Christmas Stockings
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2001 by A.A. Nemo

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is an evolving love story and sometimes a war story, and at the beginning a sex story. It is also a coming of age story featuring Sergeant James Reid USMC who is the Uncle of the James Reid of "Hollywood Dreams". The year is 1968 and 21 year old Sgt Reid is in southern California recovering from wounds received in Vietnam. For those new to this story, give it a few chapters as it evolves into story of personal growth and self discovery.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Size  


During my teens my father (the bastard) would often say, "James, you could fall into a sewer and come out smelling like a rose". My mother, the wise and beautiful, would counter, "James... life is a lot easier if you stay out of sewers." During 21 years of life I discovered they were both right. I was lucky in many ways, considering I couldn't keep from swimming in sewers. Fortunately the people who would pull me out and clean me up were usually beautiful women. I learned about love and how to please a woman at an early age I also learned how hard it is to love and then lose the object of that love. I think Alfred Tennyson said, "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." At 21 I had begun to doubt that bit of wisdom.

December 1968, La Jolla California

"Please Susan, please; I didn't get laid the whole week I was on the road."

"Nooo... James will be here any moment and I... oh... don't... doooo... that."

"Susan, just touch me... I need to cum... so... bad!"

"Ohhh... Jes... us... Nancy... I... can't... think... when... you're... do... ing... that."

This was the conversation that greeted me as I came up the stairs from the garage into my girlfriend's house in La Jolla one morning in early December 1968. I had been living there since Thanksgiving while on convalescent duty at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego. Susan was not really my girlfriend but our relationship could best be described as mutual lust. She was a Navy nurse/physical therapist who had been involved in my treatment since I arrived from Japan in October. As a Marine I damn near got my ass shot off in Vietnam, consequently I was a guest of the Naval hospital until the Marine Corps decided what to do with me.

I stopped and silently moved up the stairs so I could see into the living room between the slats on the interior stair rail. I could see two pairs of gorgeous legs encased in contrasting nylon. Susan was still wearing her nurses uniform with white pumps. She insisted on wearing pumps to and from the Balboa. I was glad and told her that they were much sexier than the clunky nurses' shoes she had to wear while on duty. Her roommate, Nancy was behind her holding her close, kissing her neck and trying to pull up her skirt and slip. Nancy still had her stewardess uniform on with dark stockings and black high-heels.

"He won't be here for at least an hour. I need you... and this... may... be... the... last... time... for... a long while" she said between kisses to Susan's neck and ears.

By this time she had worked Susan's skirt and slip past her expanded stocking tops, and was rubbing her front against Susan's delightful firm ass. Susan stopped resisting and let her head loll back against Nancy's shoulder, her eyes closed with pleasure. My cock was fully hard at this point. I had no intention of interrupting.

Nancy moved one hand inside the front of Susan's white panties.

"Ooooohhh... yessssssss" she moaned as a finger fondled her clit.

Nancy's other hand, unbuttoned buttons on the nurses' uniform and slipped inside her bra to capture one of Susan's hard nipples. Susan moaned again and shoved her ass back against Nancy as her fingers found their juicy target. Susan moved her legs apart more. Her dress and slip were completely around her waist and her white garter belt and panties were fully exposed while Nancy continued her finger fucking from behind.

"Fuck... me... fuck... me... ohhhhhh... I... love... your... fingers! Another... put... another... in... ohhhhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhh... yessss... just... keep... just... ooohhhhhhhhhh... God... you... are... mak... ing... me... soooo... hot!"

Susan arched her back and moved her hands over her head to pull Nancy's head closer to her. She turned her head and they kissed.

I had seen women making love before, and even participated in some threesomes. Like most guys I loved to watch two women go at it and it was especially fun because of the way they were dressed. I had loved women in high heels and sheer nylon stockings, ever since I had seen my mother dressed that way. She always wore the sheerest hose and the highest heels, causing me a lot of teenage hardons and cum-stained sheets. I stroked my raging hard-on through my swim trunks.

They both moaned as their tongues explored each other's mouths. Susan used one hand to pull her panties down a few inches. Nancy worked three fingers inside her. As she moved her fingers in and out of her natural blonde friend I could see that they were covered with Susan's pussy juice. Nancy pulled her hand from inside Susan's bra and turned her around. Her fingers continued their fucking motion. Susan pulled her close and they kissed again, Nancy's fingers trapped between them, still busy. Susan reached down and grabbed the hem of Nancy's short skirt and worked it up. Her legs were also fantastic, especially encased in the dark nylon stockings. Her garter belt was black silk and the clips strained to hold her stockings as her gorgeous thighs stretched the dark reinforced tops. Her panties were matching black silk. Nancy started a slow rubbing of her pussy on Susan's nylon glad thigh. I had wanted to fuck her since Susan introduced me to her but I tried to keep my distance, despite the fact she teased me unmercifully. I thought she was just a tease since she was married. My mistake.

