Secrets of the Old Trunk
Chapter 1

Caution: This Cheating Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Cheating, Cuckold, First,

Desc: Cheating Wife Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After being married for a couple of years to Michelle, a man discovers five of her diaries hidden inside the lid of a trunk. He then gets the shock of his live when he learns the truth about his wife.

As unbelievable as this may seem, the things that I am about to reveal in this story are completely true. I know since they all happened to me when I made a discovery one day. Even in my wildest dream I never would have imagined that all of this could be possible. Worst still, how could it be happening to me?

I am married and I have two children, both are girls. But the events that I am about to tell you began a long time before I was married to my wife Michelle. In fact, when it all began I didn't even know her.

Michelle and I are now living in the small town where we were both raised. But we didn't always live there. We were married while I was still attending college in Boston and we went to live there for two years. After I graduated as a chemical engineer, on Michelle insistence, we moved back to the small town were we had both lived all of our lives. I have a good job there. I work at the local pulp and paper company in the research lab where I try to find new applications for the cellulose products that the mill is making out of wood chips. I have always been working there since. Three years after we were married, or a year after moving into our native town, Michelle gave birth to the first of our two daughters.

But the events that initiated this story occurred because of the fact that we went to live in Boston for two years. I know what most of you are thinking. You are probably anticipating me by imagining that Michelle had an affair while we lived in Boston. No she didn't, we were too much involved with each other's then, we were and still are much in love with one another.

The events that I am referring about began to unfold a couple of years after we had moved back to our native town of Elms Valley, at least that is when I began to be aware of them.

When we went to live in Boston as husband and wife, Michelle brought with her all of her personal belongings as well as her clothing and the few pieces of furniture that had been given to us by our families.

Among her luggage she had an old leather trunk that her grandmother had given her. It was quite big and heavy and it had many compartments inside that could be used not only to store clothing but also personnel effects. But more important of all, there was a hidden compartment that had been built into the lid and if one didn't know about its existence, it was quite impossible to detect. As a matter of fact I wasn't aware of it then.

My wife Michelle, without my knowing anything about this secret compartment or its content, had hidden inside four diaries of hers. She began writing in her first diary when she was eleven. Everything she did and even her most secret thoughts were written in it under the appropriate date. Michelle loved to write and she is good at it. I knew that long before we were married she had been writing in her diaries, but when we moved to Boston I figured that she had left all of them at her parents' house.

Of course there had been no discussion about them since I respected her too much to ask her about such personal things as her diaries. But I knew that she was still writing in one since I often saw her sitting in our room in front of the small dresser as she wrote down the day's events. I even knew where she kept it under lock in a drawer of her dresser. It would never have occurred to me to even think of spying on her by reading into her private diary. As soon as I got my job in Elms Valley, we moved away from Boston and back to our roots.

I would have preferred to work in a larger city but it seemed so important to Michelle that we went to live there that I finally agreed to take a job in Elms Valley and try it for a few years at least.

When we moved our belonging - we now had much more things than when we had moved into Boston - I rented a truck and we packed everything in it. While Michelle drove our car, I followed her in the truck for the two hundreds miles drive to Elms Valley. Mostly on her insistence also, we had rented a large house there just a few houses away from where she had lived all of her life with her family. Since the house was not very far from the my work I had agreed to try and live there a year or so.

Then on moving day, as I was unloading Michelle's old trunk from the truck it felt off. Being made of wood covered with leather, the wooden frame underneath the leather broke and the trunk simply collapsed at an odd angle.

I knew that Michelle valued her trunk greatly since it had been given to her by her grandmother and I felt really bad about it being broken. Therefore, while she was busy washing and storing the fancy glassware and the dishes in the kitchen, I removed everything from the trunk. Of course her four diaries still remained hidden in the lid since at the time I was ignorant of the existence of the compartment in which they were hidden. Once the trunk was empty of its content, I hurriedly hid it in the large garage at the back of the house. It was my intention to have it repairs as soon as possible and not even tell her about this accident.

For the next couple of months Michelle didn't notice that her trunk was missing, as for myself, I simply forgot about it and soon I couldn't even remember where I had stored it.

When Michelle did realized that her trunk was missing, she almost went into a fit.

