My Adventures with Keiko
Chapter 1: I Meet Keiko

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: I Meet Keiko - Keiko, the beautiful Japanese exhibitionist, moves to San Francisco, where I meet her and we have many exciting adventures.

I'm sitting here in an airline lounge at the new international terminal at San Francisco International Airport, waiting on my flight to Narita Airport near Tokyo. I've been to Japan many times before, but this time I'm much more excited. In fact, I'm getting very aroused thinking about it.

But I don't want to give too much away just yet, why I'm going to Japan and why I'm so excited and aroused by it. To better explain it, I have to go back almost two years to one of the lowest moments of my life, and how it took a miracle to resurrect me from the depths of depression...

I had just gotten divorced from my wife of 15 years. One day my wife and I decided that we just didn't love each other any more and it was time to move on. Even though our decision to break up was mutual and amicable, divorce is an admission of failure. In such a short period of time, I went from married to living alone. While in a sense I was glad to be out of our relationship, the feeling of lonliness was almost too much to bear. I wasn't suicidal or anything, just very despondent and wondering when I would resurface back into life.

When my wife and I first moved to the San Francisco Bay Area 13 years before, we lived in an apartment off of Lake Merced. I'd always enjoyed living there, even though my wife didn't. So when it came time to get my own place, I decided to move back to that same apartment complex.

Before I was married and lived by myself, I didn't wear any clothes when I was home alone. As soon as I got home from work, I'd take my clothes off and shower, then stay unclothed for the rest of the night. I'd cook and eat dinner, as well as watch TV or read, totally in the nude. It was a great feeling not to have any clothes on, so free and easy. I kept an extra long t-shirt handy in case anyone would come by. I could just throw it on to answer the door. Then if it was someone who would stay for awhile, I'd disappear for a moment and put some pants or shorts on.

Even while I was married, I'd wander around the house nude when my wife wasn't home. I'd even go into the back yard nude if it was a nice day. Our yard had a 7-foot fence, so I didn't have to worry about being seen, unless someone wanted to climb a ladder just to look into my back yard.

So when I moved into my new apartment after the divorce, I took up my old practice of being nude when I was home alone. As soon as I got home from work, off came the clothes. In my lonley state, every so often I would masturbate to relieve my pent-up feelings. I didn't feel like going out on dates yet, and really wasn't sure how to go about it. After being off the market, so to speak, for 15 years, my dating skills were a little rusty. So for the time being, masturbation was just fine.

Usually I would masturbate while laying on the sofa watching evening TV. I would stroke myself until I came on my stomach and chest, then watch a little more TV. By the time I went to bed, my come had mostly dried on my skin, so I didn't bother to clean myself off until my morning shower.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a homosexual. I'm a life-long heterosexual. I don't see anything wrong with homosexuality. Likewise I don't see anything wrong with masturbation when no willing partner is available.

When I went outside the apartment to the pool or laundry room, I would thrown on my long t-shirt as a cover up before going out. When I went to the pool I would have on my swimming trunks, but when going to the laundry room, I would be naked underneath. I wasn't trying to flash or anything, I was just too lazy to put on my shorts. Besides, there was usually no one else in the halls or laundry at the times I went there.

And if truth be known, it felt wonderfully dangerous to be naked under my shirt. Sometimes I would get a semi-erection because it felt so good to be hanging in the breeze, so I was glad there was no one around to see me, although it was an erotic feeling to think that someone might come along.

I'm not an exhibitionist, but often thought how it would feel to go out in public wearing so little clothing that it left nothing to the imagination, and every so often giving an actual "accidental" view of my scrotum or ass. But women can get away with it better than men. With my luck I'd probably get arrested and labeled a sex offender!

One day I was doing my laundry as usual. I was thinking about one of my visits to Japan when my hosts would take me to a karaoke bar. This particular bar had waitresses with skirts so short I could see the cheeks of their asses hanging out. It was very erotic and I got one of those semi-erections thinking about it while I was putting my clothes in the washer.

Just then the laundry room door opened and a beautiful young Japanese woman came in carrying her laundry basket. What a coincidence to see a Japanese woman just as I was thinking about them! She looked at me briefly and nodded her head in greeting, then went over to the washers and put her basket down.

