Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Humiliation, Masturbation, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Three generation lesbianism at a hotel seminar.

In late 1999 I was sent by my firm to a technical seminar on the south coast of England. I was booked into a grand, if rather old, hotel for four nights and it was there that this story begins.

I am a thirty-four year old female who works as an Internet security advisor to a number of clients and as part of my job attend various seminars and conferences in order to keep up to date with technical advances. I am single, 5' 5" tall, slim, with shoulder length brown hair and a slim figure. Not quite petite but certainly small. Sexually I am fairly experienced having tried most things at one time or another. Of particular regard to this story is the fact that as well as enjoying a good man fuck from time to time, I also have a taste for younger women, preferable in their teens or early twenties. Not for me some butch bull-dyke who hates all men and dresses like a refugee from the marines. I find it a particular turn on to be able to introduce other women to the joys of lesbian sex.

My taste for lesbian sex grew from a number of chance encounters I had whilst I was working for a couple of years in London. As to my choice of younger women, I guess that's because I like to dominate. Its part of my character I suppose, and being in charge of situations, particularly sexual ones, gives me a sense of security in that my bisexuality won't be disclosed against my wishes.

Anyway, back to my story. I had been feeling 'on heat' for a few weeks having not had any sort of sexual relationship in the past three months. As the time for this seminar approached, the thought of a week in a hotel had begun to fire fantasies within me. I always enjoyed the anonymity of hotel stays. In hotels I felt uninhibited, I was prepared to enter into sexual encounters that I would never consider in my home town and in hotels I had, by chance, experienced some of the best sex of my life. All this had made me, as I say, start to fantasise about sexual potentials and in particular whether I might meet any suitable young women to have some bisexual fun with.

I checked-in about 7.30 p.m. on the Monday evening and having carried out the necessary formalities I made my own way to my room. I never used hall porters as they always seemed to be leering at female guests with the arrogance of youth that made them believe ever women who checked in wanted to get fucked by them or one of their mates. Now as it happens I was quite prepared to be fucked during my stay but it wouldn't be by some spotty faced porter.

For me this was to be a week of hard work, sure, but also a week of pampering; good food, good wine and just maybe some time in the company of another women. Who knows, I would just have to wait and see.

I decided, having arrived somewhat late, that I would shower and take supper in my room rather than go down to the restaurant. That would allow me an early night and ensure I was well prepared for the first day of the seminar. Fortunately I wasn't making any presentations only attending other peoples so I could pretty much pick and choose those parts of the seminar that interested me and make good use of the spare time that offered.

Having showered, I dressed again, chose my meal and called room service to order. I was told the meal would take around twenty minutes to prepare and set about trawling through the seminar schedule whilst I waited.

Finally there was a knock at my door. I went to answer. I quickly checked the security view hole and saw that my order was delivered not by a porter but a maid. This was unusual since for safety of their staff most hotels sensibly tend to send porters to deliver room service. It was the expectance of a man bringing my food that had made me get dressed again after my shower. If you go to the door in a robe you get all the leering crap again.

I couldn't make out much about the girl other than she was dark haired. Quickly tidying myself, I opened the door, said "Hi" and beckoned her in, instructing her to place the tray next to the bed. As she walked across the room I was captivated. She was about seventeen or eighteen, I would guess, and around 5' 3" tall. She had a gorgeously petite figure, small hips, very small breasts and wore her hair bobbed. In short she was somewhat boyish in appearance which was my absolute favourite when it came to girls. I was kicking myself for having re-dressed after my shower.

I wasn't prepared to make any move on her since I hadn't been expecting her but I did at least make sure I got her name.

"Thanks", I said breaking the ice, "that was quick service."

"Your welcome madam" she replied politely.

"I didn't expect a beautiful young thing like yourself to bring my tray, its usually one of those spotty boys!", I continued.

I think my use of the word beautiful threw her as she looked embarrassed and confused at the same time.

"Sorry", she said, "it's just we are a bit short staffed and the duty manager said you were a lady guest and asked if I would mind bringing your food up."

"Oh don't apologise", I said gently, "I would much prefer to see you and sorry if I embarrassed you. I didn't mean to, its just you struck me as being a very attractive young women and it just slipped out. And hey!, if we girls can't compliment each other who can," I added jokingly.

