The Cumplete Collection of House Slaves
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Master exercises his rights over his three women slaves

You eased yourself back in your executive leather chair and rubbed your tired eyes as you half watched the PC bring up the now familiar message that it was safe to turn it off. Reaching for the main power button, you shook your head and smiled for while keeping all your e-slaves in line was fun, it was also a gruelling task. Luckily for you, since that fortunate day when your numbers had come up in the National Lottery, you didn't have to work anymore and thus had more time to devote to your pleasures... and your slaves. Pushing the chair away from the desk a few inches, you grasped hold of your thick erection that was already protruding from out of your trousers and began to slowly ease yourself towards yet another orgasm as your thoughts turned to how that nurse down in the south-east would cope with her latest assignment. There were times, you considered, that a man needed to jerk himself off; true, you could have called Marie in to satisfy your needs but, on this occasion, you sought the experience of your own hand.

Ah, Marie... what a find she had been. A recently divorced mother and, when you came across her, a ball of pent up frustrations demanding to be released. In her early forties, rather prim and proper but very good looking for her age, it had been the sight of her 36 DD breasts stuffed into a low cut blouse that was totally at odds with her Harris tweed jacket and skirt outfit that had first caught your eye. A little bit of work on your part and she'd been revealed as a true subservient just waiting to be dominated by a firm hand and she had soon accepted you as her Master and moved into in your large detached house on the outskirts of town. That had been over a year ago now and, since then, the relationship between the pair of you had moved on a little. At least it had on her part for, to you, she was still just a cum-slave, a whore to be used and abused as the mood took you but, you slowly realised, she had come to actually love and worship you. She had never said as much, of course, but you could see the look in her eyes, that almost puppy-like devotion and a greater willingness to please than the usual slave offered. Of course, this offering of love to you was just another weapon in your armoury, another method of inducing humiliation when needed.

As you pushed yourself ever closer to your orgasm, the pace of you hand movements built up steam... until there came the sound of breaking china from the corridor outside your study. Hastily stuffing your stiffy back into your pants and zipping yourself up, you rushed to the door and flung it open, almost certain of what you would find there.

And you were right for standing amongst the shattered remains of your prized Victorian Wedgwood willow-pattern vase was Sharon, Marie's twelve year old spoilt brat of a kid from her previous marriage to ex-husband Geoff. "It wasn't my fault," Sharon moodily sulked, her whining tones grating on your nerves immediately. She was such a spoilt little cow who didn't respect you, her mother or your property in the slightest.

"Do you realise just how much that vase was worth, young lady?" you asked, trying to keep control of your temper.

"No," she pouted, "And I don't care! So there!"

Just at that moment her mother rounded the corner, clearly having hear the sound of breaking too. Marie looked at the carnage and told her daughter to apologise to you. "Shan't!" the little madam replied tartly.

Your temper finally snapped. Sharon had only been staying with you for the weekend but you couldn't take anymore of her attitude. Like all women she needed keeping in her place... but first you had to show her where that place was. Grabbing her by the wrist, you dragged her struggling little body into your study and instructed Marie to follow and to close the door. You used your free hand to pull your favourite spanking chair away from its place by the wall and, as you glanced over, you could see Marie lick her lips in anticipation as she imagined that it was her you were about to deal with, she having a weakness for that. But on this occasion, it wasn't and so you sat down and pulled her wayward daughter over your knee. "Hey! What you doing?" the minx protested, sounding vaguely worried now.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson that you should have had drummed into years ago, you little bitch!" you replied as you hoisted her skirt up over her waist. You knew that you'd get no gratification from what was about to happen next and you wanted this to all be above board, hence you calling her mother in to act as a witness for while you had a healthy, freewheeling attitude towards sex, you sincerely believed that it should only be between consenting adults. No, this wasn't about gratification... this was about firm, old fashioned discipline.

"Hey! You can't do that!" the writhing bundle of childhood blustered.

