Susan in the Forest
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Happily married woman vacationing in the Canadian wilderness, when husband is called away by a business emergency. She is left alone and unprotected.

Susan smiled sweetly at the burly man and thanked him for his kindness, then turned and casually walked down the squared logs cleverly set to serve as the veranda steps to the lodge. The sweet spicy odor of the vast evergreen spruce forest scented the air, almost tangible in its presence. Walking along the forest path bordering the remote lake she concentrated on carrying her head and shoulders straight and tried to control the sway of her hips. Arriving at the cabin she and her husband Tommy had rented for the month she opened the rough slab wooden door, striving to look the untouchable princess as she entered.

Once inside she stamped her feet like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum and flung her daypack across the room where it hit the wall and fell with a thump.

"God Damn it to HELL!" she bit out into the empty room. "Why here! Why now! Why does it have to be in that creeps hunting camp!"

'The Creep', had just told her, with an 'I know something you don't know' smirk on his face, that her husband Tommy had been suddenly called out to civilization. Susan had taken a couple hours to herself on this month long idyll into the North Woods. On her return from that magical walk to an enchanted waterfall he had caught her walking past the lodge on her way to the cabin. While she had been on that lovely lonely stroll up to the falls he explained the plane had arrived, the only physical connection this remote Canadian lake had with civilization. It landed just half an hour after a frantic radio message was received calling Tommy back to his responsibilities. Her husband had tried to get them to wait until she was back, but after forty-five minutes the pilot insisted on lifting off. It had been another hour before her return and she hadn't even heard the plane where she was in that isolated canyon.

The radio and the airplane were the only contact here they had with the outside world. She couldn't even telephone her love!

Randy the Creep had passed on Tommy's message. Her husband would be back early next week. It was Sunday, and she was going to be stuck here in paradise without her husband at least seven days. At least it had been paradise when he was here.

Her only company would be Randy The Creep and his weird wife. Two decidedly unattractive people. She hadn't had a dozen words with Betty, the wife, in the week they had been here on this extended and deserved vacation. You'd think a woman stuck alone out here would want to talk to another woman, but she couldn't even get Betty to discuss the weather.

She wished she had the same problem with Betty's husband. He seemed to be everywhere she went, ogling her and making suggestive remarks. And he always wore a hateful, superior smirk on his face that she wanted to wipe off with a frying pan.

Susan shivered, remembering the evening two nights ago when Tommy and she were returning hand in hand from a late evening stroll. Coming by the lodge they had heard Betty yelling, "Get off me, OFF you randy fool. I don't want it tonight! Stop it! STOP it!"

They had stood statue still, wondering what they should do until they heard the bedsprings. Susan had found herself staring at the lodge as the rhythm of the springs started slow, loud and somehow insistent. Tommy and she seemed to be frozen in place, listening. Soon the springs rhythmic spranging sped up, to be joined by a thumping Tommy later explained was the bed's headboard banging against the wall. She could hardly believe it now, but they had stood listening for a full twenty minutes before they heard a man's voice roaring from the lodge, followed immediately with a woman's impassioned scream; then the sounds had stopped.

Just as they began moving back to their own cabin they heard Betty, "Hope you're satisfied, you fucking old fool!"

And then Randy's voice, "Enough for tonight woman, be ready in the morning."

Giggling she and her husband had run to their cabin like teenagers afraid of getting caught. Tommy had made his gentle love to her that night, welcome as always and wonderful as always. He was slow, never insisting just bringing her along on the adventure. His touches always sent small chills through her body. Finishing together as usual she relaxed beside him, holding her open palm on his chest as he fell asleep. She had lain beside him and slowly found her thoughts turning to what it would be like with a crude, demanding and uncouth animal like Randy. She had shivered, with a strange little lump making itself known in her lower belly. Susan had been confused about the meaning of the shiver.

She just wished Randy wasn't always ogling her. She wasn't unaccustomed to men looking her over, but somehow his stares seemed different. He gave her a real bad case of the heeby-jeebys.

