Kathy Carlson
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Ken Carlson was worried. Instead of studying his law books, he was going over the family finances and he didn't like what he was seeing. He was attending law school as a veteran, and was receiving veterans' education benefits. In addition he had a small scholarship, a number of student loans and was using his savings to help pay for his education. It was not working. Unfortunately, he thought, the budget can't handle two people. It's just not working! Try as he might, he couldn't make it come out.

Turning in his chair, he looked at his wife, Kathy. Curled up on the sofa, she was watching one of her daytime soap operas. Ken had met his wife, the former Katherine Hughes, at the state university they both attended near their homes in northern California close to the Oregon border. When they first met, she had been a freshman while he was a just-commissioned second lieutenant. He had been assigned temporarily to the school's ROTC detachment while awaiting his orders to Ranger school.

Thinking about it, he guessed theirs had been a comfortable meeting. They were both from very small towns in the nation's most populous state. Both were uncomfortable in crowds and even more uncomfortable with the slickness of urban living. Now they were married and had a small apartment in Los Angeles while Ken attended UCLA Law School.

His admission to UCLA was a stroke of luck, he admitted to himself. By merest coincidence, the dean of the law school was a college classmate of Ken's division commander and an Army veteran himself. When his commanding officer wrote a personal letter of recommendation, and the school leaned hard on his veteran's preference, Ken was admitted by the skin of his teeth. Of course, the other side of the coin was that his first year at law school had been an academic disaster: He had just barely managed to stay in school, holding on by his fingernails. That was probably why he and Kathy had gotten married that summer. He had been feeling so lonely and so lost in the big city and at school.

While Ken was going over their finances, Kathy was sitting across the room pretending to watch soap operas. In fact, she was trying to cope with that strange sensation in her groin again. It had been occurring with increasing frequency whenever she looked at Ken. Now it happens almost every time. What's wrong with me? she wondered. It's as if ... as if ... as if I want him inside me! In my cunt! She reddened at the very thought.

She never used words like that and didn't want even to think them. She used to think about asking her doctor about the strange sensation, but the subject was much too embarrassing for her even to mention. Like so many girls, she had picked up her knowledge of sex from listening to other girls talk. From them she had long ago concluded that women were depositories for men's sexual fluids — that's all. She had heard whispers about people doing other things in bed — and even having sex in places other than a bed. Although she wasn't exactly sure what the other things were, she did know that nice girls never did them. Nevertheless, as she looked at Ken, she desperately wanted to go to him and comfort him. It was apparent that he was very upset and it could only be about money.

Because money was so tight, Kathy spent her days in the apartment while Ken took their old car to school. To pass her time alone she watched game shows and soap operas on television — the entertainment was free. Surreptitiously, she studied Ken and again realized how lucky she was. She had been a young freshman and he had already graduated when they first met. Perhaps it was their innate shyness that paradoxically drew them together. When Ken left to report for Ranger training, she had written to him. Her letters continued through Ranger school and then when he went overseas.

She reddened again thinking how school-girlish her letters had been, but nevertheless Ken still saved them and refused to allow her to throw them out. She remembered vividly the awful fear and sense of loss she felt when she received his first letter from the hospital after he had been wounded in action. He was evacuated to an Army hospital in the Philippines, later back to Hawaii, and finally to Hanneman Army Hospital in San Francisco. Since she lived in the little town of Enterprise just below the redwood country, San Francisco was a long way away. Nevertheless, she finally persuaded her parents to let her take the car and drive down to see him.

When she arrived at the hospital, she didn't know what to do. First, both the city and the medical center were enormous. Telling herself that she was in love with a hero who would have nothing to do with a coward, she had screwed up her courage and entered the hospital. After that it wasn't so bad. But then, when finally she saw Ken for the first time, she lost control. In spite of knowing what a man thinks of a woman who throws herself at him, she had no choice. Running into his arms, she just buried her face in his chest while she cried uncontrollably.

He had wrapped his right arm around her and just held her as she cried. Finally regaining control, she lifted her face and he kissed her. That kiss was so wonderful she still remembered it. She could still feel the electricity and hear the bells. Flustered, she had taken out her tiny handkerchief and tried to dry her tears from his bathrobe, while at the same time trying to apologize for her behavior. Ken had just smiled at her warmly and told her she was cute.

At any rate, that was the time when Kathy became convinced that Ken was the man for her. He is so brave and tall and handsome, she thought. Ken was six feet three and weighed 215. He was very muscular with very broad shoulders over a slim waist and hips. He had brown hair and warm brown eyes.

