Ship Delivery
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The account off a merchant marine captain becoming the the owner of his ship and falling in love with two female members of his crew. He is partly responsibly for bringing large changes in the country.

At age twenty six Ken Long had been the Captain of a small freight vessel operating from Elisabeth New Jersey to Bermuda. His small ship was not built as a cargo vessel, she had been built as a Coast Guard Rescue ship. She was very fast and strongly built. Her living accommodations were simple and plain. The ship had been commissioned thirty years before. She had been declared as government surplus. A group of small shipping companies had bought her at auction. She sold cheap. Little was done to modify her for her new duties. She already had an eighty ton crane mounted on her fore peak and enough deck space for four forty foot cargo containers on her fore deck.

The small ship was re-named the Jersey Tramp. Home port Elizabeth N.J.

The owners hired a crew. Thomas Newton was hired as Captain, he drank heavily and had not been able to hold a job for long. Kenneth Long was hired as his second in command. The third time Newton was too drunk to report to the ship for duty he was fired. Ken Long was made acting captain.

The crew consisted of ten Porto Ricans, all sullen underpaid, lazy bastards.

The ship's cook was a crazy Scott, he was a good cook but often was on some kind of drug. Ken made nine trips to Bermuda and back before the owners decided that there was not enough profit.

The owners put her up for sale and paid off the crew.

Ken Long was without a job. He applied as a ships master and waited for an opening somewhere.

Ken lived on a fiberglass Shanty Boat in a creek near Bayonne. He had bought his home several years before and though it was not large it was fine for his needs. It was air-conditioned and in the winter heated by propane gas heaters. He had public water, power and a phone. The Shanty Boat had a toilet and shower built on deck when he bought it. Ken had installed a gas hot water heater and a full bath with shower below after he bought the boat. Ken had removed the four bunk beds and bought a queen size bed to take their place. (Ken was six foot four tall, he needed the extra length to stretch out)

Over the years he re-built the kitchen and insulated the walls and ceiling. He had put down tile flooring and built an entertainment center. His home was nice inside but from outside looked like a crappy piece of junk. He made it look that way so thieves would ignore it.

Ken had an old fiber glass fishing boat tied alongside his home. It too looked like a piece of junk but it had a large diesel engine and the best of equipment. The bridge control house was equipped with all the most modern devices.

Below in the foreword cabin was two extra length bunks and a small galley.

Ken made a good living fishing when he was not employed at sea.

The Jersey Tramp was bought by a Swiss company and towed to a ship yard near Bayonne. Ken saw her there and asked the yard manager about her. He was told that the Swiss company had authorized her to be made into a seagoing luxury vessel and set up to accommodate the owner and twenty four guests. The yard was going to do near a half million dollars worth of work on the ship. She would have twelve large luxury cabins. She would have a large lounge cabin and a smaller one for a game room. Each cabin would have a bath with a shower, a small TV and at least one port hole.

Six months later she was finished.

Ken stopped by the yard and asked about the ship. She had been re-named The Sea Sprite and her home port now was Port Everglades Florida. The yard was instructed to have her delivered to Port Everglades when they were through with her.

She was to await her owners there and be manned by a skeleton crew until further notice.

Ken applied for the job as Master. When he told the yard people he had been the ships captain on nine trips to Bermuda and acted as first mate on three others he was hired. Ken knew five seamen he could hire and with the yard's permission he put them on stand by pay. He needed a cook and galley helper, he advertised in the seaman's hiring centers. Ken quickly found out that there was none to be hired. He entered an ad in the New York Times for a seagoing cook and helper.

Ken got nearly a dozen calls from his ad, the first one had nearly no English and no experience as a cook on a ship. Five were not interested in a short cruse then perhaps being laid off. One call was from the crazy Scot that had worked for Ken before on the trips to Bermuda. Ken told him the job was already filled. Several others called and after hearing the details, decided the job was not for them.

Ken and his five member crew were eating at home or in restaurants. The ship was not provisioned, nor was it ready for sea. Maybe a tenth of her total fuel storage was in her tanks and there were no galley provisions. Ken asked the yard people to contact the ship's owners for instructions regarding fitting the ship out for sea. Two days later a man from the New York Branch of the Swiss bank appeared. He was a banker and knew nothing about ships. His first question was " What do you need to deliver this ship to Port Everglades" ?

Ken told him he needed thirty thousand gallons of fuel, food for ten days for the crew, linens for the beds, fresh water in the tanks and hundreds of other things.

The banker asked Ken if he could get the ship ready. Ken asked him how the ships requirements would be paid for. The banker said " I will issue purchase order numbers over the phone and promptly pay invoices from the bank for the owner." The banker asked how soon Ken thought he could sail. Ken estimated that he would be ready in one week.

He desperately needed a cook. He needed someone to handle making a list for food. Ken was engrossed in ordering the necessary ship's stores. From toilet tissue to fuel he was constantly adding to his list.

