Christie's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Slut Wife, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Sadistic, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A pretty southern housewife discovers that she is ultimately submissive, as she falls in the hands of a black pimp, and his sado-masochistic bi-sexual female partner. Her fate is ultimately to be brought into bondage and then true slavery

Barry's Story: I sat on the edge of the bed, and watched them together, their nude bodies contrasting so sharply; his so black, and hers so pale. The T.V. was on, playing some meaningless afternoon soap that no one was watching or listening to. We had our own soap going there in the hotel room, and my video camera is whirring as the vivid pictures are recorded on the tape. Tyrone was kissing Christie, wet, open-mouthed, deep tonguing kisses; his thick lips trying to devour her. He had two fingers deep inside her pussy, stroking up and down with long movements, while she squeezed and rubbed his long, thick dick with dainty fingers.

This was the culmination of all my erotic fantasies about Christie. I remembered how she looked the first time I met her. I work as a teacher at a fashion school, where I first met Tom, Christie's husband. Tom was the school's comptroller, from the C.P.A. firm that did the school's accounting work. Tom had invited several of us out for golf, and then a swim party at his home in Alpharetta. I had just broken up with my latest, and really was not interested in any long term relationships at that time, so I went by myself to the swim party.

Christie was sitting by the edge of the pool when I first walked outside. I was struck dumb for a moment. "Tom, who is that gorgeous looking blonde woman by the pool?" I was trying not to be too obvious.

Tom just grinned that goofy smile of his. "Isn't she gorgeous? "The best part of it is that she's my wife. "I always wonder how I got so lucky."

I didn't want to say it, but I was already wondering the same thing. Tom wandered back inside, and I went over and sat down. "Hi, I'm Barry; one of Tom's clients". "If I had known how 'drop-dead' good looking Tom's wife was, I'd have been here a long time ago." She smiled a somewhat shy, slow smile, that made my libido kick into overdrive. "Hi, I'm Christie."

She was striking, if not stunning, to look at. Christie has long, curly blondish-auburn hair, that she wears full around her face. She is tall (around 5' 8"), with long slender legs. Her skin color is so unusual, its very pale, so much so that her veins show through, like road traceries on a map. I slowly looked her up and down, right down to her toes. I noticed right away that she had a striking bright scarlet colored nail polish on both her fingernails and her toenails.

Christie looked back at me, looking at her; and then slowly, deliberately she licked her lips. I knew right then that I was going to make a play for her; and even more than that, I knew that it was just a matter of time before I was screwing her brains out. We chit-chatted "small talk", about sports (she was a big Falcon's fan). I told her that one of my good buddies was a line backer for the Falcons, which made her want an introduction.

"I'll be glad to introduce you, but it may take a while, unless I can give him a good reason to get together," I told her.

"Well, tell him I'm such a big fan of his that I want to get a very special autograph," she smiled, now not so shy. "Tell him that if he's really good, I'll give him a special 'hello' just from me."

That was all I needed to hear. Sure enough, when I asked her to have lunch with me sometime when she was downtown, she simply asked when. "How about next Tuesday," I replied. "I can't on Tuesday, but I'll be at Plaza Mall on Wednesday morning to shop. "I'll meet you there at the restaurant on the second level at noon", she said.

"It's a date!" "Should I bring my friend, or what?"

"Oh, I don't know, why don't we just make it you and me this first time, to see how everything goes."

Being somewhat pushy, even in my milder moments, I decided to feel her out about just what exactly 'everything' might entail. "You know, I sure do want to have lunch with you, or really have just about anything with you, as far as that goes. "But I would sort of like to plan if we might have a long afternoon or what, so that I can make excuses to be away from my office on 'sales calls', if you know what I mean."

She grinned, this time, a definitely sexy, exciting grin. "I know just exactly what you mean. I won't make you any promises, but if you want to get a room at that hotel across the street, I'll at least let you kiss on my feet. "I can tell by the way that you're checking them out, that you would love to get these pretty polished toes in your mouth." What could I say. Caught in the act, so I just grinned my best 'shy-lil' boy grin. "You've got yourself a deal."

