Grandpa and Me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, Grand Parent, DomSub, MaleDom, Gang Bang, Interracial, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Voyeurism,

Desc: Mother/Son Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rick's a horny teenager and his Grandpa is a horny old man. When Grandpa arrives at Rick's house with a mind control formula, Rick's world changes for the better.

When I came home, she was in the kitchen doing something over the sink. The music from the radio was loud and she was swaying to the rhythm. I admired her ass encased in the skin tight shorts she liked to wear around the house. She’s only five two and her waist is narrow, which makes her ass look more prominent. It’s a perfect ass, a magnificent ass, and legs to die for. Her brown hair fell to her shoulders and she was barefooted.

I wanted to push her down over the sink, yank her shorts down and drive my hard cock deep in her wet pussy. I wanted to feel her ass smashing against my crotch and the smooth tightness of her legs against mine. I wanted to hear her moans, her pleadings for me to fuck her harder. I wanted to rut there, like a beast, until my cock exploded and filled her with my cum.

There were two women I desperately wanted to fuck, two that made me ache inside and caused wet dreams at night. Her and Julie Allison. I wasn’t fucking either of them and the way it looked, I never would. I sighed despondently.

“Hi, Mom,” I said, walking toward her.

She was wearing an old cotton tee shirt cropped to leave her midriff bare. Her bra showed through the thin cloth, but something was different today. I could see her areolas and hard nipples.

I’d been in her underwear drawer to check out her things, so I knew the bra was a 34C. My Mom has great tits. Damn, I wanted to play with them and slide my dick between them, letting the head slide up until she took it between her lips and sucked it.

“Rick, where have you been?” she said curtly as she turned the radio off.

“Football practice.”

“I mean since then. Practice was over an hour ago.”


“Have you been at Julie Allison’s again?”


“Dr. Allison called. She wants to talk to both of us about you and Julie.”

“What’s to talk about?”

“Stay out of the frig. Dinner’ll be ready in thirty minutes.”

“I’m starved.”

“Rick, look at me! Are you having sex with Julie Allison?”

Will wonders never cease? My Mom said the “S” word. What’ll happen next?

“What do you mean by sex?” I replied, drawing out the “s” to hiss slightly.

“I mean sex,” she replied, blushing furiously.

“Oh, come on, Mom. Be more specific.”

I took a step toward her. Her eyes widened slightly and she stepped back against the counter. She froze with her hands beside her as I kissed her on the cheek. She smelled good, like a woman should. I didn’t back off. I stayed right in her face and her big brown eyes were passive and wide, like a deer caught in the headlights. If Julie responded like that, my dick’d be in her before she could take another breath.

“What were you asking, Mom?”

“You and Julie,” she whispered.

“Me and Julie what?” I asked, moving nearer until her breasts were inches away from my chest and I felt the heat radiating from her.

“Please, Rick,” she whined as she squirmed away.

Those magnificent tits rubbed against me as she skittered past. God, my cock was hard. Couldn’t Mom tell I wanted her? Didn’t she know prancing around the house in those skimpy outfits was driving me mad? It wasn’t like she was getting any and she did bombard me with sexual signals. Maybe she wanted me to take me. Shit, I didn’t know what she wanted and I don’t think she knew either.

“Why did Dad walk out on us?” I asked.

Her courage returned when the center island was between us.

“We’re not talking about that right now. We’re talking about you and Julie. Are you having sex with her?” she said firmly, but there was a tremor in her voice.

“By sex, do you mean am I fucking her?”

“Don’t use that word around me, young man!”

“Well, Mom, what word would you like?”

“The word’s coitus. Or intercourse. But not that ... that other word.”

“Mom, is coitus a noun or a verb?”


“You know. Do I say ‘Let’s coitus,’ using it as a noun? Or do as I use it as a verb, like ‘I want to coitus you’,” I said, leering at her.