Susan broke their passionate kiss.

"Oh... my... oh... oh... oh... Nancy... I'm... going... to... cum... please... don't... stop... keep... fuck... fuck... fucking... me... ohh... ohhhhhhhhh."

She grabbed Nancy's beautiful ass and pulled her close. A run made its way from one of Nancy's garter clips down her firm thigh where her leg was wrapped around Susan's. They were both exposed from garter belts to high-heels, rubbing each other, legs entangled, sucking on each other's mouths. Nancy moved her mouth to Susan's again and they seemed to melt together.

Two beautiful women kissing and grinding against each other was enough to drive any man crazy. I was no exception. Susan was blonde, about 5'8" and a 34 C-cup, with the most luscious legs. She was beautiful and one of the finest looking Navy Nurses I had ever seen, and I had seen lots of them in the last few months, since I had been medically evacuated from Vietnam.

Nancy was a red head, a little shorter but with even bigger tits and a very narrow waist, and perfect legs. I rarely saw her without sexy shoes and hose. I thought she probably gave all her first class passengers hard-ons. It was obvious she also did more than that with some of them, male and female.

I reached inside my swim trunks and pulled out my cock. I could smell the scent of overheated pussy and perfume.

"Pleaseeeeee... keeeeep... finger... fucking... meeeeeeeeee!" Susan screamed as she came. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... god... oohhhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

Nancy jammed in another finger and Susan jumped as if electrocuted. Her orgasm just kept going. She pushed up on her toes to work the fingers in farther, kissing Nancy passionately. Her beautiful legs quivered with the effort. Susan pulled Nancy tight, running her hands up and down her back from sweet firm panty clad ass to the back of her neck. She clung to Nancy as her orgasm passed. They were both breathing heavily as Nancy removed her fingers from her dripping cunt opening. Nancy's hands moved to Susan's bare ass and massaged it. They kissed again. This time it was Nancy's turn to get some attention. She pulled herself from Susan's embrace and Susan's legs seem to give out and she collapsed onto the large living room couch.

Susan sprawled, beautiful legs spread, panties stretched across her thighs at stocking top. Her golden pussy hairs were soaked with her juices.

Nancy quickly pulled down her panties and with a fluid motion stepped out of them. She held them out to Susan.

"Look what you've done to me... my panties are soaked!"

Susan took the black silk panties and held them to her face.

"God, Nancy, I love what you do to me... how you smell... how you make love... I'm really going to miss you."

Nancy sat next to Susan, momentarily saddened by the realization of her friend's pending departure for Japan. She pulled Susan to her and kissed her slowly.

"Susan, you won't be gone forever and I'll always be your friend... and I'll always want to make love to you."

Susan looked at her friend and eased her back on the couch, and then knelt on the floor.

I saw her glance at the clock. Nancy pulled her legs up on the couch, her high-heels digging into the cushions, keeping her legs spread wide. Her pussy was shaved. Seeing her bare, wide-open cunt framed by her black garter belt and sheer dark nylons, I almost came right then.

"Please... now... I... need... to... cum... I... need... to... cum... please!"

Susan licked her lips in anticipation and moved her head down to that delicious looking pussy. She started off by licking Nancy's thigh just under the top of her stocking where the clip pulled it taut. She ran her tongue up her bare thigh and all around Nancy's dripping cunt. Nancy jumped at first contact, her ass thrust forward to get more of Susan's tongue inside her. Susan used her thumbs to pull Nancy's pussy lips apart. She licked all around her juicy target. Nancy moaned.

"Ohhhhhhhh... please... don't tease... me... suck my... clit... eat... me... do meeeeeee!"

It was obvious that Susan was an experienced pussy eater. She jammed her tongue into Nancy cunt and worked it hard. Nancy moved her legs to Susan's shoulders and started a rhythmic squeezing of her head. I was so close; I could hear the sound of the nylon as it rubbed Susan's head and neck. Nancy went wild, her ass humping Susan's face, meeting every thrust of her talented tongue, her pumps beating on Susan's back.

"Jesus Christ! Oooooooooooooh... ohhhhhhh... ohhhh... ohhh... eat... me... eat... me... fuck... fuck... soooooo... good... sooo... close... ohhhhh... my... God... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... that's... it... that's... it... that's... it... that's... that's... that's... ohhhhhhh... Christ... ohhhhhh... cuuummming... cuuummming... cuuumming! God... I'mmmmmmm... cuuummming!"