Never before had I seen her in such a state of despair. All this commotion for this old trunk I told myself and I couldn't understand why she was making such a fuss about the lost of this old thing. By then the only thing that I could recall was the fact that it had felt off the truck and the inside wooden frame had broken. I no longer remembered placing it in the garage and since I seldom went there, it remained hidden there. I figured that I had probably left it outside next to the curb and since they were picking up the trash on that day, the garbage disposal team must have thought that it had been placed there intentionally and it had probably been thrown into the truck with the rest of the garbage. When I finally admitted to Michelle that it had felt off the truck and that it had been picked up with the garbage, she once again began to cry and she remained depress for a whole week after that. Again I couldn't see why the lost of an old thing such as that trunk would have such an effect on her.

Gradually though she did get over the trunk incident and two years went by. Michelle was at the time and still is an extremely passionate woman. When I married her she was one of the most beautiful girls in Elms Valley; even today she is still the most beautiful woman there.

But I must mention before going further that she is not the petite kind of woman. Michelle is tall and as a teen she was the athletic type. >From the pictures that were taken when she was young I could tell that even then she had long plumb thighs and her buttocks being high and very round gave her the appearance of being older than she really was. She now has very voluminous breasts with large hips and a small waist, even in her youth her breasts were much larger that the average girls of eleven or twelve. When we first went out together, she would wear her light brown hair in a ponytail, but later she cut them shoulder length and she still has them like that today.

To return to the trunk, it was soon after both of our daughters had been borne that I discovered that during those two previous years it had been resting in the garage. By then we had bought the house we were living in.

One day, I hired a contractor to put new shingles on the roof of the garage and also to pour a cement floor so that we could place our cars in it. When I returned from work that first late afternoon after the work had begun on the garage; I went at the back of the house to see how things were going. I then noticed the battered trunk in the middle of a pile of junk that the two men working there had taken out of the garage so as to prepare the floor to receive the cement. When I opened the lid, my wife diaries felt into my hands. The secret panel inside the lid had finally broken open. It then occurred to me why my wife had been so attached to the old trunk, her diaries were inside and she had been crying over the lost of them and not because she had lost the old trunk.

It was evident that they were her diaries, since her name was of each of them. Each was secured by a small lock as many diaries are. The first two were identical while the other two had been bought much later and they were a little larger and also thicker.

After examining them for a few seconds I began to walk back to the house with them so as to tell the good news to Michelle. But before I got there, it occurred to me that the fact that she had made such a fuss about the lost of her trunk, was mainly because of the fact that her diaries were hidden inside. Could it be possible, I told myself, that there could be things written in them that she didn't want anyone to know, not even me. I now had a golden opportunity to find out.

Beside I knew that if I gave her back her diaries, it might once again reawaken that old wound. Therefore, instead of getting into the house with them, I locked them inside the gloves compartment of my car. Of course I didn't say a word to Michelle about the lost and found trunk and the fact that it had been carried away in the contractor's truck with the rest of the old furniture and stuff that had remained in the garage all these years.

For the next couple of weeks I simply forgot about the four diaries in the gloves compartment of my car until I went to have the oil change. When I opened the gloves compartment so as to place the receipt of the work that had done on my car - I always kept my garage's receipts in the gloves compartment - I saw the four books there. It so happened that on that day I had brought work home for the evening, I therefore placed all of her diaries inside my briefcase and I went home with them.

After supper, while I was in my home office, I locked the door and I took her diaries out.

On the cover of each was written the date when she had begun writing in them and after a little calculation I was able to figure that the oldest one was written when she have been eleven. It took me a long time before I made up my mind to break the lock of the first one, but when I finally did I soon began to read what she had written. I was feeling a little guilty at first but after a few pages I realized that it contain mostly kid stuff and soon I no longer felt bad about it.

Everything she had done or even what she had been thinking about such and such was in there as well as the date it had happened on the top of each page. On some of the pages there were even a few pictures of her when she was eleven.

I could tell that the further I read, the more proof I was discovering that she wasn't then the timid girl I always thought her to be. Furthermore, as I kept reading about my wife pre-teens years, it surprised me to discover the things she had done. She wrote about spying on her brother while he was taking his bath and she also wrote about her purposely teasing boys at school by exposing herself more than she should have. It was as though the diary I was reading belongs to someone name Michelle but who was definitely not my wife. Only her handwriting and pictures of her plus the fact that she sometimes wrote about the members of her family were convincing me that Michelle had written it. By the time I was half way through the first diary it was getting late and I had to stop for fear that Michelle should come in to investigate what was taking me so long, I had been reading for almost two hours.

