Lyndia's Biker Adventure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lyndia, a true submissive, is given to a group of bikers for a weekend.

Bob's Story

Our relationship had changed in the year since I discovered Lyndia was a true submissive. We were happy together and we could enjoy sex as a normal married couple. Lyndia didn't have to be submissive every time. Most of the time we were just normal people, enjoying each other's company and sharing equally as a couple.

If too much time went by, however, Lyndia would start to get restless. She wouldn't always understand what the problem was, but the fact is Lyndia needs to be submissive. She wants to be dominated. She wants me to take control of her and let her be the slut she is.

If you haven't read the other stories about Lyndia, the Blonde in Bowling Alley stories, Lyndia and I married her right before I was transferred east a few years ago. Lyndia is a beautiful statuesque blonde with big innocent blue eyes and incredible long legs. With her long blonde hair pulled up behind her head and her conservative clothing she looked, well, glamorous. We were both young, in our mid-20s, and I was taken by her beauty, god she was beautiful! She was about 5'7", as I mentioned blonde (natural), with long awesome legs, slim hips, a perfectly flat belly, and nice, soft "c" cup breasts. A fucking wet dream.

One of the guys who had taken Lyndia that first night, in the bowling alley, was Eric the bartender. Eric was a biker, with long greasy looking hair, who ran with a rough crowd. I had planed for a long time to give Eric another crack at Lyndia but I wanted her ready first, ready for anything, and I knew just what to do.

When Lyndia and I are ready, we have certain rules we follow. The primary one is that Lyndia must do whatever I tell her to do, instantly. She doesn't do this because of any fear, I would never hurt her and she knows that, she does it because she wants to. Because she wants to be controlled. She wants to be sexually used. It makes sex much more satisfying for her, but more than that, it takes sex to a new level, one she can't reach without being controlled.

I started to get Lyndia ready. For several weeks I worked on her, sometimes denying her sex, but never asking her to be submissive. As time went on she became more and more moody and withdrawn. This is normal, when she reaches the frantic stage, as I call it, she's ready.

In the meantime I met with Eric and we did our planning. I can trust Eric but I wasn't sure of his friends. Eric would make sure that Lyndia wasn't hurt. He would also see to it that she had the most intense sexual experience of her life. He brought along one of the other members a guy named Anthony. Tall and dark hair, Anthony spoke with an Australian accent. I questioned Eric about the accent and he and Anthony just laughed.

"I'm part of the new cultural exchange program," Anthony grinned. They toasted each other with their beers as they continued to grin.

After ignoring Lyndia, sexual for most of this time, she reached the frantic stage. She was restless, never sitting still for more than a few minutes at a time. Starting and stopping whatever she was doing as she lost track of where she was. Opening the refrigerator or a cupboard and closing it without taking anything out because she was internally distracted and had forgotten what she wanted in the first place. She was restless all night long now. I knew she was ready when I awoke to find her, still asleep, playing with my cock and moaning softly under her breath.

That was a Friday of a long holiday weekend. I called Eric in the morning to tell him that the time was right.

Lyndia's Story

I knew Bob was up to something, but I didn't know what. He thinks he's so smart, but I could tell the way he was watching me and the way he was putting off sex that he had something planned. I couldn't wait for whatever it was, I was ready.

Sometimes my desires scare me. I love it when I'm sexually dominated. I need to be told what to do in order to really let go. I don't know what will happen or what I'll do and that scares me. If I'm really horny, though, I'm not so scared. I'm just ready for whatever Bob will tell me to do.

It used to be that I had to be dominated to enjoy sex, but that's not true so much anymore. Now Bob and I have a perfectly normal relationship, most of the time.

I started to notice things. I was horny a lot lately and my pussy always seemed to be tingling and dripping. I also noticed that I was having a lot of dreams where I was being sexually used. I'd wake up to the disappearing memory of a dream of being naked in front of a group of men. Soon I was having fantasies during the day. I would imagine that I was being forced to perform for men and I'd lose track of what I was doing. In some of my fantasies I'd be forced to lick another women's cunt, like Bob had made me lick Spice's. My panties always seemed to be dripping wet.