Five days before he planned on leaving port a lady called and asked if he still needed a cook and galley helper. Ken told her the positions were still open. The lady introduced herself as Patricia Arnold. She said she was working at a fine restaurant in Elisabeth as head chef but wanted to make a change. Ms. Arnold invited him to be her guest for dinner that night, they could talk after eight there.

Ken agreed and Ms. Arnold said he would have reservations at eight. She said the tab would be on her. At ten before eight Ken drove his beat up fifteen year old four door pickup into the parking lot and parked among expensive cars. Ken wore a coat and tie. The head waiter looked up his reservation and smiled, " You are Pat's guest are you not." Ken said he was. The head waiter ushered him to a table and told Ken he would tell her he was here.

In a few minutes a tall lady stepped through the doors from the kitchen, hung her chef's cap and apron on a hook and walked to his table. She asked if he was Captain Keneth Long. When he said he was she said that she was Patricia Arnold, Pat for short. Pat said " I am interested in making a change, I have quit here." " When a person does not enjoy her job anymore she needs to find something else." Pat said she had given notice two weeks before and was available for a new job now.

Pat said she had prepared their dinner and as soon as they had a glass of wine it would be served. In the meantime she wanted to hear about the opening on his ship. Pat asked how many she would be feeding. Ken told her that twelve would be the numbers of the crew at first.

Ken said meals were served in the mornings at seven am. Morning and noon meals were taken to the bridge watch and they ate on duty while the others ate in the dining area. The evening meal was from six until seven, same drill. Ken said that seamen were hearty eaters but were accustomed to plain foods. Pat said that she knew, when she was fifteen she had been cooking at a seaman's boarding house during her summer out of school.

Ken asked her how old she was now.

Pat said she was twenty seven now.

(That was Ken's age)

Their dinner was served, it was perfect. Pat had outdone herself.

After eating Ken asked Pat if she understood the job she was applying for. Pat said " I feed over six hundred people at lunch here and over four hundred for dinner, I think I am asking for an easier job with you.

Ken said that the usual cook's quarters were in the bunk room below decks, with the crew. He said he would have to allow her to sleep in the first mates cabin topside if he hired her. It had it's own private bath and would let her have some privacy.

Pat said if Ken hired her Clancy Parker wanted to be cooks mate, would there be private quarters for her. Ken said that there were none other than a folding bed in what would be her cabin.

Pat had hung her cook's apron and cap up as she left the kitchen, she was wearing tight white jeans and an opaque white blouse. Pat's skin color bra shaped lovely medium size tits, the nipples were well defined through the lace. She was tall, over six feet and moved with the grace of a cat. At first Ken had considered her face as being plain, that changed when she smiled, she was beautiful then. Pat's face was flawless and she wore no makeup to enhance the beauty of it.

Pat asked Ken if he would like a tour of her kitchen. Ken knew she wanted to impress him. He told her he would like that.

Pat led the way to the automatic doors and they entered an immaculate cooking area. There were eight persons busy filling orders. Four men wore chef's caps four wore head covers. Only one woman was in the kitchen, Pat introduced her as Clancy Parker. Clancy was putting the finishing touches on a tray of salads. Like Pat she was a tall girl, at least six foot. Clancy was very pretty and wore a nice smile.

Pat introduced Clancy to Captain Keneth Long. She said " He is the captain of the ship I have asked for jobs as cooks on. Clancy said she would like Ken to hire them, both she and Pat had quit here and were planing to move to Florida. Clancy said all of the fine dining places here were Syndicate owned and the pretty women employees were expected to entertain mob members. She said that Pat and she were not that kind of women.

Ken told them that they were hired and what he was prepared to pay them. Ken warned that the job might be temporary after they docked at Port Everglades. Ken said that in that event he would pay their air fare back to New Jersey.

Pat asked if they could see the ship after their shift was over before they agreed to take the job. She said they would be off duty and could leave in less than an hour. Ken waited in the bar until they joined him. Both had received their final pay check. They followed Ken to the ship. Ken showed them the galley first.

Pat said " There are no utensils or food, what do we do about that" ? Ken told them to make a list of what the ship needed and he would get purchase orders the next morning.

Ken showed them their quarters. The cabin was fairly large, when the ship had been built the First Mate's quarters had an office area in the cabin. Pat said " I have a nice extra length twin bed room suit in my apartment that would fit in here if that bunk bed was removed and that desk. She said she had a nice couch and recliner that would fit in the other end and a twenty four inch TV that could go in that recess in the bulkhead. She even had a VCR and a CD player she would like to bring.

Clancy said she had all ready sold her things to her apartment mate and the only thing she had to move were her clothes.

Ken sent them home with instructions to report aboard at eight the following morning.

Clancy arrived at seven with her clothes in garbage bags and her few pieces of luggage. Pat came aboard as Ken's crew were unloading Clancy's car. She had all of her clothes in boxes.

Ken started the crew removing the bunk bed and desk from their cabin. Pat had a complete list of what she wanted for her galley. Ken called the Swiss banker and got several P.O. numbers for supplies.