She seemed to relax a bit more as I reached for my purse and handed her a very generous tip.

"That's great!" she said surprised.

"Don't mention it, if you look after me personally during my stay I'll make sure you're well rewarded" I responded, emphasising the word 'personally' to see if there was any reaction. Sadly there wasn't and she started for the door.

"What's you name, by the way?" I asked as she reached the door.

She turned and told me that her name was Rachelle and added that she would make sure that I was well looked after. With that she left. I knew right then that I would be seeing a lot more of Rachelle during the week ahead.

I ate my meal and having finished, undressed to my panties and put on a robe. I then lay on my bed and started to flick between TV channels. There was the usual rubbish on and my mind once again started wondering to sexual matters. I muted the TV and closed my eyes remembering Rachelle and imagining her without her uniform. As I did so my right hand wandered inside my robe and started to massage by nipples. First the left until it was fully erect and then the right. I just loved rubbing my nipples imagining it was Rachelle's hand doing the massaging. After some ten minutes of playing with my breasts my hand wandered to and inside by knickers. I kept my pussy hair very short so that I got maximum feeling in my lips and clit. I gently parted the lips and inserted my middle finger into my cunt whilst pressing on my clit with my thumb. I find I can keep this up for ages and ages with waves of enjoyment just breaking over me. All the time building myself to orgasm. Sometimes I have done this for an hour or more before finally bringing myself off but this time it would be much briefer. As I said, I have been on heat for weeks and the beauty of Rachelle's nude body in my imagination was bringing me to a fast climax. I raised my hips from the bed and tore off my knickers casting them to the floor. Then pushing four fingers into my cunt and pressing and rubbing hard on my clit I orgasmed violently. My whole body just shook and huge amount of juices flowed onto my hand and my robe.

I rolled over and looked at the clock and saw it was still only 9.30 p.m. There was no way I was going right through tonight without some more sex and whilst I just loved masturbation it wasn't going to be enough. I figured it was too late to go down to the bar to see if there were any likely candidates for my passion so the only person I knew in the hotel was Rachelle.

I cleaned myself up, put on a fresh pair of knickers and wrapping myself in my robe, phoned room service again.

"Hi, Its Miss Johnstone in room 347, I would like a bottle of wine sent to my room please. Chianti would be fine. Oh and I am rather nervous of staying in hotels alone" I lied, "so could you make sure it's a maid rather than a porter who delivers the bottle. Would that be okay?"

"Of course madam," said the room service manager, "I think we have a maid still on duty, at least long enough to make one more room service delivery."

I hoped to god it would be Rachelle but thought it may raise suspicion to ask for her by name. Anyway I was so horny I figured I might try it on with any maid they chose to send.

As I waited I started rubbing my pussy again. It was still soaking wet and starting to drip down my thighs as I paced the room with a hand in my knickers. This time the knock came within only a few minutes. I pulled my robe closed and went to the door and looked once again through the spy-hole.

God!, oh god, my luck was in. It was Rachelle again. I quickly opened the door almost afraid that she would walk away if I didn't respond quickly. I was surprising myself; normally I am cool and in command but Rachelle was making me act like a naughty teenager.

Rachelle smiled and walked into my room holding a tray upon which was the bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Two glasses?" I enquired.

"Its standard policy" Said Rachelle, "in case guests are entertaining someone, if you know what I mean."

"That's very thoughtful", I said, adding, "Sadly no such luck for me. I'm alone so one glass would have done. I just thought a little wine would help me relax before bed. I don't suppose you would care to join me? but I suppose you have to get back" I added answering my one question.

"Well I shouldn't really. The manager doesn't like us fraternising with guests but I have just finished my shift so yeah, why not, I'll have a glass with you."

I had to take things slowly so as not to appear too keen. I didn't want to scare Rachelle away. I invited her to sit down and opened the wine. Pouring two glasses, I passed her one and sat down on the end of my bed with the other. I was directly opposite her and maybe four feet away. I knew that my robe was only loosely tied and made sure that Rachelle could at least see a hint of breast exposed as I started to generally chat to her. I asked about her, how she came to be working at the hotel and she responded by asking how long I was staying and what line of business I was in. In short the usual sort of polite conversation between two people who didn't know each other. During the conversation I poured Rachelle more wine and kept her glass full.

