My Wife Lisa
Chapter 1: After The Party

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Sex Story: Chapter 1: After The Party - After a company-party our love-life takes on new momentum.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   White Couple  

We had been to a party at the company - fine food, great wine and a lot of dancing. Around midnight we decided to walk home, as we live only a few blocks away. One of my colleagues from the export division - Per - chose to walk with us, as he lived in the same direction, only two blocks further. When we stopped at our house to say goodbye I invited him in for a nightcap, which he accepted.

While I mixed the drinks Lisa sat down in the sofa and Per in an armchair, and when I had served the drinks I sat down beside Lisa. We had some small-talk about the party. Lisa looked absolutely radiant, and I slipped my right arm round her neck with my hand hanging down in front of her breast. I touched her nipple lightly, and it answered kindly by getting very stiff and make itself visible through her thin blouse. It must definitely have been the wine, which made Lisa accept my touches - normally she is a terrible prude in front of other people. Fortunately, though, she is a wonderfully hot lady when we are alone.

I had played discretely with her breast a few times, when it was evident, that Per was watching my hand intensely, and I leaned over to kiss Lisa on her neck.

- That looks very hot, said Per.

- You think so, I asked? - Do you want a touch yourself?

Lisa threw me a questioning glance, but when Per got up from his armchair and moved to the sofa, she closed her eyes and turned to give me one hot kiss - tongue out and all.

When Per was placed at Lisa's other side I moved my right hand away from her breast, and instead I slipped the other hand under her arm to touch her left breast, while Per cupped the right one. Lisa's eyes were still closed, but in a few seconds her breathing became heavier, and little moans escaped her. She was evidently enjoying, what we were doing to her, and I slipped my hand up under her blouse to touch her naked breast. I turned her head to kiss me again, and then I pushed her lightly on her cheek towards Per. She got the hint, and in a second she was kissing him. Little groans escaped her throath, and when she turned to me again she threw her arms around my neck and nearly ate me.

For a short moment it was as if time stood still, then Lisa straightened up, grabbed her blouse by the hem and lifted it off. Her pert little breasts stood out as if they were inviting us. She put her legs up on the small table in front of the sofa and leaned back with her arms behind us on the back of the sofa. As she bent her legs her skirt slid up to show Per her black stockings and suspenders.

God, how she looked good, and I nearly could not recognize her behaviour, but at the same time I felt so randy that my stomach was churning. For a while we concentrated on her breasts, caressing, kissing, small bites to her nipples and a lot of kisses. By now Lisa made no secret of it: She too was horny, and with abandon she enjoyed what we were doing to her. She raised her knees a bit more and let them fall apart so her skirt bundled up close to her waist, which revealed what I had not known: She was not wearing any panties. Really, she must have gone the whole evening without them - and I had not known. I let my hand slide up from her knees to her pussy, and my, was she wet. As I watched Per's hand work its way up the other thigh I felt her cunt. Her lips were all swollen and wet, and my finger felt like it popped in between them to feel all that juice and a stiff and swollen clit.

I felt Per's hand push mine aside, and I massaged her pretty little tummy, while he took his turn caressing and slowly masturbating my pretty wife. I turned my head to kiss her, and she was all over my face. Suddenly she whispered close to my ear: - God, I'm so randy. Can you feel how well my cunt likes this? Maybe you don't know it, but this is a fantasy of mine, and I have often masturbated to it when you were not at home.

- I'm burning inside, I whispered. (Why suddenly this whispering?)

- Are you sure you want to carry on?

- Oh, yes, sure. Do you?

- I never would have thought it, but yes, I want to.

I took hold of her shoulders and turned her, so her head was moving down towards my lap, and she sensed what I wanted and quickly lifted her legs off the table and swung them i Per's direction.

- Come Per, I want you to lick my cunt for good. I'm so very randy.

- Mmm, yes, I can feel that, said Per, and then he cupped Lisas nice tight arse with his hands and lifted her up, so her cunt was opened wide right in front of his face. Just before his mouth closed in on her I bent down and kissed her wildly. I could not see when he started to lick her, but I certainly felt it. Lisa let out a little scream and threw her arms round my neck, and then she bit my lower lip so hard she made a little hole in it and drew blood.

- Oh, God. Wait. Wait, Per. She looked up at me and said: You go and sit down in the armchair. I want you to have a good look at the first time another man is going to lick me.

I rose to go over to the chair, but then Lisa quickly sat up. - Come on, boys, get your clothes off, all of them.

- Yes, said Per, but you definitely keep on thoses stockings and suspenders!

Lisa took off her skirt while Per and I undressed. While we did so she lay back on the sofa and fingered her cunt for us to see. But when Per kneeled on the floor beside the sofa and pulled her thighs apart she just closed her eyes and threw her arms out. He had only been licking her a short time when she suddenly opened her eyes wide and stared at me with pure lust in them.

- Oh, this is great, she panted. - He is gonna make me come in a few seconds. Come and kiss me, while he does it!

I hurried over to her. As we were kissing she was rocking her cunt up and down on Per's face, and when I started squeezing her nipples she let go of my mouth and started screaming. First as a low growl, and then louder and louder. My cock was nearing explosion when I saw her belly ripple in contractions and her arms around my neck nearly strangled me. Per stopped his licking, and we let Lisa calm down a little. When she came to she smiled at me and said: - This was a lot better than fantasy. Do you want to see my cunt?