She held her breath so long I was afraid she’d pass out. When she did breath, her breasts rose like balloons being inflated. She gasped, then stammered, “I don’t know. Go look it up.” Her arms folded with her hands under her chin. “Rick, come back here. Where are you going?”

“You said go look it up and I was.”

“You haven’t answered my question. Are you having coitus with Julie?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because I’m your mother and I want an answer this minute!” she squeaked shrilly.

“If you mean, am I fucking her, the answer’s no, but I’m fucking Tonya Phillips, the Fillmore sisters and Shelia Tuttle from Western High.”

Mom turned beet red, then paled as she sagged against the island before recovering to stare unbelievingly at me.

“If you mean am I eating her pussy and is she sucking my cock, the answer to that is no, too. Hell, Mom, Julie’s a prick tease with a capital “T”. I don’t think I’ll ever get to fuck her. Oh, I’m sorry, I mean coitus her.”

“Go to your room this minute!” she screamed as she turned purple.

The doorbell rang as I headed toward the stairs.

“I’ll get it,” I yelled.

I threw open the door to find my Grandpa.

“Rick,” he exclaimed, grabbing me in a bear hug.

“Grandpa,” I cried, bear hugging him back.

I’d hadn’t seen Grandpa since Mom and Dad spilt seven months ago although he lived only twenty miles away near the university where he taught chemistry. He’s my father’s father and Mom didn’t want him around.

She’d called him a squirrelly scientist type, but he was fun and he’d taught me a lot. Grandpa was like having your own personal science guy who happened to be horny all the time. We talked about girls more than we talked about science.

He didn’t look like a squirrel. He looked like a bear because he was six three with a barrel chest, thick, muscular arms and legs, and he was covered with hair from his fingers to his toes. His head was like a bear’s, too, thick and shaggy because Grandpa didn’t like haircuts, but he’d cut off the full beard he used to have.

Mom says I’m going to be just like him, but the way she said it I know she didn’t mean it as a compliment. You know, she’d said, “You’re worse than your father. You’re just like your grandfather” in an exasperated tone.

I don’t want you to think Grandpa was old because I didn’t think of him that way. He explained our age differences to me one time.

“I was sixteen and your Grandmother was fifteen when I knocked her up. Your Dad got to your Mom when she was seventeen. Figure it out. You’re thirteen, your mom’s thirty-one, and I’m forty-nine.”

Except that was two years ago and I was going to be fifteen in about a week.

“How are you, big guy?” Grandpa asked as he slapped me on the back.

Before I could answer, Mom said, “Karl, what are you doing here?”

“Hi, Vicki. How have you been?”

“Fine until now. I told you to never come here,” she said in a voice that’d hang icicles on a roaring fire.

She wrapped her arms around her middle. The tee shirt was tight as a second skin and her arms squeezed the side of her breasts making them move up and out even more prominently, like her nipples were going to pop through the cloth. I wondered if Mom’s conscious mind knew her subconscious was offering her tits to Grandpa.

“Can we talk?” he asked benignly.

“No. I want you to leave.”

“Please, Vicki. It’s about Rick’s birthday,” he pleaded.

“All right, but only for a minute,” she said with resigned anger in her voice. Mom looked at me. “Didn’t I send you to your room?” she asked.

“Oh, Mom, come on.”

“Don’t complain, Rick. Do as you mother says,” Grandpa said firmly.

That surprised me. I expected him to back me up. I clomped up the stairs, but I sneaked back down so I could listen.

“What do you want, Karl? Don’t touch me! Karl! No! Ummph,” Mom said. There was scuffling and Mom grunted before I heard a metallic click.

I couldn’t stand it. I had to see. Mom’s hands were handcuffed behind her. She was bent backwards with her heels trapped under her, shoulders on the floor, and knees widely spread. There was something in her mouth. Grandpa was over her, smiling down into her face.

“Oh, Vicki, what a woman you are,” he said as he pulled her tee shirt up.