When we met at the restaurant, I was so juiced that the only thing I wanted to eat was her, any way and any part that I could get my mouth on. It was obvious that she felt the same, when she told me she would just meet me in the room, if I would give her the key. Well, sports fans, that first time with her was all that anybody could have asked for. I had brought in bottle of wine, in a cooler, which turned out to be one of the smarter moves that I had made. She & I had a glass, then she had another and then another. With such much fortitude, she started doing a sexy bump & grind strip tease, taking off one piece of clothing after another, until she just had on her bra and panties.

She pointed her bare foot at me. "See anything you want, big boy?"

I noticed her dark red toenail polish. "I see that you've got a new polish color." "I thought you would see that right away; I did that color just for you."

She jumped on the bed, and rolled over on her stomach. "Come rub my back."

"I'll have to take off your bra to do a really good job." I was really getting into the spirit of this.

"Silly boy, that's what I expected," she looked over at shoulder at me, and winked ever so slyly. "Let's hurry, here, I've got a very suspicious mother-in-law who just loves to show up unexpectedly at my house."

I started with my tongue, first on her back, then her neck, and down her ribs, first one side and then the other. Her breathing became louder and more excited. But when I licked around her ankles down to the instep of her feet, she gasped and pulled my body against hers. "Do my feet, do them right, and you will be glad you did," she whispered, as she pulled me around toward her head. "You just don't how much that turns me on."

Well, that turned out to be just about the truest thing she ever said, as I found out that Christie would have a climax just from having her feet and toes licked and sucked.

Now she is here with Tyrone and I, just like I had told her to be. She said that she wanted me to use her like a whore, and to be with her and another man; and now it has all come true. I thought back to how she had looked when I saw her earlier that afternoon, while Big T and I had waited on her in the hotel bar. When she had walked in, there had been a momentary lull in the buzz of conversation of the bar patrons. She had on a short, full skirt, and a peasant blouse, full and open at the throat. I could tell by the unrestrained bounce to her tits that she had no bra on. Her legs were bare with no stockings on, and so her unusual skin coloration stood out. She had on the high-heeled wedge sandals that I had bought her for her 21st birthday, 2 days before. I could see that she had on that dark blackberry colored toenail polish that I liked so much on her; and she was wearing the double-band anklet bracelet that wanted her to wear if she was going to be my sex-slave. I knew then that we would end up in the room; that she would do what I wanted, even demanded of her.

We left the bar and went on up to the room, taking along a bottle of wine that I had already ordered. I knew from our previous times that several glasses of wine would loosen her remaining inhibitions, and allow the "Whore" that I had been cultivating in her to come out in full force. If her husband Tom only knew what he had there at home, playing the good little housewife and mother. But that Tom didn't was O.K., because I owned her now. She was my Whore, not his.

After several drinks, she remarked how warm the room was, and I told her to take off her clothes and get comfortable. Big T and I were instantly gratified when she stood up, and pulled the blouse over her head and off. She stood there, with her big firm tits, with those dark nipples, jutting out. She unbuttoned her skirt waistband, and allowed it to drop to the floor. Again, nothing on underneath. I was struck again with how slender she was, despite having had a child. I was even more sure that she intended to commit her body to me, and my every desire for it.

Big Tyrone and I quickly undressed and joined her on the king sized bed. I pulled her to me, and kissed her softly, lightly, but with mounting desire and strength. I could tell that Big T was caressing her stomach, thighs and buttocks. As I pulled her to me, and she whispered to me, "Did you see that I had on the anklet you had told me to wear?"

"You know that I did," I said. "Do you remember what I told you about wearing it? I didn't want you to wear that double-band one, unless you are going to be my sex-slave. Once you put it on, you must wear it from now on, if you're going to be my Whore."

"I know," she breathed, "and that's what I want. I'll be your sex-slave. I'll do whatever you want; I want to be your Whore."

