Home Again, Home Again
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Exchange student returns to Mum's welcoming arms.

Stretching luxuriously, I was happy to have spent the first night in almost 2 years in my own bed. Lucky enough to have been born to parents who were 'reasonably comfortable' I had just spent 2 years abroad as an exchange student, staying in the home, and attending the school, of the girl who had lived in my room for the 2 years.

While it still looked the same as I left it there were some subtle differences, that I couldn't point a finger at, that showed she had been there. There was a definite female odour remaining and was reminding me of her bedroom. I had never met Mary-Anne but, having seen her picture, heard her family talking about her and checked out her drawers and wardrobe, and their contents thoroughly, I felt I knew her intimately well.

Her underwear had regularly provided stimulation for my masturbating sessions, faint hints of her womanly odour remaining even though it had all been washed. No doubt she had checked out my room as carefully.

Mum and Dad had picked me up from the airport late last evening and I immediately noticed change in Mum. She looked a lot younger, having changed her hairstyle and lost some weight, and seemed a lot more relaxed and self-confident. Having another woman round the house had obviously been good for her, me being their only child. I noticed when they both gave me welcoming hugs that her body felt a lot firmer and fitter, and I found out, when complimenting her on it, that she had taken up tennis, and was playing and exercising regularly. Dad looked even more worn out and I learned, from Mum's concerned comment, that he was working harder than ever and would not, or could not, slow down, and as she said 'it's not as if they needed the income.'

It felt good to be back with them and it felt good to be heading for home, the three of us crammed across the front seat. We talked non-stop for the whole journey and I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate and answer their questions as the feel of Mum's firm thigh pressed against mine was causing a reaction in me that I was ashamed of. My dick was becoming very uncomfortable confined as it was in my pants. I was glad to arrive home, unload my gear, grab a shower and crawl in to bed.

I came back to reality when I heard the faint sound of Mum approaching my room. A favourite trick of hers used to be waking me by tickling and I was fairly sure that she was going to try this again. I decided to give her a surprise of my own and pretended to be asleep as my door slowly opened and she quietly approached my bed. With a sudden laugh she pounced and commenced to tickling me, but I was ready and rolled over quickly and clasped her in my arms and tried to turn her face down saying,

"Think you'd get me, eh? I'm going to paddle your backside to teach you the error of your ways." I laughingly threatened her, and she struggled in my grasp to continue tickling me or get free.

We finished up in an awkward position, Mum was half lying on my chest and I still had her wrapped in my arms trying to get her so that I could hold her down with one hand and give her bum a couple of smacks with the other. Suddenly the top of her robe fell partly open and one breast fell free and hung only a couple of inches from my face. We both froze and I stared at it. It was not huge but appeared to me to be absolutely perfect. I was so close I could see the fine blue veins criss-crossing under her smooth white skin and could make out the little goose bumps in the large dark aureole that surrounded her nipple. I couldn't help myself and raised my head and ran my tongue over her nipple and the fell back, mortified. What had I done? This was my mother and I had just licked her breast. My arms fell away and Mum sat up, fumbling her breast back inside her robe.

"God! I'm sorry about. What must you think of me? Flashing myself at my son."

Mum was flushed, embarrassed at what had happened and looked in need of re-assurance.

"Don't be silly, Mum. It was an accident and anyway, you shouldn't be ashamed to show off anything as lovely as that. Any time you want to flash it I don't mind being the 'Flashee'." I thought a bit of a joke might put her more at ease and it seemed to have worked, she visibly relaxed and looked more comfortable being with me.

"Now whose the silly one? I came up to get you up so a you can have breakfast with your father before he goes to the office." She stood holding the top of her robe closed, seemingly unconcerned that the bottom part separated giving me a glimpse of her inner thigh, well above her knee, and headed out the door.

