White Silk
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Swinging, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is about a man's obsession with women's panties and how it leads to a new excitement in his marriage.

I guess I have always been a little obsessed with women's panties. I don't mean that I want to ware them or anything. It's just that I like to see women in there panties. I have panty related memories that go all the way back to when I was just seven years old. The first memory is of one of my school classmates sitting at her desk in such a way that I could see here white cotton panties. I remember that I felt some kind of a thrill from seeing her panties but I didn't have any idea why. My second memory from about the same time was when my brother and I were visiting at our neighbor's house. They had two kids our age. Their son was my brother's age and their daughter was a year younger than me. On this day Lois came into the room wearing just her panties and a T-shirt. She was only six she didn't think anything of it and my brother and her brother didn't pay any attention to her, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I felt uncomfortable about the situation but I didn't' understand why. I somehow knew that I shouldn't stare at her but I couldn't take my eyes off those panties.

As I grew up I always enjoyed getting a peek of panty whenever I could. I never knew if other guys did the same thing or not. I guess I just assumed that they did. I never discussed this with anyone so I never found out When I was in high school, sitting in study hall I would put my head down on my desk as if I was napping and I would look back down the row of desks to see if I could catch a glimpse of silk. I can tell you I had to leave many a study hall holding my books in front of me to hide my erection.

Sometimes I wonder how I was able to get from the second grade all the way through high school and never got caught peeking up a girl's skirt. Of course I was as discreet as possible. I never tried mirrors on my shoes or anything stupid like that and I never peeked in anyone's windows at night. My obsession was never so great that I would take a chance on humiliating myself by being caught that way.

The most fortuitous peek I ever got was during my junior year of college. I was sitting in the snack bar at the student union when this skinny coed arrived at the table next to mine. As she was setting her books down she dropped her handbag spilling its contents on the floor. I started to bend over to help her pick her things up but she squatted down quickly and began picking things up herself. I guess she wasn't aware that I was sitting there at the time. The way she was squatting opened her whole life to me, so to speak. She had her knees at least a foot apart and with her skinny legs she couldn't have hidden anything from sight. I was treated to an unobstructed view of the white strip of cotton that covered her pussy from less than five feet away. I could count the pubic hairs that stuck out front both sides of the gusset (this took place in the sixties when most women didn't shave there pubic hair).

I must have been staring at her for nearly a minute when she suddenly looked up and with a disgusted look on her face asked, "Well what are you looking at?" I couldn't speak. I had never been challenged like that before.

She spoke again with just as much venom "Were you looking up my skirt?"

I think I recovered from the initial shock very quickly because I was immediately considering the possible answers to her second question. I arrived at what I thought was the best answer, the truth. So I said "Yes as a matter of fact I was. I'm sorry if I offended you. I didn't plan on this happening you know. I wasn't sitting here waiting for you to drop you bag. It just happened and I found myself staring at a very erotic sight and I couldn't look away."

I could tell that my answer surprised her but I couldn't tell if she was still angry or not. Finally she looked at me and said, "Well maybe I over reacted a little."

I said, "Under the circumstances you had a right to react the way you did. I'd like to make it up to you if you would let me. Can I buy you a cup of coffee or something?"

She said, "No, I don't have time I am on my way to class."

I guessed that I didn't make a very good first impression. As she was leaving I called after her "I really am sorry."

She turned and looked at me for a few seconds and then came back toward me. From the look on her face I thought she was going to give me hell. When she stopped in front of me she said "If you are really sorry meet me here at 5:00 and I'll let you take me out for a drink. Then you can apologies again."

I said, "I'll be here. By the way my name is George."

She said "I'm Cindy," then she left.

I noticed two things as she walked away. One was that I was staring at her skinny ass and finding that I was attracted to her. The second thing I noticed was that I had an erection, which I think, I had right from the beginning when I was looking at her panties.

Did I find her attractive because I was aroused or was I aroused because I found her attractive?

Cindy showed up on time and we headed out for the promised beer. We went to a little bar just off campus and sat in a booth near the back of the room. I was a little uncomfortable and didn't know what to say. Cindy knew what she wanted to say and she started as soon as our drinks arrived at the table. She said, "I am not sure how to feel about what happened this afternoon. In a way I feel embarrassed that I exposed my self so completely but I also feel a little flattered that you found the sight appealing enough that you looked but then again I am still not sure if I should be angry with you for staring at me or not."

All I could manage to say was "Don't be angry." I didn't mean to stare or to make you uncomfortable. I couldn't help myself."

Cindy said "Okay, I won't be angry with you on one condition, that you explain to me why men seem to get such a thrill out of getting a peek up a woman's skirt."

I said, "Wow, I never thought about that before. That's a tough one. I think maybe it's because when you catch a glimpse of panty you are seeing something that in the normal course of things you are not supposed to see. After all a guy can see as much or more anytime at the beach but it doesn't have the same effect. I think that at an early age when we are learning that boys and girls are different we realize that the thin material of a girl's panties is all that hides that difference from our sight. The mystery of what is hidden behind that thin piece of cloth has a powerful impact on a boy and I guess he never out grows it."

