Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Enema, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Public Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She said "Hello, I need a place to stay. Do you need a Slave?"

I had been living in Copurnia for a few years, becoming slightly successful locally with my band, and recording in the studio I had scraped together in my basement. I was happy, for the most part. I had enough money, I had lots of sex, I had interesting and challenging things to do, and good people to talk to. I had a nice little house with a hedged-in, landscaped backyard. My life was starting to lose its spark, though. I hadn't really noticed yet. I dunno if this was what I needed, but it certainly added spark.

One day I was sitting at my table eating lunch when a knock came at my door. I went to answer it and was met with a buxom red-haired lady who smiled warmly at me. She was dressed seductively in a tight black leather miniskirt and black tank top, which contrasted sharply with her long kinky flaming red hair to give her quite a striking look. Her eyes had enough sparkle in them to take the place of the stars in the night sky.

"Hello," she said brightly. "You must be Will."

"That would be me," I said. "And you are... ?"

"Lucinda," she said, holding out her hand. "I'm in need of a place to stay and wondered if you might be in need of a slave." She had a slight hint of an aristocratic British accent.

Normally I would have been stunned, but I had been living in Copurnia for a couple years and was beginning to get at least a little used to strange things like this. Nobody had ever offered to be my slave before, though - I was sure I had heard her wrong. I took her hand and shook it, laughing. "Good to meet you. A what?"

"A slave," she said again. "You know, someone who will do whatever you tell them, whenever you tell them?"

I grinned, wondering if she was serious and if so, why. "Come in, come in!" I shut the door behind her and we went in and sat down in the kitchen.

"I hope you don't mind," I said. "I was just eating lunch."

"Oh no, not at all."

"Are you hungry?"

"No thanks, I just ate."

"You sure?"


I quickly thought about this. What does one say to somebody who just offered to be your slave? Hum. I wondered if she was serious. I still wasn't quite sure I'd heard her right - but of course I had - she'd been rather clear on that point. I guess I'd just be direct, as I usually tried my best to be.

"Well then. Do you WANT to be my slave, or are you just in dire need of a place to stay?" I couldn't imagine that she would have trouble finding a place to stay, looking the way that she did. "I must admit," I continued, "That having a slave has always been an idea that rather appealed to me, but only if it was a willing slave."

She flashed a sexy grin at me and raised her eyebrows. "Trust me," she said. "I'm willing."

I wondered why she was so willing to be my slave in particular - did I have that much of a reputation? I doubted it, but wasn't going to probe too hard - one doesn't ask questions when a beautiful girl is offering to fulfill one of your favorite fantasies. I decided to start playing the part a little.

"Well then," I said. "I would love to have you. While you're here, you're mine to do with as I please, but you may leave at any time."

"I like the sound of the first part," she said, and shot me another sexy look. I was quite turned on by now, and decided that there was no time like the present to see if she was serious.

"From now on," I said, "You are not to wear a bra or panties in my presence, and you must always wear a skirt, unless I say otherwise."

"Yes, master." And right then and there, she reached up under her shirt and unclasped her bra, then pulled it off over her arms and set it on the chair next to her. Her largish (but quite well-shaped) tits sagged a little and bounced, now hanging free. I took a bite of my sandwich, trying to pretend to be cool and probably failing miserably, and continued to watch the show. Next she stood up and removed her panties, revealing her thighs almost to pussy level in the process. She set her panties on the chair next to her bra. I noticed a small wet spot on them and my heart skipped a little (something else jumped a little, too).

"Why is there a wet spot on your panties, Lucinda?" I asked.

"Because the idea of being your slave turns me on so, master," she said.

"Stick your finger in your pussy and show it to me so I can see how wet you are," I said.

"Yes, master." She bent her knees to spread her thighs slightly and, while looking directly into my eyes, inserted the middle finger of her left hand deep inside herself and then drew it out again, closing her legs. She held it up, glistening with vaginal secretions. Wow... I liked having a girl do what I said. I was really going to like this.

"Good", I said. "Now lick it off." She was completely unconcerned by the fact that people walking by on the street could have seen her (it was unlikely, however, for my blinds were turned almost all the way dark streetside). I took another bite out of my sandwich (almost finished) and she made a good show of cleaning her finger off with her mouth. My dick was rock-hard, and I was enjoying this immensely. Half of me couldn't believe it was true - a sultry, sexy and beautiful woman was my slave. I almost thought she would change her mind and walk out at any minute, but the other half of me knew that she was here to stay, at least for awhile."Now stay standing there and play with yourself while I finish my lunch."

"Yes, master," she said, and smiled sweetly. While I continued to eat my sandwich, she felt herself up, giving me a good show, kneading her excellent tits and squeezing her nipples through her tank top, and then under her shirt. Eventually her hand drifted down under her skirt, and she threw her head back and let out a low moan as she touched her clit. She continued to frig herself with one hand and knead her breast under her shirt with the other while I continued eating. Eventually, as I sensed she was approaching orgasm, I interrupted her.

"Stop," I said.

She stopped reluctantly but immediately. "Yes, master."

