Not Quite Twins
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Sister, Niece, Aunt, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alex and Michelle are hermaphrodite twins who discover the best of both worlds.

"Em, I'm home!" Michelle called into the house. Nobody answered her as she dropped her books onto the floor. She went into the kitchen, grabbing a Cherry Coke from the refrigerator, and was about to turn on the TV when she saw the yellow post-it on the screen.

"Michelle and Alex," she read out loud. "Had to run back to the office. Be back around 7. Emily." Mike crumpled up the note, tried a hook-shot, and missed the wastebasket by three feet. "I don't like basketball anyway," she quipped to herself, turned on MTV and plopped onto the couch. It was hot outside, and she had the soda finished in less than a minute.

Mike stood up to toss the can, then quickly ran back into the living room as she heard a familiar song playing. "Cool!" Most of the guys in her school went just wild over Brittney Spears, and Mike had to admit she was very pretty. Besides, "Baby One More Time" was one of her favourite songs. Mike had to admit, too, that she did look pretty sexy in her shrunken-schoolgirl uniform! Em always told her and Lex they were pretty, too, that they had the same dark golden-brown hair and blue eyes of their mother. Soon she was singing along, loudly and a little off-key, but quickly shut her mouth when she heard the door open.

"Hey," her twin sister Alex- Lex and Mike were their own private nicknames for each other- said glumly as she came in. That was all she said, then she shuffled into their room.

"Lex, what's wrong?" Mike asked, but her only answer was the SLAM! of the door, and muffled sobbing a few seconds later. Mike quickly got up, opening the door as quietly as she could. "You OK?"

Lex was sitting on the large double bed they shared, rocking slowly back and forth, crying, holding a large pillow in her lap. Most people tend to hold a pillow to their chest when they cry, but Mike knew why her sister wasn't. Instead of trying to comfort her about it, she just sat beside her, holding and rocking her gently, fighting back her own tears.

Sometimes she almost forgot about being a hermaphrodite.

Alex calmed down after a few minutes, hugging her sister as a silent way of saying thank-you. Nobody in their school knew about their condition. Their mother had died in childbirth fourteen years ago, so only their Aunt Emily and their family doctor knew.

"Did someone... ?" Mike started to ask, but didn't have the courage to ask if someone had discovered their secret.

Alex shook her head, wiping her eyes. "No, just that jerk Kevin in homeroom said there's no such thing as hermaphrodites. That they were just some perverted pics done by Hentai artists."

"What a jerk," Michelle started to say, but then Alex started again.

"Then him and another guy started looking at some Penthouse Magazine when the teacher wasn't looking. Once they shoved it right in my face..." she sobbed again."... and... well... look!" She grabbed the overstuffed pillow from her lap and threw it across the room.

Both the girls had a large collection of baggy jeans they always wore. Alex was wearing a pair right now, but they were still not large enough to hide it.

"It's called an erection," Mike explained. "It happens when the guy gets aroused, and the blood starts filling all the arteries in the..."

I know what an erection is!" Lex snapped. "It's just never happened before, and it's been like that since before lunch! It's starting to hurt!"

Michelle gulped. "Really? That long?" Alex nodded, gulping back another sob. "Y'know, if it's really hurting, you can always try to..."

"That's sick!" Alex snapped. "You mean I should masturbate! Jerk off, spank the monkey? It's bad enough having one, let alone..." and she started crying again. Mike held her again, but this time she was strangely aware of Lex's erection pressing against her thigh.

"It's actually not that bad," Mike said, blushing.

Lex gasped. "You mean you?..." Mike nodded. "When?"

"Last weekend, when I was sick and you and Em went shopping. I was in the tub, and it got all hard, so I tried squeezing it a little. It felt pretty good, so I kept doing it, going faster and faster until I... uh, ejaculated!"

Lex's eyes went wide. Somehow, the idea of masturbating didn't seem quite so bad now. In fact, the image of her pretty twin sister, naked in a tub and stroking her shaft, somehow made her erection feel bigger!

"Well," she said finally, feeling her face warming. "Maybe I should try it out sometime."

"Don't put it off, though! If it's been hard for so long, it might never go away!" They both giggled. In a whisper, Mike added, "If you want, I could... show you how."

"You mean... how you... did it?"