I went to the bathroom for a pee and a quick shower and eventually made my way into the kitchen and joined them at the table. We chatted for a while I told them of some of my adventures in a new land and finally Dad was forced to leave for work. Even though it was a Saturday he wouldn't be home till early evening and suggested that he take us out for dinner, somewhere. We could take a cab and have a few drinks and enjoy a good night out to welcome me home. It seemed like an excellent plan and Mum said she would make a reservation for about 8.00 o'clock.

After he had left Mum suggested that we could go to her club, spend an hour on the tennis court and then have a swim before lunch. I gathered up my tennis gear and swim togs and put them in a barrel bag and joined Mum in the car. She had dressed in her tennis clothing and the short skirt rode high as she drove and showed me that she had legs to match the breast I had already seen. I must have been staring too hard and my thoughts must have been obvious as she flushed and said,

"You shouldn't be looking at me like that. I am your mother after all. I should have worn slacks."

"Sorry if I was staring, but you have changed a lot since I went away. You look 10 years younger and if you weren't my Mum you'd have something to worry about. You really are beautiful and sexy - I bet Dad's jealous and keeps close watch on you." I was a bit taken aback at my own temerity and worried how she would take it.

"Thank you for those kind words. It's lucky for you that you're my son as well. It's a pity your father didn't spend more time giving me compliments instead of working. Sometimes I think he doesn't care about me at all."

I could see that I'd hit a nerve and decided to drop the subject and anyway we were nearly at the club. We played a couple of sets of tennis and I got my butt kicked. I hadn't played any tennis for a couple of years and Mum certainly had. When we stopped and had a cold drink before our swim she was obvious pleased and excited about having beaten me - her erect nipples showed clearly through he tennis dress top and sports bra. Suddenly I was eager to see her in a swimsuit.

When she joined me at the pool she had on a tight black single piece suit that moulded her body tightly and contrasted with her tanned skin and pale blond hair. I stared at her yet again and once again she blushed,

"I knew when I was putting it on that I shouldn't. Stop staring and remember who I am." She blushed even more and went on, "and you better fix that down there or every one will be staring at you."

It was my turn to blush, staring at the way her breasts and nipples pushed out the top of her suit and the way her pussy was outlined in it's tight fit, had given me an erection and it was obvious in my swim-suit. I sat down on a sun-lounger and fumbled my penis to a more comfortable position, under the cover of my towel on my lap. Figuring that the cold water would calm me down I dove in and waited for Mum to join me. We had fun splashing and hazing each other and then climbed out and claimed two loungers to sun our-selves and dry off. At her request I rubbed some lotion on her back and legs, being careful to take no liberties, and I enjoyed the feel of her silky skin unde my palm and the sight of her buttocks and pussy lips outlined by the black nylon of her suit.

Eventually we dressed and headed home for lunch and then I retired to my room ostensibly for a snooze but with the full intention of masturbating. Mums body fulfilled my fantasy needs for that afternoon and I came into the hand towel long and hard. I came to with Dad knocking on my door to hurry me up to get ready for our evening out and I hurried to the shower to freshen up, and remove any trace of my afternoon's activities. When we set out we made a handsome family picture, Dad in a jacket and tie, me in a sweater and tie and Mum was wearing a strapless number that displayed her shoulders and the upper slope of her breasts off to perfection. The dress only fell to about three inches above her knee and, coupled with her high heeled shoes, showed off the length and shapeliness of her legs. She was carrying a coat and I was pleased that she hadn't put it on and spoiled my view.

The cab dropped us off at a dinner and dance restaurant that had great food and music and was well patronised. We had a fine meal and drank a couple of bottles of wine and then decided to stay on for a while and do some dancing and have a few more drinks. We moved from the dining area and found a table near the dance floor. Mum and I continued with the wine and Dad switched to Jack Daniels, he was getting a bit drunk having consumed the major portion of the wine at dinner, and he finally seemed to be relaxing. I hadn't realised the stress that he must work under until I saw him forget about his job for the first time.