By noon Pat and Clancy had gone to a restaurant supply house and ordered every thing they thought was needed for their kitchen. They bought the best of everything.

Two seamen had helped berth a ship that was to be laid up for months for new engines and painting. They were laid off and looking for a job. Both applied for jobs. Ken hired them. That brought his crew up to twelve men and two ladies.

That afternoon Ken and two crew members followed Pat to her apartment in his pickup. It took three trips to move her things. She brought her microwave for the galley. She brought every thing in her kitchen. She brought her couch and recliner and bed room furniture, her TV and CD player. She and Clancy had a place to sleep on board ship that night.

Pat and Clancy made a list of foods for the trip to Florida. There was a food chandler in Newark that Ken placed the order with. They would deliver the next morning.

Pat and Clancy slept aboard that night as did Ken and most of the crew.

The next morning they went to a nearby cafeteria for breakfast. The food for the ship was due at nine. Part of the crew unloaded and stored the food and Ken and two men took out that bunk bed and desk and chairs in his cabin. He was too tall for that bunk and ordered a Queen size bed for himself. He ordered the matching night stands and chest as well. Ken ordered a small couch and end tables with lamps and an arm chair.

Except for fuel the Sea Sprite was ready for her departure to Florida.

Ken called his contact at the Swiss bank and reported that he was ready to leave and got a P.O. number for fuel and dockage fees at Port Everglades. The banker said he had not been in contact with the owner for three days but the last instructions he had were to get the ship to Port Everglades and have her ready for departure for an extended cruise. Ken said they would take on fuel the next morning and sail about noon. Ken gave the channel and call letters for their ship to shore and hung up.

Pat and Clancy served lunch that day and dinner that evening. The food was going to be fine on the trip. Breakfast the next morning was efficiently served and good.

Ken eased the ship into the fueling docks at Elisabeth and filled her tanks. They left down river for the sea. Once at sea Ken turned the wheel over to a seaman and checked his ship. With the small crew only three members would be on duty each watch. In the engine room a seaman reported that all was well, every gauge was at it's proper reading. Ken noted that the noise level had been reduced during her recent rebuilding. He and the seaman could converse in normal tones. All of the engine room gauges were in a display panel behind a desk. There was a soft arm chair. The latest in radio communication equipment was on the desk.

In the galley Pat and Clancy were ready to serve the noon meal. The kitchen and dining area were immaculate.

Ken found most of the off duty crew members in their lounge and bunk room. Some were playing cards, some snoozing on their bunks. The engine noise from below could be barely heard.

On the bridge deck the helmsman was exactly on the compass heading Ken had given him. The other member of the watch was out on the covered walkway around the bridge with a pair of binoculars. His duty was to watch traffic around them. He came inside and said there was an oil tanker converging with their course about ten miles away. The helmsman asked Ken if he should slack off their speed to pass behind the tanker. Ken said " We are doing only thirty five knots why don't you speed up to forty and cross well in front of her." The helmsman asked if the ship could go that fast. Ken told him that the ship would go as fast as forty six knots. Ken said the Sea Sprite had been built for the Coast Guard and was used as a rescue vessel. He said " In the event of a ship in distress she was supposed to get there fast." The helmsman advanced the throttle slowly and the ship gathered speed to forty knots. They passed over a mile ahead of the tanker. Ken requested that the ships speed be reduced to thirty five knots, that was for the more economical use of fuel. Ken called the engine room and asked if all the gauges were still normal. He got an affirmative and left the bridge.

Lunch was being served when he went below. Pat and Clancy had a delicious selection. Ken usually ate a light noon meal if he ate at all. He settled for soup and salad. Clancy took orders on the inter com from the bridge and engine room and took trays there.

Ken was thinking that he had never seen as well run galley before.

After Pat and Clancy cleaned up from lunch they took a break in their quarters. Ken went to his.

Ken was laying on his bed reading a Clieve Cussler novel when Pat tapped on his door. He shouted " Come in." Pat entered and asked what was behind the locked door in their room. Ken said she must be talking about the storage area for fire arms when the ship was doing duty as a Coast Guard vessel. Pat said that the small locker in their cabin was not large enough for their clothes, she asked if they could use it as storage. Ken got keys and followed her across the hall. He opened a steel door and they entered a large closet. The arms racks had been stripped out down one side but the shelves for ammo were left down the other. Clancy said "It's like a big walk in closet all it needs is some closet rods." Ken told them that clothes on hangers wore out from the motion of the ship and that they could use it for storage but he advised them to fold their clothes and use boxes on the shelves to put them in.

Pat said " We have nearly three hours before we need to prepare dinner, let's find our bathing suits and get some sun on the stern anchor deck." She said no one could see them there. Ken said "I can from my cabin." Clancy said " Please don't look though, I may get nude and tan my whole body." Pat said " Me too."

An hour later after checking the ship Ken returned to his cabin, he had forgotten that the ladies were sunning on the deck.

Ken scanned the area behind the ship and then looked down. Both women were turning over to lie on their backs. They were completely nude. Ken was looking at four perfect tits and two beautiful pussys. Pat had long dark brown hair, Ken had not known that. She had kept it up in a bun every time he had seen her before. when she had laid back down on her back she had fanned it out around her head.