Her ass bounced on the couch cushion and her legs tightened around Susan's head, squeezing and spasming. Another run zipped from thigh to ankle. One of her black pumps went flying. She gave one last quiet "ohhhhhhhhhh" and slumped back. Her legs fell away from Susan, who rested her head on Nancy's thigh on one expanded stocking top. They were both panting from their efforts. Their wonderful, half-exposed breasts rising and falling, making me wish I had my mouth on those delectable hard nipples.

Susan lifted her head and looked at the clock.

"Nancy, I've got to get going."

She got unsteadily to her feet, not bothering to push her white skirt back down. Her panties were still pulled down to her thighs and her blonde pussy hairs glistened with cum.

"James will be home in just a little while and mom and dad and your parents will be here at six for cocktails. You had better get moving too."

Nancy just smiled up at her contently and moved a finger to her soaking cunt opening.

"Ummmmmmmmm... thank you Babe... you know how to do me so good Susan. I just love how you make me cum."

She smiled at her friend.

"I might have to start taking more trans-Pacific flights. I don't think I can be away from you for very long."

She reached up with her other hand and stroked Susan's smooth nylon-covered thigh.

"Now stop that!" Susan smiled as she pulled away and walked toward her bedroom. Both of us enjoyed the sight of Susan's exit, skirt around her waist, beautiful legs exposed past her white stocking tops, which contrasted wonderfully with her tan and very firm upper thighs. Nancy watched her beautiful garter belt framed ass with undisguised lust. She licked her lips and continued to frig herself, her legs wide open, her ass bouncing lightly on the couch cushions, rumpled skirt around her waist, blouse gaping open, one bountiful breast free from her lacy black bra.

I pulled my trunks down the rest of the way and tossed them aside and moved up the last few steps. Nancy frigged herself faster, her eyes closed, face contorted in passion. I moved to her. She opened her eyes and smiled broadly as I stepped between her wide-splayed thighs.

"God, I thought you'd never come up here. Now give me that monster!"

Obviously she had seen me watching them. I didn't care; my cock had no conscience and Nancy was wet and willing. She leaned forward and grabbed my cock with one hand. The other was still rubbing her swollen clit.

"Jesus Christ! Susan told me you were big but I thought she just had an overactive imagination!"

She opened her mouth wide and I felt her warm lips start on my engorged 10-incher. She opened wider and took in about half my length.

"Oh... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Nancy!"

Her throat opened wider and she had me all the way in. She was an expert cocksucker. Her mouth and throat gave me such delicious pleasure I was ready to explode any second. I stepped back, my cock coming loose. I had to fuck her. I didn't want to cum in her mouth. She smiled and settled back on the couch, one long, nylon-sheathed leg along the back. Her pussy was fully exposed, juice seeping from her sweet hairless hole. I moved over her as she wrapped her fingers around my hardness, guiding me to the target. I thrust.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" She moaned.

I was only in about halfway and she started to squirm and thrust to get more in her tight pussy. I pulled out a couple of inches and pushed all the way into her. She screamed.

"Fuck... me... fuck... me... fuck... fuck... fuck! Ooooohhhhhhhhh... Jesus... Christ... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... meeeeeee!"

Nancy wrapped her beautiful smooth legs around my waist and pulled me tight to her. I pounded her cunt. She was incredibly tight and wet. She pulled my face to hers and gave me a scorching kiss, as I banged the head of my cock into her cervix. We went after each other — fucking hard and fast. She was a wild fuck, more uninhibited than her roommate. She broke our kiss.

"That's it... that's... it... ohhhhhh... James... just... keep... on... fucking... meeeeeeee!"

I stroked her hard and fast, ready to unleash my load into her hot wet cunt. I wanted us to finish together but I was losing the race. The sperm was boiling out of my balls. I kissed her hard again and her cunt spasmed as she came around me. Her body arched under me, and her legs squeezed me tighter as she started a series of explosive orgasms. Her hips met every thrust as our bodies slammed together.

At this point Susan usually made me pull out of her unless I was wearing a condom. I ached to blast my cum into her unprotected pussy. Nancy had no such qualms as she felt my strokes quicken in preparation for unleashing a torrent of hot cum into the deepest part of her. She pulled my mouth from hers and looked at me.

"Cum... in... me... cum... cum... cum... yeeessssssssssss... that's... it... that's... it... ohhhhh... God... God... I... can... feel... you... cuming... yesssssss... cum... in... ohhhh... I'mmmmmmmm... cuummming... cuummming... cuumming... ohhhh... cuumming!"

I blasted a load into her grasping spasming pussy. I sent spurt after spurt into her, filling her with the cum she craved. Her legs released their grip as she fell from the heights of her orgasms. I stroked her for a while longer just because being inside her felt so good. If Nancy was to become my new bedmate, I was going to feel a lot less sad that Susan was leaving. Susan had received assignment orders for the Naval Hospital in Japan. I knew the place well. Actually I had enjoyed my stay there rather well, considering the attention I received from a couple of the nurses and one wonderful volunteer. I tried to block that memory but visions of her face and smooth skin and her passionate lovemaking were never far from my consciousness.