Dad had a couple of dances with Mum, returning to the table for a couple of drinks between them, and, when he was having difficulty keeping steady on the dance floor, he suggested that I take over. Mum ignored my half-arsed protests and pulled me onto the floor and putting one hand on my shoulder and grasping my hand in her other one led me round in time to the music. It was getting late and the lights had been dimmed right down and when we were on the opposite side of the floor from Dad she released my hand and put both her arms around my neck pulling my body close to her.

"Just wrap your arms round me and hug me as we dance." She whispered in my ear.

I held her as she asked but did not hug too tightly because by now I was sporting an erection and was highly embarrassed about it. Mum must be able to feel it brushing against her lower tummy and I didn't know how to handle the situation. Mum did, she moved closer till I was so close to her I could feel the clasps of her suspenders pressing against me, and whispered in my ear,

"Don't worry about it. It happens to all young men and it's not as if it's the first one I've ever had pressing against me. It actually makes me feel good that I'm still able to cause such a reaction in a good-looking young man like you. It's a pity I'm your mother." She kissed me on the neck and we carried on dancing to the end of the bracket and made our way, hand in hand, back to the table.

Dad had obviously had a few more while we were on the floor and he was now decidedly drunk and ready to go. We collected Mum's coat and hailed a cab and poured Dad into it, with Mum and me following. We gave directions to the driver and after only a couple of minutes, Dad was asleep, leaning against the door, so Mum leant over and snibbed the lock. When she sat back down she leaned against me and smiled happily,

"That was a great night out and I'm rapt that Dad unwound and also enjoyed himself. It's been a long time since he last did that. It's great to have you home and I think he has missed you more than he let on." She gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek and I put my arm around her and gave her a hug and cuddled her into me for the journey home.

Mum took my free hand in one of hers and gave it an affectionate squeeze and when she released it, it fell on the top of her leg, right at the hem of her dress. Without looking at me she pulled her coat, which again she had not put on, over her lap and partly over mine, effectively cutting off any view of where my hand was. I was unsure of what message she was sending me but decided to take a risk and pushed my hand further around her thigh and squeezed it gently, and, when she made no protest, I proceeded to slide it up the inside of her leg, under her dress and slip, waiting for her to push me away or set some sort of limit. I expected her to definitely stop me when I reached the top of her stocking and my hand slipped onto her bare thigh, but, when I looked at her, she was smiling softly and looking straight ahead, staring vacantly into the distance. Her thighs opened a little so I took this as permission to go further and I slid my hand right to the junction of her thighs and cupped her pussy in my hand.

She was hot and moist, the dampness of her panties showing just how wet she was. I could feel that the lips of her cunt were open and I was about to try and insert my hand under the leg of her panties when the cab turned into our driveway. I had been so involved in what I was doing I had not noticed how far we had travelled. Quickly withdrawing my hand from between her legs I sat up and lifted my arm from round her.

We half woke Dad and, after paying off the cab, we helped him upstairs and got him out of his clothes and between the sheets, where he went straight back to sleep. Mum stood up and said,

'I'll just get out of this dress and these shoes and we'll have a nightcap. Unzip me please." Mum turned her back to me and I unfastened the clasp at the top of her dress and opened the zip down to her waist.

She turned to face me and there was a pause, Mum obviously expected me to leave and I waited for her to tell me to go. When neither of us moved she sort of shrugged and stepped out of her shoes and slid her dress down and over her hips and stepped out of it. She was standing there in her underwear - see through slip, black stockings and suspender belt, little lacy black panties and matching lace uplift bra and she stood there watching me look her over, before she moved to her closet and hung the dress up and grabbed her robe and slipped it on after removing her slip and dropping it in the linen hamper. I followed her downstairs to the lounge where she said,

"You light the fire and turn the stereo on while I get some wine."

Lighting the fire was simple, we had a gas log fire installed and all I had to do was flick a switch, and I had chosen some mellow music and had it playing in the background and was sitting on the sofa looking into the fire by the time she returned. Mum sat beside me and poured a couple of glasses of wine and handed me one and curled her legs under her and leaned back, completely relaxed.