Susan had occasionally wondered what it would be like to have a conqueror like Randy. A man she couldn't refuse, demanding she spread her legs, to open herself to him. To have a big bull of a man then rut into her, paying attention only to his wants, ignoring her except as a wet hole to wrap around his cock and spill his cum into. What would it be like to be taken as a thing, as only a warm wet place to stick a cock? She shuddered again, remembering Randy.

Well, in any case Tommy would be here for the last two weeks of their month long retreat. It would be lonely without him but she certainly had nothing to fear. She just wondered how she would amuse herself without Tommy being there.

Susan trudged over to the lodge for lunch, which turned out to be nothing special. Betty was a good cook, if nothing else. But all she had done for lunch was heat some soup out of a can. The meal fit right in with Susan's blues after loosing Tommy for a week. The good part considering the lack of conversation and her blues was a carafe of wine. Betty had been very solicitous and kept filling her glass. It was surprisingly good wine, and Susan felt much more relaxed after the meal.

After lunch however, things picked up. Randy asked if she remembered the trip up the lake that he had promised them. When Susan admitted she didn't Randy rubbed his hands and chuckled. "If yu liked that walk this mornin', yu're gonna love this. Betty can't cum 'cause she's gotta watch the radio. An she's mad boot thet. But c'mon, les' go!" And he hustled her down to the dock and into the boat.

The boat trip up the lake was spectacular. Lake Cuknwallet, or some such unpronounceable name, was lying between two mountains, which made it scary to fly into. Down here the crags and heavily forested slopes made Susan feel both insignificant and strong. The scenery was almost enough to make her forget she was alone for the next week.

It was only a twenty-minute boat trip to the head of the little lake where Randy carefully nosed the little boat into the mouth of a surprisingly big stream emptying into the lake. Helping her ashore, Randy took her hand to assist her over and through a jumble of huge boulders that had come down from the mountain above them. The route was treacherous enough that Susan was thankful for the hand. Once they were clear of the rockslide Randy set a fast pace. At the rate they were hiking his helping hand was needed and it never occurred to Susan to take back her hand. The wilderness around her was daunting enough that she welcomed even his help.

After picking the way through the boulders, the way led across a steep hillside in deep forest. They had been walking almost an hour when Susan became aware of a scary roar, a thunderous sound coming from just over a little rise in front of them. The volume seemed to increase with every step they took.

Susan was wishing she had worn heavier, warmer clothes. It was chilly in the deep woods and the lightweight yellow nylon top wasn't giving off much heat. It was a little embarrassing, too. Her breasts were nice according to Tommy, but not really big; what were really big at the moment were her nipples. She snuck a look down and they were standing proud and perky, poking out the front of her bra. As they walked the ground got steeper and steeper.

Struggling up the last few feet of the sharp rise, Randy stepped ahead of her to the top. Reaching back he took her hand again and in a sudden heave pulled her up beside him and pushed her a to the edge of a frighteningly steep and sudden drop.

The first thing she was aware of was the noise. It was impossible to speak, you couldn't shout over the sound that just exploded around her. The next thing was the large stream they had been following. As they walked they had been moving up hill from it, but following its course. She was now looking straight across at the stream. It was falling from above her; falling, tumbling roaring over the edge of a cliff that must have been two hundred feet high, and it was almost within arms reach. Susan was stunned by the thunderous din, awed by the spectacular leap and crash of the river falling over the edge, terrified by its boil and roiling in the pool below. It was moments before she was aware that she was being soaked to the skin by the water whipped off the falling river.

Every inch of her was dripping wet, and the icy water she was so cold she was shuddering. Yet she couldn't break away from the spectacle. The spray torn from the water plunging down the cliff was almost solid and freezing cold in the high mountain air of this Canadian wilderness.

They stood together, immobilized by the most awesome sight she had ever seen, stupefied by the thunder of the falls. Other waterfalls were larger, higher, bigger but on no other were you thrust to stand in the center of nature's show. Always before she had wanted to step back to better drink in the sights. Here you were part of it the cataclysmic scene.

