Call Girls
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A writer poses as a call girl for a retired executive. Later they hire the call girl that she replaced to coach them in lovemaking on the beach at Maui. The second book of the Ali Clifford saga.

Bob Gordon was shown to his suite by a bellman. He felt like a limp dishrag — he was absolutely drained. It was finished and now he had no idea what to do. Bob had just completed negotiating and finally closing the sale of GorTech Enterprises. It was a company he had founded and built into a well-publicized business success story. Now, except for the very large certified check and a stock certificate in his briefcase, he had nothing. It was just sinking into his brain that GorTech had been his life.

He still second-guessed his decision to sell out and bail out. American Computer, the giant corporation that had bought his company, had offered him a very generous management contract to stay on to run it for them. With performance incentives it could have added a large sum to the amount he had already received, but Bob had turned it down. He didn't think he would ever be able to run GorTech with other executives looking over his shoulder who would be able to second-guess his decisions.

The bellman had done all of the usual things that Bob observed with half an eye and half an ear — checking the bathroom, turning on the television, and so forth. Finally, he heard the familiar words, "Is there anything else I can get for you, Mr. Gordon?"

Bob smiled to himself. He respected the young man who had obviously paid attention in the hotel's training classes. A standard training exhortation, Bob knew, was always to address the guest by name. Bob reached into his wallet, pulled out a fifty-dollar bill, and gave it to the young man. He said, with a smile, "Thank you. How are you fixed for tall blondes?"

The bellman's eyes widened as he realized the size of the tip. He said, "Thank you, Mr. Gordon! I'll see what I can do." He quietly let himself out of the suite. A moment later there was a knock on the door. Bob opened it and found the bellman standing there with a bucket of ice. "I thought you might like some ice, Mr. Gordon." He smiled and was gone again.

Bob took the ice and took a bottle of Beefeater's from his suitcase along with a tiny bottle of dry vermouth. He made himself a very dry martini on the rocks and collapsed into an easy chair after turning off the television set. It was Friday night. Bob smiled to himself thinking about giving the bellman a fifty-dollar tip on a whim. At virtually any commercial hotel, weekends were dead. About the only guests were couples taking advantage of the very common promotional weekend specials. Bob thought about his present prospects with dismay.

He was about to celebrate his thirty-third birthday. Celebrate! he thought. That's a laugh. Since finishing business school eight years earlier, his work had been his life. Every waking hour — and even some hours in his sleep, it seemed — had been focused on GorTech. He decided wryly there was some value in such single-minded focus. At least the check in his briefcase was for $120 million. But all he had to show for eight years of his life was that small piece of paper. In addition, of course, there was his stock in the new parent company.

Bob leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. He was six feet three inches tall and weighed just over 200 pounds. He was in remarkably good physical condition although exercise was a catch-as-catch-can matter with him. While he had blue eyes and sandy hair, he considered his appearance to be very ordinary. However, he never noticed the speculative looks that women so often directed at him.

He was about to drop off to sleep in his chair when there was a soft knock at the door. He got up, opened the door, and then his jaw almost dropped. Standing there was a beautiful blonde, the tall blonde he had so casually mentioned to the bellman. She appeared to be five feet ten. Being six feet three Bob usually looked down at women, but the top of this girl's head came nearly to his eye level. He opened the door wide and stepped back. She walked into the suite ahead of him as he closed the door behind her.

"Good evening," she said, "I'm Jill. The bellman said you were looking for a tall blonde. Am I tall enough?"

Bob looked at the girl and smiled to himself. He replied, "You'll do just fine."

Jill was exquisite. Her hair was a golden blonde and she was still tanned even though it was nearly October. Although her figure was very slim she appeared to have full breasts. He wondered if it was her or some engineering in her bra. Then he noticed her nipples protruding and decided she wasn't wearing one.

He escorted her into the sitting room and offered her a seat. Bypassing the sofa she chose a small side chair with arms instead. Sitting up straight in the chair, she looked at him attentively. Bob decided he liked what he saw. In spite of being a prostitute — a call girl? — she was dressed very conservatively. She was wearing a very plain tailored skirt with a cashmere sweater. Her only jewelry was a simple gold chain at her neck. Bob decided the skirt was camel's hair. She had been carrying a matching jacket over her arm and had a brown leather clutch purse in her hand. Her sweater was the same shade of emerald green as her eyes.

