Kathy Carlson
Chapter 36

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 36 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

"Katherine Carlson, who is that incredible person you brought out here with you?" Hank Conroy exclaimed. "She is simply marvelous! You should have seen her this afternoon on the beach with Kenny and Kathy. The kids utterly adore her. Who is she?"

"She is one of the richest women in the world, Hank," Kathy replied softly. "She's also my slave. Did you see her body? It's better than it was five days ago but she is still cut to ribbons." Kathy then told her new sister of the events involving Andy. She ended by saying, "She's convinced she's the personification of everything evil in the world. What do you think?"

"Sis," Hank said, "instead of answering your question directly, let me tell you what she did with Kathy this afternoon. First of all, I told her that she was Kathy's and Kenny's slave. As a result, after putting sun protection on the children, she had to allow them to spread it on her, too. She was in tears when she told me later that they focused particularly on the welts on her body. First, they insisted on kissing her cuts.

"When she objected, Kathy drew herself up to her full three feet or so in height and imperiously reminded Andy that she was her slave. She also pointed out that her mother always kissed her boo-boos to make them better — and it worked. Then they put on the lotion. She said that the children had the most tender touch she could imagine. Anyway, when that was done, she played with them in the water and in the sand in a way I've never seen an adult play with small children — not even you, if you can imagine! She was just so great!

"Later, when it was time for their naps, do you know what happened? Kenny slept on her shoulder while Kathy slept face-down on top of her. She used Andy's tit for a pillow and said that all Andy did was gently caress her tiny body with her left hand while she stroked Kenny with her right. All Kathy could talk about was the marvelous feeling of being stroked while she listened to and could feel Andy's heart beating below her. That's how she went to sleep.

"But, Kath, you know little Kathy. When she says a person is beautiful, she's talking about the person inside. On the outside she could be ugly as sin but Kathy would still call her pretty if she was a good person. She said, 'Mommy, Slave Andy is the goodest person in the whole world!' She told me that the neatest thing was kissing her and being kissed and said, 'It's exactly like Aunt Kathy, Mommy, only maybe a little bit better.' Darling, does that answer your question?"

"It sure does," Kathy replied. "Actually, all it does is confirm something I was 99 percent sure about anyway. Incidentally, I heard something about Jack Fletcher spending time with your older two. How did that work out?"

Hank began to laugh and then her laughter tapered off to giggles. Finally she said, "That was funny! Sam just got home a few minutes ago. In fact, Jack left just before I called. Anyway, this morning he played golf with them. Well, you know the old story about the shoemaker's children needing shoes? Believe it or not, Jack helped both Sam and Tommy with their golf games! Tom says he is a superb golfer."

Again Hank chuckled and added, "Do you know how he describes Jack's game? He said, 'He's like Uncle Ken, only with control!' What he means is he has Ken's power and distance with an approximation of your control around the greens. Enough said?

"Well anyway, when they finished their round, they had lunch and then Tommy disappeared to join some of his friends, leaving Sam alone with Jack. Then, my precocious daughter insisted on going to the nude beach. There, she told him to give her lessons in lovemaking."

Hank paused and said, "Remember Marie and Tommy? Well, I think something similar was in the back of Sam's mind. Anyway, she insisted that Jack fondle her little tits — they're not so little anymore, by the way. She is really filling out. Then she ordered him to tease her clit. He did and she says he got her off — for the first time in her life. When she's relaxing on the beach, she begins to fondle his cock and balls, driving the poor man absolutely crazy!"

Then Hank began to chuckle again. "There was one thing my darling daughter forgot, though. His slavery to her ended at three o'clock.

"Anyway, at 3:01 Jack stops suddenly, picks her up like she's weightless, puts her over his knee and spanks the hell out of her. He told her that she was being a prick-teaser and that was both mean and nasty. Finally, he slipped on his pants and literally carried her all the way home in his arms. When he put her down in the living room, he took her in his arms, gave her the most loving kiss I could ever imagine and said, 'Sam, you're going to make some very lucky guy an utterly spectacular wife. Just don't rush it, okay?' Then Sam thanked him for everything — including the spanking. She said that his rough hands felt utterly marvelous on her body and finally said that she had never had such a kiss of purest love from a man and didn't think a man was capable of it, but Jack did! He thanked her, winked and left the house.

"Kathy, I don't know anything of Jack's background, but you certainly know Sam. She's the one who figured out how you motivated Ken in Vietnam. Sam said that looking into Jack's grey eyes is the same as looking into your brown ones: she sees the same goodness and love."

Hank paused for a minute and said, "Kath, the bottom line is that those two are very fine people. What's going to happen to them?"

"If it works the way I hope it will," Kathy replied, "they will have the happiness that they both deserve and for which Andy has suffered so much. Do you know that woman is still in terrible pain?"