I don't think it happened that night but it was sometime shortly after that first time we went out that we fell in love. Over the next two years Cindy and I continued to date. Cindy put on a little weight and blossomed into a beautiful woman and on our graduation day I asked her to be my wife.

After ten years of marriage Cindy and I were still very much in love. Although we didn't have sex as often as we did in the beginning there was still a great deal of passion in our coupling. We had two children during that time and had both establish good careers. We were living outside of Denver then. I worked in the city and had about a forty-five minute commute each way. Cindy was managing a small insurance office about ten minutes from our house. Life was good.

I spent my days meeting with customers. I was seldom in my office so I had to bring a lot of my paper work home with me. This often interfered with our evenings and I kept promising to find a solution for this problem. The funny thing is I found a solution for this problem when I wasn't even looking for one. It happened one day as I was sitting at a traffic light trying to decide where to go for lunch when my pager went off. The message was to call a sales associate of mine named John. I pulled over to the first parking space I could find and went looking for a phone. I saw a bar called Tony's on the corner so I went in looking for a phone. I was a little surprised when I went into the place. It looked like an ordinary bar from the outside but it was also a very nice restaurant. I found the pay phone and called John. John asked me where I was and said he needed to talk to me. I suggested that he come over to Tony's and we could have lunch while we talked.

I went over to the host and told him there would be two of us for lunch then I asked if he had someplace private where we could discuss business. The host said he had just the place and lead me through the dinning room and down about four steps to another dinning room. The second dinning room was smaller and was about three feet below the floor level of the main dinning room. The host led me to a row of four booths along the wall that separated the two rooms. The wall was covered by drapes the hung from the ceiling to about four inches above surface of my table.

John arrived a few minutes after me and we ordered lunch. The food was excellent and the booth gave us all the privacy we need to conduct our business. We finished our meeting at 1:00 and I didn't have a customer appointment till 2:30 so I asked my waiter if it would be all right if I stayed and did some paper work and had a cup of coffee. The waiter said it would be no problem at all. That afternoon I was able to get my paperwork caught up so I didn't have to take any home with me.

I went back to Tony's for lunch the next day and asked the host for the same booth. I noticed that from where I was sitting no one else in the dinning room could see me. I was beginning to like this place more all the time, but it was what happened next that made me love the place. As I was sitting waiting for my lunch to come I felt something brush against the side of my head. When I turned to see what it was I found that the drapes had billowed out and brushed against me. I found a separation between sections of the drapes right next to my head so I lifted the drape to see what was behind it expecting to find a wall. What I found was a short metal railing with vertical post about every six inches like an iron porch rail. That wasn't the big surprise though. The big surprise was that I found myself looking under a table in the main dinning room. There was a woman sitting directly across the table from me and a man was sitting next to her. All I could see of them was from the waist down and unless they had a set of eyes somewhere below their waists they couldn't see me at all. This was particularly good for me as the woman was sitting with her legs crossed at her ankles and her knees separated by several inches giving me an excellent view of her panties. I was hard almost instantly. The realization that I could sit there and peek under the table above me and be able to see a view like that, made it difficult for me to breath for a minute. That woman sat with her legs open like that for nearly an hour.

After that I became such a regular at the restaurant the Tony put a permanent reservation on that booth for me. I ate all of my lunches there, brought customers in for lunch and did all of my paperwork sitting in the booth. On nights when I had to work late or if Cindy had some social function to go to I would stay in the city and have my diner at Tony's. Evenings at Tony's were busy. They had a DJ playing dance music and they got a good mix of people stopping in after work for a couple of drinks and businessmen who were staying at the two large hotels nearby. On these nights I would get several good panty sightings. I always went home horny. Cindy never asked me why I was always horny when I came home after an evening in town. I have to tell you I was feeding my little obsession in a big way. I was in panty heaven.

One Wednesday evening about four months after I had started hanging out at Tony's Cindy had an agents training session to conduct so I stayed in town for dinner as had become my custom on such evenings. I was in my booth at Tony's at 5:00 finishing up my paper work and waiting for the restaurant to get busy. I had a couple of cocktails and listened to the music playing over Tony's excellent sound system. I occasionally checked for panty sightings under the table without success. Usually the restaurant wouldn't be full until 6:30 but I didn't want to chance that I might miss something. I ordered my dinner and was finished eating by 6:15. No one sat at my special table until 6:45 and then it was two guys. They only sat there for about twenty minutes and shortly after they left a man and a woman sat down. Problem was the woman was wearing pants. It was beginning to look like this night was going to be a bust. After about a half hour things got a little interesting when the guy slipped his hand up between the woman's legs and started rubbing her crotch. A minute later she put her hand in his lap and started squeezing his cock. I could see the lump in his pants getting bigger. Shortly after that the two left, seemingly in a hurray.