"How does it feel?"

"It feels really good." That was odd, Mike thought, her hand was on Lex's thigh, but she couldn't remember putting it there.

"Okay." Lex moved to undo her jeans, then paused. "Should we, uh, do it here? Or in the bathroom... ?"

Mike giggled again. "I already did it in the bathroom, I want to try something different this time."

Lex kicked off her shoes and socks, and started to pull her jeans off. "Uh, Mike?" she asked. "Could you, uh..." and she blushed.

"I'm sorry, do you want me not to look?"

"No!" Lex said quickly. "I want you to take your jeans off, too." Lex noticed her hands were trembling. Her mouth felt very dry, too, and her stomach a little queasy, but she liked it!

Mike smiled, kissed her on the cheek. She stood up, turning around, bending down to sneakers. Then her jeans fell, and she pulled her panties down. Lex gasped at the sight of her twin's firm, shapely rear. Mike bent down again to pull her socks off, and Lex's penis seemed to swell again at the sight of her rump, glimpsing her slit beneath her testicles.

Mike turned around, now naked from the waist down. Her erect penis, it seemed, was pointing directly at Alex!

"For a freak, you look pretty sexy," Lex joked, her voice trembling.

Mike felt herself blush. She looked down at herself. Her erection was twitching with every heartbeat, and a drop of clear precum was slowly oozing out. "Yeah," she said finally. "But I want to see you too!"

Lex hesitated, and seemed about to change her mind. Mike jumped back onto the bed, pushing her down gently but firmly. Before Lex could protest, her jeans were unfastened and all but yanked off, and tossed onto the floor! Lex pulled her panties off. Mike gasped. Lex looked so hot, her long legs up in the air, her fully erect penis flat against her flat belly, her flimsy underwear around her ankles.

"Uh... Lex," she said, her own voice starting to waver. "Don't look now, but yours is bigger!"

"Really?" She took a look, glancing back and forth. Mike was right! It was a small difference, but she really was a little bigger! She giggled, then said, "Cool! But, y'know, I think your breasts are a little bigger, too!"

"Really? Let's see!" Mike pulled her T-shirt off over her head, unhooked her brassiere, and was soon standing, now stark naked, in front of her twin! "Lemme see yours!" she said, and began unbuttoning Lex's shirt for her. Her finger were trembling, and she couldn't quite seem to catch her breath! She had never felt this way before, but she liked it!

Lex didn't help, she kind of liked the feeling of being undressed! But as her bra was pulled down her arms, it turned out she as right! Their breasts were not especially large, but still firm and well-rounded, their dark pink nipples poking out like pencil erasers. Mike's breasts were also slightly fuller. "Does this mean we're not twins anymore?" she asked in mock sadness. "If you're more stacked and I'm more hung, we're not quite twins, are we?"

"Don't be silly!" Mike hugged her, thinking she was serious. "I love you! You'll always be my twin!" Lex hugged her back. Mike's breasts, slightly larger, felt... nice, pressing against her own.

"Mike, show me how to jerk off!" she begged. "I'm so hot right now!"

"Okay." Mike kissed her on the mouth. She seemed to hesitate, and her lips seemed to open just a little before she pulled away. She scooted back a little on the bed, sitting cross-legged between her sister's widespread legs.

"Just do as I do," she said, her voice low with a desire she had never known before. More than anything, she wanted to show her sister what it was like. Her left hand found the base of her shaft, her right began to slowly move up and down. Her breathing began to speed up, and so did her hand! Lex didn't follow suit, she was too entranced by watching her beautiful sister stroking herself.

Finally, Mike noticed she was just watching, not even touching herself. "Here," she panted. "Let me help."

"What?!" Mike's hands were reaching for her. "No, wait, that's incest!"

But it was too late. Michelle's warm, soft hands circled her erection, squeezing. Lex gasped as a surge like an electric current filled her penis, spreading out along her body.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Mike's voice said. Lex opened her eyes, only then realizing they had been closed. There was a large dollop of glistening precum on the tip of her penis. Holding the base with her left hand, Mike rubbed the palm of her right lightly around the sensitive head, spreading the sticky fluid around, and up and down.

