Melanie White Slave
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Blackmail, Wimp Husband, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Foot Fetish, Body Modification,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Housewife is caught stealing from her restaurant job. Her employer turns her into a black cock submissive slave, and whore

Melanie Keller's first day at her new work was just so mundane, but hanging over her every second of the ordinary paperwork was the thought of her new employer, Allan Martin, and the events she witnessed in his office. The sight of Linda Carona, Mr. Adams' receptionist, on her knees, in front of Mr. Martin, with that huge black cock, working in and out of Linda's mouth, wet with Linda's saliva, and streaked with Linda's dark red lipstick, was still such a powerful image, that Melanie squirmed in her seat just remembering that scene.

Melanie knew that her erstwhile employer, the politically powerful attorney and real estate developer, Allan Martin, intended to have sex with her, whether she wanted to or not. She also knew that, because she had been caught "with her hand the till"- so to speak, she had no real choice in this matter and yet, despite her misgivings and her resentment at being forced into this situation, she was secretly excited at the prospect. At the same time, though, she was terrified. She believed and intended even that she was a good wife. She had always been a "good" girl. Some of her friends in school had been with a bunch of guys, but for Melanie it had just been Tommy on the night of the prom, and then Brad after they had been dating a while. The fantasy games with Brad had been fun, but they were fun because they were safe. This was real life and it terrified her.

Melanie was startled from her thoughts by the approach of Karen Weldon, who picked up the papers and dropped them into a file folder. Then she stood back and looked Melanie up and down, shaking her head. "Sweetheart, we have a dress code here at the office, and those 'econo-mart' outfits just won't cut it." Karen said. "We have an appointment for you to have your hair and nails done at 3:00. I will take you out to shop for some new things this afternoon before then, but first, you have an appointment with Mr. Martin at 10:00."

If she could just put it off for a day or two, she might be able to find a way out of this mess. But, now she felt like that she was stuck in a vise, and couldn't get out of it. Karen led her to the powder room and instructed her to freshen up. As Melanie looked at herself in the mirror, she took stock of her appearance. The "business" outfit she had picked up at the discount store was ok, but clearly not top quality. Her hair was combed and nice, but she had deliberately kept it simple today. Her make-up was subdued and plain. She had gone out of her way to downplay her natural sexiness.

She bit her lip as she looked at herself. For all of her fear, for all of the anxiety, for all of her wanting to find a way out of this, there was a tingle deep in her belly. That tingle increased as she remembered the feeling of Mr. Martin's big cock bulging against her belly yesterday afternoon when he had pulled her into his arms and kissed her just before Karen had escorted Melanie out of his office. Melanie quickly looked away from the mirror, afraid to face the lust that must be written across her face. She washed up and powdered her nose, then she met Karen in the hall.

Karen led her to Allan's office. As they passed the receptionist's desk Melanie noticed Linda looking at her with a smirk. "Oh, God! They all know. Linda and everyone else knows I am being led in there for this." She blushed and lowered her eyes. Karen opened Allan's door. Melanie looked inside. Allan was not in the office. Karen led Melanie to the couch and told her to sit down. She explained that Allan would be back in just a minute. Then she sat next to Melanie and took her hand.

"Don't worry honey. You'll be just fine. You shouldn't be trembling like that." She reached up and brushed a stray lock off of Susanne's cheek. Then she leaned close to Melanie. "Allan is wonderful. You'll see," she whispered into Susanne's ear. Then she gave Melanie a kiss on the cheek that was somehow just as sexy as it was innocent. Karen left the room and closed the heavy doors behind her, leaving Melanie to wait breathlessly.

After a few minutes a door into the office that she hadn't noticed opened and Allan walked in. He strode purposefully across the office and sat at his desk without acknowledging Susanne's presence. He picked up the phone and had a brief conversation. Melanie sat uncomfortably, waiting, fearing, and also somehow, wanting.

Allan hung up the phone and fixed his attention on Melanie. He was wearing a white silk shirt and a hand painted silk tie. She was sitting there like a doe in the spotlight. Allan Martin felt a stir in his pants. Allan knew this was going to be fun. He walked over to Melanie and stood in front of her.