"Prove it!, just don't say it," I said, my voice tight. "I want you to take Tyrone's big, black dick in your sweet little mouth. That same little mouth that will kiss your husband 'hello' tonight. I want you to suck Tyrone's big dick until he cries like a baby; until his first cum load shoots into your mouth; and you swallow it. I want your mouth to be like your pussy, all mine. I want to know that you will suck any dick that I tell you to, that big black dick can screw your mouth whenever he wants to, and that whoever I want to, can cum in your mouth whenever and as often as I tell you to."

She shuddered, with a little movement all over her body. "Alright, I will. I want to be your Whore; I want all of me to belong to you; and I'll prove it to you." She moaned softly then, as Tyrone's tongue lashed against her clit.

She turned down toward Tyrone, and he knowing what was coming, laid back on the bed. I could see her pointed little tongue as she licked Big T, up and down his balls, and along the base of his dick. Then, she licked up his black rod, like a big Sugar Daddy sucker, and slowly sucked the purplish head into her sweet mouth. His dick was more than 9 inches long, and she could hardly get more than the head of it into her mouth at first. Her dark red lipstick was smearing down the length of his dick, as she stuffed more of it into her mouth and throat. Now she had almost all of him into her mouth, and he was holding the back of her head, and screwing her mouth like a pussy. Tyrone was bucking wildly against her mouth now, and as he held her hair back so that I could watch Tyrone's big black rod, plunging in and out of her mouth, I could see his pubic hair brush against her lips.

Christie's Story [First interlude]. *I knew that I wanted to do this; had known it. Barry knew me, he knew that inside my mind I was nothing but a Whore, and that I wanted to be treated like one. I really wanted to suck Tyrone's dick, and have him cum in my mouth, but I wanted Barry to make me do it. Oh, God, I am taking him into my mouth now; I'll never be able to get it all in, but I'm going to try. I love this, I want this, I want him to cry like my baby when I start sucking the cum out of that big black pole. I know that Barry's watching, and getting all this on film with the video camera. Oh, Big T, screw my mouth like that, yes, that's great. I can hear you moaning now, but you're really going to moan when my black sucker starts to shoot off in my mouth. Now, I feel it, oh, god, yes, cum, cum, and let me swallow it all down*-.

BARRY's Story: Big T is starting to buck like a wild horse against Christie's mouth, and he's moaning non-stop. I know what that feels like. I believe her nickname should be "hoover-mouth". I see her cheeks puff out, and she starts swallowing as fast as she can, as Big T shoots his big cumload into her mouth. Finally, she finishes swallowing, and then licks him clean before she rolls over. Both T and I start playing with her pussy; Then, T's starts to suck on her clit, while I start sucking on her toes, and licking her feet, which drives her wild anyway. I look at her sexy dark blackberry toenail polish while I suck on her toes. She is lying there with her eyes closed, but then she reaches out and takes Tyrone's rod in her had, and pulls him toward her. Big Tyrone moves around toward her head, as she puts his half-limp black snake into her mouth.

"God, Barry, you should feel what she's doing to me; she's already ready to go again. Help me turn her around here."

Now, Big T is pulling her around on the bed, and getting between her legs. He looks down at Christie: "Hey, pretty pussy, take your little sweet hand, and put my big black boy where he belongs now, where he is going to be spending a lot of time from now on." Christie nods her head mutely, and licking her lips in anticipation, she grasps his dick, which was already stone hard again, and puts the head up to her pussy lips. "Tyrone, fill my pussy with that black snake, but go slow, that thing is as big as my wrist," she says.