Lex moaned and trembled at the wonderfully agonizing tickle around her head. Her body was no longer hers to control, her head tossing back and forth, her hips gyrating and her fingers and toes curling around the sheets. "Ohhhhhhh... Mike, that feels so, uhhh... it feels so good!"

Suddenly the maddening caresses stopped. Lex looked up, panting. Her erection was jerking along with her rapid heartbeat Swollen and glistening from her fluids, it felt double its previous size. "Don't stop!" she begged.

I'm not gonna stop," Mike assured her in a low, husky whisper. "I just want to try something first. Lean back, and close your eyes."

Lex did, moaning softly as the now-familiar hands returned to stroking her. "I read about this once," Mike said, almost to herself.

Suddenly, something warm and moist was around her head, something soft, wet and wriggling was swirling around. She looked up, Mike had put it in her mouth!"

"Mike, what are you doing!? That's gro... uhhhhh... " she broke off, gasping as a gentle, but powerful suction gripped her penis. Mike's soft, gentle lips move up and down, going a little farther down each time. Soon her mouth was nearly to the base of her cock. One hand was stroking the remainder of her penis, the other went to squeeze her testicles.

Soon, it felt like pressure was building inside her. "Oh, Mike, I think I'm gonna... uhhhh." And her world exploded in her first orgasm. Her cock twitched and jerked in her sister's mouth. Mike kept sucking, making her climax last, until finally she was drained.

"Mike," she panted. "That was wonderful! I didn't know I could feel that way!" Then she saw Mike licking her lips.

"Oh, God, did you swallow my sperm!"

"Well, there was so much of it! Besides, I already tried... oops." and she blushed again.

"You tasted it before?"

"Well, that first time, I was curious, so I tried it."

"How does it, uh, taste?"

Mike leaned back, her eyes glowing. She spread her legs apart, presenting herself. "Why don't you try, and find out?"

"No, that's nasty!" Lex didn't mean to sound so rude. "Oh, Mike, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to sound like that!" She almost started to cry again, but her twin sat up, hugging her.

"Shhh, it's okay. I love you, Lex! I'll never make you do anything you don't want to do!" She kissed her again, and for just a second, her mouth seemed to open a little against hers.

"But I still want to... uh, do you, too." Without waiting for an answer, she pushed her twin back and opened her legs. Her hands trembling, she held her sister's erection. It was almost hot to the touch! She moved her hand's, trying to emulate the caresses Mike made earlier.

"Oh, that feels so good," Mike gasped. Lex rubbed the sticky precum around the head, stroking her up and down. The slippery fluid made such a naughty squishy sound. It was amazing, watching her sister squirm in pleasure!

"Lex, I'm so hot!" Mike didn't quite scream. "Jerk me off, make me cum!" Lex grinned. It was so hot, pleasuring her, and hearing her talk that way! She moved her hands faster, then faster still.

"Wait, slow down! You're going, uhh... too fast... I'm gonna... oh... Lex!!" Then she stiffened, groaned, and shuddered, Her cock twitching, pumping her white, sticky fluid out. It landed on her stomach, and some of it on Lex's hand too!

"Ohhh, Alex," she moaned as her orgasm finally subsided.

"That was pretty hot, jerking you off like that!"

"No shit! Look what you did to me!" Mike pointed to the white blobs covering her stomach, and on Lex's hand.

"So that's what comes out?" Lex studied her sticky fingers. "It's nasty, but still pretty cool."

"It is NOT nasty." Mike grabbed her hand, looking deep into her eyes, and pulled her fingers one by one into her mouth. The twins never broke eye contact as Mike cleaned her seed off Lex's fingers, and when she finished, she didn't want to let go.

Alex didn't know what came over her then. She almost wanted to cry, and laugh at the same time!

"I love you Michelle!"

"I love you too, Alex!"

The sisters hugged, crying a little. Somehow, their old, androgynous nicknames for each other didn't seem to fit anymore.

"I never knew I could feel this way!" Alex said finally, wiping her eyes. Being a hermaphrodite suddenly wasn't so bad now.

"And that was just our cocks, don't forget!"

"You mean, our, uh, vaginas, too?"

"I don't see why not! Besides... I do feel a little wet down there."

Alex looked down between her legs. "Yeah, me too."

"I wanna see what's down there," Michelle started to say, but then there was a Thump! from outside. Their Aunt Emily had come home early!

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