He reached down and gently tilted Susanne's face up to his. Melanie felt like he could see everything in her mind as they looked at one another. Melanie started to tremble with incipient panic and yes, if the truth be known, desire. She felt her nipples tighten. She was ashamed of her body's reaction, it felt like a betrayal. Allan said, "Now is the time to let go, Melanie. No rules, no taboos, no fears. I won't force you to take the next step. If you want, you can be given filing or receptionist duties until your debt to me is paid off. Either way, nothing will ever be said again about the 'missing' money"

Melanie was completely confused. This is exactly what she thought she wanted. It was what she had been hoping for all day long. Yet, she felt disappointed. The confusion was too much to handle. Her eyes began to tear. Allan saw the tears and knew he had won. Melanie didn't know it yet, but Allan did. "I don't have time for this. I have work to do," he said. "I am going to get a blow job in the next minute. I don't care whether it comes from you or Karen or even Linda. It's your choice. If you aren't going to do it, just pick up the phone and call Linda or Karen in here. Otherwise, you know what to do."

Melanie froze in place for a moment. It was her moment of truth. What was she to do? Trembling, she slowly leaned forward and reached for the phone. She picked up the receiver and spoke to the receptionist, Linda. "Karen Weldon, please," she said. She looked up. Allan was still standing in front of her. As Karen came on the line, Melanie noticed the outline of Allan's cock through his trousers. She saw it give a little jerk. "Hi. Karen. It's me, Melanie. Mr. Martin wants..." She paused looking back at Allan's trousers. "It's ok. Never mind. Mr. Martin needed something, but I think I can take care of it without having to bother you."

"I'm sure you can, honey. Have fun. When you are done, we'll go to lunch and then find you some clothes and shoes," replied Karen. Melanie placed the receiver back in its cradle. Then, slowly, with trembling fingers, she reached up and unfastened the Allan's trousers. She grasped the zipper and lowered it. Blood rushed in her ears. Her vision tunneled to the point that all she could see was her hands and his zipper. Time seemed to stretch out. She felt as if she could have counted the teeth on the zipper as she lowered it.

Finally, with the zipper down, she reached into to his pants. She eased his ebony member out of his briefs and looked at it. It was half hard and felt heavy in her hand. She stroked it gently with her fingertip. Melanie felt a trill of excitement when she saw it lurch at her touch, as it hardened. With one hand gently holding his cock, Melanie fished his dark balls out of his pants. She held them in one hand while she stroked his cock with the other. She was totally mesmerized with the size, color, and texture of Allan's uncut manhood.

Melanie noticed the slickness of pre-cum that had covered the head of Allan's cock. She lowered her head and breathed the musky smell. The smell reminded her of Brad and the many times she had done this just for her husband. Slowly but surely, she took first the tender foreskin of his cock and then the bulbous head, into her already salivating mouth. A wave of guilt coursed through Susanne's body. Tears sprang back to her eyes. How could she be doing this? She had an option. She could be answering phones or filing papers. Instead she was sitting here with this strange man's black dick in her mouth. And just to make it worse, her body was responding to this situation. She felt her nipples tighten, her pussy was flooded. What kind of slut was she?

Melanie continued to work Allan's now hard cock and stroke his balls. She felt the head pushing at the back of her throat on the down stroke. She felt the crown kiss the inside of her lips as she pulled back. She paused there each time and sent her tongue across the head, teasing the pre-cum out with her tongue and stroking the shaft with her hand. Then she would sink back down until her nose was buried against his pubic bone. She continued this until she felt him reach down and hold her head still. She ovaled her lips and Allan started pumping himself into and out, face-fucking her now willing and obedient mouth. Very soon after he started "face-fucking" her, he pushed himself about half-way into her mouth and held her still while she felt the throbbing of the large vein along the bottom of his cock and the tightening of his balls as he shot his load of male essence into her mouth. Melanie was thrilled and excited by the obviously satisfied sounds coming from Mr. Martin. So, she continued sucking and stroking his log-like black rod long after he filled her mouth and throat with his large load of cum.

