Black Republic
Chapter 1: The Birth Of The Black Republic

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Birth Of The Black Republic - The rise and fall of a black republic in this country

Blacks in the United States achieved integration in the early sixties. Open housing, the filling of job quotas with inept blacks, the closing of schools to create parity of race, the increase of welfare benefits to blacks had still not seemed to satisfy them.

The cities became dominated by blacks.

Large cities became governed by blacks.

Birmingham elected a black Mayor and a predominately Black Council. The graft and misuse of public funds were blatant.

Atlanta was worse.

Blacks took control of hundreds of cities all over the country.

The Attorney Generals of The United States were instructed to ignore misuse of public funds by blacks in public office.

The prisons were over crowded. Ninety five percent of the inmates were black.

Eighty three percent of black males had a police record of some sort.

Malcolm X had outlined his plan for a black republic in the sixties. One of his books gave the details.

Black Muslims, Black Panthers, and at least fifty other militant black groups were preparing to fulfill his dream.

Since nineteen sixty seven they had been storing explosives and arms.

The drug trade brought in money to finance large shipments of munitions from foreign countries.

Most politicians in Washington were aware of the danger of a black uprising, but thought that military and law enforcement agencies could deal with it if it happened.

The feeling of bitter hatred of blacks for whites could be felt. Public places where the races mingled became charged with tension.

At midnight on the first day of August in the year 2005 someone gave the signal.

Before noon the next day millions of whites had been slaughtered.

Every city in the country had so many fires blazing that Fire Departments were unable to control them.

Water systems and power systems were disabled.

The President ordered the Army and all National guard units to mobilize. Two thirds of the service branch personnel were blacks. Thousands of black service men disappeared from their quarters at midnight August first to join the insurrection.

Many went home to try to protect their families, some taking weapons with them. Most never made it, they were either recruited into bands of insurrectionists or killed if they refused.

Thousands of blacks were killed. If they were not active in support of the black movement they were considered to be against it.

Law enforcement agencies were like the military, about half of them were black.

The blacks disappeared either to join with other blacks or get killed if they did not.

Segments of the white population banded together and tried to protect their families. Many such groups succeeded. They were mostly groups that had secretly acquired semi-automatic weapons and large amounts of ammunition.

Many gathered in large groups with only a few sporting rifles or shot guns.

Most of them survived. Each unit of the black insurrectionist had missions to perform. The had no time to waste on any group of whites that could in any way defend themselves.

Washington D.C. was calm.

Blacks there were instructed to let the Government continue to go about it's normal business.

At twelve noon on August first the first communication came to the President and his cabinet. The message came from Atlanta Georgia.

An hour before, The Department Of Defense had been told to set up equipment and been given the frequency for a conference with the President and The Governing Council Of The Black Republic.

Promptly at noon a voice came over the radio. In a cultured well educated voice the person greeted the President of The United States.

He introduced himself as Malcolm Z.

He said he was the President of the Council of The Black Republic.

Malcolm Z said that he had ordered a cease fire of his Armies.

He demanded that the land east of the Mississippi river and south of the Tennessee state line and the land south of the North Carolina state line be designated as the Black Republic.

The President had looked at a map and asked " You want part of Louisiana, all of Mississippi all of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida to be the Black Republic".

Malcolm Z said "That is correct".

The President was stunned.

The President told him he would have to consult with his cabinet and the joint houses before he could give an answer to his request, Malcolm Z told him that he had not made a request. That was a DEMAND.

Malcolm Z said that The Government had twenty four hours to comply or the slaughter would resume. He said someone would stand by the radio until then.

The radio went dead and was turned off.

The President arranged a meeting at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs Of Staff.

He found that the service branches were helpless. Army installations could only defend themselves. There was no way army units could help quell the uprising to any great extent. There had been so much equipment sabotaged that most units were immobile.

The Air Force was able to get most of it's planes in the air and could perform missions.

The Navy was alright.

The National Guard and Reserve was helpless. The armories had been looted first and all vehicles destroyed or disabled.

The call to report to duty had been answered by only a few. Most of the inactive service personnel were dead or trying to keep their families safe.

