Essentially Lisa
Chapter 1: An Introduction

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: An Introduction - Read along as one woman goes through a series of blistering sexual encounters with a variety of different people, from her older boss to her bi-sexual girlfriend, to her group of boyfriends and a few strangers as well.

A resident of suburban Cincinnati, Lisa was quite the popular young lady in her hometown. The 20-year-old was a gorgeous, statuesque blonde that appealed to those men (and women) who appreciated tender, fragile-looking females. Perhaps just one look at this ravishing stunner was enough to convince you that yes, a truly perfect woman did exist. Of the people who knew Lisa, they would attest to that fact.

5-feet-9 tall and 120 pounds of total beauty, Lisa sported a head-turning 37c-24-36 figure which received quite a number of looks and stares from her many admirers on a daily basis. She had the type of sweet, beautiful face you find on the cover of cosmetics' magazines at your local supermarket, with the smile to match. Her legs were incredibly long and sleek; richly-tanned and toned - much like a Vegas showgirl.

The young woman was a living angel who had the ability to light up a room with her mere presence alone. Lisa was full of the sweetness and sunshine which made others around her feel as though they had just met a new friend. She had a young, fresh-faced appeal which exuded a special kind of wholesome, natural sexiness.

It should also come as no great surprise that Lisa was the centerpiece of several dreams and fantasies - of people from all walks of life. She was, in many ways, a slice of Heaven.

Another reason for her popularity stemmed from the simple fact that Lisa was willing to try just about anything when it came to sex. She was very adventurous, yet curious at the same time, and possessed the never-ending desire to try something new. This type of raw, open-minded attitude for lust had led her into some rather unique situations. Some of them included gang-bang sex with multiple men, encounters with strangers and even trysts with other women.

The most fascinating thing about Lisa, however, was that despite her carefree lifestyle, she did not look the part of a slut. In fact, she appeared to be the quintessential All-American girl, with a wide-eyed innocence about her that cried out to be hugged, and taken care of. Everything about her, it seemed, was pure and wholesome.

Lisa's friendly, down-to-earth demeanor did an excellent job of masking her sexual desire to the unknowing person. She looked to be the type of woman whom you would want to take home and introduce to your family. However, Lisa rather spend such time getting gang-banged by a group of over-anxious men, or be involved in a wild daisy-chain with five of her intimate lady friends. Sex mattered most to her.

Born on the date of September 24, 1980 in rural Illinois, Lisa moved around quite a bit when she was a youngster. Her father was continually transferred in his job, to places such as Georgia, Illinois, California, Ohio and Florida. Lisa moved around so much that she had two separate stays in both Illinois and California, and three here in Ohio.

Lisa enjoyed Cincinnati more than any other place and at the young age of 19, decided to settle down here when her family was uprooted once more - this time to Wisconsin. The confident, independent teen was tired of the constant moving and wanted to finally call one place her true home.

Friends and relatives helped the college student get by in terms of finances. She needed all of their help. As a full-time student and varsity cheerleader, Lisa did not have a whole lot of money of her own. She did work at an art gallery on a part-time basis - in sales. But that didn't provide her with a whole lot of income.

It wasn't until a year had gone by, however, until the blonde decided to take a roommate in - her cousin, Suzi. The duo agreed to share expenses and help each other out.

Suzi, who moved here from Seattle, led an incredibly wild and loose lifestyle when it came to sexual matters. One could quickly sum her up by saying that she was nearly everything Lisa that was - but only a thousand times more extreme. Lisa, of course, looked up to her older cousin and wanted to emulate her in every way. As a result, a series of unforgettable events took place, some of which included Lisa taking part in gang-bang sex and encounters with total strangers. Both of those were considered "Suzi trademarks".

What seemed to be a perfect situation for the pair of cousins quickly vanished when Suzi, the ultimate mega-slut, was performing at a local strip club one evening. A casting couch type from Los Angeles was in town, and took a liking to the stunning blonde. He introduced himself to her as an adult movie producer, and basically offered her a lucrative contract on the spot. Suzi accepted, of course, and shortly thereafter, packed up all her belongings and moved westward. "They're actually going to PAY me to fuck?" was her thought.

