Finding My Wife a Woman
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple take in another woman, which leads to a permanent arrangement. And everybody wins. A threesome story.

One night after a good bout of sex, my wife was laying with her head on my chest, when she suddenly turned her head away, and said, "I have a story to tell you, so don't interrupt me."

She glanced back at me, and I nodded my agreement.

She continued, "Back when I was in college, I dated a guy pretty exclusively. About two weeks before I graduated, we broke up. I figured he just used me for sex, and now that college was over, he had other plans, that did not include me."

She paused, took a deep breath and went on, "The night before I was to leave for home, I was feeling a little horny, well a lot horny, so I took my PJ bottoms off, and was just getting into pleasuring myself, when suddenly, Nancy, my roommate opened the door and looked in. I tried to cover up, but she saw what I was doing. She came into the room, and I could tell she had been drinking. She just came over to the bed, saying let me help."

She paused again, then went on with her story, "Nancy had told me one time, that she had got it on with another woman at a party once. I understood it was during an orgy. Ever since she told me about it, I wondered what it felt like, so I figured if she was offering, here was my chance to try something different. Nancy moved my legs apart, and when she saw my wet cunt, she quickly started licking me. I loved it, and in no time at all, came for her mouth."

Linda had never mentioned this before, so she had my complete attention.

She kept on talking, "I wanted her to sleep with me, so I could do her, but she said she wanted to shower first. So I waited while she went to her own room. I laid there for quite awhile all hot and horny for her, but she did not come back. Finally I went looking for her, and found she had passed out on her bed. She was snoring, so I knew the night was over."

Linda took a quick peek at me then said, "In the morning, Nancy was leaving early, so while we were up, she never mentioned it, and soon she was gone. I left about noon time myself, so that was the end of it."

I figured it was a pretty good story, but what was the point.

She then kind of shocked me when she said, "I always wanted to do her, and I missed my chance to lick another pussy."

She sighed, then quieted down and soon she was asleep. I never gave it much thought, until about a week later.

We were in bed one night, and I started to play with her nipples as we kissed. I reached down and started to rub her clit. When she was good and wet, I turned to mount her, but she pushed me back, and climbed on me. She straddled me, and lowered her cunt onto my cock.

Once it was all the way in, she stopped and said, "You never made any comments about the story I told you."

I looked at her flushed face and asked, "Was I supposed to?"

She smiled sweetly and said, "It does not bother you that your wife would like to lick a cunt?"

"Oh, I guess that did not get spelled out the other night," was my reply.

She started to move on my cock, riding her hips up and down on my erection. God she felt good, as she always does. She leaned forward and laid her chest on mine, and put her head next to my ear.

She continued to rock her hips on me as she said, "So, does my fantasy bother you, turn you on, or what?"

I could see where this was going, so went along, "Depends on what exactly we are talking about."

"Me, your wife, eating a cunt," she told me, sounding a little eager for a reply.

"That depends on the circumstances, with who, and all that," I told her.

"I have never thought of a who, just doing it," she said to me.

I could feel her getting wetter, and her juice was running down my cock to my hair, and trickling down my balls. She was beginning to pant harder than normal. She suddenly pumped me hard, raising up and jamming her hips up and down on me. I was close, and as she started to cum, I joined with her and pumped my cum deep into her.

She rolled off, so she could straighten out her legs, then hugged me.

"Love you," she said.

I replied, "Love you."

She laid her head on my chest, closed her eyes, and asked, "My story about another woman, make it better for you?"

"Some," I told her.

"Made mine great," she said.

"So tell me more," I told her.

"Like what?" she asked.

"Well, have you considered anyone in particular, do you want to go through with this, just keep it a fantasy, I don't know. I guess my main question is would you really do it?" I was a little disjointed in what I was saying.

Linda looked at me, and seemed to pause.

"There is someone I have considered," she whispered, as if she was afraid she would be overheard.

I did not reply to that. She also remained quiet.

Finally I gave in, "Someone we both know?"

She nodded. I was not going to guess a bunch of names, so remained quiet.

She waited, and then realizing I was not going to guess, whispered softly, "Susan."