She also was wearing a long t-shirt top. I could see through the fabric as she walked through the light and noticed that she had no bra or panties on, although I couldn't make out any of the details of her anatomy. I started getting aroused, but as I had my back to her she couldn't see my semi-erect state.

You may wonder how I knew the young woman to be Japanese. As I said before, I'd spent quite a bit of time in Japan and had become very familiar with the wide range of facial features of the Japanese people. I can even tell the difference between Chinese and Koreans just by looking at them. Sometimes I'm wrong, but not very often. I was quite sure I was right in this case, however. Her hair style was also very Japanese looking - straight shoulder- length black hair. She was very beautiful to view.

I watched her as she bent over her basket, picking out the clothes and stuffing them in the washer. Her shirt was too long to see anything of her ass or vagina, but I was content to look at her lovely legs.

Many Japanese women are bowlegged. Some are so bowlegged that they wobble when they walk. Most are gracefully and attractively bowlegged, however, and a few have more "western" style legs, like a lot of women do here in the US. This young Japanese woman's legs were long and tapered, with just a hint of the graceful bowleggedness I find so attractive.

My erection had subsided substantially, so now I could move around more freely without feeling like I had to hide anything. As I finished putting my clothes in the dryer, the Japanese woman turned around slightly and looked at me. She smiled and nodded again. I bowed slightly and smiled back. I had to say something to her. I couldn't let the moment pass without saying something to this beautiful woman.

"Nihonjin desu ka?", I asked (Are you Japanese?)

She looked very surprised.

"Hai, so desu," she replied (Yes, I am), still registering shock at this American speaking to her in her native tongue.

"Amerikajin desu demo sukoshi Nihongo ga dekimasu," I said back to her (I am American but I speak a little Japanese).

With this she stood up straight and turned around to face me. As I said, I speak a little Japanese, but what she said next I didn't understand.

"Wakarimasen. Gomen nasai. Eigo ga dekimasu ka?" I said (I'm sorry, I don't understand. Do you speak English?)

"Yes, I speak English quite well," she laughed as she said this, her breasts bouncing up and down a little as she shook.

Most Japanese women have smallish breasts, but this beautiful young woman was unusually well- endowed. As I stood there wondering what to say to her, I suddenly realized that neither of us was wearing anything beneath our shirts. I didn't want to dwell on the thought too much because if I did, I'd get another hard-on for sure.

"I am very surprised to hear such good Japanese language from you," she said. "Where did you learn such good speaking?"

"I spent a lot of time in Japan over the past few years and I took some lessons so I could have an easier time getting around."

"Not many Americans attempt to learn our language, so I am very happy to hear you say it."

While she said she spoke English quite well, and was in fact speaking it better than I speak Japanese, I could tell that English was still not entirely clear to her by how she worded her phrases and didn't use many contractions.

"It was fun to learn it," I said. "Besides, I enjoy seeing the looks on Japanese people's faces when I say something to them."

She laughed again. Her whole face lit up when she laughed. It was an infectuous laugh and I couldn't help but laugh, too.

"Please don't let me interrupt you from your laundry," I apologized.

"It is no problem. I have just moved here and I don't know anyone. So I am very happy to meet you."

"Did you just move here from Japan?"

"No, I moved here from Honolulu, Hawaii. I have lived there for 4 years. Now I move here to San Francisco."

"I'm very happy to meet you, too. My name is Carlos."

I held out my hand. She extended hers to mine.

"I am Keiko," she said and smiled again.

"When did you move here?"

"I moved in yesterday. Today I worked all day to unpack. Now I must do laundry."

"Yeah, me, too."

"These machines are different. Can you please show me how to operate?"

"It would be my pleasure."

I showed her how to put the money in the slots and make all the settings.

"Oh, I do not have enough money for all my clothes," she exclaimed.

"Dai jo bu," I said (No problem). "Arimasu." (I have [some money]).

"Thank you very much. You are so kind to help me. Please come to my apartment later and I will pay you back."

"Yorokonde," I replied (My pleasure). "There's no hurry. I'm happy to help you."

I put the money in the slots and turned her machine on. I had brought a book and was going to read as I waited for my clothes to finish. So I walked over to the table and sat down. Keiko followed and sat down across from me.

"You do laundry for yourself? In Japan and even in Japanese community outside of Japan, only women do laundry."

"Yes, since I live by myself I do my own laundry."