Finally, Allan pulled himself out of her mouth. Melanie whimpered as he removed himself. Then she realized where she was and what she had just done. Guilt and shame transcended again. What if Brad ever found out. How could she have done that? Melanie trembled at the confusion of guilt and residual sexual excitement. She sat at the edge of the couch with her eyes down. She couldn't look at the man she had just been so intimate with.

Allan looked down at the housewife who had just given him the blowjob to end all blowjobs. This woman was an artist with her mouth. Hell, he would have paid as much for that BJ as he had lost from his restaurant cash register. He still felt weak in the knees. It was as if she had run magi balls under his ass, and them pulled them while he was cumming in her mouth. He zipped and buttoned his trousers and walked out the door to his private rest room without saying a word. When he had composed himself he picked up the phone and instructed Karen on exactly what he wanted for Melanie in the way of clothes, shoes hair, make-up and nail polish.

That night, Melanie waited for Brad to come home. She looked at her manicure and pedicure that Karen had arranged for her that afternoon. Although she would not ordinarily have picked out this color for herself, she admitted to herself that she liked the look of the dark scarlet nail polish color on her nails. She was also confused with the conflicting thoughts running through her mind, guilt at what she had done that morning, but pleasure in how excited Allan had been with her, with how much she liked her new 'glamour' look with make-up and her 'slutty' red painted fingers & toenails, and with a new wardrobe of very sexy clothes hidden in her closet.

Melanie told Brad that the owner of the restaurant development company had invited her to work at his office. She said he noticed her hard work and good attitude and wanted to give her an opportunity to move up. Melanie explained that she had gone to the beauty parlor that afternoon to have her long dark hair trimmed styled so that she would look professional in the office, and while she was there, she had decided also to have her nails done to complete her new professional look.

Brad was happy with Susanne's new job opportunity and with her new hair style, and especially with the nail polish on her finger & toe nails. Karen fairly glowed with her new glamour good looks. After dinner he stood behind Melanie and nibbled on her neck as she washed their dishes. The nibbles soon became gropes and kisses. With the last of the dishes still in the sink, he led Melanie to the bedroom. She scrabbled at his clothes, all but tearing them off of him. Melanie was a woman on fire this evening.

As soon as Brad and Melanie were both nude and on the bed, she did something a bit out of the ordinary for them. She rolled Brad to his back and straddled his head. He loved going down on her this way, but she usually preferred to lie back and be more passive. Melanie rode Brad's face for 30 minutes and a handful of orgasms. Then she slid back and impaled herself on his throbbing dick. She rocked her hips as she bent down and kissed and licked her own juices off of Brad's mouth and face. It only took minutes before they both had shaking orgasms.

As they were catching their breath afterwards, Melanie listened as Brad's breathing deepened and fell into the regular breathing of sleep. Her own mind was awash with guilt and shame. Sex with Brad had been great, but all she had seen in her mind's eye through the whole episode had been Allan's black cock in her hand. She cried herself to sleep.

Over the next four weeks Melanie was the perfect wife at home with Brad and the total slut at work with Allan. With only one or two exceptions, Allan used her body at least once or sometimes twice a day at work. Often, he only had time to let her take him in her now completely trained and warmly willing mouth to suck him off. But the occasions when they had time to fuck were incredible, the most filling and thrilling sex and climaxes she had ever had. Melanie gave herself completely to the sex, fucking and sucking with total abandon. She let him fuck her virgin ass, and while he filled her backside to completion, he spanked her butt as he came inside her. She even fucked him in front of Karen, then filled with pride at Allan's compliments on her skill as a cocksucker, showed Karen some of her finer points on giving head.