"Just watch me!" you replied as you dragged her white panties down her thighs and clear away from her buttocks. Pulling back your hand and taking careful aim, you delivered a strong smack to the twelve year olds right buttock. She yelped and her protests grew louder. You followed up with a smack to the left cheek... and then repeated the process four more times. At the end of this, the girl's protestations had ceased and had been replaced by the sound of wailing as tears streamed down her face.

After being released, she stood and pulled her clothing back into place, her embarrassment showing clearly in her body language. She then turned to you and, clearly not having totally learned her lesson fully, she started to tell you what her dad would do to you when he found out about this. You smiled and replied that you would indeed as her father was due to collect her within the hour. You then turned to Marie and instructed her to gather her daughter's belongings and to have her ready for when her father did arrive. Marie acknowledged this and, having sent Sharon ahead of her, turned to you and said quietly, "Can I be punished too, Master?"

You smiled for Marie was just so predictable. "Have you been a naughty girl, then?"

"Yes, I have, sir,"

"Then you will, indeed, need to be punished, Marie," you answered kindly. "Later."

"Oh, thank you sir," she smiled before scampering off after her daughter.

In the event, Sharon's father was about quarter of an hour early arriving and you watched from your study window as the girl flew out and immediately started an animated conversation with the man who's face turned dark and angry. He then stalked purposely towards your front door, clearly of a mind to teach you a lesson. Within moments he was stood before you, his anger spilling over. Calmly and backed up by Marie's testimony that nothing untoward had occurred, you tried to explain your side of the story to the furious man but Geoff was clearly not going to have any of it. A stream of verbal abuse poured out of his mouth and, egged on by his brat of a daughter, he pulled back a fist in preparation to striking you. But you were quicker and not for nothing had your been the County boxing champion at your weight in your youth and before his fist could even begin to move towards you, your right slammed into his nose while, fractions of a second later, your left landed in the pit of his stomach. Geoff doubled over and went down, clutching at his stomach and with blood pumping out of his nostrils. Sharon ran over to her father and started to deride him for his lack of manhood and fighting ability.

"I'm sorry to say this to you, Geoff," you told the prostrate man, "but your daughter is as out of control as your temper She needs bringing back on track. Deep down she might - though I doubt it - be a good kid but I suspect she's been allowed to get away with just too much... and she's been exposed to your Neanderthal like behaviour for too long."

Like most bullies who have been beaten and taught a lesson, Geoff's attitude towards you now changed and, accepting you as the superior male, he tried to ingratiate himself into your favour by smiling up at you before saying. "Yes, you're probably right. I guess I've been overcompensating for Sharon not having a mother-figure living at home. It was easier to bribe her than to put up with the tantrums."

"An easy trap to fall into. But you know what they say, 'Spare the rod and spoil the child.' And it's so very true."

"Indeed... but it's a matter that will be corrected. From now on," Geoff went on turning to face his daughter, "you will be punished regularly until you learn to behave like a good girl."

Sharon looked aghast at her father - this wasn't the way the conversation was supposed to go! Geoff struggled back to his feet and started to dab at his nose with his handkerchief before instructing Sharon to carry her bags back to the car and to wait for him there. One look into the newly found firmness in her father's eye had the little girl running to obey, followed by her mother who wished to say goodbye.

Geoff and you both stood and he held out his hand towards you. You took it in a firm grip and you shook, hardly as friends, but at least with a mutual understanding. "If only there was someone to help me look after Sharon. Someone who could shoulder some of the weight," he whined, clearly hoping that you would volunteer your services and those of his ex-wife.

You, of course, weren't going to have any of that... and, besides, a plan that would allow you to monitor and to intervene in this bastard's life began to form in the back of your mind. "I might be able to help there, Geoff. Did you say that your house is in Kent? I know a young lady who lives down there who'd be willing to spend some of her free time minding Sharon and letting you have some quality time to yourself. You should get out more... it must be hard having a full time job and raising a child at the same time."

"Very hard, let me tell you. I'm constantly tired. This young woman, is she reliable?"