I took a bite out of a carrot that was on my plate and handed it to her. "Sit down on that chair over there," I pointed to a chair against the opposite wall,"And fuck yourself with this carrot. You may not touch your clit, and you may not come. Understood?"

"Yes master." She took the carrot and sat down in the chair. Her position, I knew, would afford me a good view of the vegetable going in and out of her pussy.

She hiked her skirt up around her waist, leaned back so that her butt was just resting on the very front of the chair bottom, and spread her legs, giving me my first view of her crotch. I liked what I saw. A pinkish red slit with inner labia peeking out, surrounded by engorged lips and a well-trimmed bush. Her slit was glistening with secretions, and the smell turned me on even more than I already was.

She pulled her lips open with her hands to reveal her hole to me. "Do you like my cunt, master?" She asked, holding it open wide.

"I love it," I said, and grinned at her. "Now let me see what it looks like with a carrot deep inside it."

"Yes my master. Anything you say." She put an emphasis on "anything", daring me to challenge her limits. I liked this girl!

She took the carrot and unhesitatingly stuck it deep inside herself, merely sighing with pleasure as she did it. She shoved it in almost all the way, and then spread her legs wide to let me see the big carrot deep inside her.

"Do you like that, master?" she asked.

"Yes I do, Lucinda. Very much. Now fuck yourself with it, but don't cum!"

"Yes master." She took the end of the carrot and drew it out of herself slowly and then plunged it back in. "I love the feel of an object deep inside my pussy," she said, and took another stroke, a little faster.

"Mmm, I said. "I love watching."

"Anything to please you, master," she said, and took another stroke, yet faster. And another, and yet another, faster and faster, until she was really fucking herself with the carrot. She was really getting into it, desperately shoving the carrot into herself at a slightly upward angle to get maximum pleasure, when she suddenly remembered my order and stopped.

"I'm sorry master," she said. "I almost disobeyed you. I almost came. When can I cum, master? I really want it."

"When I do," I told her. "So you might want to figure out a way to make me cum." I grinned, and she grinned back, her face flushed. She was really hot and bothered, and I could tell her finger was itching to touch her clit. She reached down and took another stroke with the carrot, which was still deep inside of her. She sighed, and said, "May I suck your cock, master?"

"If you leave the carrot in your pussy while you do it," I told her.

"Yes master." I had long since forgotten my lunch, and I pushed the chair away from the table to allow her easier access.

She closed her legs to hold the carrot in, and knelt down in front of me. The carrot fell out partway, and she reached down to shove it back in. I loved watching that. She knelt in such a way that her leg held it in, and then went to work on my zipper. She yanked it down and undid the button on my pants. She then pulled on the waistband of my underwear, reached in and pulled out my rock-hard cock. She took it in her fist and smiled. "I like my master's cock," she said. "May I have the honor of putting it in my mouth?"

"Yes my slave, suck my cock."

"Thank you, master." She grinned at me and licked her lips. I loved women who liked to suck cock as much as I liked to eat pussy. It seemed like she might be one.

Lucinda pulled the foreskin back from the head of my penis and licked the tip, then swirled her tongue all around the head, just like I liked. I groaned to let my slave know she was doing a good job. She licked down one side and around the base, then back up the other side. Then she put the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked on it, swirling her tongue around and making little slurping noises. I love the sight of my cock in a woman's mouth, and she seemed to love having me watch. She stopped for a second and asked me if I liked to watch my slave suck my cock. I smiled, and told her she looked sexy with my cock in her mouth. She smiled a wanton smile and stuck my cock down her throat to the hilt. I gasped, and she came back up, then went down again. I sighed, and said, "Yes, fuck my cock with your mouth, slave!" She started going faster, sliding my dick down her throat like it was the easiest thing in the world. Damn was she good!

She started playing with my balls while she fucked my cock with her mouth... mmmm... how do you describe in detail the exquisite pleasure of having your cock sucked by an expert who is obviously enjoying it almost as much as you? And knowing that she still had a carrot in her twat made it all the better.

I was about to blow my load, and told her so. She stopped for a moment to ask me where I wanted it. "In your stomach - every last bit," I answered. She grinned at me. "Yes, master," and went back to sucking my cock. It wasn't long before I felt orgasm welling up, and then I was over the top, shooting my semen down her throat. She just opened her mouth and jacked me off so that I could see my semen shooting into her mouth. My eyes were mostly closed due to the intensity of the orgasm, but I appreciated her effort anyway.

When my cock was done spasming, she swallowed visibly, cleaned it off thoroughly with her mouth, and then said, "Was that good, master? Did your slave please you?"

"Yes, Lucinda, that was great. Your master is pleased."

"Then can I cum now, master? Please?"

"Yes, my slave, if you follow my instructions."

"Anything, sire."

"Sit back down and fuck yourself with the carrot like you were before, only this time you can touch your clit and you can cum. But you must eat the carrot when you are done."

"Yes, master. Thank you, sire."

She got up and walked over to the chair, holding the carrot inside herself with one hand, and sat down. She pulled her skirt up around her waist and spread her legs again. She wasted no time in getting back to fucking herself - she was horny. This time she frigged her clit with her other hand and very soon she was writhing in orgasm. She screamed out her pleasure for all to hear, and then came down.