In the back of my mind I was now convinced that I was going to discover a side about Michelle personality that until then I hadn't even imagined existed.

All through the next day while I was at work, I kept thinking about the rest of her diary and I tried to guess what I was going to discover about the hidden childhood life of my wife. But to be able to read more about her, I needed time to be by myself without fear of being interrupted by her. I knew that it would look odd if I was to pretend that once again I had work to do on the research program I was working on since it never happened that I brought work home two nights in a row.

Instead, we went to bed early and once Michelle was sound asleep next to me, I got out of the bed in the middle of the night and I went into my office to finish reading her first diary.

When she had begun keeping a diary she had been eleven and now I had reached her birthday and she had just turned twelve. There was a picture of her glued to the page that correspond to the day she turned twelve and on it she was wearing her one piece bathing suit while on the shore of the river. She certainly didn't look like a twelve-year-old girl. Her legs were very long and while her upper things were plumb, her hips were definitely beginning to flare out. Her waist was small and I could tell that her breasts were almost those of a grown woman. In the picture with her was her friend Cathy.

She had often talked about her friend Cathy and what they did together, but now as I continued reading, she was writing more and more about her new neighbors. So far she hadn't mention his name but she did say that his wife's name was Clara, and her husband was twenty six year old and she even knew that his birthday was on October 22. From her writing it was evident that she was showing a lot of interest in him, but at the same time I knew that it was very common for a young girl or a young boy to be infatuated sometimes with an adult of the opposite sex. I kept on reading thinking very little of that fact. Then she began to mention the name of the man that fascinated her so much. She called him Sam. Again I found nothing strange there. But then, a few weeks later she wrote that Sam had given her a kiss while she had been at his home baby-sitting for his wife on a Wednesday evening. Then it suddenly hit me that she was talking about Sam Wilson who was still living in the house next to her parents.

His wife's name was Clara and they had a boy who was in his teen now. But still I had doubts, he must have been close to forty by now and I couldn't imagine Michelle even as a child having a crush on Sam.

Again the next Wednesday evening while she was baby-sitting, she wrote that while Clara was out attending her pottery classes in the basement of the local church, Sam had gotten home earlier than expected from the warehouse he owned and he had kissed Michelle again.

But this time she wrote down in capital letter that he had FRENCH KISSED her for almost half an hour before leaving the house. She went on for a full page to describe all the thrills and passions she now felt for him and I was flabbergasted as I read her description of the passionate feelings she was trying to express with written words. Did my wife written this? Again I wanted to have doubts about the owner of the diary but I had to accept the evidences since there were too many proofs of her ownership of the diary. No, it was her diary all right, but still I had difficulties believing what she had written in it. When I married her she had sworn to me that I was the only one who had ever kiss her. Liar, liar I thought, how could she had deceived me for so long?

My hands were trembling now and I was eager to know more about what else had happen between her and Sam.

Reading further, I discovered that she had even told her friend Cathy everything about her crush on Sam and she had also revealed to Cathy that he had kissed her.

But I knew Cathy Ross, she was married to Jim Maxwell and they were also living in Elms Valley, they had two children and lived on the other side of the street practically in front of Michelle's parents. Once in a while Michelle still went out shopping with Cathy and they often spent an evening together either at her place or Cathy came here to our house.

I was now very eager to see what else she had done but at the same time I also began to fear what I was about to discover concerning my wife. A six sense was telling me that if I kept on reading I was going to learn things that were going to change my whole life and for a few seconds I even debated in my mind weather I should burn those diaries instead of reading the rest of them.

But curiosity mixed with a strange and new erotic sensation, were urging me to go on. Even though I was afraid to read what was written down, I also knew that nothing on earth would prevent me from learning the truth even though I well knew that I wasn't going to like it.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she went to school and talked with Cathy about Sam. She told her that she was very anxious to find out what was going to happen on the following Wednesday evening, at the same time she admitted to her that she was also afraid. She even said to Cathy that for a while, on the previous Wednesday while Sam had been kissing her, for an instant she thought that he was going to feel her bosom when his hands were moving under her arms while he was holding her.

I read on faster until I came to Thursday where she wrote down the events of the previous evening.

By now my heart was beating very fast and for a fraction of a second I was again tempted to close the diary and burn it. But it wasn't really an option since by now I had read past the point of no return and I had to know exactly what had happened. So I began to read.