Thus, Lisa was left without a roommate and took over the title of Cincinnati's Queen Slut - something which Suzi had laid claim to during the eleven months that she lived here. However, Lisa would not be without a roommate for too long.

One evening, Lisa and one of her many guy friends decided to do a little "swapping" with another couple. Darius, the blonde's man that night, would have sex with the other woman (Jenn) while Lisa took her turn with the other man (Steven). What started out as the typical girlfriend-swapping encounter quickly escalated into bi-sexual heat between Lisa and Jenn.

Lisa had always been curious about other women but never had the chance to be with one until she came across Jenn that fateful evening. Lisa was powerless to resist when, out of the blue, Jenn put her lips to the blonde's mouth and began kissing away. Not that she WANTED to resist, mind you - in fact, Lisa responded favorably and the two embraced tightly as their mutual kiss heightened to truly epic proportions. Eventually, both were locked in a blistering "69" - their fingers and tongues running roughshod on each others' pussy.

All Darius and Steven could do was sit back, and watch in awe. Neither of them expected anything like this to occur.

It was "love at first lick", so to speak. After only two weeks of knowing one another, Lisa asked Jenn if she would like to move in with her, and be her roommate. The two could share expenses, as well as each others' bodies. As expected, Jenn took the offer immediately. Within a week of living together, Lisa had introduced Jenn to her legion of boyfriends. At the same time, Jenn got Lisa involved with a group of bi-sexual women. Everyone had a good time...

A 19-year-old, Jenn was similar to her new lover in the fact that she was a wholesome-looking young woman, with busty charms and a personable good nature. Ohio did not appear to be the typical place for Jenn, who would seem to be better off sunning herself on a California beach. Of course, with her beauty and youthful exuberance, Jenn would still stand out from everyone else in a sea of bikini-clad bombshells.

However, this gorgeous creature of lust had also settled down here in Ohio. A college student and cheerleader just like her new girlfriend, Lisa, Jenn had long-flowing blonde hair and the kind of body which dreams were made of. She was an admitted bi-sexual who was more than willing to take on either men or women. Jenn didn't have a preference.

She and Lisa were quite the couple, and were very open about their relationship.

Lisa had recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend, an African-American man by the name of Eddie. The two had planned to get married, but a disagreement and subsequent argument put an end to any possibility of that.

If Lisa had one true weakness in life, it would be black men. Her knees would turn to jello and she would most often transform into a submissive kitten around African-American men. The attraction for her simply could not be described. It was so powerful and intense; words would not do justice.

Eddie, Lisa's ex-boyfriend, had been more than willing to share her in group-sex settings with two of his friends, Darius (also black) and Jeremy (a white man). These hot, three-on-one encounters took place even before Suzi had arrived on the scene. The four friends, at one time, were a very close-knit and tight group.

After her break-up with Eddie, however, Lisa's attention seemed to turn toward Jeremy. He wasn't an African-American like she preferred her men to be, but Jeremy was a nice and good-natured person who appealed to Lisa in a special way.

It also did not hurt Jeremy's standing with Lisa that he always welcomed the idea of her hooking up with any and all men whom she was attracted to. In fact, Jeremy was a voyeur, and he truly got off on watching his blonde girlfriend get banged around by one or more black guys at the same time. He also LOVED to watch Lisa and Jenn have sex together.

Before meeting Lisa, Jenn had never taken part in gang- bang encounters with guys. However, that soon changed. The pair of lovely ladies had been involved in several dual gang-bangs since they had met one another. Jenn loved them almost as much as Lisa did. In return, Jenn had introduced her new lover to the concept of group sex with several other women. Both of them, as you can imagine, were quite happy.

To put things simply, two beautiful women were living together and sharing each others' bodies as lovers. In addition, there was basically a constant stream of men who always seemed to find their way to the duo's apartment. Lisa and Jenn always left the door open, so to speak, and just about everyone was invited to step inside...

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