"How much do you charge?" he asked. In spite of all the traveling he had done on business, Bob had no experience with girls like this. Nevertheless, he had seen enough of them in hotel bars over the years and had seen them approach other patrons. None had ever approached him. He watched the girl closely and saw her appear to redden. She seemed uncomfortable with the business discussion.

He found himself looking into her eyes. She said in an almost defiant tone of voice, "Two hundred dollars for the night."

Bob looked at her steadily. He was amused, particularly considering his earlier discouragement with his future prospects and his lack of other interests outside of GorTech. And he no longer had any connection with it. Taking his wallet from his hip pocket, he reached under a side flap and took out a folded bill which he passed over to Jill. Still without looking at her he went to the closet and took out his checkbook from his jacket pocket. Jill hadn't looked at the folded bill in her hand. She was watching Bob's actions with a question in her eyes. He returned to his chair, scribbled a check and passed it to her.

She looked at the check and her eyes widened. It was made out to cash in the amount of five thousand dollars. She then looked at the bill and realized it was a thousand-dollar bill. [There are no U.S. thousand-dollar bills in circulation; the largest denomination is $100. But this is fiction.] Jill's jaw dropped. "What is this?"

Bob looked at her very calmly and said, "I understand that you girls are in a cash business, although I hear there are some of you who do take credit cards. I gave you a thousand dollars in cash for five days which gives you time to cash the check. That takes care of thirty days, doesn't it?" He remained impassive as he watched a series of emotions race across her face. Shock was obvious, but he thought he caught a hint of outrage for an instant as well.

Finally she asked, "What am I supposed to do for this money?"

Bob decided that it was already money well spent. If nothing else, it was providing him with a great deal of amusement. He looked at her impassively while he tried to analyze his behavior. He had never done anything like this before in his life. Maybe the money he had just received had gone to his head. He quickly answered his mental question. First, Jill didn't look anything like a prostitute nor did she act, speak, or dress like one. She could still be a call girl, though. Some of them were reputedly very well-educated and very beautiful. However, her price was much too low for her to be a call girl. He had heard such girls went for five-hundred dollars a night and up. Finally, there was her momentary hesitation when she had quoted a price to him. She didn't act like a girl who did this for a living ... or did it at all, for that matter.

Bob answered her question: "I expect you to sleep with me and provide the usual sexual services a prostitute like you provides. There will be no rough stuff. That is your business, isn't it?"

He watched the girl carefully. In spite of trying to remain impassive, he saw her swallow hard and stiffen when he referred to her as a prostitute. She sat up even straighter in her chair. "Yes, it is, Mr. Gordon. That will be satisfactory. Are you ready to go to bed now?"

"It's too early, Jill, and I haven't eaten dinner. Have you?"

"No, sir, I haven't," she replied.

He picked up the phone and called the concièrge on the floor. After identifying himself, he asked if she would make reservations for two in his name at the rooftop restaurant. He was held on the line for a moment and then she came back to say that a table by the window would be ready for Mr. Gordon's party of two as soon as they arrived. He also took the opportunity to tell her there would be another person staying in the suite. Bill asked Jill if she wanted to wash up and she just shook her head. After excusing himself, he went into the bathroom, and then put his tie back on. Moments later he returned to the sitting room. Jill rose from her chair and they went out to the elevator.

The maître d'hotel seated them at a table by the window with a view of the city. As he expected, the hotel restaurant was very quiet on Friday night. When the captain came to take their drink orders, Bob ordered a Beefeater martini on the rocks, very dry, for himself and a Perrier with a lime for Jill.

The waiter left to attend to the drink order and Jill looked at him strangely. "Why did you order Perrier for me?" she asked.

"You look like the Perrier type. Aren't you?" he replied.

"Of course, but—"

"But I'm being a chauvinist to presume, is that it?"

"Yes, and—"

"Jill, I bought your body for the next thirty days. At the end of that time you can do whatever you want to do. In the meantime, it belongs to me."

"Are you saying I can't have a drink for the next thirty days?" she asked, with shock noticeable in her voice.

"Do you drink?" he asked.


"Jill, face facts: You're the original 'white wine and Brie' girl. Incidentally, what do you really do for a living? And how did the bellman find you?"

The girl's eyes widened. She tried to bluff it out, and said, "Bellmen have lists of girls who—"

"That may be so, Jill, but you aren't on the list."

