Desperate Measures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Daughter, BDSM, Rough, Fisting, Water Sports, Scatology,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Maria was an unruly, disrespectful teenager with no regard for others, especially her mother Janet. But when the girl goes too far Janet takes matters into her own hands.

Eighteen-year-old Maria Hudson ran through the front door, slung her shopping bags on the floor, and stomped up the stairs without even a simple greeting for her mother. There were no other words for young Maria's behavior other than 'rude', 'belligerent' and 'rebellious'. She listened to no one, especially her poor mother, and did exactly as she pleased. The evidence of her juvenile delinquency was plastered all over her from the 'snake bracelet' tattooed on her ankle to the large ring so brazenly hanging from her small left nipple. Maria was a real problem and the young girl was going further down hill fast.

Janet Hudson didn't know what to do with her brazen, young daughter. She was sure the girl was into all kinds of trouble and she felt helpless to stop her. She had tried everything imaginable to bring her up properly but all her compassion and understanding seemed to have failed miserably.

As she stooped to pick up the spilled merchandise Janet felt a tinge of anger ignite inside of her. She felt like a common slave to her daughter, always doing whatever necessary to avoid a confrontation with the girl. It just wasn't fair the way Maria treated her. She worked hard throughout the week to support the both of them and the least she deserved was a little respect from her daughter.

Janet's anger stewed as she cleaned up the mess. She picked up what appeared to be a fake diamond ring from the floor and upon examining it more closely she realized it was the real thing.

'My god!' she thought. 'This must be worth a fortune!'

In an instant Janet realized that her daughter had stolen the ring from some VERY high priced jewelry boutique. It was too much. The girl had gone to far and Janet knew she had to do something drastic to stop her before it was too late. She stormed to the stairway and yelled up to her daughter.

"Maria! Maria!" she shouted.

"What?" the girl screamed from her bedroom, not bothering to get up for her mother. Her voice carried a bitchy, aggravated air to it.

"Get down here now!" Janet shouted angrily.

"Alright! Alright!" yelled Maria as she trudged down the hallway. She glared angrily down at her mother for disturbing her.

"Is this yours?" Janet barked as she held up the sparkling ring.

"Yeah! What about it?"

"Where did you get it?" she demanded.

"None of your damn business!" Maria hissed back.

"You stole this! Didn't you?"

"So what if I did?" Maria laughed, "What are you gonna do about it?"

"This", she said shaking the ring at her daughter, "is grand larceny!"

"Oh, fuck off!" Maria bellowed as she turned and stomped back to her bedroom. She closed the door behind herself and locked it.

Janet went into a fit of rage and bounded up the stairs, the ring still tight in her grip. When she found the door locked she began pounding madly on it with her fists.

"Open this door!" she yelled, her anger flooding through her like a torrential hurricane.

"Fuck off!" came Maria's muffled voice.

Janet turned away from the room and walked slowly back down the stairs trying desperately to quell her temper. She had reach the breaking point though and even her best efforts to calm herself failed.

"That girl needs some severe discipline!" she said quietly as she headed for the kitchen.

Janet knew that the welfare of her daughter was at stake and knew that she was going to have to take desperate measures to instill respect and obedience in the out-of-control teenager. As she sat at the table, trembling with rage, a plan began to develop in her mind. She remembered the religious deprogrammers and the extreme measures they had to go through to remove the brainwashing that cult leaders had used on their victims. Janet decided a similar plan would be necessary to save her daughter's life.

Janet spent the rest of her day making lists and planning Maria's 'conversion' to a disciplined and respectful human being. It was late afternoon by the time she had formulated a complete plan and she had to hurry to do her shopping before the stores closed. She bought most everything from the local hardware store but stopped to make a few purchases at the pharmacy.

Arriving home, Janet was relieved to see that Maria had gone out but was infuriated with her failure to leave a note saying where she was going. It was more fuel for the unquenchable furnace of anger inside of her and it compelled her to even greater determination. She stormed up to Maria's bedroom and flung open the door. The room was a filthy mess. Her first reaction was to clean it but she caught herself and left the room as it was.