The two stood there for half an hour before Randy pulled her gently away, leading her back down the steep rise. Once away from the din he produced a bottle of brandy from a fanny pack she hadn't been aware he was carrying. Uncapping it, he held it to her shivering lips and made her take several large swallows. The brandy's heat helped, but she was shivering violently and was suddenly aware she was close to hypothermia. Looking down at herself she saw the nylon top was nearly transparent but she was so cold she didn't care. The burly man half pulled and half carried her back toward the boat.

She was shivering uncontrollably, distressed little mews were coming from her throat; sounds she heard, but did not recognized as coming from herself.

Lifting her over the rocks at the lake, he stopped in a little area sheltered from the wind. He stood her beside a large flat boulder, warmed by the sun.

The sudden warmth lulled her near frozen body. Before she was aware of what he was doing, he had tossed her jacket to the side and unbuttoned her soggy shirt. Susan automatically tried to push his hands away but he didn't even recognize the weak motions intention. He wouldn't have cared in any event.

Throwing it atop the jacket he began sliding her cold, sodden pants down her legs. She teetered for a moment, her ankles trapped in the wet pants. In her cold daze it took her that long to understood Randy had almost stripped her naked. As his actions penetrated her near frozen mind, Randy unsnapped her bra and slid it off her shoulders.

Her body's shakes were painful. Standing there, nude, her body missed the small heat that had been momentarily trapped by her clothes. With it gone, the wetness from the river now evaporated rapidly, leaving her colder than before. Her body's temperature was now degrees lower than normal.

Susan wrapped her arms around her breasts to hide them as Randy put both hands on her waist and lifted her to sit on the sun warmed sun. The sudden heat at first seemed to sear her skin before her body understood its life saving necessity. He lifted her again, moving her further back on the flat boulder and laying her back onto the sun warmed stone. The heat from the sun warmed granite again felt almost searing against her naked flesh.

While she stared at him open mouthed he yanked her pants off her legs, pulling off her shoes with them. Looking down she saw she was wearing only her socks. Her knickers had gone with the pants.

Randy grinned at her as she lay staring up at him open mouthed, then quickly yanked off the socks, leaving her naked and alone before of the terrifying man.

"We had ta get ya outta them wet clothes," he said, grinning up at her from where he now knelt between her ankles, looking. "Here, take another swig a this," and he pushed the brandy bottle to her lips again. "Take another, ya gotta get some heat in ya, girl," and he managed to get her to gulp down another few swallows.

Chilled to the bone but now feeling the artificial warmth of the brandy that had been forced down her Susan never thought to protest when the fat, ugly man shucked off his clothes, then climbed up next to her on the rock. Randy snuggled next to her, telling her he had to give her some of his body heat.

Shivering with the cold, the hot stone under her skin feeling almost like a griddle, Randy The Creep's warm flesh was too much and she cuddled to him burying her face tightly into the fur of his chest. She couldn't see the lecherous grin on his face as he felt her shapely tits flatten into his chest with the stone hard nipples digging into his flesh. Susan welcomed the man's warm hands as they smoothed down her body, never questioned the broad palms cupping her buttocks and pulling her tight against him, never protesting the palms cupping her frozen breasts.

In her brandy haze she accepted the lips nibbling on her neck and gave no thought to the hard cock pushing into her belly. It wasn't until he softly rolled her back over onto her back, then lay atop her that she suddenly wondered what she was doing, what the Creep was doing. The heat was wonderful, and the chills were no longer from the cold but she was married, happily married. And even if she wasn't she didn't like this man!

Pushing against his chest, she tried to sit up. All she accomplished was opening her legs further and she suddenly felt him between her legs with his solid erection pushing against her labia.

"No! NO! Get off me. Stop it, Randy!" she screamed, beating feebly on his shoulders.

