we knew that the night was a bust like most nights spent sleazing around, quite a few beers and some blue balls. I dropped my friend of and headed home, as I put my key in the door I noticed a note taped to it. 'Kevin I am in big trouble please come over whatever time you get in. Mike'

I didn't know what to think; I had no idea what it could mean, so I went right over to Mike's house. It was late and I didn't want to ring the bell so I knocked twice and waited, there was no answer so I knocked twice just a little louder and Mike appeared at the door a few seconds later. His hair was a mess and he had a serious look on his face. "I sure am glad that your hear, come on in." Mike grabbed my arm and led me in.

He didn't say anything else until we were downstairs in his office. "Kevin I really need your help, I don't know what else to do. My fuckin' computer is shot. I was working on a job setup when it just came up with this blue screen and wouldn't do anything. I shut it all down, hit it a few times and tried to start it all again. Now not a fuckin' thing happens." He pointed to his monitor and gave it a whack for good measure.

He knocked over a finished beer that was sitting on the desk. "Shit! I don't want to wake Shirl up. Kev, tell me that you can help. I need my figures for this job tomorrow or I am up shits creek."

I looked at Mike, I was going to ask him if he had a backup copy but I figured I would save my breath. I just sat down and took a look; all that was on the screen was the Windows logo. "I can do my best Mike but I'm not an expert."

"Whatever you can do is better than me going to the job tomorrow with just my dick in my hand."

I shut it down and started it again, while I was waiting I asked Mike if he installed anything new or did anything different. He said that he didn't and the computer just froze at the Windows screen again.

"Do you have your startup disk?" I asked.

Mike just gave me a kind of confused look. "I don't know. What does it look like?"

"It came with your computer." I knew that this wasn't going to work. "I have the same version as you, I can run home and make a boot disc and I hope that it will get you going again."

Mike looked a little hopeful even though he had no idea what I said. "Whatever you can do, I'll get us a couple of beers when you get back."

I let myself out and made a copy of the boot disc from my computer and got changed into a pair of sweets and tee shirt. I knocked waiting for Mike to answer. We went back downstairs and I went to work restarting his computer. Everything worked and his computer was back up, I was checking a few things while Mike was slapping my back and telling me that I was a 'fuckin genius'. I let Mike sit down and waited to see that his file came up without a problem.

Just then Shirley came in Mike's office; she was wearing a short sexy teddy. It must have come too only a couple of inches from the bottom of her ass cheeks. It was purple and had a low cut back, I only saw the back at first because she came in behind me and walked over to the front of Mike's desk without seeing me.

"Do you have to make so much noise." Shirley said standing in front of his desk with her hands on her hips. There was no keeping my eyes off the smooth curves of her legs as they went up to meet her ass. There wasn't much let to the imagination, and I was imagining quite a bit.

"Kevin here is a genius, he saved my ass and hours worth of work." I saw Mike point to me out of the corner of my eye and I looked up to see Shirley had turned and saw me sitting there.

"I had no idea anyone else was here." She pulled at the bottom of her teddy making sure the nothing as showing out of the bottom, but it pulled the low neckline a little lower showing more of the swell of her breasts. I was getting hard fast, I knew that I didn't have any chance of stopping it.

"Sorry." I blurted out. "I was just going to leave, I think everything is all set."

I was starting to get up out of the chair when Mike popped up and said "Not yet! Let me find a floppy disc and save this before it shits the bed again." He looked around quick and went out the door. I looked at Shirley who leaned against the front of the desk, it looked like there was a sparkle in her eyes as she looked back at me.

She smiled at me just a little. "I am sorry if I embarrassed you. You're kind of red."

I could feel the heat in my face and the heat in my pants, as I was completely stiff now. I shifted in the chair so I could relieve some of the tightness in my sweets. "I didn't mean to surprise you." I couldn't think of anything else to say. I saw her eyes drift down just for a second, I knew that my erection in my pants must be showing but I didn't want to look down and make it obvious. She still had that smile on her face as she looked up at me again.

"Shirley where are those disks?" Mike yelled from upstairs.

Shirley walked over to the door. "Look in my top desk drawer." She yelled back.

I was looking at her ass again, just the bottom of her ass cheeks where showing. She must not have had any panties on from the view I was getting. She looked over her shoulder at me. I quickly got up, I knew that I had to leave before I got a slap in the face for the looks that I was giving Shirley. "I really have to go, if Mike has a problem I can come over tomorrow."

I tried to pull my shirt down enough to cover the tent in my sweet pants but I knew that it didn't work. Shirley smiled and looked at me, it almost looked like she was posing for a picture the way she leaned against the door. Her hip stuck out while her arms were folded pressing her breasts together and making them seem larger. "Don't be embarrassed, a woman considers it a complement to be able to make a man so hard just with a look."

She looked down at my crotch again as I tried going through the door; she didn't move much to let me by. I tried to keep as far to the other side as I could, but I was only inches from her. My eyes caught just the tops of her aureoles through the lace of her teddy. She watched me as I went through the door, I could swear that I felt something brush against the front of my sweets, I thought I put enough space between us.

"Bye Kevin." She said as I stumbled out Mike's office door.

I looked over my shoulder and I saw that she was still looking at me, but she had moved to the other side of the door. I almost tripped going out the door; I just wanted to get home as soon as I could. By the time I got home I could feel my heart beating in my cock, I quickly relieved myself and went to bed. I was so confused by the way Shirley reacted to my looking at her and her comment about my obvious erection.

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