Thinking of his brown hair, she frowned because her hair and eyes were brown, too. Although her hair had body and a natural wave, she thought it was terribly ordinary. Kathy was a tall girl at five feet eight and she weighed 125. Her skin was clear and unblemished but her figure was very ordinary. Her breasts, although rather large, were nicely shaped with tiny little up-thrusting pink nipples.

Because they were so soft and white, though, she needed the support of a good bra. In fact, from long before she married Ken, she had been embarrassed by the size of her chest. Moreover, ever since adolescence she had also been embarrassed about her height. As a result, she had adopted a posture of slumping her shoulders forward, causing her breasts to sag, and thus minimizing their apparent size as well as her height. Ken claimed to like her breasts, although he called them tits once. She had slapped him when he did.

Just thinking about Ken, she felt that strange sensation in her groin again. Actually, she was terrified of sex. Oddly, it wasn't the pain — except for the very first time, when he had taken her virginity, there had been none. Rather, she was afraid of her reactions. Can I be a ... a ... nymphomaniac? she wondered. Although she knew how married women were supposed to behave with their husbands, she had a terrible time.

After nearly a year of marriage, Kathy had finally developed a process that seemed to work — at least it enabled her to survive. First, since she couldn't really trust herself, she had to minimize her number of exposures to sex. This she did by restricting it to Saturday night. At any other time, she used what was apparently the standard feminine excuse, a headache. She grinned to herself because she had managed to get a pharmacist to give her a bottle of placebos the size of aspirin tablets. Since Ken always brought her two aspirin when she complained of a headache, she had hidden the real aspirin and substituted the placebos in the aspirin bottle.

The second element was to make herself as ugly as possible. This she handled by putting on face cream and putting her hair up in rollers before getting into bed on Saturday night. This was something she had been doing almost from the first time they arrived at their apartment. It seemed to control Ken's passion somewhat.

Their honeymoon had consisted of the drive down to Los Angeles from Enterprise. Kathy lost her virginity at an inexpensive motel where they stopped the first night. Ever since, to further her plan she usually wore a ratty nightgown to bed and just pulled it up to her groin. That was easy, because there had never been the money to afford sexy nightgowns anyway.

Finally, she had asked him to move the TV to her side of the bed. Every Saturday night, she tried to concentrate on Saturday Night Live to distract herself from the incredible sensations Ken was creating in her cunt. I'm doing it again! she thought. What's wrong with me? Nice women don't use words like that. My God, I'll be thinking of him fucking me next! Kathy was getting worried now, realizing that she could lose the man she loved if he knew she even thought words like that.

What Kathy wanted more than anything else was to be a mother. Of course, with the cost of his education, coupled with his inability to earn any money while going to school, right now children were out of the question. Her other major interest was cooking. Unfortunately, quite by accident, she learned that Ken only liked plain food.

When they first arrived in Los Angeles, it was late and all they could find open was a convenience store. Since all it carried were a few basics, she had bought a couple of cans to tide them over. When, in spite of its blandness, Ken raved about the food, Kathy learned a lesson and stuck to simple canned foods and an occasional TV dinner.

Nevertheless, she was an extraordinarily gifted cook. She had the ability to "taste" a recipe; all she had to do was to read a recipe with its ingredients and quantities and she knew exactly what the prepared dish would taste like. Moreover, she knew exactly what taste was imparted by each seasoning, so she could vary a flavor across a wide range to create a particular taste sensation by varying the amount and types of seasonings.

Julia Child was her particular favorite. She would reread her cookbooks and watch her on TV. Just listening to Julia name the ingredients, Kathy could taste the finished product and usually her mouth watered as she listened. She had her cookbooks hidden under the sofa to keep Ken from knowing.

Ken looked across the room at his wife and thought about their life together. On their wedding night, he was astonished to find blood on the bed. Although they had never had sex together before their marriage, it never occurred to him that his bride could be a virgin. He knew his cock was very long and large, and was afraid the first time. Nevertheless, Kathy had helped him with his initial entry, first by positioning it at the mouth of her vagina, then by wrapping her legs around his hips to pull him into her, breaking her hymen.

In spite of it being her first time, he found her vagina to be well lubricated with her free-flowing love juices. That first sensation was utterly extraordinary. She was so tight, but at the same time so fluid, it felt like his sex was imprisoned in a tight but well-lubricated glove. Although he loved having sex with her, it was obvious that it wasn't an important element in her life — at best, she tolerated it. Clearly, for Kathy, sex was for procreation, not recreation. She's probably right about that, too, he thought. And she was certainly brave. In spite of the pain it undoubtedly caused her, she accepted him between her thighs every week.