Nancy smiled at me.

"James... I don't know who taught you to please a woman but she has my thanks. I hope we can get together every time I'm in town."

She nuzzled my neck and seemed oblivious to my weight pressing down on her. My cocked twitched. She thrust to meet my hardness.

"Nice try, Marine but if Susan finds us we'll be in trouble... and we've got to get ready for company."

I thrust inside her again, my cock reaching its full length. She moaned but pushed on my chest.

"Oh how I want you again, but we can't. Ohhhh... it's just not fair. I finally find the cock of my dreams in my pussy and we have to get ready for dinner with parents. Please get off me."

I reluctantly pulled out. A great deal of our mixed cum poured from her stretched pussy hole. She moaned and said,

"Maybe later tonight."

I stood up and helped her to her feet. She leaned against me as she slipped on her missing pump. She made no attempt to pull down her skirt. My cock stiffened as I looked at her, stockings and garter straps framing her dripping cunt. She looked at my cock and then me. I stroked it slowly. She rubbed her bare pussy and moaned.

"Definitely later tonight." she giggled. She turned and wiggled her uncovered ass at me as she headed for her room. He dark stockings were ruined and our mixed cum dripped down her legs onto the stocking tops. My cock was ready for more. I hoped she was a woman of her word.

Susan and Nancy's parents were driving down from San Francisco to spend this final weekend with Susan before she left for a year. I had not met them but knew they were in their early 40's and wealthy. The La Jolla home was compliments of a business associate of theirs who was rarely in the country. He was glad someone was living there and keeping an eye on things. My room was downstairs off the garage in what was formerly the "maids quarters". It was self-contained, two rooms with bath and kitchen. I was never invited to fuck Susan in her room. We always went to my room, as if she was afraid her parents would find us in hers. We would fuck until we were exhausted and then she would go back to her room even if we were the only ones in the house. Most mornings she was long gone before I got up to go out for my morning run and many evenings I didn't see her because she was working or out with friends. I didn't care since I was getting laid frequently and the maid's quarters were a damn-sight better than the crummy barracks room I had adjacent to the Naval Hospital.

Susan had worked with me to help get my mobility back after the surgeries on my right leg and ass. She was very tough and worked me hard. I wanted to fuck her the first time I saw her but she was a lieutenant junior grade and I was a sergeant and there were serious prohibitions against fraternization. Plus she got hit on a lot, so she was naturally cautious and had gained a reputation of being beautiful but unapproachable. We spent a lot of time together and found a mutual attraction. She told me that once she got a look at my cock (which was the talk of the nurses anyway) she had to "give it a try". Our social life was limited in a Navy town where she could not be seen out with me for fear of running into someone from the hospital. I was just happy to be away from the hospital - and having the bed-company of a beautiful woman was never a bad thing. Susan was an enthusiastic fuck although somewhat inhibited... unlike Nancy as I just discovered. Plus I got to live in a nice house.

Now Susan was leaving, it was unlikely I could continue to live there. I could always move back into my room at the barracks but I hated the thought of it since they were always looking for junior sergeants to head up some lousy detail. I had it made right now since I only had to pull duty at the hospital one day a week for 24 hours. I was healing well and I had requested assignment to sniper school up the road at Camp Pendleton. I could get reassigned as soon as the docs cleared me for duty, although I expected that nothing would happen until after the first of the year. I was still unsure why I wanted to go back to Vietnam — perhaps a sense of unfinished business — maybe it was just where I belonged since my vision of being a stateside Marine was pretty dull after being in Vietnam for over a year and a half.

I headed back downstairs to get ready to meet Nancy and Susan's parents. We were all going our to their private club for dinner and dancing and I was not particularly looking forward to it. I had seen pictures of them and they were obviously attractive wealthy people. I had been exposed to wealth through my grandparents so I knew what fork to use and my way around a dance floor so I wouldn't embarrass myself or Susan. I hoped they were nice people. Sometimes wealth was an excuse to treat people badly. I would find out in a couple of hours - but what the hell I was fucking their daughters and they seemed to enjoy having me around!

I smiled as I wondered how I could arrange to get Nancy and Susan in bed together with me dressed only in heels, stockings and garter belts. Since they obviously had a serious sexual relationship, it just seemed the logical step. My cock twitched. I headed for the shower.

Over the last couple of years my life had taken me from tragic loss to highs brought on by the love of a beautiful women and back again. I never knew what to expect except, "Life is what happens, while you're making other plans."

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