No body sat at the table for quite some time after that. I was about to call it a night and go home when I heard chairs moving behind the big drapes. When I peeked through the drapes I saw two sets of women's legs sitting across the table from me. One woman was sitting directly in front of me. She was wearing a white skirt and the other woman was sitting to the right of the women in white. The second women was wearing a red skirt. To avoid confusion I will refer to these women by their skirt colors. Both women had crossed their legs when they sat down and although I was seeing a lot of very attractive leg on both women I wasn't getting the view I wanted. I knew from experience that if I exercised patience I would get what I wanted. I didn't have to wait long. As I was watching Ms. White I noticed that her hips moved slightly to her right as if she was turning around. When she did this she uncrossed her legs. As I said I had been doing this for about four months and had seen all kinds of legs and panty covered pussies and even a couple of women who were not wearing panties, but when I saw Ms. White's thighs and panties I almost shouted "Yes!" out loud. Ms. White had a pair of very sexy legs on which she was wearing white stockings and a garter belt instead of panty hose. For panties she was wearing what looked like white silk. Being that I was no more than four feet away from her I could clearly see the gusset (I saw the term gusset used in a story written by an English women and I thought it was much more classy than saying crotch) of her panties. The gusset appeared to be two shades of white. The lower half being much lighter because of the cotton lining inside and the upper half darker because of the shadow of Ms. White's pubic hair showing through. As I continued to observe Ms. White I realized that I was not only seeing the shadow of her pubic hair but that the upper half of the gusset and the front of her panties were so shear that I could actually see the curled hair and a portion of the inverted V, that indicated the top of the opening to her vagina, was peeking out through the sheer material just above the lining. At that point I was so horny that if the vertical posts of the railing weren't there I would have tried to crawl under the table and get my head in close enough to smell her.

Ms. White turned a little more in her seat exposing just a little more of the upper portion of her panties. I could see that just above the gusset the panties were made of a shear lace.

As I continued watching Ms. White straightened around in her chair and just then the chair to her left was pulled out and a man sat down next to her and at about the same time a man sat next to Ms. Red. I was disappointed at first but when Ms. White didn't cross her legs right away I didn't feel so bad. It wasn't as though I would have gone up and talked to her so it didn't matter that she was with a guy. After a while Ms. White did cross her legs but Ms. Red was now giving me a show. It gave me such a thrill that these two women were sitting there casually talking to their dates and had no idea what was going on just below their table. After about a twenty minutes just sitting there a slow song came on the sound system and the four of them got up from the table I hoped to dance and not to leave. I was not disappointed. After two slow songs in a row the four of them came back to the table.

By now it was getting pretty noisy in the place so I could here bits of conversation, as they talked loud to be heard over the music and other noise. I couldn't make out what anyone was saying as I could only make out a word here and there. A little later as another slow song started the four of the left the table again. This time when the song ended only Ms. red and her date returned to the table. I guessed by the way they were sitting, their knees kind of turned toward each other, that they might be kissing. I knew I guessed right when the guy put his hand on Ms. Red's leg and slid it up under her skirt. At first she seemed to resist him but she gave in and let her legs separate. I could now see that Ms. Red was also wearing stockings and a garter belt with black panties. Ms. Red's date had his hand on her pussy but outside of her panties. He was running his fingers up and down over the gusset then he slipped a finger under the elastic and I could tell he had put it in her pussy. He soon had his whole hand inside her panties and was fingering her with at least two maybe three fingers

I was so focused Ms. Red's pussy that I hadn't noticed that she was playing with his cock through the material of his pants. I had been watching these two paw at each other for a half hour when Ms. White and her date returned to the table. When Ms. White sat down she leaned to her right as if she might be talking to Ms. Red. While she was sitting this way she had her legs opened up so I could see her panties again. As I was looking at her I noticed what looked to be a small wet spot just below the point on the gusset where the material changed from shear to where it was lined. The spot looked no bigger that a dime but I was sure it wasn't there before they got up to dance. I guessed that her date must have gotten her hot while they were away from the table. Before I could really get a good look at the spot Ms. White crossed her legs.

Ms. White sat with her legs crossed until her date got up and left the table (probably to go to the men's room). As soon as he left the table Ms. White uncrossed her legs and spread them wide then she reach between her legs adjusted her panties. I figured they must have been riding up her ass a little. When Ms. White's hand was out of the way I saw that the wet spot in her panties was much larger now. The shear part of the gusset was now transparent and the lining of her panties was so wet that the lower part of the gusset was almost transparent also. I could just about see her whole vagina through her panties.

I knew why she was wet. It was obvious that she had just had sex. The sight of her sexy panties stuck to her pussy and seeing the outline of her vulva showing through was having a very powerful effect on me. I had never even considered the possibility of having oral sex with a woman right after she had had sex but the sight I was looking at made me want to do just that. I had to squeeze the base of my cock very hard to keep from losing a load in my pants. I could never remember being that aroused before. The only thing I could think about was eating this woman out. I wouldn't even remove her panties I would just eat her till my jaws were so tired I couldn't do it anymore.

As I sat there trying to get my composure back I watched in disbelief, as her panties actually got wetter as more cum soaked through.

When Ms. White's date returned to the table they all got up and left. This time they didn't come back. I had wanted to jump up and follow them so I could see what Ms. White looked like but I couldn't leave the table in the condition I was in.