Moreover, she had certainly been brought up right. Once he had suggested taking her in the ass. She had slapped him so hard it had loosened two teeth. Two things became very clear: First, she was a lot stronger than he had thought, and second, anal intercourse was absolutely out of the question. Modesty was a very important virtue, too, he had learned. Once he tried to feel her tit — Oops, he thought, I'm not even supposed to think that word! — her breast, he reminded himself. She had been standing at the sink and she had slapped his face. Another time, he reached under her skirt to squeeze her soft bun. He first encountered her girdle, then got a sharp elbow poked into the pit of his stomach.

Realizing he was daydreaming, Ken knew he was just trying to delay the inevitable. Kathy would have to try to get a job. There was just no other choice. The problem was he couldn't screw up his courage enough to ask her. He certainly knew that Kathy was a traditional homemaker. Taking care of the hearth and home was her job; bringing in money was his. And he was a failure at his.

Before talking to her, he mentally ran through his options. Unfortunately, there weren't many. He could get a part-time job. The problem was that for him, at least, law school was a 20-hour-a-day proposition. If he worked part time, he would flunk out for sure. And a part-time job was the only thing he could think of. However, he knew that Kathy had worked as a legal secretary.

Surreptitiously, he had checked the want ads and found a number of ads placed by firms looking for legal secretaries. Fortunately, Kathy seemed to have a skill that was in demand. It's something I have to do, he thought. My God, why does it seem so much worse than a jungle patrol? He realized that he would a heck of a lot rather charge that machine gun nest again than face Kathy and her disappointment at his financial failure. He was certain he would see it in her face. When he got up to go over to the sofa where she was sitting, he felt like he was going to his execution.

Kathy looked up when Ken rose from his chair. Her heart was wrenched as she saw how miserable he looked. Why can't a woman hold a man and comfort him? she wondered. Why does it have to be so stiff upper lip? But, she realized, if she held him and kissed him, it would probably make him feel worse — like a sissy or something. She sat with her hands folded in her lap and waited for what she knew would come.

"Kathy," he began.

She realized he was so upset, he could scarcely talk. My God, she thought, Ken is ready to cry! My poor baby! she cried to herself. Oh God, please help him to feel better! Don't let this man destroy himself! Only with a great effort of will could Kathy remain impassive while she waited for him to speak.

"Kathy," he began again, "I've got terrible news: Honey, I'm afraid you will have to look for a job."

Ken had never experienced anything nearly so painful in his entire life. He looked at Kathy and realized that, while her face was superficially passive, he could see from her eyes and her body language that she knows he had let her down.

"I know, dear," was all Kathy could say. Anything more would send her leaping into his arms to hold him and squeeze him and warm him between her thighs... My God! What's wrong with me? My husband is dying with pain but all I can think of is my own pleasure!

"Honey," he said haltingly, "I looked at the paper and I circled a couple of jobs for a legal secretary. Do you think ... Could you ... Would you mind terribly? I'll..." Ken's words just tailed off as he realized there was nothing more he could say.

He swallowed hard as Kathy just nodded, rose from the sofa and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. A knife turned in Ken's heart when moments later he heard the heavily muffled sounds of Kathy's uncontrolled weeping. Still later, she served chili and even tried to smile. Her eyes were still red in spite of the fact that Ken knew she had used cold towels and even ice to try to erase the signs of her crying.

When Kathy saw Ken destroying himself, it was more than she could take. All she could do was nod as she fled to the kitchen, grabbed a handful of dishtowels and hugged them to her face. It was no use. The pain she was feeling for her poor husband was so overwhelming she wept uncontrollably. When she finally regained a semblance of control, she got out some ice, put it in a bowl and used the towels for iced compresses to try to reduce the redness in her eyes. Ken couldn't know that she had been crying! Although she thought it was insipid, she served chili that night because it was his favorite.

Later, as they were finishing dinner, Ken remarked diffidently, "Kath, there's one ad that sounds pretty interesting. It's for a brand-new law firm named Clifford & Jamison. They're holding interviews all this week." Not trusting herself to speak, Kathy only nodded.

That night Kathy took a blanket and wrapped it around herself while she curled up on a chair in the living room. She didn't trust herself in the same room with Ken. I'll rape him! she thought. Oh God! What's wrong with me?

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