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Poolhall Gangbang


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband and bride bicker over their wedding night activities, and end up having the evening planned for them...

"There is no way you're going in there dressed like that!" I proclaimed, drinking in the sight of my new wife, all 5'3, 110 pounds of her. Her body was curved beautifully - sometimes I still couldn't believe I'd ended up with her. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice set of measurements topped it off: 38,27,37. She was dressed in some very sexy cut-off shorts that deliciously hugged the line of her shapely ass, wonderfully set off her legs, and framed her virgin cunt with red embroidered butterflies on each thigh. As I looked her over again, taking in the subtle way the white halter top showed off her tanned breasts, I again thought to myself how truely lucky I am. A virgin and a knockout at 23 wanted me... and here we were, the first day of our honeymoon, standing outside what looked like the sleaziest bar in Las Vegas. But with three shots, she was already rocked, and she wanted to drink. I don't think it occured to her how luscious she looked.

"I'm 23 years old, Ethan, I'll do as I like!" she stated. That was my Amber. Turning on one heel, she spun around and those gorgeous hips swayed towards the door. Of course, I followed, both because I didn't want to lose sight of that ass, and because I had to protect her. And I needed a fuck, but that's beside the point. Sighing as I followed her, I wished we'd just gone back to the hotel and fucked. All day she told me "Tonight..." Well, the sun was down, damnit. Damnit.

Pool was the weapon of choice... I'd dropped too many I-wanna-piece-of-ass hints I think, and prolonging the wait was her way of getting back at me for annoying her. I think she was 90% teasing, but sex -was- a big thing for her -- we'd been together, sex-less, for 2 years. And tonight was the night. I was half hard just thinking about it.

I decided to just let her have her fun, so I sat at the bar and watched a little TV. I knew she could hold her own on the pool table, and for a virgin she sure can flirt, so I just ignored her most of the time. But 2 hours and 6 beers later, I started hearing loud slapping sounds and laughing from theo ther room so I got off my stool and wandered over. There was my Amber, bent over a pool table, with a well-built, tall, leather-clad, biker-looking man spanking her lovely, upturned ass. She was laughing that ass off as he did this, as were the rest of the guy's buddies, and Amber made a sharp "Oohh!" sound as the mad made one slap into a deep squeeze. To my shock, she shimmied her hips and backed up, like she was begging for it... this is when I started walking over. I couldn't blink before he hit her again, slapping his huge palm down on the curve of her ass.

"Excuse me," I heard myself say, tapping the Stranger on the shoulder. "She's my wife."

"Yeah," the guy replied, apparently unimpressed. "Mind if I...?" Trailing off into a chuckle, he smacked my wife's ass again and took a swig of his beer. So did she. She turned around then, halfway, leaving her butt in position for the Stranger who resumed spanking it.

"Honey, this feels really good...!" she whispered to me, between flinches. Now I was getting mad. I tried going for Stranger's hand before he could touch my wife again, but two from behind me instantly had me in a hold, blade at my throat. My wife went on, hissing lightly at a particularly hard slap, "I think they want to fuck me..."

"Damn straight, sweetie!" one of the men yelled from across the room, locking the only visible door there. Stranger was going to try and be diplomatic now.

"Come on man, how 'bout 20 bucks for a shot at your old lady?" he drawled, sounding half-drunk, before lewdly running his fingers along her crack. His other hand fished a 20 out of his pocket and he offered it to me, chuckling a bit and gesturing for the other two to let me go. Disgusted, I shrugged them off and tried going for Amber instead.

"Come on," I said to her, taking her arm. She didn't resist, but we didn't get far.

"You can go, man," the Stranger said, appearing as the leader of this little group. "But yer bitch stays here." Knives were still drawn and flashing and one was in Stranger's hand now, halting my wife in shock. The reality of this started to sink in -- they were going to rape her. I looked to her, and she looked a little scared, but she didn't vocally resist so within moments, that knife was cutting her blouse off. Two men pulled me off to one side and two more dragged a mattress into the center of the floor... from the look of it, this wasn't an uncommon thing. Crushing her tiny lips in a kiss, Stranger grabbed her ass with both hands, shoving his tongue down her throat as her blouse fell away. Oh god... such beautiful breasts... pert little nipples, just like I knew they would be. And now they were pressed against another man's chest. He pulled away from her then, smiling with a definate gloat, looking over her like a trophy.

"You look like you need a good dicking, baby!" he roared haughtily, rubbing the bulge that was now visible in his jeans.

"N-no..." she started, "I-I've never..." Uh oh.

"Never?!" Stranger demanded in disbelief, looking from one of us to the other. Amber shook her head mutely. "Pencil dick can't even score on his wife?!" He laughed. "Well don't worry, we'll break her in good!" We? I looked around. Laughing and drinking, all around the room men were starting to take their clothes off or get comfortable in chairs, cock in hand.

Stranger grabbed Amber's nipples and twisted, hard enough to make her yelp softly, and the noise drew nothing but more jeers and more horny yelling. It was getting to be clear that they would have their way, despite how I struggled, so I eventually stopped. They put me into a chair and tied me down, moving me closer at Stranger's beckon.

"Let the little prick watch," he chuckled, taking another swig of his beer. The others present seemed to think this a good idea... humiliation. So there I sat, helpless, watching my virgin wife be layed out on her back and stripped down. Stranger was working on her shorts, taking his sweet time to savor the curves of her hips and waist, inching the zipper down achingly slowly. With a nasty, perverted smile on his face, he asked her, "You -ever- had a cock in you, baby?"

"No," was the barely-heared, whispered reply.

"Mmmmmm..." Stranger murmured, sounding pleased, as he pulled her shorts free of her body. She lay there nearly naked, hands groping everywhere, with Stranger between her legs. "We got us a cherry tonight!" he proclaimed, hooking his thumbs around the edges of her panties and then they too were tossed, along with the rest of her clothes, into my lap. Even from there I could smell her pussy...

"Pretty," Stranger was saying, running a finger along her pouting cunt lips. She shivered in response, squirming a little as if trying to get away, but two pairs of hands held her securely in place and Stranger continued the examination of his prize. He was right - she had a very pretty pussy. She'd shaved most of it, leaving the delicately pink labia exposed and glistening, topped with a few lovely blonde curls. He was starting to open her and stretch his body out... it looked like he intented to be the first to ever eat her pussy, as well as the first to fuck it. And he did. Nuzzling his nose in between her silky lips, he started licking softly at her clit, making her jump sharply every time he hit it dead on. His eyes were on me, piercing me with the knowledge that he would taste every crevice and sample every pleasure of her, taking every virginity he could find. He writhed his tongue all around her, working it against her openning and then inside... She felt her first penetration. Stranger's tongue. Without hesitation, he shoved his tongue as far into her as he could, making these appriciative little moaning sounds.

"Tastes so good... all wet and hot..." he mumbled, hooking his arms around her body to help hold her. He must've devoured her forever, or at least it seemed that way to me, watching this huge man help himself to my wife's untouched body... watching her writhe and twitch... But eventually he came up for air and when he did, I saw his face almost covered in her shiny pussy juices. She'd gotten off on it. On being violated. He was licking his lips.

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