"You live alone? Me, too. Which apartment do you live?"

"C505, right down the hall."

"I live in C507. We are neighbors!"

Over the next hour as our clothes washed and dried, we talked about anything and everything. I told her of my divorce and how I was learning how to be by myself again. She told me that she was a bank manager and that her job took her first to Hawaii, where there are many Japanese people needing banking services, and now to San Francisco where there are also many Japanese people.

In Hawaii, Keiko said that she lived in a Japanese area of Honolulu. But here in San Francisco, she wanted to live outside of the Japanese community where she could experience people of other cultures. I was the first person outside of her job that she had met here in the Bay Area.

I also learned that she was only 25 years old and had never been married. She didn't have a boyfriend either. At 40, I was considerably older than her. I wondered if there was any hope for me, but didn't dare to dwell on the thought for very long at this point in our relationship.

I didn't want our conversation to end. I was really enjoying being with her. She was so full of life. And she looked great and the sound of her voice was like music to my ears. As much as I wanted to, I didn't ogle her breasts as they bounced on her chest while she talked animatedly. I didn't think about her being naked under her shirt lest I get an obvious erection. But I did think that because I had detected that she was wearing nothing under her shirt that she may have noticed that I was also wearing nothing under mine.

During our conversation, I wished I had a camera under the table. I'm sure I could have had many wonderful views of her legs, thighs, and vagina. I started getting a hard-on when I would think about it. So I tried not to dwell on it for too long. I didn't want to embarrass myself with an erection I couldn't hide.

"Please forgive me if I say something wrong, but do you always wear so little clothing in public place in San Francisco?", Keiko suddenly asked.

"Pardon me?"

"I noticed that you wear only shirt with no other clothes. Is this OK in California?"

So she had noticed! It made me erotically excited to hear her say this. The erection that I tried so hard to avoid was now beginning to return.

"Here at my apartment I think it is OK. But out in public might be risky. I wear normal clothes when I go outside. But here I usually wear only a shirt as you have noticed."

"I also wear only a shirt today. This is quite typical for me. In Hawaii, we wear bikini and swimsuit almost all day with shirt over them. But sometimes I am daring and wear only shirt with nothing on beneath, just like now."

If I didn't already have an erection, hearing her say this would have given me one for sure. My shirt was completely tented as my penis poked straight up from my lap.

"You're not afraid somone will see you?"

"It makes me excited to think that someone will look at me, hoping to see my naked skin!"

"When I'm in my apartment, I usually wear nothing, but keep a shirt handy for when someone comes to the door or when I come to the laundry like today. I don't worry if someone can see me because I am high up on the fifth floor. And sometimes I don't care if anyone does see me. I'm not ashamed of my body and they can look if they want. But I don't know if I could go out in public wearing only a shirt."

"You should try. It is very exciting."

"I'm not sure I could do that."

The laundry room door opened and a middle-aged woman came in carrying her laundry basket. She looked at us briefly and saying nothing walked over to the washers and started fumbling with her clothes. Keiko leaned close to me.

"Watch what I do and then do the same thing."

Keiko got up and went over to her dryer, hiking up her shirt a little as she walked. She put her laundry basket in front of the dryer, opened the door, and started pulling the clothes into the basket.

With her shirt hiked up, her beautiful ass was almost totally exposed. She kept her legs together so I couldn't see any part of her vagina.

The woman had noticed, too, and looked over at Keiko several times. Suddenly, Keiko stood up and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her naked back and ass. She bent over and pulled another shirt from the basket.

As she bent over, Keiko's large and soft breasts hung tantalizingly from her chest. The woman and I were treated to a sensuous side-view of them. Keiko's ass was a lovely pear-shape, tapering out from her small waist and wonderfully curved lower back. We got only a short view before Keiko put on the clean shirt and it dropped down over her head to cover her.

Keiko turned her head slightly to wink at me, the indication that it was now my turn. She continued to straighten her clothes in the basket.

My heart was pounding as I got up, forgetting completely about my erection, and walked over to my dryer. Keiko's eyes got very big when she saw the tent in the front of my shirt. I looked over at the woman and saw that she was looking at me out of the corner of her eyes.

Like Keiko, I had hiked my shirt up a little bit. I put my basket in front of the dryer, bent over, and started pulling my clothes out. My legs were not so together and I felt a little cool air on my balls as I bent over, telling me that they were exposed.