"Thank you master," she said when she was done. "Thank you for allowing your slave pleasure."

"You are welcome, Lucinda," I said. "But remember my condition."

"Of course, sire," she said, and pulled the carrot out of her twat and took a bite. I watched her eat the whole thing, and she didn't seem to mind at all - in fact, she seemed to rather enjoy it.

"Good girl," I said. "Now, I'm going to finish my lunch." I didn't take me long - I had a few more bites of sandwich, a glass of milk, and a carrot.

"Now," I said, "Let me show you your room." She looked a little disappointed that she wasn't going to be sharing a room with me, but I assured her that she would sleep with me often. I took her upstairs and showed her the guest room, and she went outside and got her few belongings that she had left on the doorstep, and moved in.

When she had brought her things into the room, I told her that I was going downstairs for a bit to finish recording a song I was working on, and she could do whatever she liked. She said, "Yes, master," and I left to go downstairs.

I got deeply involved in the song I was doing, a song I had written when I had still lived in the US. It was called "Be Yourself", and I had never really gotten it right. I had the piano track down, and the drum track was OK. The bass was just fine, but the guitar I was having trouble with. Maybe I would have to have Ed do it for me. I finally, after about 7 tries, got a track that I could live with, but it still could use some improvement. I never claimed I was a guitar player. Tired and a little frustrated, I remembered my slave waiting for me upstairs and my heart jumped. I grinned. I hadn't fucked her yet. No time like the present!

I found Lucinda stretched out on her belly on her bed, reading a book. She appeared deeply engrossed, and I hated to disturb her, but she looked up as I appeared in the doorway. "Hello, master. Anything I can do for you?"

"Yes." I grinned. "Are you ready to be fucked?"

"I am always ready for my master to fuck me. I am his to do with as he pleases. Do not ask whether I am ready, only ask yourself whether you want to. That is all that matters. How do you want me?"

"Good girl." I grinned. She was awesome! Truly a dream come true. "Get down on your hands and knees and open your pussy for your master."

She did as she was told, of course, promptly. Laying the book aside, she stuck her ass up in the air, put her knees apart a little, pulled her skirt up to mid-back, reached back and pulled her pussy lips apart. I unbuckled my belt, undid my pants, and pulled out my cock. I placed the tip at the entrance to her hole and without further ado, shoved in, a little roughly, but not too hard. She was plenty wet, to my surprise. Must be still left over from earlier activities. She let out a little sigh as I pushed into her and bottomed out, my pubic bone hitting her ass. After fucking so many girls, that still felt like heaven to me.

"You like being fucked by your master?" I asked.

"Yes, master. I love it. Fuck me. I am your slut." She said, and shoved her ass back at me.

And fuck her I did. She became even more lubricated than she already was as I fucked her hard and deep, not worrying at all about how it felt for her (which was a new one for me, and kind of fun, although I didn't think I would be doing it very often). Damn it felt good! I loved this position.

"May I rub my clit while you fuck me, master?" she asked me.

"Yes, of course, my slave."

She reached back and began rubbing her clit as I fucked her harder and harder. Soon I was cumming inside of her, and I realized that I hadn't asked her about birth control. I hoped it was OK, and finished my orgasm. As mine was ending, she started one, and I stayed in her cunt long enough for her to finish, then pulled out.

She sat up and turned around. "Would my master like his slave to lick his cock clean for him?" she asked.

"Yes," I said simply, and she obediently put her lips around my cock and sucked my jism and her juices off it.

"Thank you," I said, when she was done, and put away my cock and buttoned up my pants.

"Anything to please my master," she said, and grinned. "That was fun."

"Yes," I agreed, and smiled at her. "On a different subject, are you on birth control?"

"Even better," she said. "My tubes are tied. So you can fuck me all day long and not worry about pregnancy."

I grinned. "Be careful what you say - I just might take you up on it."

"I wouldn't mind, I assure you," she said. "But right now I need to piss."

Hum. I had always thought I had a little bit of a piss fetish, but I could never really figure out what it was. The idea of a girl pissing kind of turned me on, but how? What in particular turned me on? Did just the idea of a girl needing to pee turn me on? A little. Not much, though. What about the idea of a girl actually in the act of pissing? Yeah, that was a little more exciting. A girl pissing in her pants was somehow even more exciting. A girl pissing on me... I dunno. Maybe. What about me? I'd read a story about a girl who's lover had said that he needed to pee, and she had said no, just piss in my mouth and I will drink it - no need to get up. That had turned me on quite a bit. Would I drink a girl's piss? Yes, I think I would. I think I would even like it. Odd though, I thought, that piss turned me on when shit completely disgusted me. Hum. What about making a girl drink her own piss? I grinned. Maybe so.

Lucinda saw me thinking and said, "Have a piss fetish, master? Remember I am yours to do with as you please."

My cock was getting hard again at the various thoughts of what I could do. I'd make her wait.

"Go drink two cups of water in the bathroom, but do not piss, and then come back here," I said.

"Yes, master." She got up and a little while later I heard the water running in the bathroom, then a cup filling up with water, her drinking it, then again. Shortly, she was back.

"Lie down on the bed on your back," I told her. "I haven't had a chance to taste your pussy yet."