So after Ms. White and Ms. Red left another couple sat down. This woman gave me a good view up her dress but she was wearing panty hose. While I continued to enjoy the view she was giving me I kept thinking about what had taken place earlier.

Later after I had myself under control and was getting ready to leave Tony, the restaurant owner, came over to say hello. He sat down and ordered us a couple of drinks. We talked for hour or so then I headed home.

When I got home the only light on in the house was a small one over the kitchen sink. I quietly walked upstairs and checked on the kids. Then I headed for the bedroom hoping to find Cindy still awake. I needed some relief and I needed it badly. As I walked into the room I could see that Cindy was already asleep. She was laying on her side facing away from me breathing in the relaxed rhythm you get into when you get into a deep sleep. At that point I was too horny to go to bed so I headed for the bathroom to relieve myself.

I closed the door and left the lights off so I wouldn't wake Cindy. The light coming in through the window from the streetlight in front of the house was enough for me to see what I wanted. Cindy kept a small nylon bag on the closet door that she used as a laundry bag for her soiled lingerie. I went over to the bag to retrieve the panties that Cindy had worn that night. I knew that her scent would still be in them and the smell of her pussy would be all I needed to get myself off. There were only a few things in the bag and her panties were right on top. I took them out and began stripping off my pants and shorts. When I had my shorts off I sat down and began stroking my cock, which was already hard as I brought Cindy's panties up to my nose and inhaled deeply. As I did this two things struck me almost at once. First, these panties were very damp and second, they smelled very strongly of semen.

I was in shock. I couldn't quite grasp the meaning of any of this. I just sat there with my cock in one hand and Cindy's panties in the other. As my head began to clear I thought that I must have been mistaken so I smelled them again. There was no mistaking that smell and there was only one conclusion, Cindy had been with another man that night.

I stood on wobbly legs and turned on the light to see if there could possible be any mistake. There was no mistake, the gusset was soaked with semen and more importantly the panties in my hand were white silk with lace in the front. They looked exactly like the panties I was drooling over in Tony's just a couple of hours ago. I just stared at them for a few moments and then for my own sanity I decided that it would have been just too much of a coincidence for Cindy to choose to have an affair and go to Tony's and sit in that particular table. I decided that the only coincidence was that Cindy's panties looked like the others. I felt a moment of relief until I realized that didn't that it didn't really change anything, Cindy had still cheated on me. What was I going to do? I had never before even considered the possibility that my wife would allow another man to penetrate her with his cock. My first impulse was to wake Cindy and have it out with her right then. Luckily commonsense prevailed. I didn't want to start an argument and end up waking the kids and scarring them or that in the heat of the argument I might say something that I could never take back. I decided it would be better to wait till morning after the kids left for school.

I put the panties back into the laundry bag. I didn't want Cindy to notice that the panties were missing from the laundry bag and realize that I knew her secret. I didn't want to give her a chance to make up a bunch of lies about what happened.

I went to bed but didn't sleep. It was very hard to lie there and pretend to sleep when I wanted to hit Cindy in the back with my elbow. I watched the clock from 12:30AM till nearly 2:30 AM before I finally feel asleep and then it was a restless sleep with lots of bad dreams. In one dream, I got up in the morning to find Cindy and some guy I didn't know sitting naked in the kitchen drinking coffee. As I came into the room Cindy looked up, smiled and said, "Good morning George. This is the guy I have been fucking. I hope you don't mind if he has breakfast with us."

I woke in the morning to Cindy's voice calling to tell me if I didn't hurry I wouldn't have time for breakfast before I had to leave. I looked at the clock and it was 7:00 AM. I had less than five hours of good sleep and I felt hung over. In spite of all that I felt relieved because I woke up thinking that Cindy's affair was just one of the many nightmares I had that night probably caused by too much to drink. When I entered the bathroom I looked at the nylon bag on the closet door and it was empty. At first I thought that this proved that it was all a nightmare but then I heard the washing machine running. That fact by itself proved something was wrong because Cindy never does laundry in the morning, it interferes with the water pressure in the bathroom when we take our showers. I went to the laundry room and looked inside the washer. The panties and garter belt were in there with a few other things.

The realization of what this all meant just put me into a major depression. Now I had nothing to prove that I knew that she had cheated on me. It would be so humiliating to say to her 'Last night when I got home I smelled your panties and they were full of semen.' Cindy could just lie about it. She could just say 'You were obviously drunk when you got home. Why on earth would you be smelling my dirty panties anyway.' Cindy would just lie and I would look the fool. Unless I could think of another way to prove what I knew I wouldn't be able to say anything. I was too depressed to eat anything so I just had a cup of coffee. I pretended to be engrossed in the newspaper so I wouldn't have to carry on a conversation with Cindy. For Cindy's part she seemed to be overly chipper.

As I started down the stairs to the garage Cindy tried to kiss me good-bye. I pretended I didn't see her and turned away and went down the stairs.