After pulling all my clothes out, I found a clean shirt and stood up. I was so excited that my hard-on was pointing straight out. I thought my heart would leap out of my chest as I pulled the shirt over my head. My back and ass were now totally exposed to the woman. Keiko was standing a little more to the side, so she could get a side view of my erect penis.

It took me a moment to arrange my clean shirt, but then I lifted it over my head and let it drop around me. The front caught on my hardened penis. Keiko let out a little laugh. But then I pulled my shirt down to cover myself.

As I turned around to face Keiko, the woman quickly looked away, so I could tell she had been looking at me. My shirt was still tented in the front, and Keiko was staring at it. Light was coming in through the window behind me, so I think Keiko could see through my shirt. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the woman looking at me, too.

Both of us grabbed our baskets and headed for the door. As we got out into the hall, Keiko started laughing.

"Wow, you did good for your first time! I was surprised to see so much. Your penis is very hard. I could see it when you took your shirt off. I could also see it through your shirt. The woman could see it, too! Wow! It made me very excited!"

"You are much better at it than I am. I could only see your back and ass, and just a glimpse of your breasts from the side. Keiko, you are very beautiful. Everyone will love to see your naked body."

"But you are also beautiful to look at. You have a very nice penis. Many woman will want to see it, especially if it is large and hard as it is today!"

"Did you like seeing it, Keiko?"

"Oh, yes, it is very exciting to see you naked in public place! I have a new idea. Let's go down to the pool dressed as we are now. We'll take our bathing suits and put them on next to the pool with everyone watching. It will be a lot of fun!"

"I'm not sure I'm ready for that much public exposure yet. Flashing a woman in the laundry is one thing, but out at the pool where there are so many people?"

"It is not so much as you think. Please try it!"

What is she getting me into, I thought. But I have to admit I was very eroticaly charged up at the moment. So against my better judgement, I went back to my apartment and got my bathing suit and a towel and met Keiko in the hall near the elevator.

As we descended to the first floor, I wondered how I was going to hide my enormous erection as we walked to the pool. I decided I was going to try to hold my towel causally in front of me. But Keiko pushed my towel away.

"Hey, no fair. You have to let it show. We are going for maximum effect!"

"I think this time I'll be chicken and try to hide myself. Maybe next time I'll be bolder."

There was just no way I was going to march out in front of a bunch of people with my penis sticking out in front of me.

Keiko looked a little disappointed, but her face lightened up immediately.

"Aren't you so excited," Keiko bubbled with joy. "I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I've never done this with a man before. I've done it many times with my girlfriends, but never with a man. It's going to be so exciting. You'll see!"

She was clearly enjoying herself very much.

"Here's how we're going to do it," she said. "I'll go into the pool area first. Then I'll make a scene putting on my bathing suit. You watch the people to see who's watching me and how they react so you can tell me later. Then you come in and I'll watch while you put on your bathing suit. It'll be so much fun to see the looks on people's faces!"

The elevator doors opened. Several people were standing there waiting and moved to the side to let us out. So far, no one seemed to notice us.

Keiko motioned me to wait as we got out to the pool gate. There were 10 or so people in and around the pool. No one was in the hot tub since it was a warm night.

Keiko is a very attractive woman so every male in the pool area immediately watched as Keiko walked in and went over to a lounge chair at the far end of the pool. It was far enough away that they could not make out any details but close enough that they would be able to tell exactly what she was doing.

Keiko put her towel down on the chair and with her back to the people slid her string thong bikini bottom between her legs. One side was already tied, so she lifted up her shirt, revealing her thonged bottom while she tied the other side.

All eyes in the pool area were completely focused on Keiko. Everyone had become totally quiet and all activity had ceased. Keiko was a master at making sure everyone knew exactly what she was doing without revealing any more skin than the thong bikini would normally show.

Once the bottom was in place, Keiko lifted her shirt up over her head, her back still turned towards her audience. She put the neck string around the back of her neck and tied it. From my position I could see the side of one of her full breasts.

No one in the area, including me, was moving or breathing. Her lovely ass was facing us in its complete nudity except for the thin string up her crack. Then she reached behind her to tie the string around her back.