"Oh, very much so... she's a nurse by trade... likes helping out other people..." And she knows full well who her Master is, you continued to yourself. Yes, Night Nurse could be instructed to carry out all sorts of mischievous sabotage at your commands in the lives of Geoff and Sharon while appearing to be eager to help them...

Once the car taking Geoff and Sharon back home had left, Marie returned to the study and knelt down before you. You looked down at her and especially at her cleavage. She loved showing herself off and today was no exception for she was wearing only a thin T-shirt with no bra so that her boobs jiggled and moved with her every action. "So, my slave, what naughtiness have you been up to?"

"I've had Darya locked in the cellar since this morning..."

Ah. so that's where your other live-in slave was. Twenty-one years old, slim with small breasts and yet so incredibly attractive, Darya was an illegal immigrant who'd slipped into the country from her homeland of Belarus seeking a better life for herself. You'd found her sleeping rough in a shop doorway one cold and rainy night and she'd been both grateful and eager to accept your offer of a roof over her head for the night, little suspecting that you intended to blackmail her into becoming a sex slave. From an upper class family and well-bred, she was inexperienced in the ways of the world and now she was trapped in your house firmly believing that she were she to try to escapee or to annoy you too badly, you'd set the feared British Secret Police onto her. The only fly in the ointment with all this was that Marie was jealous, seeing Darya as a younger rival so that every opportunity she got, Marie would put down or otherwise make sure that Darya was out of your sight.

"That is very bad of you, Marie," you agreed. "And it does, indeed, warrant punishment." You looked at the woman's face as her eyes lit up in eager anticipation of getting her backside seen to. "Take you skirt off, slut!" you commanded and she rushed to obey. Needless to say, beneath the ankle length skirt which you had graciously granted her permission to wear over the weekend in view of the visit by her daughter and ex-husband, she was naked. She moved towards the chair still waiting in its position in the middle of the room.

"No, no," you said, halting her in mid-stride. "It's such a nice afternoon... I think we'll go out for a drive in the country." Marie's face fell for she knew what this punishment entailed and it was not as enjoyable to her as a good spanking - which was, of course, half the reason that you were using it. But she knew better than to protest and so she meekly hung her head and replied, "Yes, Master."

Ten minutes later, the pair of you were sat side by side in your powerful Ferrari - bright red, of course, with the top down. The V12 engine was barely ticking over and yet you were bowling along the local bypass at fifty miles a hour. Alongside you Marie was sat in the passenger seat, arranged in the required position and dressed only in her T-shirt (tied off around her waist) and shoes. Her hands were by her sides and her knees spread apart and you looked up to see how the driver of the lorry you were slowly overtaking was enjoying the view. The answer was that he was loving it, much to Marie's obvious embarrassment. She hated showing her pussy - in her mind cleavage was one thing but 'down there' something else. You let the man get a few more seconds of enjoyment before easing the accelerator down a little and pulling away. Ahead of you, you could see another truck... and, no doubt, another bored driver seeking a little distraction...

Five trucks later and growing bored with this game, you sought to alter the rules a little with a fresh game that you had just thought of so you pulled off the dual carriageway and slipped onto a much quieter 'B' road. "Marie?" you said, "I feel that I require a little oral relief."

The woman smiled, that puppy like look of devotion back in her eyes again, "Certainly, Master," she said. And, well trained as she was, she quickly and skilfully unbuckled your belt, unclipped the waistband fastener and then unzipped you. A short operation with her hand and your already engorged penis was out in the fresh air... but not for long for after undoing her seat belt, Marie swung round and knelt on the passenger seat, as you had previously trained her, with her face in your groin and her backside up high and exposed. As her tongue slid up and down your rod, you gently eased the Ferrari around the bends heading towards the small, upmarket village of Little Downham. Marie took you into her warm, moist mouth and slowly eased you deeper and deeper down her throat. What she couldn't see, of course, was that you were now entering the outskirts of the village and already several people were stopping and staring as the powerful red sports car meandered passed with a woman mooning at them over the sill of the passenger door. Timing here was, of course, vital and you played your part well, holding back on your orgasm as you approached the village green where, as luck would have it, the local cricket side was playing a neighbouring team. Just as you passed the scoreboard, you finally allowed yourself some relief and shot your load into your slave's mouth and Marie, well trained in these matters, swallowed and then licked you clean. Her business finished now, she raised her head and obviously instantly spotted the houses opposite her. Slowly turning round, she peered over her shoulder... only to spot a crowd of more than fifty cricket players and spectators ogling back at her. Laughing, you floored the throttle of your car and, with a screech of burning rubber and a roar of power, you shot away from the scene while Marie slunk back down into a sitting position and tried to make herself as small as possible...