Susan was a neighbour of ours. She was married to a navy man, and her husband was away on a nine month cruise somewhere. She was younger than us. I am thirty, Linda twenty four. Susan was twenty two and played on the same slowpitch ball team that Linda and I played for. Susan was pretty, nice shape, actually she was built a lot like my wife. I would say she was about a thirty six C, twenty two, thirty Six. Those are my wife's measurements, and Susan was about the same. She had auburn hair and she was friendly and I liked her. Linda and I had sort of taken her under our wing while her husband was away. We both considered her a good friend.

Our conversation did not go any further that night, and it did not come up again. The sponsor of our ball team was having a party on Saturday night, so we had plans to go. Susan being by herself was going with us. This party was usually a blast, as there was lots of booze and food.

On Saturday morning Linda had a touch of the flu. She was running a bit of a temperature. We decided to play it by ear. By supper time, it was obvious she was not going anywhere. She had been sick twice during the day, and her temperature was up. She insisted I go, but not to drink too much as she was not there to drive home.

So seven that night, saw her in bed, doped up with medicine. and me on my way out the door. I picked up Susan, giving her an update on Linda's condition.

"Oh well, gets me a date for the night," Susan teased.

I replied, "Well, sort of."

"It's better than being the only one by yourself. Everyone else has a partner. Alone, you don't fit in the same. I know, the girls try and help, but it is not the same," she explained.

We got to the party, and I gave everyone Linda's regrets, and played my part, saying, "But where she is sick, I just found another date."

It was a fun night. I drank a few beers early on, then had a plate of food. Figured that would keep me sober. I had a few dances with Susan, and sort of escorted her. Gradually the party turned into a bunch of boozed up guys in one room swapping stories, and the women in the kitchen, doing their story swapping. Susan was in there with them. Not having had much to drink, I was feeling out of sorts some, so got a pepsi and decided to tour the place.

Max, the host has a nice place on a lake. I walked down by the water, then along the shore some. The breeze off the lake had cooled the night. I was making my way back up to the gazebo, when I heard some voices speaking softly. I took a peek. Jane, Max's wife was in the gazebo. She was lying down on a couple of sleeping bags, and George, our right fielder was plowing her with some serious cock. I remained out of sight, and they were soon through. Jane stood up, and there was enough light to see her charms. Then she dressed, and they soon made their way back up to the house.

Once they were out of sight, I walked over to the gazebo, and lit a smoke. Sitting there I soon noticed the coolness, so I picked up a sleeping bag. It had cum on it, so I set it aside, and using the second one, draped it around me.

I finished my smoke, and lit a second one. I heard some sobbing, and looking around saw Susan coming down the path. I waited for her. She saw me, and came over, trying her best to cover up the fact that she had been crying.

She came in, sat down and said, "Pretty good party."

"Yes, not bad," I replied, then added, "Want to talk about it?"

She paused, and then looking at me, a tear escaped her eye. I held out my arm, and she slipped under it. She sobbed quietly against my chest.

"Let it out," I whispered.

"Brian is not coming home. He found someone else," she told me.

I hugged her with my one arm, and flicked my smoke away into the darkness, not knowing what to say.

"I kind of expected it, so it is not as bad as one would think, but, but, I miss the affection," she went on.

I noticed as I held her, that her crying had stopped. I squeezed her again in my one armed embrace. She shivered.

"Want some blanket?" I asked.

She nodded and slipped it around her. She laid her head on my shoulder.

She said, "I need a friend."

"You have one here, and Linda and I both are your friends, so if you need anything," I said to her softly.

She nodded. The sleeping bag was a big double one, so we sat together and wrapped up in it. Her blouse and skirt were pretty light, considering the coolness of the fall air.

She was quiet for a bit, and occasionally I would stroke her hair. Every now and then she would glance at me, then snuggle closer. I dropped my hand to her back, and stroked her softly. Again she just snuggled closer.

She whispered, "Brian and I got married more to satisfy our parents. I suspected I was making a mistake even on my wedding day. So I think I will get over it. I Just miss being close to someone. I haven't had that since college, with Joyce."

She caught herself, looked down shyly, and whispered, "You didn't hear that."