Clancy was a real blond or she dyed her bush with her hair. She too had long hair and it was fanned out around her head.

Ken could not help getting a hard on looking at them. Ken decided to take a shower and relieve his throbbing cock. That helped but the picture of them kept returning to his mind the rest of the afternoon. Ken dressed in shorts and a tee shirt after his shower. He went up to the bridge deck and checked the weather on the radio. Heavy rain squalls were heading toward them from the west. Most of the weather would pass behind them to the north but the southern part would give the ship a bath. Ken decided to stay on the bridge. Clancy brought three dinner trays to the bridge at six thirty. It was raining hard. The red night lights were on and the helmsman was peering through the spinning wind shield dead ahead. Ken had his head under the Radar hood scanning the area ahead. The other crewman on watch was walking from side to side of the bridge scanning the areas on the sides through spinning glass sections. Clancy said that no one below had any idea that it was like this outside.

Ken said that the rain had stilled the waves slightly and there was not that much wind at sea level. Visibility was the main problem. He told Clancy to not worry they would be clear of this in an hour. Thirty minutes later when Clancy returned for their trays the rain was a lot lighter. When the sky was full of stars and the rain was over Ken decided to go to his cabin. There were only two staterooms below the bridge, his and Pat and Clancy's. The narrow hallway ended at the water tight hatch out on to the stern anchor deck. Ken closed the hatch from the ships ladder landing to their hallway but did not latch it.

He heard " I think that if we play that Tom Cruise movie I can get through the night easier." The other voice said "But Richard Gear is so much more sexy and you have not seen this one."

Ken went back to the hall bulkhead and slammed it. He stuck his head in their open door and said " Hi ladies, what are you doing" ?

They both were wearing identical 'baby doll' pajamas and all of their legs were bare, the panties were such that their hips showed to their waist. The tops were loose and formed to their tits. The bottom of those tops allowed a broad strip of their flat bellies to show

Pat said " We were just about to view a movie, want to join us" ?

Ken said " Sounds good to me."

Clancy started the VCR tape and the movie began. Pat said " Take the couch and I will sit on the floor, Clancy can have the recliner."

Ken relaxed on the couch with his legs spread and half turned toward the TV. Pat was on the floor leaning on the couch her knees up and two sofa pillows behind her back. Clancy had her chair in full recline position.

The movie started right off with a sexy scene, Pat took Ken's shoes off and massaged his right foot.

Clancy looked and softly said " O shit." Ken realized she was looking up the loose legs of his shorts and could see his testicles and part of his cock. Pat had Ken's right foot in her lap, she was firmly bending and twisting his toes and kneading the arch of his foot. Ken's heel was resting in the junction of her legs. The movie action turned into a bedroom fuck with the actress on top and her tits bouncing. After that there was a flash to the bad guys and their making plans. Clancy pressed the stop button on the remote and announced it was break time.

Clancy went in their bath and was gone a long time. Pat put Ken's foot on the floor and asked Ken if he would like a cold bottle of water. When he said he would, she went to a tiny fridge and brought back three ice cold pint bottles. They talked about the movie and the plot as it was developing, Pat admitted the sex scene was arousing. She wondered if there was actual penetration while that was filmed. Ken told her that the actor was supposed to be queer and he doubted it.

Clancy came back from the toilet with a smug satisfied look on her face. She had the odor, no she reeked, of the smell of a woman that had just had sex. The crotch of her pajamas was becoming very wet.

They resumed watching the movie. Pat got back in the position she had occupied before and said " Give me your other foot now." Ken hoisted his right leg over Pat and laid it out on the couch behind her. Pat lifted his left foot to her lap. That time Ken's heel was pressed more firmly in Pat's crotch. The movie became another torrid sex episode and Pat was pressing his foot tighter between her spread legs. She was sneaking looks up the gaping legs of Ken's shorts at his tight scrotum and the huge bulge of the front of them. Ken could tell when Pat had her orgasm, she moaned and held his foot to her tight and humped it.

Ken said " Clancy cut the movie off for a minute." When the room was silent Ken asked them how long it had been since they had sex with a man.

Pat said that she had been celibate since her divorce two years before. Clancy said that she had not had a man since her divorce over a year ago.

Ken said " You two appear to be really in need of a man, would you like me to help" ? Pat said " I would" Clancy said " Me too." Ken said " I want to check the ship, why don't you girls go get in the big bed in my cabin and I will join you there in a few."

Ken slipped his shoes on and left.

Clancy said " God neither of us are on birth control pills but I need him so bad I am willing to take the chance." Pat said " I feel that way too." They took their night wear off and went across the hall to Ken's cabin. Pat remarked that Ken was a tidy person and kept his cabin in order and his bed made. They turned the bed down and Pat turned off all of the lights. Clancy said " God I hope he likes us, he is so handsome and nice." Pat said " Me too, he is not a bit like that goon I was married to." Clancy said " Mine was a homosexual and I had a hell of a time getting him hard but then when I did his mind was not really on it." Pat asked if Clancy had seen the size of the bulge in Ken's shorts. Clancy said she had and she thought she had never had one that big in her. Pat said she thought she had not either.