"Mmm," she grinned. "Yes, master. You don't mind that it is full of your cum and mine?"

"Not at all," I said. "In fact, I rather like the idea of eating my cum out of your pussy."

She lay down on her back and pulled up her skirt. I reconsidered. "Take off your clothes, all of them," I said.

She nodded submissively, stood up, and took off all of her clothes. There was her gorgeous body, laid out for the first time before me in its full splendor. She was a beauty all right. She stood about five seven, broad-shouldered, slim, relatively large-breasted (and oh what breasts! full and round topped with large red nipples surrounded by big dark aureola), muscular arms, legs and stomach all topped with a well-proportioned face in which were set two sparkly green-grey eyes. Atop it all was her kinky flaming red hair, falling around her shoulders like a halo. Her pubic hair, too, was red. And she was mine. Strange. I grinned as she lay back down again on her back. And awesome! I thought, as she spread her legs.

"Come eat my cunt, if you will, master," she said, and spread her lips apart with her hands lewdly. "Come eat our cum out of my hole."

It almost sounded cliché, but I liked it when she talked dirty, and I told her so. "Thank you, master," she said, predictably.

I did not answer, but merely knelt down between her legs and spread her lips apart even further with my hands, and gazed my first, close-up, on my slave's snatch.

It was a pretty thing. Big, engorged lips (I had never seen them otherwise) with a small amount of red hair surrounding them. Inside were a small second pair of lips and a largish clit poking out from underneath its hood. Just under that, her pee-hole, barely discernible in the ridge of skin that made its way down the center of her slit. Then below that, her hole, hanging somewhat open, but still young, muscular and tight when needs be. I wondered how much I could stuff up there, and resolved to try at a later date. It occurred to me, not for the first time, to wonder if she actually enjoyed this. She must - otherwise she would not have offered herself to me. Mental sigh again. She was mine! I grinned giddily. My slave, my whore, my slut. I'd always wanted one of those.

I reached out my tongue and touched the entrance to her hole. She shuddered a little. I dragged my tongue up her slit and stopped just short of her clit, then back down again to taste our juices at her vagina. Yum. Lap again. Up not quite to her clit, then back down and plunged my tongue inside her and wiggled it around, tasting what was inside. Not bad - she must have washed herself out just before coming to my house. Tasted like fresh cum.

She sighed and said, "You like eating our cum out of my pussy, don't you master?"

I grunted a reply, as my head was buried in her crotch. I pulled my tongue out of her vagina and lapped her clit. She stiffened, and said, "Yes!" I took that to mean she liked it, so I did it again. Yah, she liked it. I continued doing that, and while I was doing it, stuck a finger in her hole and began pumping it in and out while I licked her clit. She played with her breasts while I did this, twisting her nipples in between her fingers, and soon enough, she was cumming. She came quickly, often and easily, it seemed. I liked that. As she came, she pulled my head into her crotch and ground my nose into her clit. As soon as she came down, she quickly let go of my head and begged apology.

"I beg your pardon, master," she said. "I hope I didn't suffocate you."

"Not at all, my slave," I said.

"Oh good. Thank you for giving your slave such an excellent orgasm."

"My pleasure, I assure you, my slave. Just a little reward for your excellent behavior. But now I will ask something of you that you may not be so eager to obey."

"Try me," she said, with just a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Go into the bathroom and get the cup," I said.

"Yes, master." As she got up, I could tell that she was starting to really have to pee. Shortly, she walked back into the room, a blue plastic cup in her hand.

"Piss into that, right here, and don't spill any. Fill the cup about half full and then stop." I knew that would be hard. When one had to piss as badly as it looked like she did, it's hard to stop in the middle. Well, at least for me.

She grinned at me, as if to say, "Now you're getting creative!" She spread her legs wide apart, still standing, and put the cup underneath her, almost touching her crotch but not quite. Concentrating intently and staring at the cup, she let the floodgates open, and then quickly, with supreme effort, shut them again. A large stream of urine arced out of her piss-hole and into the cup. She held the cup under her for a few more seconds to catch any drips, and her face showed the effort of stopping the flow. She straightened up and looked into the cup, then held it out to me for inspection. It was about one-third full.

"A little more, my slave," I said. "That's about a third. I want it to be half full."

"Yes, my master," she said, with no reluctance in her voice at all. It seemed that she, too, enjoyed this. But then again she seemed to enjoy anything that I told her to do. Probably she just enjoyed being told what to do. And the kinkier the better, it seemed.

She spread her legs again, bent her knees and held the cup underneath her. This time she let out just a squirt, and then another short one. Again she held it under her to catch the drips, and then straightened. She grinned. "That's good, I think," she said, and held it out to me again.

Indeed it was about half full with slightly yellowish but mostly clear liquid. Seemed she kept herself fairly hydrated. "Perfect, my slave," I told her. "Now drink it."

She grinned at me, put the cup to her lips, and gulped the whole thing down in about three swallows. She licked her lips and smiled. "Yes, master."

"Good girl," I told her. "Now we're going to go into the bathroom and you're going to piss while I watch... in the tub."

She grinned. "Alrighty..."