"Missed it," I said.

She giggled, and tried to squeeze closer.

A bit of breeze in the air, suddenly let us smell sex. There was a big gob of cum on the other bag.

"Is that what I think?" Susan asked.

I laughed softly and said, "Yes, George and Jane were here earlier."

Susan giggled again and said, "George and Jane, you serious?"

"Yes, I just caught the end of it," I laughed again.

She asked, "You saw them?"

I replied, "Just a bit."

"Oh, god," she exclaimed.

We sat there close together for a bit. She put her hand on mine. After a bit, she kind of lifted my hand, then let it back down. My other hand was slowly rubbing her back. She lifted my hand again, pausing as she held it, then she brought it up, and somewhat to my surprise placed it on her chest. Her left breast was now in my hand. I squeezed it softly and traced the outline of her nipple through her bra. She turned her face up, and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

I slowly turned my head, and saw her watching me. I leaned closer, and our lips met in a soft kiss. I reached up and undid the top button to her blouse, and was rewarded with a longer kiss, and her lips parted. I undid another button as I slid my tongue into her mouth.

I soon had her blouse open, as we continued to kiss each other eagerly. I caressed her breasts through her bra. She was softly whimpering into my mouth as we kissed. I could sense that she was starved for affection. as she responded readily to me. Her hand rose, and joined mine, and she quickly undid the front snap of her bra. It parted and my hands were filled with her soft, bare tits. They were a bit bigger than I expected, and her nipples hardened and grew long.

"Kind of small," she whispered.

"Nice nipples make up for that," I whispered back.

She seemed pleased with my response, and kissed me again. I concentrated on her nipples, slowly rolling them between my finger and thumb. Her nipples responded by growing longer, and her behind began to squirm some. I pulled her onto my lap, and lowered my lips to her tits. I sucked each nipple in turn, as her hand caressed my head. She was pressing her chest at me. and as I slowly sucked her nipples, I dropped a hand to her knee. Her legs parted in response to my touch, and I slowly moved my hand higher on her leg. I would stop and rub, and squeeze her bare thighs. Her legs parted more and more, as my hand worked it's way up her leg. Then I felt a finger touch her panties, and I quickly moved my hand to cup her cunt mound. She kissed me hard, moaning softly into my mouth, as her hips flexed, pressing her mound into my hand. I could feel her wetness and her heat, and slid my hand up to the top of her panties, and tugged the front down. Susan raised her hips, and I quickly slipped her panties off.

I just as quickly returned my hand to her wet mound, and softly squeezed it. She kissed me hard again, slipping her tongue into my mouth, I slowly slipped a finger along her crack, and parted her cunt lips. She was hot, slippery and so, so wet.

Susan was practically humping my hand, as she moaned into my mouth. Slowly, ever so slowly, I let my finger run closer and closer to her clit as I rubbed her wet slit. Finally I gave her clit a quick rub. She gasped into my mouth and broke the kiss.

"Yes, Oh yes, right there," she panted.

She laid her head on my shoulder as I continued to massage her swollen clit. Her hips would buck each time I made direct contact with it. I knew she was close, and wanted so bad to make her cum. I gradually moved my hand around, and used my thumb to rub her clit. I poised two fingers at her cunt hole, and slowly pushed them into her.

She humped my hand hard, but there was something I wanted to know. As she got closer I said, "Joyce, was she a lover?"

"Yes," she panted in response.

"You like women?" I asked.

"Yes, fuck, yes," she gasped.

I pressed my thumb on her clit, and moved it rapidly, and fingered her quickly with the two fingers. Then it hit. Her cunt gushed juices, and clasped on my fingers. She spasmed on my fingers as a good, long climax shook her.

She lay there on me, her blouse open, legs spread wide, her shirt bunched up above her waist, breathing heavily into my ear. Every now and then she would almost whimper. When her breathing was back to normal, she kissed me.

She said, "Fuck that was good, I needed that."

I had a raging hardon, and although I wanted to fuck Susan badly, I thought of my wife. How far should I go. Where was this going. I sat there holding Susan close.

I think she sensed some reluctance on my part, and smiling at me she whispered, "What about you?"