Janet's first project was to replace Maria's doorknob with another, which did not have a lock. It wasn't nearly as hard as she thought it would be and her satisfaction with her work helped to urge her on. She bolted padlocks to the frame of the small window that opened onto the front yard and locked them tight. Next Janet tied a single rope to the bottom of the brass headboard and let it drop to the floor. She fastened two similar roped to either side of the footboard.

With satisfaction, Janet put the rest of her supplies in her own closet and went to make herself dinner. As she ate she rehearsed her plan over and over again in her mind. This was it, Maria's last chance. Once her 'deprogramming' was in motion, she knew she couldn't turn back.

Janet retired early in the evening. Her plan required her to be up at odd hours and she knew she would need all the sleep she could get.

At four AM she awoke with her alarm clock buzzing annoyingly in her ear. When she finally regained full consciousness she climbed out of bed and changed into her black one-piece bathing suit and tied her long, jet-black hair up into a bun. She was going to need great freedom of movement for her task and the bathing suit would afford her that freedom.

Janet eyed herself in the mirror. She was not a gorgeous woman but she wasn't by any means unattractive. She had full, round, melon- sized breasts that were topped with large brown areolas and thick, rubbery nipples. Her thirty-four inch waist was a bit wide for her tastes but it did blend voluptuously into womanly hips and full, lush ass cheeks. The large triangle of curly dark hair that protected her vulva, Janet kept neatly trimmed, just in case. She shook her head as she thought about all she had given up for her daughter. For seven years she had refrained from dating or any sexual activities to set an example for her daughter and she missed the intimacy that she longed to share with someone. With firm resolve Janet stepped into the hallway.

It took several seconds for the woman to build up her emotional momentum before stepping through her daughter's bedroom door. As she did she thought of the times that Maria had mistreated her. She felt the anger inside of her ignite once again and with a deep breath she pushed the door open.

Maria lie in bed sleeping, a single sheet pulled up, covered her from the neck down. The nightlight beside her illuminated the soft, gentle features of her face and her closely cropped dark hair. Janet gazed down at her young daughter and was amazed at how innocent and vulnerable she looked. She almost had second thoughts about her plan but she forced herself to remember how her daughter acted earlier in the day and how abusive she had been.

With a gentle tug, Janet pulled the cover slowly from her daughter to give her easy access to the girl's arms. She gasped when she saw the thick, gold ring piercing Maria's small pink nipple. She tried to stifle her anger at the girls intentional disfiguring of her own body but the fire that had begun the day before would not die so easily.

In a quick, lurching movement, Janet jumped on top of her daughter, straddling her torso and swiftly grabbing both hands before the teenager knew what was happening.

"What the hell?" Maria screamed, as she was shaken awake. She immediately began struggling wildly against her mother.

Janet lifted her ass off of her daughter's belly and then slammed back down into her, knocking the wind out of the startled girl. Maria stopped flailing, her mouth opened in a silent scream as her lungs tried to refill themselves. With her daughter temporarily defenseless, Janet easily tied the girl's wrists together with the rope that was bound to the headboard.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Maria howled as she struggled against the rope.

Janet raised her open hand above her head and swung it down hard into her daughter's face, slapping the girl nearly senseless.

"Shut up!" Janet hissed through clenched teeth. "I'm sick of listening to you! Shut up!"

While Maria lay stunned from the harsh blow, Janet sprang from the bed and hurried to bind her daughter's legs. But when she pulled the covers off the girl and looked at her thighs, she almost fainted.

The insides of Maria's soft, tender thighs were covered with ugly black and blue love bites. Janet was horrified but she didn't let her emotions get in the way of her duty. She roughly pulled each of her daughter's ankles downward and tied them to either end of the footboard. When she was sure the knots were tight she stood back to look at her daughter.

She was truly a pretty girl, her long slender body stretched out lewdly on the bed. Her only covering was her soft cotton bikini panties that were so small, they barely covered her puffy vulva. Maria's exposed breasts looked like luscious little mounds of white chocolate topped with bright pink little cherries - almost! The thick gold ring that was stuck through her small tit-bud marred the appearance of her otherwise gorgeously nubile body. Janet shook her head with disgust and disapproval at the hideous defilement of her daughter. She imagined how beautiful Maria would look when her re-education was complete.

"Mother! What the fuck are you doing? Let me go!" Maria screamed as her mother's eyes roamed wickedly over her.