I hadn’t seen that bra before. It was thin as gauze and fastened in front. Grandpa unfastened it and freed a set of tits as beautiful as I’d imagined. Mom wasn’t fighting or even squirming and she didn’t make a sound.

“Magnificent, Vicki. Just magnificent,” he said as her squeezed her breasts in his hands.

He slid a finger under the hem of her shorts and Mom stiffened. I could see his finger moving in her crotch and in seconds, Mom was moving, too, as her pussy made tiny thrusts upward. His finger was shiny and wet before he sucked it between his lips.

“What a marvelous taste you have, Vicki. You want a man to fuck you, don’t you? Don’t worry, sweet pussy. You’re going to get all the cock you want because I want you, but you’ve known that for years, haven’t you? I own you now and you’ll fuck your eyes out for me.”

He sat back and Mom didn’t move except for long, slow breaths. She seemed to be raising her tits to him. Damn, I wished I could see if her eyes had glazed over like they did with me.

“I can’t believe my son didn’t use that delicious body of yours as it was intended. Oh, well, his loss is my gain.” he said with a evil leer.

Grandpa pulled a small bottle out of his pocket, removed an eye dropper and squirted something in the mouthpiece. In seconds, Mom sagged unconscious. He quickly uncuffed her, removed the mouthpiece and lay her on the couch before sitting beside her.

Grandpa started speaking.

“Vicki, listen to my voice, only my voice. I want you to relax, totally relax, and sleep. Your conscious mind is asleep. You hear only my voice. Deeper, Vicki, deeper. You are going deeper into sleep. You feel comfortable, feel relaxed and happy. You enjoy this feeling. You enjoy being this open and receptive to my voice. Deeper now, Vicki. Listen to my voice. Each time you hear my voice you go deeper and deeper into your relaxed, warm, happy, feeling. Deeper now, Vicki, deeper and deeper. You’ll hear every word I say. You’ll remember and act on every word I say, but you’ll forget being hypnotized. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she answered unemotionally.

“Deeper, Vicki. Listen to my voice. You’ll act on my words and obey me. You know what I tell you is true and best for you. You’ll always answer my questions with full truth and honesty. You’ll hide nothing from me. Vicki, how many men have had sex with you?”


“How many women?”


“Do you like sex?”

“No. Sex is dirty. That’s what my Mother told me.”

“Vicki, your Mother was wrong. Sex is wonderful and joyous, heavenly and delicious, exciting and fulfilling. You’ll enjoy sex. You’ll want sex. Enjoy sex. Want sex. What will you do, Vicki?”

“Enjoy and want sex,” she answered.

“Forget all the bad things about sex your Mother told you. Forget all the bad things about sex you heard or read anywhere. Sex is magnificent. What is sex, Vicki?”

“Sex is magnificent.”

“You love sex. Your pussy gets wet thinking about it. Your breasts tingle and your nipples get hard from wanting a mouth or hand on them. Your lips ache for a kiss or for the feel of a cock between them. Your nose quivers for the smell of a man’s balls or a woman’s pussy. You love the taste of cum and pussy juice. Your body begs to be touched. The puckered bud of your ass wants to open for a finger or a cock. You’ll love sex. What will you love, Vicki?”


“Yes, Vicki, you love sex, but you love pleasing your man more than anything. Pleasing your man makes you feel happy and warm. Release all your deeply repressed sexuality because it pleases your man. You want to please your man more than anything. Being sexual pleases him. Being obedient pleases him. Sexual and obedient. What pleases your man, Vicki?”

“Being sexual and obedient.”

I’ve got to tell you that by this time I had a hardon that was killing me I wanted to cum so much, and when Mom said “sexual and obedient,” I groaned. I couldn’t help it.

Grandpa’s eyes burned into me. His face was cold, but in a moment, his eyes twinkled and he winked. His finger touched his lips to tell me to be quiet.

“Being sexual and obedient with your man pleases you. It makes you feel good inside, so very good, with a warm and happy feeling, a feeling like no other. What makes you happy, Vicki?