" WOW. What an evening. If I live to be a hundred, I will always remember this evening.

Sam came in barely fifteen minutes after Clara had left the house. Jason was already sleeping in his bed upstairs and I was waiting for Sam in the living room. Previous to his coming I had turned off all the lights and only the television screen was illuminating the room. When I heard someone entering through the back door, I knew it was Sam and I immediately got up from the couch and waited until he appeared. As soon as he got into the living room he stood in front of me and he seized me in his arms without even saying a single word. I felt very week as he held me, but when he pressed his mouth on mine I thought that I was going to die. His tongue went deep in my mouth and even though I had trouble breathing I still didn't want him to stop.

Soon he was licking my face all over then all of a sudden I felt something hard in his pants rubbing against me. I knew that it was his thing and it felt so big and warm against my belly, but it didn't scare me.

Soon he was pressing my buttocks with his hands and he began to shove his thing against me - I might as well call it by its name since I will be the only one reading this - it was his cock. I pretended not to notice it but how could I fail since it was constantly pressing and rubbing against me.

After a while we both went to sit on the couch and there was more kissing and I soon realized by the way that his hands were moving on me that he wanted to feel my breasts. No one has ever touched me there yet and I didn't know what to do.

My breasts are big for my age and I am proud of them but to actually let someone touch me there was a little embarrassing. But before I was aware of it he had one hand exactly on my left breast over my blouse and since I didn't want to offend him, I let him feel me. I told myself that it wasn't going to cause any arm to let him have his way, so I let him fondle me. Beside I wanted to please him all I could.

>From feeling my breasts over my blouse he soon had his hand inside and it no longer bothered me. I could tell that he was finding them to his liking even though they are smaller than those of his wife. We kept on kissing and he continued fondling me, the next thing I knew, he began pushing my hand over the top of his pants. At first I didn't know what he wanted me to do then I noticed that he was placing my hand over his hard cock and I realized that he wanted me to feel him.

I let my hand rest over the front of his pant, but at the same time I felt so shy that I didn't dared move it. But with his hand over mine, he managed to let me know how he wanted me to squeeze him.

It felt even bigger than I first believed it to be. After a while he opened the front of his pants and he pushed my hand deep within. I felt very strange and my heart was knocking against my ribs because of the excitement, also I knew that my face was red all over. But I forced myself to keep my hand there and I even slipped it inside his undergarment. When I closed my hand around his hot rod of flesh, I noticed that he jerked in surprise. A couple of minutes later, he made me take it out completely.

For the first time in my life I saw at a close range a man's cock. The purple tip was half hidden within a fold of skin that kept covering it as my hand moved along the length of his erection.

He then taught me how he wanted me to rub him and a very short time after that I began to see whitish globs of cream-like fluid being ejected from the tip. It was fascinating to watch it jetting out of the small opening on its tip while at the same time his whole body was twitching in all sorts of manners.

As soon as he stopped emitting the thick whitish globs, he told me to go into the bathroom and to bring him a towel so that he could wipe the mess he had made all over his pants as well as on the back of the couch.

We kiss again after that and later he asked me to rub his cock again. While stroking him I felt a strange feeling of power and it trilled me to see his body contorting at the wimp of my hand around his cock. While I was squeezing and stroking his cock, he had his hands over my breasts, he began to get bolder and soon he opened my blouse at the front, then he brought his mouth on my breasts.

It felt wonderful as he gently sucked on my nipple and I couldn't prevent myself from reaching between my legs over my dress with my other hand.

When he noticed what I was doing, he shoved his hand under my skirt and then I felt it stroking my thighs and he gradually reached my panties. His fingers moved over my cunt and after a while he pushed one of the leg bands aside and he placed his fingers between the wet lips of my cunt.

It was simple wonderful. I was giving him pleasure with my hand while he was doing the same with his fingers. I can't say exactly how long we remained thus fondling each other but I do remember experiencing extreme heights of pleasure followed by stretches of well being as he kept moving his fingers in and around my soaking cunt.

I made his emit his whitish blobs once again and we then rested for a while in each other's arms.

When he looked at his watch a long time later, he said it was getting late and since his wife was soon going to be back he said that he had to leave. But I didn't want him to leave me. But before leaving, he got on his knees in front of me and he shoved his head between my legs. I felt his mouth moving higher until he reached my cunt. Then holding the leg bad aside he placed his mouth exactly over my wet cunt.