Janet's head snapped upwards quickly. Giving her daughter a smug 'I've got you!' look, turned and walked from the room, slamming and locking the door behind herself.

Janet hissed out a long sigh of relief once she was in her own room. The brief struggle with her daughter had set her heart to pounding and she was out of breath. But more than that was the fact that something new was burning inside the woman along with her anger. The site of Maria's helpless, nearly nude body bound to the bed had kindled an erotic thrill in Janet and it was beginning to burn hotter. She had never been sexually stimulated by a woman before and wondered why this whole thing was turning her on. Still, she felt in control once again and that invigorated her.

"Mother! You bitch! Let me go!"

Maria's muffled screams of desperation were sweet in Janet's ears. She had taken more than enough from the girl and now she was ready to serve her daughter with the same treatment and worse. She pealed the bathing suite from her body and lay back on the bed.

"Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" Maria yelled out.

A tiny quiver of pleasure ran through Janet's long neglected sex as she listened to the panicked shouts of her daughter. She was amused to find that her Maria's torment and helplessness would actually turn her on in such a perverse way. Janet found that she didn't really care. In fact she hoped that it would help her to carry her plan out to the finish.

"You goddamn bitch! I hate you! You're nothing but a frigid whore!"

Janet listened to the vile language spewing from Maria's mouth and her anger as well as her passion began to rise. The warm embers of rage that were kindling inside of her set fire to the years of her sexual denial, causing an inferno of lust to explode inside of her.

Jumping from the bed Janet went to her closet and retrieved a thin, black leather belt. Storming back to Maria's room she threw the door open and stomped to her daughter's bedside.


Stiff leather flew threw the air with a sharp hiss and landed across Maria's sensitive belly. The teenager's body stiffened and arched as she cried out in horror.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Goddammit! Goddammit!" she screamed.

Maria felt as if someone was dragging a hot poker across her stomach and although the source of the fire was in one place, tendrils of the searing pain shot through her entire body. Janet felt her vaginal walls clench at the sound of her daughter's anguished cries. She raised the belt again.


Maria's body convulsed when the belt slammed into her a second time, causing the teenager's breath to be sucked from her. Her mouth flew open in a silent scream as her lungs tried to refill themselves. Janet felt a hot twinge of excitement ripple through her as she watched her daughter writhe in silent agony. Two bright red welts rose quickly from Maria's soft white skin, creating a brilliantly sadistic picture. Janet spoke as her daughter tried desperately to catch her breath.

"It's education time young lady!" she said, shaking the belt in Maria's face. "Time to pay the piper!"

"Whaaa..." Maria gurgled through her still gaping mouth. Her chest was heaving and her body had begun to tremble from the scorching pain in her belly.

"You are going to learn respect for me once and for all." Janet hissed. "You may hate me when I'm finished with you but you will certainly respect me!"

Rebellion stormed through Maria's young mind and in a fit of temper she bellowed out a slew of obscenities at her mother.

"Fuck you, bitch! I hate you already! You're nothing but a frigid, fucking, cunt whore!"


Two brutally hot cracks of the belt landed across Maria's small breasts, raising glowing red welts where they landed. Maria screamed out in agony as sizzling hot pain seared through her tender nipples and across her chest. In a rush of pain, fear and anger Maria burst into tears and her body began to shake uncontrollably. Goose bumps popped up on her naked flesh as she shivered.

Janet felt her pussy quiver repeatedly as she gazed down at her crying daughter. Thick, warm cunt cream began to ooze from her aroused fuck channel, wetting her puffy cuntal lips and matting her dark pubic hair. She took a deep, controlling breath as she spoke quietly to Maria.

"I am not a whore! You are the filthy whore!" Janet hissed evilly. "Just look at you! You look like a common slut!"

"Fuck you!" Maria growled between sobs. Her torso was on fire with molten pain unlike the young girl had ever felt before.

"No! Fuck you!" Janet hissed back. She looked down at Maria's nipple ring and grabbed it with two fingers.

"What is THIS!" she bellowed. "Is this what you do to your gorgeous little body? Defile it?"

"Fuck you!" Maria screamed.

