Shameful Day
Chapter 1: A Minor Perversion

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Minor Perversion - This story is now being re-edited and re-posted chapter by chapter for the enjoyment of a fresh set of readers - or those with longer memories who simply want to enjoy Panties' saga all over again.

Jenny skipped her way happily down the drive towards her home and let herself in, casually throwing the sling bag containing her school work down by the door. She entered the living room and was greeted by the sight of her mother, father and Uncle Jim busily practising the latest module in their "Home Yoga & Sexual Fulfilment for Threesomes" course. The trio were clearly well advanced into the program and Jenny had to tilt her head sharply to one side in order to even begin to make out just who was doing what to whom and how.

"'lo, sweet 'eart," her mother managed to gargle past Uncle Jim's cock as he eased it lazily in and out of her throat. "'ow's school toda?"

Jenny leant over a bit further but she still couldn't figure out just how her father's arm managed to get from where his shoulder was to where his fingers now played with her mum's nipple ring. "Oh, it was fine," replied Jenny in a rather distracted manner. "We had ... we had... Vaginal Muscle Control today... say, dad? How do you... oh, I see, it goes through Uncle Jim's legs. Sorry, where was I? Oh, yes, Vaginal Muscle Control with Mr Pells. It was very instructive... and frustrating. We weren't allowed to cum once! Mind you, that Cecily... you know, mum... the one who lives up the road from Alison?"

By now Uncle Jim was buried so deeply in mother's throat that she could only grunt an acknowledgement back to her daughter. Taking this as confirmation, Jenny went on, "Well, she couldn't hold herself at all and orgasmed in the most major way! It was just so funny! Mr Pells wasn't impressed at all - gave her a real whipping right there and then. And he's so professional at it. Anyway, I'm just going to grab a frozen semen stick from the fridge and then get stuck into some homework. Try to keep that little brat of a brother out of my room for awhile, would you? I need to concentrate..."

"Okay, cupcake," replied dad. "We'll tell Charlie to play in the yard until dinner time. I'll get mum to give you a call when it's ready. Now, would you turn the page on that manual for me? It's a bit out of reach at the moment..."

"Sure, pop." Jenny did as she was asked, paid a quick visit to the kitchen then ran upstairs, pausing only to collect her bag from the hall on the way.

Once in her room, she firstly pulled her mini-skirt off before she began to search through her drawer to find her favourite vibrator. Mr Pells's class in Muscle Control might be educationally brilliant but it sure made a girl horny and had left her completely unsatisfied! Still, half an hour with a "Mister Fixit de Lux" would sort her out. And, as she collapsed backwards onto the bed in a heap of sated, perspiration soaked flesh a short time later, she had to admit that it had!

Fully sated now, Jenny examined herself before the mirror, peering closely at her shaven pussy. She was one of only a few girls in the entire school who kept herself like that; okay, it wasn't fashionable at the moment, but she had always enjoyed being just that little bit different to the crowd. "Hmmm..." she thought, "just a little to much stubble beginning to show." Grabbing her shaver, some cream and hot water, Jenny set about making sure that her skin was as smooth as possible. Spreading her legs wide, she started to lather herself up before setting to with the blade. As the razor slide across her, it made a quiet sound almost like a scratching and it sent some delicious sensations up her. But the job didn't take long and she was soon able to pat herself dry.