I kissed her, and she reached down and unzipped my slacks. She undid the snap and spread out the top. Her hand slid inside, down into my underwear and she grasped my naked cock.

"Oh my," was her comment.

I just grunted.

"It's so hot, so big and hot," she whispered.

She looked at me, and seeing me looking back she asked, "Do you want to fuck me?"

I looked at her with longing and whispered, "Yes, I do, but I'd better not."

"Linda?" she queried me.

I nodded. She smiled at me sweetly.

"What I would like is to fuck you with her there," I whispered to her, with hope in my voice.

Susan looked kind of surprised, then her look softened and she said, "I would love that."

Then she added, "But for now."

With that she quickly lowered her head and popped my cock into her mouth. She sucked the head of my cock lovingly. Her mouth was wet, wet and hot on my cock, and so smooth. I pushed her away, and she looked shocked, but then smiled as I lowered the sleeping bag along with myself to the floor. As I laid back, she quickly moved to my cock again, taking me deep into her mouth. I reached around her, and pulled her hips to me. She got the idea, and pulling up her skirt, she straddled my head and lowered her cunt to my mouth, as she continued sucking my cock.

Her cunt was still wet, and I ran my tongue the length of her slit, and then thrust my tongue into her cunt hole. She tasted sweet, sexy sweet. I tongued her hole, then moved to her clit. I flicked it with the tip of my tongue. As I did this she sucked me harder. I was getting close, and sensing this, she increased her effort. I did the same to her. I would like to say she came first, but I erupted into her mouth first. I think my cumming set her off, as she was soon squirming all over my face as she came also. My nuts seemed to draw up and empty everything in them as she sucked me through it. I knew she was swallowing some if not all of it. In turn my nose and chin were soaked with her juices. I lay there sated, but Susan turned and straddled me. I looked at her with the question all over my face.

"Just the tip for a tease," she said.

With this she lowered herself, until just the tip of my still hard cock entered her. Then she quickly withdrew.

The bag had slipped from us, and the cool night air, soon brought us to our senses. We scurried around and got dressed. then huddled together in the blanket.

"It took all my willpower to do that," she said to me, adding, "You don't know how bad I wanted it all."

"I think I do," I replied.

"Yes, maybe you do," She gave a little giggle, then turning serious, she said, "I hope this won't affect our friendship. I need you and Linda a lot right now."

"We'll always be your friends," I told her.

We hugged, then slowly walked back up to the house. Susan went in the front door, and I went in the deck doors, as that was where the guys were. Max, the host was loaded as normal, and most of the guys were toast, with all they had drank.

After a bit, I asked, "Anyone seen Susan?"

"Out with the girls," Max slurred.

I left the room, and ran into Susan.

"I was looking for you," she said.

We left soon after that.

Once we were on the road, she said, "I don't think anyone suspected anything. First thing I did was get a beer, so no one would smell what was on my breath."

I broke up laughing at that, and she joined in.

"And me, I washed off my chin at the outside hose," I told her.

Again we broke up laughing.

A few miles further down the road, we had quieted down.

Susan looked at me and said, "I really needed that tonight, and I really need a close friend like you."

I smiled at her and said, "You are not disappointed then?"

She looked at me, then moved over on the seat and put her hand on my leg.

"No," she said, "No never, I actually find it very sweet, that you would think of your wife. Most men would have just jumped my bones so quick, without a thought, other than themselves."

A bit of silence followed.

Susan broke the silence again, "Were you serious about wanting to fuck me with Linda there? I mean are we talking about a threesome?"

I looked at her and explained about what Linda had told me. I did not mention that she had named Susan in particular. Susan listened intently to the story.

When I finished she said, "I volunteer, any place, any time."

I laughed at that.

"I'm serious," she said, "I need a close girlfriend more than anything, and if it progresses, all the better, and I like Linda already."

I dropped her off, and gave her a quick kiss. She reached under her skirt, and passed me her panties.

"Here," she said, and ran up her walkway, before I could respond.

Linda was sound asleep, so I did not wake her. I knew I would have to proceed carefully if my plan was to work. Hopefully I could make us all happy.

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