Janet yanked firmly on the golden ring, pulling and twisting it, unmercifully stretching her daughter's tit upwards. Maria let out a shrill scream as she felt her small nipple being nearly torn from her young breast. Janet held it stretched out for several painful seconds before twisting it in a half circle then letting it go.

Maria lurched when she felt her tit slap back onto her chest. It felt as if a hot ice pick had been stabbed straight down into her breast and she shook uncontrollably as she sobbed.

"Please! No more! Goddamn! No more!" the teenager cried.

"No more?" Janet hissed back. "No more? I'm just getting started my darling daughter! I've put up with your shit for years! Now you're going to get it all back!"

Janet felt her arousal building inside of her and she allowed it to burn, firing it with her own perversely awakened imagination. She felt the sexual hunger of several years suddenly boil up inside of her. Janet laid the end of the belt onto her daughter's soft thighs, indicating the blue passion bites there.

"What the hell is this? Who did this to you?" she asked, with contempt in her voice.

"What does it matter?" Maria sobbed.

"Wrong answer!" the older woman screamed.

Janet reached down with her free hand and hooked her fingers into the crotch of Maria's tight panties, scratching her nails across the girl's sensitive labia. With one fast yank she tore the skimpy briefs away revealing her daughter's pussy completely. Only the elastic waistband survived the attack and it held tightly around the young girls trim waist.

Janet's mouth began to water as she gazed at her daughter's young cunt. The small dark patch of black hair did little to hide the girl's petal-like pussy lips and her protruding pleasure nub. She licked her lips as she flicked Maria's clit roughly.

A sense of pure terror slammed brutally into Maria as she watched her mother walk to the foot of the bed and raise the belt.


"Noooooooooooooooooo!" Maria screamed out helplessly as the leather bit into her sensitive pussy.

Janet laid five vicious cracks into her daughter's vulnerable sex, aiming directly for the teenager's protruding little clitoris. Each one of the ghastly lashes hit its mark perfectly, sending Maria into convulsions. The teenager was delirious with pain and felt as if she was about to black out. She couldn't even cry. Her teeth ground together painfully as her body jerked out of control and she began to hyperventilate.

"What kind of a whore allows someone to do that to them?" Janet screamed, her passion and anger burning hotly within her. Her pussy was spasming inside, aching for the release she had needed for so long.

Maria couldn't answer. Her body was out of her control and she was unable to speak. Janet realized this and answered the question for her.

"I'll tell you what kind of whore! A filthy, dirty, bitch-whore!" she hissed cruelly at the girl. Her eyes lit up with a deliciously perverse idea. She went to Maria's desk and picked up a bright red magic marker. Returning to the bed she bent and slowly wrote the letters across her daughters belly. Maria gathered the strength to bend her head slightly, and, looking down, read what her mother had written.

In bright large letters were the words 'MOTHER'S WHORE'.

"Maaaa!" Maria cried as she looked at her mother. She was sure that Janet had gone totally out of her mind and a sudden fear spread through her pain-ravaged body.

The beating stopped and for the first time, Maria realized Janet was completely nude in front of her. She had never seen the woman naked before and even through her pain and tears she was quite surprised at her mother's physical beauty.

Janet raised the belt over her head again in warning.

"Stop blubbering like a baby!" she said callously. "Whores don't blubber! Whore's eat pussy!"

Maria's eyes flew wide in horror as both Janet's hands slid down into the folds of her mature cunt and pulled the swollen lips apart. She saw the thick, white fuck cream that was drooling from her mother's pussy and she knew that the woman was extremely aroused. It frightened her even more to know that her mother was enjoying herself.

With an evil grin, Janet climbed onto the bed and straddled Maria's head, allowing her steaming cunt to settle just inches above her daughter's terror stricken face. Maria's nostrils were filled with her mother's thick mating scent and she tried to turn her head sideways to escape the heavy odor.

"Lick me!" Janet commanded through clenched teeth. "Lick my cunt!"

"No! Mother, please! Don't make me do that! I'm not a lesbian!" Maria begged.

"You are now!" Janet growled as she reached behind her back with one hand. Taking a firm hold of Maria's nipple ring she tugged lightly on it as a warning to her daughter.

"Oh, God, No!" Maria whimpered as she gingerly poked her tongue at her mother's open slit.