She convulsed again, trying to get out from underneath him. All it did was wiggle her slit against him. The blunt head parted her lower lips and his cockhead slipped inside of her. She was dry, and he made no effort to shove his length further inside her hot channel. But her struggling did it for him. All he need do was hold still and her efforts slowly worked his hard pole up inside her. Her frantic movements sent ripples through her vaginal sheath, which now encased his manhood. Slowly her frantic struggle unknowingly worked herself down his shaft. Suddenly the heat from what felt like a huge log erupted inside her. She suddenly lay still atop the warmth of the stone, the heat from his body atop her now joined by the hot cock inside her which was at once searing her body and giving Susan the life saving warmth she required.

The intruder now massaging her insides gave friction to her cuntal walls and her sheath began lubricating for the fucking they were trained to prepare her for.

Exhausted from her struggle, Susan lay still for a moment, luxuriating in the welcome heat of the shaft so deep inside her, warming her from the inside out, the heat of the fat body atop her. It was only then that she realized Randy was buried in her to the base of his prong; only then her mind became aware of her rape. Or was it a life-giving fuck? What was most horrifying was the sudden knowing that her writhing for the last few moments had not been caused by her desire to escape, but had been because she was hot for this sex. Her nipples were standing up, not now because of the cold. Her whole body was hot! She could feel the sex sweat and slickness between their bodies.

Susan was gasping with the passion being forced on her, unexpected and unwanted, but there. Her hips unconsciously pumped against the hard maleness buried in her belly. Suddenly she didn't care if it was rape as lust overwhelmed her. She had to have the cum now building in her loins. Randy's hot mouth covered hers and she was frantically kissing him, her tongue in his mouth and her body bucking against his.

It didn't last long. His big, hot log banged again and again into her hole, shaking her whole body with his fucking. Her body surged against his, and her long, slim strong legs wrapped around his ass. His entire weight was on her and welcomed. Suddenly they were both there. She heard herself scream, and she was never a screamer. But she screamed over and over again. His roar mixed with her screams and dimly she heard echoes coming off the mountains around them.

Collapsing under him she felt him roll off of her and they lay side by side gasping for breath after their mutual orgasm.

Still half drunk from the brandy and stunned by what had happened, even more frightened by her own actions, she lay unmoving beside this slimy man. For some reason she was never to understand she just accepted him when he rolled over atop her again, beginning again to "fuck her good" as Randy put it. It wasn't good, but he gave her another huge orgasm, and that was good.

Growing tired of Randy's hands freely roaming her body Susan finally forced herself up. Picking up her clothes they seemed colder and clammier than when Randy had stripped them off her. Randy took them out of her hands, telling her they would make her even colder and promised a heavy jacket to wear once they got to the boat. Carrying both of their clothes he half led, half carried her naked and barefoot out of the boulder field to the beach where the boat was drawn up.

As Susan stepped clear of the shelter of the boulder field she felt the gentle wind coming over the lake and off the sun warmed forest surrounding her. It was warm, but to her body it felt icy cold. Tears were forced from her, and she couldn't control the little moans.

True to his word, once the naked pair were back at the boat he produced a heavy jacket. It covered her to just below her ass and smelled of his sweat and maleness, but was certainly better than shivering in the clothes still soaked with spray from the falls.

Not another word was said as they motored back down the lake. Sitting on the wooden seat, facing Randy where he sat naked on the back seat running the little outboard motor, she couldn't keep her eyes off his groin. His big balls lay nestled atop his thick, fat, fish-belly white thighs. His cock lay hanging off to the side, still noticeably slimy from their combined juices. First her stomach would churn at the thought of that thing being inside her, then a shudder of pleasure would chase that thought away as she remembered the searing, life giving heat of it buried so deep inside her welcoming, needful belly. Just moments before they reached the dock she watched as the thing began to grow. Her stomach lurched, she didn't know if it was from fear or anticipation.

At the dock, Randy just smirked at her and told her he would see her at dinnertime. Susan padded barefoot to her cabin, aware of her ass cheeks swaying nakedly on view as she walked. Still wearing only the heavy mackinaw the raped woman threw herself on her bed and wept.

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