The question was only formally, because she just turned round in the sofa, put her head in Per's lap and spread her lovely legs so she could put them on each side of me. At the same time she grabbed Pers very stiff and very big cock and rubbed it against her cheek. That smile on her face was indescribable. I touched her cunt. It was not wet anymore, it was overflowing. Down her thighs juices were glistening, and the tops of her stockings were wet. Her lips were puffed and open to reveal a clit which just had had a good work-over. I slid one hand up to caress her belly while the other started to circle lightly around her cunt. When I touched her clit she sighed deeply and started rocking her pelvis up and down. - Oh, no, I'm starting again. She smiled at me as she turned her head to plant a series of wet kisses on the tip of Per's cock. At that I pushed her legs up to give me comfortable acces to her cunt. As I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and let my tongue circle the tip of it, I slipped a finger into her flowing cunt. When it was comfortably wet I pulled it out, and as I slipped the indexfinger into her cunt my middlefinger pressed against her little back entrance. It quickly slipped in, acompanied by a groan from Lisa. I was not allowed to double-fingerfuck her for a long time. She broke off saying: - Oh, no, I'm not going to come this way. I want that new cock in me to come on, and I'll be too tired if I come now. She sat up, took hold of Per's legs and pulled him in position, so he was half lying in the sofa with his legs on the floor.

She swung her leg over him, and with her back to Per she grabbed his cock. It was a sight that burned itself into my brain when she hung her head down to watch, as she guided that stiff cock in between her lips and gently lowered herself down, until she was completely impaled on it. As she started moving up and down it was evident, that she was showing off for me, and that she was enjoying herself totally. She was moaning, letting out little screams, breathing hard and fast. Her breasts were swinging and little beads of sweat were forming on her chest and forehead.

- Oh, God, it's wonderful. Do you know he feels so different in me? I'm sure I can't last long this way. She let out another little squeal, and then she looked teasingly into my eyes. - Come here, and do me a favour. It's something from my fantasy.

I sat down on the floor between their legs. Lisa put her hands down and grabbed her outer pussy-lips and pulled them apart. Per's cock was a fine sight disappearing into her stretched cunt.

- Now, you lick my clit while I enjoy this strange cock inside me - and I guarantee you, I'll explode in a short while.

It felt a bit strange, when I started to do what she wanted. She was still moving up and down on Per's cock, and it was impossible for me to avoid that my tongue sometimes touched it. My own cock was raring to go, but evidently it was not my turn yet.

She was absolutely right in her prediction: Two minutes of licking and fucking, and she started screaming at the top of her voice. She clamped down on Per, so I could no longer lick her, and her whole body started shaking. She was shaking, screaming and humping up and down at the same time. I could not see Per's face, but from his legs and cock I could judge, that he had started coming too. Right in front of my eyes he was pumping my wife full of sperm.

Lisa collapsed and nearly fell forward to lean her head on my shoulder and fold her arms around me. I knew, that right now she was doing as she always did: Really enjoying a lot of tiny little spasms, that went through her cunt after each orgasm, and which I myself had learned to enjoy. My, was I envious at that moment. Then she slowly got up. Per's cock fell out of her, and she and I stood for a moment, arms around each other. She raised her lips to my ear and whispered: - Oh, thank you, my love. You really can't know how wonderful this was for me. I love you, I love you.

- It was so great to see. I'm still horny, you know.

Apparantly Per had sensed our need to concentrate on ourselves, because he had picked up his clothes and now he slipped out of the livingroom. A little later we heard the front door close.

- Come, let's go to bed, and I'll give you the fuck of your life. She took my hand and led me onto our big bed. She pushed me down on my back with my cock pointing straight upwards. She straddled me, and again I had that wonderful sight: She lowered her head to look down while she grabbed my cock and guided it into her well fucked cunt. It felt like putting it into hot water. Juices were sliding down my cock as she pushed down on me - a mix of sperm and her own affluent juices. But I never felt anything like it. She was alive in there. The bottom of her cunt was alive, massaging the tip of my cock.

- Do you want me to talk?

- Mmmm. Yes. Was it good?

- Good? It was wonderful. I felt like a whore. When you were licking my cunt around Per's cock I felt I could take on all men in the world, one by one, and never get enough.

All the time she was moving up and down, sometimes stopping a moment to squeeze her cunt a couple of times, and then pick up movement again.

- All that juice is not just mine, you know. You must be a little bit of a pervert to enjoy it - at least I feel so depraved to smear another guy's sperm around your cock with my cunt. - Oh, no, now it's burning again. It is! It's burning and tinkling again. Oh, what have I done tonight ! It was so wonderful.

By now I was very close to coming. I grabbed her hips, and without leaving her cunt I turned us round to the good old missionary position. And I started fucking her for good. She was so open - or at least she felt like it. She was like wet silk inside, and her cunt gave out little squishing sounds every time I hit bottom.

- It' so good to fuck you, you little whore. Can you feel the difference?

- Oh yes, and it's so good. Per's cock was very fat but not nearly as long as yours.

She was panting hard again, and so was I - very close by now.

Suddenly she gasped hard again and said in a broken voice: - I know, what you tried to tell me, when you put two fingers in me. And one day we'll do it, but then you'll have to teach me and train me to have your cock in my arse. With that she started groaning again. First it felt like the bottom of her cunt was widening into a cathedral, and then the cramps began. At the same time I started coming. I yelled and screamed when it felt as if I was emptying my brain, my spine and my sperm out through my cock and into that sopping hole.

I felt such a great tenderness towards her as we lay there embracing. We were still enjoying the small manipulations her cunt was doing to my cock while it slowly was shrinking. At last it fell out of her with a small plop. I cuddled her up on my shoulder with my arms around her, and for a long time we were very quiet but enjoying the feeling of our skin touching and the silent sound of her breathing.

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