Keiko didn't bother to adjust anything until she had turned around to face the pool area. Everyone, men and women alike, watched wide-eyed as Keiko arranged the tiny patch of material covering her vagina. It was just enough to cover her inner vaginal lips. The outer lips were not covered at all and the mound of them could be plainly seen. Then she straightened the two tiny patches covering her breasts. The material was just enough to cover most of her nipples. I say most, because parts of her dark brown aureolas were visible at the edges of the cloth.

My hard-on was raging completely as she looked in my direction indicating to me it was show time.

My heart was pounding furiously as I opened the gate and walked into the pool area holding the towel in front of me, trying to look casual about it. Keiko had eased herself into the pool and conversation among the inhabitants had resumed in low tones. Certainly they were talking about the show they had just witnessed.

Hardly anyone watched as I walked down to Keiko's end of the pool.

"Hi, Carlos," she called, loud enough for all to hear.

"Oh, hi, Keiko," I said, playing along.

"Why don't you come join me."

"OK, give me a minute and I'll be right there."

All attention was still on our end of the pool. The guys were not paying any attention to me, but I noticed a couple of the women looking in my direction as I put my towel on the same chair as Keiko's.

Just as she had done, I bent over and slid my swimsuit up my legs and butt. Based on the cool air I felt on my backside, my full ass and the backs of my balls had been briefly exposed. Only Keiko could see my penis as I pulled my suit up in the front.

I turned around to face the pool as I tied the drawstring and made the final adjustments. My erection was noticeable to me and probably Keiko, but I don't think anyone else could tell because they were too far away. I eased myself into the pool and paddled over next to Keiko.

"Nice job," she whispered. "Every woman was looking at you. It was very exciting, don't you think?"

"I have to admit it was much more exciting than I thought it would be. Your performance was also very exciting. Every man was watching and we were all breathing heavily. You're very skilled at this Keiko."

"I've done it many times."

"I was worried that people would see my hard-on."

"No one saw it, except for me that is. It was very sexy to see it! But we need to get you a different bathing suit for next time we come to the pool. Yours has too much fabric and does not show enough of your skin. I know where we can go to get one."

"What kind do you have in mind?"

"We need to get you a men's thong bikini. I will show you tomorrow. But now, we have a little more show to make for tonight."

Keiko's bikini was the tiniest I'd ever seen. It left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Keiko swam over to the ladder and climbed up out of the pool. I could hear every male within sight of her let out a breath of excitement. Her tiny bikini was completely see-through when wet! Her nipples were now totally exposed and I could see the dark line that was the slit of her vagina. There was an area of lighter color within her slit which were the outline of her inner labia.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing as she walked over to her lounge chair and laid down without bothering to dry herself off. The effect was stunning as she raised her knees and spread them slightly to expose the skimpy patch of cloth covering her vagina.

The g-string that went up the crack of her ass also went up the crack of her vagina. Her outer lips were completely exposed, especially from about the midpoint of her slit down towards her anal opening. While her anal opening could not be seen in its entirety, the darker colored puckered skin around the opening could easily be seen. So only the top part of her inner vaginal lips could not be seen, but the outline of them was apparent because of the see-through cloth.

Her breasts might have well been totally naked for all the cloth trying to cover them did. Keiko was very excited and her nipples were very hard and poking through the thin material. Her aureolas were sticking out on both sides. It was incredibly sexy. Every man at the pool was watching her with disbelieving eyes!

My erection was almost too much for me to take. I thought I was going to have to stroke myself to orgasm right there in the pool to avoid having my hard-on seen as I got up out of the water. But Keiko had other ideas for me.

She motioned for me to come join her at her lounge chair. There's no way I was going to be able to hide myself! I swam over to the ladder and climbed up. As I looked down, the front of my bathing suit was completely tented out with my erect penis. Heart pounding, I walked casually over to Keiko's chair and sat down next to her. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that we had the attention of everyone at the pool, male and female.

I put my knees up like Keiko had done. While I wasn't exposing near as much as Keiko was, my giant erection was still plainly visible.

"Isn't this incredible?", she whispered excitedly. "You have the biggest hard-on. It's very sexy!"

"Keiko, that's the tiniest bathing suit I've ever seen! You have the most beautiful body. We can see everything! Every guy here want to make love with you."

"Do you want to?"

"Oh, god, yes! You're the reason I have this big penis right now."

Keiko laughed. "Isn't it partly because of the excitement and danger of what we're doing?"