From outside the window Jenny could hear her seven year old brother playing in the yard. Glancing out through the glass, she could just spot him through the gooseberry bushes that grandfather had planted all those years ago; from what she could see through the greenery, Charlie seemed to be fully engaged having a crap into the face of an unfortunate house-slave who was laying on the ground on her back as Charlie squatted over her. "Little boys and their fixation on bodily discharges!" thought Jenny as she drew the curtains and turned away. But at least the brat was occupied and wouldn't be bothering her for some time - and that was all that mattered to Jenny for the moment. Now that she knew that everyone else in the house was otherwise engaged, Jenny lay on the floor on her stomach and removed a small box from under the bed. Using a key that was kept struck to the back of a drawer with blu-tack, she unlocked the box and removed her little secret - a pair of sheer, black silk panties! Stepping into them, she pulled the garment up and luxuriated in the soothing sensations that the material gave her, especially about her shaven haven. Half closing her eyes in sensual pleasure, Jenny recalled all the trouble she'd had to go through to obtain the knickers without her parents knowing. She'd eventually got them from a street trader down in the poor quarter and she'd had to swap two entire outfits of her normal clothing before he'd been willing to make the exchange. Running her hand over her silk encased pussy, Jenny remembered how behind the bicycle sheds at school, along with her friends, she'd giggled over photographs showing women dressed like and yet she had been oddly attracted to what she saw. And now she owned a pair of her own... and she loved every decadent moment that she could get wearing them!

Suddenly Jenny felt a chill breeze blowing on her back; horrified, she turned round just in time to observe Charlie's face sliding back behind the curtain as he scrambled down the sloping extension roof. "Shit!" she thought as she frantically started to yank the briefs back off. The damned things just seemed to refuse to hurry and conspired to snag on her legs as they slide down her thighs. Already she could hear her little brother shouting for father and gleefully chanting at the top of his shrill voice that his sister was wearing knickers! A final tug and she was free of the offending garment. The box! Where had she left the box? There! Heavy footsteps coming quickly up the stairs. Panties in the box... lock? Fuck! Lock? Lock! Sod it! No time for that! Lay on her stomach, half under the bed and shove the box beneath it... door opening... dad grabbing her legs and pulling her back out...

As Jenny rolled over to face her furious father, she tried to put on a sweet little smile... and failed miserably. "Well?" her father, still naked after his yoga lesson had been interrupted, virtually shouted at her. "Is it true?"

"Is what true, pop?" she managed to reply, almost innocently.

Daddy was clearly in no mood to play around and he struck his daughter with a heavy slap on the side of her face. "Don't play games with me, young lady! Is it true what your brother tells me? Is it true that you were... were wearing some," her father seemed to struggle to even say the word, "underwear?"

"No, daddy... of course it's not true." Jenny lied.

At this point Charlie bounded into her room. "She's lying, daddy!" he exclaimed loudly as he dived under his big sister's bed. "Bet they're under here..."

Jenny turned and tried to grab her brother before he could do more damage. "Get out of there!" she screamed frantically at him.

But it was all too late as the young lad yelled triumphantly, "Here they are!" as he 'surfaced' holding the panties aloft in one hand and the now opened box in the other.

"Thank you, Charles. You may leave now. Go and play outside with your mother. Your sister and I have an appointment in the dungeon... along with your uncle, if he wants to join us..."

Jenny swallowed hard...

Several hours later, Jenny was returned to her room. Never in all her life had she suffered so much in such a short period of time. Oddly enough, it wasn't so much her 'perverted behaviour' (as her father put it) that had made the old man so angry, but rather that she'd lied to him about the whole affair. As he tossed the still bound hand and foot Jenny down upon the bed, her father was still shaking visibly.

"And now you will remain here until morning," her father ordered. "No food for you tonight. I'm now going to call your principle and tell him what has occurred." Jenny swallowed hard - again! Principle Sinclair was a notorious disciplinarian and ran Lolita High with a rod of iron - literally! "I'm then going to inform him that I will be sending you to school tomorrow dressed in your shortest skirt... and those panties!"

"No! Please! Daddy... if the other girls see me in them... I'll... I'll die! And the boys! I'll be a laughing stock! No... daddy ... please... anything but that!"

"If you like to wear things like that so much, then you shall. And not another word on the subject. You will wear them to school tomorrow... and for the rest of the week. Then we'll see how you feel about such... such perversions!"

With that her father left the room, bolting the door behind him. Jenny rolled over on her bed and buried her face in the pillow. Her tears came freely now as she imagined the humiliation that she was going to be forced to suffer over the next few days...

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