They heard the door at the end of the hall closed and locked and Ken came in the cabin. He said " It is so dark in here I can barely see you beautiful ladies." Pat asked if he minded, she said " We are both shy about doing this." Ken said " I understand sweetheart this is the first time I have ever done anything like this too."

Ken sat on the side of the bed and took his shoes off then his tee shirt. He had to stand up to remove his shorts.

In the dim light Pat and Clancy could see his cock, Clancy said " Jesus how long is that thing" ? Ken said a girl he was dating last year had measured it and it was nearly eight inches long. Pat said " I have never had a man that big in me, try not to hurt me with it please." Ken said he was going to let them set the pace for their love making, they would be on top.

Ken chose Pat to be first, he placed himself between her legs and nursed her tits until she wailed from an orgasm. Pat said " Dam that felt good"! Ken said " The best is yet to come honey." Ken kissed down Pats tummy and nuzzled her soft bush. The smell of her arousal was very strong. Before he put his mouth on her he said " Clancy nurse her pretty tits while I do this." Ken licked Pat's slit hard as if trying to hurt her. Pat humped up at his face and groaned. Ken inserted his tongue in her and pushed it in and out for a few minutes. Clancy had one of Pat's nipples inside her mouth teasing it with her tongue and playing with the other one with her fingers. Ken moved his tongue to Pat's clit and teased her swollen hood. He pushed that hood back and sucked the largest clit he had ever found into his mouth. Pat screamed and had a huge climax then lay there trembling.

Ken got out from between Pat's legs and said " Now it is your turn Clancy, lay down and I will do that to you." As with Pat Ken started by suckling her tits, Clancy Began to moan and jerk. After a few minutes Ken inserted two fingers in her pussy and found her 'G' spot. Soon Clancy was screaming "O God I'm cumin, Jesus it feels good." Ken said " Pat help me out here, suck Clancy's tits while I 'eat her out'. Ken moved down to Clancy's crotch and began licking, he fucked her with his tongue for a bit. Clancy was humping up to him. Ken moved to her clit and teased it with his tongue, almost immediately Clancy had another big orgasm.

Ken sat on the foot of the bed and said " You girls really needed that, you were ready real soon to let go."

Pat said " You made it great for us no one has ever done that to us."

Ken said " We are not through yet, make room for me between you." Ken lay on his back and told Pat " Mount this hard prick honey and enjoy yourself."

Pat straddled his legs and put both hands on Ken's cock. She said " Dam it's big" ! She rose up on her knees and moved over it brushing her clit up and down it. Finally Pat inserted the head in her and gradually took more in her. She moaned " It feels so good, I love it." Bit by bit she slid him into her until her mound was resting on his. Pat said " Clancy I have him all the way in now and it did not hurt at all, I feel stretched and packed full but it is wonderful." Pat sat there a few moments and then rose an inch or two then flopped back down. Pat began slowly rising and falling, getting faster and taking longer strokes as she went on. Soon she was as high as her legs would allow and getting faster. Her vagina was clutching Ken's cock and had come alive. Pat reached her peak and had a huge jerking orgasm, she fell on Ken's chest mewing between gasping breaths.

Ken let her lay there as he stroked her back and butt. After a while she sat up and said " You are still hard." Ken said he was keeping it hard for Clancy.

Pat said " You are more man than I have ever met before." Ken said " Get off now it is Clancy's turn." Clancy was more than ready, she climbed up on Ken and quickly started his cock into her. She said " God it feels wonderful to have a man in me after so long." Then she said " I have never had this big a man in me before."

After Clancy had Ken all the way in she began a brisk pace on his cock. Ken was mauling her tits as she fucked. It was not long before Clancy had her orgasm. Ken found it hard to refrain from jetting in her she felt so good on his cock.

Ken let Clancy wind down laying on his chest. When her breathing became near normal Ken said " Get off now Clancy, I still have a hard to take care of." Ken rose and walked around the bed and stood over Pat. Ken asked Pat if she wanted to fuck again. Pat smiled and said " Hell yes" and added " I don't think I could ever get enough of that wonderful thing." Ken said " Get on your hands and knees then I want to do it from behind." Ken entered Pat slow and gently. When he was firmly against her butt with his cock all the way in her he asked "You ready"? Pat said " Do it to me."

Ken got a firm grip on each of Pat's tits and began, he was making long strokes into her and she loved it. Pat had a climax soon and would have caved in if Ken had not held her up with her tits. Ken kept pumping and Pat had another big one. Again Pat was so weak Ken had to hold her to keep probing her. Ken was going to let his sperm out that time. When Ken knew he was near he told a crying Pat that he was going to gush in her and to get ready. When Pat felt Ken socked all the way in her and felt his first spurt she screamed and had the biggest climax she ever had in her life. She almost fainted.