At the end of the work day, Melanie would clean up and go home like a good office assistant. Brad knew nothing of her "work" life. All he knew was that Melanie had become very aggressive in bed lately. They would screw themselves silly almost every night. Often, when he had been completely worn out, Melanie would either ride his face until she was exhausted or she would take out her vibrator and put on the sexiest masturbation show Brad had ever seen. He didn't know what had gotten into Melanie, but the new hair, the sexy scarlet nail polish painted on her toenails, the new clothes that were appearing, and the new attitude in bed were all great. He was riding high.

The day came at work when Melanie was called to Allan's office and was surprised to see that Allan had someone in the office with him. This had never happened before. She stopped in the doorway confused. Allan invited her in and introduced her to his business associate, Mr. Jones. Melanie shook hands with Mr. Jones, thinking that he must be some kind of criminal that Allan was helping. She had been around the office long enough to know type of business Allan did. Mr. Jones was a tall slender Hispanic man in a very nice Miami-Vice type of suit. He seemed to exude money and slime at the same time.

"I was just telling Mr. Jones what an incredible asset you are to my firm, Melanie," said Allan. He shared a private smile with Mr. Jones. "I want you to show him what you do best of all." Melanie paused. For the first time since her initial act of sex with Allan, she hesitated to do what he wanted. "You want me to... I mean. You... I. I don't understand."

Allan stepped to Melanie and bent his head to her ear. He whispered tightly, "Get on your knees and suck his dick like your life depends on it, bitch. Now!"

Melanie moved. She unzipped Mr. Jones's pants, and pulled out his dick. She was embarrassed, but was also in a strange way getting turned on by being treated almost like a 'whore'. She didn't want to show either emotion, so she sucked Mr. Jones' uncut cock head into her mouth. Closing her eyes, she began to use her lips, her tongue, her throat, her entire mouth just the way she knew Allan would have wanted her to do. Soon enough, Mr. Jones was emptying his balls into her mouth.

Melanie ended up spending the afternoon fucking and sucking both men into exhaustion. By the end of the day, she had palm prints on her ass and tits from the squeezing and slapping. Her right nipple sported a bite mark from Allan. There was cum dried in her hair and all over her newly shaved pussy.

Melanie cleaned up the best she could, but she still looked like she had spent the afternoon in debauchery. She hoped that Brad would not be around when she got in. She could hide most of the Brads for the day or so they would take to fade, but if he saw her like this, he would know what was happening. Melanie knew he would love the shaved pussy when he got to it. Melanie was excited at the thought of showing it off to him in a couple of days.

That excitement carried her past the feelings of guilt and shame at her wanton behavior - at least it did while she was busy fucking and sucking. She had literally outfucked the two men that afternoon. When both Allan and Mr. Jones were stretched out catching their breath and trying to recover, Melanie was on her back on the coffee table with a vibrator sliding in and out of herself. Susanne's face reddened at the memory. How could she be such a slut? How could she betray her husband like that? They were questions she often had lately. Although, she admitted to herself, she never let such questions slow her down when she was confronted with Allan's hard cock, and whatever he wanted to do to her with it. She didn't realize it, but she had become hooked on his black cock, & she was mentally ready for the next level of his use of her and her body.

Brad opened the front door and stepped into the living room. He didn't see Melanie, but he could hear the shower running. He smiled. One of the summer interns at work had worn a tight white stretch top over a black mini-skirt today. He had spent most of the day thinking about her legs and the great nipples standing up through the top. Brad was ready to have some fun with his wife. He heard the water stop and decided to start things off by drying Melanie off. He stripped in the bedroom and pulled the bathroom door open. Melanie was standing in front of the mirror examining her right breast. She looked up at Brad, shocked to see him, shocked to be caught.

Brad's smile was still frozen on his face as he took in the sight of his nude wife. She didn't have enough hands to hide all of the palm prints and love bites that were showing on her body. He saw the Brads, but they didn't make any sense. He shook his head and looked again. Was standing in front of him with her face with her hands. He looked at the bite Brads and the clear palm prints. How did those get there? Then he noticed her shaved crotch. Her pussy lips were red and distended. There was no question what had put his wife in this state. Melanie thought she would faint. Suddenly, the guilt and shame took on enormous proportions. She had cheated on her husband. She had cuckolded him. "Brad. I... Please let me explain." Brad was still standing nude in the doorway. He was dumbstruck at the sight of his very well-fucked wife standing in front of him. His mouth gaped and he tried to answer Melanie. No words came out. Melanie moved to Brad and draped her arms around his neck. "Baby, let me explain. I need your help. I need you..." She began to cry.