Bob dropped the subject. As he looked at her, he made a connection with her name. He remembered reading a business exposé written by a freelance writer named Jill Peters. In fact, as he thought more about it, he recalled seeing several. It occurred to him that GorTech could be grist for the same mill. He remembered there were several references in her articles that appeared to display significant inside knowledge. It seemed quite likely that Jill Peters had a method that required her to get very close to her subject company — physically close would work very well. Bob decided to act on the assumption that the girl sitting across from him was the writer, Jill Peters.

The waiter came up to take their order and Bob ordered for both of them. He ordered gray sole for Jill broiled without butter. He asked if the salad was prepared with organically-grown ingredients. The waiter raised an eyebrow but replied that he didn't think it was. Bob smiled and said the gray sole alone would be enough. For himself he ordered their largest sirloin steak, medium rare, a baked potato with sour cream and a salad with Roquefort dressing. The waiter acknowledged the order and then disappeared toward the kitchen.

Jill looked at him but didn't say anything. He took the opportunity to study her carefully. Finally he said, "Jill, you don't wear any makeup, do you?" She appeared surprised but acknowledged that she didn't. "You're a very lovely young woman," Bob said softly. "I am looking forward to seeing you naked when we're back in the suite."

He noticed that she recoiled when he said "naked" but quickly controlled her reaction. Bob decided that he was deriving a perverse pleasure from keeping this girl off balance. He added, "There won't be any need for you to wear clothes in the suite, will there? I assume that modesty isn't a very powerful virtue in your profession." Again he saw her stiffen slightly. "By the way, do you girls consider it a profession or a business? I've always wondered."

This time she smiled. Bob liked her smile. She said, "I think of it as a profession. I can't speak for the other girls, though."

He continued his probe. "A profession is normally considered to have a body of knowledge like law, or a set of skills like a surgeon's. What are your professional skills?"

Just then the waiter brought their meals. Bob asked Jill if she wanted anything else at that time. She shook her head, no. The waiter left and Bob returned to his former line of questioning. "You were going to tell me what your professional body of knowledge is," he reminded her.

"I know how to make a man happy in bed. I guess you would call it a skill," she replied.

They ate their meals in a rather tense silence. He noticed that she ate every morsel of her sole and seemed to glance enviously at his steak. He said, "Would you like to try some of my steak? I don't want you to eat anything that's not good for you and it does have a lot of animal fat."

She nodded and gave him a quick smile. After he cut off a piece of his steak and put it on her plate, he was amused as he watched her cut it into very small pieces and then eat one.

As she started to chew he saw a look of bliss quickly pass over her face. She looked at him and grinned saying, "I guess I had forgotten how wonderful a good steak can taste. That is a very good steak. Thank you!" Although she appeared to be trying to restrain herself, she ate every morsel.

After finishing their meal they returned to the suite. While they were eating the suite had been tidied up and the bed turned down for the night. It was a king-size bed and both sides were turned down. Bob took off his tie as Jill watched. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and stopped to watch her. She unfastened her gold chain and carefully put it on the dresser. Then she slipped off her skirt and hung it in the closet with her jacket. Stepping out of her shoes, she put them away in the closet, too. Her figure was magnificent. Bob decided that clearly she was not a slob. Then she slipped the sweater over her head and stood there looking at him while wearing only her bikini. Jill was exquisite. Since she wore no brassiere he could see that her bare breasts were beautiful — full and firm. As he looked at them he could see her small pink nipples start to stiffen. Jill looked at him and said softly, "Do you approve?"

"Jill, you're beautiful. What about the rest?" She slipped her bikini down over her slim hips exposing a small dense patch of golden pubic hair. Daintily she stepped out of them and stooped quickly to pick them up. Then she stood with one leg slightly in front of the other in a model's pose with her shoulders back and her head up straight after quickly running her fingers through her hair to erase the very slight damage done by removing the sweater. Her hair was full-bodied and slightly wavy, worn somewhat shorter than shoulder length. Looking up, she just watched him with her beautiful green eyes.

"Jill, why don't you wash up? I think you'll find everything you need in the bathroom. I asked them to send some things up for you."