Ken let a moaning woman fall face first on the bed.

He said " The next time you get my juice Clancy but it is sleep time now."

Ken slept with a soft content woman snuggled up on each side of him. They woke when the alarm went off across the hall in Pat and Clancy's cabin. Normally the ladies had their bath after the evening meal. That morning they felt they needed a shower to get the dried sweat off and be fresh looking at breakfast. Ken had a shower and left for the bridge before his lovers were dressed.

It was time for a course change. It took over an hour for Ken to determine their location and get the ship heading for Port Everglades. He had the ship slow down so that she would arrive after dawn the next morning. Ken did not want to enter a strange port at night.

Ken was late for breakfast, there was no one in the galley or eating area. The cooks were in the pantry singing as they worked. They finished 'Sweet Loving Man' as Ken came in. He heard Pat say " Let's do 'Summer time' and the living is easy. She had a beautiful contralto voice and when Clancy joined in with her sweet soprano they sounded good.

Ken waited until they finished that and shouted " Has a man got to fix his own breakfast around here." Both women came out running " He is here" Clancy shouted. Pat said " Pour the darling man some coffee and see if he wants juice, I will finish his breakfast." Ken said " You two sound and look as if you are happy." Clancy said " Pat and I both agree that we have never been more happy in our lives." She added " We have never had such a sense of our bodies being so satisfied before either." Ken sat and watched them tend to his breakfast. Pat had put the halves of an English muffin in the oven after buttering them. Pat said " Clancy do the shaved Canadian bacon and I will poach the eggs. Pat placed a three quart kettle on a low eye to heat. Clancy checked the muffins and turned the oven off and left the door part open, she placed a plate in the oven to heat. Pat said " The eggs are ready, let's do it" Clancy took the hot plate out and ladled a bit of a thick yellow sauce on it she had a mitten on to handle that hot plate. Clancy put the plate down on the oven door and dropped the two halves of muffin in the sauce. She asked if Pat was ready with the meat. Pat told her " bring it on." Pat ladled more sauce on the muffins and placed a slice of cheddar cheese on each bun. More sauce and then a pile of Canadian bacon on each muffin, Clancy ladled more sauce and Pat placed a poached egg on each. Clancy applied more sauce and took the plate to Ken. He said " Looks and smells delicious, what is it" ? Pat said that it was their Eggs Benedict with a few extra touches. She said they shaved the bacon thin and heated it, the Hollandaise sauce was made with a cup of brandy and no lemon juice. Clancy said we butter and toast the muffins but most other cooks do not do that.

Ken said it looks so good I am going to hate cutting it up to eat it. Pat said " Be brave." They watched anxiously as Ken took his first bite. They relaxed when he rolled his eyes back and moaned. He said he had never known that eggs could be this good.

Pat and Clancy took their aprons off and sat across from him as he ate every bit, he even used his spoon to get all of the sauce.

Ken swallowed his juice and sipped his coffee. He said " Ladies we will make port tomorrow morning, I have no idea what is going to happen after that." Ken said " My instructions are to dock ship and wait for the owners party." Ken said that he had a feeling that it might be weeks away. He said that he had promised everyone a paid ticket back to New Jersey if they wanted to leave her. He would pay anyone's fare back if they wanted to stay on but go back to get their cars. Those that stayed would get their seaman's pay every two weeks.

Ken said that when he got instructions he would find out how many were in the party and where they wanted the ship to go. At that time they would take on provisions and top off their fuel.

Pat said that was pretty much as he had explained it as he hired every crew member. Pat told Ken that as of this morning each crew member was planing to keep his job aboard ship when they had talked at breakfast.

Ken said he was going to try to hire three more seamen and a purser for the guests. Ken said if all twelve guest staterooms were to be filled he might need two pursers. Pat said that she nor Clancy had been in the foreword part of the ship and that they would be glad to see that it was ready for guests.

Ken asked if they were going to need additional help in the galley if he made the crew bigger and they had as many as twenty guests. Pat said " Not to cook, but the clean up and scut work will be more than we can handle easily. Pat suggested three be hired for the kitchen and the aft part of the ship.

Ken said he was going to make his rounds and would see them later. As he was leaving Ken asked them to be his guest in his cabin again that night. Pat said " I will bring chilled wine." Ken asked where she was getting brandy and wine from. Pat said she had brought it from her apartment when she had boarded the ship. She said the tiny fridge in their cabin had come from her apartment also.

Pat and Clancy spent the time between the next two meals making list after list of items needed for a long trip at sea. For the galley they made two lists, one for a months stay at the dock at Port Everglades and another for a cruise with passengers.

After dinner that last night at sea Pat and Clancy left the galley neat and went to their cabin and had a shower. After that they tuned the TV in to a Miami station and got the news. They had thought the violence around New York was bad but Miami was worse. In a calm voice a commentator re-counted the number of crimes in Dade County for the last twenty four hours.

He gave the number of thefts auto and otherwise, then assaults, burglaries, rapes then murders.