My heart caught in my throat when I walked into the bedroom that Friday morning and found clothing laid out on the bed for me to wear with a note attached. The note said, "Lyndia take a shower and put on these things, and nothing else. At 4:00 unlock the door to the garage, sit in the chair in the living room and tie the scarf over your eyes. Make sure you can't see anything. You will be told what to do from there and you will do whatever you are told. Love, Bob. P.S. You are allowed to touch yourself, but you are not allowed to cum until I tell you too."

All day long I walked in and out of the bedroom. I'd stop and look at the outfit on the bed for a few minutes and walk out again. I couldn't think for more than a moment about anything else. My nipples were hard and achy all day. My cunt was dripping wet, on fire. I obeyed Bob's orders precisely. I'd stand and look at the clothing, running my finger through my wet slit up to my clit. Getting increasingly excited as the day went on, but never cumming. All day long I slipped at a bottle of white wine surprised when I discovered that I'd finished the first bottle and needed to open a second.

Finally, it was time to take my shower and get dressed. The outfit was simple, a dress that buttoned up the front. No underwear, no bra, no panties, no hose. Just shoes and this red dress. The dress was not that remarkable. It was sleeveless and buttoned to within a few inches of my throat. It was shorter than I might normally wear; the hem was a few inches above my knee, which would be a trick without panties. The scarf was silk, also red.

I slipped the dress on and buttoned every button. Not an easy task as I had now finished the second bottle of wine. I was so excited that I was having trouble catching my breath. I had that achy feeling that I get in my stomach when something really exciting is about to happen. At precisely 4:00 I unlocked the door to the garage, sat in the chair and tied the scarf over my eyes. I made sure I couldn't see anything and just waited.

I don't know how long I sat until I suddenly heard the garage door open. My breathing quickened as I sat, first hearing the garage door go down and then a car door open and close. I jumped a little when a second car door opened and closed. A moment later I heard the door to the house open followed by a hand on my shoulder.

Bob's Story

Anthony and I pulled the borrowed car into the garage. I thought Anthony was going to cum in his pants he was so excited. His eyes got big as we entered the house. There was Lyndia in the red dress I'd bought her, sitting in the chair that faced the door. Her legs were together, her feet flat on the floor. Her arms were folded in her lap, the scarf tied securely over her eyes. Her perfect little mouth was open slightly, her breasts rose and fell with her rapid breathing.

Anthony and I didn't speak right away. I had taken a shower at the club over lunch so that Lyndia wouldn't recognize my after shave. I wanted her disorientated, and she'd never met Anthony.

She jumped when Anthony spoke in his Australian accent. "Well, look at what we have here. A real pretty isn't she?"

He walked slowly around her as she moved her head slightly from side to side to follow him.

"We're going to go for a little ride, Lyndia," he said. "We were told that you'd do anything we want," he walked all the away around her again before he continued. "Is that true, Lyndia? Is it true that you'll do anything we want?"

I watched, my heart pounding in my chest as Lyndia nodded her pretty head "yes."

"I'm sorry, Lyndia," he continued. "That's not really good enough, is it? If you'll do anything we want you must tell me so. Is that clear, Lyndia? I want you to tell me what you'll do."

Lyndia slowly opened her mouth and licked her lips before she could speak. "I'll do anything you want. Just like Bob told me to do." "That's very nice, Lyndia. Now tell me, can we also do anything to you that we want? Is there anything we can't do TO you?"

He was right next to hear ear when he whispered this to her. I saw Lyndia's breath catch as the implication hit her.

"You can... do anything... you want... to me," she was panting so hard that the words almost wouldn't come.

"That's right, Lyndia. That's what Bob told us. Now just to make sure that's all true me and my mate here are going to stand across the room from you. If you'll do anything we say, and we can do anything to you we want, I want you to unbutton your dress for us. Do you understand Lyndia? If you don't unbutton your dress we'll leave and you can go about your business. But, if you do unbutton it, Lyndia. If you do unbutton your dress, then you'll be coming with us, right now, and we'll do any damn thing we want to your beautiful body. Tell me if you understand, Lyndia," he ordered.