Janet tugged harder on the ring, stretching Maria's nipple painfully outwards once again. The teenager cried out as she felt her breast being twisted and pulled. She quickly pushed her face up into her mother's sopping fuck crack and began to lick madly at it, braving the strange taste and smell in the hopes that her mother would release the ring.

It worked. As Maria lathered her tongue between the warm, wet folds of her mother's cunt she felt the stinging in her nipple subside. Grateful for the relief, the teenager tried to show her appreciation by wrapping her mouth around Janet's swollen and sensitive clit and sucking softly on it.

"That's right whore! Eat it! Eat my hairy cunt like a good little bitch!" Janet groaned lewdly. Her daughter's soft tongue and warm mouth were just what she needed to quell the sexual furnace between her legs.

Maria looked up at her mother as she teased the woman's clit with her tongue and lips. The look of pleasure on Janet's face had an almost calming effect on the girl as well. Maria thought that maybe the taste wasn't so bad after all and that maybe if she did a good job in bringing her mother off, she might let her go.

Janet's breath was becoming more ragged with each wet stab of her daughter's tongue and gentle suck of her lips. A pleasure like the woman had never known was beginning to slither through her. The act of sexually dominating her abusive teenage daughter as well as the delicious sensations flowing through her cunt set a wickedly hot fire in her soul and her lust burned out of control.

"Shove it up my hole! SHOVE YOUR FUCKING BITCH TONGUE UP MY CUNT, WHORE!" she screamed out viciously.

Maria was slow to respond to her mother's demand and Janet let her know by brutally yanking the nipple ring impossibly high while twisting it back and forth.

Maria let out a blood-curdling scream as her tongue slammed into her mother's drooling cunt hole. Gobs of thick fuck juice rolled across her tongue and into her throat. Unable to swallow with her tongue protruding so far into her mother, and the unbearable pain shooting through her tit, Maria gurgled helplessly on the steaming fuck lube in her throat.

With a hot groan of pleasure, Janet settled down on her daughter's face, putting the full weight of herself on the girl. She released her grip on the teenager's nipple piercing when she felt Maria's tongue slide deeper into her. Maria felt as if she would suffocate under her mother. Her tongue was so deeply burrowed into the woman's gripping cunt that she couldn't have pulled it free even if she'd tried. Janet's inflated clit rested hotly on Maria's nose and her sensitive little asshole was nestled into the girl's soft chin.

"Oh! God! Good!" Janet groaned as she started to rock her hips back and forth on Maria's face. "Just what I need! Wiggle that tongue or I'll wiggle your tit!"

Immediately Maria's tongue squirmed and twisted, massaging the soft, wet walls of her mother's fuck passage. Even though she knew nothing of female sex she hoped to make her mother cum quickly and get this whole disgusting thing over with. It looked like it wasn't going to take long.

"Yes! Fucking whore! Suck my cunt! Suck my cunt!"

Janet's gasps and grunts were growing louder and more obscene as the furnace of lust exploded inside of her. Grabbing Maria's hair, she pinned her head in one place and proceeded to brutally face fuck her young daughter.

"Whore! Fuck! Eat it bitch! Eat Mommy's fucking cunt hole like a filthy whore!"

Maria felt as if she were in a dream. Her tongue was being ravaged by her mother's sucking cunt while her nose was assault continuously with the rubbery tip of the woman's erect clit. Even her chin was being used for anal stimulation and she could feel the heat from Janet's asshole against her. Maria braced herself as she felt her mother's body begin to quiver on top of her.

"Fuck yes! I'm gonna cum in your mouth, whore" Janet bellowed at her. "I'm gonna dump the whole sweet mess into your sucking throat!"

Janet stiffened. She felt as if an erotic current had seized her body as her orgasm tore through her. Her entire body vibrated as she attained perverse sexual fulfillment. She had never felt anything like it in her life. Suddenly Janet felt an incredible explosion of liquid heat in her cunt and the walls of her pussy let go with a torrent of juice.

Maria choked as her mother's abundant fuck juice rolled into her throat. She still could not swallow or spit and a pool of warm cunt cream was quickly rising in her gullet. She didn't dare remove her tongue from Janet's messy cunt until she was told to.