"Well, maybe. But Keiko, I can see both of your breasts and I can see every part of your vagina."

"I know, and it's making me very wet just thinking about it. Are you getting wet, too? I mean, is any fluid leaking from your penis?"

"I don't know. I can't tell, my suit is still too wet from the water."

"Let's look," Keiko said, reaching over and lifting the waistband of my trunks, pulling them down slightly to expose the tip of my penis.

No one could see what she was doing, but I think they could imagine. Keiko looked intently at my penis, then stroked the hole on the tip with her thumb. My penis pulsed and jerked up, releasing a few drops of milky fluid.

"There it comes," she said with great excitement. "It's so sexy! Feel how wet I am."

I reached over and put my fingers gently on the tiny cloth covering her vagina. It was damp and sticky with her fluids. Where her large vaginal lips were completely exposed, drips of her juices seemed to be flowing freely. My penis was throbbing like crazy. It jerked up and down several times as she continued to stroke the drops with her thumb.

"Mmmmm," she whispered. "I've never done this with a man before. I'm more excited than ever!"

All of a sudden, Keiko let my elastic waistband snap back, almost catching my poor penis. She jumped up and said, "Let's go."

Keiko untied both drawstring of her tops and with her back to the pool, let her top drop to the deck. She bent over reaching down to pick it up. Her breasts hung down, swaying gently. As she bent over, we were again treated to an almost unobstructed view of her vagina, except for that almost nonexistent patch of cloth covering her lips.

But instead of putting her shirt back on and untying the side strings of her bikini bottom, Keiko pulled the loose end of the side strings on boths sides, and with her back still to the pool, spread her legs and let her bottom drop to the deck. Beautiful Keiko was now completely naked!

She bent over and grabbed her shirt and dropped it over her head. But before it could fall all the way down, she turned around to face the pool. For just a fraction of a second we were treated to a front view of her hairless vagina!

I was completely beside myself with erotic feelings. My penis was pulsing uncontrollably in my trunks. It wouldn't have taken much more than a couple of strokes and I would come immediately.

Keiko smiled at me with delight. She knew the effect she'd had on everyone at the pool, including me. Keiko nodded her head, telling me that now it was my turn. I wondered what I could possibly do to even come close to Keiko's magnificent performance. And then it struck me!

Keiko was watching me intently as I got up from my chair and walked over to her. I brushed my lips lightly on the side of her neck. I could hear her excited breathing. I stepped back from her a little then pulled my shorts down, exposing my naked penis to her and my naked backside to everyone at the pool. Leaning over, I picked up my towel, exposing the backs of my balls to the pool as I dried myself slowly. When I got to my erect penis I took it in one hand and moved it up and down as I dried all around it.

Keiko's eyes were very wide with surprise. She had no idea what I was going to do next. I stroked my penis a few times like I was going to masturbate myself, but then grabbed my shirt and dropped it over my head. Like Keiko had done, just before my shirt dropped all the way down, I turned around to face the pool, giving everyone a millisecond's view of my erect penis.

I heard a couple of the women gasp. When I turned around to look at Keiko, she had the biggest smile on her beautiful lips.

"Let's go," I said and started walking out.

All eyes were on us as we walked to the gate. My penis was tenting my shirt and I made no attempt to hide myself. It bounced up and down as I moved. Keiko fell in step right behind me, her breasts also bouncing as she walked.

We took the elevator back up to our floor. On the ride up Keiko looked at me with a wide grin.

"You did so good! I was very surprised to see you expose yourself so much. The whole pool could see your penis. And it was so big and hard, too!"

"I guess I got caught up in the moment. Did you like it, Keiko?"

"Oh, yes, it was very exciting. All the women who saw you wanted you."

"I only want you to want me, Keiko."

Keiko smiled and looked away as if in embarrassment.

"Let's walk back to your apartment fully naked, OK?"

She didn't wait for me to answer and lifted her shirt up over her head as the elevator door opened. There was no one in the hall as I also took off my shirt and we walked to my apartment. It was dangerous and exciting to be fully exposed with the chance that someone might come along any second and see us!

Keiko and I stayed naked once we got into my apartment. There was something I wanted to ask her.

"Keiko, your vagina is comepletly hairless, but I don't see any indication that you've shaved yourself."