It is impossible to describe how nice it felt. I could tell that his tongue was trying to go as deep as possible between my lips and then I felt it. I felt another height of pleasure this time by mean of his mouth on my cunt. But it felt heavenly and it was the greatest height I had ever experience. On and on he kept on sucking and licking me, I could even hear him swallowing my juice.

Then I think that I must have past out since the first thing that I do remember after that, was Sam holding a wet towel against my forehead. As soon as he saw that I was going to be fine he left the house.

I know that the next time he is going to try and put his cock in me. I don't think I will be able to stand it since it is so big. But if he does suck my cunt again I will gladly let him do it since it made me see a corner of heaven.

Well I have to stop writing now otherwise I will use all the available pages but I could go on and on and still have more to say about this beautiful evening. I wasn't able to sleep last night and I don't think I will be able to do so tonight either. I can hardly wait until next Wednesday."

Had my wife written this? My innocent wife who told me that I was the first one to kiss her, it goes to say also that I assumed that I was the first and only one to ever fuck her also. She was now talking about the possibility of being fucked by a married man. How the hell is this possible I told myself. She has never cheated on me, of that I was sure, or had she?

I was now very confused. But I was also very surprised to see that as I had these thoughts, I had a tremendous erection. Beside, on account of the strange and new emotions that I now felt, I could feel and even hear the blood passing through my veins on the side of my head.

My hand, as if having a mind of its own, was soon under my evening gown and before I could prevent it I felt a fantastic climax that made a mess on the carpet as well as all over my gown. I could no longer continue to read since I was still feeling very exited and even though I had been at it less than an hour I decided to go to my bed.

Michelle was still sleeping beside me and I kept imagining her as a twelve-year-old girl half-naked in Sam's arms and loving every second of it.

A thought suddenly occurs to me. Was she still seeing Sam after all those years. She had been twelve at the time, now she was twenty- three. This affair had begun eleven years ago.

No it was probably just a crush she had on him when she was a pre- teen. But then I began to recall that she had stubbornly insisted on coming back to live in Elms Valley after I graduated from college. Could it be possible that she was still seeing him? Of course not, I told myself and I dismissed the whole thing and tried to go to sleep.

It took me a couple to days to decide to continue reading the rest of her first diary. I was now afraid to learn the truth but at the same time I was experiencing a strange pleasure simply thinking about this twelve year old girl who was my wife and this married man as they fondled each other.

Now I was almost a hundred percent certain that if I kept on reading into her diary, I was going to discover that Sam had actually fucked her. It made me angry even thinking about this possibility, but even then I could detect a spark of excitement at this thought. For the next couple of days I had trouble thinking of anything beside Michelle and Sam. The more I tried to visualize there fucking together, the more my excitement was gaining over my anger and after a few days I had to know more.

As a chemist I knew of many chemicals and drugs that could induce sleep, so one late afternoon after the end of my workday at the mill, I stopped at a drugstore and bought a bottle of the strongest sleeping pills available. I wanted to be able to continued reading her diary without her interrupting me. Therefore before going to bed that night, I placed in her cup of tea, two of the pills which I made sure were completely dissolved before giving her cup of tea. Half an hour later she was sound asleep next to me in our bed.

After putting on my gown I went downstairs to my office and I locked the door behind me. I told myself that if she should happen to awaken - which I doubted very much - it would be easier for me to explain to her why I had locked the door of my office than to explain my reading of her supposedly lost diaries.

I began reading where I had left off. The first couple of days after that Wednesday evening when Sam had sucked her cunt, she went on to write again about her beautiful evening with Sam and she even stated that she was in love with him.

But what shocked me the most was the fact that she was telling everything to her friend Cathy, and this more than anything else made me angry. It met that Cathy was aware of my wife affair with Sam and I didn't like that since she could have talked about it to other people in Elms Valley and I didn't want to be looked upon as a cuckold.

Then on Wednesday's entry she mention that she was extremely nervous and this made it impossible for her to continue writing on that day.

Then, while my heat was beating very fast, I turned to the next page.

Thursday may the 15

"Sam and I we made love last evening."

There was nothing more on the page. First of all I was shocked to learn that she and Sam had really fucked, but also I felt disappointed. I wanted to know the details about what had happen. I felt like someone who had been hoping and even promised something only to learn later that the promise was not going to materialize.