Janet panted as her orgasm faded and she released her grip on Maria's head. Looking down at the girl and raising her ass a little she said, "Swallow it whore."

Gratefully, Maria pulled her sore tongue from her mother's clenching hole. She swallowed quickly. Not only to please her mother but also to get rid of the thick accumulation of woman cum that had built in her throat. When she had swallowed it her mouth suddenly became thick with the flavor of her mother, even her breath smelled like hot cunt.

Janet climbed off her daughter and stood above her.

"Very good, for starters", She said softly, "but we'll see how well you do throughout the week!"

"The week?" Maria cried.

"That's right darling." Janet said as she picked up the belt that had fallen to the floor. "A whole week with me! Just like this!"

"God, no, Mother! Please!" the girl begged.

Janet raised the belt and Maria went silent. The teenager's body tensed as she waited for the sting but it never arrived. She opened her eyes and looked gratefully at her mother.

"You'll learn." Janet said before she turned and walked from the room.

Maria began to sob softly. Her body was wracked with burning pain from the torturous punishment she had received at the hands of her own mother. She tried to move her arms and legs but they were stiff and every time she shifted her muscles cried out in agony.

It was no use. She was not getting out until Janet let her out. The teen wondered what had happened to her mother and why she was acting like this. She didn't think she had done anything so terrible to warrant this type of punishment.

When Janet returned to her room she was carrying a jar of healing salve with her. She sat on the edge of her bed and, dipping her fingers into the ointment, proceeded to sooth her daughter's lash marks. They were swollen and red and the sight of them caused Janet's passion to spark again. Softly, very gently, she stroked the cool salve into Maria's sensitive skin, being careful not to use too much pressure.

The liquid sensation of the salve on her tender skin and the soft comforting touch of her mother's hand helped to ease the pain throughout Maria's body. She flinched a bit when Janet applied the ointment to her tender breast but she relaxed once she felt the woman's fingertips gently caressing her nipples.

Janet felt her daughter's tit buds grow hard in her hand as she tweaked each one delicately with her fingertips. Maria hissed in a breath as she felt the little jolts of pleasure spring from her nipples. She closed her eyes and relaxed; secure in the fact that she would receive no more punishment tonight.

As Janet's finger tips left Maria's nipples they slowly slid down towards her battered belly, picking up more salve as they went. She stopped short just above her daughter's vulva, circling her lotion- covered fingers around the sensitive parts of the teenager's lower stomach.

Maria's breathing increased. What her mother was doing to her was sending delicious sensations throughout her body. No one had ever touched her like that before. She had several male sex partners but none of them had the skill or finesse that Janet so expertly used. They're touch was always rough and clumsy. Maria mewled softly as her mother's fingers trailed downwards across the tender flesh that was her cunt.

With her fingers wet with the healing salve, Janet slid them down the front of Maria's soft young pussy, allowing her finger to brush lightly across the girl's tender clit before continuing into the soft folds of her sex. Not wanting to irritate the parts that had been beaten, Janet slid her middle finger into the small ring of her daughter's love hole. To her surprise it was quite moist inside and was getting even wetter. She probed deliciously inside of Maria, massaging the inner walls with her fingertip.

"Oh, Mother!" Maria gasped as warm waves of pleasure burst inside of her young pussy. "Feels so..."

She was going to say 'nice' but caught herself. This was horrible! This was perverted and gross! Her mother was finger fucking her and her traitorous body was enjoying it. What startled Maria the most was that although she felt dirty and defiled in these acts, she couldn't deny the intensely erotic sensations she was beginning to experience.

"Ooooooh!" she groaned loudly as Janet found the ribbed spot on the roof of her cunt and began to massage hot, wet circles on it. Maria had never felt such an exquisitely erotic sensation and she could sense her body rising quickly to an orgasm.

"That's right, baby! Mother knows how to make you feel good!" Janet cooed. "Mother can give you so much pleasure!"

After many years with only masturbation as an outlet, Janet became quite skilled in the art of finger fucking. She continued to massage circles on the pleasure dome of her daughter's cunt but she also began to drive them in and out at the same time, causing young Maria to gyrate her hips lewdly upwards.