"All the women in my family have little pubic hair, maybe just a few small hairs. But for me, I have never had any hair so I don't need to shave it."

"It's very sexy, Keiko. When you turned around and I saw your naked vagina for the first time, my penis jerked many times uncontrollably. I thought I would come right there."

"I've seen your erect penis many times today, but watching you expose it down at the pool was a real turn-on. I've never done this with a man before and you are very exciting to be naked in public with."

"Keiko, I have a giant erection and it's all because of you. I want to make love with you. You are so beautiful!"

"We cannot make love! Not only have I never been nude in public with a man before, I have never had sex with a man. In fact when I touched your penis at the pool, that was the first time I hav ever touched a man. I was so excited I could not control myself."

"Didn't all our fun today make you want to have orgasm?"

"Oh, yes, but I usually rub myself to coming later in bed."

"But making love is a much better way to have orgasm."

"We cannot. I promised myself that the only man I would make love with would be the man I wanted to be the father of my babies."

"So now what do we do? Keiko, I must come soon or I will explode!"

"I know what to do," she said. "You watch me rub myself to coming and I will watch you."

"You mean at the same time?"

"No, one of us will go first, then the other."

"If I can't come inside of you, then I guess that'll have to do. Ladies first!"

We walked over to the sofa and sat down. Keiko put her knees up and spread her legs to reveal that delicious hairless mound. Her vaginal lips parted like the wings of a butterfly. She was dripping with moisture as she lightly slid her fingers on her wet lips.

Keiko inserted a finger into her vaginal opening and rubbed the area surrounding her clitoris with her thumb. She squirmed on her own hand as she finally found her clitoris and began to apply pressure to it.

Her juices were dripping abundantly, staining the towel that she had placed beneath her as she sat down. Her vagina made a squishing noise as she fingered and stroked herself towards climax.

It was such a turn-on to watch her bring herself to orgasm. I wanted to play with myself, but I resisted. If it was such a turn-on to watch Keiko come, I didn't want to deny her the same full pleasure watching me.

While one hand was busy with her vagina, the other was pinching her nipples. They had become like little rocks, tight and hard. As she neared orgasm, the nipple play became rougher and more intense. Her dark brown nipple color was becoming bright red as she pinched and pulled them between her fingers.

Suddenly, Keiko's pelvic squirming became faster. She was moving her hips further up and down than before. I knew she was about to come when her face scrunched up in exquisite agony. Then she released herself to her pleasure.

Keiko thrust her hips up off the sofa and pressed down with her hand. Her mouth opened and she cried, "Oh, god, oh, god, god... ooooooo... ohhhhh."

Her juices were running quite freely as she continued to grind her vulva on her hand, and vice versa. Her breasts jiggled up and down and side to side as her body trembled with her pleasure.

As her tremors slowed, she removed her hand from her vagina. It was all wet with her vaginal fluids and she rubbed it all over her stomach and breasts. Her vagina was still quaking from her orgasm. I could see it tighten and relax from the pulsing of her vaginal muscles. Then she did something I didn't expect.

I was watching her beautiful, wet, post-orgasm vagina when suddenly a small squirt of liquid came out of her. I couldn't tell at first where it came from. Then another squirt came out and I could see that she was releasing small squirts of pee.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't control myself," Keiko gasped.

"It's OK, beautiful Keiko. Let yourself go."

Keiko seemed to relax, then laid back. I could see her vaginal muscles release their tension as a small stream of warm pee came out of her. It didn't seem to be enough to soak all the way through the towel.

The look on her face was one of supreme contentment. She was a vision of beauty. Totally relaxed, with her juices spread all over her. She had given herself totally to her orgasm and had come in front of me, peeing, too. She trusted me that much!

"That was so wonderful, Carlos! I've never come so much in my life. I'm sorry about peeing."

"Don't be, Keiko. It was very sexy and exciting to see you come and pee, too."

I could smell her juice and her pee, and it was turning me on so much. Keiko recovered enough to look at my swollen penis.

"Now it's your turn. I want to see you make yourself come. I've never seen a man come before."

I leaned back a little and spread my legs like she had done only minutes before. It was dry feeling as I began to stroke myself, so I reached to Keiko's vagina and wet my hand. This surprised her and she let out a little yelp of surprise.