Upon your return home you had Marie go and fetch Darya before then telling her to start preparing your dinner. The older woman soon returned leading your younger slave on a lead for it was your practice to engender a sense of competition between your slaves by treating the one who had pleased you the least as if she were a dog. Currently this was Darya and she was only allowed to move on all fours and there was a leather dog collar around her neck. Needless to say, she was naked. Dismissing Marie, you removed the lead from Darya's collar and, after she nuzzled you, you told her that she was a good dog and patted her on the head. "Would you like some food?" you asked her and she replied with a single bark - the code for 'yes'. Telling her to heel, you set off for the kitchen where you removed a tin of dog food from the refrigerator and spooned some of it into a bowl with "Bitch" written in large letters upon it. You placed the bowl onto the floor and watched with interest as the hungry young woman gobbled up the food as fast as she could manage without using her hands. Once she had licked the bowl clean, you asked her if she needed to do her business and again you were rewarded with a single 'woof'. Leading Darya back into your study, you slid open the French window and allowed her out into your large and secluded garden. Still on all fours, the woman/bitch trotted onto the grass before squatting down. Not being really so interested in such matters, you looked away and, when you returned your gaze, she was trotting back towards you leaving a small, steaming turd behind. "Bed!" you instructed and Darya obediently set off back into the house heading, no doubt, for the large dog basket in the hall where she would be spending the night... unless her luck changed!

Planting yourself on a bench you were really enjoying the last rays of the evening sun when a bush over to your left parted and in through the gap stepped Angela, the wife of your next door neighbour, Charles. Now Charles was a manager on an oil production platform and, as such, he spent two weeks out on the rig followed by two weeks onshore. During his time away, Angela had found her self becoming both bored and frustrated so that when you moved into your current abode, she'd very quickly and willingly become your other slave. If fact, you thought pleasantly, with her here your collection of house slaves was cumplete.

"Evening, whore," you began conversationally.

"Good evening, Master," she replied matter-of-factly, her eyes respectfully lowered.

"Has Charles left for work?" you asked.

"Yes, Master, he has."

"The usual arrangements?"

"Indeed, Master."

"Please disrobed," you instructed her, fishing a key from where it hung on a chain around your neck. You enjoyed watching Angela undress for, despite her being short and knocking on the door of forty, she had the sort of figure you enjoyed in that she was slightly overweight and had huge quivering tits that just begged to be mistreated. Once the last item of clothing was discarded, she stood before you stark naked... except for the metal chastity belt that she was locked into. Charles was not a trusting soul... but he was a fool and it had been easy to bride the locksmith into supplying you with a spare key. Seeing the key, Angela smiled for she knew that, with it, you could soon release her and provide what she desired. But not just yet for you smiled cruelly at her and popped the key away again. "Dump your clothes inside and then come back and remove that shit from my lawn. Do it with you bare hands."

Angela's face fell as she looked at the excrement in disgust, but she knew better than to disobey you. Still sitting on the garden bench, you settled back and prepared to enjoy watching her perform her allotted task...