When she went into the bathroom, he quickly removed his clothes, got into the bed and waited. A few moments later she emerged from the bathroom and got into the bed. As soon as she drew back the covers he caught a wonderful scent. It was the smell of her own clean body enhanced with musk oil, Bob suspected. Bob reached for her and she came over to him on the bed. He put his arms around her and kissed her. As he did, he remembered hearing that prostitutes never kissed the johns. Nevertheless, she returned his kiss with one that was sweet and remarkably tender. As he started to run his fingers very lightly and gently over her body, he was quickly rewarded with quiet sounds of contentment coming from deep inside her.

Jill raised her head and surprisingly said, "Thank you, Bob. That feels so good! What would you like me to do for you now?"

Instead of replying, he just continued to stroke her body softly while pulling her closer to him. Since she was now lying face down on top of him, he reached down and stroked her flanks. Her ass was silken and her buns were small and very firm. As he caressed them gently, he heard her continue to make those deep sounds.

Smiling at him, she started to move her breasts across his hairy chest. She murmured, "I love a hairy chest! It allows me to do this." The friction of her nipples against the hair on his chest caused her nipples to harden like tiny pebbles. She smiled as she continued to move them over his chest.

Then to his surprise, she pulled herself up and kissed him softly. Bob was now certain that Jill — whatever she was — was not a prostitute. Her lips felt wonderful against his. Then he felt her tongue dart out like a little snake into his mouth. Bob decided her kiss was wonderful, and he responded strongly.

She stopped and pushed away slightly. "What would you like me to do now, Mr. Gordon?"

Smiling softly he whispered, "Two things. First, please call me Bob. Second, will you go down on me?"

He saw her eyes widen for an instant. Then she smiled and said, "Of course, Bob."

She slid down on the bed and took his magnificent cock in her hand. He looked at her and was intrigued. First, she very gently handled his cock and his balls. Then her right hand cradled his scrotum gently as if she were weighing it. With her left hand she very gently stroked the length of his cock, finally reaching its pink head. When her fingers reached its end she saw a drop of juice appear on the tip. She caught it on a finger and daintily licked it, then smiled warmly. "It tastes good. I assume you want me to take you in my mouth?"

Bob just nodded and watched. She moved her head over it and started to lick it like an ice cream cone. Finally, she shaped her mouth over it and took it inside. The sensation he felt was marvelous as she started to move her head up and down on his shaft. Then she changed positions to be better able to take in his entire length.

Meanwhile, Bob watched her with interest. He would have sworn she had no prior experience doing what she was doing, but she appeared to be figuring things out as she went along. At the same time, it felt wonderful and Jill seemed to be enjoying it. He continued to stroke her small bottom. When he moved his hand between her legs, she spread them wide to allow him easier access to her. Even though she was busy with his cock, she drew her legs up under her, raising her pelvis from the bed to give him easy access to her cunt. He ran his finger up her slit and heard her moan with pleasure as he did. His finger entered her and found that her tiny sentinel was now fully erect. He gently manipulated it between two of his fingers and heard her groans of pleasure. She had not slowed down, though. Her head was moving up and down, faster and faster. Using her lips, tongue, cheeks, and even her throat, she was simulating a vagina.

Bob could feel that he was close to cuming in her mouth. While he continued to stimulate her clitoris he moved his thumb up into her vagina. Amazingly, she began to move her pelvis up and down to help him. Then he let go and jets of semen shot into her mouth. He could see Jill breathing quickly through her nose as she concentrated on swallowing as much as she could. His finger moved faster and faster and then she let go, flooding his hand with her syrup.

She lifted her head and looked at his cock, now starting to soften. Carefully, she licked up a few stray drops. Then she let herself collapse so her head was resting on his belly as she looked up at him. His hand was now trapped by the weight of her body on top of it. She smiled up at him with her face resting on his body. "Was that okay? Did you enjoy it?"

He reached down and took her under her arms and pulled her up on the bed beside him. He was surprised as she formed her body to his. Jill snuggled as close to him as she could get with her head resting on his shoulder, then she turned her head and moved up higher on the bed to kiss him. Bob loved the sensation as again her breasts stabbed his chest with their nipples. As he kissed her and ran his tongue into her mouth, he could taste the salt of his own cum. Jill wrapped her arm around his neck and held him tightly. The kiss was wonderful. Bob would have sworn that he actually heard bells and could feel electricity flowing between them.

Then Bob went back to stroking her body. As he looked at it in the light of the bed lamps, he realized it was essentially perfect. He began running his finger tips very lightly over her breasts. Caressing her nipples caused them to harden as his finger moved over them. He glanced over and saw that her eyes were closed and she had a beautiful little smile on her lips as she just savored the sensation. "Does that feel good?" he whispered.