The naked crying woman pressed against him woke Brad up. He guided his sobbing wife from the bathroom into the bedroom. They sat on the bed and held each other for a while. Then, slowly at first, Melanie began to explain she gotten herself in this whole nasty mess. She told Brad everything, in vivid detail. When she described her internal conflict of loving the nasty sex and being mortified by it, Brad's cock began to twitch. By the time she described the final fuck of the afternoon, in her first ever double-penetration, with both Allan and Mr. Jones fucking her pussy and her asshole at the same time, Brad had a raging hard on that he needed taken care of.

He looked at the love bites and slap marks. He could imagine the big black man's hands and lips on his wife. Shock and reason had disappeared, they were completely replaced with lust. Brad pushed Melanie back and slipped between her legs. His cock slipped between her pussy lips like an oiled piston in its shaft. Melanie started cumming almost immediately. Brad followed seconds later. The mental picture of Allan fucking Melanie had excited him beyond belief. As they caught their breath, stretched across the bed and tangled with each other, Brad related his excitement at what Melanie had told him. He told her about his fixation with seeing her fucking and sucking another man, particularly a black man.

"I know we have played fantasy games about this, honey, but I don't think I ever communicated just how much I wanted something like this. I have probably 100 stories and files in my computer, about you and I and other men, especially black men. I have even slipped out to the men's room to jerk off a few times when I have found an especially hot story. Lately, it is all I have thought about when we made love, wanting to see you spread out underneath another man who must be black, with his huge black cock spearing in and out of your beautiful white cunt."

Melanie felt a rush of relief. Brad seemed to understand and accept her strange desires. No matter what happened with Allan, she now believed that she and Brad would be ok She still felt some shame at her wanton actions, but now she was coming to the realization that the feelings of shame and of doing something "wrong" with a black man, given her southern upbringing, were part of the thrill that drove her slutty actions. She would stay in Allan's office and please him sexually. What would Allan want from her next, she and Brad wondered, what further submission would he require from her.

They wouldn't have to wait long to find out, as her complete submissiveness to Allan's demands, and her capitulation to whatever Mr. Jones wanted from her, had taken Allan's desires for her to a new height also. Allan now realized that he could apparently do whatever he wanted to with Melanie. Allan hadn't told her, but he wanted to own women in a very real way, to have them belong to him in such a way that anyone looking at them nude, or even partially nude would know that their bodies belonged to Allan. He had taken Karen down this path, and now he intended to do the same with Melanie, and he didn't much care what her husband thought about it.

Somehow, in a subliminal way that even he could not have understood, Allan sensed that Melanie had come to terms with her desires for his black cock and that her slut nature was coming out, so that he could fulfill his expectations for his total use and control of her body. Over the next several days, Allan simply knew, without being told, that Melanie had come to accept-perhaps through her husband's acceptance of her situation and her new awareness of her needs, that his relationship with Melanie had gone to the next level. On the following Monday morning, he first met with Karen, therefore, and told her to get ready to take Melanie to that next level of total domination and ownership, the one that he had demanded from Karen, and the one to which Karen had willingly, even eagerly, gone.

"Karen, I'm ready to meet with Allan. I've made up my mind, I'm going to commit to Allan, I'll give him the rights to own my body, and the right to do with it as he wants." Karen smiles knowingly at her, as Melanie freshens her lipstick so that Allan can see how deep he has gone into her throat, before he loses his first load of today in her mouth. Melanie is already wet, just thinking about what's to come, and the best feeling of all is that, finally, her slut nature is in control, she can do whatever she wants because Allan and Brad have made her do it... she can and will be the whore she always knew was in her, and her body will be Allan's to do with as he pleases!

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