I opened the garage door and then stood at the door of my car for a few minutes trying to decide if I should stay home and try to deal with this now or go to work, where I knew I wouldn't get anything done, and wait to deal with Cindy when I got home that night. I decided to go on to work and looked at my watch. I was about 10 minutes late for my usual time to leave for work. As I opened the car door I heard the phone ring. I suddenly wondered if it was Cindy's lover. I figured here's my chance to get the proof I needed. I slipped into my basement workshop and picked up the extension phone I have down there. I covered the mouthpiece and put the phone to my ear. I was both relieved and disappointed when I heard the voice on the phone say "Cindy it's Carol." Carol is a member of Cindy's bridge club and is a close friend of Cindy's.

Cindy replied "Hello Carol and how are you this lovely morning?" then they both laughed. There was something about the odd way Cindy greeted Carol and the way they both laughed that told me I had better listen to this conversation.

Carol started "Well did you go all the way? We actually started while we were still in the bar. When you disappeared with what's-his-name... Bill? Roger and I were sitting at the table and her started nibbling on my neck and biting my ear and the next thing I know his hand was moving up between my legs. I pinched my legs together to stop him but when I looked around the room and realized no one could see what he was doing under the table I figured 'What the hell' so I opened up for him then I dropped my hand in his lap and did a little playing of my own. He had me so hot I almost had an orgasm right there at the table. What about you? You were gone for a long time what were you up to?"

There was no doubt then that it was Cindy's panties I was looking at in Tony's.

And I was about to hear Cindy talking about having sex with another man. My heart was pounding so hard I thought Cindy would be able to hear it.

Cindy said, "Well while we were dancing Bill kept telling me how he had been traveling constantly over the last three months. I didn't understand why he kept saying that until he finally said that he hadn't had sex at all during the whole three-month period. I guess he thought that somehow I would get turned on or feel sorry for him because he hadn't had sex in so long. Actually I was already as horny as I was going to get and he had nothing to do with it. The whole idea of going out and picking up a stranger and having sex with him had me so hot Bill didn't need to say anything to get into my pants last night."

Did this mean that Cindy didn't have a regular lover? Had this just been just a one night stand? And if it was, what difference did it make?

Cindy continued, "While we were dancing he started complementing me saying things like 'I love your hair, it smells so good. or You have very pretty eyes. Then he got bolder. He said, 'You have great breasts, I 'd love to take them out and play with them.' To that I said 'Well we can't do that... But I have my van in the parking lot behind the restaurant.' His eyes opened real wide and he said 'Lead the way'. Then I lead him out to the van.

I couldn't believe that I was listening to my wife talking about how she took a guy she had just met out to her van to fuck him. While still being upset by all this I was also beginning to get a hard on.

Carol asked "Did you really have sex in your van? You were gone a long time but I didn't think you were doing that."

Cindy said, "Well by then I was too horny to stop. We got into the back of the van and I lifted up my skirt and when he saw I was wearing garters and stockings and he got a look at my silk panties he just said 'Oh my gawd!' Then he went straight down on me. He pulled my panties aside and started eating me. I had two orgasms within the first five minutes. After my second orgasm Bill stripped off his clothes and asked me to suck him off."

Carol said, "He asked? He didn't tell you to do it? I've never met a guy polite enough to ask. They always just tell me to do it."

Cindy said, "You must be meeting the wrong people. George always asks. George has always been a considerate lover."

It was kind of odd to hear Cindy talk about me in the middle of this conversation.

Cindy continued, "His cock was kind of small but not tiny. I began by running my tongue over the tip and down the side then I slowly sucked it into my mouth. The neat thing was that because of its size I was able to get the whole thing in my mouth. I pumped up and down on him till I could tell he was having trouble holding back. I pulled back one more time and let his cock come out of my mouth. When it did it made a pop! Next I pulled my panties off and got on my knees. Then I pulled my skirt up over my hips and told Bill to get behind me and 'fuck me good'. He did just that. He pushed that little cock into me and began pumping it into me fast and hard. He had me climaxing again in no time.

Carol interrupted saying "Oh God. Your story is getting my so hot I may have to get myself off while I listen to you."

Cindy responded by saying "Go right ahead and enjoy yourself, I have a finger inside my pussy as we speak."

I could not believe my wife was talking this way to another women. Cindy and I talk openly about sex but I have never heard her talk this openly to anyone else. Carol and Cindy weren't the only ones in need of some relief at the moment. My cock was trying to unzip my pants by itself.

Cindy said, "Well Bill must have stroked into me for at least fifteen minutes then he just kind of grunted and I felt a sudden wave of heat inside me. I could fell his cock pulsing and pulsing for what seemed like minutes. When he was done he pulled out and quickly got dressed. I slipped my panties back on and we got out of the van. It was at this point that I realized that Bill must have been telling the truth about not having had sex for the last three months. I was having difficulty walking and keeping his sperm from leaking down my leg."

I couldn't believe that I was listening to all this without losing control. I was able to listen to her story without thinking about the other guy. I concentrated only on the sex act itself. I was so aroused that I considered staying home and making love to Cindy right then.

