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My Husband Turned Me Into a Black Cock Slut


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: A missionary's daughter and newly wed-wife is turned into a black cock slut by her husband, so that she is black bred by her black master owner.

My name is Laura and I live in a suburb of Los Angeles. My husband, Jimmy, is a police officer there for about 2 years now. When I was newly married I was 24 and my husband was 26. All his life Jimmy wanted to be a police officer. Our marriage was only 6 months along when Jimmy got accepted to the force. I was so happy for him. We were so much in love it was silly. My parents were missionaries and I grew up overseas. I loved where I grew up, but I really missed the states and was happy to come back here for college. I have medium length blond hair and small A-cup breasts, but despite that fact, I never lacked for male attention in college. But I can't say I was very sexually active until my marriage.

When Jimmy had been on the force for a few months I noticed he was acting funny for a while, and I finally asked him what the problem was in bed one night. He told me he was experiencing some hazing problems at work. I asked him what kind of hazing but he refused to go into it, saying he would handle it. He didn't though because a week later he was really mad and slamming doors and stuff like that. I told him he had to tell me what the problem was or get out of the house for a while as he was scaring me. He told me that there was a tradition that the new cops had to go through to be accepted. If they didn't they weren't going anywhere in the department. That the promotions wouldn't be coming along that normally would. I asked him what kind of tradition he was talking about. He finally got a beer and sat down and told me that there was a poker party the new guys were expected to throw for some of the older members of the force.

I said that there wasn't anything wrong with that, why would he be so upset? He told me that the wives or girlfriends of the new cops were expected to "entertain" the other cops at the party by dancing around naked and being alone with each of them for 10 minutes or by dancing on the table at the last hand and stripping and then having an hour alone with the winner of the last hand. I understood why he was so upset now... We hadn't been married a year yet and this was pretty wild. It wasn't what I expected a police force should be doing in their off-time. I mean I was raised by missionaries for God's sake. This was way beyond anything I had ever thought about in my wildest fantasies.

Jimmy was pretty quiet. I told him maybe he could look for a job in another city nearby, but he told me that he would have to log some time at our city first and hope for a good recommendation from someone in the force. Then he asked me if I thought I could just do it once and it not affect our marriage? I was flabbergasted! How could he say that? Could he really mean that he would want me to act like a slut and be alone with a guy or guys and do whatever?????

We went to bed pretty silent. As we lay there in the darkness I though about sacrifice and how it would just be once for my husband and it would help him in his job and I could just forget about it after that. I reached over and touched his cock. I rubbed it a little, feeling it get hard in my hand. I whispered that I would do it for him if he wanted me too. He was instantly rock hard and climbed on me. He stopped only to put a condom on before he slid his cock in my pussy. He fucked me hard for about ten minutes, then exploded in me. I took the condom off his cock and kissed it and licked the rest of the come off it. I told him I would do it, but he couldn't hold it against me, and I would act like I liked it for his sake, but I didn't really want another man besides him. He thanked me and thanked me more than once, and said he would find out more details and get a date set up. I had told my husband that I wasn't going to like it, but in truth the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I had never done anything so...wicked...before. I knew that whoever won the last hand would want to, would expect to have sex with me, so I thought it might be fun to get it out of my system as I had never really had much experience before.

My husband had more details when he got home the next night. The party was to be set for a Saturday night in two weeks. I was to wear a "revealing outfit" but it was to be my choice on whether I had to entertain each man alone for ten minutes or would be with the winner of the last hand. I asked my husband what would happen if he won the last hand, and he told me that I wouldn't have to do anything but dance a song on the table and drop my panties on the table before the last hand.

I was getting pretty worked up before the big day, and fortunately had just finished my period 2-3 days before the party so that my pad wouldn't show. I decided to just do the last hand thing and not have to show all the men my body or be with all of them, even if it was just for ten minutes. I asked my husband how many men might be coming and he told me that there were 5 other men besides him.

My husband always likes for me to always wear nail polish anyway, so I decided to re-do my nail polish. I picked out a bright scarlet color that he had bought me, but that I had never put on before, just for him; and I painted my finger nails, and my toenails as well with that 'slutty' colored polish. I was astonished by how that color changed the appearance of both my hands and my feet and toes, and how the sight of that polish on me was already affecting my attitude about this night. By now, I was actually starting to look forward to the evening at which I would be main entertainment. I picked out a black miniskirt and a low cut blouse. I didn't wear a bra as my breasts are very small anyway. I found a pair of medium heel opened toed slide-type sandals that my husband had bought me, so that my red-painted toenails, as well as my fingernails, would show prominently.

Anyway, I had the house nice and clean when all men showed up, I was introduced to them and they were all OLD MEN! The youngest was at least 45 years old, and the oldest was probably in his 50's! I felt a lot of revulsion at the thought of having to sleep with a man who was as old as my father. But the biggest surprise was that the last guy to show up was Black! I could only hope I didn't have to go into my bedroom with him... I was starting to root for my husband to win that last hand, instead of someone else.

The men smoked cigars and drank whisky and beer until about midnight when the Black man, Lt. Lawrence Jackson announced it was time for the last hand. I had been fetching beers and refilling drinks and emptying ashtrays all night and was about ready for bed when he said this. I was instantly awake, I guess I had put it out of my mind a little as the evening had dragged on. I was escorted to the table where Lt. Jackson made a little speech, congratulating my husband on joining the force and getting involved with it in such a big way, which caused a little outburst of laughter. He then turned to me and asked if I was aware of what went on before the last hand.

I nodded, and he asked me to say for all of the guys what that was. I told him that I was supposed to dance on the table for a song, then pull my panties down and leave them on the table, and the winner of the last hand would get an hour alone with me. He smiled, so I kicked off my sandals, and he helped me up on the table. I danced to a song someone had put on the stereo, then pulled my panties off quickly and stepped out of them leaving them on the table. My husband helped me down and I stood off to the side, bare-assed, waiting for the outcome.

Lt. Jackson had the deal and the men all got their cards. It was just 5 cards and the highest hand won, nothing fancy. All the cards were dealt face up and my husband got two kings and I was feeling a lot better when Lt. Jackson got his second ace. My heart fell and he ended up with two aces and two deuces. Two pair. My husband didn't want to look at me as he started to pick up the cards. Lt. Jackson stood up and said he would see everyone at work later, and took me by the arm and led me to our bedroom, where he locked the door behind us.

He asked me if I had ever been with a black man before and I told him I had not. I asked him how old he was and he told me 46. My God, he was two years older than my dad. He told me to take my clothes off and get on the bed and he would be out of the bathroom in a minute. I did as I was told, and laid on the bed under the covers with the lights out. He came out of the bathroom and turned the lights back on, and pulled the covers completely off the bed, telling me I wouldn't be needing anything on me besides him.

His dick was already mostly erect, and it was HUGE! I had never seen anything like it before. It wasn't completely hard but was already as thick as my wrist. I must have looked scared as he laughed and told me that it would fit inside me just fine before he was done, and I would be begging for more. He got next to me and told me to suck him hard. I told him I really didn't like to do that and he laughed again and said I had a lot to learn. That the deal was, I was his for one hour to do ANYTHING he wanted with, and I needed to get used to that real quick since I was wasting HIS time. Well, I had agreed to this party outcome and I couldn't let my husband down, so I supposed that I should live up to the deal, and agree to do what Lt. Jackson wanted of me.

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