St. Croix

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Interracial, Bestiality,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - A vacation with his wife's sister and husband to the island of St. Croix takes some strange twists

My wife Aline and I live just outside Washington, D.C. I work as a department head at the Department of Commerce. My department is responsible for aiding in the development of exports to foreign countries. As a consequence I spend a lot of time travelling to South and Central America for companies who are interested in opening a foreign market for the products they manufacture.

My wife's cousin Joline and her husband live in Short Hills, N.J. Her husband Jim is a very successful phsychiatrist. He is also renowned at his golf club as one hell of a cocksman. That is both literally and figuratively. See Jim is rather small of stature, about 5'10", and weighs somewhere between 140 and 150 lbs. He and I have always been built about the same. Where we differ is in the size of our cocks. While I am just 7" when hard, Jim is that when soft. I have never seen him naked and aroused, just naked. I have played golf with him at Baltusrol that very eminent golf club. We have done some scuba diving with a couple of his male friends, and one time Jim stood there and taking his soft cock at the base, between thumb and forefinger, he made it swirl in a circle like a propeller which impressed the shit out of we three spectators.

My wife is the daughter of a senior vice president from AT & T. Jolines father is head of the research department at Bell Labs, which at that time was a subsidiary of AT&T, as were all of the major telephone companies in the U.S.

Joline and Jim have spent a month every winter on the island of St. Croix in the American Virgin Islands. Now this is back in the early sixties that my tale takes place. This year, as for the past several years, they invited us to join them for two or three weeks on the island. For the first time I was able to plan a vacation in the winter and we were to join them Friday evening. We were all packed and ready to go when I received a call from the office saying that a person I needed to meet with was going to be available in Jamaica. He would be there for a week and would then be leaving for his home country on the following Friday. This left me no choice but to postpone my departure for the island.

I insisted that Aline depart as scheduled. I drove her to the airport in plenty of time for her plane. After checking her in and cancelling my seat, I went looking for a flight that would take me to Jamaica and figure out how to get to St. Croix from there. Aline departed as scheduled. I added some business clothes to my vacation wardrobe and then returned to the airport having picked up the files I would need...

It was a boring week, principally because every time I turned around my man was meeting with someone else and could only spare me a few minutes. I finally got several hours with him and we managed to arrange for a final meeting in his country in two weeks. It wasn't until Friday that I managed to get free and make a flight to St. Croix via San Juan. That meeting schedule would mean that I could only spend about ten days with my wife and in-laws instead of the three weeks. I figured Aline could stay the full period and relax.

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