We walked into the bathroom and she got into the tub and spread her legs. "Is the view good enough for you, sir?" she asked.

"Indeed. Go ahead." I said. She let go, and her piss arced out of her piss-hole and splashed against the sides of the tub. Why did this turn me on? I couldn't figure it out. Ah well, there's no accounting for odd fetishes. In any case, it really did turn me on to see her pissing, legs spread wide, and I told her so.

"Anything to turn you on," she said. "It turns me on that you're watching me piss."

Soon she was done, and I told her to rinse off if she wanted - a little bit of piss had splashed on her before it went down the drain. She took me up on it and quickly rinsed under the showerhead, then stepped out, still naked, and said, "Anything else for me to do, master?"

"Yes indeed," I said. "I have another fetish that I'd love for you to indulge, my slave."


"I'd like to see your cunt with a beer bottle in it... and not just the neck. Can you do that?"

"I'll try my best, sir," she said, and smiled. "This should be fun."

"I'll be right back with the bottle," I said, and went down to the kitchen to get one. I got a short-necked Heineken Special Dark bottle and brought it upstairs to her room. She was lying down again, on her back, legs spread wide.

"I think I'm lubed enough," she said, and laughed. Indeed, her pussy looked quite wet. She pulled herself up a bit to get the bottle from me as I handed it to her.

"Hmm..." she said. "This should stretch my cunt out quite a bit."

I grinned. "If it hurts too much, don't worry about it, my slave. But I want it in your pussy by the end of the day. You can stretch it out gradually."

She gave me a sexy look and stuck the neck in her pussy, then worked it in gradually, pretty far... her pussy was open quite wide. She pulled her lips apart and away from the bottle to get it further in, bit by bit. I loved watching her stretching her own cunt wide open. It wasn't to be quite yet, though. She got it almost all the way up past the neck, but gave up after about ten minutes of trying.

"I can't quite fit it in yet, master, but I will have it by the end of the day."

"Good girl," I grinned at her. "I've gotten horny enough watching you that I'm going to fuck you again." And indeed, my cock was rock-hard in my pants. "Just take the bottle out of your cunt and I'll replace it with my cock."

She did as she was told and spread her legs wide, ready for me. I knelt down between her legs, placed my cock at the entrance to her hole, and sank slowly into her now-loose cunt. I actually kind of liked the feeling - it would make me last longer. I sank in to the hilt and then pulled out again slowly, then back in faster, until soon I was fucking her pretty hard. "Yeah," she said. "Fuck your slut, master. I am your slut to fuck whenever you want."

"Mmm," I said. "And I will fuck you whenever I want. You will also do whatever I tell you to do, and right now I want you to ride me."

I pulled out of her and lay down on my back, and she obediently got up and kneeled over me. She lifted her left leg and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt, and then slowly sank down onto my cock.

"Sit up and masturbate while you fuck me," I said. Again, she did as she was told, sitting up, spreading her legs wide and pumping up and down while rubbing her clit, all the while looking at me sexily and telling me how good it felt, and I actually didn't doubt it.

After what seemed like no time at all, she was cumming, bucking up and down on top of me. Then she was fucking me again, hard. "Turn around," I told her, and she grinned at me, got up, turned around, and sank back down on my cock, now facing away from me. She leaned forward as she did it so that the angle worked, and then sat up a bit and slid up and down on my cock. I liked watching her leg muscles bunch and slither as she fucked me. The feeling of her vaginal walls gripping my cock as I slid in and out soon had me groaning in anticipation of orgasm, and then I was cumming inside her again. She got off me and turned around.

"That was very nice, good work," I grinned.

"Thank you, sir. I enjoyed it as well," she grinned back.

I got up and dressed.

"Let me know when you've got that in," I told her, indicating the beer bottle. "I'm going to go work some more."

"I will, sir. I think I'll just leave it in partway to stretch me out while I read." She lay down on her back, picked up the beer bottle and inserted the neck into her pussy.

"Good call."

I left her lying on her back on the bed, legs spread with the bottle halfway into her cunt. I saw her turning over, holding the bottle in, as I left. What a great picture. I almost decided to turn around and fuck her again, but thought better of it and went downstairs to work on some more music, zipping up my fly as I went.

I loved recording music, I loved my studio, I loved my instruments. I called up Ed and he came over and we did some tracks together, and then just jammed. Then he left to go home for dinner (and probably go out afterwards and have an orgy somewhere - that was his thing), and I practiced the drums for an hour or so.

When I went upstairs again, there was Lucinda sitting at the kitchen table, clothes back on. Blue denim skirt down to her knees or so, black T-shirt, no shoes. Probably nothing else at all, if she was following my instructions, which she seemed to be pretty good at. She was reading, as usual.

As I walked into the room, she looked up and said, "Hello. How did your recording session go, sir?"

"It went well. I love recording. It's just so much fun. I'm still not as good at it as I should be, but whatever."

"I got the bottle in all the way, master."

"Nice! Good work. Show me."

"Yes, master." She awkwardly turned to face me, and I noticed then that her knees had been slightly spread the whole time. She pushed her chair back from the table and lifted her skirt. There was the bottle, slicking out of her pussy, neck first, and just some of the neck. The entire body of the bottle was inside her.