I watched, almost unable to breath, as Lyndia answered, "I understand."

She slowly raised her hands to her red dress and started to unbutton her dresses. I watched Anthony out of the corner of my eyes as her body came into view, one button at a time. He groaned softly as her breasts were exposed to our gaze, raising and falling rapidly as she panted.

When she was done Anthony told her to stand. Her blonde/red pussy hair came into view as she stood, the sides of her dress just covering her nipples. Anthony moved beside her and, taking her elbow, directed her out the door and into the garage.

Lyndia's Story

I wasn't expecting the accent. At first it threw me and I heard him walk around the chair I was sitting in. When he spoke again it was to ask me if it was true that I'd do anything they wanted. What a foolish question, of course I'd do anything they wanted. I was so excited my entire body was tingling. I quickly answered him that I would do anything they wanted.

The next question was different. Could they do anything they wanted to me? That question took things to a new level, a level Bob and I had not explored. As soon as the mystery man asked it I knew that's what I wanted. I wanted to be used. It was like all the tingling in my stomach settled right into my cunt. It was like a sudden feeling of swelling, heat and melting hit my pussy all at the same time. I don't know how to describe it.

The next was just the humiliation I needed, wanted. He said if I unbuttoned my dress I'd be agreeing to do whatever they wanted and I'd be agreeing to let them do anything they wanted to me. If I didn't unbutton the red dress they'd just leave and I'd didn't want that. I wanted them to use me, dominate me, make me their slut. I unbuttoned the dress, anxious to know what would come next.

Bob's Story

The car had been carefully chosen for what we had in mind. It was old but in wonderful shape with a bench seat in the front and a floor shifter with a long handle. When the car was in 2nd or 4th gears that shift knob almost, but not quite, touched the edge of the seat. I slid behind the wheel as Anthony guided Lyndia into the middle seat, the gearshift between her legs, her dress still unbuttoned.

As we drove, Anthony slid the halves of Lyndia's dress apart exposing her to anybody who might be looking.

"You've got a beautiful body, Lyndia. You won't be needed this dress a great deal in the future," he was pinching her nipple as he said it.

It was when I shifted into fourth gear that Lyndia got the full effect of the gearshift. Making sure to rub the back of my hand against her cunt, I slid the lever securely between her thighs. Anthony had already positioned her so that, when I finished shifting and slid my hand off the knob, it was planted directly on her clitoris. My hand came away wet; her cunt was spread open and completely wet to my touch.

A loud moan filled the car as the vibrations from the swifter shot through her cunt. Vibrating harder and slower than any commercial vibrator, Lyndia's "Oh god... what is that?" gave both Anthony and myself hard-ons.

My gaze shifted from the road to Lyndia's cunt as she started to squirm around the gearshift lever that was giving her such pleasure. Anthony was now holding both of her hands keeping her from reaching out to hold the lever against her cunt and making her work her hips to spread the sensations.

"Oh... that's sooo goood," Lyndia's head was rolling in tune with her cunt. I looked up in time to see a truck driver in the next lane, his eyes almost popping out at the sight of my blindfolded wife, her boobs completely exposed, in clear ecstasy.

"Is that good, Lyndia?" Anthony asked in a whisper. "Do you like that on your cunt?"

"Oh yes," was all she could say.

"Lyndia," he continued. "I want you to fuck that gearshift. I want you to slide it into your cunt. But remember you can't cum until Bob tells you to. Do you understand Lyndia? Are you ready to fuck that gearshift lever?"

"Oh yes," was all she said again. I watched in fascination as the Lyndia slowly sliding forward on the seat, her legs spread wide, made the gearshift lever disappear up inside her. It was vibrating as it went.

A soft oooooooooh escaped her lips as she continued her downward slide. The knob had completely disappeared and my erection was throbbing painfully in my jeans as almost 5 inches of lever disappeared behind it.