The thought of being near such a place was frightening.

Ken came in just as a sit-com was about to start. Pat killed the tube and they followed him to his bed. What followed was an exact replay of the night before except Ken did Clancy first and gave her the 'Gift' last.

After they all pissed and got in bed Pat and Clancy agreed that they were now caught up with sex but begged Ken to keep them that way.

The next morning the low Florida coast was in sight. Since he was entering a strange port Ken called for a pilot to meet them outside the harbor entrance. When he was aboard Ken gave him the name of the dock that the banker had arraigned space at. The pilot said he did not remember there being that much space there. He asked how long the Sea Sprite was and how deep her keel was. Ken said " She is a hundred fifty seven feet long and seven feet deep in the water.

The pilot said there was plenty of water there but he thought she was too long for that berth. The pilot asked for the use of the ships radio. He called someone at the Port Authority. He was told that the ship could be docked there but she was fifty seven feet longer than the dock. Tying her up would require much care. It was suggested that she drop bow and stern anchors well away from the dock for safety. Then they could be used to kedge the ship away from the dock when departing. The pilot took the Sea Sprite to with in one hundred feet of her berth and called the pilot boat to pick him up. Ken asked if they could put four of the crew ashore to handle the lines as they docked. They could and did.

Ken had the forward and stern anchors dropped

The ships props were stopped and her engines idling. Hand lines were thrown to the men on the dock and they dragged the three inch nylon hawsers to the bollards on the dock. It was simply a process of winching the ship tight against the clusters of old tires along the dock then. The engines were shut down and the Sea Sprite was at rest. The gangway was extended and every one was able to look around at their new home. They were inside a big chain link enclosure with a locked gate leading to a paved two lane road. The area inside the fence was covered with coral stone.

Several thousand yards down the harbor were a cluster of sport fishing boats. There were buildings there. In the other direction several thousand yards away was a huge fuel terminal.

Ken called the Swiss Bank and left a message for Mr. Blake to call on the ships radio. An hour later Mr. Blake returned Ken's call. Ken reported that they were docked at Port Everglades and waiting instructions. The banker said that he had heard nothing from the owner since before the ship left. Ken asked if there might be something wrong then, were they stranded with out funds. The banker said he still had a half million or better in the customer's account. He was free to issue purchase orders up to that amount. Ken asked Mr. Blake to Fed Ex a bank draft for one hundred thousand to make wages for the crew and for petty cash. He said that he had agreed to pay air fare for those that wanted either to quit or return home for their cars or other personal belongings. Ken said " I still do not have a full crew and must take on provisions for guests." The banker said "Take on the provisions for a months trip with two dozen passengers. Ken told Mr. Blake that the ship lacked a change of linens for the guest cabins and many other items for the comfort of the guests.

In an angry tone Mr. Blake told Ken to have the ship ready for the owners when they arrived. He authorized Ken twenty additional PO numbers.

They terminated the conversation.

Ken felt that something was wrong.

Ken ordered a twelve passenger van and a full size pickup from a rental car agency. He had a seaman cut the padlock off the gates and open them.

The truck and van were delivered.

Ken got on the ship to shore and ordered a phone line and shore power, he ordered a water connection for the ship. By dark the ship was coupled to the land.

Early in the day Ken told Pat and Clancy that there would be no dinner, the crew would be on shore. He suggested that they have the makings for sandwiches in the glass fronted fridge if any one wanted a bite to eat.

At four PM Ken announced on the PA system that those that wanted to go ashore had the use of the van for the night and were off duty. All of the crew wanted to explore the city of Hollywood Florida and left soon.

Ken, Pat and Clancy were alone on the ship. They had a supper of soup and a salad and then watched the sun set in lounge chairs on the stern anchor deck. Pat brought out cold wine. Clancy said " It doesn't get any better than this folks." Ken and Pat said she was right.

Later when the wine was gone Ken said " I have a feeling that something is wrong concerning our ship." He told of his conversation with the ship owners representative, the banker, that morning. Ken said that the secrecy of every thing had him uneasy, he had a gut feeling that they were playing some sort of game.

Ken said his instructions were to make the ship ready for immediate departure from this port with a large number of guests. Ken said he was going to do as instructed. He said tomorrow we will order two months food supplies for thirty six persons. That would be sixteen crew members and eighteen passengers.

We will order the items on your lists for guest accommodations. I will hire additional crew on a stand by basis and we will be ready for leaving port with a few hours notice.


Pat said " I can think of hundreds of things that are more unpleasant."

Clancy said " Pat and I had planned to move to Florida before you hired us, we are here now." " I gave up my apartment the day after you hired us and sold my junk car." Pat said she would like to go back to Jersey and bring her late model Ford Explorer and the remainder of the furniture in her apartment down. Ken said Pat could count on time to do that after the ships needs were taken care of.

The next three days were a blur of activities directed toward making the ship ready to return to sea. Several crew men had flown home to bring their cars back.

Pat asked if she could be spared to get her car and the balance of her belongings. Ken took her to the Miami Airport. She was back in four days towing a closed trailer with every thing she owned in it.