Until then it hadn't occur to me that I was experiencing so much of this unexplainable pleasure from reading her diary which contain a written account of the sexual activities of my wife as a young girl. I was really disappointed and it suddenly hit me that during all that time I was hoping that Sam would fuck her indeed so that she could describe everything in her diary. In other word I was deriving a great deal of pleasure by reading my wife debauchery of her youth and whereas it should have shocked me and even stirred my anger, instead it was arousing me. My extremely hard cock was proof enough of that.

With trembling hands I turn to the next page hoping to read what she had failed to write on the previous page.

The page was full. She went on to describe in much details what she and Sam had done when he came into the house soon after his wife had left. After the preliminary kissing they had gotten to the more serious business of exploring each other's body.

But this time, she wrote that after a while Sam took her in his arms and he carried her into his bedroom where he proceeded to undress her until she was completely naked.

" As soon as he had removed my cotton panties he made me stretch on my back on his bed, he then placed himself between my legs and I soon felt his mouth once more on my cunt. Once again I went to heaven on a cloud of pleasure. When I came back from my heavenly trip I was breathing very fast and he was standing next to me by the side of the bed. He made me reach for his cock and he then asked me to kiss it. I was very reluctant at first, but I wanted to please him the way he had done to me and I placed my mouth over the tip of his cock. Before I knew it the head was completely in my mouth and soon he proceeded to shove it deeper into my mouth. Even though I had to open my mouth as wide as I could he kept on pushing more of it deeper until it was soon touching the back of my throat. After than I only vaguely remember his hands at the back of my head as he held me in a tight grip and even though I had trouble breathing he kept on pushing and pulling his cock into my mouth until it erupted into my mouth.

I swallowed everything since I had no other choice. But by now I was also crying because of the fact that his cock had been choking me, but even so Sam forced my head to remain where it was while his cock was still twitching deep in my mouth.

But soon he was kissing me again and I forgave him for being so rough with me. He next made me stretch on my back once again. I was hoping that he was going to suck my cunt once more and I was more than eager to obey him. But instead of moving his head between my parted thighs he raised my legs until they were resting around his neck and at the same time he move his body over me until his cock was pressing against my cunt.

I then knew that he was going to fuck me and I became very scared. But there was nothing that I could do and I asked him to be very gentle with me. First I felt the head of his cock pressing between my parted lips and then he began to push harder and it went deeper within me. Contrary to what I was expecting, it didn't hurt. I knew that my passage could be stretched a good deal since on a few occasion I had been able to place three fingers all the way in, but the thickness of his cock was much more than that of my three fingers. But he didn't hurt me. Quite the opposite, he was soon completely inside me, I could tell since I could feel his balls pressing against my bottom hole.

Had someone try before this day to explain to me how wonderful it could feel, it would have been impossible for me to understand the heavenly sensation. Each time he shoved his cock within me I could feel it stuffing me up to my stomach and as he slowly pulled it out, I actually felt the inside of my vagina trying to prevent his organ from leaving my interior. Without my even thinking about doing so, the wall of my cunt held his pole of flesh in a tight grip thus creating contact all along the length of his penis and at the same time it caused a wonderful friction.

The more he fucked me the better it felt and soon he was moving much faster and as unbelievable as it may sound, the pleasure involved was even greater than what I had experienced when he had been sucking my cunt.

I began having one orgasm after an other. Although I was not aware of it at the time, Sam told me later than I was sighing and moaning so loudly that he was afraid that I was going to awaken the Jason sleeping upstairs.

It then happen, I felt Sam's semen hitting my cervix and the back of my cunt. It felt as though a sporadic jet of hot larva was spraying my inside and since I knew that he was soaking my vagina with his semen, the thought made me attain another strong orgasm. We remained in each other's arm for a while then I had to get up to check on Jason upstairs, but I didn't bother to wipe my cunt since I wanted to his seed to remain within me as long as possible. It is impossible for be to get pregnant since I didn't begin to menstruate yet and it exited me to know that something so personal as his semen was still flooding my vagina. For a short while I tried to imagine how my mother would have reacted if she could have seem me at that moment still full of Sam's semen. The thought both scared me and exited me at the same time.

There is only one thing that bothers me, it's the fact that I get to see him only once a week. But I am working on this and when I figure a way to see more of him I know that he will agree with me. He told me that his wife was not very good in bed and he prefers to have sex with me much more than with his wife. I sure hope he will always feel that way."

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