Cindy said, "By the time we got back to the table I could feel that my panties were already starting to soak through. I crossed my legs and try to pinch off the flow but that didn't work to well. I actually had to reach under the table with a tissue to wipe off some semen that was dripping down the inside of my thigh. The worst part was that I could feel semen leaking down between my legs to my ass and I couldn't do anything to stop it. But then I started to think about what I had done to cause the problem in the first place and I started getting horny again. When Bill came back to the table from the men's room I whispered to him, 'Do you want to slip your cock inside me again before I have to go home?' I felt so dirty and nasty when I said that I almost had an orgasm."

Carol asked, "So when we left the bar did you go back to the hotel with Bill?"

Cindy said, "Yes. On the way to the room I could feel Bill's load still leaking out of me and I suddenly had this strong desire to have Bill perform oral sex on me

while I was full of his cum. I had never thought of such a thing before. Unfortunately when we got to Bill's room I didn't have the nerve to ask him to go down on me and he didn't seem to have any interest it doing that. Although he did like having me suck his cock again. This time when I was ready for him to put his cock inside me I removed my skirt and panties and lay down on the bed on my back. Bill climbed on me and I guided his cock to my pussy and he pushed it inside. This time Bill moved slower and after about ten minutes he gave me another large load of his semen."

Carol asked, "Are you gong to see him again?"

Cindy said "No. He asked me if I would go out with him the next time he came to town and I said no. I told him this was a one time thing for me." Then Cindy said "As hot as this made me and as much excitement as it added to my life I won't be doing this again?"

Then Carol said, "That is unless we lose another bridge match." Then she laughed. Then Carol asked "Did George suspect anything when you got home so late?"

Cindy said "No. I got home a little while before George. I had just enough time to pay the baby sitter and send her home and get upstairs before I heard the garage door opening. I had wanted to shower but I didn't have time so I quickly put my nightgown on and tossed my soaking panties in the laundry bag and jumped into bed. When George came into the room I pretended to be asleep. He went into the bathroom for a while and when he came back I knew everything was all right. The first thing this morning I washed all the lingerie I had worn last night."

Carol said, "Well now that's all over how do you feel about it?"

Cindy said "Well I know you do this sort of thing often but I have never done anything like that before and I probably won't ever do anything like it again. You know I didn't want to do this in the first place but a bet is a bet. But once I decided that I was going to go through with it I started to get excited about the idea of having sex with a total stranger. I was in a constant state of arousal from the time I started getting dressed to go out until I finally fell asleep last night. Can you believe that while I was lying there pretending to be asleep I was fantasizing about asking George to eat my cum filled pussy? The thought had me so aroused that I had to hold myself back from making love to him."

Luckily I had taken my cock out of my pants because when Cindy said she wanted to ask me to eat her pussy, I had a flash of the image I had seen at Tony's, of the silk panties so soaked with cum that they were nearly transparent. That vision and the thought of Cindy asking me to eat her made me climax without touching myself.

Cindy then said, "Now that it is over I feel guilty that I cheated on George. I never thought for a moment that I would ever be unfaithful to George until I lost that stupid bet. George doesn't deserve this, but what's done is done."

Carol asked, "You don't plan to tell George do you?"

Cindy said "Of course not. Why hurt him. I won't ever do it again and in time I will have made it up to him by being an even better wife than I have been up till now. Tonight I plan to get the kids to bed early and then I will take George to our room and give him a rub down and a blow job and anything else he wants." Then Cindy asked Carol "Well you haven't told your story yet, what happened with you two?"

Carol said, "Well nothing really. I told you what happened at the table. Well when we got to the hotel room Roger had a message to call his wife. He decided that under the circumstances we better do it another time. So we have a date tonight. So you will have to wait till tomorrow to get my story."

With that Cindy said "Well I have to get ready for work." They both said good-bye and hung up.

I quickly got in my car and went off to work. I don't know why but I was feeling much better. I decided to try to forget about what had happened and love Cindy in spite of what she had done. I don't know why, I guess it was because she loved me.

That evening when I came home from work Cindy was very attentive to me. She kept hugging me and giving me little kisses and telling me she loved me. After she put the kids to bed Cindy took a shower. When she called me to come up to our room she was dress in a black teddy with black stockings and a black garter belt. She sent me off to shower and when I got back she asked me if I would like her to suck my cock for me. From there the evening just got hotter.

Later as my cock exploded inside Cindy's pussy I was thinking about how glad I was that I didn't over react to what had happened. This evening sure would have turned out differently. As we lay in bed cuddling after sex I started thinking about going down on Cindy but I decided that the timing wasn't right.

One evening about two months later I was working in my workshop and Cindy was upstairs reading when I heard the phone ring. When I picked up the extension I heard Cindy say "Hello." then a man's voice said "Hi, Cindy this is Bill."

Cindy almost panicked. She said, "How did you get this number?"

Bill said "Roger got it from Carol."

"Well why are you calling me"

Bill said, "Well because we had such a good time together I thought you might like to get together again."

Cindy said, "I told you then this was a one time deal. Now my husband is right downstairs so we need to end this call quickly."