I hadn't planned the next, but traffic required me to let up on the gas, just for a second. The change in the vibration was dramatic as they suddenly increased causing the large gearshift knob to jump inside Lyndia's cunt.

"AAAAAH GOD... WHAT IS THAT?... OOOOOH MY CUNT... OH PLEASE... I CAN'T TAKE IT... OOOOOOOOH THAT'S SOOOOO GOOOOOOD..." Lyndia's hands were flat on the seat on either side of her so that she could stay positioned over the knob.

"Are you close, Lyndia?" Anthony asked, his accent making the question sound like he was quite concerned. "Are you about to cum?"

'OOOH YES... I'M CLOSE... I'M CLOSE NOW," Lyndia was fucking herself on the gearshift, no longer satisfied to let the vibrations do the job.

"That's enough, Lyndia," Anthony said. "You know you're not allowed to cum, yet. No even a little," he was gently pushing her back, away from the shifter, as he spoke.

"OOOH PLEASE... Just a little longer... pleasssse..." The knob was wet and shining when it popped out of my wife's dilated pussy.

Lyndia was panting hard, pussy juice running onto the seat beneath her as we pulled into the parking lot of the clubhouse belonging to Eric's motorcycle club.

I counted almost twenty bikes in the lot. Several guys and one girl were standing outside waiting for us.

Lyndia's Story

I was in the center seat with the mystery man with the accent on my right. For a moment I was concerned that any neighbors would see me as we drove away. We hadn't gone far when my dress, which still hadn't been buttoned, was spread open and I knew that I was totally exposed to anybody who cared to look. The feeling of being on display and not knowing if anybody was looking was causing my already excited cunt to throb. I wanted to be seen. I wanted to be on display. It made me feel so vulnerable to be naked and blindfolded.

My legs had been spread to either side of the center hump. My left was under the driver's leg and my right was pined against the seat by the guy who had done all the talking up until now. Every time the driver shifted his hand, and sometimes the gearshift, would rub against my thigh.

We must have reached the freeway when the gearshift knob came to rest on my enflamed cunt. It was vibrating hard. Not at all like a normal vibrator, the vibrations were very pronounced and slow compared to one run by batteries. It felt great and I groaned as I ground my cunt against the slick plastic.

The passenger had been playing with my breasts, pinching my nipples and gently squeezing them. Now he shifted his hands to hold my arms because I had reached out to pull that vibrating lever harder against my cunty.

The pussy juice was flowing freely from me now; there was no friction with the lever. I didn't balk when I was told to fuck the gearshift. I had a mental picture of what it looked like and the thought of sliding it into my cunt was so outrageous, so completely deprived that I know I moaned loudly as the knob penetrated me.

The knob was fat, larger than a man's cock. But it was so wet with my juice and my cunt was so aroused and open that the large plastic ball slide inside me smoothly. The vibrations, now inside my cunt, were incredible!! I don't really know if there is such a thing as a g-spot, but if there is, this thing was pounding against that spot with every vibration.

Almost immediately, I could feel my orgasm approaching. My entire cunt, inside and out, was vibrating when the pitch of the car's engine suddenly changed and the vibrations became even stronger and the ball deep inside was causing such vibrations that I felt as through my entire body had become just one big cunt.

I was only moments from the greatest orgasm of my life when the passenger reminded me that I couldn't cum without Bob's permission and made me slide the gearshift out of my cunt. I was panting, needed that orgasm, when I heard the sound of gravel crunching under the car's tires as we slowed to a stop.

I was helped from the car by the passenger, my knees almost buckling as I tried to stand upright. My cunt was on fire from the vibrations and I could feel the sudden flood of cunt juice running down my legs to the ground. My dress was providing no protection, anybody who cared to look could see my entire body as I was slowly led forward.

Bob's Story

I sat in the driver's seat watching as my beautiful wife was led across the gravel parking lot and into the club. Everybody followed her inside, except Eric who stopped at the door and waved at me, smiling.

I had agreed to leave Lyndia alone with them for the first 24 hours. I knew those hours would be agony for me.

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