I started stroking myself with her moisture. It felt wonderful and I knew I wasn't going to be able to last very long. I had had many exciting experiences today that had contributed to my aroused state and giant erection. But I tried my best to prolong it to give Keiko a good experience.

I quit stroking and spread more of her moisture on my balls. Then I played with the head of my penis. Holding the shaft in one hand I spread open the hole on the tip with a finger. Small drops of milky moisture started to appear. Keiko watched with increased attention as I circled the head with my fingers. My penis was pulsing and jerking as I did it. This seemed to fascinate Keiko.

I cupped my balls with one hand and went back to work on my shaft with the other. The feeling was intensifying and I knew I was about to come.

"Here it comes, Keiko."

"Yes, make it come now. I want to see it."

I leaned my head back as my penis made one final giant spasm. The head grew much larger and I heard Keiko gasp with pleasure at the sight. With a huge jerk, a long jet of hot sperm ejaculated out of my penis and flew across the sofa, landing on Keiko's stomach.

"Ooooo," she exclaimed excitedly.

Before the second stream came out, Keiko placed her hands a few inches from the tip of my penis. She caught the next 2 streams in her hands, then spread them across her stomach where the first jet had landed. One more burst of come erupted from me and landed on her foot. She immediately massaged it into her skin.

My penis was oozing its final drops as I let it go and laid back. It lay on my abdomen and began to grow soft as the last few pearls dripped from the tip.

"Watching you come was very exciting, Carlos," Keiko said.

"As it was watching you," I said. "You're very beautiful, Keiko. To see you laying there with our juices all over you is more beautiful than I can put into words. And when you peed, it was so wonderful. Keiko, I saw all your fluids come out of you!"

"I like the feel of your come on my skin. It was so exciting watching it come out and fly to me!"

Keiko looked deep into my eyes. I thought I would die with pleasure at seeing her beautiful eyes looking at me that way.

"Pee for me. I want to see your pee like you saw mine."

I have to admit I was a little surprised to hear her say this, but the thought intrigued me. I didn't know if I could pee so soon after coming.

"It might take me a couple of minutes. My penis is still swollen from coming."

But almost right away I could feel the burning sensation that indicated my pee was about to flow. It started slowly at first, then picked up as a stream of pee came out of the hole on the tip of my penis. Keiko gasped in delight when she saw it and quickly pulled the towel out from beneath her and placed it to catch my urine. She held the towel underneath my balls, touching them gently. They way she had the towel angled, the head of my penis was pointing into it, with the tip still exposed so she could see the pee stream as it went into the towel.

I didn't know I had so much in me. The stream just kept coming and coming. Keiko caught every drop in the towel. It was close to saturation when the last few drops dribbled out. She ran to the kitchen sink with the towel just in time to keep it from dripping on the floor.

When Keiko reutrned, we just sat there, apart but looking at each other, admiring each other's bodies and the juices smeared all over us. It suddenly occurred to me that we had had all this excitement and seen each other's bodies in complete detail, but we had never kissed.

"Keiko," I said. "May I kiss you?"

Keiko looked puzzled for a moment.

"Yes, please," she said.

We both bent forward and our lips met without touching any other parts of our bodies. Her lips were moist and her mouth tasted like sweet candy as our lips opened and our tongues explored and pressed against each other.

"I have to go," she said when we at last released our kiss. "Tomorrow is a work day."

I looked at the clock and was stunned to see that it was almost midnight!

"Yeah, I have to go to sleep, too. But I don't want this day to end. It was so exciting, Keiko. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for everything. When can we be together again?"

"When do you get home from work tomorrow?"

"I'll get home around 5:30."

"Good, we can go to the store and get you something exciting to wear!"

"It sounds dangerous."

"It'll be so much fun, you'll see!"

Keiko got up and put her shirt on and headed for the door.

"We can have dinner at my apartment then go to the store. I have a particular store in mind. Just go ahead and come over when you get home."

We kissed at the door before Keiko turned and walked down the hall to her apartment. Right before she turned the corner, Keiko lifted her shirt so I could see her hairless mound and perfect breasts one more time. I hadn't put my shirt on so she could see everything of mine as I stood there naked in the hall.

I closed the door and went inside. I got into bed without washing myself. I wanted to feel our encrusted fluids all night. As I laid there waiting to fall asleep, I thought that tomorrow couldn't come soon enough.

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