Bill said, "I'm sorry. I guess I just didn't think. Anyway, I will be in Denver next Thursday. I plan to go to that same place for dinner and drinks. If you change your mind come on down. I'll be looking for you. If you don't show up I won't bother you again."

Cindy responded, "Well thanks for the thought but don't bother looking for me because I won't be coming."

Later when I went upstairs I asked Cindy who called and she just said it was a wrong number.

I thought about that call a lot. At first I kept thinking about what I would have done if Cindy had agreed to see him but later I kept thinking about the story she told Carol about the night she had sex with Bill and I would remember the image of those wet white silk panties. These thoughts began to arouse me. I actually woke up in the middle of the night Saturday night and had to go jerk off. That night an idea was planted and I had to follow through with it.

The next day I played up to Cindy and began rubbing and kissing her and slowly getting her aroused. When I knew she was sexually excited I ask her if she would like to have a sexual adventure that week. Of course she ask a lot of questions about what I had in mind

and it seemed that she was actually getting more excited about the idea because I wouldn't tell her what I had in mind. She finally just said, "Yes, I want to do it. Whatever it is."

I told Cindy that we were going out Thursday night. We would be going early for dinner

so she would have to make arrangements with the baby sitter to come over by 5:00PM

Then I told her that I would pick out the clothes I wanted her to wear.

On Thursday I came home from work early. By the time Cindy came in from work I had already drawn a bath for her and laid out the clothes I wanted her to wear. I had chosen the same white skirt, panties, garter belt and stockings she had worn at Tony's before. I found a bra that seemed to match the panties and I had to guess with the blouse as I never saw anything above the table that night.

The interesting thing to me was that Cindy never asked about my selection. She just look at the clothes I had on the bed then she stripped and climbed into the tub.

When Cindy was ready to go she was a knock out. Looking at her I got nervous about what I had planned for the evening. I told Cindy that I had a soft tire on my car so we need to take her van. I could tell Cindy was excited because of the way she was talking. I could hear the nervous excitement in her voice. Cindy didn't pay any attention to where we were going she just chatted about her day at work and other things going on in our neighborhood.

When I pulled into the parking lot behind Tony's I noticed Cindy give me a nervous look but she didn't say a word. When we didn't go into Tony's through the door from the parking lot Cindy began to relax again. I took us into the restaurant through a side door that didn't have a sign over the door. We went down a short hall and directly into the lower dinning room. I could tell that Cindy didn't recognize the place. One of the waiters saw us and greeted me by name. I told him I would sit at my usual table and he said that someone would be right with us.

I took Cindy over to the booth and had her sit where I normally sit but I didn't mention the view from there (yet). I ordered a bottle of wine then we had a very good dinner.

It was after dinner while we were finishing our wine that I started to put my plan into action. First I pulled the drape open to see if anyone was at the table above us. No one was there. Then I told Cindy to keep watching through the drape. I went up to the main dinning room and over to the table above our booth. I sat down where I knew that Cindy would be looking at my legs. I slipped a napkin off of the table and held it between my legs for a minute. I gave Cindy a little finger wave then I got up and went back downstairs to join her.

When I got back to the table Cindy asked, "What was that all about?"

I said, "Tell me what you saw."

She said "I saw you sitting there with your legs spread wide and you had a napkin in your crotch. It looked kind of silly. So what was that all about ?"

I said, "That was just a demonstration so that you will fully understand what I am about to tell you." Then without telling her how much time I actually spend in that booth I told her how I had discovered the view that this booth presents. Then I dropped the bomb. I said

"The silk panties you are wearing, do you know where I saw them for the first time?"

Cindy looked truly puzzled. She said, "I don't know. In my lingerie drawer? I really don't know."

I said "I saw them for the very first time right there and I pointed through the drape to the chair directly across from Cindy." I could see some level of understanding was beginning to sink in. Then I asked her if she ever remembered being in this place before? She said she didn't remember and asked what it was called. I said, "This is Tony's Bar and Grill." Now I saw a very sick look cross Cindy's face.

Then I told Cindy in detail what I had seen that night and how sexy it was to see those legs and those soaked panties. Then I told her about finding the panties in her lingerie bag when I got home and how upset I was but that all changed the next morning when I heard her tell Carol the whole story. Cindy looked like she was about to start crying. I leaned over and lifted her chin and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. I told her I loved her and that after I had heard her tell Carol everything I had decided to just forget about the whole thing. I told her she was more important to me than what happened on one night during our marriage.

Then I said "But then this guy Bill calls you out of the blue. I had picked up the extension in the workshop when he called. Maybe things would be better if I hadn't listened to that call. You did nothing wrong but an idea was planted in my head and I have to act on it."

Cindy asks, "Are you going to start trouble with Bill? Is that what this is about?" Cindy looked very worried.

I said, "There will be no trouble. This is about sex and love not about anger or jealousy.