Tyrone hunches his hips forward, and eases the head past her so tight pussy lips. Without even slowing down, he rams his hips forward again, and slides the first 3 inches into Christie's sweet, pink little hole. She starts moaning and tossing her head from side to side, as his big black pole fills her like she had never been filled before. Tyrone never slows down, however, as he keeps feeding that huge black rod inch by inch into her pink pussy. I didn't believe that she would be able to take all 9 inches, without some working out, but to my surprise and to her gratification, I could see his kinky black cock hair mashing up against her blond pussy hair, already wet with her juices flowing down, lubricating for his dick. Now, Tyrone really begins to screw her, stroking long and hard and deep into Christie's tight, pulsing pussy; each down stroke driving her hips into the mattress, and the out stroke almost turning her pussy lips inside out. Christie is moaning and whining, and shoving her crotch up against his down strokes.

I could tell though, that Big T was not getting deep enough to suit him, as he backs off enough to hook his forearms around the back of her legs at her knees. He levers her legs back to her big tits, mashing them against the front of her legs. He now has her bent double at the waist, and screwing her harder than she has ever been screwed before. Every down stroke causes his balls to slap against her upturned ass, sounding like hitting meat with a big black hammer. Christie is screaming now, crying out with uncontrollable passion, as she has one climax after another. She is reaching for the ceiling with her little feet, as her toes clench and unclench, her blackberry toenail polish glistening in the reflected light. I can see that the heavy anklet has slid down her leg, past her ankle, to her calf. I know now what I am going to get for her. She will wear my sex-slave chains on each ankle; I will mark her for the world to know that she is my Whore.

Now, Big T stops, with his huge black snake buried all the way up the base in Christie. He looks around at me, with my video camera still getting all this on film; and then he looks down into Christie's sweet face, still contorted with lust.

"What about it, Bitch?", he says, "Are you going to make me wait long for this sugar sweet white pussy again."

She smiles, and slowly runs her little pointed tongue around her lips, savoring the taste of him again. She knew now, the power that she had over Barry and Big T both. "That's up to Barry, you big black stud cock. Anytime that he wants you to have the use of my pussy, my mouth, or any hole, you can; because they belong to him now, to use like and when he wants."

Tyrone turns to me again, with a hard, sly grin on his thick lips. 'What about it, Bro?, when can I have this sweet pussy-mouth again? "

I look at both of them, and smile, thinking of the video films that await me in the future. "Well, Big T, I'll tell you what, since we're such good friends, I'll make you a deal. You find me another black stud, hung like you, so that I can film you and him both screwing Christie's sweet little pussy and mouth at the same time here, and I'll let you have all of Christie anytime you want her."

Big T gives me with a dark, wicked look. "That's a deal, Sport. I've got the brothers ready. I'm going to keep this tight, white pussy full of big, black stud cock; and I'm going to charge them for the process, too. We'll really turn Christie pussy into a true Whore; and we'll make porno stars of all of them."

I bend over, with my face close to Christie. "Do you hear him, sweet pussy-mouth Whore, do you understand? From now on, when Big T wants you, whether or not I'm there, all he has to do is call for you, and you will come running. You'll spread your legs, your lips, your butthole for Big T, or his friends, whenever and however, Big T wants. If he charges them for you, that's even better; because you're my full-time Whore now."

Big T looks down at Christie again, with a hard face, and no smile. "Now, bitch, you get that. You've become my white sugar pussy mouth now; and I'm going to have 'Big T' tattooed on your ass to prove it. You'll do what I say, and I won't be as easy on you as Barry would have been. You can bet that this will be happening at least every day now. You're going to make me money, while I screw you ever way and every day"

Christie shuddered again, caressing Tyrone with a slow, sweet, lustful smile. "You're my main man now then, just as Barry has said, you and I know that. I need you to use me like a Whore. Use me, hurt me, I don't care. I'm your Whore now."

Now, Tyrone begins to pound into her tight pussy hole, harder and deeper than ever before. Suddenly, Big T stiffens, and yells out, "I'm cumming", as he hits her with short, sharp strokes that keeps his big, black dick deep inside her. Christie puts her arms around his hips, and pulls Big T deep inside her as possible so that all his thick cum would stay inside her warm, willing pussy.

Christie knows now that she is going to spend a lot of her free time from now on, on her back with her legs up around Big T' neck; and that prospect is the most thrilling part of all.

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