After twenty or thirty minutes of chatting Rachelle was much more relaxed and had kicked off her shoes. For myself I had made sure she had got a good look at my breasts each time I topped up her glass. As I did so I noticed her looking and smiled at her as she realised I had seen her.

"So Rachelle", I asked, "do you have a boyfriend locally, perhaps working in the hotel?"

"No," she replied, "I'm not going steady at the moment."

"What a beautiful girl like yourself and no boyfriend!" I said in mock surprise.

"Well working shifts is not good for a social life. That's why its so nice to be invited to share your wine." She said smiling.

"You're welcome", I said, "but I have to say that I do feel somewhat underdressed. I hope you don't mind me sat here in just a robe. I've just realised I have been flashing my breasts all evening", I added pretending to coyly cover myself up said that I hoped I hadn't embarrassed her.

"Not at all. Its nice to relax when you're drinking good wine, I only wish I could get out of this horrid little uniform" she said and then realising the implications of her words added, "you know, having been in it all day."

I snatched at the opportunity. "Don't feel you can't on my account. There's a spare robe in the bathroom. Help yourself. Relax."

"Really, would that be okay?"

I told her that of course it would but on one condition. I took the chance and said, "you've seen my tits all night now how about me seeing yours. The robe is yours as long as you let me watch you put it on."

It was too late now I had committed myself. I waited for Rachelle's reaction. Would she be disgusted and leave? She hesitated, looked at me, said nothing for a few moments and then said, "Okay, why not be a little naughty. Wine always makes me a bit silly. I'll show you mine if you show me yours" she joked in a child like voice.

With that she got up and fetched the robe before returning to the room.

I squirmed as she came back in from the bathroom. I was going to get to see this beautiful girl undress before me. I think she thought it was just a bit of alcohol induced high jinx. I don't think she had the faintest idea that I wanted her so badly.

Rachelle stood in front of me and a few feet away. With her back slightly towards me she started to undo the buttons of her little white blouse and taking it off placed it carefully over the back of a chair. She giggled, enjoying the tease, and then placing her fingers in the waistband of her short skirt eased it over her slight hips and dropped it to the floor. This too she carefully placed over the chair back. She now stood before me in black tights under which I could see a pair of skimpy white knickers and a matching white bra, although given the size of her breasts she really didn't need one.

At this point Rachelle didn't seem sure about going any further so I prompted her to remove her tights suggesting that she would never be comfortable with those on. She agreed and pulled them off but once again stopped at this point. For myself I made sure my robe was now very open at the top so that Rachelle could see my breasts fully exposed.

"Come on" I joked, "remember you promised to show me yours if I showed you mine. Let's see those titties."

Again she looked hesitant.

I decided not to push but to encourage her and asked if there was anything wrong.

"Well, its... its sort of... well I'm a bit embarrassed to tell the truth" she said.

"Embarrassed! Why ever would you be embarrassed about such a gorgeous figure." I said.

"It's my breasts, they're too small. Not like yours. I embarrassed to show you them."

"Nonsense Rachelle! As I said you have a gorgeous figure and you should be very proud of your body. From what I can see I think your breasts are lovely and I promise I really would like to see them. Go on, let me see them, please." I said very gently.

Rachelle smiled at my kind words and raising her arms behind her back unclipped her bra and gently removed it letting me see her as she did so. True her breasts were tiny but nonetheless they were very attractive and for a girl of her build they were perfectly proportioned. She really was as lovely as I had imagined in my fantasies.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it? Now you can relax properly", I said handing her the robe.

Rachelle put it on and sat down in the chair not bothering to tie the robe cord.

I suggested we finish the bottle of wine and standing to pour her a final half glass I made sure my own robe fell completely open so that Rachelle could see my whole figure. Like she, I still had my panties on which by this time were really quite wet from my excitement. As I walked I could feel that my nipples were very erect as they rubbed against the towel of the robe.

"You've got a very nice figure yourself, Miss Johnstone", Rachelle said politely as I poured her drink.