“Being sexual with my man. Pleasing and obeying my man.”

“It pleases your man to have other women. You’ll enjoy him having other women because it makes him happy. Seeing your man with another woman makes you want to have sex with both of them. You’ll suggest other women you think he’ll enjoy. You’ll never feel jealousy if your man has another woman. Will you be jealous, Vicki?”


“You’ll always orgasm fully and freely, Vicki. Strong orgasms that release your feminine sexuality. Wild and free orgasms like you’ve dreamed about in your darkest fantasies. How will you orgasm, Vicki?”

“Strong. Wild. Free.”

“You’ll happily have sex with other men or women or beasts if your man tells you to do it. You’ll never have sex with anyone without your man’s permission because that would hurt your man and make him very sad. Having sex with others without his permission would be cheating. It would cruel and disobedient. Will you cheat, Vicki?”

“No. It’s cruel and disobedient.”

“That’s right. You won’t cheat because you know cheating is wrong and you want to please and obey your man. What do you want to do?”

“Please and obey my man.”

Grandpa smiled to himself and took a deep breath that he slowly exhaled before continuing.

“I am the right man for you, Vicki. I am your man. The man you want to please and obey because pleasing and obeying me makes you feel very good about yourself. I am the man who makes you happy. I am the man you want to make happy. Who is your man, Vicki?”

“You are, Karl.”


“You are, Karl. You’re my man. I want to please you. I want to obey you.”

“That’s right. I want you to say this with me: ‘Karl’s my man. I want to please Karl. I want to obey Karl. Pleasing and obeying Karl makes me feel happy and warm.’”

Grandpa and Mom repeated it until she’d said it twenty times.

“Vicki, I know that deep in your mind are sexual thoughts, special fantasies so deeply hidden you dare look at them only in the dark. I want you to think about those now. I want you to bring out you deepest fantasy and share it with your man.”

Mom’s breathing, which had been smooth and shallow, stopped. Then she took a deep breath.

“I want you to make me do wild, vile, terrible things.”

“What kind of things?” Grandpa said.

“Things like having sex with men for money. Or, or ... no.”

“Say it, Vicki. What terrible thing do you want me to make you do?”

“Have incest with Rick,” she whispered.

Tears ran down my cheeks as I bit my lip to keep from screaming out in joy.

“You’ll have sex with any one I tell you to have sex with, Vicki, because you obey me and want to please me. When I command you to have sex with another man, woman or beast, you’ll enjoy it, orgasming strongly and freely, being eager to please your sex partner because it’s obedient and pleasing to me.”

I thought I’d die if I didn’t get to fuck her soon.

“You’ll be a warm, loving, obedient, sexual woman with me, Vicki. All of your natural feminine love that you’ve repressed is released now. Released for me, with me. You’ll please and obey me. Anything I want you to do, you’ll do happily, you’ll enjoy doing, because you know it pleases me. You won’t be embarrassed at pleasing me, no matter what the circumstances. You’ll never be humiliated at being sexual with me or following my orders. No embarrassment or humiliation. Only joy at pleasing and obeying me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Karl.”

“If I say to you ‘blue dog’ you’ll immediately go into a trance, a deep dark trance. You’ll feel totally relaxed and happy as you do now. You’ll listen to and follow my instructions. What words will make you go into your happy, relaxed trance again?”

“Blue dog.”

“Now, I will count to ten. With each number, you’ll come out of your trance, higher and higher with each number. When I say ten, you’ll awake refreshed and happy. You’ll awake eager to begin your new life as a sexual and obedient woman who finds her greatest joy in pleasing me.”

When Grandpa said ten, Mom’s eyes fluttered and a warm, sexy smile grew on her face when she saw him.

“Oh, Karl, I want you,” she moaned as she stroked his face.

Damn, I wanted her to want me like that. I wanted her kiss. I wanted to play with her tits. I wanted her lips around my cock. I wanted to fuck her until we both passed out.

Finally, it looked like I was going to get what I wanted.

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