Air Force photos showed fires in every city and town all over the country.

There was no power any where in the United States.

With the loss of power even residences out in the country with wells had no water.

Reports indicated that no municipal water systems were operating.

All major highways were blocked.

The country was helpless.

The President called a joint session of the Congress and the Senate.

The complete picture was presented to the Law Makers. Most had been getting reports from their constituents and knew how bad it was.

There was no time for debate.

A simple vote of whether or not to meet the black demands was required.

Those Congress persons and Senators from the states that the blacks were demanding wanted the assurances that the citizens they represented would be allowed to leave safely.

The President left with a long list of questions he was to ask of the leaders of the blacks.

Malcolm Z was contacted.

He said he had been certain that further communications would be required before his demands were met.

The President asked what Malcolm Z was intending to do about the residents living in the area he was demanding.

The President was told that every white person there was to leave. They would have thirty days to remove themselves and any belongings with them.

At the same time all blacks all over the remainder of the United States were to be assisted to move to the Black Republic.

Not a black citizen was to remain in the states.

The President inquired about military equipment and personnel.

Malcolm Z told him to remove any thing from the Republic the government wanted.

The President asked if he would give his word that all white citizens in those south eastern states could remove their belongings and get safely out.

Malcolm Z. gave his word that they would have thirty days, then anyone not gone would be killed.

The President returned to the Capital and made his report.

The Vice President made a short speech.

He said that to meet the demands of the blacks was the only thing the country could do.

We were helpless to defend ourselves, and further slaughter of our citizens was foolish.

To the black members he said he was sorry they were going to have to leave.

A motion was made to give up the territories demanded by the blacks and comply with the demand that all black citizens be moved to the Black Republic.

It was seconded. The vote was taken and the amendment to our Constitution was law.

The President returned to the Opps room at the white house and contacted Malcolm Z.

He told him that his demands had been met.

Malcolm Z asked that public announcements be made and that he himself would notify his Armies.

During the next thirty days there was a mad scramble to remove blacks and their belongings to the Black Republic and bring out whites and their belongings.

Farmers in the south east burned their crops and killed their cattle and other animals.

Not a farm implement or tractor was left usable for the blacks Most whites loaded their furniture and other possessions in military trucks and their own vehicles and then set fire to their homes as they left.

There was a lot of bitterness between blacks and whites. Military installations were stripped.

Such as it was the blacks had their own republic.

There was no power or water.

The hospitals were closed.

There was no law enforcement.

The new government issued a currency.

It would buy nothing outside the Black Republic. Food became a problem, not much could be planted in August to eat. The blacks could not make purchases from other countries for food with their worthless money.

In many areas there was grain stored. The government had it guarded and rationed out Rice, Corn, Soy Beans and Wheat.

Black families pounded those grains into meal and boiled a mush for every meal.

Those that could find seed planted winter greens in small plots.

Grocery warehouses and all stores of any kind had been looted at the start of the insurrection.

Not many Blacks had skills. They were not able to repair the damage to the water or power systems they had nearly destroyed.

A race of people that were fourth generation welfare recipients and had never had to work other than to get their checks from the mail box were lost.

After the extreme damage done by blacks during the revolution and the burning of their residences by whites as they left, housing was a desperate problem.

The big cities were not habitable. There was no water or power.

Families were building huts near streams and trying to boil their drinking water.

Those blacks that had gone to south Florida fared better than those that had settled further north.

They could exist on fruit and grow food year around. Fish were easy to catch and there were a lot of wild game.

Hundreds of thousands of homes were second homes and had not been damaged.

It was an unusually cold fall that year and thousands starved or froze to death.

Malcolm Z had expected to get massive help from the Black African nations. Several had promised their support. After the Black Republic was formed those promises of aid were just empty promises, those countries were not even able to help themselves.

Several sent seeds to plant for food.

Some sent surplus products that they could not sell on the world markets.

The Russians offered to exchange one hundred thousand diesel tractors for the naval bases at Charleston, Jacksonville and Key West.

Malcolm Z had seen the wreckage of those tractors in Nicaragua and Cuba.

He didn't fall for that one.

The black Republic managed to survive but only the strongest and toughest made it.


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