"I'm sorry I let you go so far in the taxi and got you all wound up. I'd like to be able finish what we started, but it wouldn't be right or fair to your father. I really am sorry. I think it was partly the wine and partly the excitement of you coming home."

"It's OK, Mum. I shouldn't have taken advantage of you, anyway. It's just that you've changed so much and you're so lovely that it's hard only to think of you as just my mother." I leant over and hugged her and pecked her on the cheek.

Mum sipped her wine and put her glass aside, she pulled me to her saying,

"At least we can have a proper kiss, that can't hurt anyone." And suiting her actions to her words she pressed her lips to mine and probed at my lips with her tongue.

I couldn't believe this was happening, and I automatically opened my mouth and let Mum thrust her tongue in and toy with mine. Acting automatically I reached through the front of her robe and clasped her breast. I was horrified at what I had done and quickly went to remove it, but Mum reached up and held my hand in place. She continued to kiss me and hold me close so I pushed her bra cup down and freed her breast to my touch. I caressed it and pinched her nipple and felt it harden under my touch. I then risked rejection and slipped my hand downwards over her tummy and under the waistband of her panties, waiting all the time for her to stop me, but slowly growing in confidence.

Mum was now holding my erection through the thickness of my pants and under-shorts and this action encouraged me to try to make more progress. I moved my hand a bit lower and ran my fingers through her pubic hair down on to her cunt and rubbed her clitoris. When I inserted my finger between the lips of her cunt I found her to be very wet and I thought my turn had finally arrived. I had managed to get this far with a couple of girlfriends but had never succeeded in having proper intercourse; they were all set on not surrendering up their virgin status to me. Mum obviously didn't have this problem and I thought that provided I could keep her aroused I might be able to fuck her.

When I removed my hand from her crotch and brought my other arm down to slide her panties off, she suddenly came to her senses, released her grasp of me and pushed herself away, a bit panic stricken, and leapt up, crying out,

"No! No! We can't do this! Your Dad's upstairs and this is terribly wrong! We just can't!" She ran upstairs and I heard the bedroom door close behind her.

I sat for a few minutes bemoaning my hastiness and highly disappointed with the way it had all ended. I returned the rest of the wine to the fridge and after locking the door and turning off the lights, headed to my room, intending to wank myself off yet again. I retrieved my trusty hand towel, stripped off my clothes and crawled under the duvet. I was about to switch my bed-lamp off when there was a gentle tap on my door and Mum crept in and closing the door behind her. She was dressed in her nightie and it appeared that she had been in bed and had got up to come and talk to me.

Sitting on the edge of my bed she spoke softly to me,

"I've come to apologise and say how sorry I am for leading you on. I suppose you are cursing me for being a cock tease, but I really didn't mean to get you all excited and then leave you up in the air. I just suddenly realised the consequences of what we were doing. Can you forgive me?"

"It wasn't your fault, I knew you'd had a few drinks and were a bit vulnerable. I was taking advantage of you after what happened in the taxi. It's me that should be apologising to you."

Mum sniffed and looked relieved, I hadn't realised how upset and close to tears she was, so I reached out and patted her hand where it was resting on the bed. This brought a faint smile to her face and she looked down at the bulge my erection was making in the duvet and said,

"If you promise not to take it the wrong way I'll help you with that. Just this once though, and only with my hand. Do you want that?"

I didn't trust myself to speak so I just nodded, eagerly. She reached under the duvet and clasped my cock in her hand and rubbed her hand up and down. I was leaking pre-cum and she smeared this over the head and shaft and went back to rubbing it. Soon she pulled the duvet clear and I was lying there completely naked to her gaze. She cupped my testicles in her free hand and squeezed them gently in rhythm with the strokes of her other hand. I soon reached a climax and spurted my cum all over my groin, belly and over her hand. She took the towel from where I had dropped it and wiped it up, and, after pulling the duvet back over me, bent down and gave me a chaste kiss, said goodnight and left my room, leaving me wondering if it had really happened.

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