With Angela following, you re-entered the house and gave her permission to go and wash her hands. You moved on and opened the lounge door, which was odd because you normally left it ajar anyway. Your suspicions raised, you looked about you and immediately spotted Darya cowering in the corner looking decidedly hangdog. In the middle of your Axminster was a large damp patch. The conclusion you were supposed to jump to was obvious - that your dog had done her wee-wee in the middle of your carpet... but you'd just seen her perform in the garden not half an hour previously so it was hardly likely that she'd have needed to go again so quickly. It was therefore clear to you that Marie was trying to stir it again. Angrily, you summoned your original slave back into the room and you pointed at the puddle. "Answer me truthfully, bitch, did you do that?"

Marie looked shamefaced, knowing that she'd been caught out. Having lost her voice in fear, all she could do was to nod her head.

"I trust it's simply water?" you persisted. Again a nod

"Very well. Darya, come her girl." your dog trotted obediently over and, bending, you removed her collar before approaching Marie, the leather held out before you.

"No!" she pleaded, having found her voice again, "No... please..."

You smiled at her but said nothing. You simply fixed the collar in place and then ordered her down on all fours. Reaching into a drawer in the dresser you pulled out a tawse that was about eighteen inches long with two tongues and made of thick, stiff, shiny black leather. Marie paled and Darya had to suppress a giggle as you glanced over at her. A brief instruction had two girls carrying over a small but sturdy desk into the middle of the room and, once you were satisfied with its position, you ordered Marie to clamber up and to kneel close to the edge. Then you told her to place her hands on the floor; the net result of this was that her head was below the edge of the desk and her boobs were swinging freely downwards while her arse was thrust up in the air... and her slit was pointing directly at you. "Oh, Master!," she protested, "This is most uncomfortable."

"Well done, bitch... you've just earned yourself some extra slaps," you replied as you looked at the very tempting target in front of you for a moment before you brought the short leather strap down on her left buttock for the first time today. Marie gave a slight gasp and bit her lip as you repeated the process on her right cheek. You proceeded to administer three more blows to each side marking them with some deep red wields and then, changing your stance a little, you began to lash at her with a more upward stroke so that the end of the strap now curled up before connecting directly over her sex. Now she really howled! Two more blows like the first followed before you felt satisfied and allowed her down, verbally reprimanding her further and sending her off to the dog basket where she could, figuratively, lick her wounds. "But no playing with yourself!" you warned, "I want you randy and willing when I next need to relieve myself with you!"

Satisfied that justice had been done and with a growing erection, you looked around to see Darya and Angela exchanging a grin between them. You instructed Angela to run along and to finish preparing your dinner... and to close the door after her. Once she had left you turned to Darya and smiled. She lowered her head slightly and looked at you through her eyelashes just like a nervous little girl. "Come to me, slave," you bid her and it wasn't long before she was stood before you, your fingers gently entwined in her pussy fluff. Unbidden, her hands began to unbutton your shirt but you didn't stop her for your entire being now sought the release of sex and having intercourse with this young girl was always a pleasant experience. Before long you were as naked as she and with some gentle pressure applied by your hand to her firm, pale buttocks, you guided her over the the thick sheepskin rug by the fireplace. She lay down on this, her arms thrown up above her head, her legs wantonly opened, her sex inviting you in. Eagerly, your penis responded, your pre-cum shining in the last light of the day. Darya smiled, almost as if she were looking forward to servicing you and you recalled just how shy she had been about the whole intercourse thing when, as a virgin, she'd arrived in your house. No longer a virgin, she nevertheless had never known another man and you were pleased that, unlike your other sluts, she was and had always been, only yours. What followed was simple, uncomplicated, glorious sex full of animalistic gruntings, questing hands and eager lips... but it was nevertheless totally satisfying and as you collapsed across her body, your seed spent, you both smiled and she thanked your in her sweet, clear voice. Pulling yourself free of her sweat coated body you instructed her to run you a bath. Yes, you thought to yourself, a pleasant soak before dinner... that sounded good. And after dinner? Well, you were not too sure about that. Angela was still locked in her belt and Marie would be frustrated by you not fucking her after your spanking as a beating always turned her on... and she'd also be eager to please you and thus get you to remove the dog collar from her and place it around the neck of one of the others. Yes, the evening wasn't over yet and there were many possibilities...

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