"Damn!" I exclaimed. "You didn't have to get it in that way around! And how do you hold it in?"

"Well, I don't do things by halves, master. And it doesn't really stay in well, but if I tilt my hips downwards while I'm sitting, it hits the chair, which holds it in." It began sliding out, slowly, and she reached down to keep it in. "It feels good in my pussy, master. Thank you for making me do it. I love feeling full."

"It looks great, Lucinda. VERY erotic picture. Erotic enough that I think I'm going to have to take a picture. Stay right there."

"Yes, master."

I ran upstairs and got my digital camera, came back down and took a couple of nice shots of that bottle deep inside her twat. Very nice : )

"I peed while you were recording, master." she said. "I hope that was OK. I didn't know if you still wanted me to ask you first."

"I didn't specify," I said. "And I never laid down a rule, so it's OK. But it's a good policy to ask me when in doubt, most times."

"Yes, master."

It was dinnertime, and I indicated as much. "Would you like me to make you something, master?"

"How about we make something together, and you can take that bottle out of your twat if it's making you uncomfortable..." she elected to take it out. I didn't blame her.

So we spent a nice evening together making dinner and shooting the shit. I told her about my recording, and she mostly just listened. I decided that someday I would like to know more about her past, but tonight I was just enjoying having her be my slave.

After dinner, we both went to bed in our separate rooms, and I slept very well for once.

The next morning, I was full of ideas for things to make Lucinda do all day. Erotic visions were dancing through my head, and I had the feeling that this was my one chance in my lifetime to try things like this, so I'd better do it now.

When she came down to breakfast in the morning, I didn't hesitate. There she was, my slave! Almost before she could say "Good Morning, master!" I had bent her over the table, lifted her knee-length denim skirt and verified that she had nothing on underneath. I then stuck a finger between her cuntlips and found her to be very wet and engorged. I slipped a finger inside her easily, and said, "Why are you so wet, my slave?"

"Because, sir, I woke up this morning thinking about nothing except being your slave today, and it turned me on so much that I just had to masturbate."

"That pleases me," I said, "But from now on you are not to masturbate alone unless I tell you to. If you want to masturbate, you must come find me and ask my permission, and then you may do it in the room with me."

"Yes, my master. I am sorry if what I did this morning was against your wishes."

"No, it was fine. I like that you wanted to masturbate. You masturbating pleases me. So much, in fact, that I always want to see you do it."

"I understand, master, and your slave will comply with your wishes."

I reveled for a second in the feeling of having my finger in her pussy, and in the vision of her bent over the table in front of me, and then added another finger. Someday, I knew, I was going to fist her. I couldn't be that much harder than the beer bottle she had stuffed up her cunt yesterday.

She wiggled her ass and pushed back against my fingers, shoving them even further inside her. I unzipped my fly with my other hand and pulled out my dick. I rubbed the head of my dick against her clit underneath my fingers, and she moaned and pushed back against me more than ever. I then pulled my fingers out and plunged my dick into her up to the hilt, and she gasped. Goddamn did that feel good. I pulled all the way out and did it again, and again she gasped, louder this time, with some voice to it. "Your slave loves it when you fuck her pussy, master," she said, egging me on, and I pulled out and plunged into her again, harder, and then began fucking her in earnest. My balls slapped up against her ass and the table creaked as I fucked her. I was very turned on and it didn't take long before I came inside her, groaning. I pulled out and said, "Lick off your master's cock so he can put it away, my slave."

She turned around, her skirt sliding back down, and did as she was told, of course. I put away my cock and zipped up my fly. It turned me on to know that my cum would soon be running down her legs if she didn't do something about it.

I got a bowl and some cereal off the shelf, and some milk from the fridge. "Would you like some breakfast?" I asked.

"Yes, I would," Lucinda answered. It was the first time I'd ever heard her not call me master or sir. I thought too soon. "Thank you, sir."

I got her a bowl and spoon along with mine and brought it all over to the table. She looked up at me from the chair she was sitting in at the table, a naughty look on her face.

"May I masturbate before I eat breakfast, master?"

"Yes, Lucinda, you may." I was going to get turned on again watching her, I knew.

"Thank you master. You fucking me just got me so turned on that I really need to cum." She said this at least partly for my benefit - she knew it would turn me on, and she was right.

I poured myself some corn flakes as she pushed her chair away from the table and faced towards me to give me a good view if I wanted it. What a good slave. I'd have to reward her somehow. I poured the milk as she slid down in her chair and lifted her skirt, revealing that my cum had indeed begun to run down her legs a little. Her pubic hair was slightly matted with a mixture of our juices, and the tops of the insides of her thighs were glistening a little. She spread her legs and her lips fell open slightly as I took my first bite of cereal. This seemed to be an accidental pattern, me watching her masturbate while I ate. She tilted her head back and sighed as her right-hand middle finger slipped in between her lips and touched her clit. She stuck one, then two fingers of her left hand inside herself and began simultaneously fingerfucking herself and rubbing her clit. Soon she was in full swing, head tilted back and eyes closed, and then she was cumming, body rigid, back straight, legs extended, her body making a triangle with the back and seat of the chair, feet braced against the floor, hair falling straight down from her head, both hands at her crotch, three fingers of one hand buried inside. I hadn't noticed when she'd put the extra finger in.