"As a matter of fact," Hank replied thoughtfully, "I do. Little Kathy was telling me about looking into Andy's beautiful eyes and seeing her love and goodness — and something else, back deep. Kathy, that 'something else' is constant pain. I'm sure of it. But what's going to happen now?"

"I'm going to try to have some fun with Andy tonight. Because the Trangs are out here on their vacation, too, she's been displaced by them in our suite and in our bed. Since it's Christmas Eve, I am giving her to Judy and Mike for the night. It may be fun. Anyway, are we playing golf with you and Jim tomorrow? After church?"

They agreed on the arrangements and were ending the call when Hank added, "By the way! You just reminded me of why I'm mad at you. Just because of one dumb golf tournament, Jim won't give us any strokes anymore. And it's all your fault, Katherine Carlson! Hell, In spite of regularly winning the Hawaiian Womens Amateur I still conned him into giving me twenty-seven strokes. Why in hell did you have to go and ruin it? You impaired what used to be a reliable source of extra money for me."

Giggling, Kathy replied, "It's about time you did some work for your money ... And being on your back with your legs spread in the air doesn't count!"

Moments after receiving Kathy's call, Andy knocked on her door. As soon as she was in the room, she was on her knees kissing Kathy's feet. "Stop that! Andy, this is embarrassing. You must quit it."

Since Kathy had come to the door nude, while Andy was only wearing the unisex bathrobe the hotel provided, she said cheerfully, "Okay, Mistress." Then rising to her knees she held Kathy by her firm buttocks and began gently to lick her cunt. Kathy was so startled she didn't do anything at first except enjoy the entirely unexpected attention.

Then she gently pushed Andy's head away, dropped to her knees and enfolded the woman in her arms. Although her initial reaction was to struggle, Kathy was very strong and just held her as she locked her lips on Andy's and kissed her.

Kathy was only testing the report she had just received from Hank, and then confirmed what little Kathy had told her mother: Andy was just loaded with love and goodness. Enjoying the sensation, Kathy worked her lips on Andy's and probed into her mouth with her tongue. As soon as she did, she tasted some of her own love juices that were still there. Andy had stopped struggling so Kathy lowered her hand and pinched Andy's ass hard. Again Kathy was surprised.

Andy's lips pulled away suddenly as the girl yelped loudly. Then she quickly kissed Kathy on the lips and said, "Thank you, Mistress. I am pleased that you now find my ass shapely enough to pinch."

Kathy just grinned wryly and took the girl over to the sofa. To Andy's embarrassment, Marie Trang served coffee to the two women, as usual, wearing her daytime "uniform" of a large white bow pinned to the back of her hair and nothing else.

After quickly explaining what she wanted Andy to do, Kathy turned her over to Marie for a detailed explanation. She wanted Judy and Mike treated in the same way the girls had treated Ken and herself on the first night they were at Kapalua. Marie told Andy what to do and then gave her a tiny bottle of clear liquid and explained what it did. Andy grinned and slipped it into the pocket of her robe.

At ten o'clock that night, responding to telephoned orders from Kathy, Andy knocked on the door of Judy and Mike's suite. When Judy opened the door, Andy dropped to the floor and kissed the girl's feet. Rising she said, "Mistress Judy, my mistress has given me to you for the night. I am now your property to do with as you will. However, I hope you will allow me to assist in your lovemaking with Major Morris."

Judy vaguely knew what to expect — Kathy had told her that Andy would be coming — but had no idea of just what form her assistance would take. Following Judy into the sitting room, to his great embarrassment, she kissed Mike's feet as well. Then she asked him to take a shower in the second bathroom while she began to work on Judy. He retreated into the suite's second bedroom while Andy accompanied Judy into the master bedroom and then into the bath.

After first helping Judy off with her clothes, Andy shrugged off the terry bathrobe which was all she was wearing. Then she turned on the shower, adjusted the water temperature and asked Judy to get in. The girl did and began to close the shower door behind her when Andy came into the shower with her. Using a very soft washcloth, Andy carefully scrubbed the girl's body and most carefully cleaned her vagina and asshole. Then she shampooed Judy's hair and conditioned it, rinsed it off, and turned off the shower. To Judy's surprise, when they left the shower, Andy just ran the bathtub with water as hot as she thought Judy could stand. As the water ran into the tub, she added a bath oil with a very high concentration of musk. After helping the girl into the tub, she left her to soak and went to assist Mike with his preparations.

When she entered the bathroom, Mike let out a little yelp. He was about to get out of the shower but then retreated back in, closing the translucent-glass door behind him. To his shock, Andy just opened the door and got into the shower with him. For Mike it was his first look at Andy's naked body since that awful night when he had helped Ken and Kathy get her down from the torture frame. Then he had been so overcome by the blood all over her body he had not gotten a good look at her.