On the tenth day after docking the Sea Sprite at Port Everglades Ken called Mr. Blake. He reported that the ship was ready for sea and had a full crew. Mr. Blake said " The owner and every family member have disappeared." Mr. Blake said that it was thought that they were eradicated. The gossip was that the Cosa Nostra had discovered that (Papa) Castalone had been diverting mob funds to an account in Switzerland for years. Mr. Blake admitted that he had been Papa's agent. He said he was leaving for Switzerland the next day.

(He did not feel safe in the states)

Blake told Ken to have the ship sold at auction as soon as possible and have the proceeds deposited to a Swiss account. He gave Ken the account number and told him the bank would transfer a title to the new owner.

Ken hung up and took a long walk ashore. He needed time to think. That dam bank was about to acquire millions of a dead man's account. The Sea Sprite was a loose end, a problem that needed to go away. She was really worth nearly two million dollars but at auction would bring much less. Ken had about four hundred thousand dollars in CDs in his bank account at New Jersey. Several years ago his grand father had left him part of his estate. Ken had just put it in his bank account and let it grow. Ken determined to try to buy the Sea Sprite. She would be perfect for a charter vessel.

Ken waited three days and called Mr. Blake at the bank in Switzerland. Ken informed Blake that he had arranged an auction of the ship in ten days. It was to be an absolute auction and the buyer could take possession the day after the sale. Ken asked that the title to the ship be delivered to the high bidder the day of the sale.

For the next ten days life aboard the Sea Sprite was laid back. Ken spent most of his days away from the ship and his nights with his lovers. Pat and Clancy were serene and content, they had help in their galley to do clean up and plenty of off duty time. The crew were content as well, they had little to do and a lot of off time.

The day of the fake auction Ken called Mr. Blake in Switzerland and told him there had been only four bidders and that the high bid was for two hundred fifty three thousand dollars. Ken said that he had a cashiers check in his hand and would mail that if Mr. Blake would like. Blake asked Ken if he could deliver the check to the Miami branch of the Swiss bank and get a title there for the purchaser. Ken said " It is eleven thirty here and I am over an hour away from down town Miami, will you call and make the arraignments to issue a title to Long Cruises Inc. please. Blake said " Consider it done."

During the last week and a half Ken had incorporated a company by the name of Long Cruises. He had made arrangements to charter the Sea Sprite through a large booking firm. She was going to be an island cruse ship.

Ken drove the rental pickup to Miami and exchanged a check for title to the Sea Sprite. Ken got back shortly before the evening meal, he made an announcement over the PA system convening a meeting of all hands at seven in the dining area. Ken had not told Pat and Clancy what he was doing or of the banker's conversation. They had been busy hustling the evening meal when he returned from Miami.

The women were stunned when Ken made the announcement that he was now the owner of the Sea Sprite. Ken told of his plans of turning the ship into a cruse vessel. He said he was booking twenty day cruses to the Caribbean islands. The ship would be at sea twenty days then back in port the remainder of the month then twenty more at sea.

Ken said that as of right now the ship was expected to embark passengers on the first day of each month and return on the twentieth. Ken said he had bought the crappy dock they were tied to and authorized a fifty foot extension on each end. Ken told every one that construction of a concrete garage was to be started soon. It would be strong enough to withstand a hurricane and large enough to house every ones cars or trucks safe from theft or storm.

After the meeting Pat and Clancy followed Ken to his cabin. They had dozens of questions. Ken told them the whole truth about how he had gotten the ship and cheated a dirty Swiss banker out of part of a dead mobster's holdings.

Ken said that it was plain now that Papa Castalone had intended the ship as an escape device if he ever suspected he was in danger. Apparently he had no warning that he was in danger.

Ken admitted that he had taken advantage of a stupid, scared banker.

Ken said he was going to issue PO numbers to get the dock work and garage built. If for some reason he could not get the Swiss bank in New Jersey to honor them he still had enough in his personal account to pay for that. Ken said he had bought the dock and land for much less than it was worth. It was mortgaged and in default. Ken said he had only paid seventy five thousand for it. He thought that after his planned improvements the place would be worth over a half million dollars.

Ken said he still had money in his bank account and after the first of next month he would have much more.

Twelve days later on the last day of the month the Sea Sprite left her dock and moved to the cruse docks at Miami. She would receive passengers after eight the next morning.

Her guests were greeted by a smiling crew dressed in uniforms. All were wearing white shorts and white short sleeve shirts. Each member of the crew wore a long billed cap with Sea Sprite embroidered on it and white deck shoes. Every one had a badge with his or her name on it. At seven forty five the first couple arrived in a taxi, they were young newly weds and had never been on a ship of any kind before. Two seamen trotted down the walkway and grabbed their luggage. At the top of the gang plank they gave their names and were assigned their cabin. The two seamen came back from delivering the couple and their luggage laughing. Ken asked " What's so funny" Seaman Philips said " Hell we thought they were going to fuck before we got out of there."

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