"Thank you Rachelle" I responded noting how she addressed me and deciding that I quite liked the formality. It kind of emphasised Rachelle's submissiveness and that really turned me on.

"Of course" I continued in a light-hearted tone, "we haven't really concluded our little game have we. You know - 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'. I suppose if I were to show you everything then you would have to match me or else you lose!"

I didn't give Rachelle a chance to reply. Sitting back down on the bed I simply pulled by knickers down, took them off and sat in front of Rachelle with just my open robe remaining and giving her a full view of my pussy.

Make or break I thought! "Go on. Match that!" I said looking her directly in the eye but with a friendly smile.

Rachelle said nothing but with a beautifully coy smile, stood, pulled off her own knickers and sat down again. This was turning into a game of poker. Who would fold first?

I let the robe drop from my shoulders and spread my legs a little further. Rachelle followed suit.

I licked my fingers and then taking a nipple in each hand started to play with my breasts. Again without a word Rachelle copied me.

Lets get sexual I thought as I lowered my hand to my cunt and started to openly masturbate myself in front of this beautiful girl.

Rachelle watched me for a couple of minutes and then started to masturbate her own pussy. She spread he lips fairly wide and used the flat of her hand to rub herself vigorously. We both watched each other and smiled broadly. It was a very sexual and yet a very gentle situation. Two women just enjoying their own bodies and putting on a show for each other. At the same time the 'poker' element was still there. How far would she go?

I sank off the side of the bed and onto my knees on the floor. Then slowly rolling onto my back I lay on the floor and lifted my legs in the air. Rachelle now had a full view of my cunt and arse. Then I continued masturbating but this time also pushed a finger into my own arse hole and started pumping. Rachelle looked a little taken aback but also got on the floor and laying on her back continued to frig herself. We were both now nearing our orgasms as I shouted to her "What about your bottom. You don't have a finger in your bottom."

"I don't want to so that!", she shouted back as she started to jerk her hips.

"If you don't match me you lose, go on fuck your arse with a finger."

It was too late, Rachelle was in full flow of orgasm. Her hips were off the floor and her muscles tightened as she screamed and groaned and frigged herself. It was a glorious site to see and took me over the edge into my own orgasm.

We both lay on the floor, panting and sweating from our exertions. I crawled over to Rachelle and kissed her gently. "That was fun wasn't it? Glad you stayed for the wine?" I asked.

"Oh yes", she whispered.

"Unfortunately Rachelle, we must not forget you lost our little game." I said.

"What do you mean, lost?" she asked.

"Well you didn't do everything I did. I didn't see you finger fuck your bottom. That means you lose and I win!" I stated rather more firmly.

"And what do I lose, Miss Johnstone?" she said playfully but with that submissive tone again.

"You lose your equality, is what you lose! For the rest of this week you will be my servant."

"But I already am. I'm a maid for God's sake!" she said.

I continued, "You don't understand Rachelle, I mean you will be my sexual servant. For the rest of my stay we shall spend as much time together as possible, including your time off and you shall do my sexual bidding. How do you feel about that?"

Rachelle seemed to enjoy the possibility and looking me sweetly in the eye simply purred, "Yes Miss Johnstone."

"Now for tonight you will stay with me. We shall share my bed and we shall fuck all night. And Rachelle, you will finger your own arse or I will do it for you. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Miss Johnstone."

Rachelle and I spent the most glorious night together exploring each others bodies, friggingh ourselves, frigging each other and making good use of the vibrator I always carried with me to seminars. And yes, late into the night she did get to finger fuck her own arse whilst I licked her to orgasm.

As we awoke Rachelle got up and dressed quickly to get downstairs to start her shift. I simply put on a robe and walked her to the door. As she left I told her to come to my room at 7 p.m. when her shift ended.

"Yes Miss Johnstone." She said with a smile.

I lent forward, my tits swinging in full view and kissed her on the lips just at the very moment when the guest in the room opposite open their door to pick up their morning paper. It was a women who looked at me, took in the whole scene in an instant and quickly closed her door. Rachelle looked worried and hurried off to work. For myself I thought, what the fuck! So she saw me kissing Rachelle and probably realised that we had spent the night together. Did it really matter that a stranger in a strange town knew I was bisexual.

I would find out in due course...

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