I am going to ask you to do something. You can say no and it will be all right but I hope you will say yes." Cindy looked at me expectantly. I continued, "I want you to go sit at the table up there and wait for Bill to find you. I would like you to invite him out to the van for a repeat of your last night together. When you are finished tell him to leave then I want you to come back to the table up there and sit facing me with your legs apart so I can watch as his semen soaks through your panties. As you sit there feeling his cum leaking out of your pussy I want you to think about me watching you from down here. When you think you are almost done dripping wiggle your legs or something to let me know. Then when I walk past you follow me out to the van. Do you under stand what I want?"

Cindy's eyes were open wide and she just stared at me. When she finally spoke she said "Are you sure you want me to do that?"

I said, "Yes. Would you do that for me?"

Cindy smiled and said "I would love to do that for you. Your asking me to do this has made me so horny I could never have said no."

I said "Well okay then. Bill had told you on the phone he would be here around 8:00 and it 8:15 now. I guess you had better get up there."

Cindy got up and kissed me as she left the booth. About 30 seconds later she was getting into the chair at the appointed table. The first thing Cindy did when she sat down was to spread her legs as wide as she could as a tease. Then she brought them back closer together but continued to give me a good view.

Bill didn't keep us waiting long. He must have spotted Cindy as soon as she sat down.

The restaurant wasn't real busy that night so when Cindy and Bill got up to dance I could see out to the dance floor. They danced a couple of times and had a drink Then I watched as Bill put his hand on Cindy's thigh and started working his way up her leg. The way Bill was sitting didn't give him a good angle to reach Cindy's pussy so he gave up on that. For a minute he sat with his hands in his own lap then I realized he was pulling his cock out of his pants. Once he had it out he reached over and took Cindy's hand and guided it to his cock. When she felt the bare skin her hand jerked back a little but she didn't balk She wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly stroked him for a while. She had him rock hard then she removed her hand and he, with some difficulty, managed to get his cock back inside his pants. Once he had the zipper up the two of them got up from the table and I watched as they disappeared into the crowd.

The next half hour was difficult for me. I was tempted to go out to the parking lot to see if I could see them but I decided that I might ruin everything. So I just sat and had another drink.

Finally Cindy came back and sat down. Bill did not return to the table with her. Cindy spread her legs enough to give me a great view. It was almost a replay of the first time. When she sat down there was just a little wet spot but I could see it spreading. My cock was so hard it was beginning to hurt. Cindy's panties were not as wet this time as they were the last time. Old Bill must have gotten a little somewhere else. After about ten minutes Cindy reached under her skirt and pushed a finger inside her pussy and wiggled it around. When she pulled it out she made a motion with it that indicated that she wanted me to come now.

I got up from my table. The check had already been settled all I had to do was leave a tip for the last drink. I walked up the stairs turned and walked past Cindy without looking and went straight to the van. Cindy was right behind me when I got there. I opened the door and told her to get in the back. I followed her in. When we were both in Cindy asked me if I wanted her to describe what had happened between her and Bill. I said, "Yes I very much want to hear all of the details but not now."

Then I looked Cindy in the eye and asked "Now what would you like me to do to you?"

Cindy knew what I meant. She pulled her skirt up to her hips and said "What I want more that anything is for you to eat me right now. If you do that I will owe you something special."

I smiled and said, "It would be my pleasure to eat this beautiful pussy." Cindy closed her eyes and I leaned into her. I pressed my lips against the cum soaked silk and began licking her pussy through the gusset of her panties. My head was swimming from the different smells. The musky smell of Cindy's hot pussy, the strong smell of semen that smells like fresh mown grass and chlorine bleach, the perfumed scent of Cindy's panties and the scent of apple from the hair conditioner Cindy used on her pussy hair. As strong as the smell of the semen was, the taste, at least when mixed with the natural juices from Cindy's aroused pussy, was not very strong or for that matter, unpleasant. As I pulled the gusset aside and pressed my tongue into Cindy's swollen vulva Cindy started into her orgasm. I could tell that she was as excited by the thought of what I was doing as she was by the sensations I was giving her. I watched Cindy's pussy convulse during her orgasm. With each muscle spasm more juices leaked out of her.

As I continued to eat her Cindy either had several more orgasms or one continuous orgasm. I had never seen Cindy, or anyone else for that matter, as sexually aroused as she was at that moment. When Cindy finally came down from her orgasm she told me I would have to stop or she would pass out. She said her orgasm was so intense that she didn't know where she was for several minutes.

After that Cindy was exhausted. I helped her into the front seat and we headed home.

When we were about half way home Cindy said, "That was the most intense sexual experience I have ever had. How am I going to repay you for giving me such pleasure?"

I said, "How would you like to tell your friend Carol what happened tonight? In complete detail?"

Cindy said, "I'd like to tell her. It would be fun to hear her reaction."

"Well I would rather see her reaction. I want you to invite Carol over to the house Saturday evening. Tell her I'm out of town or something. Take her up to our room and tell her the story. I will hide in the closet and observe. If she gets as hot listening to your story this time as she did the last time you can probable talk her into masturbating while you tell the story. I would hope that you would encourage her perhaps by playing with yourself as you tell the story."

Cindy said, "I could do that. It would be my pleasure to do that for you."

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