It wasn't long before Maria was crying out in ecstasy. Hot jolts of erotic sensation rocketed through her as her mother brought her to a riveting climax. She bucked her hips at Janet's fucking finger as a torrent of pleasure was released into her aching body. Then, as quickly as it had come upon her, Maria's orgasm was gone. She fell back onto the bed, her body satiated and limp from the intense physical pleasure that had raced through her. She peered up at her mother through slitted, steamy eyes.

"See. That's how it works from now on." Janet said as she patted her daughter's love bruised thighs. "You do something nice and you get rewarded. But if you disobey me or make me unhappy in any way you will be severely punished.

Maria whimpered softly as her mother rose from the bed, walked to the door, and, turning the light off, locked the girl in.

Maria lay there for a long time, wondering what was happening. It was like the worst nightmare she had ever had. Her body was cramped from her tight bondage and her mind was in a whirlwind of contradicting thoughts and emotions. Her belly and breasts burned from the beating but her pussy quivered deliciously from her mother's expert finger loving.

So exhausted was she that she fell sound asleep before she even knew it. Maria didn't awake for several hours.

Janet awoke to the muffled cries of her daughter.

"Please! Mother! Help me!" Maria shouted.

Janet sprang from the bed and hurriedly unlocked the bedroom door, bursting into the room. Immediately her nostrils were assaulted by the stench of fresh urine. Flipping on the light, she saw Maria lying helplessly on the bed, her hips in a deep pool of yellow piss. She shook her head disapprovingly as she climbed onto the soaked sheets.

"Mother, please... I'm sorry." Maria pleaded. "It happened when I was asleep."

Janet firmly planted a foot beside each of Maria's hips and squatted slightly. She very calmly relaxed her bladder and let a hot stream of dark yellow pee splash onto her daughter's belly.

"God! No! Mother! What are you doing?" Maria screamed in terror.

"I'm pissing on you!" Janet replied quietly.

She rotated her hips backwards sending the pee spray directly onto Maria's sore cunt, causing the girls vulva to sting wickedly again. Then she rocked forwards dousing the teen's breasts and belly completely with the smelly liquid.

Maria whimpered as her mother pissed on her. Every part of her, except her head was drenched in pee and the teenager knew somehow that the woman would not spare her face.

Sure enough, Janet stopped peeing and moved up to Maria's face, squatting just over her chin. She looked down at her daughter's clenched eyes and mouth and laughed.

"Open your mouth, whore!" she commanded.

"Oh no! Please mother! Not that!" Maria pleaded.

"Open your mouth or I'll get the belt!" she hissed back. "WIDE!"

Maria's mouth flew open, panic in her heart. Suddenly her mouth was filled with her mother's hot, acrid piss. She choked and sputtered as it splashed into her throat. Then as suddenly as it started, the vile stream stopped. For a moment, Maria felt relieved that Janet's bladder might be empty.

"Swallow it!" Janet ordered.

Maria swallowed and immediately began to wretch. The disgusting taste of her mother's urine revolted her and she wanted to vomit. She felt Janet's hand grip the nipple ring once more and raging fear overtook her.

"More?" she whimpered. "Please mother more? Please pee in my mouth!"

"That's much better, sweetheart" Janet replied and she let go of her bladder, once again quickly filling her daughter's gaping mouth with her stinking, hot piss. This time she let it flow, taking great pleasure in watching Maria swallow the nasty waste as quickly as she could. As the teen's mouth closed to swallow, the thick, yellow stream splashed into her face and hair, drenching the girl's head in the steamy liquid.

Maria counted four mouthfuls of the nasty waste that she swallowed. By the time she drank the last, her belly had ceased to rumble and the taste was not quite as offensive.

"Wipe me!" Janet said when the last bit had dribbled out of her.

Maria went to work mopping up her mother's spilled pee from her cunt and thighs as well as sucking up all of her freshly secreted cunt juice.

When Janet was satisfied with the cleanliness of her pussy she left her daughter lying piss drenched in the bed. As she turned off the light she said, "Please don't bother me with your trivial problems again!"

Janet went to the kitchen and drank two full glasses of cold water before returning to bed and falling asleep with her fingers stuffed inside her cunt. Maria fell asleep wet and cold in a puddle of smelly urine.

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