When she had come down, she said, "Thank you, sir. May I go clean up before I eat breakfast?"

"Thank YOU, Lucinda. It was an excellent show. Go ahead and clean up."

She went to the bathroom quickly, and I heard her wiping herself and rinsing off her hands, and then she was back before I had taken two bites of cereal. She sat at the table and poured herself a bowl and began eating.

"May I hear some of the music you record sometime, sir?" she asked in between bites.

"Of course you can," I said. "I love to show off," and grinned.

She smiled. "Awesome."

"After breakfast," I said. "You can come down to my studio and I'll give you a tour."

"Thank you, sir. I would like that very much."

"No problem."

We continued eating in silence for 30 seconds or so, and then I said, "Lucinda?"

"Yes master?"

"You are such a good slave that I'm going to reward you. I will grant one small request. What would you like?"

"Oh sir, I don't need anything, but thank you."

"No, there must be something you want."

She grinned. "I'd like to not have to ask you before masturbating."

I smiled. "Ok," I said. "But you still have to do it in the room with me, even if I'm asleep. Just come on in and do your thing."

"That's fine," she said. "Thank you sir."

"Yah," I said. "I have a rule or two for you today. Today you must drink a quart of water every hour, and a half gallon in the first hour from now until 9:00. Every time you need to pee, you must first masturbate to orgasm in my presence, and you must do it a different way every time. Additionally, I must watch you pee every time, and I may put additional requirements on how or where you piss."

"Yes, master. Sounds fun." She grinned and raised her eyebrows humorously.

"Glad you like it," I said, and got up to get her a quart jar. I filled it with water from the tap, came back to the table and gave it to her. She finished her cereal and then began drinking, downing the quart in about five minutes. I got up to get her some more, and she started in on it.

"Needing to piss really badly turns me on," she said. "And so does having you watch me piss, master."

I grinned. "Good. I'm enjoying exploring this piss fetish. I'm surprised I'm getting so into it, but hey, I am, so I'm going to enjoy it."

"Hell yeah," she said, and grinned. I loved her grin. It was friendly and warm and sexy and naughty all at the same time. It showed intelligence and interest, involvement and desire.

After breakfast (and after she had finished the second jar), I gave her a tour of my studio, which was a couple of rooms in the basement. Two soundproof recording rooms, one little more than a booth, and a control room with windows into both recording rooms. I had an ADAT, a couple of computers (one for processing and editing, one for hard disc recording), some nice mixing boards, studio monitors, a very nice power amp... and that was just the control room. I had gone deep into debt to get all of this stuff, but I was gradually getting out by doing programming and system administration on the side, as well as some occasional car repair. I was also starting to get a few royalties on an album that my band had put out, and another that I had done on my own. Not much, but it was something.

I played her a song on the ancient family heirloom Steinway Grand that was in the big recording room, and then played her some stuff that I had recorded. She visibly enjoyed it, and complimented me. I thanked her.

As I started playing her another song that I had recorded, I noticed that she was shifting her weight from one leg to the other and crossing and uncrossing her legs rapidly. I stopped playing. "Uncomfortable?" I asked her.

"Yes master - I really need to piss," she said.

I grinned, remembering. "Indeed," I said. "I bet you do." I looked at the clock. It was 9:20. Time flies when you're having fun! I did love playing music. "Well," I told her. "I think there's something that you have to do before you can piss."

"Yes indeed, my master." She smiled nervously at me, obviously close to wetting herself.

"All you have to do is cum," I told her. "However you want."

She unhesitatingly pulled up her skirt, spread her legs and began frigging her clit. Soon her eyes were closed and she was sighing and moaning, and then she was cumming, legs shaking, almost falling over. A drip escaped from her crotch and hit the rug on the floor of the studio. I wasn't sure if it was piss or girljuice.

"Shit," she said, answering my question. "I'm going to piss right here on the floor if I don't watch it."

"All you have to do is step outside the studio," I told her. "There's a drain in the floor just outside the back door - the one opposite the one we came in."

She stepped out the door to find a bare cement-floored storage room, dark and slightly damp. And there was, indeed, a drain in the middle of the floor. She squatted over it, facing me, and let go, piss splattering across the floor, but mostly landing in the drain. As she settled down a bit, all of it went directly into the drain, and the only piss that splattered was off the drain. Watching her piss on the floor was awesome - it was even better that all I had to do to clean it up was to throw a bucket of water over the floor, which I had better do if I didn't want it to smell lousy. Accordingly, I ran upstairs and filled a small bucket with water, then came back down and threw it over the floor where she had pissed.

"That was fun," I said, and smiled at her. She smiled back.

"Can I hear the rest of the song that you were going to play me, master?" she asked.

"Of course!" I said, and sat down at the piano again. I played her a couple of songs, and then noticed the time. "My my," I said. "It's 9:45! You've got 15 minutes to drink another quart of water!"

I ran upstairs and refilled her quart jar, and she followed me. I handed it to her, and she began working on it.