"Delicious!" she replied with her eyes still closed. The left side of her body was snuggled against his. Moving her left hand over, she felt for his massive sex which was now in a semi-flaccid state. As he caressed her, she began gently to caress him. He could hear those wonderfully warm, contented sounds coming from deep in her throat. Soon his cock was again fully erect.

He moved his hand lower on her body and found her warm slit. One of his fingers slid into her vagina, still soaking wet from her cum, and took some of her wetness on his finger tip. He began gently stroking her slit and finally concentrated on her clit. Jill kept her left leg close against his, but moved her right leg wide to open herself up to him. As he continued, he could hear the sounds she was making change to those of sexual excitement. Although her eyes were still closed, Bob moved. Going to his knees, he knelt between her legs and then sat back on his heels.

Jill's eyes opened and he saw an exquisite warmth and tenderness in them. "Are you ready?" she whispered. "I'm about to be washed away!"

He smiled back at her and leaned forward. She raised her hips and wrapped her beautiful long legs around his hips. With her right hand she guided his cock to the mouth of her vagina and helped him ease its head into her sopping wet cavity. Again her eyes closed as she savored the sensation. Bob moved forward and felt his cock penetrate her body.

Even though he was now certain that Jill was not a prostitute, he was surprised at how tight she was inside. In spite of her vagina being soaked with her wetness, her cunt was like a very tight, wet glove. He decided she had very little prior sexual experience. As clearly, though, she desperately wanted him inside her and was anxious to do anything possible to make his entry easier. Bob eased in and then pulled back a bit. He was watching her face as he moved. When he pulled back he saw a flash of disappointment cross her face. Then he moved back in, going deeper than before. Her face relaxed for an instant, then reflected her concentration as she focused her efforts on getting him fully inside herself.

Bob was really very inexperienced with women and in a vague way, he now realized he almost wanted Jill to be a prostitute. He wanted to be with a girl who could coach him. She wasn't experienced, but she did want him. While he continued moving in and then out of the tight wet glove, Jill used her legs wrapped around his hips to pull him even deeper inside her. Finally, he was in to his full length and paused.

The girl smiled up at him and murmured, "You're very large, Bob. I didn't think you could get inside me without ripping me in half. Now it feels so good!"

As she spoke he could feel her alternately tightening and relaxing her vaginal muscles to massage the weapon trapped inside her. It felt marvelous!

"May I try something?" she whispered.

Bob agreed instantly. She swung her legs out from around his hips, raised them up from the bed, and loosely linked her ankles around his neck. This raised her pelvis and allowed him the deepest possible penetration.

Again, he saw the very warm smile as she whispered, "You feel like you're penetrating to my stomach. It feels so great!"

He began to move slowly in and out. After a few strokes, he set up a rhythm. Working together with her, he withdrew until the head of his cock was almost out, then he moved forward in the longest possible stroke until he was fully embedded in her. Then he felt her pelvis start to move with an accelerating life of its own. Involuntary sounds were coming from deep in her body. Suddenly, her hips shook as she had a small orgasm. Bob stopped and waited for her to regain control. When she did, he started moving in her again.

He kept it up for what seemed like hours with his cock moving back and forth in her body. He tried to focus his mind on inconsequential things to keep from releasing too soon. He took her up to five orgasms at least — he had lost count — each more powerful than the one before. Now when she came, he could see her head flop back and forth. Sweat was flowing from her body and he could see her muscles stand out from the strain. Bob just kept it up. When their lovemaking had begun, it was obvious Jill was thinking about what she was doing and should do. Increasingly, her movements became involuntary. Now she was just moving as a part of him. As he ran his fingers over her body, her heightened sensitivity caused her to scream in ecstasy.

Finally, Bob could control himself no longer. He moved in her faster and faster and could hear her screams coming in tempo with his movements. His loins hit her bottom as he achieved full penetration. Then, with a loud involuntary scream she had a massive orgasm. It was as if every muscle in her body went into spasm. Even her golden hair was now dark with her sweat. She came with her pelvis moving by itself, taking him with her. He could feel his balls empty into her with a tremendous feeling of release, while her vagina contracted spasmodically to squeeze out the last drops from his cock. He could feel their combined fluids flowing around his cock, over their legs and onto the bed. Jill screamed again and lost consciousness.

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