Now he did and was impressed by what he saw. Although the marks of the whip were still very visible, now they were just bright pink stripes crisscrossing all over her golden body. In the shower he retreated to the corner and then began to laugh at the situation: he was being terrified by a gorgeous naked woman. Ruefully he laughed and explained the situation to Andy who grinned and started to giggle.

"Mike, if I promise not to rape you here in the shower, will you let me help?"

He agreed and Andy began to wash him off in the same way she had worked on Judy. This time, though, she concentrated on his genitals. After washing his hair and rinsing him off, before she would let him leave the shower, she tenderly kissed each scar on his body, licking and kissing the newest jagged scar which was still showing pink on his otherwise deep tan.

After putting Mike in the bathtub to soak, she returned to Judy in the other bathroom. This time she helped her out of the tub, carefully dried her off and led her into the bedroom where she had set up a massage table. Using a great deal of musk oil, Andy carefully massaged Judy's beautiful golden body. When she was almost finished, before applying musk oil directly to the girl's slit, she lowered her head and began to run her tongue into it. After licking the girl's clit, she began to probe into her vagina.

Judy was on her back on the table when Andy began working on her with her tongue. Pulling herself up, she rested on her elbows and exclaimed, "Slave Andy, what are you doing!?"

As she said it her loins started to shake in a surprisingly intense orgasm. Before lifting her head, Andy carefully sucked and licked up all of the girl's cuntal juices. Then she looked up and said with a warm smile, "Mistress, you are utterly delicious! I certainly hope Master Mike regularly drinks your nectar."

Judy was nonplused and didn't reply. Andy eased her back down flat and finished her massage by carefully oiling the girl's body with musk oil. By this time, Judy was so relaxed she had fallen asleep. After carefully covering the girl with a light blanket Andy went back to the other bathroom.

After drying Mike off, she put him on another massage table and began to work on him. Andy loved the feel of his huge, powerful muscles under her fingers. When she got to his wounded shoulder, she asked him to move his arm in special ways while she held his shoulder tightly. As she suspected, there were signs of scar tissue which she worked on with the greatest care. Mike, too, fell asleep on the table. Before leaving him, Andy again gently kissed each of the man's wounds.

Back in the other room Andy took the blanket off Judy's body while the girl still slept. Taking a tiny rouge pot, Andy carefully reddened the girl's lips. She repeated it on her nipples after first teasing them into an erection. This stimulation started to awaken the girl, but she remained asleep. Then Andy rouged her labia after first using a magnifying glass to examine carefully every inch of the girl's loins and then using a pair of tweezers to delicately remove a few new stray pubic hairs.

Finally, Andy took the tiny bottle Marie had given her and opened it. Following the girl's instructions, she put the smallest amount on her finger and then worked on her labia, her clitoris and then the mouth of the girl's vagina. Kissing Judy on the lips awakened the sleeping girl. While she was still groggy, Andy helped her off the massage table and then to the bed that had already been prepared.

Because the sliding door was open, the room was now warm and fragrant with the smell of tropical flowers that were blooming right outside the room. When the girl was lying down again with her head on the pillow, Andy placed a white carnation behind the girl's ear and worked another very small one into her pubic hair. Judy was fast asleep again when Andy returned to where she had left Mike.

This time she concentrated on his genitals. Using the musk oil, she massaged his cock and soon had it in a raging erection. Then she worked on his balls, carefully and gently massaging them between her fingers. The stimulation had awakened Mike who lifted himself up on his elbows to watch.

Andy returned her attention to his cock and worked to maximize his erection. Finally, she was rewarded when a drop of fluid appeared on its tip. To Mike's chagrin, she carefully licked it off and said, "Master, you are ready for my mistress. With luck you may rip her apart. Are you ready, sir?"

When the two returned to the master bedroom, the substance Andy had put in Judy's cunt had taken effect. Now the girl was awake and her loins were undulating as she felt the heat. Without even feeling herself she could tell that already her cunt was running rivers, and she desperately needed Mike's cock. Just then he appeared with Andy behind him.

"Master," Andy said softly, "your mistress awaits you. Please make her happy."

What followed was the most exquisite lovemaking Andy had ever seen. Mike knelt between Judy's now widespread thighs and she quickly positioned his raging erection at the mouth of her vagina. In just two strokes he had buried it to the root. After moving inside her Judy soon began to have a series of orgasms each more intense than the one before. Finally Mike had her in continuous orgasm. Now she was screaming unintelligibly while her loins were in continuous spasm. Her arms were flailing and she raked Mike's back with her nails.

In a moment of lucidity she screamed, "Oh Mike, fuck me! ... Split me in half!" Finally, after having released a bit of his semen several times earlier, Mike could control himself no longer and released in a flood of warm cum. The sensation totally overpowered Judy who fainted only moments after his release began.

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