"I have to go upstairs and do some boring system administration bullshit for a couple of hours," I told her. "Make sure that you drink another quart before eleven o'clock. I'll be upstairs."

"Yes, master."

I left her there drinking water out of the quart jar and went upstairs to tackle some stupid problems that one of my clients was having with her mysql server. I got totally buried in it, and when I looked up it was 11:10 and Lucinda was standing by my side looking a bit antsy. "You all right there, my slave?" I asked.

"Oh, I just have to pee something awful," she said. "Nothing new." Grin. "And I think I'm supposed to do something interesting before I'm allowed to do so, master."

"Indeed," I said. "Masturbate to orgasm in some way that is different from last time."

"That's not hard, master." she said. "Do you like watching me masturbate?"

"Of course I do, Lucinda. That's why I'm having you do it. I love it."

"Well I like doing it for you, master." Lucinda spread her knees slightly, pulled her skirt up with her left hand, and stuck two fingers of her right hand in her pussy. She pulled them out and licked them off slowly, then sat down on the floor and got to serious work. She shoved four fingers of her left hand into her cunt and began fucking herself with them. Her hands weren't all that big, true, but this was still a pretty awesome sight. She began rubbing her clit from time to time with her right hand, and then she added the thumb of her left hand, fitting almost her entire hand in her cunt. I pulled my cock out and began to masturbate - I really couldn't help it. Rather quickly, Lucinda was cumming, writhing on the floor. She pulled her hand out of her pussy and said to me, "Where shall I piss? If I don't get to do it within a minute or two, I'm going to piss wherever I am."

"Piss in that quart jar you have there," I said, pointing to the jar that she had put down on the shelf when she had come upstairs.

"I'll fill that up, master," she said, "And more."

"Then you'll just have to hold it until next time," I said. "You only get to piss one quart this time."

"Whoah - getting tough," she said, and grinned at me. She pulled the jar off the shelf, put it on the floor, and squatted over it. She held it up against her pisshole and let go. She filled the jar up with clear liquid in no time. She showed visible effort stemming the flow right as the jar filled up.

"No sense in dumping that out," I said. "It's pretty much water anyway. That'll be what you have to drink before twelve."

"I thought you might do that," she said. "I still have to pee in a major way, master."

"If you can deal, then leave it that way. I like you having to pee."

"Yes, master. I kindof like it too. I'll be OK, sir."


She got up, picked up the jar and took a sip. "Tastes just like slightly salty, slightly odd-tasting water," she said.

"They say it's good for you," I said.

"Yes, they do, master." She took a big gulp.

"Do you know how to pee standing up?" I asked her.

"Sortof, master," she said. "I have tried, at times, and almost gotten it, but I usually drip a bit."

"I want you to learn how to do it well," I said. "Let me know when you're done drinking that quart and then I'll take you outside and we'll try."

"Yes, master."

I went back to my computer, leaving her to drink her quart. My dick was still hanging out, and it was uncomfortable, so I put it away. I caught her looking at it as I did so.

"Would you like me to take care of that for you, master?" she asked.

"No thank you, Lucinda. It's good for me to be turned on for a bit. It makes me more creative."

"Indeed," she said, and smirked, taking a gulp of her water.

In about fifteen minutes, she came up and stood next to me. "I'm done, master," she said when I looked up.

"Good," I said and smiled at her. "Let's go out back and we'll see if you can pee standing up."

She followed me downstairs and out the back door into the fenced-in yard.

"Do you want some pointers, or do you just need more practice?" I asked.

"I think I'm all set, master," she said. "I'm just not good at stopping the flow quickly enough, but I've had some practice with that today."

"Indeed you have."

She stood with her legs spread slightly, leaning back a bit, hips tilted upwards, and lifted the front of her skirt with right hand. She reached down to her twat and spread it with the fingers of her left hand, lifted slightly and then let go. Piss arced out from her crotch perfectly.

"Good!" I said. She ignored me, concentrating on pissing. She pissed quite a bit, and then, as it was starting to ebb, she cut the flow off abruptly, only dripping a couple of drops onto the ground below her. "Bravo!" She smiled a self-satisfied smile in my direction and straightened up.

"I knew I could do it," she said. "That's kindof fun."

I came over to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips. Her eyes widened and she kissed me back. "Good job," I told her and smiled a warm smile. She looked at me sideways, a twinkle in her eyes, and then looked away.

That night when we went to bed together, I told her that I wanted the next day to be an unslave day. "I want you to just be yourself. You're not my slave tomorrow. You can do what you want. You don't have to call me master. None of that. You're just Lucinda."

"That will be interesting, master," she said. "I don't know how that will work. I think I might be embarrassed. This slave thing gives me a protocol, a way to act, so that I don't ever have to feel silly. But I'll do it. We'll see how it goes, master."

I put my arm around her and she cuddled up next to me. "I like being your slave," she said. "Is that sick? I think it's tons of fun."

"No," I said. "I love it too. I just wonder if I'm falling in love with you."

She pulled away from me slightly and propped herself up on her elbows so that she could look at me. Her eyebrows were raised and her brow furrowed, questioning. She studied me for about ten seconds, and then snuggled up to me again, saying nothing.

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